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Mind-body without Consciousness. (WITHOUT GOD! BAFS)

David Icke Newsletter Preview



The David Icke Newsletter Goes Out On Sunday

Humanity as a whole is being programmed to read reality in the desired way - desired by the controllers - by having beliefs and perceptions implanted through 'education' (yeah, right), the media, doctors, scientists, politicians and so on. The vast majority are not even doing it knowingly - they are programmed themselves to program others.

The mind-body decoding system is also systematically imbalanced and destabilised through chemical additives in food and drink, fluoride and other shite in the water supplies, and ever gathering forms of electrical, electromagnetic and radiation pollution. The mind-body is an electrochemical organism on one level and so, of course, it can be distorted electrochemically - and it is.

Vital for the Control System (the very few) to make slaves of the people (the enormous many) is to ensure that the people perceive and decode reality only through the lens of mind-body and maintain a life-time disconnection from the influence of their true and eternal self - Consciousness. When you retain the connection between mind-body (the computer) and Consciousness (the one at the desk with the mouse and keyboard) you have everything you need. Mind-body 'logs' you on to the Cosmic Internet and allows you to interact with its frequency range, but Consciousness gives you the bigger picture, the wider perspective, that the five senses cannot see.

It is when mind-body becomes disconnected from Consciousness that the trouble starts. I mean, look around you.

Mind-body without Consciousness.

David Icke Around The World As Humanity Awakens
Europe ... Australia ... New Zealand ... the United States
David Icke's round-the-world tour between September and December

Australia and New Zealand dates from September to November are in Perth, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney, and Auckland - click here for details ...
All-day events also confirmed in Cleveland, Ohio (November 12th 2011); New York (November 20th); Croatia, December 3rd; Amsterdam, December 10th.

David Has Been Granted A Visa To Speak In Australia And So Those Dates Are Now All Confirmed

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David Icke at the Oxford Union

In this two-hour presentation at the famous Oxford Union at Oxford University, David Icke encapsulates humanity's current plight and how we can secure our freedom from the Hidden Hand behind global events. It is designed to be a simple introduction to the staggering revelations that he has long exposed in detail in his books. If you want to know what is really happening in your world, and why, this is not to be missed. Your freedom and that of your children and grandchildren could well depend upon it.

Particularly recommended for people new to this information or to show friends and family to introduce them to the bigger picture.

(David was speaking to highly intelligent Oxford students, so he had to keep it real simple.)

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1 comment:

  1. DAVID ICKE would make life much easier for a lot of us if he could understand that he did not invent that religion of "consciousness" and that he is just removing the term GOD and replacing it with "consciousness" or "energy", "vibration", etc., which if we care to make an effort to understand is not in stark contradiction with the concept of GOD, for example in Islam where GOD is not a man, like in Christianity, but PURE SPIRIT.

    David Icke, like millions other Christians have (had) a problem with ORGANISED CHRISTIANITY who either became apostates, Atheists, anti-Christians, makes the colossal mistake like those who believed Christianity was the best and only valid religion in the world, saying all the others are not worth studying at all and are like Christianity mind controlers.

    David Icke even accuses ISLAM as an "organised religion" (like the Roman Catholic Church, the Church of England, etc.) when it is clearly not the case and has never been organised in any such manner for more than 1400 years.

    When David Icke accuses all religions to have been invented for the sole purpose of CONTROLLING people, he is wrong again because it was true and is still true for Christianity in most instances, but not for Islam!