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Brendon O'Connell, Vickie Jacobs' Lone Reporter, on Rachel Corrie Street in Teheran, Iran.

Yes, there is always HOPE even if a Godless life is the greatest thief and murderer of all, that stole my own family, children, grandchildren, home, and broke my heart into a thousand pieces, and forever! 

 Preparing my bed to sleep in the absence of my Real Babies!

  Not much space to sleep, but it is nonetheless Paradise on Earth!
King Louis is just great!

Many see me living in the past, but
what is the present without the Past, and what is the Future without the Present!  
And what is life without Everlasting Love, Romance, Poetry, and a United Family?

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Brendon in Teheran (???) and 

Kenji in Strasbourg!  (Photo no more found on Alexia Franzi's page???????)

Alexia Franzi feeling delighted with Drishtika Bidoo at Bateau Mouche De Strasbourg.
4 hrs · Strasbourg, France ·Friday 13th of January 2017

Kenji's Mum, Alexia Franzi, and the four Musketeers!  (Photo not on Alexia's page anymore???????)

(Is it because of my comment?) 
YES, let us all be happy, VERY HAPPY, but let us never forget those who suffer due to no fault of theirs, and almost half of the world fits this category !  
Hai Bahar-e-Bagh-e-Duniya Chand Roz
sung by Muhammad Rafi.
N.B. Do not ask me to translate, I understand only a few words (thanks to British culturocide!), and hundreds of millions of us are too stupid to provide any good translation!
  From the Bombay Film "Bombay Ka Chor", "THIEF OF BOMBAY".  Music by Ravi.

Image may contain: 23 people, people smiling, people standingVICKIE JACOBS & THE MODEL FAMILY 

My beautiful family :) — with Steve Jacobs, Maddie Rios, Vickie Jacobs, Clinton Jacobs, Shonna King and John Galaviz.

But, Earth men and Earth women are in a deep sleep because they have a family, children, grand children, a home, and nonetheless have no heart or not much of a heart!  All they care about is only themselves while so many are giving everything they ever had for a popular cause, defending and fighting for Freedom, Truth, Justice and a Moral Way of Life, but all in vain because in the end all their efforts achieve only their own destruction.


 Why?  Because they did not expect humanity to be that ungrateful!  So, they continued hoping humankind will better itself through the sacrifice of others, but this never happened except at the individual level.  All they saw was hypocrisy, cowardice, treachery, greed, envy, laziness, selfishness, and deceit.  Family, friend and foe never stop eating the flesh of their own kind and drinking their blood.

They are Hedonists, heartless, parasites and vampires or just dumb, deaf and blind!  They enjoy this life and its pleasures, but do not see the sufferings of more than half of humankind.  Inspired people of old had insight in the affairs of humans and wisdom, but for what use?  Humans eat, drink and sleep comfortably while others starve, run away from bombs, and have to sleep in ruined houses often without a roof, with no water, no fire, and no or very little food.

 With Brendon, the Fight goes on, no matter where!

The entire of humanity has suffered while a small group of monsters have inherited the Earth and its inhabitants as an Eternal Possession!  And God is nowhere to be found even if nearly half of humanity still believe in Him and have Hope, not knowing that He is nowhere else to be found except in themselves.  Their faith and hope are both in vain because of their lack of sincerity and dedication!

               It is neither fair nor wise to despair!

I was born in a Hindustani "Muslim" family, that descended from Survivors of repeated Holocausts  of their forebears perpetrated by the Devil himself.  But, most of the happy ones will never admit the existence of the Devil because they have enough to eat and a house or many houses to live in, even if to have them they had to sell their souls to the same Devil who destroyed our mother tongue, our culture, our freedom, and made us perpetual slaves or corpses.

Why have most Muslims forgotten about her?
Tonight, I feel like crying because I see my ancestral land (and the world) in the hands of the Devil where only money, sex, perversions of all kinds, deceit, cannibalism, Hedonism, and drugs are the only way of life.  I feel the pain more so because my loved ones, what is left of them, are away.  Yet, there is always Hope, God or no God!  I have in mind all those who died and dedicated their entire lives for us, including all the martyrs.  They must not have died in vain!  I have also in mind my newly found son, Brendon O'Connell and good hearted humans like Vickie Jacobs, Lauren Booth, Susan Arundathi Roy, Yvonne Ridley, Rachel Corrie, fighters like Dr Kevin Barrett, and many other dedicated, loyal, persevering, highly educated, fearless, and courageous academics and humans who are trying their very best, and at great cost, to play their role in making this world a better place, if not for all, at least for our children and grandchildren.

Friday the 13th of January 2017 

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  1. Some hypocrites pretend to be our friends and are even received in our homes, but are Bitches of Israel!