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Adolf Hitler - Mein Kampf

Tony Benn - 10 min History Lesson for Neoliberals 

Published on 6 Aug 2012
Tony Benn - 10 min History Lesson for Neoliberals


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Counterfire is a revolutionary socialist organisation dedicated to the overthrow of capitalism by the working class.
"Tony Benn | People Before Profit | the Budget | Nov 24 2008" Adrian Counsins

Great stuff man genuine feeling in it!
Homage to Tony Benn rap by Dan Bull:

Eulogy Galloway:

"An MP is the only job where you have 70,000 employers, and only one employee."

"It's the same each time with progress. First they ignore you, then they say you're mad, then dangerous, then there's a pause and then you can't find anyone who disagrees with you."

"The Marxist analysis has got nothing to do with what happened in Stalin's Russia: it's like blaming Jesus Christ for the Inquisition in Spain."

"I'm not frightened about death. I don't know why, but I just feel that at a certain moment your switch is switched off, and that's it. And you can't do anything about it."

"Making mistakes is part of life. The only things I would feel ashamed of would be if I had said things I hadn't believed in order to get on. Some politicians do do that."

"I've got four lovely children, ten lovely grandchildren, and I left parliament to devote more time to politics, and I think that what is really going on in Britain is a growing sense of alienation. People don't feel anyone listens to them."

"If one meets a powerful person - Rupert Murdoch, perhaps, or Joe Stalin or Hitler - one can ask five questions: what power do you have; where did you get it; in whose interests do you exercise it; to whom are you accountable; and, how can we get rid of you? Anyone who cannot answer the last of those questions does not live in a democratic system."

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 Eat meat once a week!  
And "Muslims" eat meat twice a day and non halaal (expressly forbidden) and none tayyab (impure) meat, vegetables and fruits and drink contaminated water!

 Claude Van Damme on Prophet Muhammad
Islamic Reminders


Burning Porsche, tear gas, scuffles: Violent anti-labor reform protests rock France

Published on 28 Apr 2016
Police officers have clashed with protesters and deployed tear gas in several French cities, according to local media. Arrests were made as thousands of people took to the streets to continue demonstrations against labor reforms. READ MORE:



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France: Riot police battle protesters at May Day demo in Paris

Ruptly TV

LIVE: Massive anti-austerity and ‘Cameron must go’ demos set to merge on London’s streets

Ruptly TV
Streamed live on 16 Apr 2016
Ruptly will be LIVE from London, as planned national demonstrations against UK Prime Minister David Cameron and his government’s austerity measures are set to take place all over the United Kingdom on Saturday, April 16.

Organized by The People’s Assembly under the motto “Health, Homes, Jobs, Education – End Austerity Now,” the demo aims to give an important boost to the anti-austerity movement and to merge with the “Resign” movement, which demands that Cameron step down from office.

Organisers consider this to be “a good time to have a national demo” as the Conservative Party is believed to be beginning to fracture regarding not only the party’s position towards the EU, but also the latest controversial NHS and educational reforms, as well as the newest Panama Papers leak scandal involving the Party Leader and country’s PM.

Video on Demand:


The techniques of modern military propaganda

Propaganda is as old as human society. However, it developed considerably during the age of mass society, and now follows strict rules. Thierry Meyssan looks at the history and the principles of the science of lying.

| Damascus (Syria)
JPEG - 57.4 kb
The word «propaganda» refers to the Roman organisation whose job was to propagate Catholicism over Protestantism, the «Congregatio de Propaganda Fide».
Propaganda is a military technique which should be distinguished from strategic subterfuge. The former seeks to trick one’s own side, generally in order to garner support. The latter, whose antique archetype is the Trojan horse, aims to damage the adversary. As is often the case, this military technique has known many civil applications, in the commercial as well as the political sector.
While at first, the monarchic and oligarchic régimes were satisfied with making a display of their power, particularly through ceremonials and public architecture, the democratic régimes, as soon as they appeared, incited propaganda. Thus, the Athenian democracy favoured Sophism, in other words, a school of thought which attempted to present any presupposition as logical.
In the 16th century, a commercial family, the Medicis, imagined a way of re-writing its history and inventing a patrician origin for itself. To do so, it used «artistic patronage», soliciting the greatest artists of their country to materialise these lies through their works.
Later on, while religious wars were becoming generalised in Europe, Pope Gregory XV, facing the breakthrough of Protestantism, created a Ministry («dicastery») to defend and extend the Catholic faith. This was the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith («Congregatio de Propaganda Fide»), which is the origin of the word « propaganda ».
JPEG - 62.2 kb
In January 2015, following the assassination of the cartoonists from Charlie-Hebdo, an administrator of Reporters Sans Frontières, Joachim Roncin, launched the slogan «Je suis Charlie». It was immediately adopted as a means for the individual to melt into the crowd, and then used at the occasion of every terrorist attack (for example, «Je suis Bruxelles» after the attacks of March 2016). Individuals who refused to adopt the slogan were accused of deviance and «conspiracism».

Propaganda in the industrial era

The industrial era provoked a massive rural exodus, the creation of vast urban groupings and the pooling of the working class. While the «masses» entered politics, the French sociologist Gustave Le Bon studied the psychology of «crowds», in other words, the infantilisation of the individual as part of a large group. By doing so, he identified the basic principle of modern propaganda – in order to be manipulable, the individual must first be submerged in the crowd.
At the beginning of the First World War, in September 1914, the British secretly created the Bureau of War Propaganda («Wellington House») as a branch of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Re-adopting the model of the Medicis, they recruited the great writers of the time – such as Arthur Conan Doyle, H.G. Wells or Rudyard Kipling – to publish texts attributing imaginary crimes to the German enemy, and also painters,who would render them in the form of images. They then also recruited the heads of the main daily newspapers - The Times, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Daily Chronicle – to ensure that these dailies would publicise their falsifications.
JPEG - 31.2 kb
This model was then used by President Woodrow Wilson, who created, in April 1917, the Committee on Public Information. This organisation is famous for having employed thousands of local leaders to spread the government gospel (the «Four Minute Men»). It developed visual propaganda by forming a departement dedicated to the creation of posters, which produced in particular the famous «I want you !» image. Another group also attempted to produce films. Above all, instead of recruiting famous writers, it gathered a group of psychologists and journalists around Edward Bernays (Sigmund Freud’s nephew) and Walter Lippmann – the group was charged with inventing extraordinary, terrible and edifying stories on a daily basis, which they would then publish with the collaboration of the Press moguls. In this way, the orientation given by Power to artists was replaced by «storytelling», fabricated systematically according to scientific rules.
JPEG - 28.5 kb
Having directed US propaganda during the First World War, Walter Lippmann had convinced himself that people are largely manipulable. For him, democracy was thus impossible unless it was considered to be a deception aimed at fabricating public consent.
While the Anglo-Saxons aimed only at striking the imagination and making adhesion to the war a popular trend, the Germans were experimenting with the means of forcing people to participate in the imaginary stories they were being told. They made a wide-spread use of uniforms, which enabled the individual to play a role, and organised grandiose spectacles - political and sporting events – which presented the opinion of the majority. This was without doubt the moment when «modern propaganda» was invented - in other words, the dissemination of beliefs which could not be criticised, and which could not be doubted. The individual who had participated in a black uniform marching in torch-light parades could no longer question his Nazi beliefs without questioning himself and having to rethink his past and his vision of the future. Joseph Goebbels instituted a daily briefing at the Ministry of Information during which he defined the «elements of language» that the journalists were ordered to use. It was not simply a question of convincing people, but modifying the crowds’ references. In addition, the Germans were the first to master the new means of communication, radio and the cinema. Thus they invited themselves into peoples’ homes by installing television.
Goebbels considered the art of propaganda as a combat against individuality. He underlined the importance of repetition and «brainwashing» to overcome intellectual resistance. This was even more important in that the use of television brought the crowd to the individual.
At the end of the Second World War, the UN General Assembly, under the insistence of the USSR and France, adopted a series of resolutions (n° 110 [1], 381 [2] and 819 [3]) which forbade propaganda, and guaranteed the access to contradictory information. Each member state wrote these principles into their own national law. But in general, legal proceedings against propaganda can only be initiated by the public Ministry, in other words, the state, while propaganda is first of all practiced by the state. So nothing changed.
During the Cold War, the United States and the Soviets were rivals in matters of propaganda. Contrary to a widely-accepted idea, the USSR made few innovations, except in matters of the re-writing of History. By retouching official photographs, they wiped out one current of thought or another and «disappeared» the leaders who represented them. As for the United States, they developed radio broadcasts aimed at the Soviets (Radio Free Europe), and others aimed at the Allies (Hollywood). At the same time, they innovated by creating pemanent organisations and «think-tanks» – allegedly private and scientific - charged with the a posteriori justification of public policy. As their name indicates, the purpose of these groups is not to study and offer propositions, as university teachers do, but to test the arguments in the Sophist sense of the term.
More interestingly, when faced with nationalist insurrections in the Third World, the US Army employed propaganda techniques to intimidate the Communist rebels and maintain the neo-colonial régimes. Until then, psychological warfare had worked to make the enemy believe that they could not trust their leaders, and should accept defeat as inevitable. For example, in the Philippines, General Edward Lansdale invented and staged a mythological monster which haunted the forest and devoured human beings. In this way, he discouraged the population from going to the help of resistants who were hiding in the forest.

Propaganda in the satellite and digital age

Three phenomena have been combined over the last twenty-five years - the entertainment industry, satellites, and the arrival of digital technology.

1- The entertainment industry
Since television is a spectacle, propaganda first of all supposes the organisation of spectacular events.

For example, in order to present the reunification of Kuwait and Iraq as a war of aggression (1990),
the US Department of Defense employed a public-relations firm, Hill & Knowlton, who produced the interview of an alleged nurse. She claimed that she had seen Iraqi soldiers steal the incubators from a Kuwaiti maternity hospital, leaving 312 babies to die.

In 1999, propaganda was pushed even further - NATO organised a gigantic event for the Press agencies to film and immediately impose their scripted interpretation. In three days, 290,000 Albanophones migrated to Macedonia. The resulting images made it possible to present the repression of UÇK terrorism as a plan for the extermination of Muslims («Operation Horshoe»), an invention by the German Minister for Defence, Rudolf Scharping, and thus to justify the war in Kosovo.

Even bigger - in 2001, two planes hit the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York, which then collapsed. Other inexplicable events surround these events – a fire ravaged the offices of the Vice-President, two explosions occurred at the Pentagon, and a third building collapsed in New York. The incoherencies in the narration of these events was used to disarm all questioning, while the authorities hid behind the contradictions, which were attributable to live coverage. For several days, television channels broadcast over and over again the images of two planes hitting the two towers, and nothing else, until the critical capacities of their audience were exhausted. In shock, Congress voted the permanent state of emergency (Patriot Act) and a series of wars was then launched.

Manipulation achieves perfection when it hammers home its message, invites spectators to accept it, then reveals that they are being tricked and forces them to follow what they now know to be a lie.

So, in 2003, the world watched Iraqis destroy a statue of Saddam Hussein. President George W. Bush commented live that the sight of a demonstrator hitting the feet of the statue with a sledge-hammer reminded him of similar images during the fall of the Berlin Wall. The message was that the fall of President Saddam Hussein was a liberation. We then discovered a wider shot of the square, which was barricaded by the US Army, and saw that the demonstrators were in reality just a small group of actors. Then the commentators continued as if nothing had changed [4].

2- Satellites
In 1989, using new communication satellites, the US Army transformed a local TV channel in Atlanta into the first international «24-hour news network». The point was to use live coverage to guarantee the veracity of the images, since there there was no time to fake them. In reality, live coverage does not allow such images to be studied or checked [5].
CNN passed off the attempted coup d’état by ex-Prime Minister Zhao Ziyang in China as a popular revolt which was murderously repressed on Tienanmen Square [6]. It glorified the «Velvet Revolution» in the Czech Republic by pretending that the police had killed a demonstrator. It validated the discovery of the mass grave at Timisoara, in reality corpses which had been taken from a mortuary and presented as having been killed by the police during demonstrations, or else as victims of torture, in order to justify the coup d’état by Ion Iliescu against the Caucescus. Etc.
On the same principle, in 2005, the Emirate of Qatar took over the Arabo-Israeli dialogue channel Al-Jazeera and transformed it into a loud-speaker for the Muslim Brotherhood [7]. In 2011, it played a central rôle in the «Arab Spring» operations. But its audience followed the same curve as the audience of CNN – after having enjoyed a resounding success with its imaginary scoops, it lost most of its audience when its lies were discovered.
The principle of radios destined for foreign parts was improved by Radio Marti, which the CIA broadcast from airborne AWACS off the coast of Cuba. In 2012, a vast project was organised to disconnect Syrian TV channels from their satellite and replace them with fake programmes which were to announce the fall of the régime and the flight of its leaders. This was prepared by the use of synthetic images showing the flight of President Bachar el-Assad [8]. But seeing the reactions of Syria and Russia, the operation was cancelled, although a signal from an NSA base in Australia had already replaced that of Syrian TV on ArabSat.

3- Digital
During the same period, the progress of digital techniques, in particular the wide-spread use of computers and the Internet, caused a resurgence of the role of individuals, but without dispersing the crowd phenomenon.
In 2007, the CIA sent anonymous SMS messages to the areas inhabited by the Luos in Kenya, accusing the Kikuyus of having falsified the Presidential election. The Luos widely distributed the messages, and this led to riots. More than a thousand people were killed, and 300,000 displaced. Finally, the «ONG’s» offered to mediate, and then imposed Raila Odinga in power [9].
The same year, the CIA tested the credibility of anonymous videos filmed by portable telephones. These narrow angle sequences do not permit the visualisation of their context, and their uncertain origin makes it imossible to know where they were filmed. And yet the videos showing monks setting themselves on fire, or scenes of military repression during the «Saffron Revolution» in Myanmar were held to be authentic. They were broadcast by television channels and were seen around the world.

The coalition of lies

Propaganda techniques have not evolved over the last few years. But they have been reinforced by the creation of a coalition of lies. Until now, each state managed its own campaign, but during the war against Iraq, in 2002, coordination was set up between the Ministries for Defense of the United States, the United Kingdom and Israël, then extended to Qatar and Saudi Arabia. This coalition tried first of all to manipulate the UN inspectors in Iraq into believing in the existence of weapons of mass destruction. Then, since it failed, it set about intoxicating the international media [10].
In 2011, it was this coalition which filmed, in an open-air studio in Qatar, the images of the arrival of the rebels on Martyrs’ Square in Tripoli. Broadcast at first by the British channel Sky News, they were sufficient to make the Libyans believe that the battle was over, when in fact it was just beginning. As a result, NATO was able to take the city without notable losses (but 40,000 dead Libyans). Saïf al-Islam Kadhafi was obliged to go down to the Square and allow himself to be applauded by his followers in order to contradict the images which had been falsely filmed there the night before by Sky.
This coalition of lies got started during the war against Syria, which was started with the participation of 120 states and 16 international organisations – the greatest coalition in History.
In October 2011, NATO set up a show village, Jabal al-Zouia, in the North of the country. One after another, Western journalists were taken there by the public relations service of the Turkish Prime Minister. There they apparently witnessed the Free Syrian Army supported by the population. However, the operation ended when a Spanish journalist recognised the heads of this Free «Syrian» Army – the leaders of al-Qaïda in Libya, Abdelhakim Belhaj and Mahdi al-Harati [11]. But no matter, the image told the story that there really existed a vast army composed of defectors, ex-soldiers of the Syrian Arab Republic.
In 2012, for the space of a month, the world was shown Baba Amr’s revolutionaries, beseiged and bombarded by the army of the régime [12]. In reality, although the area was indeed beseiged, it had not been bombarded, because 72 Syrian soldiers were themselves surrounded in a supermarket. The jihadists blew up the houses of Christians in order to cause damage that they would blame on the Syrian Arab Republic. Tyres were burned on the rooftops so that witnesse would see the plumes of thick black smoke. France24 and Al-Jazeera paid «citizen journalists», as on-site correspondants, who witnessed a Revolutionary Tribunal. The bodies of 150 martyrs, whom the Tribunal had condemned to have their throats cut in public, were displayed on-screen as the victims of the alleged bombing [13]. On site, a celebrated Franco-Israeli-US writer, Jonathan Littell, declared that the «revolution» was a beautiful thing. At last there were images and a witness testimonial to the «cruelty of the régime».
In 2013, the United Kingdom created InCoStrat, a communications company in the service of the jihadist groups. It designed logos, made video clips by portable telephone, and printed brochures for a hundred of these groups, thus giving the impression of a popular uprising against the Republic. For example, together with the SAS, it made a spectacle of the most important group, Jaysh al-Islam (Army of Islam). Saudi Arabia supplied the tanks which were delivered from Jordan. Uniforms were made in Spain and distributed to the jihadists for an officer promotion ceremony. All this was choerographed and filmed by professionals in order to give the impression that the army was organised like regular forces and was capable of rivaling with the Syrian Arab Army [14]. The idea was planted that this really was a civil war, and yet the images only showed a few hundred extras, most of whom were foreigners.
Pete Kimberley

[1] « Mesures à prendre contre la propagande en faveur d’une nouvelle guerre et contre ceux qui y incitent », Réseau Voltaire, 3 novembre 1947.
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[12] “The journalist-combatants of Baba Amr”, by Thierry Meyssan, Voltaire Network, 4 March 2012.
[13] “The Burial Brigade of Homs: An Executioner for Syria’s Rebels Tells His Story”, Ulrike Putz, Der Spiegel, March 29th, 2012.
[14] « Comment le Royaume-Uni met en scène les jihadistes », Réseau Voltaire, 13 mai 2016.

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As Brazil’s left-wing president, Dilma Rousseff, has been suspended from office to face trial for disregarding budget laws, details have emerged on key figures involved in…

Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus All "coups" I have studied have all been made in the USA, UK, Israel or France with various degrees of complicity of other nations. But, the entire so-called West works hand in hand with the criminals. 
For the first time since I am in the UK (1991-2016) I noticed chemtrails over my house. I rushed inside and took my camera. I took a few pictures and when I returned home I wrote on the more or less useless Internet that Britain had planned a massive epidemic to poison the "nation". A couple of days later Britain announced the SWINE FLU! I saw the flu and was affected by it, but it was just flu! NO SWINE AT ALL! 
At that same time I read that Mr Barry Soetero the Yiddish Soul US President visited shook hands with some "General" in Mexico, and the very next day the General was found dead of FLU! 
When I saw Muammar al Ghaddafi, the greatest African leader of modern times, shake hands with that Judaic Racist from Salonika via Hungary Nicolas Sarkozy, he was soon to be murdered and sodomised by the entire West!
 Even the "Usama Bin Ladin" coup was engineered and carried out by the USA-Israel-Canada with again full Western complicity! What a sad world! 
Thursday 19 May 2016
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Sue Saudi Arabia for 911? - Jim Stone ponders http;//
<<The Cornyn-Schumer bill passed the Senate. This bill allows for the suing of Saudi Arabia for 911. It will allow the seizure of Saudi assets on U.S. soil, as punishment for 911. It is just like the seizure of Iranian assets that happened prior, when Iran has had nothing to do with anything related to 911.
Saudis are rightfully upset about the prospect of having 50,000 Jews line up to sue them for what the Jews themselves did. And unlike Iran, Saudi Arabia really can strike back for this.
There is more to this however - The Cornyn-Schumer bill casts a shadow on the legitimacy of doing business with America. It makes it clear that no matter what country you are, America might just seize your assets out of thin air, just like any typical banana republic will occasionally do. And that will go a long way towards deterring foreigners from investing in America.

Michael Rose
Michael Rose " that will go a long way towards deterring foreigners from investing in America"
It goes more than far enough to deter one idiot I know all too well from visting the US.... much as he would LOVE to smuggle a febrile fanny right under the odiferous-detection-noses of your fracked TSA goonery.... iYCWIM
Michael Rose
Michael Rose "febrile"? Dora.... I wuz hopin' the dumb dame wouldn't arsk... but Mirriam Webster came to my rescue with
"characterized by a great deal of nervous excitement or energy."
Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus

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Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus
Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus This is utterly preposterous! 
(1) "Sue Saudi Arabia for 911"? They are the ones who should have sued the US and Israel! But, you cannot sue those omnipotent dictators! 
(2) " the seizure of Saudi assets on U.S. soil"? SAUDIA is US CIA, UK and ISRAEL! Saudis do not have assets anywhere in the world as all their funds belonged to the US, the UK, and Switzerland. The Saudis just work for them as Crypto-Jew puppets just pretending to be Muslims! 
It is impossible to de-programme people who have been brainwashed with media and propaganda!
Thursday 19 May 2016 
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Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus
Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus Sheikh Hamza Yusuf Mark Hanson is my main teacher in Islam, but I do not share his strong faith. 
My understanding of Islam is that it is the best way of life devised for humans - inspired by one Arab by the name of Muhammad - peace and blessings be upon him, and that there is NO SUCH GOD as Muslims and others have been worshiping for thousands of years. 
Evidence? They all failed to deliver in the long term! But, they still remain the best that we have in order to keep our humanity otherwise we would be worse than sub animals! Islam has to be understood on a totally different level. AND PRACTICED, but for God's sake, forget about that heavenly Paradise or Hell! They do not exist and cannot exist! They are right here on Earth! 
 Thursday 19th of May 2016. 
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#WorldDawahMission will be taking place all across Africa in shaa Allah. If you live there and want set up a team please contact

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Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus


Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus Is life just a game ? is a stupid question to ask and display on a t-shirt! Stop inviting people to Islam when Muslims don't even practice Islam! They are too stupid! 

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Vic Sadot is a singer-songwriter, and music video maker in Berkeley, CA. He is in the tradition of songwriters like Phil Ochs, Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, and Bob Dylan. Vic released his latest CD on 9/11/11 titled 9/11 Truth and Justice Songs. It is available at CD Baby as the third CD presented by Vic at that site: The Offical Website of Vic Sadot Music was launched on the same day!

Monday, May 23, 2016

France/Israel - Subjugation Considered as Foreign Policy

France/Israel: Subjugation Considered as Foreign Policy by Bruno Guigue 

Translation by Vic Sadot from the French published May 23, 2016. 

Original post at France/Israël : de la soumission considérée comme unepolitique étrangère Par Bruno Guigue le 22 mai 2016

 "Socialist" French Prime Minister Manuel Valls 
with "Likud" Party Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

There are 6 footnotes provided at the bottom of the translation. These items may not be well known to American or English language readers. Reading at least the parts of the citations in bold is recommended: 
(1) CRIF; (2) Manuel Valls; (3) Stéphane Hessel; (4) Jacques Chirac; 
(5) Bernard Kouchner; (6) General Charles de Gaulle. Hopefully, they will be helpful to you in understanding this article and considering the information and analytical perspective presented by Monsieur le Professeur Bruno Guigue. Bruno Guigue is an officer, essayist and French political scientist born in Toulouse in 1962. Former student of the Ecole Normale Supérieure and ENA. Professor of Philosophy and lecturer in international relations in higher education. He is the author of five books, including The Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, The Invisible Remorse of the West (L'Harmattan, 2002).
Warmly recommended by the CRIF [1] (see Wikipedia citations below on the Representative Council of Jewish Leaders in France), Manuel Valls [2] went to Israel to pay his respects to the homeland at an international conference in which nobody believes. The new illustration of this sad reality: France, where the blessing of a certain community gives diplomatic accreditation, has given up its once independent voice. Formerly, the country listened to all sides with an attentive ear, claiming no particular allegiance in order to preserve its reputation for diplomatic independence. We no longer hear this today, not because we do not want to hear it, but because we have nothing more to say. 

For ten years, French leaders have thrown away our best diplomatic traditions. They have given up any ambition based on respect for national sovereignty and dialogue between peoples. Instead, they have chosen an allegiance to the Israeli occupation that led them to justify the unjustifiable in the bloody Zionist repression in Gaza. Faced with the violence of the occupier, the French government accused the resistance to occupation of having caused it. With a proven indulgence for Zionist crimes, France has denounced Palestinian officials for the horrors they have suffered, forgetting that it is the structural violence of the occupation that generates armed resistance and not the reverse.

In Tel Aviv, Manuel Valls will be able to proudly present the results of his balanced policy. Not only will the inversion between the victim and the executioner sum up French politics, but the process is being applied for internal use in France. Required by his Zionist Commander, ‘order’ reigns in France. The fraudulent conflation of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism is now an official doctrine taught in the schools of the French Republic. A servile French justice now criminalizes Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions (BDS movement to end the occupation of Palestine), a peaceful campaign initiated by Palestinian civil society. Popular rallies in support of Palestine are regularly banned in some cities; the current French President delivered equivocal  remarks at the ceremony in honor of Stéphane Hessel [3]; journalists, civil servants, citizens are intimidated or punished. Everything in government policy stigmatizes solidarity with an oppressed people and confirms allegiance made to his oppressors. (Note: See full Wikipedia citation selected below for Stéphane Frédéric Hessel Summary: WWII French Resistance officer captured, imprisoned, tortured by the Nazi Gestapo; sent to Buchenwald and then Dora concentration camps; failed his first escape attempt; was saved by German camp officer Arthur Dietzsch who gave him and two other prisoners the identity of prisoners who had died of typhus; Hessel became a major international voice for universal human rights at the UN and as a speaker; Author of the book “Indignez-Vous!” (Be Outraged!), which was published in English as “Time for Outrage!”; Hessel spoke out against the ongoing occupation of the Palestinian people and for their universal human rights for which he received much criticism from Israel and Zionist Jews)

Manuel Valls in Israel

Now this poisonous climate is the expression of a deep renunciation of collective resignation. Conduct by officers without culture, France, toward the Middle East, has two objectives which derive from its political and historical vocation. It should dialogue with the southern countries by refusing any subordination to the dominant power. It should help to restore the balance in favor of a people under occupation, legitimizing the Palestinian resistance and revoking Israeli impunity. On the contrary, France has strengthened its allegiance to Israel and to destabilize the regional resistance to US hegemony, which Israel sponsors. Instead of loosening the grip of ‘Atlanticism’ (NATO), she tightened the screw further. Instead of speaking the language of reason, France married the most pernicious Zionist theses. François Hollande has blessed the Israeli repression in Gaza. Hollande included Hezbollah (Lebanese Resistance to Israel Invasions) on the European list of ‘terrorist’ organizations,  and he has delivered arms to Syrian ‘rebels’  directed by NATO and the oil monarchies. This submission of France to the ‘Atlanticist’ and Zionist interests, our country is paying with the discredit which we will not recover anytime soon.

One must measure the historical regression represented by this national denial. With Jacques Chirac [4], Paris kept on course for promotion of international law and that served her brilliantly in the Iraqi case. France no longer weighs in like that on these matters, certainly not in a dispute submitted to the harmful influence of the American protector of Israel. But this difficulty did not formerly prevent the French leaders from hearing an independent voice. And when Jacques Chirac publicly admonished an Israeli policeman in front of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, the symbolic words are still impotence acts. Heir of ‘Gaullism’ (Charles DeGaulle’s post WWII assertion of French independence in self-direction and diplomacy among the nations of the world), the policy at least stated the illegitimacy of the unilateral use of force. On behalf of the right of peoples to self-determination, France favored negotiated solutions. The voice of France was heard, if not heeded, because France was sovereign.

At his press conference of 27 November 1967, General de Gaulle summed up the problem that was poisoning the Middle East: "Israel is organizing an occupation in the territories that it has seized which cannot go without oppression, repression, expulsion; and it results in a resistance that Israel calls ‘terrorism’." François Hollande, is far from this frankness that once distinuished the reputation of Gaullist France. It now prefers the ‘Newspeak’ of ‘humanitarian’ imperialism to justify the war against a Syrian nation resisting ‘Western’ control. By preferring (Bernard) Kouchner [5]  to (General & President Charles) De Gaulle [6], French leaders have pledged the state of France’s allegiance to the rulers of the world. The alibi of ‘human rights’ provides the ideal cynical cover to move the ‘good’ people in the right direction. But we soon forget these ‘humanitarian’ considerations when it comes to places like Palestine martyred by her former friends. Palestine will remain as a living monument of remorse for such ‘compromises’. And history will record that they have submitted French foreign policy to the executioner.

For American readers, these selections from Wikipedia citations are recommended: (1) CRIF (Representative Council of Jewish Leaders in France); (2) Manuel Valls; (3) Stéphane Frédéric Hessel; (4) Jaques Chirac; (5) Bernard Kouchner; and (6) Charles de Gaulle.

[1] CRIF Conseil Représentatif des Institutions juives de France (Representative Council of Jewish Leaders in France) “Overview: It is the official French affiliate of the World Jewish Congress (WJC), the world-wide umbrella organization of Jewish communities, and of the European Jewish Congress…”

[2] Manuel Valls - He is a French politician who has been the Prime Minister of France since 31 March 2014. He was the Minister of the Interior from 2012 to 2014. Manuel Carlos Valls Galfetti was born 13 August 1962… in Barcelona to a Spanish father and a Swiss mother… and lived there until he moved to France as a teenager; He is a member of the Socialist Party… In March 2014, following major losses to centre-right and extreme-right political parties in French municipal elections, President François Hollande appointed Valls to the post of Prime Minister... Valls is on the "right wing" of the Socialist Party, with a similar approach to the German and Dutch Social Democratic Parties. During the 2011 presidential primary, he defined himself as "Blairiste" or "Clintonien", and described his position as "in the tradition of Pierre Mendès France, Lionel Jospin and Michel Rocard"… As parliamentarian and interior minister, he took strong stances on secularism, supported crackdowns on the wearing of niqābs in public and defended a nursery which sacked an employee for demanding to wear one at work. He had harsh words for anti-gay marriage protesters.[18]… In his book To Put the Old Socialism to Rest ... And Finally be Left-Wing, he declared support for immigration "quotas"…  When (Black African political comedian) Dieudonné's quenelle gesture (Indicating someone is fed up with listening to BS; not a Nazi salute) became viral in 2013, Valls said he would consider "all legal means" to ban Dieudonné's "public meetings", given that he "addresses in an obvious and insufferable manner the memory of victims of the Shoah (Holocaust)."[20]

[3] Stéphane Frédéric Hessel (20 October 1917 – 26 February 2013[2]) was a diplomat, ambassador, writer, concentration camp survivor, French Resistance member and BCRA agent. Born German, he became a naturalised French citizen in 1939. He became an observer of the editing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948. In 2011 he was named by Foreign Policy magazine in its list of top global thinkers. In later years his activism focused on economic inequalities, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and protection for the post-WW2 social vision. His short book Time for Outrage! sold 4.5 million copies worldwide. Hessel and his book were linked and cited as an inspiration for the Spanish Indignados, the American Occupy Wall Street movement and other political movements… Refusing to adhere to the Vichy government of Marshal Philippe Pétain, Hessel fled to London and joined General Charles de Gaulle's group of Resistance members in 1941,[3][7] becoming a member of the Free French intelligence service (Bureau central de renseignement et d'action).[6] He returned to France, to organize Resistance communication networks in advance of the 1944 Allied invasion of France.[3] He was captured by the Gestapo and later deported to the Buchenwald and Dora concentration camps, where he was tortured by waterboarding.[7] Hessel, F. F. E. Yeo-Thomas and Harry Peulevé as well as Eugen Kogon and Alfred Balachowsky, escaped execution at Buchenwald through the help of ‘KZ Kapo’ Arthur Dietzsch who exchanged their identities with three prisoners who had died of typhus.[7][8] Hessel tried unsuccessfully to escape from Dora, but was able to avoid being hanged in reprisal. He later escaped during a transfer to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp,[3] and went to Hannover, where he met the advancing troops of the United States Army… Human Righst Advocate, Diplomat: After the war, Hessel became assistant to Henri Laugier, vice-secretary general of the United Nations in charge of economic and social affairs, and was an observer to the editing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.[9]… Hessel called for the French government to make funds available to provide housing for the homeless[13] and denounced the French government's failure to comply with Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at the Place de la Republique on 21 February 2008… On 5 January 2009, Hessel criticized the Israeli military attacks in the Gaza strip, saying "In fact, the word that applies—that should be applied—is 'war crime' and even 'crime against humanity'.[16] But this word must be used carefully, especially when one is in Geneva, the seat of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, who may have an important opinion on that issue. For my part, having visited Gaza, having seen the refugee camps with thousands of children, the manner in which they are bombed appears as a veritable crime against humanity."… In October 2010, Hessel's essay, Time for Outrage! (original French title: Indignez-vous !), was published in an edition of 6,000 copies (ISBN 978-1455509720)… In 2011, Stéphane Hessel published "Engagez-Vous !" ("Get Involved!")… In 2011, Hessel penned an article in the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, in which he compared the Nazi occupation of France during WWII with the occupation of Palestinian Territories by Israeli army in such terms: "the German occupation was, when compared for example with the present occupation of Palestine by the Israelis, a relatively harmless occupation, apart from exceptions like the arrests, detentions and executions, also of the theft of art treasures."[27]  Responding to the controversy raised by these remarks, he clarified that he was drawing "no parallel between the horrors of Nazism and the illegal attitude of a state" (Israel); that he naturally supported the existence of Israel but that he wished to be able to criticise the actions of the Israeli authorities without automatically being accused of "antisemitism"… On 26 February 2013, Hessel died overnight at age 95…  His final work, "Don’t Give Up: In the Trenches with the Spanish for Liberty and Progress", will be published posthumously.

[4] Jacques René Chirac (born 29 November 1932) is a French politician, who served as the President of France from 1995 to 2007. Chirac served as Prime Minister of France from 1974 to 1976, from 1986 to 1988, and as the Mayor of Paris from 1977 to 1995… Along with Vladimir Putin (Chirac called Vladimir Putin "a personal friend".[36]), Hu Jintao, and Gerhard Schröder, Chirac emerged as a leading voice against George W. Bush in 2003 during the organization and deployment of the United States led military coalition to forcibly remove the then current government of Iraq controlled by the Ba'ath Party under the leadership of Saddam Hussein which resulted in the 2003–2011 Iraq War. Despite intense US pressure, Chirac threatened to veto, at that given point, a resolution in the UN Security Council that would authorise the use of military force to rid Iraq of alleged weapons of mass destruction, and rallied other governments to his position. "Iraq today does not represent an immediate threat that justifies an immediate war", Chirac said on 18 March 2003. Chirac was then the target of various American and British commentators supporting the decisions of Bush and Tony Blair.

[5] Bernard Kouchner (born 1 November 1939) is a French politician and physician. He is the co-founder of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and Médecins du Monde. From 2007 until 2010, he was the French Minister of Foreign and European Affairs in the center-right Fillon government under president Nicolas Sarkozy, although he had been in the past a minister in socialist governments. In 2010, the Jerusalem Post considered Bernard Kouchner the 15th most influential Jew in the world.[1] Since 2015 Kouchner is workstream leader for the AMU (Agency for the Modernisation of Ukraine), where he contributes his expertise in healthcare. [2] … due to a conflict of opinion with MSF chairman Claude Malhuret, he established Doctors of the World ('Médecins du Monde') in 1980… Kouchner was born in Avignon, to a Jewish father and a Protestant mother, he began his political career as a member of the French Communist Party (PCF), from which he was expelled in 1966 for attempting to overthrow the leadership… French Foreign Minister: After the election of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007, Kouchner was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs in François Fillon's government, even though Kouchner supported Sarkozy's Socialist rival Ségolène Royal during the campaign. He has since been expelled from the Socialist Party for his acceptance of the post.[13] He was dismissed in the November 2010 Fillon cabinet reshuffle… On the US-led Invasion of Iraq (2003) Kouchner is a longtime advocate of humanitarian intervention. In early 2003, he pronounced himself in favour of removing Saddam Hussein as President of Iraq, arguing that interference against dictatorship should be a global priority…”

[6] General and President Charles de Gaulle – Born 22 November 1890 – Died 9 November 1970. Charles de Gaulle was a French military general and statesman. He was the leader of Free France (1940–44) and the head of the Provisional Government of the French Republic (1944–46). In 1958, he founded the Fifth Republic and was elected as the 18th President of France, a position he held until his resignation in 1969. He was the dominant figure of France during the Cold War era and his memory continues to influence French politics… Born in Lille, he graduated from Saint-Cyr in 1912. He was a decorated officer of the First World War, wounded several times and later taken prisoner at Verdun. He tried to escape with a fellow prisoner, but failed several times… Refusing to accept his government's armistice with Nazi Germany in 1940, de Gaulle exhorted the French population to resist occupation and to continue the fight against Axis powers in his Appeal of 18 June. He led a government in exile and the Free French Forces against the Axis. Despite frosty relations with Britain and especially the United States, he emerged as the undisputed leader of the French resistance. He became Head of the Provisional Government of the French Republic in June 1944, the interim government of France following its Liberation…  He retired in the early 1950s and wrote his War Memoirs, which quickly became a classic of modern French literature. When the Algerian war was ripping apart the unstable Fourth Republic, the National Assembly brought him back to power during the May 1958 crisis… In the context of the Cold War, de Gaulle initiated his "Politics of Grandeur", asserting that France as a major power should not rely on other countries, such as the US, for its national security and prosperity. To this end, de Gaulle pursued a policy of "national independence" which led him to withdraw from NATO's military integrated command and to launch an independent nuclear development program that made France the fourth nuclear power. He restored cordial Franco-German relations to create a European counterweight between the Anglo-American and Soviet spheres of influence. However, he opposed any development of a supranational Europe, favouring a Europe of sovereign nations and twice vetoed Britain's entry into the European Community. De Gaulle openly criticised the US intervention in Vietnam and the "exorbitant privilege" of the US dollar, and supported an independent Quebec.

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 Charlie Hebdo and the art of two-tier satire

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Everyone appears to have a sense of humour - until they are the butt of the joke
Charlie Hebdo magazine is once again a victim. This time of its own reputation.
Since the attack on its offices in January 2015, propelling the satirical magazine to international prominence, "Charlie" as its French supporters like to call it, has had to live up to its "enfant terrible" reputation.
As a result it's had to consistently up the offending ante by lowering its comedic standards. While in the years that pre-dated the attack, the publication essentially targeted France's Muslim immigrant community, since being praised as the magazine that knew no limits and embraced the concept of offence, Charlie has had to continuously deliver in the offending department. And offend it did.
Attacking Muslims in France meant that the magazine gained support and was largely seen as the embodiment of "freedom of expression". The "Siné affair" however, where one of its veteran cartoonists was sacked for mocking the former president's son, soon revealed France's now notorious hypocritical approach to free speech.


The magazine defended its right to insult Muslims or Islam yet a comment described as having "the potential of being interpreted" as anti-Semitic led to the dismissal of one of its star cartoonists.
But while crass cartoons of the Muslim prophet were met with the approval of France's entire political class and media glitterati, the "Siné affair" had to be rapidly swept under the carpet in a bid to maintain an image of a free and bold magazine that upheld the values of free speech.
It's worth noting however that in France, prior to the attack, Charlie was no longer a popular magazine, and was up until January of last year on the verge of bankruptcy. The support it gained from both a newly acquired readership as well as public funds meant that it was brought back in the black, though as it soon transpired, only temporarily.
The wave of support that immediately followed the massacre of its editorial team waned. Surfing on the sympathy factor, people bought the magazine. Soon however it was clear its material was no longer funny which was reflected in ever dwindling circulating figures.
But having received honours and awards for representing the heroic face of "freedom of expression," the crew has been keen to show it no longer discriminates in its ambitions to offend.

Shocking the Russians

In October last year a Russian passenger plane disintegrated in the air above the Sinai peninsula in Egypt killing all on board.
Charlie published two cartoons that shocked a Russia that had been particularly sympathetic towards the magazine following the January slaying.
The first drawing showed a passenger's skull, with the caption: "The dangers of Russian low cost" flights.
The second showed the plane's debris falling on a bearded fighter, with the legend: "The Russian air force is intensifying its air strikes."
Most people agreed it was crass and tasteless and the timing particularly insensitive as relatives were still hoping some passengers might have survived.

Alan Kurdi

With the drowning of Syrian toddler Alan Kurdi, Charlie lowered the bar once again forcing people to review their opinions on the once much-lauded magazine.
The cartoon showed a god-like figure joking that while Christians walk on water, Muslims drown in it. Another was the infant's remains lying on a beach with a giant placard of a McDonald's happy meal saying "two children's meals for the price of one".
Some core supporters insisted the magazine was mocking the consumerist nature of Western societies, while others said it denounced, in its own and very particular way, the suffering of the child.
But when incidents in Cologne in Germany involving North African men assaulting women on New Year's eve occurred, triggering a wave of racist debates across the media, Charlie scraped the barrel once again, with a cartoon that now openly promoted racism.
It portrayed a grown-up Kurdi lecherously chasing European women with the caption "what Aylan would have grown into".
For all their efforts, Charlie's increasingly small number of supporters were unable to defend the latest drawings, insisting instead that it was the Charlie "spirit" and that in essence the "satirical" magazine's ambition was always to shock, irrespective of how tasteless its content could be.

'Belgians in shock'

Last week, following on from the attacks in Brussels, Charlie proved that taste and basic decency were very obviously divorced from its core principles.
Belgium woke up "profoundly hurt" was one local newspaper headline. "Belgians in shock," said another. It's true that after Paris, Brussels with its sizable Francophone Walloon community had the second largest solidarity march in support of the assassinated journalists and "freedom of expression".  Thousands of Belgians came out onto the streets of the capital brandishing the now infamous black placard "Je suis Charlie".
But Charlie's response to Belgium's atrocity brought the questionably satirical magazine to new astonishing depths.
The cartoon in question shows a young man's face surrounded by various human limbs with the caption "papoutai" with the Belgian flag as a background.
Mocking dismembered bodies, following an attack with explosives, is crass enough but upon closer inspection, the cartoon is far more depraved than it originally appears.
The young man is Belgian singer Stromae, whose hit Alors on Danse made him an instant star. His success was followed by a second album with another striking song Papaoutai.
Papoutai is a spirited tune that invokes sub-Saharan celebratory music, but listening more carefully to the lyrics and it reveals the singer's incredibly moving story.
Stromae's father was from Rwanda. He was killed during the 1994 Rwanda genocide and his body was later found having been cut in pieces. "Papoutai" or "Papa ou t'es" is French for "Dad where are you?" and his hit was the singer's cathartic way of speaking about his absent father who met a gruesome end.
The cartoon was understandably badly received and the voices of support for Charlie are today increasingly muted.
Having shocked even its traditional supporters, Charlie Hebdo's editorial team decided this week to publish an article that will undoubtedly recapture some of that lost love.

Blame Brussels attack on all Muslims

In it, the magazine insidiously pins the blame of the Brussels attack on the Muslim community as a whole, and the supposed self-censorship Western societies impose on themselves by not daring to speak about the religion and its adherents.
So Charlie Hebdo, which proudly presents itself as having no limits on any topic, is now claiming it holds back on the sensitive issue of Islam while most of its material for the past decade has been about Islam. Much like the numerous commentators who deplore the "politically correct" climate that limits the discourse on Islam all the while speaking about nothing other than Islam at any given opportunity.
After upsetting its once core support base, Charlie has returned to the one topic that sells, and has done it in a particularly inflammatory way. As many commentators have recently observed, it will no doubt regain those temporarily lost friends.
It is interesting to review the reactions to Charlie Hebdo's now well-documented crass attempts at humour. With the "jokes" on the Russian plane came a wave of protestation that would have been denounced in the past as an attempt to stifle free speech.

Mocking Rabaa massacre

After the Rabaa massacre in Cairo in 2013 Charlie draw a Muslim Brotherhood member holding a bullet-ridden copy of the Koran in front of his chest with the caption "this book is **** - it doesn't protect you from bullets".
Mocking pious Muslims for believing in god-like protection as well as a mass killing, the cartoon was naturally seen as offensive.
However after the slaughter of its journalists, a spoof of the aforementioned cartoon emerged on social media showing Charb, Charlie's most recognisable cartoonist and editor in chief, holding a copy of a bullet-ridden edition of the magazine with the exact same caption: the teenager who posted it on his Facebook account was consequently arrested.
As it turned out everyone found Charlie's cartoons on Muslims entertaining and funny until of course they bore the brunt of its very particular brand of humour.
In that respect, Charlie Hebdo has in infamy perhaps provided world opinion with one invaluable lesson: everyone appears to have a sense of humour... until they are the butt of the joke.
- Hafsa Kara-Mustapha is a journalist, political analyst and commentator with a special focus on the Middle East and Africa. She has worked for the FT group and Reuters and her work has been published in the Middle East magazine, Jane's Foreign report and a host of international publications. A regular pundit on TV and radio, Hafsa can regularly be seen on RT and Press TV.
The views expressed in this article belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Middle East Eye.
Photo: A woman looks at the special commemorative edition of French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo at a newsstand in Paris on 6 January, 2016, to mark the one-year anniversary of the attack that claimed the lives of 12 people, including three of its best-known cartoonists (AFP). 
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 Hafsa Kara-Mustapha

Tuesday 5 April 2016 10:55 UTC

Everyone appears to have a sense of humour - until they are the butt of the joke - See more at:

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