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"The only good Indian is a dead Indian" General Phillip Sheridan  

“Only if you lay down your arms, my friends, can we then talk of peace and come to an agreement which will be good for you.
When they laid down their arms, we murdered them. We lied to them. We cheated them out of their lands. We starved them into signing fraudulent agreements that we called treaties. We never never kept our word in these treaties. We turned Native Americans into beggars on a con
tinent that gave life for as long as life can remember." - Marlon Brando

Anthony James Hall (AmericanHeraldTribune) >> A major push is underway to create in Moscow a Museum of the North American Holocaust. A counterpoint to the United States Holocaust Museum in Washington DC, the Russian Museum would highlight the grim history of the genocide that eliminated, pushed aside, and repressed First Nations on territories that gave rise to the existence of the United States and Canada.

The plan for the Museum is timely given the spotlight put on the genocidal history of North America as featured in the new Hollywood blockbuster, Revenant. On winning the Best Actor Award at the Golden Globe gala, American movie star Leonardo DiCaprio exclaimed. “I want to share this award with all the First Nations people represented in this film and all the Indigenous communities around the world. It is time that we recognized your history and that we protect your Indigenous lands… It is time we heard your voice.”
— with Susan Lindauer, Denis Rancourt, Robin Sulzman and 45 others.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Behold A Pale Face, And He Was The Devil Wrapped in a Butchers Apron,
And Hell Followed With Him!

The Union Jack is known to many victims as the The Butchers Apron, where
the sun never set on the empire and the blood of her victims never dried.

British crimes against humanity are so vast and numerous it is itself a task to plot the career starting point of this most criminal of nations. For ease of reference I will start with the British slave trade which followed of course their invasion and dismemberment of indigenous North America.

Although the British murder body count runs into hundreds of millions, this blog will attempt, based on documented historical estimates, to tally for the first time the total sum of murder victims up until the recent murderous British air raids against Libya in 2011.

Genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

British culture amounts to little more than a 

pungent skid-mark on the history canvas of civilization

N.B: due to the enormity of Britain's imperialist crimes  this rap sheet can never be a complete record

not a single Briton has ever been held 

accountable for crimes against   humanity


Estimated deaths4 million plus innumerable
 descendants of slaves

Estimated slaves3.4 million 
The exact number of British ships in the Slave Trade will probably never be known but, in the 245 years between Hawkins first voyage and the abolition of the Slave Trade in 1807, merchants in Britain despatched about 10,000 voyages to Africa for slaves, with merchants in other parts of the British Empire perhaps fitting out a further 1,150 voyages. Historian, Professor David Richardson, has calculated that British ships carried 3.4 million or more enslaved Africans to the Americas.

Since the delivery of millions of slaves by the British to North America, millions of the slave descendants have been born and atrophied in racist oppression. Today across the United States hundreds of thousands of African Americans languish in jails, many more live in grinding poverty. The enduring criminality of the British slave trade is in fact infinite and unquantifiable. 

Even the fabled Dr Livingstone has been been proven to be a liar and butcher of Africans. As is so typical of his anglophile breed Livingstone concealed his own gory crimes by inditing other foreigners, in this case Arab slavers. This modus-operandi is a classic and enduring scam that has served British propaganda so well - the candy that coats British history and culture so thickly is in truth rank with the blood of perfidy.

Enduring spoils for the British: estimated profit for Britain amounted to 5% of the economy during the trade period. Allied to its anglophile superpower spawn, the United States of America.
Jolly good show eh what!
Victims of the estimated 3 million slaves British abducted from Africa
"The Victorian  Englishman the fine flower of civilization" (Cecil Rhodes)
Dr Livingstone: a murderer and liar I presume
Britain still enjoys the wealth it made from raping Africa



NORTH AMERICAN INDIANS 1620 - present day
Enduring criminality: the myth of scalping falsely attributed to Native Americans, was in fact a practice introduced by the British in search of head bounties. The myth of 'Indian' scalping and the savage connotations that goes with this has of course been propagandized in anglophile media most notably Hollywood Westerns. The British are experts in demonizing their victims; hence their genocidal success.
The Average British Imperialist - Murderous Poltroon
As with Canadian, Australian and New Zealand surviving indigenous populations, American Indian communities are ravaged with drugs, alcohol and despair.
"One of the generals...Sheridan said: that the bison hunters had done more to control the American Indian than all the Calvary put together. We basically starved a lot of American Indians out - those that we didn't kill instantly with smallpox and measles. We stole this continent from other people. We just took it" (Dr Eric Pianka, St Edwards University Transcript 6 April 2006).
Enduring spoils for the British: as with the African slave trade, British spawn (descendants) dispossessed Native Americans of their land to eventually  seize and annex all fertile territory including the oil rich southern States. In spite of the American Revolution the British reconciled with their Americanized spawn to continue the resource pillaging of the indigenous world until the present.
"The only good Indian is a dead Indian" General Phillip Sheridan  
Trail of Tears or forced march under "Indian Removal Act" 

killed some 5000 Indians
   According to anglophile media, the savages were always  the "Redskins"!
  Who scalped who? British invaders paid bounties for Indian scalps
 Moral cowardice and denialism goes hand in hand 

with anglophile historians
gloating over butchered Native Americans

British Germ Warfare



KENYA 1890 - 1963
Estimated deaths: min 30 000 and counting.

Enduring spoils for the British: many anglo spawn colonists still own and farm fertile lands maintaining strong links with their mother country Britain. British meddling in Kenyan affairs continues.
 Imperialism is the theory, colonialism the practice.
The British committed unspeakable atrocities against Kenyan children
 History is often invented / colonized by the 'victors' but truth cant be destroyed.


ZIMBABWE (formerly Rhodesia or Southern Rhodesia) 1890 -1980
Estimated deaths: unknown min 10 000 from atrophic consequences of British colonization.
Enduring criminality: post independent Zimbabwe plagued by British meddling and sabotage causing great hardship. For the last decade or so Britain, led by its BBC and affiliated anglo media, has engaged in an almost farcical demonizing campaign against Robert Mugabe and Zimbabwe in general. Readers will recall hysterical anglo media streams of wheelbarrows of Zimbabwean dollars required to purchase a loaf of bread or toilet paper in downtown Harare. This propaganda was followed up with the apocalyptic projections of a cholera epidemic. None of these campaigns succeeded in 'toppling' Mugabe...yet. Again its interesting to note the modus operandi of the British in demonizing their victim nations both former and current, and how the corporate media along with 'academia' reinforce this strategy.
anglophile media furiously peddled  these often staged images in an effort to shame Mugabe for his stand against anglo / british farmers who 'owned' 90% of fertile Zimbabwe land 
 "Britain is still complacently ignoring its gory cruelties of its empire"  

SIERRA LEONE 1787 - 1961 
Estimated deaths: min 150 000 and counting mainly attributed to post-independent conflict and blood diamonds 
Enduring criminality: legacy of British colonization and continued imperialist meddling produced horrific conflict. The hyenas of British imperialism continue to stalk impoverished and chaotic African nations waiting to pounce on opportunities brought about from relentless conlfict ridden turmoil.
Enduring spoils for the British: blood diamonds and geo-politics
divide and conquer - the perrenial British way
British imperialist hyenas still stalk bloodied Africa for plunder
NIGERIA 1900- 1960
Enduring spoils for the British: anglo-american dominance of oil and resources.
                the pestilence of British imperialism kills long after  the 'Kings African Rifles' sail home             
There's a reason why the world today is a wreck
UGANDA 1884 - 1962
Enduring criminality: ongoing conflict and atrocities largely perpetuated by Idi Amin and the Lords Resistance Army. The LRA leader Joseph Kony is currently being sought the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. These modern day conflicts are largely traced to the favorite British strategy of 'divide and conquer' ie. the creation of rival indigenous kingdoms within the colony. The ferocious and diseased legacy of Anglican missionaries who compulsively accompanied their secular imperialist brethren can be sourced to the deranged and diabolical Christian inspired crimes attributed to Kony.
Enduring spoils for the British: blood diamonds, arms trafficking and geo-politics
the fate of these Ugandan children sealed long ago 

when Africa was infested with the British

SUDAN 1898 - 1956
Estimated deaths: min 2 million (a very conservative estimate) 
Enduring criminality: famine, internal conflict and standard butchery so typical of former British African colonies. Millions of Sudanese displaced in camps living harrowing existences. The devastating war between north and south Sudan  again an inextricable consequence of British notorious manipulation and vandalism of indigenous tribes, ethnics, religions, resources and power. Millions of Africans have perished and been slaughtered in a 'post-imperialist' world where the British quitted their colonies heavily poisoned with  ethnic and tribal division, rivalry, famine and desperation. Nicholas Dirks explains in Castes of Mind: Colonialism and the Making of Modern India  how the British re-caste and re-tribalised their indigenous victims causing irreversible cultural chaos. In Saviors and Survivors: Darfur, Politics, and the War on Terror (2009), Mahmood Mamdani reveals how British imperialists "tribalised" Dafur which in turn became the future source for ferocious conflict. 

Across Africa and the world the British perpetrated acts of cultural vandalism producing horrific and permanent consequences for the victim nations. In this regard the British remain unmatched in their sheer savagery and complicity in enduring genocides brought about by famine and conflict. 
Enduring spoils for the British: arms sales and geo-political exploitation. Anglo-American corps competing with China for oil 
      the vulture of British imperialism that caused 

this harrowing evil was not pictured

      enduring legacy of British imperialism in Africa - 

Across Africa and the Indigenous world, the British perpetrated devastating acts of 

cultural vandalism producing eternal consequences for their victim nations.


SOMALIA 1941 -1960

Estimated deaths: min 2.5 million and counting.
Enduring criminality: Since the departure of imperialist Britain in the 1960s famine, war and displacement of millions of Somalis has and continues to wrack Somalia. The historic imperialist grab for Somalia is chaotic.The Italians and French each sought to own a piece of the Somalia pie, with the Italians maintaining a fascist hold until the mother of all predators Britain shooed them away. After Britian had its way with Somalia, it left her in a fractured, bloodied and utterly ruined state. Since 1995 an estmated 1 000 000 Somalis have died from conflict alone. 
Enduring spoils for the British: geo-politics, arms trading, and conceited finger-pointing (as with all its ruined and raped African imperialist conquests, the supremely hyprocritical and cunning British continue to take great delight in pointing the finger at their crippled former colonies alluding to the [inferior] race of their victims as the cause of their current grief.) It is important to understand the significance of this racist anglo culture of finger-pointing at the 'darkies'. Essentially this finger-pointing serves (1) to deflect the culpability of British imperialism for the upheavals in former African colonies; (2) elevates the civilisation of the British above the 'inferior' victim nations through contrasting social, political and economic conditions and; (3) perpetuates the ludicrous myth that British subjugation of the 'darkies' was proper because "look at the savages now since Britian gave them independence".

enduring legacy of British imperialism in Africa - GENOCIDAL FAMINE!

Africa has been hemorrhaging ever since the British first plundered her 
CANADIAN INDIGENOUS NATIONS 1629 (Scottish invasion) then 1763 to present
Enduring criminality: continued exploitation and devastation of Indigenous Canadians. Many Canadian tribes literally on their knees from the introduced ravages of drugs and alcohol. Continued British spawn occupancy of stolen lands.
Enduring spoils for the British: With the exception of the Francophile 'concession' of Quebec, the British remain firmly in possession of Canada, a Commonwealth or neo-imperialist nation.
Canadian indigenous children ripped from tribes

being civilised by British-Canada                
Canadian Indian being civilised 

with small pox introduced by the British

Worlds Worst Mass Murderer



Estimated deaths: min 20 000 slaughtered plus 60 000 poisoned / disease infected and counting. Genocide of Tasmanian tribes.  An accurate murder estimate of Indigenous Australians by the British imperialists and later their 'settler' Anglo-Celtic spawn remains difficult to source. British invaders literally started hunting "Blacks" within days of the Botany Bay landing (1788), and up until 1970s continued through Anglo-Celtic descendants "abo-shoots'  and "boong bashing"  across Australia. Aborigines were regarded as little more than fauna and flora or native pests to be eradicated to make way for the "fine flower of civilization". Records therefore of massacres along with actual censuses of the Aboriginal population were near non-existent up until the middle of the 20th century. 

Australia's Constitution is the only one in the world  that allows for

racist discrimination against people  - Indigenous Australians.

The prevailing Constitution of Australia, a vile document authored by British imperialists in 1901, is the only Constitutional document in the world that allows for racist discrimination against a group of people.
Britain's genocidal ambition in Australia
was to butcher the 'Natives' and chain the survivors into extinction.


A descendant of the vicious slaver John Forrest

is now a mining billionaire (Andrew Twiggy Forrest). 

This is an example of how the spawn of the vile British invaders 

are today enriched by the genocidal crimes of the past.
Enduring criminality: Thousands of Aboriginal children (Stolen Generations) ripped from tribes and parents in a nazi type effort to breed out aboriginality. This genocidal campaign continued up to the 1970s, consequently many 1000s of Aboriginal Australian survivors are today still traumatized. A national apology was belatedly given in 2008 by the then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. Even this token gesture outraged many Anglo-Celtic Australians including former Prime Minister John Winston Howard who refused to endorse the apology. This moral poltroon argued 'guilt is not hereditary'.
British-Australians 'categorized' Indigenous Australians as part of the Fauna and Flora Act,
meaning British 'Settlers' could butcher Blacks with impunity as with the wildlife.

Aboriginal life expectancy is the world's worst. Aborigines are disproportionally imprisoned and hospitalized. As with American and Canadian Indigenous nations, Aboriginal communities are ravaged by drugs and alcohol including solvent abuse i.e. "petrol and glue sniffing". Suicide among the Aboriginal communities, particularly in remote areas is epidemic. The general diet of Aborigines has been spoilt by the British invasion with the consequence many Indigenous Australians suffer renal and diabetic conditions at epidemic proportions. The sum total of these British made and or introduced blights to the Aboriginal and Torre Straits nations amount to genocide and horrific subjugation for the survivors.
It took the British little under 200 years to bring a 50 000 year old
civilization to the brink of absolute genocide
Aboriginal art, icons and culture has been hijacked by the Australian Government and tourist industry which promotes white Australia to an ignorant foreign world. Gooey eyed foreign tourists pour into Australia every day utterly oblivious to the "Great Australian Silence" or more accurately the Great Anglophile Silence. This is a standard ploy of British imperialism stripping their victim nations of everything of value, including the very culture, along with the right to protest their misery. On this last point, former Prime Minister John Howard is testament to this form of perfidy particular to the anglophile breed. Howard in his deranged adulation for his mother country, Britain, was adamant throughout the 10 years he ruled Australia, that 'white' Australia had nothing to apologize for. This 'belief' was based on the very warped cowardly logic the unconscionable cruelties meted out to Indigenous Australia were (1) perpetrated by an older generation of Anglo-Celtic Australians (or the much preferred misnomer 'Europeans') and thus modern white Australia is blameless, and (2) the cruelties such as the mass abduction and racist indoctrination of Indigenous children was done with good intentions i.e. to assimilate the "Black savages" into the fine flower of British culture. Obscene anglophile Howard to date refuses to endorse the apology - only an anglophile could behave in such a utterly contemptible manner and still retain 'credibility' among his peers.
Murdering and brutalising Aboriginal Australians was an integral characteristic
of being a 'dinki-di' anglophile Aussie.
In addition to decapitating black babies by kicking, the British colonizers took delight in shooting pregnant Aboriginal women - here's a verbatim description by a much respected Aboriginal Elder on this unbelievable viciousness: "stories from aboriginal oral histories regarding pregnant mothers hiding in trees only to be found then shot. All that could be heard was the rustle of the leaves and branches as the aborted babies fell from their mothers" .
Every 26 January, Anglo-Australians shamelessly celebrate the 1788 invasion
and grand theft of Australia. Meanwhile victim Indigenous Australians
are forced to witness this gross insult to injury every year.
 In 1956 the British in collusion with their Anglo-Celtic Australian spawn conducted nuclear weapons testing at Maralinga South Australia, poisoning the homeland and the people of the Maralinga Tjarutja tribe. 
Most tourists to Australia have little or no understanding

of the genocidal British imperialistic history of Australia thus perpetuating

the grief of Indigenous Australians through their sheer ignorance
Anglophile racism against Indigenous Australians has been so relentless, shameless and ghastly that as late as 1984, Australia's richest anglophile Lang Hancock along with several of his politician pals went on TV to lobby for a genocidal program to sterilize the Aborigines - through "herding up the savages into the outback and poisoning their water supply". Instead of being condemned and imprisoned, Hancock was applauded by mainstream anglophile Australia. This was in 1984 and the actual interview can be viewed on YouTube!
Massacres of Aboriginal Tribes by British 'Settlers' was so commonplace,

an entire book was authored to detail the atrocities.
Most contemporary Anglophile spun literature / history on the British invasion and seizure of Australia is criminally distorted, revised, concealed, minimized and diffused. A subtle though powerful semantic deception Anglo-Celtic historians and hacks persistently and increasingly employ is to substitute the words Britain or British etc with Europe or European when describing the colonization and slaughter of Indigenous Australia. This word scam pervades most mainstream online articles, including Wikipedia pages. It is a potent psychological swindle because the replacement noun - Europe - hoodwinks the typical reader into believing Britain's culpability is shared with and subsumed into the generic Europe. This could not be further from the truth, especially so for Anglo Australia which constitutionally is still ruled by the British queen. As of 2010 the Prime Minister of Australia is the British immigrant Julia Gillard. Even Gillard's political opposite Tony Abbott is British born.
UPDATED: British born Tony Abbott is the PM of Australia and is particularly reviled by Indigenous Australians. No doubt Abbott's biggest personal struggle will be the ongoing concealment of his true racist persona from the public. Occasionally Abbott's mask slides revealing the toxic anglophile racism raging beneath a facade of anglophile civility.
The smiling anglophile sadist - the British were never happier

when they were maiming and murdering Indigenous peoples
The invasion and decimation of Aboriginal Australia was and is entirely a British affair, and in spite of the self-serving garbage penned by conniving morally coward Anglo-Celtic hacks, 'Europe' had nothing to do with this massive and ongoing imperial crime. Another favorite misnomer is the term 'settler' in place of the correct noun invader or to a lesser extent coloniser. Wikipedia pages on black and white Australia, largely authored by Anglo Australians, compulsively use the sly phrases settler and settlements, Europe and European. These sneak semantics serve to perpetuate the grief and oppression of Indigenous Australia because the deception diffuses and dilutes the reality of the enormous and enduring crime of genocide inflicted by Britain and her Anglo-Celtic Australian 'colonial' spawn.
The upshot of Britain's invasion of black Australia is within a space of 200 years the British and their Anglo-Celtic spawn 'settlers' managed to devastate a 50 000 year old Aboriginal culture. In 2009 the conditions for many Aboriginal groups was so dreadful, Aborigines petitioned the United Nations for Refugee Status in their own country!
When the British & spawn Anglo-Celtic 'settlers' weren't decapitating

Aborigines they were putting them in chains
Enduring spoils for the British: On invading Australia in 1788 the British seized the entire continent along with the Tasmanian island to eventually peddle the loathsome lie of Terra Nullius - Empty Land. Thousands of Anglo-Celtic spawn continue to enrich themselves by plundering the bounty of indigenous gas and rock wealth, including diamond and gold deposits, in the Outback. Millions of ignorant and idiotic 'foreign' tourists continue to pour into Australia supporting the rugged Aussie Outback folklore myth, blissfully unaware of the ceaseless genocide of the Aborigines.

Australia remains the
first choice 'emigrant' destination for millions of British citizens, usually the worst of their society, including murderers and child molesters. A nauseating irony of the endless swamping of British immigration into Australia is the fact many of these immigrants bring with them their racist rhodesian beliefs to exacerbate the racist oppression of Indigenous Australia. 
Another increasingly large immigrant group is the 'white South Afrikaner'. This comes as little surprise as racist Australia must resemble the glory days of apartheid for the Afrikaner, hence their passion for migrating to Australia where they can return their boots onto the nape of the Kauffer - i.e. Black Man.
After murdering Aborigines, the British 'settler' 

would sell the skull to British museums
British managed to devastate a 50 000 year old culture 

in less than 200 years 
stolen aboriginal children offered for white adoption
stolen aboriginal children being inspected 

like cattle by the british-australian establishment

The scrubs are gone, the hunting and the laughter.

The eagle is gone, the emu and the kangaroo are gone from this place.

The bora ring is gone.

The corroboree is gone.

And we are going.

Oodgeroo Noonuccal: Aboriginal Australian Poet


"Lets herd up all the aborigines and
 poison their water supply with 
sterilization chemical" 

(Lang Hancock and various Australian 
politicians 1984)


British Anglo-Celtic 

Spawn & Genocide



Estimated deaths: 60 000 includes inter-tribal wars linked to British corruption of Maori culture & food economy - Potato Wars - and the introduction and supply of guns - The Musket Wars.
Enduring criminality: British introduced disease, feral animals, alcohol and drugs, and alien food products. British introduced guns which led to a massive increase in inter-tribal warfare and massacres. Consequently, at least half of the Maori population was at one time post colonization wiped from the face of earth. The only 'mitigating factor' of the Maori subjugation by British imperialists  (in comparison to the standard perfidy meted out to other 'colonized' Indigenous groups)  was the Treaty of Waitangi. A Treaty unsurprisingly abused and dishonored by consecutive British spawned New Zealand governments.  The Treaty itself is regarded by some Maoris as a meaningless fraud perpetuated by the British invaders. New Zealand's anthem is the official "god save the queen"  and as with its subjugated neighbor Australia remains a constitutional monarchy. 
Enduring spoils for the British:  the seizure of the two New Zealand islands North and South and its economic wealth, including agriculture, mining, fishing and forestry.
The biggest fraud Britain perpetuates against humanity, is innocence
The British also collected Maori Heads

FIJI ISLANDS  1874 - 1970
Estimated deaths: min 50 000 (or a third of population) mainly attributed  to introduction of disease -measles by the British and their Anglo-Celtic spawn in Sydney Australia. In 1875 a vessel carrying Fijian tribal royalty was infected with measles in a 'commissioned' visit to Sydney, an imperial colony of Britain. This blighted vessel was 'knowingly' sent back to Fiji without the Yellow Flag
Unspecified deaths from 1876 Fijian rebellion against the British invaders. The rebellion and genocidal epidermic of measles are highly unlikely to be coincidence.
Enduring criminality: the permanent distortion of the indigenous population with the British 'importation' (blackbirding) of some 60 000 indentured laborers from India and South East Asia to slave on British  plantations. This non-indigenous population now accounts for 38% of the Fijian population. Among other disruptions this British made alien demographic has caused, is the political upheavals beginning with Rabuka's 1987 coup against ethnic dominant Indian rule. Political upheavals continue to beleaguer Fiji and are mainly sourced to Australian, New Zealand (Anglo-Celtic spawn) and British meddling to manipulate ethnic Indian control of the islands. Logically ethnic Indian Fijians remain allied to their former master as both want the same thing - control of Fiji and her resources.
Enduring spoils for the British: Fiji remains part of the neo-imperialist group of Commonwealth countries. Fiji's membership to this vainglorious mutation of British imperialism perpetuates Britain's continued ability to exploit, infiltrate and damage the indigenous world under the guise of 'common wealth'. Cow dung is still dung by any other name. Fiji remains suspended from the Commonwealth - the average Fijian must be devastated, no more genuflecting before the crown.
British germ warfare...again!

Ethnic Indian Fijians have become willing pawns in an enduring plot by 

British Anglo-Celtic spawn in Australia and New Zealand to recolonize Fiji.



Estimated deaths: min 100 million includes the Bengal famine which claimed a minimum of 5 million based on corrupt British sources onlyIndian or non-Anglo sourceslogically more reliablyrecord 14 million. The 100 million figure does not include (a) the bloody chaos caused by the 1947 Partition estimated to be 1 million (b) the ensuing violence and disaster that continues to beset both Pakistan and Bangladesh. Britain literally tore asunder the Indian sub-continent during its reign of imperial terror, enslaving and starving millions for its vampiric empire. The British made famines including the 2 that devastated Bengal,  were to be called the "Late Victorian Holocaust".

The 100 million figure is regarded as an extreme under-estimation by some non-anglo sources.
Special NoteBritish imperialists cultivated the bulk of the opium in Bengal they pushed on to China in the 19th century. The opium ravaged Chinese civilization, causing enormous despair and death. This drug-pushing was Britain's way of smashing open the Chinese tea market.
Enduring criminality: In spite of the revisionism by that vile anglophile, Niall Ferguson, Indian chaos and appalling poverty is inextricably linked to the plunder and pillage by the British Raj. Britain imperialism savaged the food economy and geo-politics of the India sub-continent. Indigenous tribes and ancient caste systems were vandalized and re-engineered by British imperialists to leverage greater domination of the population. British meddling gave birth to the splinter 'nations' of Pakistan and Bangladesh, both regions wracked with perennial instability and desperation. Pakistan has become an eternal enemy of its 'birth mother' India. Motivated by a mutual "furnace of animosity" both nations have developed weapons of mass destruction.

An estimated 61 million Indians survive in urban slums, while in the rural areas, 300 million are mired in the tyranny of poverty. Noam Chomsky points out: "India is still devastated by the effects of British colonialism..."(How the World Works, 2011).

The eternal dispute, tension and instability between the partitioned Pakistan and India, a geo-political-religious fissure created by British imperialism, provides Britain exploitative opportunities in the form of arm sales and general  chicanery.

Bangladesh, (formerly Bengal) was ruthlessly plundered by the British who forced the local population to grow opium crops  for British exports, while devastating the local food economy causing the so-called late Victorian Holocaust when 5 million Bengalese starved to death. Non-anglophile historians list the famine toll much higher into the 100s of millions. Unsurprisingly these ghastly crimes perpetrated by the British are completely ignored in all forms of mainstream media, including education curriculums.
Bengalese being civilized by the British
 "I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion" Churchill
The wonderful legacy of British imperialism
The vulture of British imperialism is not pictured  
The British never really renounced slavery                   

SRI LANKA / CEYLON 1802 - 1948 
Estimated deaths: unspecified min 500 000 including the entire Uva region male population above the age of 18 years in revenge for resistance against British imperialist occupation The 1818 Uva-Wellassa Uprising also know as the Great Rebellion and the Madulla Massacre resulted in multiple atrocities against Sri Lankans by British imperialists, including razing and annihilation of villages. At one point during the resistance, British imperialist considered a plan to "exterminate" the entire Kandyan population. Instead the British made do with killing at least one male member from each Kandyan family.

The kill figure does include the Tamil Eelam independence struggle which saw at least 100 000 killed and 1000s more displaced. This internal rupture is a direct consequence of the geo-political vandalism perpetrated by British imperialism across India / Asia. Existing tribal and clan structures were smashed and corrupted by the British invaders with the principal agenda of creating discord and rivalry to weaken the indigenous groups while strengthening the imperialist stranglehold.

Enduring criminality: Poverty and social inequity continues to ravage Sri Lanka. The Tamil independence struggle saw many thousands killed and many more displaced and subject to repression.

Sri Lanka is a member State of the Commonwealth, an venal neo-imperialist entity serving to prolong the menace of British skulduggery and dominance on the international stage.

Enduring spoils for the British: Once the British evicted their imperialist Dutch predecessor, and in turn slaughtered the rebellious Kandyan people, they foisted coffee and tea crops on Sri Lankan land. These plantations proved successful, further enriching the imperialist British orgre. In order to enslave the population to toil on the plantationsBritish Ceylon anglicized a select group of Sri Lankans to oversee the plantations and the laborers.
The trigger was pulled by a Sri Lankan, 

but the gun was loaded by British imperialism 

The British never really renounced slavery 
Typically the British recruited local 'chiefs' 

to enslave the indigenous masses

 Butchering life was second nature to the British

CHINESE OPIUM WARS 1839 - 1842 (First Opium War), 1856 - 1860 (Second Opium War).
Estimated deaths10 million Chinese became addicted to the 100 000s of tonnes of opium trafficked by Britain into a fractured and defenseless China. Millions of casualties are attributed to Chinese resistance and addiction to the opium scourge imposed by the British. The Taiping Rebellion  which followed the"humiliating Treaty of Nanking" saw an estimated 30 million Chinese die. This internal rupture was caused by an anglicized messianic-complex Hong Xiuquan and according to various sources the Taiping Rebellion is causally linked to the fallout from the toxic opium trade inflicted by the British.

Total deaths 30 million.
Much of the opium pushed onto China, typically traded for tea in place of silver, was sourced from the British Raj, where the British had enslaved the local population in poppy, tea and coffee plantations. Britain literally made a killing by hooking the Chinese on opium and quickly expanded its drug trafficking throughout China.  Conscious of the terrible social damage opium was causing her people, China attempted to stop the British dope trade, by seizing and destroying a shipment leading to the so-called Opium Wars. With the aid of European collaborators, in particular the French, a traditional partner in crime, the Chinese were defeated in both 'wars' and forced to sign the Treaty of Nanking which essentially gave the British open slather to further poison the Chinese with narcotics. British reprisals against Chinese resistance to their cancerous dope trade were horrific as the Morning Herald explained "a more horrible or revolting crime than this bombardment of Canton has never been committed in the worst ages of barbaric darkness."

In effect Britain was the worlds largest drug trafficker, literally hooking an entire nation on drugs, lauding the crime as a glorious act of "free trade", as Noam Chomsky explains: "...when the British government compelled China to open its doors to opium from British India, sanctimoniously pleading the virtues of free-trade as they forcibly imposed large scale drug addiction on China" (How the World Works, 2011).
Enduring criminality: Chinese addiction, an estimated 70 million "junkies", persisted long after the British and their predator European collaborators  were given chase in the Boxer Rebellion. The sum total of Britain's toxic pillaging of China left her severely weak and thus vulnerable by the time she declared herself a Republic in 1912. This made a fragile China easy pickings for imperial Japan, which engaged in an orgy of monstrous gory  violence in the Rape of Nanking
Enduring spoils for the British: along with the commodity of tea grown by slaves or indentured laborers, the opium drug trade largely funded British imperialism, financing many invasions into indigenous nations across the globe. Profits from the drug trade allowed Britain to expand and improve its naval fleet ensuring Britain maintained its so-called supreme advantage on the high seas.
British dope trade devastated China
Opium became a new currency of the British Empire
Gloating British colonialists beheading Chinese in Hong Kong 

The Boxer Rebellion against imperialism failed
and more Chinese were butchered
The perfidious British even forced little Oriental women  

to 'hump' their fetid carcasses across the slave-yards of the Empire. 

The queen of drug trafficking,  queen Victoria


PARTITION OF PALESTINE & CREATION OF ISRAEL 1916 (Sykes-Picot Agreement), 1917 (Balfour Declaration) 1922 (League of Nations Edict) 1947 (UN Partition) then Israeli Occupation to the Present
Background: the historic background of British meddling in the Middle-East and Palestine is complex. The definitive starting point of the British occupation  is best signified by the 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement when the British and French carved up the Middle-East for their respective imperialist gains to counter the Ottomans. British 'rule' over Palestine was latter formalized in 1922 by the League of Nations as the British Mandate for Palestine. Meanwhile Zionist 'leaders' in London, personified by Rothschild lobbied the British imperial government to support in principle a Jewish State in Palestine. Benjamin Freedman, an ex-Zionist based in the United States explained how the British traded Palestine with Zionists in return for the Zionists manipulating America into entering  WW1 and deploying against Germany. As with any person who dares criticizes and or exposes the skulduggery of Zionism, the Jewish Freedman was ironically labeled an anti-semite and is mostly ignored by establishment academia and historians.
Protected by British imperial forces European Jews poured into Palestine to essentially occupy the land by proxy until the United Nations issued its now infamous Partition declaration in 1947. By 1947 again with the aid of British imperial forces, the Zionist population in Palestine steadily increased. This Anglo-Zionist meddling in the Middle-East has given birth to relentless conflict, grief and death. The original British imperialist genesis for the ongoing chaos and butchery in the Middle-East is overlooked by most contemporary observers, including 'academics'. Such wanton neglect of history serves only to conceal another enormous crime perpetrated by Britain, the consequences of which are felt everywhere, most gruesomely in the 9-11 attacks in New York City when alleged Islamic terrorists sympathetic to the Palestine cause hijacked 4 commercial jetliners.
Estimated deaths: Since 1967 - 500 000 Palestinians excludes the Jaffa uprising and British counter-attack
Enduring criminality: millions of Palestinians are today refugees or living in constant fear in being bombed by Israeli warplanes, and abducted by IDF.
Enduring spoils for the Britishweapons sales to Israel and Arab nations eternally embroiled in the Palestinian conflict.  The regional destabilization effects of the Palestinian occupation immensely benefits Britain, which profits from the chaos and desperation violence produces. Divide, conquer and exploit has long been Britain's trademark vice that has hemorrhaged so many Indigenous Nations.
Palestinian child victim of Israeli air attacks
Israeli children happily learning how to kill Palestinians

Palestinian being abducted by IDF

British Zionists traded Palestine for 
American involvement in WW1

the alleged original source of British partitioning of Palestine

as with the other anglo fable Livingstone,
 Lawrence was a fraud, 

ultimately betraying the Arabs 
for imperial Britain

BURMA (MYANMAR) 1824 -1948 (subsumed into British India until 1935)
Estimated deaths:
Enduring criminality:
Enduring spoils for the British:
IRELAND 1845 - 1852 (famine)  1880s to present (independence)
Estimated deaths: 1 million (Potato Famine) plus 1000s (independence struggle).
Enduring criminality: In the 19th century Irish Catholics were regarded as little more than landless sheep by their English 'lords', consequently a million died from starvation and disease, a period identified as the Great Irish Famine.
Enduring spoils for the British: continued possession of Ireland and all the strategic and economic spoils that go with the possession.
INDONESIA 1811 - 1816 AND 1945 -1946 (including Anglo-Australian Regiments).
Estimated deaths
Enduring criminality
Enduring spoils for the British

MALAYSIA 1819 - 1963
Estimated deaths:
Enduring criminality:
Enduring spoils for the British:

Estimated deaths:
Enduring criminality:
Enduring spoils for the British:
Estimated deaths:
Enduring criminality:
Enduring spoils for the British:
CHILE 1973 - 1990
Estimated deaths
Enduring criminality
Enduring spoils for the British
Estimated deaths:
Enduring criminality:
Enduring spoils for the British:
Estimated deaths:
Enduring criminality: Iranian parliamentary Speaker Ali Larijani explains: "decades of domineering moves by the British in Iran"
Enduring spoils for the British:
the British have been subverting Iran for decades
Iranians explaining how it really is


Estimated deaths:
Enduring criminality:
Enduring spoils for the British:
Estimated deaths:
Enduring criminality:
Enduring spoils for the British:
Estimated deaths
Enduring criminality
Enduring spoils for the British
Estimated deaths
Enduring criminality
Enduring spoils for the British
Estimated deaths
Enduring criminality
Enduring spoils for the British

Lord Palmerston declared that "no ideas of fairness [toward Egypt] ought to stand in the way of such great and paramount interests" of Britain as preserving its economic and political hegemony, expressing his "hate" for the "ignorant barbarian"


Murdered by British Immigrants for "Being Black"
 Choose to Worship the British Monarchy

Evil British Empire


a solution for Julian Assange against the tyranny of Britain

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