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White English thugs cause mayhem in Marseille – UEFA to sanction White Russian fans ONLY

War On Russia On All Fronts – English thugs cause mayhem in Marseille 

UEFA (Union of White Israel-European Football Associations) to sanction White Russian fans ONLY!*


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Sabba – Oh My God!!! We have ‘white people’ fighting ‘white people’: how is this even possible? How about ‘white culture’ & ‘white identity’ which supposedly lovingly bind all ‘white people’ together? Is it the jews pushing these ‘white brothers’ at each others’ throats?…


What we have here is Christian… sorry, English drunken thugs causing mayhem in the Phocean City for over 3 days, burning cars, restaurants, breaking shop windows, pillaging the place, brutalizing and terrorizing locals, clashing with the police, fighting other ‘white people’ and yet almost no one reports on it.

For example sake only, had these Christian.. sorry English drunken thugs been clashing with Egyptian drunken thugs,  how would this have been reported? How would the media have described it? A clash between drunken supporters or would they have highlighted the religious background of one side (the ‘muslims’) while stressing on the national and secular identity of the other?  

How would the uneducated, low-IQ, sexually deprived, porn-addicted ‘white nationalist’, racial supremacist wretches have reacted? They would have reacted like their role models, the jews, react. Just as the jews get their strongest orgasms whenever they engage in national ritual murder operations, they too would have experienced their strongest orgasm at seeing what they bizarrely seem to identify as a re-enactment of the Holy Crusades against the infidel Saracens (i.e. the children of… Sarah?!?!). 

But more sadly, how many gullible, impressionable, honest but un-educated minds would have fallen for it?  That is the real tragedy. 

This story is about another side of the clash of Civilization, namely, the war which the jewish West is waging against Russia and what she represents: the Third Rome, the Head of true Christianity.


A cafe is engulfed in flames as English fans were targeted while drinking on the terrace of cafe on the streets of Marseille last night
A furious England fan hurls a missile at his opponent while two flares continues to blaze behind him during violent clashes in Marseille
England fans hurl chairs at French police as tear gas is fired outside bars to disperse crowds who had been clashing with Russian supporters and police
English supporters clash with French locals during the troubling violence that erupted onto the streets of Marseille's Old Port 
A man's bleeding head is mopped up with a towel after he suffered a wound as football fans clash on the streets of Marseille
Local men clash with football supporters on the streets of Marseille as violence that erupted earlier today continues into the night
A chair is hurled at riot police officers as violence between warring supporters continues into the night on the streets of Marseille
Riot police leap into action as they try and disperse the crowd outside a bar in Marseille after a day of violent clashes between fans
Local youths flee as they are chased through Marseille's Old Port district by English supporters as trouble waged into the night
A supporter is wrestled to the ground by riot police, as fighting between fans and locals and hostility against police rages into the night
Local youths confront supporters on the streets of Marseille's Old Port district as fans continue with violence that broke out 
An English supporter is bundled to the floor as local youths and football fans battle it out on the streets of Marseille last night
A flare is let off as fans gather outside a pub in the Old Port, where they had spent the day drinking and chanting prior to England's opening Euro 2016 match against Russia
Drunken English fans are captured hurling bottles at police and other fans during the violent clashes in the Old Port district of Marseille
Drunken English football fans taunt French supporters in the Old Port area of Marseille ahead of the England's opening match in Euro 2016
The fan, who was later dunked into the sea, receives a kick to the face as he clashes with Russian hooligans earlier in the day
The same supporter, pictured crouching on the floor in the bottom left of the photo, is struck on the head by a Russian fan during a fight
The brawling England supporter is then left on the ground by Russian fans as riot police hurl tear gas to disperse the fighters
The England fan struggles on the pavement after brawling with Russian hooligans outside a coach in the Old Port district of the city
An England fan is beaten as he lies on the floor by supporters, believed to be French, during the brawls on the streets of Marseille
The same England fan swims to the shore after he is hurled over the harbour wall by French hooligans during violent clashes in Marseille
A Russian fan draped in his nation's flag poses in front of a line of French riot police as tensions erupt on the streets of Marseille
England fans chant and sing outside a bar in the Old Port district of Marseille as other supporters clash with Russian hooligans and police
French police fire gas onto the streets in order to disperse the crowds of drunken football fans that had clashed in Marseille 
Men, believed to be Russian fans, march towards the pub where England supporters were last seen drinking and later clashing with French police in Marseille
An English fan goads Russian hooligans as violence explodes onto the streets of Marseille's Old Port district for the second night in a row
A riot police officer stands in front of Russian supporters as they gather in front of a British pub at the Old Port of Marseille
An England fan shields his eyes from the tear gas while holding a pint of beer as riot police disperse the crowd on the streets of Marseille
A England fan is arrested by riot police after clashes outside a British pub in the Old Port district of Marseille 
After he is arrested the disgraced fan is led off by a five-strong group of riot police, equipped with batons, helmets and shields


UEFA Members

Code Association National teams Founded FIFA
ALB Albania Albania 1930 1932 1954 Yes
AND Andorra Andorra 1994 1996 1996 Yes
ARM Armenia Armenia 1992 1992 1992 Yes
AUT Austria Austria 1904 1905 1954 Yes
AZE Azerbaijan Azerbaijan 1992 1994 1994 Yes
BLR Belarus Belarus 1989 1992 1993 Yes
BEL Belgium Belgium 1895 1904 1954 Yes
BIH Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina 1992 1996 1998 Yes
BUL Bulgaria Bulgaria 1923 1924 1954 Yes
CRO Croatia Croatia 1912 1992 1993 Yes
CYP Cyprus Cyprus 1934 1948 1962 Yes
CZE Czech Republic Czech Republic 1901 1907 1954 Yes
DEN Denmark Denmark 1889 1904 1954 Yes
ENG England England 1863 1905 1954 No[n 1]
EST Estonia Estonia 1921 1923 1992 Yes
FRO Faroe Islands Faroe Islands 1979 1988 1990 No[n 2]
FIN Finland Finland 1907 1908 1954 Yes
FRA France France 1919[n 3] 1904[n 4] 1954 Yes
GEO Georgia (country) Georgia 1990 1992 1992 Yes
GER Germany Germany 1900 1904 1954 Yes
GIB Gibraltar Gibraltar 1895 2016 2013 No[n 1]
GRE Greece Greece 1926 1927 1954 Yes
HUN Hungary Hungary 1901 1906 1954 Yes
ISL Iceland Iceland 1947 1947 1954 Yes
IRL Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland 1921 1923 1954 Yes
ISR Israel Israel[n 5] 1928 1929 1994[n 6] Yes
ITA Italy Italy 1898 1905 1954 Yes
KAZ Kazakhstan Kazakhstan[n 7] 1994 1994 2002 Yes[n 8]
KVX Kosovo Kosovo 2008 2016 2016 Yes
LVA Latvia Latvia 1921 1922 1992 Yes
LIE Liechtenstein Liechtenstein 1934 1974 1974 Yes
LTU Lithuania Lithuania 1922 1923 1992 Yes
LUX Luxembourg Luxembourg 1908 1910 1954 Yes
MKD Republic of Macedonia Macedonia 1926 1994 1994 Yes
MLT Malta Malta 1900 1959 1960 Yes
MDA Moldova Moldova 1990 1994 1993 Yes
MNE Montenegro Montenegro 1931 2007 2007 Yes
NED Netherlands Netherlands 1889 1904 1954 Yes
NIR Northern Ireland Northern Ireland 1880 1911 1954 No[n 1]
NOR Norway Norway 1902 1908 1954 Yes
POL Poland Poland 1919 1923 1954 Yes
POR Portugal Portugal 1914 1923 1954 Yes
ROU Romania Romania 1909 1923 1954 Yes
RUS Russia Russia 1912 1912 1954 Yes
SMR San Marino San Marino 1931 1988 1988 Yes
SCO Scotland Scotland 1873 1910 1954 No[n 1]
SRB Serbia Serbia 1948 2006 2006 Yes
SVK Slovakia Slovakia 1938 1994 1993 Yes
SVN Slovenia Slovenia 1920 1992 1992 Yes
ESP Spain Spain 1909 1913 1954 Yes
SWE Sweden Sweden 1904 1904 1954 Yes
SUI Switzerland Switzerland 1895 1904 1954 Yes
TUR Turkey Turkey 1923 1923 1962 Yes
UKR Ukraine Ukraine 1991 1992 1992 Yes
WAL Wales Wales 1876 1910 1954 No[n 1]

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