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  Совершенно верно!!! Мы покаемся и поднимемся с колен!!!



When I was invited to Trafalgar Square over ten years ago I met with Omar Bakri.  My very first question to him was:

ARE YOU JEWISH???  I found out after talking to him that he was not even Muslim!

 After my interview with "Lord" Nazir Ahmed at the House of Lords

But the Muslim SHIT of Britain INCLUDING "LORD" NAZIR AHMED, were not interested to know (or find out) that BAKRI was an MI6-SCOTLAND YARD (MOSSAD) AGENT just like others I had denounced: Anjem Chaudary and Amir and Imran Chowdury!  Over ten years ago I denounced Amir Chowdury directly to the Police, Scotland Yard and "Lord" Nazir who knew and regularly visited his family in Ilford after Amir had stolen my car and embezzled over £27,000 of my money in cash and made death threats to me and my family!  His brother Imran (apparently a British trained military) and his father were accomplices in the fraud! 


I have known many local Masajid ("mosques") to be mere Government Operation Centres!) including the local Asian Community Centre  where I live and which I found out when I was a member of the Executive Boad and where I mer Amir Chowdury (like Bakri he was on benefits and teaching Jiu-Jitsu and collecting funds for bogus Charities!) I challenge anybody to prove having seen me 'pray' in any one of them for the last 10 ten years!  

To be added to the list above are: Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui, Dr Shaaz Mahboob and the BMSD (British Muslims for Secular Democracy) who is directely linked to MOSSAD or Jews!   

 Bin Laden denies involvement in 9 11 - Deleted by Youtube

RARE Osama bin Laden denies involvement in 9/11 - blames Zionists - Ummat interview

Thomas Brinkley

Sheikh Usama Bin Ladin:

"It does not make sense that those who set out to protect the weak and the oppressed would now start killing innocent (9/11) .. as they are being blamed by the blamers."

"It has become crystal clear that the World in general and the U.S. in particular harbour an implacable, incredible Crusader hatred against Islam.  

David Duke Debates Muslim and Islam hater Alex Jones (8-18-15) And those who have lived these months under the constant airstrikes of various types of US warplanes know this fact as a self-evident truth. 

How many villages have been wiped out for no sin of theirs?

 When a Muslim is shown on television hitting a punching ball in a gym, or paint-balling the White English Zionist TV whores say MUSLIMS ARE PREPARING FOR WAR AGAINST BRITAIN!  

Black Guy Explains Why Blacks Will Lose A Race War - Extended Version

How many...if we start counting ... how many millions have been turned out in the severe cold?
These are the weak and oppressed among men, women and children who are today seeking refuge in tents in Pakistan.  They did not do anything wrong.  It was just a suspicion - and America attacked them so ferociously .
Even if America had incontrovertible evidence that the perpetrators of this act were Europeans, for example, the Irish Republican Army they would have found many avenues to solve the issue.  But, when even a suspicion pointed at the Islamic world the true ugly face of America was revealed and the Crusader hatred against the Islamic world came out into the open.
In the course of this statement I would like to present the facts of the conflict between us and America for not only is it very important and of consequence to Muslims but it affects the whole world.
America has no proof of what it accused this emigrant group that strives in the way of Allah (referring to the Arab Mujahideen in Afghanistan).  But rather it relies on oppression, injustice and aggression.
The history of Arab mujahideen (in Afghanistan) by the grace of God is clearly written in a snow-white (sheet).
They set out 20 years ago when the real and culpable terrorism of the Soviet Union became apparent against these children and other innocent civilians of Afghanistan.
Those Arab Mujahideen left their work, their schools, their families and friends all for seeking the pleasure of Allah and in support of the faith, and moreover to help the weak and oppressed children of the Muslims.
It does not make sense that those who set out to protect the weak and the oppressed would now start killing innocent .. as they are being blamed by the blamers.
So, this is their history and America itself had helped all those who fought against Russia.
And, then when Allah gave the Arab Mujahideen the opportunity to help the weak and the oppressed of Palestine, those innocent children, America flew into a rage and turned with obsession on all those who fought in Afghanistan. 
What is happening in Palestine today is absolutely clear.  It is a point of great consensus among all humanity since the Prophet Adam - peace and blessing upon him - that it is human nature to conflict and disagree on many matters.  But, there are some instinctive (distinctive) issues that Allah Almighty has preserved from disagreement except for those who have their souls astray and have reached an incredibly high level in their injustice and aggression."   

*MUST WATCH** Israel Did 9-11 Jewish Ex-Marine SPEAKS OUT

Совершенно верно!!! Мы (Muslims too!) покаемся и поднимемся с колен!!!
 Mы - русские - Жанна Бичевская - (We Russians - Zhanna Bichevskaya)

 We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook Full Video in Higher Quality

Published on 2 Dec 2014
SandyHook was a hoax to weaken the second amendment. A capstone event perpetrated by the president and the attorney general. Also see Sandy Hook creating reality redux on the tube.


Fake Muslim Preacher Omar Bakri Busted as Mossad Mole – Tied to Woolwich

Dr K.???

Other Hoaxes31 May 2013
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Fake Muslim Preacher Omar Bakri Busted as Mossad Mole

Muslim impostor and Zionist asset, Omar Bakri aka Fustuk, has, once again, revealed himself as what he truly is, a filthy Israeli Jew–and not just any Israeli mole but one directly tied to the Woolwich scam. Posing as a puffed-out Muslim preacher, in fact, Bakri is a Syrian Jew whose entire purpose is to wage war against Islaam for his Zionist handlers. Fully capable in English, he attempts to disguise himself with his fake “broken English Arabic-style” accent.  A fraudster to the extreme Bakri’s purpose is to create the platform for the demonization of Islaam and draw untoward attention to it, all unfavorable and derogatory, so that the Zionist crimes go unanswered.

Only the Jews perpetrate this act of posing as the preachers of other faiths, whether Islamic, Christian, Catholic, or otherwise. Routinely, Israeli Jews disguise themselves as Muslim preachers or teachers in order to foment plots against Islaam. Consider this example, one where extremist, fundamentalist Jews were caught,  a rare event; read carefully through the lines, while the news media still attempts to disguise them–they weren’t Afghans or anyone else nor Iranian Jews but Israeli moles from the West Bank:

On January 12 Indian intelligence officials in Calcutta detained 11 foreign nationals for interrogation before they were to board a Dhaka-bound Bangladesh Biman flight. They were detained on the suspicion of being hijackers. “But we realised that they were tabliqis (Islamic preachers), so we let them go,” said an intelligence official. They had planned to attend an Islamic convention near Dhaka, but Bangladesh refused them visa. Later, seemingly under Israeli pressure, India allowed them to fly to Tel Aviv.

Where’s the catch? The secret circular that warned of a possible hijack

“They had landing permits at Dhaka, but that’s not visa,” said a diplomat in the Bangladesh High Commission in Delhi. “We decided not to entertain them anymore because we cannot take chances.”
The eleven had Israeli passports but were believed to be Afghan nationals who had spent a while in Iran. They had secured landing permits for Dhaka and one-way tickets on Bangladesh Biman’s Calcutta-Delhi route through a Delhi-based travel agency.

“We have a right to deny travel facility to a passenger even if he has a valid ticket on security grounds,” said a Bangladeshi Biman official who did not want to be named. To the Bangladesh Biman officials the eleven, who were all Muslims, appeared “too murky”.

Indian intelligence officials, too, were surprised by the nationality profile of the eleven. “They are surely Muslims; they say that they have been on tabligh (preaching Islam) in India for two months. But they are Israeli nationals from the West Bank,” said a Central Intelligence official.

Bakri is fooling no one. Despite his cloak and disguise he knows nothing about Islaam and, rather, invents dictums out of thin air, even fabricating statements from the Qur’aan which don’t even exist, such as the claim that it says all Muslims upon reaching age 15 must receive military training to prepare for jihaad, a statement nowhere to be found.

There is no doubt about the fact that Bakri is a Zionist agent. He seeks to create great chaos among the faithful and is particularly emphatic about creating divisions of hate and suspicion in Western countries regarding Muslims. His goal: to create a continuous war between Islaam and Christianity. Muslims, in fact, all people must beware of him. He is the first line of support for European Jewry when it has as its aim the demonization of Islaam.

How is it that virtually Bakri alone, along with fellow Zionist mole Anjem Choudary, has full access to the Zionist media cabal, whose agents seek him out with recklass abaondon regarding any such event–any public terror act–such as the London tube bombings, 9-11, or the Woolwich inanity? The same people who perpetrate these acts, Zionist Jews, seek both Choudary and Bakri for interview platforms? Does that not explain their real nature?


The behavior of a devout Muslim? It’s reminiscent of the ludicrous stories told by the Zionist-controlled press about the supposed Muslim lap-dance attendees and drunks, the ones that partied before the fake hijackings.

Little needs to be done to reveal this man for what he really is, which is a secretive Zionist agent posing as a Muslim. It is all in his eyes and the nature of his words–and how he says it. He is a spy working for the great satanic ones, which is obvious from the plots and schemes he perpetrates. Yet, even so, it is the Jew Bakri, false preacher, who virtually alone stands out as endorsing murderous acts committed by fellow Zionist henchmen such as 9-11 and the London bombings, while calling the feeble false flag act of Woolwich, naming the arch-agent, Adebolaja, as “incredible.”

See this Zionist Jew in action in the following video:

Transcription of the impostor’s interview, the London Telegraph:

Michael was very quiet man. Very shy. Eh, he used to listen more that to, to speak. But he was a firm and courage. And I think, uh, after I saw footage brother Mujahid, the man he showed he was so firm on what he stands (for), really, to what he did, saying really to the whole world,

Caption: the Jew Fustuk aka Bakri has all the supposed appearances of a Middle Eastern ‘cleric,’ with the beard, robe, and flags with Arabic script

“You see, I carried this attack as revenge  for my Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world,” and he believe he attack military targets; he attacked…British soldier. He not attack civilian. He attack British soldiers. And the man, really, he did it, and he knows he’s going to be arrested or be killed.


That why he spoke out freely to the public: and is incredible.
Anyway, I think that is a message from Mujahid, who is really saying to the whole world that is as long as you are at war with Islam and Muslims there will be Muslims there to revenge.
Editor’s note: incredible as it is, this is the language of a Jew rather than a Muslim; yet, people freely attribute this to Islaam. They know nothing about this grand faith. How could they? It is continuously undermined through lies.


End of interview by ITN productions and the Zionist-owned Telegraph
Throughout his ‘interview’ Fustuk aka Bakri speaks of revenge. Is Woolwich Bakri’s and Adebolajo’s revenge against the failed false flag attempts of Sandy Hook and Boston? People who know Adebolajo have been in touch with this site. While it is unconfirmed, the information is that he was exceedingly distraught when his best friend–a non-Muslim man–died during the invasion and occupation of Basra. Is, then, this the kind of revenge of which this Jew impostor speaks, a vengeance against Islaam by Adebolaja? That would surely be substantiated by his malicious protesting about this being an Islaamic act.
Bakri is a Jew, not a Muslim, as is demonstrated by his face, words, schemes, and actions:

A Jew, not a Muslim, an important distinction to make. This would make it clear that the Woolwich duo are Zionists assets.
No small player, the Jew Bakri works close with the high agents of Western governments, supporting and facilitating precisely the same plots–that is plots that lead to the mass murder of Muslims:
Both Hollande and Bakri support the destabilization efforts in the clandestine war against the Syrian government. Then, too, since Adebolajo is a close cohort of Bakri, isn’t it reasonable to presume that he works for the same masters? Now, through this Zionist inspired effort of arming, training, and supplying the so-called Free Syria Army some 30,000 Syrians have been brutally slaughter, a murder specifically endorsed and, apparently, coordinated by Bakri.
A coordination that involves actual Mossad moles on the ground, Israeli Jews, once again posing as Muslim freedom fighters in a clandestine hit coordinated by this satanic one:

Caption: an Israeli Jew posing as a Syrian freedom fighter in a PressTV interview involving Bakri.

An inciter of hate speech, just like Bakri: What does it mean? It means that Adebolajo is also a Zionist asset, working for the other side, also posing falsely as a Muslim. See this inciter of hate and disruption in action, here:

Holding forth: Adebolajo at the rally on the eighth anniversary of September 11 outside Harrow Central Mosque in north London

His protestations are not found believable and, rather, are highly suspect. Why the screaming and ranting, when the Prophet of Islaam, God rest him in peace, said “Do not be extremists” in matters of faith.
The extremist (Jew in disguise) preacher described Michael Adebolajo, one of the men alleged to have been involved in the killing of a young soldier in Woolwich on Wednesday, as a “very quiet, very shy man.”

Omar Bakri founded the Islamist group Al-Muhajiroun, with which Adebolajo is believed (???) to have been associated.
Mr Bakri said that Adebolajo had openly acknowledged his actions and that he was sending a message to the world that “as long as you are at war with Islam and Muslims, there will always be Muslims to [exact] revenge.
Adebolago, it appears, has been working for the Zionists all along, just like Omar the Jew Bakri and his collaborator, Zionist mole Anjem Choudray. Therefore, here, an entire Mossad cell is hereby busted.



Accusations against Lord Ahmed merely highlight a vile anti-British career

Lord Ahmed exemplifies 'Labour appointments to the Lords in the 1990s designed to make Parliament more ‘multicultural’, a deliberate project by Labour to make Parliament represent ethnicity over the love of our country.

Lord Ahmed was suspended by the Labour party yesterday for allegedly* putting a bounty on the heads of President Obama and former President GW Bush while supporting the man indicted for the Bombay terror attacks.

It is unclear whether Ahmed actually said this*. However his past record is not unblemished.

*And Abhijit Pandya calls this "NEWS"! What is your ALLEGED source?

Suspended: Lord Nazir Ahmed allegedly put a bounty on the heads of President Obama and former President GW Bush
Suspended: Lord Nazir Ahmed allegedly put a bounty on the heads of President Obama and former President GW Bush

In 2005 he invited well-known (by racists!) anti-semite (bloody liar!) Israel Shamir to the House of Lords to talk about ‘Jews and Empire’.

In 2007 he savagely attacked Tony Blair (the mass murderer!) for giving Salman Rushdie (the Satanic blasphemer!) a knighthood, by oddly stating: ‘he’s honouring a man who has insulted the British public and been divisive in community relations’. It’s excellent that we have a Peer that has such an awful regard for our tradition of freedom of speech, who believes that literary merit cannot be praised if a minority might be offended. (But not the Holocaust!)

In 2008 he ran over and killed a man on the M1 after (or while? How many did Blair killed?) texting on his mobile phone. He was given a prison sentence for dangerous driving, which was later suspended.

In 2009 he threatened to mobilise 10000 Muslims to prevent democratically elected Dutch MP Geert Wilders from speaking in Parliament, this is despite his own invite of the anti-semitic Israel Shamir (where is your evidence, you piece of shit?) who has been accused of denying the holocaust. (simply accused!)

His penchant for gratuitous insults are illustrated by a 2009 tour when he visited his native Pakistan (I thought he was Kashmiri!) where he supposedly (not again, you shit!) publicly declared that ‘Israel and India are jointly massacring the innocent Muslims in Palestine and the occupied Kashmir.’’ [Source: Roznama Express, Pakistan, December 29, 2008] (But, India and Israel is jointly carrying out military training in Diego Garcia where Muslims are being tortured and killed!)

It is clear that Ahmed is a character that consistently shows dubious moral judgment, and Miliband should show some strength to move to annul his Peerage altogther.” (Only that?  I thought he was also a CRIMINAL!)

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