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Michael Anthony Hoffman II, White Slavery, the pact John Dee made with Kabbalistic Judaism...

I have nothing to say except that Michael Anthony Hoffman II and I came to more or less the same conclusions in our research on so many issues, including John Dee, the Kabbalah, the Karaites, Black Magic, WWII, White Slavery, and the Holohoax, many of which are mentioned here, and his postures regarding the use of words!  The strikethrough parts are mine as I cannot stand lies!  BAFS

When The Hell Are You Going To Wake Up - Martyr Milton William Cooper, murdered by the US Corporation!

Published on 3 Dec 2016
A tribute to Milton William Cooper & The Hour of the Time. You have Never heard this Cooper Speech Before. (I have! BAFS)  
This is 20 years, or more of Bill's work, that has been edited to one condensed 40 minute explanation of the conspiracy's that surround our lives. There's a lot most do not know about Bill Cooper, hopefully this video can help people better understand who Bill Cooper was, what he thought about many different things and also what was important to him. Without Bill Cooper there would be no FritzCayoVids, thank you for watching, please like and share WITH EVERYONE.

Published on 24 Nov 2017

A video explaining the recent statements and exposure towards Hollywood involving the abuse and murder of children given by Matrix and Speed star Keanu Reeves.

Michael Anthony Hoffman II: Wikis

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Michael Anthony Hoffman II
Born 1954 New York
Occupation novelist, revisionist historian
Genres History

Official website
Michael Anthony Hoffman II, (born 1954, New York), is an American journalist and self-described "heretical writer," others have classified him as a conspiracy theorist and a Holocaust Denier. Hoffman is the managing editor of the newsletter Revisionist History.


Education and employment

Of German (Italian) descent, in his book Judaism Discovered he claims ties to the 16th-century Anabaptist leader Melchior Hoffman.
Hoffman was educated at the State University of New York at Oswego. He is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press and is the author of several books and articles (including for the UK-based magazine Fortean Times). Hoffman moved from New York to Idaho in 1996. Hoffman now writes mainly on World War II revisionism, current affairs, the occult roots of Freemasonry and Talmudic Judaism.

Views on cryptocracy

Hoffman's self-described vocation is "researching the occult cryptocracy's orchestration of American history." He believes that this cryptocracy runs American history, controlling culture and thought via ritualistic psychodramas and killing sprees. A detailed explanation of this hypothesis is found in Hoffman's Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare. Examples of such "psychodramas," in Hoffman's view, include Route 66 (which connects various centers of Satanic importance), and the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, in which Hoffman sees ritualistic elements.[1].
Hoffman also argues that the gnosis of this ruling cabal are slowly being revealed through movies such as They Live and The Matrix and other forms of symbolic and subliminal communication which Hoffman terms twilight language.[2]

Views on Jews and Judaism

In his books Judaism's Strange Gods (2000) and Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit (2008), Hoffman argues that modern-day Jewish Orthodoxy has little to no relation to the Old Testament, but is instead based on the oral tradition as represented by the Mishnah, the Gemara and derivative rabbinic halacha. Hoffman cites the Karaites, a Jewish sect who reject the Talmud, as "a group which, historically, has been most hated and severely persecuted by orthodox Jewish rabbinate."[3] According to the back cover of Judaism Discovered, Hoffman contends that Orthodox Judaism has more in common with Babylonian paganism than Israelite Biblicism.
Hoffman also contends that the British Empire might have achieved its power via a pact John Dee made with Kabbalistic Judaism.[4] He has characterized Jews as "Khazars" and "Edomite parasites" and Ashkenazi (Central and Eastern European Jews) as "Ash-ken-nazi".[5]

Views on the Holocaust

Hoffman doubts that execution gas chambers existed in the Nazi camp Auschwitz-Birkenau, and claims that the term "Holocaust" is Orwellian Newspeak imposed beginning circa 1978 in order to confuse and distract from debates about the numbers of Jewish deaths that can be attributed to Nazism.[6] Hoffman doubts that six million Jews were killed by the Nazis and asserts that most of the Jewish deaths in WWII were from typhus, malnutrition and shootings perpetrated by some units of the SS on the Eastern front.
Hoffman believes that Hitler did indeed have as a goal, at least philosophically, the extermination (Ausrottung) of the Jewish people, but Hoffman also argues that the primary means of extermination—the execution gas chambers of Auschwitz—have not been scientifically proved to have existed or been operable, and that "eyewitness" testimony failed under cross-examination at the 1985 "Great Holocaust Trial" of Ernst Zündel in Toronto.
Hoffman has been influenced by the research of Charles D. Provan, Carlo Mattogno, Germar Rudolf and Brian Renk.
Hoffman rejects the label "Holocaust denier," and argues[6] that the label is applied unfairly, and with an emotional rather than empirical basis, to those who research controversial issues related to WWII and Judaism—according to Hoffman, applying the same partisan logic, those who doubt the Roman Catholic dogma of the Immaculate Conception would be stigmatized by journalists and academics as "Immaculate Conception deniers."

Views of Slavery

Another of Hoffman's subjects of study is indentured servitude and slavery in America; he claims that a widespread history of white slavery has been overlooked by most historians. In his book They Were White and They Were Slaves, Hoffman describes a social structure situating poor whites as holding the lowest post in colonial and post-colonial America, citing a quote from Eugene D. Genovese in "Toward a New View of America" (pp. 79, 81-82, 84, 90-91), in which a former black slave in South Carolina, Ella Kelly, refers to the poor whites as the bottom rung, black slaves occupying the middle, and the white planters as the ruling stratum. {cf. Hoffman, pp. 43-44}
Hoffman has summarized his thesis as follows: "The de facto enslavement of whites began with the enclosure acts (privatization of formerly public grazing lands known as commons), which made paupers of much of the English yeomanry and created an army of homeless and unemployed citizens demonized by official history as England's fabled 'criminal underclass' (the criminal overclass escapes this withering scrutiny). The history of white slavery in Britain is found in the practice of 'kid-nabbing' (kidnapping) and the laws and customs that permitted enslavement aboard ship of abducted farmers and laborers taken from such notorious "crimping" ports as Glasgow. Malthusian scarcity paradigms were later invented out of fear of the insurrectionist potential of whites dubbed 'surplus poor,' who, in the seventeenth century, were shipped to British America and the West Indies as slaves, to toil unto death (not seven years) on sugar and tobacco plantations as soon as colonies were established (Georgia was envisioned as a white slave dumping ground and Virginia initially had more white slaves than black ones)." ("Movie 'Amazing Grace' Makes a Hero out of an Oppressor of White Slaves").
Hoffman's book "They Were White and They Were Slaves" was cited heavily in Jim Goad's "Redneck Manifesto" as part of a larger discussion of race and the white underclass in America.


Political scientist Michael Barkun has characterized Hoffman as a "Holocaust denier and proponent of multiple conspiracy theories"[7], while Mattias Gardell contends that Hoffman is "one of the counterculture's more original conspiracy researchers".[8] Robert Jan van Pelt calls Hoffman a Holocaust "negationist."[9]


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Published on 18 Nov 2017
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    Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus
    PLEASE, pay great attention to the following from the posted text: "Hoffman also contends that the British Empire might have achieved its power via a pact John Dee made with Kabbalistic Judaism.[4] " But, I have known this as a VERIFIABLE FACT since the early seventies. When Brendon Lee O'Connell was fighting against "Jewish Power" in Australia, I am sure he was not aware of this diabolical possibility! Discarding MAGIC is a serious mistake as this is what is ruling over us for centuries. We have demons in many forms as leaders almost everywhere!

    Posted on Kiran Javed Facebook Page
    Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus
    What is sad, is that even believers in God tend to deny this demonic factor! I have had personal encounters with demons, many times in my life, and saw how they destroyed the lives of hundreds of millions of humans on this planet! They also destroy personal friendships and relationships!

  2. Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus
    November 27, 2016 ·
    When confronted some geniuses run away with their bogus claims! Now, the "HEBREW RACE" video itself has vanished from Youtube! No reply from the author(s), but the re-action is quite telling!
    We (facebook) thought you'd like to look back on this post from 1 year ago.
    Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus
    November 27, 2015 ·
    ·"Sweetie, one thing that pleaseth me about you is that you are not from the Synagogue of Satan although I heard in the clip some very derogatory 'insinuation' about two of the human beings I most cherish, Michael Hoffman II and Ernst Zundel.
    As for your promotion of Christ, I was wondering about Christ's own words about those calling themselves Christians. I am CHRISTIC but not Christ-ian!
    But, am I the trick master or you the trick mistress?
    I fight for the genuine CHRISTICS to unite with the authentic MUSLIMS and the authentic HUMAN beings. In that attempt and mission I can never go wrong except that the others have FAITH in their respective religions that I do not yet have at 70 and do not wish to have as I love my mind to be uncluttered with fanatical beliefs.
    With Christic Love