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Make Jihaad to enter in at the strait gate - MERRY NOËL AND HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 !

My 71st Birthday - 23 December 2016

24 Make Jihaad to enter in at the strait gate: for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able.

Anonymous Luke 13:24

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And, "Atheists", "Hindus”, Israel, Christians and Muslims DISOBEYED and abandoned Jihaad because too much effort and hard work was and is required, and other qualities like human communication and compassion, goodness, kindness to all God’s creatures, including animals, plants and their habitat,  sharing, charity to all those who cannot reciprocate, sincerity, bravery, loyalty, faithfulness, truthfulness, perseverance, endurance, unity of humanity, dignity, nobility, forgiveness, tolerance, moderation, patience, purity of the heart and of everything else, and a moral way of life founded on a fearless and relentless Jihaad to secure Freedom, Truth and Justice.





  SATAN: Salaam, Basheer!
Basheer:  Oy vey, Shalom, not you again, Satan!  I would prefer to speak with true believers and it matters not by what name they call themselves: “Atheists”, Hindus, Jews, Israel, Christians, Muslims, Protestants, etc.  Except the Satanists, of course!

SATAN: True believers?  You know there is no better Believer than me as I always fulfil all my promises and never depend on God or Gods like those fools!  And, my followers are doing a great job on Earth!
Basheer: Yes, I know, but I am no believer like those Paradise fanatics!

SATAN:  Look at them offering each other presents on a pre-Christian religious celebration they have re-vamped as Christ Mass where they are supposed to eat the body of their legendary Christ-God and drink His blood!  And they dare label all non-Christians pagans as if the latter were a kind of inferior race of Earthlings.  I created Eartlings even though some of them did not turn out as I had planned, stubborn ones like you!  The French call this cannibalistic mass Noël.    
Basheer: Satan, my good friend, I never stopped showing them their mistakes and vain hopes, but they never listen, most of them. 

SATAN: I like that one: “my good friend”!
Basheer:  Well, I have had so few friends (next to none!), and almost no family besides my own, but even my own betrayed me big time repeatedly.  However, I regard a few of my faraway correspondents as friends and even as family, but the relationship is of a special kind. You will always remain my good friend because you never stoppped being yourself, Satan, whereas those Earthlings keep changing all the time and often for the worse, trying hard to resemble you at least in many aspects.

SATAN:  This is where I feel so proud of myself having won God’s challenge so easily!  Many say He created you, but He Himself said He regretted having created you!  And Israel said their Gods Elohim created you.  Where is the Truth and where is the lie, nobody will ever know.  God and I, we are both liars as you already know!     
Basheer:  Yes, I know quite a bit about You Two.  Sometimes I wonder if you both are not One and the Same!  And I feel sad when I see my Brother Field McConnell and so many others still rely on a defeated God, and even bragging about Him or His Unique Begotten Son (not made, they stress!) although God will always help many at an individual level, including myself.

SATAN:  Let’s not get into this again.  The reason why I have come to see you is to advise you about the subject matter for this very un-Christian Christmas, and the coming Corporate New Year’s Celebrations!
Basheer:  Yes, let us cut the crap and come to what you would advise me to write about.

SATAN:  You know, it is not in my nature to give anybody good or Godly advice, but I always make an exception because you are one of a kind who is never afraid to tell the world the truth, well, most of it, when you encounter it even that your world of readers are of extremely little consequence even if your 1889 posts Blog statistics record an all time history of 1,526, 072 pageviews at this date (it showed several millions before???).  You started your useless (to others and so-called readers/viewers) Blog on 20 September 2007 with ADRIANA EVANGELIZT - THE POET, THE MESSENGER AND SATAN THE GREAT, and in 9 years only 88 Earthlings accessed your post proving how powerful I was, am, and always be!   
Basheer:  That truth that was meant to set us free and that has instead imprisoned us and made slaves of us forever?  How can we ever defeat cognitive dissonance, laziness, dumbness and Satan?

SATAN:  Satan is indeed Akbar and not God!  Yet, it is so easy, very easy, my boy!  Just stop believing that THAT DEFEATED AND INCOMPETENT GOD who allegedly  could not even save His Unique Begotten Son from being humiliated, insulted, falsely accused, beaten up, tortured, and even crucified according to some!
Basheer:  I do not believe as the others, and you know that!  Beief is always blind!  But, I do respect all the Believers who show respect to me, my loved ones, and to others, and I do not question their faith except when invited to join in a free discussion.

SATAN:  Yet, you have to deal with them on a daily basis and most of them have joined me at all levels of their wretched existence on my FLAT and STATIC earth that they falsely believe belong to a Creator God while you see only my henchman and henchwoman inhumans (monsters, they are called!) ruling over them since Muslims lost their PRACTICAL FAITH in God, and handed the world to my demons!
Basheer:  So, that’s your advice – STOP BELIEVING OR RELYING ON GOD! 

SATAN:  There is no other way to defeat Satan! 
Basheer:  For once, I am convinced that you are absolutely right, Devil!  So, I will post your advice immediately, telling the Earthlings that their current beliefs are in vain, but warning them, mainly the few who would read this and heed, that this does not mean that they should stop being moral and stop fighting (JIHAAD) for Freedom, Truth and Justice. 

SATAN:  No, Basheer, you got me wrong!  If they listen to you they will be doing God’s Will and not mine! 
Basheer:  This is exactly what I want even if I already know they will not listen!  Thank you, and Salaam, Satan!  ALLAH IS THE GREATEST EVEN IF THIS IS NOT TRUE! 

This 27th of December 2016    

P.S. I apologise for the delay in posting this as I still have to deal at the same time with unexpected tsunamis (tribulations) in my domestic life.





Former CIA Spy Has A Surprising Christmas Message For Trump

 “Dear Mr. Trump,

Profile photo of Robert Steele

Robert Steele is a former spy, co-creator of the Marine Corps Intelligence Center, and the most published intelligence reformer in the English language. In 2011, inspired by Occupy, he focused on electoral reform, briefing Occupy (the video went viral after it made the front page of Reddit), and running for president under the Reform Party banner – his web site, We the People Reform Coalition, is still online. He has published eight books and many articles and chapters on intelligence reform and two books and many Kindle Shorts on electoral reform. He is the top Amazon reviewer for non-fiction, reading in 98 categories, with over 2,000 published reviews. He curates over 80 contributing editors at Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog; learn more about him at

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