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November 03, 2011

"The evils of tyranny are rarely seen but by him who resists it." -- John Hay - (1838-1905) American statesman, diplomat, author, journalist, and private secretary and assistant to Abraham Lincoln


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq "1,455,590"

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America's War On Iraq:  4,

Number Of  International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 2,792


Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan
Total Cost of Wars Since 2001


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US Kills Over 120 People In 2 Days

By Press TV

At least 127 people have been killed in separate US assassination drone strikes in Somalia and Pakistan's northwestern tribal region bordering Afghanistan over the past two days.


US Killed Over 1,500 Afghan Civilians in 10 Months

By Gareth Porter

U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) killed well over 1,500 civilians in night raids in less than 10 months in 2010 and early 2011, analysis of official statistics on the raids released by the U.S.-NATO command reveals.


Murder as Instrument of Foreign Policy

By Liaquat Ali Khan

The legitimization of extra-judicial killing is a disturbing development in international law as other nations are certain to follow suit.


It Doesn't Matter To Them If It's Untrue. It's a Higher Truth.

By William Blum

Imagine Osama bin Laden or some other Islamic leader speaking of 9-11: "We came, we saw, 3,000 died ... ha- ha."


Innocence No Impediment For Imprisonment In US Gulag
Guantanamo Court Can't Free Bomb Suspect Even if Found Not Guilty

By Jane Sutton

The U.S. government has said that regardless of the trial's outcome, it has authority to hold the alleged al Qaeda conspirator.


Western Democracy: A Farce And A Sham

By Paul Craig Roberts

Western "civilization" is totally corrupted by American money. There is no integrity anywhere. For a decade Washington has been murdering women, children, village elders, and journalists in the name of the hoax "war on terror."


US Planning Iran Attack?
Tehran Ready For Worst


Iran's foreign minister said "They have lost rationality; we are prepared for the worst but we hope they will think twice before they put themselves on a collision course with Iran," Salehi said.


MF Global Client Theft Estimate Doubled To $1.5 Billion?

By Tyler Durden

Even as we hear rumblings that the MF fire is spreading, - the bankrupt company itself continues to dig itself an ever deeper grave.


Jobs Now, Stop the Foreclosures, Jail the Banksters

By Bill Black - Real News

Here are three things the "Occupy Movement" could focus on.


Poorest Poor in U.S. Hits New Record


Data shows about 20.5m Americans make up the poorest poor, defined as those at 50% or less of the official poverty level.


Occupy Oakland Strike vs Tear Gas, Fashbangs, Rubber Bullets


New clashes have erupted in Oakland, California, between anti-corporate protesters and police, who have entered their camp. Up to 100 people have already been arrested, and the standoff at the camp continues.


Occupy and the Militarisation of Policing Protest

By Ayesha Kazmi

Why, when protesters are peaceably exercising first amendment rights, is the machinery of counter-terrorism being mobilised?


Thirty Of America's Most Profitable Companies Paid
'Less Than Zero' In Income Taxes In Last 3 Years:

By Jillian Berman

Of the 280 companies, 78 studied paid a tax rate of zero or less during at least one year of the three year period.


Gates Backs the Wall Street Tax at the G20 Summit

By Sarah Anderson

The 99 percent and the 0.001 percent agree on something, but the Obama administration is holding out.


The Powerful Know We Are Right
Occupy Demands: Let's Radicalise our Analysis

By Robert Jensen

The crisis we face is caused by failed systems - replacing leaders while keeping the old system intact will not help.


32 people killed in twin bombing in Iraq:

Up to 32 people, mostly members of "Al-Sahwa" paramilitary squad and government regular forces, died in a twin suicidal bombing that targeted the irregular force a medics in the province of Diyala northeast of Baghdad on Thursday, police said in an updated report.


Basra bomb attack killed 'at least eight': -

At least eight people were killed and dozens more injured by three bomb blasts in Basra, the centre of Iraq's oil industry 420 kilometres south of Baghdad.


Four killed in Baghdad bombs:

Police say a roadside bomb exploded around 6:30 p.m. Thursday in the upscale and mostly Shiite neighborhood of Karradah, killing two passers-by.


Afghanistan: 7 Killed in Foreign Construction Company Attack in Herat:

At least five suicide bombers and two security guards were killed on Thursday morning when insurgents attacked a foreign construction compound in western Herat province, local officials said.


Murder Inc - US kills 3 in NW Pakistan:

The CIA-operated spy plane fired two missiles at the house in Dande Darpakhel area along the border with Afghanistan, TV news channels quoted officials as saying. The house was destroyed in the attack.


Syria: At least 12 dead as number of army defectors reaches 15,000:

Rights activists said at least 12 Syrian civilians were killed Thursday by security forces, one day after Damascus announced its acceptance of the initiative put forward by the Arab League to resolve the crisis.


Syrians rally in support of Assad govt.:

Tens of thousands of people on Thursday took to the streets of Tartous, northwest of Damascus, chanting slogans in support of the government and holding pictures of President Assad.


Iranian Commander: Attack on Syria will put an end to U.S. existence:

Chairman of Iran's Joint Chiefs of Staff Hassan Firouzabadi warned on Wednesday that any possible attack on Syria will put an end to the existence of the United States and the Zionist regime.


Israeli troops 'kill two in Gaza':

Palestinian sources said Israeli troops had crossed over into northern Gaza.


Egypt: "We Will Not Allow Israel To Attack Gaza":

Egyptian security leaders stated that they believe Israel still intends to conduct a large-scale military offensive against the Gaza Strip, despite extensive Egyptian efforts to maintain calm, and added that Egypt will not allow Israeli to cross "Red Lines".


Israel sending signals of attack on Iran:

An Israeli official said Wednesday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to persuade his Cabinet to authorize a military strike against Iran's suspected nuclear weapons program - a discussion that comes as Israel successfully tests a missile believed capable of carrying a nuclear warhead to Iran.


Israel attack on Iran military suicide:

There is a strong speculation that Israel is bound to mount an attack on Iranian nuclear sites, a threat which the Zionist regime has frequently repeated and an idea which, if translated into action, will bring about apocalyptic consequences for the Zionist entity.


Israel ready to stop Gaza-bound ships:

The Tahrir and the Saoirse, which are also carrying a "symbolic" cargo of $30,000 (£19,000) worth of medicines, left Fethiye on the Turkish Mediterranean coast on Wednesday. If they are not intercepted by the Israeli navy, they expect to reach Gaza on Friday.


Kick them out:
Israel freezes UNESCO funding after Palestinian membership:

Netanyahu decides to hold $2 million Israel transfers to UN cultural body yearly; Israel decided Tuesday to expedite illegal settlement building in West Bank in response to PA's UNESCO membership.


Much blood will yet be shed in Libya:

Days after Gaddafi was buried, the flag of Al Qaeda is flying in Libya and sharia law has been imposed. Now, many rebel fighters fear the rise of a hardline Islamist state - and will fight to the death to stop it


Rape in progress:
 IMF to meet with Libya''s TNC officials:

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Thursday said it was meeting with leaders of Libya's Transitional National Council (TNC) to determine the needs of the country. "There will be a meeting with the authorities shortly. I don't have a specific date but it will be soon," IMF spokesman David Hawley said at a news conference in Washington.


Greece backs away from bailout referendum: Papandreou signals retreat as party rebels: reports

Max Keiser: 'Greece run by financial terrorists"!


Occupy Oakland protesters, police injured in violent clash:

Three protesters were hospitalized and several officers received minor injuries after Occupy Oakland protesters took over a downtown office building and police in riot gear fired tear gas at them


In Pictures Occupy Oakland November 02, 2011 -

The Oakland general strike called by Occupy Oakland drew thousands Wednesday for rallies and marches. The mostly peaceful event turned chaotic early Thursday after protesters took over a vacant building and police moved in, firing tear gas and flashbang grenades.


Thousands of Kids Taken From Parents In U.S. Deportation System:

 Clara's eldest kid was 6 years old and her youngest just a year old when it happened. Josefina's baby was 9 months. All three children were ripped from their mothers and sent to live in foster homes with strangers.


No End to the Shameful Treatment of Omar Khadr:

This week, Omar Khadr, the Canadian citizen and former child prisoner, was supposed to leave Guantánamo after nine years and three months in U.S. custody.


"Let us be peace and joy"

Tom Feeley

Western Democracy: A Farce And A Sham
By Paul Craig Roberts
Updated Below

November 03, 2011 "Information Clearing House" -- Every day that passes adds to the fraudulent image of what is called Western democracy.

Consider that the entire Western world is outraged that the Greek prime minister announced that he is going to permit the Greek people to decide their own fate instead of having it decided for them by a handful of banksters, politicians, and bureaucrats living it up at taxpayer expense at “talks” in the French resort of Cannes on the Mediterranean.

The Greek economy is facing its fourth year of decline and lacks the revenues to service its national debt held by private European banks. The banks don’t want to lose any money, so a handful of power brokers reached an agreement with representatives of the Greek government to write off some of the debt in exchange for EU capital subsidies to be financed by inflicting severe austerity on the Greek population. Wages, salaries, pensions and medical care are being cut while the rate of unemployment rises to depression levels. Government employees are laid off. Valuable public properties are to be sold to private parties for pennies on the dollar. In short, Greece is to be looted.

Large numbers of Greeks have been in the streets protesting the austerity policy and have reached the point of anger of throwing Molotov cocktails at the police. Greece is disintegrating politically. The Greek people sense that the EU “bailout” is not bailing out Greece. It is bailing out the French, Dutch, and German banks at the expense of the Greek people.

The Greek prime minister, watching his party’s support and power crumble, announced that he would let the people decide in a referendum. After all, allegedly that’s what democracies do. But it turns out that “we have freedom and democracy” is not supposed to be taken literally. It is merely a propagandistic slogan behind which people are ruled through back-room deals decided by powerful private interests.

The Greek prime minister’s announcement that he would put the back-room bailout deal to a referendum shocked the EU hierarchy, Washington, and investors. Who does this Greek guy think he is permitting the people, who bear the cost of the deal, to have a say in it? Who let this Greek guy out of his cage? This is not the way democracies are ruled.

The EU power brokers are outraged over the Greek prime minister’s departure from normal procedure. But the Greek PM is relying on the Greek people to approve the deal, and not without reason.

The Greek people have been brainwashed for decades as to the importance of “being part of Europe.” That means being a member of the European Union. When the Greeks realize that voting down the bailout of the banksters means being thrown out of the European Union, which is what they will learn between now and the referendum, they will vote for the back room deal.

Polls already indicate this. A poll for a Greek newspaper indicates that whereas 46% oppose the bailout, 70% favor staying in the EU, which the Greeks see as a life or death issue.

If this poll is a reliable indicator, the Greek PM has made a brilliant political decision. The Greek people will vote in favor of what they have been protesting violently in the streets. As the Greek people will do themselves in, the politicians are off the hook. This is the bet that the Greek PM has placed.

Whatever the outcome, keep in mind that the entire Western political and investor world was shocked that a politician, instead of simply imposing a back room deal, said he would let the people decide. Letting the people decide is a no-no in Western democracies.

If you need more evidence of this mythical creature called “Western democracy,” consider that Western governments are no longer accountable to law. Contrast, for example, the sexual harassment charges that are plaguing US presidential candidate Herman Cain’s campaign with the pass given to high government officials who clearly violated statutory law.

What follows is not a defense of Cain. I take no position on the charges. The real point is different. In America the only thing that can ruin a politician is his interest in sex. A politician, for example, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, B. Omama, cannot be ruined by violating United States and international law or by treating the US Constitution as a “mere scrap of paper.” Bush and Cheney can take America to wars based entirely on lies and orchestrated deceptions. They can commit war crimes, murdering large numbers of civilians in the cause of “the war on terror,” itself a hoax. They can violate US and international laws against torture simply “because the president said so.” They
can throw away habeas corpus, the constitutional requirement that a person cannot be imprisoned without evidence presented to a court. They can deny the right to an attorney. They can violate the law and spy on Americans without obtaining warrants. They can send due process to hell. In fact, they can do whatever they want just like Hitler’s Gestapo and Stalin’s secret police. But if they show undue interest in a woman or proposition a woman, they are dead meat.

Very few commentators have said a word about this. The House of Representatives did not impeach President Bill Clinton for his war crimes against Serbia. They impeached him for lying about a sexual affair with a White House intern. The US Senate, which had too many sexual affairs of its own to defend, didn’t bother to try to convict.

This is Amerika today. A president without any authority whatsoever, not in law and certainly not in the Constitution, can assassinate US citizens based on nothing except an assertion that they are a “threat.” No evidence is required. No conviction. No presentation of evidence in any court. Just a murder. That is now permissible to the Amerikan president. But let him try to get a woman who is not his wife into bed, and he is a cooked goose.

In Amerika there is no such thing any longer as torture; there is only “enhanced interrogation.” A mere word change has eliminated the crime. So torture is permissible.

In Amerika today, or in the UK and the EU, anyone who tells the truth is a “threat.” Julian Assange of Wikileaks, who made public information leaked to him by US government sources horrified by the criminal actions of the United States government, is now, as a result of Amerikan pressure on UK courts, being turned over to Sweden, which, for favors from the “world’s only superpower,” will turn him over to the US regardless of law to be prosecuted on trumped-up charges.

Western “civilization” is totally corrupted by American money. There is no integrity anywhere. For a decade Washington has been murdering women, children, village elders, and journalists in the name of the hoax “war on terror.”

What terror does the world actually see? The world sees the terror that Israel, protected by Washington, inflicts on the Palestinians. The world sees the terror that the US inflicts on Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Latin America and now Africa, with Syria, Lebanon, and Iran waiting in the wings. The “war on terror” is nothing but an orchestrated invented excuse for Amerika-Israel to achieve hegemony while enriching their armaments industries.

In Greece, at least the PM committed to giving the people a say in their fate. In America the people have no voice whatsoever. The sheeple are content to be protected by “security,” porno-scanners, warrantless wiretapping, indefinite detention, and sexual groping. To carry on the hoax “war on terror,” the US government has elevated itself above the law.

The American effort to achieve accountability to law, the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement, if not shut down by cold weather, ice, and snow, is likely to be shut down by police violence. One riot begun by provocateurs is all it takes to transform protesters into “domestic extremists,” the number one concern of Homeland Security. The presstitute media will make the case against the rioters, and the sheeple will buy it.

The police have been militarized by Washington. Community police forces no
longer represent the local public that pays their salaries. Local police represent Washington’s war against America.

American citizens are all suspects. Anyone who goes through airport security knows this. The only law that the US government obeys is not even a law. It is a bureaucratic regulation that prevents, even in dire wartime, any profiling of suspects by
ethnicity or country of origin.

Consequently, all native born, flag-waving, American super-patriots are suspects when they board commercial airliners. Americans who have a life time of security clearances are subject to being porno-scanned or sexually groped. Airport Security cannot tell a “terrorist” from a CIA analyst, a Marine general or a US Senator.

Well-connected members of the ruling elite, such as Michael Chertoff, can become rich from selling the porno-scanners to taxpayers in order “to protect the public from terrorists.”

The only terrorists Americans will ever experience are those funded by their own tax dollars within their “own” government. A people incapable of perceiving its real peril has no chance of surviving. America might be a military superpower, but it no longer exists as a free country with accountable government and a rule of law.
November 04, 2011 - Addendum:  The Greek prime minister has been forced to withdraw the referendum on the bailout that he promised the Greek people.   Europe’s rulers made it clear to the Greek PM that democracy has no role to play in the decision.  Greece was told to vote the deal that was handed to you or Greece is out of the EU.  The chastened PM warned the Greek parliament that the only way to remain in the EU is to submit to the dictate.
Paul Craig Roberts was an editor of the Wall Street Journal and an Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury. He can be reached at:

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