Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Zionist dirty bombs operations in Europe

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Severe warning to Israel and the planification of the next 9/11: Dirty bombs plots, the European stage is set !

After failing to kill the pope in London, israelis in France (Sarkozy), Germany (Merkel), Great Britain (Cameron) and Netanyahu are unleashing their dirty bombs operations in Europe

Israel and her zionist jewry in USA, France, Germany and Great Britain were behind 9/11. Following a very smart move from the Islamic Resistance in Europe, destabilising  the French government, pushing Sarkozy to organise a fake kidnapping in Niger and uncovering 'Al Qaeda in north africa' as a french-algerian zionist jewish plot. The webiste SITE, of the mossadnik Rita Katz, was ordered by the Netanyahu cabinet to prepare psychologicaly the elites in Europe to a new 9/11 using dirty bombs. 

This after Muslims successfully disabled zionist jews from the British government to kill the pope two weeks ago. A major deafeat for the israelis terrorist networks in Europe. This stime, israelis smuggled dirty bombs in Europe through the Eastern jewish mafia based in Berlin, London, Nice, Lyon, Rotterdam, Munich, Torino, Barcelona. 

Israel is going to use boats and major rivers in Europe to strike and kill between 100 000 to half million europeans. This plot was uncovered in Algeria, in the CIA director office, Andrew Warren, and the french embassy, headed during this time by Bernard Bajolet, in Algiers, in early 2008.  French and their algerian jewish puppets in the DRS were supposed to provide the patsies from 'Al Qaeda in North Africa', an organisation that does not exist on the ground. 

Since then, we were able to trace and move against israelis, NATO, France, Germany, Great Britain very easily and like two weeks ago strike them just before a major terrorist attack.... The pope was their target and we confirm that Vatican secret services tried to confirm informations they had by contacting us and asking us for help, which we did successfully, this was a major blow for the british jews running the MOD in London.

The warning that were triggered today by the american zionist jews were done after Rita Katz covered by Netanyahu warned that Israel will strike agian if they are told again to freeze settlements and denied an attack on Iran, but if we look at the larger picture, this is part of their final plan to launch a world war between Muslims and Christians, time for them to install their 'New World Order', with its 'new currency' and 'new capital', Jerusalem, just before the arrival of their coming false messiah....  

Below a link describing how the israelis are preparing their new 9/11, published in an american zionist website, you have all the elements you want to understand how they are working, so no excuses:


Never say you were not aware, you were warned long time before !

Wa Allah swt 'alam



  1. this is part of their final plan to launch a world war between Muslims and Christians, time for them to install their 'New World Order', with its 'new currency' and 'new capital', Jerusalem, just before the arrival of their coming false messiah

    I pretty much see it the same way

    God bless, brother!


    Mark Glenn, Joe Cortina, Texe Marrs, Pastor Mark Dankof, Phillip Tourney, Dr Hisham Tillawi, Ken O'Keefe, David Icke, Christoper Everard, Daryl Bradford Smith, Reverend Ted Pike & Alyne Pike, Eric Hufschmid, Victor Thorn & Lisa Guliani, William Milton Cooper, Dimitri A. Khalezov, Jim Condit Jr, Pr Roger Dommergue, Pr Norman Finkelstein, Gilad Atzmon ... and hundreds others, we have much in common, but this does not mean that we are in agreement on everything.

    I am not a patriot of any country, but of the world. I never voted in my life and do not belong to any religious or political group. Although I profess Islam and Christianity, my religion is to DO GOOD. Together with Ghyslaine ROC, I like to say I am a non Roman non Apostolic Catholic because I am one. I cannot explain here.

    Sometimes I sign as FREEMAN-ON-THE-LAND because I am a servant of GOD ALONE and of no man or government.

    Craig, we do not have to agree on everything, but if our intentions are righteous (good), we are sincere, loyal, and decicated to THE TRUTH, no matter how ugly it is, then we must have much in common.

    Check my initial posting back in 2006 on JESUS THE MESSENGER OF LIGHT, translated from a French Cosmic poem by a close acquaintance of mine, a poet and rebel "Adriana Evangelizt". Adriana and I have much in common. Her blogs on Palestine, Chechnya and Iraq are unique!

    Thanks for your comment.