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Exposing the Agenda of the New World Order

An ex-oilfield executive, Ian now lectures and writes on the geo-political webs that are being spun; with particular focus on US Hegemony and the NWO agenda for control of global resources. Since 2007 Ian has focused his efforts on raising public awareness of the pernicious attack on the global population in the name of corporate globalisation and harmonisation; with particular focus on the excesses of Codex Alimentarius. Ian is an independent researcher; he is completely self-funded. The views expressed in his talks and DVD's are based entirely upon his personal knowledge and research. Prior to his retirement from the corporate arena, Ian enjoyed a career of 25 years in telecommunications and international oilfield services, a career that provided the opportunity to live & work in the U.K., Continental Europe, the Middle East & Houston, Texas.


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Bristol - 13th/14th/15th November 2009


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Forthcoming Talks by Ian R Crane

“… is not an Alien Force already amongst us?”

– Pres. Ronald Reagan at the UN 1988

Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th September - Liverpool

Monday 14th September - Blackpool

Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th September - Kensington, London

As the world continues to descend into the abyss of a contrived economic downturn, fed by falling house prices, increasing unemployment and the planned obliteration of pensions and personal savings, coupled with the forced introduction of GM foods, increasing use of prescription psycho-active pharmaceuticals (including Tamiflu!) and the most outrageous erosion of civil liberties; Ian presents the facts in support of his controversial observation that the passive acquiescence to the increasingly outrageous agenda of the New World Order would perhaps indicate that humanity is ostensibly a 'slave race' - a race which can do little or nothing to halt the socio-psychopathic agenda of the ‘alien force amongst us’ … otherwise known as the ‘Ruling Elite’.

However, something is stirring … and gaining pace … an awakening process is underway; a phenomenon that scares the pants off those who openly state their desire to reduce the global population to less than one billion people … but is it enough?

Ian produces the evidence which leads him to believe that the next three and a half years may be the most critical time for humanity since the last days of Atlantis. The unfolding drama is what we came here for... but are we going to rise to the occasion or condemn humanity to another 5,125-year cycle of slavery..?

Ian on Red Ice AV2

Hot News - Ian R. Crane discusses the implications of Codex Alimentarius and the Big Pharma Scam on BBCtv5

Ian R. Crane discusses Codex Alimentarius with Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Creations

Codex Alimentarius, GMO and Artificial Food Scarcity

We are joined by speaker and researcher Ian R. Crane who is behind the DVD and website "Fool Me Once" to discuss everything from Codex Alimentarius to the New World Order. We begin to talk about Ian's background in the oil business and how what happened after the first gulf war that got Ian on the research path. Topics Discussed: Burning oil fields in Kuwait, 9/11, Codex Alimentarius, The Future of Food, We become silent, Monsanto, Percy Schmeiser, Growth Hormone, Cloned Food, GMO, Artificially created food scarcity, Ritalin, Vitamins, Dr Robert Verkerk, Alliance for Natural Health, The National Health Federation and Natural Solutions Foundation, Controlled Opposition: "The Codex lady" Rima E. Laibow and her husband General Stubblebine how was involved in Parapsychology projects for the military, 'The Men Who Stare at Goats' and much more.

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