Netanyahu to Putin: Iran seeks to destroy 6 million Jews

No matter how you cut it, Netanyahu lacks the moral and political backbone to be a head of a state.


…by Jonas E. Alexis

You can’t make this stuff up: Netanyahu, the problem child in the Middle East, has told Vladimir Putin that Iran has vowed to annihilate six million Jews! If you think that Netanyahu would never come up with something so dumb, then you are underestimating Netanyahu’s fantastical imagination. This is his exact word:
“There is a country in the Middle East, Iran, which calls for the destruction of another 6 million Jews.”[1]
No one with an ounce of brain cells knocking together would invent such a stupid statement. The simple fact is that outside of Israel, Iran has the largest Jewish population in the Middle East. Moreover, “Jews feel safer in Iran than in US & EU despite Tel Aviv-Tehran tensions.”[2] And they have been there for centuries! How does Iran plan to annihilate those people? Who is Netanyahu really fooling this time? his finest puppet (Donald Trump)?
When Netanyahu made similar statements back in 2015, Iranian officials responded by saying: “It is truly, truly regrettable that bigotry gets to the point of making allegations against an entire nation which has saved Jews three times in its history…”[3]
What do Iranian Jews have to say about Benjamin Netanyahu himself? Do they regard him as their representative? Or they see him as their leader? Or do they view him as another Israeli demagogue? Ciamak Morsadegh, an elected Iranian parliamentarian who happens to be Jewish, declared:
“Benjamin Netanyahu and the anti-Semites need each other: they supply each other with what they need – intolerance and hatred. The fact is, Iran is a place where Jews feel secure and we are happy to be here. We are proud to be Iranian. I know this doesn’t follow the Zionist script, but this is the reality. No one forces the Jews to stay here.
“The Israelis offer money to Jewish people to emigrate to Israel, but we choose to stay. My view is that the actions of Netanyahu and his government, the way they behave towards the Palestinians, cause problems for Jews everywhere. I am not the only one holding these views. Am I not allowed to say it because I am a Jew?”[4]
Mr. Bibi, we have a situation here. If Iranian Jews are largely happy and do not feel threatened, how can you say that Iranian officials are seeking to destroy at least six million Jews? Where did you get that figure?
Here again and again we see that Netanyahu is either crazy or is following a diabolical script. Avner Cohen has said in the past that Netanyahu is sometimes “crazy.”[5] Former Shin Bet director Yuval Diskin declared that Netanyahu makes “decisions from messianic feelings.”[6]
No matter how you cut it, Netanyahu lacks the moral and political backbone to be a head of a state. If the Jewish community in Iran even approves a nuclear deal,[7] then how can Netanyahu really say that Iran has “a ruthless commitment to murder Jews”? This is one reason why Jewish scholar Norman Finkelstein calls him “a maniac.”

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Jonas E. Alexis
Jonas E. Alexis has degrees in mathematics and philosophy. He studied education at the graduate level. His main interests include U.S. foreign policy, history of Israel/Palestine conflict, and the history of ideas. He is the author of the new book Zionism vs. the West: How Talmudic Ideology is Undermining Western Culture. He teaches mathematics in South Korea.

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  1. Putin had satan stand next to him at his parade where the Panzir was on display. On the way home, Nutty gave Putin the shaft, taking out a Panzir that was caught napping and didn’t even put up a defense. How did it feel President Putin to entertain satan and then see him screw you….and you did get screwed.
  2. Dear VP,
    Satanyahu and their Rathschilds masters want:
    – Destroy 6 BILLION of good people (called by them goyim) by a big Nuclear war.
    – Put the survivors as slaves controlled by the RFID chip.
    – Establish the talmudic judaism as religion.
    For doing that they need destry Syria, Destroy Iran, Destroy China and Russia.
  3. It’s one thing to talk such nonsense to general public, there it could be accepted from some, but to go visiting Putin, and feed him with such a propaganda, that is so stupid!But then again, it was addressed to the general public at home!
  4. LS…
    You do not believe it: Israel won the Eurovision Song Festival !
    Some ugly screaming gnome from hell did it because she got the maximal vote from the so called professional jury at the last minute ! After that the international audience was put in a scary red light ! She must be Netanyahu’s troll !
  5. the 6 million dollar man….”Steve Austin…..a man barely alive….we can rebuild him…we have the technology..”…..where’s Oscar Goldman (a jew perchance) when you need him…???
  6. Compared to Netanyahu’s sophisticated, razor sharp, thought mechanisms, Putin is little more than a simple, sentimental child. So, of course Putin will fall for Netanyahu’s very clever use of mournful violins and magic numbers.
    • You wrong, Putin is a very smart player guy but he have limitations what can do or not…
    • Zionist troll.
      Satanyahu is a deranged, pathological liar and no body believe anything he says, least of all Putin. Maybe Boris the clown and British prostitute, Theresa May and of course tRump will swallow Nutty’s b.s. but no on else will.
    • I agree with JohnZ – mijj is a Zionist troll and not very bright! Putin is smarter than Netanyahu could ever hope to be! The lies that come out of Netanyahu`s mouth are so transparent a 2 year old can see them.
    • martsiva, be that as it may, we have a lot of Murcans with lesser IQs, the ones who watch MSM news ie: Fox or CNN and the result is an even less informed but dangerously propagandized people.