Monday, 22 February 2016


 Surah 100 Al-Adiyat - Mishary Rashid Alafasy سورة العاديات

As former Manager of the Windsor Hotel (1975-1988) in one of the Jewish Quarters of Paris (9th and 10th Arrondissement) and having had Jewish business people worldwide as my main customers I can confirm the exactitude of ADBK statements about Judaic (Jewish) domination of France and of French lives in all its daily aspects and at all levels of the establishment.  They even control all the Catholic and Protestant Churches and have installed Dalil Boubakeur, a Judaic and Friend of Israel Freemason, as Rector of the Central Paris Mosque !

The Windsor Hotel is just a few minutes walk from the Freemasonic Lodge of the Grand Orient and from the Jewish owned and run brothels and night clubs! 

The Judaics (some 1% of the population) also own or control the abortion (organ trafficking), prostitution, pedophile, drug, homosexual and pornographic rackets!   

Before WWII Judaics numbered only 100,000 in France, but they proved their power well before WWI during the famous pork-eating Jew Alfred Dreyfus Affair!

They have a monopoly on almost everything!  Many are from Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria that France still own and control.

All is about greed, the insatiable love of money and power, and the embracing of Satanic religions!

ADBK #25 : Nous ne sommes pas Charlie, ni cons pour autant !

Jackson Roger


ADBK #50 : La France sous domination juive

Jackson Roger

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