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(Icke, Igan, Allen And O'Keefe)

(Icke, Igan, Allen And O'Keefe)


Here is a post to Igans latest "Ignore Israel" puff piece he is putting out now. At 10 minutes in he states with a straight face he is not doing Israel any more - orders from Icke and Allen.
More money in white bread musing's on health and being at one with the universe. Igan and the rest of them are trash. Utter trash.

Here's what I wrote on his channel.
----You are an absolute fraud Igan.
Start at 10 minutes in people.
I'll post your little Skype rant to me. So calm on the audio Max - but you fall to pieces like any wannabe new age guru when confronted.

Three months ago it was, "Free Gaza, free the world brother!" Now it's, "Israel is irrelevant." And here you are, with a straight face, saying it's all too hard taking on Israel so you'll just make money at $45 a pop with your white bread new age pop guru advice on a world tour? THAT, is brazen.
One minute starving in the South American jungles with your mate Zen Gardner - chief pedophile cover up officer for the notorious sex cult Children Of God - the next minute it's a world tour. Nice if you can get the gig eh Maxie? Who pays the bills? Zen Gardner's other mate, David Icke?

MAX'S MATE ZEN GARDNER http://www.philosophers-stone.co.uk/?p=13298
Money Max. Its all about the money Max!
Max, you, like so many others, claim other peoples information with no attribution, re-package and sell to your desperate house wife - 60 something - divorced female demographic. There's good money in that Max. Isn't there?

Let me review some of your statements to me:
1. Ken O'Keefe drugged you in Gaza.
2. Ken O'Keefe is a common thief and possible intelligence asset.
3. Ken O'Keefe was ordering around Hamas like he was their boss in Gaza.
4. Ken O'Keefe stole money from Gaza donations to build the school house - which you did most of the work on. (For the Samouni family, I donated £40 cash, and well over £1,000 worth of house contents (a van full, including my sheepskin winter overcoat that alone cost over £1,000, a bithday present from my boss's wife!) meant for the school, but, it was the British Zionist State recruited double agents "helping" Ken who stole the goods (or part of them) and embezzled the money!  When Ken arrived at the Police Station to make a declaration, the Police attempted to arrest him! BAFS)
5. Ken O'Keefe speaks fluent Arabic.
6. Ken O'Keefe is trying to defraud $100,000 from your "groups" World Citizen Program, which led to you all falling out.

So let me ask this simple question of the new age guru Max Igan - how is it Ken O'Keefe is a bad man with a long list of faults - and you stayed with that man for how many years? 6+ years? So with ALL the major RED FLAGS on Ken O'Keefe you said and did nothing for how long? That makes you a party to ALL of his FRAUD. Igan, you are a fraud. You fell out because you were going to miss out on the loot. A bunch of vagabonds one and all.

SOME ALLEGATIONS AGAINST O'KEEFE AND YOU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_nZhbagheo
You have "form" Igan.
You hang with AND defend a notorious pedophile enabler with the online name of Zen Gardener aka Don Fergeson aka [insert fake changed name of choice]. The man spends 27 years in THE most notorious "sex cult" on earth, 10 of it as their PR man. But you "looked into his eyes" and you're sure he is AOK. Mate, you are on drugs or you are of the same silk cloth.
Max "Show Me Da Money" Igan.
You lot are ALL birthed from the same reptoid, all of you.
I'll always remember those words of yours to me as I screamed out of desperation for help, "We'll help ya mate. See what we can do." My first thought was, "Who is we?"
I was warned off ya Max but was desperate and told people you would talk about Israel and The Talpiot Program. "Lets see what happens," is what I said. Then you put me onto LUKE RUDKOWSKI - the man who says only anti-semites say Israel did 9-11? Are you for freakin real?
Like any conman you have "The Gall" to simply do and say whatever is convienant at the time. Like an Alex Jones you will vary the message to suit the time and money flows. To stressful exposing Israel - lets go white bread low risk health issues and become to go to man for all things A.I which you knew sweet F all about until you were recently educated on it.
Read this one people.


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - Episode 307 - American Voice Radio, September 8th, 2017 - http://thecrowhouse.com Support The Crowhouse: https://www.patreo...

Jeff Dahlgren "You haven't mentioned this [Israel did 9/11] to anyone yet have you?" - LUKE RUDKOWSKI

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An open musing about Ken O´Keefe, Max Igan, Richie Allen and David Icke

last year
60 in life
Hey Everyone!
I just listened to Ken O´Keefes "interview" by Richie Allen.
Richie is the sort of guy who is so popular he has about 20 sock puppet accounts and he goes home every night and congratulates himself on his own work, drops hints about how good "Richie Allen" is on other peoples accounts all from the false identities he has made up to help "Richie Allen" look great.

I worked with him for six months at The Peoples Voice in the UK in 2013. It was supposed to be the first uncensored internet radio and tv channel originated by David Icke.
TPV gave me my own show when I told them I flew halfway around the world to volunteer and I would work for free as long as my money lasted. They liked my idea for Wakey Wakey, it became one of the most popular shows at the network, (just not with management ; ) for weeks.

Within 5 weeks, however, my show was cancelled from going "live" because they "couldnt trust me not to speak" (the truth) on air (that the station was a big money syphoning ruse and I might have ruined their game).
I warned David when it was happening and he refused to talk with me about it, and avoided me for ever after in person. I was promptly "released" when my VISA was up. He never once thanked me, in fact he turned on me like a viper and wrote an email which said hiring me was his biggest regret.
Come off it prophet.
Or is it profit.

David Icke was then supposedly "kicked off" his own channel by his own "manager"/(handler) who ran it into the ground and sucked up all the remaining donations!
David did fuck all but watch.

Why cant David do something about it?
They used him for it. They used him to do it.
Hes lucky no one bothers to call him out
Dodgy Dave.
I used to enjoy his geopolitical stuff.
Somewhere between1 + 2 million pounds were raised in under a year in donations from mugs like me, all over the world. Within that year, the station was rapidly legally taken over by Ickes manager, Sean Adl-Tabatabai, liquified, and drained financially and spiritually.
All equipment was sold off and the little money grabber never even got challenged!

Who the fuck made the lightweight Richie arbiter of goodness and truth? uggh
I regard him as equally guilty , impotent and complicit as Icke and his "manager"in the loss of the TPV money, as he never did anything at the time, except a lot of sock puppet work. To this day the worst Richie can boast is a week long facebook ban from Sean for feckin´further PUBLICISING Seans Click Bait Crap troll web Site.

Ken O´Keefe, a great hero to some, is falling, or being struck down
Ken is someone I admired and endorsed.
It all just seems too disingenuous.
Richie, sniggering with glee in this interview with Ken as he pushes, goads, nudges Kens flaming misery into a pathetic overacted monologue.
Ken, hopelessly out of control like a busted boyfriend trying to call you untrustworthy for asking if he is seeing someone, when he hasnt washed her lipstick off his kok.

After a few listens its starting to appear like a loosely scripted, manufactured and sponsored fight.
Has Ken been a willing or unwitting agent for the state for years? Has Max? Has Richie? Has David?
Has Zen ; )

Do they start out just passionate freaks for change who then get co-opted, steered, knowingly or unknowingly?
Do they get to a point of popularity where they are given an offer to shut up or if they keep going, to only speak within given parameters. G a t e k e e p e r s, pulling in all the others and keeping guard.
Bullying information "bouncers".
Corralling all the similar energies and gaslighting other potential leaders who are not yet controlled.

Are they controlled by threats, or money, if they are controlled?
Threats to themselves, or to others?
How much money?

I wish there was no need to comprehend how our world is so simply, completely corrupted
Are some of them set up from the beginning with help?
Some of these so called big brave men have actually lived for years off donations from a trusty public.
They must be well loved.
A donation button is also very convenient way for the state black budget to "anonymously" pay their agents their kickback "salary" I would assume.
We know they control both sides so they need to "own" some of us screaming insults at the machine, so as to steer all of us.

Perhaps some get their basic income guaranteed and whatever donations on top as tips. so Im surprised that Max says he can pay his rent, fuel and 4 meals a week.
Even conservative estimates suggest thats $20,000 a year in donations. I know Max and Ken and Richie and Dave and Zen have kept banging away at it week in week out, (much more professional formatting) for all these years- but a few hours chit chat a week, thats probably not such a chore if your basic needs are guaranteed, met.

Is it possible Ken has been allowed to be an agitator/gatekeeper?
... he gets away with, and gets promoted on teevee (BBC, Press TV, RT) saying things about Israel others are jailed for. So does Max, so does David. I suppose I do too but I dont have their audience.
Nor do I have videos/books for sale, merchandising or donations schemes for dank ideals.
Any day now
These men are all literally marketed with logos and swishish brandings.
Good job fellas, you´re about as effective as a bunch of drunk uncles at a bbq.

One of the major parties involved here in the "logistics" was Deanna Amato. (Bona Dea on FB).
She has been involved in two failed David Icke projects. I warned Ken about her and sent him a link to my outlining the reasons why I didnt want him to trust her solely with the keys to the money tin.

Ken strangely didnt seem too interested and told me he had it under control.
Ken keeps saying "I havent paid myself a penny"
KEN YOU HAVE A HUNDRED GRAND IN YOUR ACCOUNT and you seem like you are about to scamm everyone on what you said you would use it for.
Big deal right. if you steal a large amount people might come after you but you think if its just $20 or $50 here and there from people thats not enough to make anyone a threat to you.
You better not drop out or you will be the greatest threat to you, most unhappy with yourself.

I suppose Max might be complicit in knowing he works for outside interests. His responses to things have become robotic, impersonal and seemingly tightly controlled, scripted. Or should I say, more scripted, as all his programs have mostly been him reading script, off camera.
Or is he just sharing his thoughts?
Max keeps repeating the controllers aims, or is he noticing us "this spells the end of the truth movement."
ahhhh we need "unity" he says over and over.

Thats what gatekeepers always call for from groups of individuals because it will never be achieved nor should it. Unity is antonyms with diversity. So fuck off with your unity. Personal division and unique expression is just a part of unity.
Unity need not be a call for consensus of thought among 7 billion.

We never get anywhere if we cant discuss opposing ideas without being disingenuously accused of causing "division" or a "rift" in "the movement".
Maxs acting is unconvincing. Lucky it wasnt video as I think we might have had some Sandy Hook dry tears to analyse.

The levels of anger are year ten drama. Slightly realer than a five year old faking a cold to get out of school. Has he been told by someone to whoop it up? To make a dividing line. To pull fans. Hes trying to pull pity roots.
So these two cockblocking grandads are the zenith of our "civilisations" "leadership" are they?

No, Max, its not the end of the "truth movement" because truth never changes.
We just have to each, individually, align ourselves with it more and more as we are able to get over the obfuscation of it and the misdirection from it by all these pesky agents of social steering ; )

Of course its not the end of fundraisers, not even in our little international community because many of us have grown to know and love each other more during this process and people will always help each other, we will continue to put our faith and trust in people no matter how many times we are burned, because we hope someone gives us the same chances and unconditional love.
Its just an end of false idol worship. Of throwing bucks at a problem we need to put our heart and souls and minds into, together and mostly alone.

I feel for any team members who are unwitting or innocent. I include Max and Ken in that as time will sort us all out. If you are innocent stick to your word and we will all know soon enough
I recall how difficult it was to speak up within the folds of TPV. I was honestly pretty scared of what they might do to me if they were guilty of what they knew I suspected them of - what I clearly see in hindsight was a heist.

I learnt from that experience and this time Im able to speak out about my doubt in real time and hopefully stop it being derailed rather than enable it with my inaction and fear. I wish I had the guts to call out David Icke and his manager publicly in January 2014 but it took me six months of reflection and grieving and getting past my own cognitive dissonance and fear, conquering my initial inability to conceive that this many people could be willingly so ruthless and two-faced, just to "get ahead" in the world we were all supposed to be working to dismantle.
To believe that David Icke was either so so dumb that he was incapable of noticing what was happening around him, or that he could pretend not to notice that all the money got "spent", all the equipment hocked and it was all in his name and he never received a penny. Oh really.

Very strange, but its exactly whats happened here. AGAIN.
The rest of the team could be unwitting dupes, but some, like Sascha "economy-size" Brand Stone, are definitely uncharismatic and full enough of themselves to make me suspect theres no way they would have that swagger without some black budget dosh and a fair amount of manufactured support. Surely no mere sea cucumber could make a man so vapid.

Max or Ken, or Richie never publicly questioned David about the downfall of TPV. I wont be invited into these boysclub powwows again because I have a knack for seeing the emporers knackers. They know I am suss on most of them, and they prefer to avoid the unflailing eye.
I feel altogether they dont have the strength I have alone.
I call bullshit at twenty paces if I feel uneasy, and I feel uneasy

The reason I was asked to endorse this project is not because I am "known" at all for my comedy, or music, or talkshows, but because I am known as a living anarchist, walking the talk wherever possible and non life threatening.(I have completed an anger management course ; ).
I dont vote or comply with my governments taxation or financial demands. I have stopped contributing to war and it feels good.
Agents hate it when you tell them that. From deep down somewhere in their sour state teat sucking souls. A corrupted "alt media journalist" from NZ, Vinny Eastwood blocked me on facebook because he said there was no person challenging the system who hadnt had their life ruined, wasnt dead or in jail. I was promoting the advantages of life since I stepped out and he just barred me! Tiny little turd. No encouragement, no questions, no interest, no tallywhacker.

Rarely have any of these colleagues assisted or empowered me, promoted my work or helped me .
No one ever mentioned Dominica, or Bali, or Acapulco meetings to me. Seems my endorsement is welcome but not my actual presence, ideas, experience, wisdom, integrity, grit or fearlessness.
I see
First you trip over a crack in the concrete.
Then you walk into a wall

Was Ken was being "sort of " looked after as an agent, being their rabble rouser and being allowed to speak his truth, (cause he was never faking those good speeches, many of those are genuinely from his heart). He serves the purpose of gathering all the opposition around his strength and masculine bravado.
Srangely, he has lost that for now.
I dont know if its just being away from the family stability of a hearty three meals a day, or if his body reflects his wilting soul, like all bodies will.
He looks and talks like a shadow of the man I knew in London two years ago. I cant imagine what he has been through. He looks and sounds drugged, agitated, pent up, scared, and arrogant and it could just as easily be a man having a very public mid-life crisis as much as it could be some kind of military mind control. His behaviour is so base it seems it could be coming from some fairly rudimentary tweaking.
Ken has possibly been in their hands as a tool for a long time, so who knows why this is really happening to him, or how.
Or if even he knows.
Ive seen a lot of people act that dumb without military intervention
Ken was our hero precisely for somehow getting away with saying the things we are not allowed, we will not be promoted if we say, we might be jailed, or disappeared if we say. This makes him seem like controlled opposition to some.
They all just swap roles calling each other out. Remember when Max softball questioned Charlie Veich on his 9/11 flipflop but neglected to mention Charlies part he played as a false police witness in the police killing of Ian Tomlinson during the 2009 G20 protests?

I have had no life for a long time.
Social steering engineering.

Kens last few public appearances he has seemed like an imposter of his former self, going through the motions, false anger, false bravado, empty sloganistic rhetoric, fake set up fights with other fake agitators, its been like watching a bad play.
Ken seems now like just a shithouse actor.

Not so long ago, was I so easily fooled?

Perhaps his masters have let him down once too many times. The thing about the secret services is, everyone ends up under the bus. He ready to retire and thats why he desperately is trying to set himself up a base somewhere. If this is the case and Ken was a rogue agent I wish he would tell the truth. We all need to learn how these things work. It would help free everyone else. If he really fears for his life it is time for all these secrets, the safest way is expose it all.
Lets have an agent amnesty!

He is acting like a 12 year old. people challenge him for some information or confirmation and he links to his girlfriends latest album? Base
Why didnt Ken respond on his own time in his own peaceful way to camera? You can express anger wihout yelling. Ninety minutes is just overkill. Base
Was it easier for Ken to hide behind Richie pretending he was being picked on?
Was Richie, acting like his "attacker" really acting as his protector by never asking any hard questions?

Richies idea of not having a dog in the fight (he has both dogs in the fight) is such obvious drivel when he is saying "impartial" things to Ken like "Ken, I think youre finished"... what else is there for Ken to do but put up or disappear forever to the land of crisis actors waiting for face transplants?
I know which one seems like the easier option.
Ken can still make a calm five min vid showing he has merely good intentions and everyone would jump back on that bandwagon. Instead he is punishing us with crickets. Silence

Richie Allen self righteously accused Ken -
"Ken you took $115,000 dollars they have a right to know its being spent properly"

He never asked Sean Adl-Tabatabai (BBC/Disney/Big Brother/MTV) to explain himself.
In fact Richie is infamous for saying something like "to suggest that anyone from the BBC would be involved with any impropriety, is ludicrous" just as anotherJimmy Saville scandal broke.
Another one not too quick off the mark being used as a social engineer for those not able to see through his facade.

Why would Ken rant like a spoiled kid who didnt get his lollies?
Those of us who have studied psychology at a high school level recognise that anger is a tool used to emotionally manipulate others. Ninety minutes of anger, no explanations besides the "pure gold" legal recognition that, yes, at times, people have declared their unwillingness to participate with their system and they have successfully suceeded. I coulda toldya that

I didnt believe Maxs drama rant at all either. This sent up the first red flags for me. Hes had months to get used to the idea Ken is stiffing everyone (since Feb at least) and he´s crying on a radio show?
Im a girl and I wouldnt cry or yell at my friend on a radio show if they were acting like Ken been for 6 months.
I would calmly explain that we need to see the evidence the money is being used for the intended purpose, or we are pulling out and request the funds immediately returned to those who request them. Those that want to donate to the next project are welcome.

Are they all throwing Ken under the bus, or are they pretending to throw Ken under the bus?
Or is Ken diving under the bus?

Your guess is as good as mine.
Otherwise, Ken can just take all the money, like David Ickes manager "took all the money" at The Peoples Voice and it all went poof- and tens of thousands of world changers were left dejected and despondent. I was exhausted, depleted and confused.

This is the whole point .
Sad but true, it is a technique our masters use their minions to fight us with, and we are unaware so we fall for it.
Every time.

Max leaves me deeply wondering after being beaten up for supporting Palestine.
Can someone produce a recording of his gig at the Freedom Summit in Byron where he describes a woman heckling during his talk. He said she didnt pay to enter the conference, just "hugged someone at the door" (someone must know /have invited her).
There is something about that bashing and some speculate he invented it to gain sympathy, or that it really happened but he is blaming it on a political group when he says himself he didnt see the offender, and the threats were non-specific...

You know the way the zionists make a hero? They bash and bloody them up, then show their wounds like medals. George Galloway had his turn too.
Is Max being set up as the new social engineerin´ steerin´ Cap´n of this shitship??
Max couldnt steer himself out of a garage with no hot water.
None of these "leaders" have much to say about the current international general reappraisal of $cience. Kens too busy kissing and Max has looked no further than "two surveyors", Icke + Richie I have no idea what they are up to, it is just becoming obvious the way they pay it absolutely no mind, ridicule without investigationand in Maxs case openly discourage the discussion in the hope of dragging everyone back into their vicious circles
Its the same tactic. Give it no oxygen

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. (Mahatma Gandhi)

In fact I´d say its a big red light. Even if all it is, is Max not risking losing his audience for sounding "crazy". He has lost his humility and the truth seeking vibe he started out with.
He really sounds owned lately or was he always someones asset?
Or is he just a sole operator, worn down from all these years doing what he can?
Sometimes the spiritual tests come and if we are at peace in ourselves we will weather the storms
He has recently demonstrated he may not be a wise man nor even a very smart one.
Max has done some great work. he repackaged Ickes stuff well for his first few movies, very professional and many many hours of interviews and radio shows later he has truly blessed us with a whole lot of heart
A real radical?
Or maybe, he is there as the end-point, knot on the string...to stop us just before we choose freedom by telling us its not really possible.

There is no ethical "group", no man to stand behind, no legal experts opinion- lordy they are the worst people to ask!
Each of us must do a bit of mental rooting around until we lift ourselves to equal status of any illusory authoritay!!!!

In a true anarchist community of willful conscious individuals, one is rewarded and appreciated for qualities like integrity, and honesty, not shunned or punished.
People watching on would stand up for truth, but they dont want to lose their "privileges" of being in the special sauce circles.
This is how it works.

You observe most people have fuck all ability to discriminate and glitz always beats guts.
Thats how we´ve been conditioned by our masters so they can stay in control.
Everyone feels so small, they need to step on anyone they can to keep themselves afloat.
Thanks Darwin
Everyone loves someone who´ll piss in their pocket.

I love people who challenge me, because I want to grow.
The world works in wonderful and mysterious ways, always spiritually for the best, even if it doesnt seem like it on the physical plane

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  1. "I screamed out of desperation for help"
    Forgive me, my Son, I was not aware of this, and it breaks my heart! Although my life was so messed up, I could have helped!
    I was even helping Kenneth O'Keefe with the Samouni family tragedy.
    Please, let me know that you have forgiven me.