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Sinead O`connor - Irish Ways and Irish Laws USA TV 1991*

I understood that for more than ten years my Muslim Dadi (grandmother) was unable to bear children, but my Muslim Dada (grandfather) did not divorce her.  Like their parents, they were slaves of the British!  So, one day my grandmother made a deal with God or the Devil, and soon she gave birth to my father and his sister, a literal daughter of the Devil.  When my father fell victim of the Judeo-British, corrupt, capitalist, and racist colonial system, my father did not commit suicide, but adopted a lesser and more gradual mode of suicide by getting addicted to drinking alcohol (which I never witnessed) and to smoking.  Passive smoking and poor life styles (although my father was quite wealthy) contributed to my impaired lung capacity, which banned me from ever singing, one of my life passions.

Then my parents brought to life (Islam says God brings both life and death!) six boys and five girls, and at least a couple of "illegitimate" ones, I was told.  Thanks to colonial cultural terrorism and political oppression, at least six of them apostatised and proved to be literal Devils, and "House Negroes" for whatever country they found themselves living in.

I am not very well aware of the deal my grandmother made, or whether it was true or false, but it would seem that there has been a "black magic curse" on our family ever since.  Greed, jealousy, envy, covetousness, immorality, depravity, and other abominations have plagued my heavily colonised and neo-colonised family to this very day.   

 1.  One of the biggest British jokes of the century was when they kept me in jail overnight and deported me to Paris in January 1968!  I was then only 22 years old! 

2.  But, in December 1969, the powers that be were not joking anymore, I was informed that my son Olyeg died at birth in the Caucasus and I was not allowed back for my medical studies and to join my Russian wife!  I was told that he was found alive two years later in another country!  

3.  My Mauritian wife could not bear children, but I was not allowed to adopt any children in Europe because I was not "white" or "Catholic"!  

4.  Then, Zionist France murdered my unborn child of my Polish wife in 1981 or 1982.  

5.  After the death of my boss in 1983, a few years later the Court in Chambers ruled (led by three female dinosaurs!) that they will not authorise me to adopt my own biological son of my own French wife!    

6.  My parents, most of my brothers and sisters, my Police constable brother-in-law and his son, and my two uncles, did their very best to destroy, and even kill me because I disobeyed.  Sent by his Policeman father, my nephew sprayed me and my family with tear gas and drove his car (he was driving without a licence) on me to kill me, but failed.  The Police prosecuted him, but the car my nephew was driving belonged to a much too powerful "Muslim" Indian family who had the case dismissed!

7.  I was even assaulted and injured by two trespassing Police officers on the premises of my own property.  (There is photographic evidence)  They were not prosecuted.  All Mauritian newspapers and magazines that I had contacted refused to print any of my complaints.   

8.   After that, the Police threatened to have me arrested if I ever returned to Mauritius.  I did return from my trip to Paris, but with the help of an Indian lady (who said she was related to the then Prime Minister of Mauritius), I managed to avoid being arrested at the airport on a drug charge!  I took the precaution of travelling with an empty suitcase and had this duly witnessed at Heathrow airport in London!

 9.  On a completely different level, I was assaulted in Paris in 1989 by two Phalangists working as Tour Operator when I went in to cash an invoice for the Hôtel Windsor, as its former manager.  (There is photographic evidence of the injury and the medical record)  
10.  And, here in London I was assaulted in 2006 by one "Black" Police officer and received many death threats for revealing false flags carried out by the Government and the Secret Services, and denouncing Pakistani thieves collecting funds for bogus charities, and even recruiting young people at the behest of the British Secret Services to join training camps in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kashmir or to be used as patsies.  But, no local journalists would listen to me although a few years later the London Independent did reveal to the public that MI5 or MI6 was carrying out this practice and gave even names of the ones they tried to recruit.  

11.  I even received death threats from a main London journalist.  I immediately posted the threats on several websites with full details of the journalist.  One "Lord" Ahmed Nazir, a close friend of the family of the recruiters refused to intervene when I informed him that his friend's son stole my Honda Civic car, embezzled £2,000 I gave him for Charity, and £25,000 meant for a business venture in Pakistan!  Scotland Yard ignored my complaints.  The Law did not allow me to sue the conman!   

12.  Well, the government and the judiciary including their armies of lawyers are just criminals themselves!  My own Satanic apostate elder brother (who is well known to practice "black magic" as well as our Aunt) stole my car, had my house burgled, put a pig's head on my letter box with my picture, (it was reported in the Colchester newspaper).

13.  With the help of my eldest Satanic brother, he "legally" stole my assets in Mauritius as well as my parents' house.  

14.  I am writing this from memory as much of my archives do not exist anymore.  A couple of years ago, a brief case containing important legal and other documents including my family photographic albums weighing some 5-10kg were "stolen" at my own house!   

15.  All my donations for the Palestinian Samouni Family Holocaust Survivors were stolen and when Kenneth O'Keefe went to the Police to make a formal declaration, I understood that they wanted to arrest him! 

16.  When my father died here in Britain I was not allowed to have the proper Islamic rituals carried out or even to attend his funeral.

These are just a few offhand memories.  There are a lot more.  Note that I am not at all interested in malevolent people reading this personal stuff.  I just wanted to mark that day with something, anything.  However, I have plans to write a short explosive autobiography for the intention of my grand children!  Will I succeed?  I write, but I am no writer!  To this day all my efforts to have my first two books published have failed:

1. "Another Perspective of World History" (Illustrated, about 800 pages)

2. "The Beginning and End of Humankind" (Fully illustrated, about 1200 pages).   

The first one was destroyed by one Denis Yates of Chelmsford because he found it offensive to his government!  As for the second one only a few drafts remain and I cannot even find the original.  Anyway, both are unimportant and useless ("casting pearls before swine") except for the autobiographical parts.

 But, I am all right now if the powers that be manage to finally put me in jail for the few years that remain of my dog's life (vie de chien!) or have me shot down because I am not that bad at all at uncovering some of their false flags!  Pr James Henry Fetzer, Dr Kevin Barrett and Pr Nicolas Kollerstrom have already done a great job in writing about so many of those false flags.  Ask Elsevier's Peter Power, former Scotland Yard who carried out the 7/7/2005 one in London?  He was the prime suspect that nobody investigated.  Why?  Because he did it!  I told him so many times, but he kept quiet!  Why?  Because he is guilty!

But, despite everything, I survived 70 years because at the same time, 1945-2015, hundreds of millions of Muslims (and non Muslims) have been holocausted worldwide by Satan's forces and there is a lot more to come as Israel has promised not only to exterminate Arabs and Muslims, but also all recalcitrant Jews, Christians and others!  The powers that be could have had me murdered a hundred times, but I was not worth it as they know I am alone, a sovereign freeman-on-the-land, never belonged to any political or religious group, never voted in my entire life, serve no man, woman or government - a born rebel always fighting for freedom, truth, justice and a moral way of life.  And unsuccessfully for family unity!

So, let me wish myself a very happy birthday, and if possible many happy returns as I need to live and be free in order to protect and, if given the opportunity, educate my three granddaughters. 


Wednesday 23rd of December 2015
Time to go to bed as it is already past 5 AM. 

* Sinead O`connor - Irish Ways and Irish Laws

 Once upon a time there were
Irish Ways and Irish Laws
Villages of Irish blood
Waking to the morning
Waking to the morning
Then the Vikings came around (1)
Turned us up and turned us down
Started building boats and towns
They tried to change our living
tried to change our living
Cromwell and his soldiers came (2)
Started centuries of shame
But they could not make us turn (3)
We are a river flowing

We're a river flowing
Again, again the soldiers came
Burnt our houses stole our grain
Shot the farmers in their fields

Working for livings
Working for a living
800 years we have been down (4)
The secret of the water sound
Has kept the spirit of a man
Above the pain descending
Above the pain descending
Today the struggle carries on
I wonder will I live so long
To see the gates being opened up (5)
To a people and their freedom
A people and their freedom
Once upon a time there was
Irish Ways and Irish Laws
Villages of Irish blood

Waking to the morning
Waking to the morning

The first documented Viking landing took place in 795. Until the
Anglo-Norman invasion in 1170 the Vikings would play an important role in Ireland, both politically and economically. They created trade routes, founded kingdoms, and built the first towns in Ireland, including Dublin, Cork and Limerick.
Oliver Cromwell landed in Ireland in August 1649 at the head of a
huge army, by May 1650 he had crushed opposition in all but the West.
(By 1652 the Irish population had fallen to .7 m. In 1641 it had
been 1.5 m.
By 1660 .5 m cattle were being exported annually to
Both Cromwell's and subsequent colonisation campaigns used the twin techniques of "planting" English and Scotish settlers and forcing some locals to change or "Turn" their religion to the Protestant faith. So here he uses the ambiguity of the term "turn" to echo both the image of the unbowed Irish peasant and a metaphor for Irish History flowing like a un-turnable river.
Since the first English invasion in 1170
"Gates" here evokes both images of the be-sieged walled cities of the 17th century and also of the present day prison camps in the North of Ireland which at the time the song was being written (in the late 1970's early 1980's) were the subject of much political campaigning including Hunger Strikes by the inmates.



Zionist France and Zionist Britain come up with institutionalised daily terror and racist campaigns and  incitation to religious hatred and to violence.  But, the violence is carried out systematically by themselves.  Dual Nationals in France are threatened again and again, but the targets are mainly Arabs, and Muslims, not Israeli, Jews or non Muslim Blacks or Whites, for example.  (BAFS)

GARD Déchéance de la nationalité : “J’en ai marre de ce foutoir”, s’emporte le député Patrice Prat

Le député du Gard Patrice Prat (Photo d'archives : Thierry Allard / Objectif Gard)
Le député du Gard Patrice Prat (Photo d'archives : Thierry Allard / Objectif Gard)

Le député du Gard, proche d'Arnaud Montebourg, n'y va pas par quatre chemins. Mercredi, suite au maintien de la déchéance de la nationalité pour les binationaux dans la révision constitutionnelle, Patrice Prat a publié une longue lettre ouverte. Dans celle-ci, il déplore : "par souci tactique pur, l'esprit des politiciens nous éloigne de l'efficacité que nous devons, toutes et tous, rechercher dans l'action politique en général".

Et au membre de la commission d’enquête parlementaire sur les filières djihadistes d'argumenter : "la déchéance de nationalité n'aura aucun effet sur les djihadistes, kamikazes ou pas*. Tout le monde s'accorde là-dessus !". Or, "pour quelles raisons l'introduire dans le débat au point d'en faire un nouveau thème de déchirement dans la société française ?", s'interroge le parlementaire, "la hauteur de vue, la clairvoyance, le combat des valeurs, le courage politique ont-ils, à ce point, déserté la classe dirigeante de ce pays pour s'aligner, en permanence sur les sondages et une opinion française fragmentée, déboussolée ?".

"J'en ai marre de ce foutoir permanent, de ce vil besoin d'audimat, de cette dépendance maladive aux sondages", s'emporte Patrice Prat avant de conclure : " je rêverais d'un pays gouverné et d'une République qui élève les hommes. J'aime d'abord la France pour ses idéaux, pour son message universel. Fier d'être français qu'à cette seule condition".

* These are not Muslims, but mercenaries and the kamikazes are all innocent victims and patsies framed by the French Zionist Terrorist State!

Robert Ménard critique les musulmans qui ont protégé des églises durant Noël : "depuis quand les pyromanes protègent des incendies ?"

Publié à 12h20, le 26 décembre 2015, Modifié à 14h44, le 26 décembre 2015

Robert Ménard critique les musulmans qui ont protégé des églises durant Noël : "depuis quand les pyromanes protègent des incendies ?"
Robert Ménard © PASCAL GUYOT / AFP

Image Sylvain Chazot

Robert Ménard adore Noël. Il le prouve chaque année en revendiquant l'installation, dans l'enceinte de la mairie de Béziers, d'une crèche de la Nativité. Mais si le maire élu avec le soutien du FN apprécie les santons de Jésus, Marie et Joseph, il se moque un peu de l'esprit de Noël, cette idée de fraternité entre les peuples, quelles que soient leur origine ou leur confession.
Par exemple, Robert Ménard n'a pas vraiment apprécié que des musulmans protègent la messe de Noël à l'Eglise de La Devèze, à Béziers. Comment ? Des musulmans qui assurent la sécurité d'un lieu de culte chrétien le jour de Noël ? Un pur scandale selon l'élu local qui, apparemment, n'aime pas que des personnes d'obédience musulmane agissent dans sa commune. "Dans quel pays vit-on ? Où est passée la France ?" se questionne-t-il dans un communiqué avant de dénoncer cette "garde musulmane".
Serait-ce de la jalousie de la part de monsieur le maire, rappelé à l'ordre après la création de sa milice locale, pardon, sa "garde biterroise" comme il l'appelle ? Celui qui rêve de retrouver la France de Charles Martel ajoute :

Une garde musulmane "protégeant" une église catholique. Contre qui ? Des hordes de moines bouddhistes ? Des chamans sibériens ? Oui, de qui se moque-t-on ? Et où va ce pays ? Depuis quand les pyromanes protègent des incendies ?
Voilà. Les musulmans sont donc, du point de vue de Robert Ménard, des "pyromanes". Tout simplement. Parce que oui, dans l'esprit de monsieur le maire, les personnes qui pourraient attaquer des églises ne sont pas des terroristes mais des musulmans... 
Dans la journée du 26 décembre, Robert Ménard a tenu à préciser ses propos peut-être trop subtils. Dans un tweet, l'élu de Béziers a expliqué que cette initiative prise par des musulmans était "un avant-goût de libanisation de la France"...

Les personnes qui ont saccagé une salle de prière musulmane, vendredi  25 décembre à Ajaccio, n'ont pas droit aux mêmes égards de la part du maire de Béziers. Si les musulmans sont des "pyromanes", le saccage d'un lieu de culte musulman encore est, pour Robert Ménard – et comme de nombreux cadres FN – "la conséquence du laxisme total de 'L'Etat' français...". 

Cette attaque faisait suite à l'agression de deux pompiers et d'un policier dans la nuit du 24 au 25 décembre. 

[EDIT 14h43] Ajout tweet de Robert Ménard du 26 décembre


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