Wednesday, 20 July 2016

MIKE KING AND SUGAR - victimless false flags, crisis actors, fake crying, fake blood, drills gone live, mannequins, photoshop, bullet hole stickers...
"I'm taking my ball and going home!"

For some reason, Sugar the Conspiracy Cat and your humble reporter here have still not been able to convince a few of our readers of the reality of a dozen or so high profile victimless false flags using crisis actors, fake crying, fake blood, drills gone live, mannequins, photoshop, bullet hole stickers along with  CIA news media and well-connected Mayors & Police Chiefs who are all "in on it." Well, it is a lot to swallow, even for seasoned "conspiracy theorists", so we fully understand the emotional blocks behind the skepticism of a few holdouts. 

But we did not expect to actually lose a handful of much-needed monthly donors over our position! The Nice "attack" was the final straw for them. Even after all we have done to bring such great educational content to our readers, a few long-time donors who evidently believe that their support can dictate/censor our content, "took their ball and went home" -- crying all the way. "You are going to lose credibility!" or "You have no respect for the victims' families!"

Well, how can we "respect" the families of the "victims" if we don't believe that there even were any "victims" at the non-shootings of Aurora, Sandy Hook, Charleston, San Bernadino, Orlando and Dallas; or the non-bombing at the Boston Marathon; or the non-massacres in Paris and Brussels; or the non-truck attack in Nice --- just to name a few.

We are hoping that some of you will pick up the slack by becoming either a monthly auto-donor, or hitting us up for a single donation at this time. Just follow the link below so that we can continue producing truthful historical research and enlightening day-to-day reporting that will yield to no advertiser or fair weather donor.

Mike & Sugar

By the way, did you know that Nice, France is blanket-covered by video surveillance? Nice actually has the most CCTV cameras per block in all of France -- 915 public surveillance cameras. (here),,18673597_303,00.jpg
Why are there no city surveillance videos of the "mile long" truck rampage through the world famous promenade, eh Monsieur l'Inspecteur?

"History is indeed little more than the register of the crimes, follies and misfortunes of mankind."
 Edward Gibbon, English historian (1737-1794),  From: "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire"

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There has been some legendary characters like Jesus Christ who was said to have addressed certain issues for the benefit of humans.  When it was said that he was captured, beaten up, tortured and crucified, it was again said that NOBODY lifted a single finger to come to his help.

I am 70 years old and I wasted my entire life and resources in the defense of freedom, truth, justice and a moral way of life, but failed miserably, not being able to help even myself as Satan proved more powerful and more competent than God to deal with those two legged evolved-apes, hypocrites and cowards calling themselves humans.

I have been impressed by your knowledge and understanding of world matters and also by your courage to say so publicly and persevere no matter what.  Materially I lost almost everything and what is left is only part of my research and some souvenirs of my shattered family. 

Please, do not rely on people to be as dedicated as you because at the slightest obstacle most would stand for their own personal interest.  Even when you belong to a dedicated group the powers we gave our respective governments are such that they have become literal dictators and harm us at will and infiltrate all our groups however small. 

I wish you could spend more time with your loved ones because even when some listen they fo not do much about it in the right direction.  I wish I could help.

With Christic love


P.S. Monsieur l’Inspecteur knows that all is fake, but, for multiple reasons,  it is not in the interest of most of us to accept this truth!

Ole Dammegard: Yet ANOTHER French false flag in Nice

Kevin Barrett

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