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Fully Accessible!

St. Anne's is now a fully accessible building for our community. The wheelchair ramp and main floor barrier-free washroom have been completed. St. Anne's is dedicated to Bringing the Community together for Good. 

Worship Times

10:30 a.m. – Holy Eucharist - Every Sunday

We offer Bible Study & Prayer each Sunday at 9:00 a.m. in the St. Anne's Ministry Centre at 276 Gladstone Ave. Everyone is welcome.

10:30 a.m. - Holy Eucharist - First Wednesday of the Month 

Announcing a new monthly midweek worship service. The weekday mass will be 50 minutes duration including a brief social time after the liturgy concludes.

Special Services

  • Transfiguration - Sunday, Feb. 26, 10:30 a.m. Annual Vestry Meeting
  • Ash Wednesday - March 1, 10:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Worship & Pastoral Care in the Community
We hold weekday worship services in several care facilities and residences. Also plan to be with us for the monthly Community Dinner, which concludes with a brief worship service. 

Support St. Anne's

We are grateful for your financial support, and we welcome your online giving for: 
    Support our mission of Bringing the Community together for Good. 
    Support our current restoration project will address the north wall and the dome.
    St. Anne's is working in partnership with the Islamic Information & Da'wah Centre, Redeemer Lutheran Church and the Anglican Church of Epiphany & St. Mark. Our partnership is known as the West End Interfaith Refugee Support Group (WEIRS).


Here is a message from the pastor of a church near us:
Dear Shabir,
It is with horror and sadness that we wake up today after a terrible incident of violence against Muslims in Canada.
On behalf of the leadership of St. Anne's Church, I want to assure you and the people of the Dawah Centre of our prayers: for the victims, for justice, and for the ways God calls us to act for justice.
The rapport and friendship we have been building between our congregation at St. Anne's and your congregation will not waver. We will continue, and indeed make special effort, to publicly declare the cooperation and love that is growing up between our communities. We stand with you as your friends, as a sign of how God works in our world.
In peace and friendship,
The Rev. Gary van der Meer
St. Anne's Anglican Church
270 Gladstone Ave, Toronto M6J 3L6

church (416) 536-3160
pastoral care emergencies (416) 455-2609

    We (the Royalists!) invite you to worship with
     our inclusive 
    and fully accessible neighbourhood-minded
     Come and be part of what we do (Mind Control) at St. Anne's:  
    Bringing the Community together (christian?) 
    for Good. 
     We believe (based on what?) God wants a church that cares
     unselfishly for the good of all (christIANS?).
    That's the church we are striving to be -
     in our Sunday morning worship especially, but also through a full calendar of opportunities to learn, experience the arts (?), enjoy the world of nature as God's creation committed to our care.  (Monsanto and Nuclear Irradiated Nature?  To the care of christIANS?)
    We are committed to serving and caring for those in need in our community. This great building is where we engage our neighbourhood and bring our community together. Our ministry
     team is here for you and always ready to encourage you to 
    discover the ways God is calling you (?)
  • The Rev. Gary van der Meer, Pastor & Incumbent I'm really interested in the role our church can play in the health of the whole neighbourhood. I support the interlocking contributions of so many neighbourhood organizations, each of us doing our part in partnership and face-to-face friendship. Meet me for an Americano at one of our great local coffee spots, and let's talk (Really?).
  • Do you like to read?  (Censored stuff)
  • I always have books on the go, and I'd love to hear what you're reading
  • My favourite authors these days: Miroslav Volf, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, René Girard, and Walter Brueggemann.  (Are they all christIANS?)
  •  I especially enjoy young adult fiction, and that's the section of the bookstore where you will find me browsing. My next vacation novel is ... 
  •   Posted 31 Mar 2016, 10:35 by Gary van der Meer
  • Shauna Cairns Gundy, Pastoral Assistant At St. Anne's, my focus is on pastoral care and visiting.   I am committed to affirming the ministry of seniors, and to involving them in our community.  In our midweek worship services, we encourage everyone to take part in readings, discussion and prayers.  We also include worship at the conclusion of the monthly Community Dinner (Kosher? Oy Vey!).  I invite you to pull up a chair as we pray for each other and share communion (Communion with what, who?).  Raising our children, my husband Michael and I have enjoyed many spontaneous conversations exploring  “faith and what it’s all about.”  I want to encourage the conversations that help you in your journey of discovery and faith. I love the strong sense of caring community at St ... Posted 13 Dec 2012, 09:03 by Gary van der Meer
  • The Rev. Canon David Neelands, Honorary Assistant In my ministry, in general, I care a lot about getting a clear and attractive message out about the gospel (Which ones?  Which Versions? Which Denominations?), and I find that this gets renewed all the time.  I am amazed at how I find my experience to be one of proclamation and response. Most of my community involvements are through church -- I am a pretty churchy person (Jesus was not CHURCHY at all!  He did not have churches, but small ecclesia!).  My passions are books and music -- all kinds of books (All kinds, REALLY?), especially fiction that deals with character in a humourous way(Oy Vey!  Like CHARLIE HEBDO?)  My favourite writer at the moment is David Foster Wallace.  My favourite opera right now is Philip Glass's Satyagraha*.(Holy Shit!)  I love the people and the energy of St. Anne's.  It is a welcoming, honest (?), and interesting group of ... Posted 28 Aug 2014, 06:43 by Gary van der Meer
  • John-Luke Addison, Director of Music As Director of Music at St. Anne’s, I am able to share my passion with the (christIAN?) community by guiding the musical culture of the church. I say ‘guide’ as I am merely the facilitator for all things music at St. Anne’s, as everyone contributes musically each Sunday, even by raising their voices during their favourite hymns. My goal is to nurture the musical gifts of the church community and produce the finest music possible to praise God. (Yea, MUSICAL christIANITY!) I would love to chat with you if you feel you would like to be involved with the music program, whether singing in the choir (no pedophiles?), playing an instrument, or anything else. The choir is not exclusively for those who can read ... Posted 2 Jan 2016, 18:32 by Gary van der Meer
  • Mary Lou Harrison, Parish Administrator As the Parish Administrator (christIAN?), I lead the administration and communications for St. Anne’s. I enjoy the amazing energy and creativity of the people in our St. Anne’s community (?). I appreciate the deep respect here for the continuity of past, present and future. You will hear my voice if you call the church, and I look forward to greeting you when you visit. Mary Lou is a communications specialist, with extensive experience with local newspapers (Corporate Presstitutes?) and volunteer organizations (Bogus Charities?) as an editor and writer.  Her academic background is in Canadian history (Real or fake?), and German Language and Literature (Beth Din Imprimatur?). She is passionate about social justice issues (Based on Statutory or Common Law?). She is a member of the Diocesan HIV/AIDS Network (Linked with the LHBT?), and has a special interest in environmental ... (With Judaic Grand Patrons?) Posted 28 Aug 2014, 06:47 by Gary van der Meer
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