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I thought Britain had laws to deal with anybody suspected of criminal offenses and that we did not need such policing by propagandists, ignoramuses full of hatred, racists and demons to incite to more hatred and communal violence, but this has been the policy of DIVIDE AND RULE since Britain claimed to be the ruler of the world.


All those attacks have been proven to be staged to ALWAYS BLAME MUSLIMS AND ISLAM – like 9/11, 7/7/ etc.!


When I landed in the UK in 1965, I saw the Kingdom allowing racist posters saying: NO BLACKS, NO ASIANS and NO DOGS ALLOWED!

Today, they do not put up those posters anymore because the media, the Royal Government, and its institutions are allowing the free promotion of racism (of all kinds) and incitements to violence against Muslims on a daily basis, while their armies are out bombing non stop Muslim countries, mass murdering innocent and defenseless people, stealing their wealth, terrorising and enslaving the survivors!  

And we cannot flee anywhere else as England is our home!

How can I and other Muslims freely walk the streets of London  and other cities or places NOT feeling that hatred and walk our children or push our prams and even FEAR FOR OUR SAFETY AND EVEN LIVES?  The result is that WE ARE FORCED to stay indoors and not to mix with others or join the racists.  This is the notorious DIVIDE AND RULE OF THE EMPIRE!

By Mike King

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New York Times: Explosion, Panic and Death at Ariana Grande Concert in England

The crisis actor Hoax-of-the-Month, carried out just as Trumpstein warns about "Islamic Terrorism" TM from Israel, takes us to Manchester, England -- the scene of a concert by Illuminati skank Ariana Grande. Who will "take credit" -- via Twitter -- for this latest bit of CIA-MI6-Mossad false-flag-fakery? Will it be it ISIS? Al Qaeda? Or maybe the dreaded "lone wolf" TM next door? (Cue dramatic music). The plot thickens, as does the bullshit.
1. Ms. Grande turns the star upside to make a Satanic star.    2. One-Eye Illuminati symbolism.  3. Arianna kisses the devil.

For that minority element of our readership that still gets set off whenever we call out crisis actor fakery on these staged "beheadings" and mass killings, "youse guys" (Jersey lingo for the plural of you) need to get over the psychological blockage and simply analyze the pictures with a critical mind. They are ALL fake events --- the Aurora Movie theater shooting, the Sandy Hook School shooting, the Boston Marathon Smoke Bomb, the Charleston Black Church shooting, the San Bernadino shooting, the Orlando Fag Club shooting, the Nice, France truck attack, the Paris concert attack, the Brussels attack, the Berlin attack, and so many others that we can't even recall anymore.
Before some of you cancel your subscriptions and sent us a hate E-mail, do a Google Image Search for:
  • dead bodies in manchester bombing
  • dead bodies in sandy hook shooting
  • dead bodies in charleston church shooting
  • dead bodies in orlando night club
  • dead bodies in aurora movie theater
  • dead bodies in nice truck attack
What will you find? --- NOTHING -- What?! No video cameras or I-phones in nightclubs, theaters, schools, busy tourist boulevards and crowded arenas???

Then do a Google Image Search for:
  • charles manson murders
    • OJ simpson murder scene
.... and see the blood and dead bodies.
Still doubt the fakery? Just have a look at manifest goofiness of these fresh images from Manchester:!/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_640/image.jpg
1. They cut his pants off at the scene, applied a few bandages (where's the blood?), and then helped the poor bloke leave the scene. A bit old to be at a teenie-bopper concert, no?   2. The young lady suffers the same bloodless injury to the knee -- again, jeans cut off at the scene before being helped to walk away.   3. Good made-for-TV drama, but why are there never any bodies at these crime scenes?

Well, at least we can all be grateful to our masters for committing harmless hoax attacks instead the real attacks of years ago -- such as the 9/11 attacks (2001), the Madrid Train Bombing (2004), the 7/7 London Bombings (2005) etc. Evidently, there must have been some push-back from within the ranks of the clandestine agencies over the constant killing of so many innocent people. Somewhere along the line, the decision was made to use "drills," fake blood and "crisis actors" instead. Also, when nobody actually dies, there will be no pain-in-the-ass family members who might organize and push for a deeper investigation of the event, as happened with 9/11.
But in spite of the bloodless nature of these fake events, the misunderstanding of these silly stunts is endangering innocent lives nonetheless. You see, each fake "Islamic Terror" TM attack brings us closer and closer to the day when our governments, under the pretext of "fighting terrorism," will ultimately succeed in "going after the terrorists" and kicking off the great Middle Eastern war for Greater Israel. That's the plan, and don't "youse guys" ever forget it!
1. Our "ally" Bibi Satanyahu offers his "condolences" to America after the fake San Bernadino attack of 2015.           2. Nice, France: Not a drop of blood anywhere to be seen on the white truck said to have killed 84 and wounded 202.  3. Fake bullet holes on the windshield (toy stickers).

This just in!

 Georgina Callander, 18, pictured with Ariana Grande two years ago
 How conveeenient (as the "Church Lady" of old Saturday Night Live fame would say) that Georgina Callander (18) -- the very first "victim" to be identified  -- just happened to have had her picture taken with Satanist Ariana Grande two years ago, in an unusually chummy pose. You nailed it, Church Lady!
Boobus Americanus 1: Did you hear about the latest terror attack in England? Nineteen dead.
Boobus Americanus 2: My heart is aching over those images. Something has got to be done about Islamic terrorism!

  Sugar: Weep not for the "dead," and their "grieving" publicity-seeking "family members," Boobuss. They are all being paid very well, I'm ssure.
 Editor: There is no shortage of Satanists and money-hungry lowlives in the modern world. A few million dollars and a signed non-disclosure agreement is all it takes to pull off such scams. The Fake News and the force of public credulity will do the rest.


BREAKING: Bomb blast strikes Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, UK

Monday night, during an Ariana Grande concert in the city of Manchester in northern England, a bomb blast occurred inside the venue. Initial reports say 19 are dead, another 50 injured.
Details are still sketchy but the finger of blame is being pointed at a suicide bomber.
We always try to avoid speculation, especially when we still know so little, but here is a quick summation of our initial thoughts:

  • Manchester is Britain’s ‘second city’ (although Birmingham may argue that point) and is the second most high-profile target after London
  • Manchester has a very large Muslim population
  • The timing of this attack, two weeks out from the British general election is likely significant
  • Prime Minister Theresa May has stated that, should she win the election, she will use British armed forces to fight Islamic terrorism in Syria
  • Literally before every single Youtube video I have watched in the last week, I have had to sit through a Conservative election campaign advert that is composed of clips of Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn making anti-war, anti-military statements such as Britain should leave NATO, Britain should not get involved in more wars etc. before flashing up in very bold text that Corbyn would be too risky for Britain’s safety.
  • We have been expecting a false flag terror attack of some kind to be carried out in the near future, to justify Trump’s escalation of US involvement in Syria and perhaps start a war before he can be impeached. This bombing in Manchester may be part of this agenda.
  • Rita Katz of Zionist fake news propaganda outlet SITE (notorious for ‘finding’ most of the ISIS head chopping videos) was talking about this incident shortly after it happened and claiming that ISIS were ‘celebrating’ this attack online, Whenever this woman pops her head up, be very, very suspicious, If she says this was an ISIS terror attack, we should take it as a big clue that it was nothing of the sort and was most likely a false flag intended to be blamed on ISIS in order to further a nefarious Zionist agenda.

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Social Media Trolls Circulate Fake Manchester Attack Victim Pictures and Stories

A member of the public reacts as police evacuate the Arndale shopping centre, in Manchester, England Tuesday May 23, 2017, the day after an apparent suicide bomber attacked an Ariana Grande concert as it ended Monday night, killing over a dozen of people among a panicked crowd of young concertgoers.
Sputnik/Moscow: In the wake of the Manchester attack, concerned parents, siblings and friends launched genuine social media appeals in attempt to locate missing loved ones, using the hashtag #MissingInManchester. However, some tasteless trolls also took the opportunity to share fake images and other hoax posts.
In the hours following the bombing, which claimed the lives of 22 people and injured many more, many shared images of friends and family they were with or who had been at the concert, and were now missing. However, others shared fake pictures, spreading false grief for their own amusement and seeking retweets and shares in order to increase their reach — some hoax #MissinginManchester posts were reposted tens of thousands of times over.
For example, one user tweeted an alleged photo of their cousin’s girlfriend, claiming the girl was missing after the attack — another user quickly pointed out they knew the person in the picture in real life and she hadn’t attended the concert.
Sputnik News has opted not to reproduce these tweets here.
Some of the photographs in fact depict internet celebrities, such as YouTube vloggers — others appear to be arbitrarily chosen members of the public, and even stock photo stars.
In one case, a snap of a young model for a fashion line for individuals with Down Syndrome was shared.
​Mexico-based journalist Andrea Noel had to deny she was missing after a picture of her was shared.
YouTuber TheReportOfTheWeek also posted a video repudiating claims he was AWOL following the gig.
“Some people propagated a certain rumor claiming I was a victim of an attack in Manchester at the Ariana Grande concert. I’m just making this video to let you know I am indeed alive well and okay here in the United States, not the UK. This was unfortunately just an effort done by various trolls,” the video said.
Such images have undoubtedly caused distress both for people who’ve seen the tweets and been led to believe someone they know are caught up in the attack, and photographed subjects themselves.
​It’s almost certain at least some of the hoaxes are deliberately intended to inflict grief on the people shown in them, designed to harass specific individuals a troll doesn’t like, or wishes to attack.
The pictures also complicate and potentially delay searches for real people. Police often warn against sharing unofficial “missing” posts on this basis.
However, the images are but one method by which fake, malicious stories have spread following the attack. False reports of fictional terrorist attacks around the country have also circulated.
A Facebook post claiming a man armed with a gun outside Royal Oldham Hospital has been shared over 13,000 times, and regurgitated in some news stories, although both Greater Manchester Police and Oldham Council refuted the reports.
​The Manchester tragedy is not the first time fake victim images have circulated on social media.
In May 2016, fake pictures began circulating on social media of missing relatives after an Egyptair flight went missing.

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