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HOLOCAUST FOR UK-ISRAEL BY White Helmets Slaughtering Kids In Fake Gas Attack

Russia Says Alleged Chemical Attack in Syria Staged by UK
 Sweden accuse White Helmets of slaughtering Syrian civilians in fake gas attack footage
FRIDAY / APRIL 13, 2018
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 NY Times: Russia Says Alleged Chemical Attack in Syria Staged by UK
Oh ye of little faith who were convinced that Trump was going to take us to war in Syria. Did we not say that, although the danger of "Deep State" false-flags was real, Trump has no intention of giving the Zio-Globalists their World War III? And now, with Russia publicly calling out the latest provocation as a false flag hoax, demanding an emergency session of the U.N. Security Council, and -- get this -- claiming that there is evidence to implicate the British; how can Trump possibly take the country to war?
From our recent ANYT piece of Monday, April 9:

Apr 8 2018 11:09:57 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: e23926 951358

POTUS NEVER telegraphs his moves.
Think logically.
Why did POTUS announce his intention to pull out of Syria?
Moves and countermoves.
These people are STUPID (& SICK).
Is Q suggesting that Trump's announcement to withdraw from Syria was actually bait intended to force the latest "gas attack,"  perhaps so that the Russians could take the lead in debunking it as a hoax before the world?
******End of excerpt*****
To answer our own question, it certainly does appear that chess-masters Trump & Putin have pulled off a sting.
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1. Gen. Igor Konashenkov, speaks at a briefing in Moscow on Friday, April 13. Konashenkov accused Britain of staging a fake chemical attack in Syria. 2. Is Nikki Haley, the US Ambassador to the UN, as bat-shit crazy as she appears? Or is her warmongering part of the act too? 3.Trump & Putin: Chess-masters for peace.

The most delightful aspect of having the government of a major world power openly accusing, with evidence in hand, the clandestine services of the UK of engaging in false flag hoaxery is the realization that millions and millions of previously brain-dead Boobuses have now been given permission to entertain such thoughts -- instead of just reflexively dismissing everything as "conspiracy theory." If the big bad Rooskies can prove their accusation, then headlines such as the following will lose their effectiveness:
  • NY Times: (April 10, 2018): Syria Conspiracy Theories Flourish, at Both Ends of the Spectrum
"President Trump’s order for a cruise missile strike on a Syrian air base, which has alienated some of his supporters, has fueled speculation of hidden motives and hoaxes.
Websites like Infowars are calling the chemical attack that drew United States fire a “false flag” operation, while liberal blogs have pointed to the strike as evidence of “wag the dog” diversion tactics."

Though we have our differences with Alex Jones, the fact that the "paper of record" has him on their radar is a good sign. Jones's radio show and website have served as a necessary "halfway house" for many newbies who, after being prepped, later discovered and were open to the full truths of sites like What will the sleazy scribblers at the Slimes say if and when Russia provides irrefutable forensic evidence of a false-flag / hoax? Hmmmm?
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The fact that Alex Jones' false flag conspiracy theories" about the Syrian "gas attack" -- now backed up by the Russian government -- have caught the attention of the Slimes indicates that "the paper of record" can no longer ignore "conspiracy theories" anymore. The "norming" of the term, "false flag" is a very welcome development.

The coming Syria-Russia investigation truly has blockbuster potential. From the article:
"A fact-finding mission from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons is expected to head to Douma, the site of the suspected attack. Both the Russian military and the Syrian government said they would facilitate the mission and ensure the inspectors' security.
Lavrov said Russia expects the OPCW team to quickly visit the site. The Russian military said its chemical experts visited Douma shortly after the alleged attack and found no trace of chemical agents in ground samples. It also said Russian officers found no patients with chemical attack symptoms at a local hospital, and no indication of any burials having taken place of the victims."
Wow. Just wow. If the Russians succeed in blowing this conspiracy wide open, it will facilitate US withdrawal and shut the warmonger schemes down for good. That would be bad news for the "Deep State," and very conveenient for Trump. That's some brilliant chess right there, with more still to come.
Stay tuned. 

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Putin and Trump will bring about the end of false-flag fakery in the Middle East, while opening the eyes of many people as to what the western spy agencies are indeed capable of.
Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Russia claims to have evidence implicating the British for staging a phony chemical attack in Syria.
Boobus Americanus 2: You know, I normally don't give much weight to these false-flag conspiracy theories, but for the government of Russia to make such a claim at the UN ... I think it merits consideration.

Sugar Thatta boy, Boobuss! Now you need to look into 9/11 Truth. That'll really make ya ssoil your pink pantiess!
 Editor: Baby steps, Sugar. Baby steps.


Sweden: White Helmets Slaughtered Kids In Fake Gas Attack

Sweden accuse White Helmets of slaughtering Syrian civilians in fake gas attack footage
Swedish Doctors for Human Rights say they have found evidence that the chemical attack on Syrian civilians on Tuesday was a ‘false flag’ carried out by the White Helmets.
The doctors say that videos purporting to show an alleged attack by Syrian government forces are counterfeit, and that the subsequent “rescue” by the Al-Qaeda affiliated White Helmets was actually a covert slaughter of civilians. reports:

On first analysis, it looked as though the doctors working on the child assumed he was already dead.
However, after broader investigation, our team ascertained that the boy was unconscious from an overdose of opiates. The video shows the child receiving injections in his chest, perhaps in the area of the heart and was eventually killed while a clearly fake adrenaline injection was administered.
This was a murder.
The doctors determined in its analysis:
• The video should be life-saving measures after a chemical attack with chlorine gas [now claimed to be Sarin-not possible], including injection of adrenaline via syringe with a long needle into the heart of an infant. In no way were treatments correctly given for any potential chemical agent.
• The handling and treatment of the child was done in a manner that was careless, dangerous and likely to cause serious harm.
• Most telling is the fake repeated shots of adrenalin, supposedly into the heart. The medical personnel, and I think we can safely call them actors at this point, failed to push the plunger on the needle. Thus, the contents of the syringe were never injected as is clearly visible in the video itself.
• The visible diagnosis by a team of actual medical experts, based on what is observed in the video, indicates that the child was suffering from an injection of opiates and was likely dying of an overdose. There is no evidence of any other agent, chemical or otherwise.
• None of the children in the videos showed any sign of being a victim of a chemical attack. From an earlier video by the White Helmets:
• It was clear that the faked injection with the long needle administered through the stitches murdered the child in the video. This was a purposeful killing staged to appear as medical treatment.
• Behind the fake translation of the videos, the actual Arabic included stage directions for positioning the child for the video, not for medical treatment.
This was followed by more macabre discoveries in the videos not seen initially in the article White Helmets Movie: Updated Evidence from Swedish Doctors Confirm Fake Life Saving Practices Injure Children.
The collective findings of the Swedish doctors [swedhr] with regard to the propaganda and fakery by al-Qaeda in Syria: (Al Nusra) are in line with the findings of leading German and International Scientists for Syria War.


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