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The English "dogs" and "pigs" allowed and protected the one(s) (well known to him!) who embezzled, and attacked Basheer and his religion by putting a pig's head on his letter box with his photo stuck on it!  
The Police said it was a joke and the media said it was "Black Magic"!

 Pontius Pilate released Jesus the Son of the Father - BAR ABBAS - the Messiah and Son of Mary, and had Jesus the Freedom Fighter and King of the Judeans crucified THEY SAY!

Dancing in KOBANE.. To ALL unknown Katyusha

Soran Viyan
We will not discuss here the reason (s) why Basheer Ahmad Frémaux-Soormally uses as Criterion the so-called "New Testament" with its completely unauthentic and unreliable records of concocted, fabricated, corrupted, badly translated, misinterpreted, and very poorly interpreted legends and myths of the past about an Arab or Palestinian or Galilean by the name of Jesus the Messiah or Christ who we have not seen History having any trustworthy record of, instead of using the almost completely authentic and reliable records of real Revelations or Inspirations from the uniquely historical Muhammad backed by thousands of witnesses during his own life time, compiled in the Furq'ân or Criterion or more commonly known as the Holy Qur'ân (made available right after Muhammad death and memorised in its entirety by thousands of Muhammad's followers called Muslims) that confirms to some extent and corrects all past Revelations made to the Children of Israel also known as Sadducees and Pharisees, Jews or Judaics, including Jesus himself.   Whether these later Revelations were revealed by God Himself through an Angel or not is not the issue here.  However, the indisputable fact remains that they are historical and inspired by that one Arab Muhammad as witnessed by thousands.

 Basheer's 1727 Bible 

Do not give dogs what is sacred!
Do not throw your pearls to pigs!
If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.
Matthew 7:6 ► 

The English "dogs" and "pigs" allowed and protected the one(s) (well known to him!) who embezzled, and attacked Basheer and his religion by putting a pig's head on his letter box with his photo stuck on it!  
The Police said it was a joke and the media said it was "Black Magic"!

Of course we will never know who wrote these "Biblical" words, or who uttered them, but they sound so true even some two thousand years later!  As their author was not known, the name Matthew was arbitrarily given to the anonymous author and the text was named the Gospel according to Matthew made a Saint by Rome later on.

Anyway we can never trust any "versions" or "translations" of those Old Arabic or Aramaic texts in "Matthew" or of other Greek or Latin texts as contained in the "New Testament" of the so-called Christians, which are no more than a compilation of various concocted texts, none in their original version.  For hundreds of years Christian authorities have been playing a very stupid and childish game with the number of texts (books) contained in their "Holy Bible"!  The First King James' Version contained 73 Books like the Catholic Douai Bible.  Today it contains only 66 Books like the Protestant Bibles!  Basheer's remarkable 1727 English Bible contains 81 texts ("books").  Who in their right mind can trust such unreliable texts?  It goes the same for the dead Hebrew texts.  The post Christian Rabbinic Talmudic writings are not the issue here.  Nonetheless, the "New Testament" has been canonised and made sacred by the Roman Catholic Church.  Like the Holy Qur'ân, it contains many truths and much wisdom, which that Fanatic Ignoramus Ape Richard Dawkins (FIARD) never saw or understood.  The Torah has been made redundant by the Jews and Pharisees themselves after having replaced it by Talmud as a higher authority.  Roman and other European Christians have also abolished the Law following Saul's "revelations" or imagination.

At the end of Basheer's life he can safely say with hatred towards none and without anger that he wasted his entire life giving dogs what is sacred, throwing pearls to two-legged pigs who trampled them under their feet, and turned and tore him and his small family to pieces.  But, thanks to his good human nature he accepted the losses and never took revenge or started wars over money and property that he could not stop despite being tempted hundreds of times throughout his life to do so by his own family and blood and by even his loved ones in his own home!  However, although he blames himself for his failures, he would always blame our political leaders for their unjust and tyrannical laws and blame our religious leaders and teachers for teaching us false religions and false values to our own detriment by believing in false Gods.


Revelation (Apocalypse) 22:15
Outside (the City) are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.


But, the main concern here is the on-going conversation (started many years back) between one Jesus, the mythical figure called Jesus the Christ or Messiah of some two thousand years ago, our contemporary I AM HE incarnated by Basheer Ahmad who could have been the God Father to whom Jesus always prayed to, praised and pleased during his very short Earthly Ministry of some three years, and Satan.  Note that Basheer regards those Biblical and religious records as allegories, parables, metaphors, etc.  Although not an Atheist, he does not believe in or accept Such a God or a God-Created Satan as most believers believe in, whether Hinduists, Buddhists, Jews, Judaics, Israel, Christians or Muslims.


An allegory is a complete narrative which involves characters, and events that stand for an abstract idea or an event. A symbol, on the other hand, is an object that stands for another object giving it a particular meaning.


A parable is a succinct, didactic story, in prose or verse, which illustrates one or more instructive lessons or principles. It differs from a fable in that fables employ animals, plants, inanimate objects, or forces of nature as characters, whereas parables have human characters. A parable is a type of analogy.


A metaphor is a figure of speech that identifies something as being the same as some unrelated thing for rhetorical effect, thus highlighting the similarities between the two.


A traditional or legendary story, usually concerning some being or hero or event, with or without a determinable basis of fact or a natural explanation, especially one that is concerned with deities or demigods and explains some practice, rite, or phenomenon of nature.

2. stories or matter of this kind: realm of myth.

Middle English (in the sense ‘story of a saint's life’): from Old French legende, from medieval Latin legenda ‘things to be read’, from Latin legere ‘read’. Sense 1 of the noun dates from the early 17th century.


Who are the pigs (the swine) today?

Who really are the dogs?

Who practice the magic arts of the sorcerers?

Who are the sexually immoral (whoremongers and Sodomites)?

Who are the murderers (warmongers and cannibals)?

Who are the idolaters (Satanists)?

And who are the ones who love and practice falsehood ?




Zionist Media(2)





The dogs and the pigs are without any doubt Western democracies, the Saulians or Paulians or Romans (Europeans) who falsely or foolishly call themselves Christ-ians whereas they are for the most part from the Synagogues and Churches of Satan, Jews of the post-Christian Talmud (that had replaced Orthodox Judaism nearly two thousand years ago), and the Roman Catholic Paulians, apostates, heretics, apostates, etc.  This racist Israel-Roman/European and Satanic Judaic-Paulian Axis of Evil is the worst that the history of humankind has ever known.  They even conquered all Orthodox Christian lands, exterminated much of their inhabitants, over 100 millions souls including the figures provided by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and made the Survivors into mostly slaves, Atheists, Socialists, Communists, Feminists, Abortionists, Femenists, Israel's and European whores and homosexuals, and into Satanists, with few exceptions among their celebrities while the zombified masses always went and still along with their powerful and heavily armed despots and tyrants.


An imagined dialogue between God the Father (Basheer), His Son Jesus Christ and Satan based on real life tribulations happening right now that bring many to despair and desperate acts when they abandon God.



Basheer Ahmad:  As salaamu 'alaykum (Shalom Aleykhem in Hebrew, an Arabic dialect or patois!), My Son, is there really God?

Jesus Christ:  Wa 'alaykum salaam Father!  (Aleykhem Shalom!)  Of course, Father, there is God, but not the way humans think and believe in.


Basheer:  Most people do not know that I do not really exist except in the imagination, hearts and souls of some as a real life saviour.  And without Me they are unable to have a Moral Way of Life.  I keep them from despair and desperate acts not because I really exist, but because they find the best of company with me and this makes them happy and better human beings.

Jesus:  Yes, Father, but for many their worldly actions are influenced by their beliefs in and expectation of a heavenly Paradise and they are scared of Hell.


Basheer:  If only they could understand that both Paradise and Hell are to be found only in this life and right here on Earth!

Jesus:  Not only do they refuse or are unable to understand this, but many also expect me to return to Earth to build them a Paradise on Earth.  And this will never happen.  And there will not be any "rapture" either!  I know of only one soul in 7 billions who has not abandoned the Company of God and who knows all that.


Basheer:  Yes, I know him too.  Right now he had to decide whether to take revenge for all the deceptions, lies and destructive way of life of his own loved ones, and start a war, but he knows that it is not in his nature to fight over money and property.  Rightly or wrongly, materialism was not his choice in life!  So, he takes refuge in Me although He knows that I am only to be found in his own imagination, heart and deep within his soul.  This makes him a lot stronger, and by being busy with Me, you, Muhammad, and even Satan, this is guiding and saving his life and keeping the peace in what remains of his shattered family that was blown up to a thousand pieces every time he tried to rebuild it.  Poor man, but he finds happiness in so many other ways and in his very rich cultural heritage: Arab, Islamic, Vedantist, Christian, Hindustani, Russian, French, English, German, Persian, Italian, etc.     

Jesus:  Yes Father, we have been talking a lot to each other lately including to Satan.


Basheer:  But, My Son, let Me now explain the background of all these tribulations on Earth even though millions say they believe in Me.  Let me show you why those who call themselves Jews or Christians and claim to believe in Me are doing so much Evil on Earth and, for example, hating another group called Muslims who too claim to believe in Me.  Jewish Christian decadence is at its highest level.  See how much they (the decadent ones) love depravity, homosexuals, whores, drugs, killing, stealing, lying, deceiving, and coveting everything! 

Jesus:  Their greatest lie is to say that you Father gave birth to me and sent me as a human sacrifice for their sins.  Not only this is a big lie, but also does not make any sense at all.


Basheer:  Of course, My Son, I never begot a Son or sent him to be tortured and crucified by those Satan worshippers!

Jesus:  They blame Muslims and Islam for everything bad that is happening in the world when they are the ones who are engineering all the Evil we find globally.


Basheer:  My Son, when they base their religion on lies this is bound to happen and repeat itself.   Those who do not have a religion or God, so they say, believe in the State as God and base their Way of Life on Democracy, Human Rights, Animal Rights, Women's Rights, Homosexual Rights, Man-made Laws, the biggest lies of modern times.

Jesus:  Yes, Father.  Sometimes I do visit their places of worship and I always meet Satan there and I find him so happy.


Basheer:  I know, My Son, Satan is sitting on the thrones of all so-called Western democratic governments that are terrorising and mass murdering defenceless nations globally.

Jesus:  They even claim that India and Israel are democracies where all kinds of abominations are happening right now like prostitution and abortion!  Indians hate baby girls and murdered some 50 million babies under the strict control of Satan's United Nations!  Another 50 million babies were murdered alone in the USA!  When you get so used to killing, life has no more any value at all, except yours, of course!


Basheer:  My Son, let us talk about that famous "Bible" or "New Testament" of lies that is still being preached to millions of souls around the world with catastrophic results and all in My Name.

Jesus:  And in my name too, Father!  And that of Muhammad also!


Basheer:  My Son, did you ever tell the Jews or Israel that you were the root and the offspring of David?

Jesus : Father, how could I tell anybody anything as I was never there in the first place?  And how can any immaculate conception be the offspring of that David pervert? 


Basheer:  They say you were born of a Virgin!

Jesus: Of course, Father, like with all chaste mothers.  But, is not even a chaste divorced mother not entitled to re-marry and have legitimate children? 


Basheer: Of course, My Son, but they also say you forbade divorce and a man from having more than one wife.

Jesus: Father, they have always lied about me, and about almost everything!  They legalised monogyny while operating brothels and allow free sex, abortion, single motherhood, homosexuality, homosexual marriage, and even practice selective racism.  What hypocrites!


Basheer: They even say you sent Angels as witnesses in their first seven churches of Asia.

Jesus: First of all I established no church, but only very minuscule congregations (ecclesia) of starving, ungrateful, unemployed or very lazy people who I had to feed, they say miraculously.


Basheer:  Like the Jew Philip Zelikow they love myth making!  Do you remember My Son when they say they were slaves in Egypt?  How they made Me mass murder the Egyptian first born and terrorise the Egyptians, and then ran away with all the Egyptian gold?  How I opened the Red Sea for them to help those liars and thieves escape?  How I fed them with Mana?  And how they turned against Me by worshipping the Golden Calf?

Jesus: Yes, Father, and many more!  They are such liars!   


Basheer:  My Son, did you say you are the bright and morning star?

Jesus:  I wish I knew the bright and morning star, but I don't!


Basheer:  They also made you into a buffoon and a coward, didn't they, My Son?

Jesus: Yes, Father, they say I was such a coward that I did not want to go to Palestine (the Romans called it Judea.  They love changing the names of places and peoples wherever they go!) because the Jewish leaders there were looking for a way to kill me. 


Basheer:  Even your Brothers accused you of cowardice hiding in Galilee saying:  No one who wants to become a public figure acts in secret.  They say that even your own Brothers did not believe in you.

Jesus:  First they say I am the only Begotten Son of God, begotten not made, then they say I have Brothers and Sisters!  Even my mother did not like what I was doing and was looking for me all over the place to kick my butt!


Basheer:  Yes, My Son, and they gave me a Wife too and said I had sex with her and gave birth to One Unique Begotten Son, you, My Son!  They imagine me as a human like them, the fools!

Jesus: Yes, Father, it is not only blasphemy, but it is outright Satanic!  They even say that I hid in Galilee because my time had not yet fully come, an excuse they would use over and over again for a well-known hidden purpose!  They had planned to have me crucified by the Romans, falsely resurrected, and made into God Himself


Basheer:  Yes, My Son, and yet they say you still went to Palestine in secret despite your promise not to go because the Jewish leaders were looking for you to kill you!

Jesus: Father, they lie and they contradict themselves all the time.  All is myth and deception! Even today they have a motto: By deception we shall make war!


Basheer:  Yes, My Son, and although they say because your time had not fully come you were hiding in Galilee, they nonetheless say you went to the Temple Courts in Palestine and began to teach in public to the "Jews" half way through the Tabernacle Festival.  And Christians say all these lies are the Word of God!  They always portray all the Palestinians (Judeans) as being religious Israelite Jews, which is a big lie!

Jesus: They say I had no teachers, but yet that I was teaching to them and never asked them to write down anything I was telling them!  It is true that most of them were illiterate!  But, they would much later correct this blunder by making new revelations where they make Angels ask them to write everything down.


Basheer:  My Son, so you found not one of those Jews keeping the Law I am said to have given to Moses!  This proves that I never gave them any such Law unless we say that I am really a very Incompetent God to do such useless things!  If I am God and give a Law to follow, this means that THE LAW WILL BE FOLLOWED!

Jesus:  Yet, not one of them kept the Law Father meaning they sinned and did everything that was forbidden and disobeyed the Commandments.  Yes, Father, this proves that their idea of God is unacceptable and does not make any sense at all.


Basheer:  Do you know why they tried to kill you, My Son?

Jesus:  They say that I am demon-possessed and that I broke the Sabbath by healing a man's body on that day.  Yet, they themselves circumcise on the Sabbath!


Basheer:  Did you tell them not to judge people's actions?

Jesus: Of course not, Father!  I exhorted them to stop judging by mere appearances, but instead to judge correctly!  They distort every single word I am supposed to have said!  They say I was even speaking publicly and nobody came to kill me!  They are such liars like their father Satan!  They tried to seize me, but apparently I used my magic powers that You Father gave me to escape.


Basheer: Do you know why, My Son, they refused you as their Messiah, a term that does not mean much in reality?

Jesus:  Oh yes!  They say they know where I come from while nobody will know where the Messiah comes from!  I never told them that I was their Messiah, yet they keep repeating that I said so, and that I said You sent me Father.


Basheer:  What happened when the chief priests and the Pharisees sent temple guards to arrest you?

Jesus: Nothing!  They came, disobeyed their orders and listened to me teaching and found I was a good man and left.  It is obvious that this is yet another false story concocted by those bogus Gospel and other writers or just another one of their hallucinations from too much drug consumption most probably!  They say I was still teaching publicly until the very last and greatest day of the festival and no one arrested me.  This is why today lies have become truth and vice versa.


Basheer: But, I see them say you keep referring to the Scripture as an authority, didn't you know My Son that their Scriptures were all corrupt?

Jesus: Of course I knew, Father!  They even falsely claim that their Scriptures  spoke of me and that "Whoever believes in me, rivers of living water will flow from within them.  This is utterly meaningless and they had to invent more lies by saying that those who believe in me will receive not rivers of flowing water, but the Spirit that was never given before to anybody.  Believers in me will receive that Spirit, but only after I have been glorified!  All this is Latin or Greek mumbo jumbo of a later concoction!  They hate Arabic and all "Semitic" languages and from a Palestinian religion they invented a totally different Greco-Roman religion and different concepts, although they made up an improved version of old corrupt Judaism, just as Islam came up with a greatly improved version of Christianity.


Basheer:  Yes, and Saul is partly responsible for the corruption of the Law and the Ecclesia!  Remember that they acknowledged that, according to the Scripture you referred to, they were waiting for The Prophet and The Messiah, not from Galilee, but from David’s descendants and from Bethlehem, the town where David lived?

Jesus:  This nonsense about David is being repeated to this very day!  They even made strangers in the streets greet me as the Son of David when my father was Joseph and they later made me the Only Begotten Son of God!   

Basheer:  My Son, they say you never helped your mother, father, brothers and sisters at home or work for a living because early in the morning you were teaching in the Temple.  How come they allowed you inside the Temple when elsewhere they keep saying the chief priests and the Pharisees were all looking for you and wanted to kill you? 
Jesus:  They tell stories about a man they never saw!  Nobody saw me because I was never there!  It's again all lies!  Why would "all the people" leave their homes early in the morning to listen to me and never believe in what I teach and right inside the Temple of the Scribes and the Pharisees?  Why would the latter call me Master anyway and ask me to judge a woman accused of adultery?  They even invented a judgement attributed to me:  "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her."  Because they were all sinners, they all left us two alone!  And I delivered my verdict:  I do not condemn thee, but go and sin no more!  Who would believe such nonsense?  Isn't it taking the readers for fools when they say that after they all had left they were all still there again to listen to me?  The 'more civilised' Romans and the Greeks did not like the idea of stoning, so they made me acquit the adulterer!  They prefer a more civilised way: crucifixion and thrown to be devoured by starved hungry lions or wolves.  Like because they did not like the idea of circumcision or of no pork eating, so they made sure these were tampered with in their new religion they called Christianity where they banned circumcision and allowed eating of pork which was clearly in breach of the Law.  So, they got rid of the Law and invented a new religion!  The Pharisees got rid of the Torah and invented Rabbinic Talmudism.  They ended in completely neutralising religion by separating it from the State!  They call it Secularism.

Basheer:  Yes, My Son, they always blame Muslims for having in their Book of Wisdom and Guidance or Sharia  (the Path to God wrongly called LAW)  punishment by sword beheading although they themselves used to behead, guillotine, electrocute, hang, execute by firing squad, and today they just blast your head off with bombs, including the heads of babies or starve millions of innocent people to death or use depleted uranium or Monsanto to degenerate the species! 
Jesus:  Yes, Father, they are the greatest manufacturers of Holocausts, systematic False Flag Operations, and political assassinations, and they are the greatest Terrorists in History, and their God is Lucifer.

Basheer:  Speaking of Lucifer, My Son, who is the Light of the World and the Alpha and the Omega? 
Jesus: If there is such a thing, it can only be You, Father, of course, but they call Lucifer the Bringer of Light and he is worshipped by both the Judaics and the Freemasons today!  They told so many lies about You and me that I lost count.  They also made me bear witness of myself.  Has anybody ever heard of such an absurdity?  They even distort the meaning of the word witness!  One day they ask me to judge and another day they say I judge no man, but if I judge my judgement is true!  And again they say I have "many things to judge of you".  All lies, lies, and lies!  And contradictions.  Those writers are deluded as well as those who compiled and canonised those eclectic texts that did not stand the test of time.  This is why more than half of Christendom left the religion called Christianity and the churches are more and more empty or converted into concert halls, shopping centres and other places of ill repute and Satanic worship.

Basheer:  My Son, Anonymous John concocted the following too - imposing on the Palestinians and others the belief that YOU ARE GOD!  I AM HE!  YA HU WAH!  But, when the dumb Jews asked you to confirm you refused they say or you were vague about it or replied in a beat-about-the-bush manner. 
Jesus:  Yes, they are so stupid!  They even say that when I "have lifted up the Son of Man", then shall they know that I am HE (GOD), and yet say that "I do nothing of myself; but as my Father hath taught me"!  This is Jewish and Christian hogwash Father! 

Basheer:  Yes, My Son, they utter nonsense after nonsense.  One day they say the Spirit was not there, but the Father never left you alone!  Another day they say you will send them the Spirit of Truth, but first that you have to go for Him to come! Jesus:  How can You exist without Your Spirit, Father?  They even invented Three Gods: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost, Phantom or Spirit.  Later they even invented the Mother of God, UM ALLAH. 
Basheer:  My Son they are very confused and to this very day they do not know the Truth and therefore are still slaves of Satan!  But, even when you tell them the Truth they refuse to admit it or even to listen to you!  They seek to kill you, because your word has no place in them!  Their father is Satan.  They want to kill all Muslims and Arabs today!
Jesus:  They say I tell them to do the works of Abraham, and deluded Saul comes along and tells them they will be saved not by works, but by faith alone!  They do not like anybody telling them the truth!  And they will try to kill you if you do so.  They did not understand my speech!

Basheer:  But, they say you said something about them, which I find remarkable:

"Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it."

Jesus:  Yes, Father, it is remarkable!  The dogs (it is in their own Bible!) even say that I am a Samaritan, and have a devil, and some other absurdity like:  "Before Abraham was, I am."  Is that even grammatically correct?  I know that my English is not that good, but "Before Abraham was, I AM" looks like I am bragging and talking gibberish!  They then took up stones to cast at me for saying that, and made me into a coward by saying that I hid myself from them and went out of the temple!  They gave me 12 disciples, but they were not there to defend me!

Basheer:  Yes, My Son, nonsense after nonsense!  On a Sabbath they also made you spit on the ground, and make clay of the spittle, and anoint the eyes of a beggar, a blind man from birth, with the clay.  This was a local tradition but surely not from Me!  No wonder Apes like Richard Dawkins laugh at me and at them! This is human magic or trickery, but not a Miracle from God!  Yet, the dumb people were amazed and said "This is He (God)!  Others said, He is like Him (God). And, that you said, My Son, "I am He" - I AM GOD!  
Jesus:  Yes, Father, they are either very dumb or they must like jokes like those of the French comedian Dieudonné M'bala M'bala!  When God does miracles He just have to say BE, and IT IS without any mumbo jumbo!

Basheer:  My Son, every believer was terrorised by the Pharisees, and nobody was allowed to confess that you were either The Prophet or The Messiah.  Yet, you claimed none of those, did you?    
Jesus:  I claimed nothing of the sort!  I wasn't even there and You know it Father!  John of Patmos channelled the spirits and the mischievous spirits confused him.  He must also have been hallucinating because of drugs use and he made "Revelations" called The Apocalypse in Greek and said it was from me or you Father

Basheer:  Yes, My Son, John of Patmos claimed Your Father sent an Angel to give him revelations of things that "must shortly come to pass" and absolutely nothing came to pass shortly or later!  So here is the proof of yet another Big Lie!  Further, his word of God and his testimony of Jesus Christ were all concocted and fantasy or visions he had while being heavy on drugs!  His prophecy that "the time is at hand" is 100% false!  Yet, fools still believe in this nonsense to this very day!
Jesus:  They say that the end will come during their own lifetime and even those who pierced me on the cross would see me return on the clouds!  Yet, there was no cross and no return on the clouds or otherwise.  In one account they say the Son of the Father was saved by Pilate, but who is the Son of the Father?  They always get mixed up with Semitic terms and Christians refuse to check the origins of the terms.  I was supposed to be Jesus the Son of the Father, Bar Abbas, the Son of Mary.  There was another Jesus the King of the Judeans (Palestinians), a Freedom Fighter, a Mujaahid that they crucified, so they say!  That Freedom fighter Jesus cried on the cross saying You Father had forsaken him just before he died.  But, they have always hidden from the world that there were two Jesuses!

Basheer:  My Son, how could I help the King of the Judeans My Son, when I cannot even help any nation that Satan is bombing and massacring nonstop?  I can help only individual cases who can in turn help others, but only if they are united and trust and obey Me.  But, most refuse to unite because they refuse to fight, have no compassion, are not sincere, hate personal sacrifice, are selfish, are not dedicated, loyal, and too lazy !  But, we will waste more precious time if we keep on talking about the "New Testament" or the "Old Testament" or even about Islam.  No matter which part of the Bible we talk about, it will be the same nonsense.  That God in the Holy Bible is not God, but an invention of their imagination.
Jesus: Father, I am sure we will never be able to make humans understand that all that has been written about both Father and Son is just an Allegory meant to make the lives of the most vulnerable amongst the humans to be more bearable and even to save them in many cases.  Tribulations have never ceased in the world and they have become worse because people refuse to fight for their freedom, for the Truth, for Justice and for a Moral Way of Life.  So Satan took over their world, religion and lives.  And Satan is militarily so powerful that there can be no success without armed resistance.  When I went to the Temple to kick the butts of the Bank gangsters, I was not alone and we were fully armed!  Why do you think they wanted to kill me?  Why do you think that they murdered everybody that opposed their usurious and Satanic religion?  They spared nobody!

Satan: Now that you two guys have said what you wanted, can I say something?

Basheer: Of course, you can, Habibi, we are not Pharisees to censor your right to free speech!

Satan: I won the game, didn't I?

Jesus: Yes, you did and I am very sad to have to conclude that the world has always preferred you to me or to my Father!

Basheer:  Now, that this fact has been established once for all, one question remains: Will the future generations learn the lesson?  If I were really God I would know, wouldn't I?  And I know!  The two-legged Dogs and Pigs will never learn, but only the few who will be informed and are wise enough to understand while still young not to waste their lives with false religions and false Gods!  Basheer personally spent 7 decades and all his to finally understand the truth about humans, their religions and Gods, and have been offering them my conclusions for decades absolutely for free, but without any or significant response, and without any hope that they will ever learn the lesson or put it to good use before the Real End of this World.

Satan:  If the religious fools could learn to TRUST NO ONE and love money in a balanced way in order to profit themselves and their loved ones, and guarantee a secure household and life, there will be less misery on Earth because Dark Forces are out there to destroy all family unity and the whole of human and other kind.  It is their own weaknesses and failures, but they always blame them on me!

Basheer:  I  cannot but agree with Satan and will remind Christians, Muslims and others to stop preaching that the love of money is the root of all evil!  I will also admit that I was absolutely wrong not to have added one more Commandment to the Law: 
 Thank you, Satan! 

Tuesday 8th of December 2015

Jesus, My Son, I will soon be leaving this life for good, and nobody knows what will happen to humankind and the world, not even God!  Their Destiny is in their own hands!  


David Cameron accused of putting his dick in pig’s mouth

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David Cameron with pigs
David Cameron hanging out with pigs (alive ones)

The UK Prime Minister David Cameron has been accused of being many things during his tenure as leader of the country – but "pigfucker" is the latest allegation to be thrown his way. Former Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party (and mortal enemy of Cameron’s) Lord Ashcroft has written a biography titled Call Me Dave, a book that reportedly sheds light on the PM’s less-than-impressive behaviour at university, with allegations of drug use, trashing restaurants and now, inserting genitalia into a pig’s mouth as part of an initiation process. The Daily Mail, that morally dubious bastion of (not even half) truths ran an extract from Ashcroft’s book, which it describes as sure to "make political waves".
He probably isn’t going to do it again, right? I’m loathe to defend David Cameron for anything, but while the allegation is unsettling and gross, no-one’s accusing him of having a particular penchant for sexual encounters with dead animals. As far as I can tell, this is being reported as having been a one off rather than a series of pig assaults. It’s an unpleasant and disturbing image and an unpleasant and disturbing thing to do, but in my opinion not as gross as him and his upper class mates from the Bullingdon Club trashing restaurants, shouting about "fucking plebs" and the ethos of the group being simply to despise the poor, as he has been accused of in the past. It’s these allegations that sit most uncomfortably with me – given the glaring social inequalities that continue to besmirch our country under Tory rule – rather than bizarre, depraved rituals involving dead animals, or rumoured drug use years ago.

This is what it’s really about, isn’t it? While some of us may act shocked and appalled (and actually, quite a lot of us might be), in reality it’s a good opportunity for you to think of some pig puns, scoop up some RTs and hopefully find your work embedded in a Buzzfeed article. @CameronPig is already a Twitter account, #Hameron is trending and a million jokes referencing Babe, Peppa Pig and Miss Piggy are being told and stolen.
There are also valuable social benefits to the news. It’s Monday morning and it’s been revealed – David Cameron might have put his dick in a dead pig’s mouth, meaning that there’s way more to talk about at the water cooler than usual. Do say: "Whoa, have you heard that the Prime Minister has been accused of sticking his dick in a dead pig’s mouth? Weird, right?" Don’t say: "Have you ever fucked a dead pig?"
It’s hard to say, given that we don’t have a point of reference. As far as I’m aware, David Cameron is the nation’s first leader to be accused of putting his dick in a dead pig’s mouth. But probably, not a lot. Twitter will run with #PigGate for a while and .@ the Prime Minster some joke questions about sex with pigs that he won’t respond to. However, the authors of the book claim to have photographic evidence of the pig necrophilia. If that’s true, then it will be infinitely harder to deal with. Currently, everyone is imagining this depraved scene and it’s unproven. A photograph allowing everyone the shared experience of knowing exactly what David Cameron looks like with his dick in a pig’s mouth will be an explosive image to have attached to your leadership. Ed Miliband’s political career struggled to recover from a photo of him putting a dead pig in his mouth badly – Cameron’s may falter if a photo emerges of him putting himself inside a dead pig correctly.
A jail sentence? Compensation to the pig’s family? Should Cameron have to put a pig’s dick in his mouth? A lump sum donation to farm animal charities? Castration? Elect a pig as an MP? Who knows what the consequences will be. If a photo emerges, there will obviously be clamour for him to resign. Sex with live animals is illegal, but if they‘re dead then the law becomes a little more opaque. Not good (obviously), but illegal?
Cameron recently made a number of various sexual positions and techniques illegal when depicted in pornography, so if this allegation is true it opens him up to accusations of hypocrisy. Calling it right here: inserting your genitals into a dead pig is way worse than watching facesitting.
‘Ed Miliband’s political career struggled to recover from a photo of him putting a dead pig in his mouth badly – Cameron’s may falter if a photo emerges of him putting himself inside a dead pig correctly’
Back in 2011, Charlie Brooker debuted his dark, satirical TV show Black Mirror. The first episode involved Britain’s Prime Minister being coerced into having sex with a pig on live television in order to guarantee the safe return of a kidnapped monarch. He agrees to go through with it, as "he’ll do anything for his country". Cameron however, is accused of having gone through with it willingly, or least as part of a strange initiation process. We know Brooker’s work is current, but prophetic? The writer denies having had any inside knowledge of the pig rumours prior to penning the script.

Aside from #piggate, Ashcroft’s book accuses Cameron of smoking weed and allowing cocaine to be taken freely at his house, although he is not implicated in taking it. The book also reveals that during the alleged "dope smoking" years, Cameron and his cronies were big fans of Supertramp, the 70s British rock band. The opening verse to "The Logical Song", Supertramp’s biggest hit, feels particularly relevant to Cameron’s current predicament and position – a description of a close bond with animals, carefree early years, then being swallowed up by a machine-like world:

When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful,
A miracle, oh it was beautiful, magical.
And all the birds in the trees, well they'd be singing so happily,
Joyfully, playfully watching me.
But then they send me away to teach me how to be sensible,
Logical, responsible, practical.
And they showed me a world where I could be so dependable,
Clinical, intellectual, cynical.


Manufactured Terrorism Awareness Day

Published on 28 Nov 2015

Published on 28 Nov 2015

That's what the Zionists have been doing since their movement's inception (1890), World War I would have never been prolonged without their (for lack of a better word) influence. (Google the Balfour Declaration)

World War II may never have happened without their need to create Israel. You see the World Zionists declared war on Germany in 1933, that is what made Hitler eventually turn on his fellow Jewish countrymen. Their need (Zionists) for a Jewish State became an obsession, cultist as you consider their collaborations with the Nazi party known as the Transfer Agreement. (also in 1933)

Behind the scenes, were working the Rothschild banking family, who were also Zionists and had established villages in Israel as early as 1913. The Balfour Declaration was sent to Lord Rothschild in conjunction with the World Zionist Organization.

Zionism=Israel-Centrism, there is no getting around that fact. The war on terror not only benefits the Zionist State, but like with WW I and WW II Zionists also had something to do with the attacks of September the Eleventh 2001.

The Zionist's finger prints are all over the events, their influence (for lack of a better word) within the Bush administration is/was well known. September the Eleventh was not America's New Pearl Harbor, but was the Neo Con's, and other non-Jewish Zionist's Pearl Harbor.

I am one who is sick and tired of the Gate-Keepers never mentioning how Israel benefited or never acknowledging that 9/11 was an inside job. Saying things like 9/11 was due to Blowback or Incompetence. That is "pure hogwash" as LT Col. Bob Bowman would say.

Most if not all of what you see going on in the Middle East is to benefit Israel and what is known as the Zionist's Greater Israel Project. You know what motivates the insiders, the traitors within the US who allowed 9/11 to occur? Money and lots of it, just think of the increased military budget or the newly created Department of Homeland Security, and the TSA, that translates into huge amounts of money.

It is not just about oil or the control over the flow of it, that's a small part of it, it has more to do with the international banks, the petrodollar, and a world order of control freaks who have superiority complexes. It is within this order that Israel fits prominently into.

Think of modern history, think of what the Zionist concept is, and the damage it has done in our world. No god gave the land to the Zionists. They took it by force, and now try to maintain their illusion, their alternate reality through the same violence and force that was used to create their abomination in the first place...

  • Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution -- Professor Antony Sutton


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    FRÉMAUX SOORMALLY8 April 2016 at 23:02

    Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus
    Good Morning to you all undeserving Earthlings! One day I decided to understand that damn world we were all living or surviving in. I did not have to go to any Freemasonic university, but just walked outside and went on the highest hilltop around and look at the world from above. What I saw horrified me. First I walked away from all the religions, Gods and ideologies inspired to or made up by human Earthlings. I had to look at those arrogant WWI, WWII, Bank Gangsters' Revolutions, Genocidal Campaigns even against unarmed and defenseless nations, worse than wild animal cruelty, mendacity, lies, greed, envy, jealousy, perversions and blatant materialism in all aspects of lives, and only then did I come back to Earth to understand humans. I thought I understood them, but the only thing I understood was that the GOOD ones were not good enough and that the EVIL ones were growing worse than ever and absolutely nothing could stop them. This made me understand that the Gods or God running the Universal Show was very incompetent or in simpler terms DID NOT EXIST AT ALL except in the hearts of some and in their way of life while always remaining the slaves of those having not only ONE HUGE EYE on the world but actually running the whole Show. Some religions called it SATAN! If SUCH A GOD never or does not exist, SUCH EVIL has always existed and is the undisputed God of the world and that we humans have sold to Him the undisputed God of all our humanity. Doomed are we who think for a moment that the pursuit of and struggle for freedom, truth, Justice, and a Moral Way of Life will ever stop SATAN without a POPULAR REVOLUTION! And this can and will never happen unless the people of religion say enougis enough and stand up against and FIGHT Evil, all kinds of Evil and stop preaching USELESS religions and IMPOTENT GODS! BAFS
    Saturday 9th of April 2016