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I always found the Dalai Lama hateful. He needs to be exposed

(Upon his request, author's name witheld)

Saturday 11 January 2014 at 12:17 AM
"For me, I always found the Dalai Lama hateful. 

The fact that Hollywood Stars always endorse him should be a red flag to anyone, but some people out there still love to worship idols like this fraud. He is no different than Aung San Su Kyi, another of these other celebrities who bow down at the alter of imperialism and jewish power and who endorses the discrimination and genocide of Muslims in Burma even though she won't say it outright. Just like her, the Dalai Lama has never spoken out against the genocides such as the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan and I'm sure he supports the ongoing genocide of Rohingyas in Burma because they're Muslims. 
Even though this monk presents himself to the outside world as an "innocent" and "harmless" person who only endorses "non-violence" it is further from the truth. Behind this bespectacled man's smile hides a criminal and a terrorist! 
For those who feel I'm being too harsh on this man then they should not read any further but I will expose this man for what he is because the truth has to be told. This man has always been supported by India's RAW and the American's CIA ( and no doubt also supported by Mossad) and during the 1971 East Pakistan War, the Dalai Lama with his blessings, sent in Tibetan terrorists to help another group of terrorists, the Mukhti Bahini, and terrorized East Pakistan in which they committed numerous atrocities with the help of the Indian Army for nine months until it's break up in December 16, 1971, becoming Bangladesh today. Not only that but another thing that is not so well known to most people is that the French jewish philosopher of death, Bernard Henri Levy, who made himself so famous in his support for the terrorists who destroyed Libya and are currently doing to Syria, was also behind the break up of East Pakistan from West Pakistan.  
IsraHell played a hidden yet prominent role in creating Bangladesh and even though some Bengalis may go into denial mode about this the fact of the matter is even the zionist owned media in India revealed it out in the open last year with an article from the Hindustan Times dated November 01, 2013 titled, ' Israel helped India in 1971 war, says book'. The book, '1971',was written by Srinath Raghavan who gives his own slant for defending this terrorism against Pakistan.The fact that the Dalai Lama was involved in this zionist backed terrorism should tell you all you need to know about this man which is why you never see this man speak out in defense of the Palestinian people.
 If people are still in doubt than perhaps I should let you know that this criminal also endorses the RSS, that other terrorist group which is a bastion of Hindutva and supporter of the zionist entity which has terrorized Muslims and other minorities in India since it's inception. To Hell with the Dalai Lama and to Hell with Aung San Su Kyi and to any other frauds out there! If you want to support real freedom fighters than support people like Dieudonné M'bala M'bala (together with Alain Soral) who are fighting against this jewish dystopia called new world order.

RSS has done good work towards promoting the values of education

Israel helped India in 1971 war

An Accessory to War and Violence

First, thanks to the above author for the briliant exposé.

Professor Noam Chomsky may be regarded as the greatest intellectual in the world by many, but despite his great intelligence and skills, he is as lousy as the Dalai Lama or Michael King aka Dr Martin Luther King when it comes to real human rights, the right of Muslims and Arabs to own and rule their own lands and live in peace.  These types of idols that the racist and imperialist West and IsraHell worship are all HATERS of Muslims, Arabs and Islam, HATERS of Humanity, freddom and justice.
I am convinced that once I am gone my friend (name witheld) will continue our struggle against the Racist Totalitarian Zionist Bolshevik World Order on the Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus Blog and elsewhere. May God Almighty bless him and his loved ones and protect them all from the evil of Satan.
I have always written against that hypocrite the "Dalai Lama" whose real name is known to only a few people.

Saturday 11th of January 2014
* It came out that I was damn wrong!


Mathew Fox, a former Catholic priest turned Episcopalian wants to see the Zionist “Dalai Lama” become the next Catholic Pope.  How farcical! 

(The Real News Network by Paul Jay in Baltimore)


Human trafficking in Israel a $ 1 billion industry


Israel the so-called “oasis of democracy and human rights” been cited by the United Nations and the US State Department was one of the worst offenders in this slave trade, a $ 1,000,000,000 dollar booming industry which continues to this day.

Israel’s sex trade booming – News from Israel, YnetnewsYnet News

Human trafficking in Israel rakes in more than one billion dollars a year, findings in annual parliamentary survey show.,7340,L-3062297,00.html

TEL AVIV – Thousands of women are being smuggled into Israel, creating a booming sex trade industry that rakes more than USD one billion a year, a parliamentary committee said on Wednesday.

The Parliamentary Inquiry Committee, headed by Knesset member Zehava Galon of the left-wing Yahad party, commissioned the report in an effort to combat the sex trade in Israel. Findings showed that some 3,000 and 5,000 women are smuggled to Israel annually and sold into the prostitution industry, where they are constantly subjected to violence and abuse.

The report, issued annually, said some 10,000 such women currently reside in about 300 to 400 brothels throughout the country. They are traded for about USD 8,000 – USD 10,000, the committee said.
The U.S. State Department ranks Israel in the second tier of human trafficking around the world, saying the Jewish State does not maintain minimal conditions regarding the issue but is working to improve them.
Israel passed a law in 2003 that would allow the state to confiscate the profits of traffickers, but watchdog groups say it is rarely enforced.

Most foreign prostitutes in Israel come from Ukraine, Moldova, Uzbekistan and Russia and many are smuggled in across the Egyptian border.

The committee found that the women work seven days a week for up to 18 hours every day and that out of the NIS 120 paid by customers, they are left with just NIS 20, while the rest of the money is passed on to their traders.

The prostitutes face constant threats of abuse and murder, the report said, and Israeli law does little to help them. Delays in trial dates and prolonged hearings force the women to remain exposed to violence for more than a year until they are called in to provide testimony, and courts rarely collect early testimonies, as permitted by law.

To help combat the problem, the committee recommended that the state prosecutor’s office refrain from making plea bargains with sex traders. It also advised to raise the threshold of punitive measures and pushed for financial compensation for sex trade victims.

Human Trafficking & Modern-day Slavery – Israel

Women leaders gather in Israel to combat crime of trafficking … 2004 Women As Commodities: Trafficking in Women in Israel 2003

BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Israel women trafficking soars
Thousands of women have been smuggled into Israel in the past four years to work as prostitutes, a parliamentary inquiry says.
Israel – Facts on Trafficking and Prostitution
“The problem is there is no law against trafficking people, and no law against prostitution.” Rachel Benziman, legal adviser to the Israel Women’s Network. – Israel a Human Trafficking Haven – US & World
TEL AVIV, Israel — Human trafficking is turning into a real problem in Israel, where law enforcement officials say women are bought and sold into …,2933,129157,00.html

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