Saturday, 11 March 2017


  Truth is useless without Freedom in a world ruled by Satan!

As salaamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullahi ta’ala wa barakatuhu!

I am always thankful to you for not stopping the fight for truth, but we do not have a TRUTH PROBLEM anymore in the world.  We have a HUGE PROBLEM OF INACTION when enough truthful facts have been shared with the public at great cost and personal as well as family sacrifice.  We know the reasons: lack of courage and dedication, selfishness, cowardice, hypocrisy, the worship of lies and liars, the blind faith in religious dogmas, the lack of compassion, and the overall worship of Satan in most aspects of life.  This led me to finally accept that we have been all along casting pearls before swine and not much can be done.

Thinking of blind faith, the entire decadent Ummah of Muhammad comes to mind whose decadence is such that even Muslims are useless in this ageless struggle against Satan, and the blind and fanatical faith of hundreds of millions of Christians who are at the root of our world problems as they all or mostly have joined the forces of Satan.  I am not here giving my opinion but what I have personally witnessed for over half a century.  Another name comes to mind is Field McConnell.  His faith in a fabricated Christ is so blind that he believes God has chosen him to just deliver us a Message of Truth when the truth has proven useless.  He believes God is in control, when there is no evidence at all to such a belief.  And all the evidence points to God’s failure in managing His Own Creation.  Again, this is not my opinion and I can prove every single statement I have made here.  

As you can see I have not addressed the purpose of this broadcast because it is irrelevant to the point I wanted to make.  My one year old grandson woke up several times with pain and crying.  He is now with his mother breast-feeding and this gave me a few minutes free to check my mail and reply if I feel I can be of help.  But, I know I cannot be of help to anybody as the world as a whole is suffering from a disease that makes each and everyone of us convinced that we know it all and need nobody to tell us anything.  Even when some agree with your findings about world affairs they do next to nothing to remedy the situation.  Yet, I can guarantee that if they do the right thing, we will have a positive reaction within 24 hours as the powers that be will immediately unleash all that they have against us as they will see that we are doing the right thing that will paralyse them and stop them from using us for their own benefit and always to our detriment.   

I have written about this “MIRACLE” hundreds of times and was shocked to see how practically nobody gave a damn about the truth!

Muslims and Islam have the solutions to our world problems, but Islam did not save even the Muslims themselves.  They are all after a Heavenly Paradise, which according to my experience and research does not and cannot exist.   I found out to my utter surprise that even The God most of us believe in does not exist except in our imagination and hearts, and although it saves so many at the individual level, collectively God has proven to be useless in the affairs of humans.  Of course, most will disagree with such a damning statement, but let them prove me wrong.  And I sincerely wish I was wrong.  

People rarely read books, and when they do read, it is mostly for entertainment!  An excellent example is the Holy Qur’ân.  Muslims have several volumes in their homes, but to what practical use?  Collectively, the Holy Qur’ân has proved utterly useless except for preaching and recitation, but nothing to change the order of things as a Criterion Book, that is, the Furqaan.

Amazon does what they do because we are incompetent.

Respectfully and sincere regards
Basheer Ahmad Frémaux-Soormally

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