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And there is obviously ONE in the hearts and minds of all moral humans for those who are not dumb, deaf and blind!

 Kate Bates I miss my beautiful girls & baby in London..sigh..
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Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus They all miss you too! (But, they are not toys!)

Kate Bates
Kate Bates Layana - charming smile & eyes seem to be knowing, like an old soul
Kate Bates
Kate Bates Superb video, thank you dada
Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus
Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus Kate Bates Superb is not bad! At least 10 hours of work on this one and it was only a trial!

There will never be any global Christian-Muslim unity to counter the forces of evil on this planet as long as ignorance, blind faith and deliberate or unconscious racism will guide the thoughts and actions of, for example, Christians and Muslims.  I keep hearing Christians all over the world using the expression AL LAH as if it has to do exclusively with Muslims. The word “Holocaust” used in the Torah as a burnt offering to the exclusively Israelite God, of either human or animal origin, was used about mass murders having occurred at the hands of European and Colonial armies in the twentieth century prior to the Second World War.  This term was hijacked later by Jews and Israel to mean exclusively one alleged and unproven to this day Holocaust of Six Million Jews mainly in homicidal gas chambers, and for which no evidence has ever been found to this very day and unlikely ever to be found as it has been proven over and over again that it was a hoax.  French Judaics, Jews and Zionists have stopped using the term Holocaust, and instead are now using the term Shoah which again can only be Jewish.  Jews claim to have an exclusive God, a unique past and present of suffering, and a supremacist human type (or “race”) incomparable to the rest of humankind.  Many even claim they are the Gods that created humankind!   

People reading this will still not understand because they are blinded by their faith based on a corruption of Israelite Judaism, and non Christic and Paulian dogmas, and not open-minded enough, and refuse to research the truth, or when they find it just refuse to admit it.  Cognitive dissonance plays a great part in preventing many from accepting the truth.  However, many Christians have shown much understanding of this reality and shown great compassion to Muslims and Islam in general, especially the Arab-speaking Christians and Jews alike because they too are being victimised when they hear Western and other Christians globally vilify the Arabic term AL LAH, the Arabic word by which they call The God.  AL LAH is just an Arabic term, and not The God of Muslims exclusively, but THE GOD of all Creation according to some belief systems.

I will inform the readers one million times, and they will ignore everything and keep on with their old ways.   I never asked anybody to believe what I write, but to do their own research.  Shall I give you another example of racist Christians?  When they see Muslims praying in Christian Churches, they say it is an invasion and a blasphemy!  The “Last Sermon”, as recorded, whether authentic or not, had got rid of racism for ever in Islam or among Muslims.  Muhamad signed an everlasting Covenant with Christians while he was alive, but Christians, and even Muslims, tend to forget it!

The day Christians will accept that Arabia and the FERTILE CRESCENT were Jewish, Christian, Zoroastrian, Atheist, Polytheist land WITH NO BORDERS, that day they will embrace Arab-speaking people as their Brothers and Sisters of Faith or of no faith, despite their differences.  Christ cannot be kept eternally in a box!   

Finally, do not believe all the lies that have been written and said about one ABRAHAM!  Isaac was never the father of all Israelites and Christians nor Ishmael the father of all Arabs!  THEY WERE ALL ARABIC SPEAKING (or some other sister dialects), PERSIANS, EGYPTIANS, AND A MIXTURE OF NATIONS THAT HAD AN ARABIC LINGUA FRANCA THAT THE WEST WRONGLY CALLED ARAMAIC JUST BECAUSE THEY HATE ARABS AND CLASSICAL ARABIC!  

Did Mel Gibson not make Jesus Christ cry out to ILAHI?  So, what the damn heck?

We are one human family, and Christians of Christ and Muslims of Christ are ONE VERY CLOSE FAMILY TOO!  Stop the racism!

Monday 10th of April 2017   

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Islam expert Prof. Khaled Abou El Fadl on shariah, 9/11 truth, and much more

Broadcast here April 17th, 11 to noon Eastern then archived. For less than a dollar a week you can subscribe...and listen to this show RIGHT NOW!  Click HERE.
Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl is one of the world’s leading authorities on Islamic law and Islam, and a prominent scholar in the field of human rights. He is author of 14 books (five forthcoming) and over 50 articles on various topics in Islam and Islamic law.  The Omar and Azmeralda Alfi Distinguished Professor in Islamic Law at the UCLA School of Law, he teaches International Human Rights, Islamic Jurisprudence, National Security Law, Law and Terrorism, Islam and Human Rights, Political Asylum and Political Crimes and Legal Systems.
In this interview, Dr. Abou El Fadl begins with a concise and eloquent introduction to what Shariah law really means. (You may be surprised.) We briefly discuss the Sunni/Shia issues that came up in my recent interview with Ibrahim Soudy. Then Dr. Abou El Fadl movingly apologize for his years of acceptance of the official story of 9/11, which, after further study of the issue, he now rejects as an obvious impossibility. Going even further, he states that, as a member of the legal team for defendants in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, he has long recognized that there are extremely serious questions about likely US government or insider involvement in that atrocity as well. On the basis of those two problematic events, Dr. Abou El Fadl suggests that we need to question the official history of the so-called "war on terror" and take a skeptical attitude toward the series of spectacular post-9/11 terror events blamed on "radical Muslims." But historical truth, he asserts, often takes many decades to emerge.

Other topics in this special 90-minute show include Islamophobia, Wahhabism, spirituality, the intersection of religion and politics, the rise of psychopathic philosophies of selfishness (neoconservatism, Ayn Rand) and the roles of truth, beauty, critiques of power, and opposition to injustice and oppression in the religion of Islam.


  1. THERE IS NO SUCH GOD AS MOST OF US BELIEVE IN, but there is certainly ONE in the hearts of the pure ones and in our mind when we are not sold out partly or completely to Satan! But, why do I have to tell you that?
    Do you deserve to be told?

  2. Once upon a time, I was sleeping peacefully in the Jannah of Eden (GANNA in Egyptian Arabic from where the English derived the word GARDEN and the French the word JARDIN) I never ventured out of the Garden because it was Paradise and I did not give a damn about those humans living outside JANNAH.
    I suddenly heard a loud voice like thunder addressing me! EARTH MAN, Adam in Arabic, are you happy in Paradise?
    Of course, I am, I answered. This is Paradise, don’t you know. I am very happy!
    - Are you sure, My Son?
    - What a stupid question?
    - Are you sure you do not miss anything?
    - Yes, nothing at all! Just leave me alone! Go away!
    - Adam, do not talk to your Creator with such disrespect!
    - You, my Creator? Let me laugh! What do you want of me, now?
    - Just to make you HAPPIER!
    - Nothing can make me happier; I am already in Paradise!
    - I am sure you need a companion!
    - Are you saying you made me imperfect?
    - No, but after making you, I just realised that I forgot something important!
    - What kind of a Creator are you?
    - Well, I can repair my mistake if you just let me.
    - All right, go on and show me how good you will prove yourself to be this time!
    - And I awoke all of a sudden to find two glaring eyes fixed on me. And I heard the same loud voice warning me.
    - Of course, I did not understand what the voice meant! I looked and I did not touch as the Voice had ordered. Then, the more I looked, the more the eyes kept staring at me and then a paradisiac electric current passed through my whole body without me understanding what was happening to me. Did My Creator trick me and gave me some kind of drugs?
    - As we were two now in Paradise, we both went to sleep together!
    - The next morning the sun came up as usual and we both felt very happy. Was I happier? A lot happier. So, My Creator did not lie to me after all!
    - But, then, I heard his Voice shouting my name over and over again. He could not find us as we were both in our Harem.
    - Why are you hiding from me?
    - Can’t we have some privacy even in Paradise?
    - No, you can’t because now I have come to punish you both!
    - What did we do?
    - You disobeyed me!
    - By accepting your gift?
    - No, for sleeping together with Ha Wa?
    - Oh, that’s her name! Why did you not tell me!
    - I think I made another mistake by creating Ha Wa!
    - Just too bad and too late now to regret anything! Ha Wa is expecting a baby from our paradisiac union!
    - But, you do not know that you are going to produce a monster that would create hell on Earth!
    - So, this is how bad you are and you pretend to be My Creator! Get lost, you incompetent engineer! I will sort out my problems all by myself and learn to never trust you again!
    - Adam and Ha Wa, get out of My Garden! And be miserable until the end of times when I will recall all yours souls back!
    - For what are you going to recall all our souls back? Have you not done enough harm already? Go away! I do not want to see you ever again! Shalom!
    - BAFS
    - Tuesday 11 April 2017