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Charlie Hebdo.Le point de vue de Mme Maître Zohra MAHI.Extraits (Hd 720)


Unique drone footage shows how the entire neighbourhoods in Gaza has been razed to the ground after Israel's bombardment in the summer.

  Le Silence des Mosquées - Le début des Larmes ‬‎.flv


 Mark Weber speaks on Hitler's Place in History 
Published on 20 Mar 2012
Mark Weber, who is the director of the "Institute for Historical Review", says in his address.., "Is an Objective View of Hitler Even Possible?".

The fact that OUTRIGHT lies about Hitler and the Third Reich Germany are widespread and UNCHALLENGED in today's America (as it is also.., in most of the World) !!

The portrayal of Hitler and his regime is GROTESQUELY unbalanced.., not only in the "mass media".., but even in the supposedly.., "authoritative history books" and reference works about that era of history.

Mr. Weber has written extensively on twentieth-century European history.., and is a court-recognized expert on Germany's wartime policy known as the "The Final Solution"...

As always.., after watching.., do your best to "pass it on".....

"Truth Does Not Fear Investigation"


"He who Wins the War.., also Writes the History"

William Cooper - Mind Control

Where Truth is still Valued

 Dieudonné en tournée (Teaser 2)

On the Contrary
 "American holocaust" 100 millions de morts S/T (Hd 720)

Rico Way

Welcome to the World's First Online Holocaust Museum
Founded in 1996

The Israeli Holocaust Against the Arab and Muslim People

Volume I: 1996 to July, 2006

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"The Arabs are Donkeys and Beasts"

"The nation of Israel is pure and the Arabs are a nation of donkeys. They are an evil disaster, an evil devil, and a nasty affliction. The Arabs are donkeys and beasts. They want to take our girls. They are endowed with true filthiness. There is pure and there is impure and they are impure."
--Rabbi David Batzri, head of the Magen David Yeshiva in Jerusalem [Israeli newspaper Haaretz, March 21, 2006]

"One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail."

Rabbi Yaacov Perrin, Feb. 27, 1994 [N.Y. Times, Feb. 28, 1994, p. 1]

White Nationalist Backlash Against Islam is a Sucker's Game

Purimfest, 2006

Spielberg's sly propaganda venture

Free Speech Forum for Hoffman Afforded by Iranian--not U.S.--Media:

Michael A. Hoffman II interview with the Iranian Mehr News Agency

The Sex Life of Mohammed

[Contrasted with the Lofty Morality of the Rabbis]

From Basra to Boise

Why the Muslims will Defeat America

Reflections on the Death of Steven Vincent in Iraq and of any sense of Shame in America in the Summer of 2005

by Michael A. Hoffman II

A Monument to the Deir Yassin Massacre

U.S. Approved Terror

A Palestinian girl carries her infant brother in the village of Beit Lahiya, Oct. 6, 2004. Both were wounded by Israeli bombs as they slept.

War Crimes which the Corporate Media do not commemorate and the International "Court of Justice" at the Hague will not prosecute

At a hospital in Tyre, an Arab mother comforts her infant child who had been badly burned during the Israeli massacre of Lebanese civilians at the U.N. compound at Qana, Lebanon, April 18, 1996

A Palestinian David Confronts the Israeli Goliath

Oct. 29, 2000: A Palestinian boy, Fares Udah, 13, confronts an Israeli tank, during an Israeli attack on the outskirts of Gaza City. According to the boy's mother, Enaam Udah, 41, her son survived the encounter with the tank only to be shot dead by the Israelis on Nov. 8, 2000

Israeli Bombings, Assassinations and Massacres in Lebanon Are Not Investigated

The media-engineered hysteria about the "need" to expel Syria from Lebanon, allegedly for the sake of the "independence of Lebanon" and "democracy in the Middle East," displays the usual total amnesia concerning the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon, the repeated terror-bombings of Lebanese hospitals, schools and infrastructure by Israelis from Menachem Begin to Ehud Barak, the Israeli establishment of the El Khiam concentration camp in Lebanon staffed by the Zionists' proxy SLA militia; and the lengthy Israeli occupation of Lebanon, which only ended when they were driven out by Lebanon's patriot army Hezbollah, in the year 2000, which has the added distinction of having liberated the El Khiam concentration camp, though this ennobling act has been flushed down the memory hole.
The current, contrived drumbeat against Syria in Lebanon takes advantage of the recent assassination of a Syrian politician by persons unknown. The outcry by the neo-cons is the height of hypocrisy however, for Lebanon has been a veritable theater of Israeli assassinations, most notably that of Lebanese national Elie Hobeika, who Ariel Sharon rubbed out gangland style on Jan. 24, 2002 because Hobeika was about to testify against his former pal Sharon in a war crimes trial in Belgium.
In true Mafia fashion, with the witness murdered, the case against Sharon, who oversees a vast assassination ("targeted killing") apparatus, collapsed. Coverage of the Lebanese protest against Sharon's murder of Hobeika was suppressed by the US news media, which treated the assassination as a trifling matter, hardly worthy of reporting or commentary.

Why was there no UN investigation into Hobeika's murder? What of the Israeli Mossad's bombing of a Maronite Catholic Church in Lebanon 1994? What of the Israeli massacre of civilians at Qana, Lebanon in 1996? All down the memory hole!

Arafat, the Kapo
US and Israeli Crimes Against Humanity
Rabbis Tell Israeli Army: Don't Spare Civilians
Israeli Army Has the Blood of Palestinian Children on its Hands
Zionist "Jews" and Zionist "Aryans" and White Supremacy
Jerusalem's Dirty Little Secret
Why Do They Hate Us?
Message for Tariq Ramadan: Absolution for Judaism is an Offense Against Truth
Israeli assassination of a half-blind, elderly cripple, blown out of his wheelchair March 22, 2004
Russian School Massacre in Context
Anti-Islam Activist Dr. Robert Morey too Frightened to Debate Judaism Researcher Michael Hoffman
Israeli Terrorists, Palestinian Victims and the Masters of PR
Israeli State Terrorism in Context: The Israeli License to Kill and the Missile that Killed 16
The Israeli Massacre of Palestinians March 29 to April 18, 2002
The Israeli Massacre of Palestinians, March 6-16, 2002
Israelis Forbid War Crimes Investigation in Jenin
American Mother Shot Dead By Israeli Soldiers
Israeli Child Killers: Documentary Proof
In Defense of Progress and Enlightenment and Against Mendacious Stereotypes by Judaic Supremacists and their Lapdogs

The Only Book that calls it by its Correct Name:


The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians

by Moshe Lieberman and Michael Hoffman

State-Sponsored Assassinations by Agents of the Israeli Government
Israeli Army Attacks Doctors and Ambulances in Palestine
Profiles of Zionist War Criminals and Racists
What Fuels Palestinian Rage?
Jewish Assassination and Media Doublethink
Israeli Crimes Against Humanity
Heil Sharon!
A note on alleged Arab funding of this website
Palestinian Nearly Lynched by Jewish Mob
Photos of Victims of Zionism
The "Palestinian Destruction of the Tomb of Joseph" -- a New York Times Hoax
The Big Lie About Muslims and Christians
Shoot to Maim: Israel's Favored Ammo is Crippling a Generation of Young Palestinians
Israeli Murder of 12 year old Mohammed Al-Doura
Al Aqsa Intifada 2000: Israeli atrocities and war crimes
Hoffman Protests the Jewish Holocaust Against the Palestinians
Israeli Nazis Make Life for Palestinians Hell on Earth
The Jews of Russia and Palestine: A Comparison
Mufti Says That Israelis Use Holocaust "to Win Sympathy"
Syrian Leader and Historians Tell Forbidden Truths about Murderers of Christ
Elie Wiesel: War Crimes Denier
Israelis Terror Bomb Civilians in Lebanon Again
Fact Sheet on the ADL
Sept. 17, 1998: Jewish Settler Murders 17 Year Old Palestinian Boy
The Mad Mullah
Hoffman Confronts Kahane's "JDL" (Kach) Terrorists in Idaho
Writer Freed from Israeli Concentration Camp after 5 and 1/2 Years Imprisonment
Shooting Arab Kids: Just Business as Usual for the Israeli Army
The Israeli Terrorist State and its Mossad Assassins
March 17, 1998: Israeli Soldiers Murder 13 Year Old Palestinian Boy
March 10, 1998: Israeli Soldiers Murder 3 Palestinian Construction Workers
The Hamas Bombing(s) of July 30, 1997 in Context
Reporters Beaten Outside Courthouse by Jewish Vigilantes
Terrorist Gets a Sweethart Deal from the Local Media
Chief Rabbi Urged Israeli Army to Destroy one of Islam's Holiest Mosques
When Is Terror Not Terror?
Inside the Mossad Assassination Apparatus: The Israeli Prime Minister Orders a Murder
Israeli Agents Use High Tech Murder Weapon in Attack on Khaled Meshal--Government of Canada is Linked to Mossad Assassination Attempt
"Never Again" Does Not Apply to Them: Jews Use Poison Gas Against Palestinians
Lies of the Allies--Now and Then
Israeli Mercenaries Bombard Downtown Sidon - Kill Six Civilians
The Israeli Siege of the West Bank and Gaza
Jewish Activist Distributes Anti-Muslim Hate Literature
Shavuot Pogrom: "Nazis, Christians, Whores and Goyim"
Jewish Bulldozers and the Theft of Palestinian Land
A Report on the Israeli Massacre of Civilians at Qana
Israeli Forces Bomb Radio Station in Lebanon
Jewish Police Oust Bedouin Arabs and Destroy their Homes
Jewish Soldier Shoots Six Palestinian Civilians in Massacre Attempt
Other Israeli Army Shootings of Civilians
Jewish Vigilante Attacks on Palestinian Children
Israeli Soldiers Celebrate After Shooting Palestinian Protesters in the Head
Palestinian Police Protect and Spare 47 Encircled Jewish Soldiers
Israeli Army Aims for the head when Shooting Palestinian Protestors
Israeli Army uses Live Ammo (not 'rubber bullets') on Palestinian civilians
Palestinian Holocaust Museum offends Israelis
America Should Battle Minorities and Aliens the Way the Israelis Do
Israeli Army Shoots Muslim Worshippers
Israeli Army Fires on Medical Personnel and Ambulances
Israeli Child Murder Documented


RT's Going Underground: Gilad Atzmon, RNCM, Gaza Mon Amour & Zionist intimidation

Gilad Atzmon
The BBC deliberately chose Zionists, Jews, and pro-Israel bigots, militants, and fanatics to bash the Member of Parliament and prevent him from expressing himself freely!
"A hundred Zionists in the audience against one George Galloway was unfair. They needed at least two hundred. #JeSuisGeorgeGalloway"

Israelis Boldly Admit they are Collectively Punishing the Palestinian People

Revelation-of-the Method signals accelerated advance of Judaic supremacy
by Michael A. Hoffman II
Copyright © 2006. All Rights Reserved

From Fisher and Erlanger, in the NY Times, July 3, 2006: "The strikes appeared to be a direct response to the instructions of the Israeli prime minister, Ehud Olmert, who told subordinates at a cabinet meeting on Sunday that he intended to make the lives of Gazans ever more miserable until the captured soldier, 19-year-old Cpl. Gilad Shalit, was released...Mr. Olmert, whose air force has already bombed Gaza's bridges, crippled its only power plant, shelled the Palestinian prime minister's office here and subjected all 1.4 million Gaza residents to night after night of sleep-depriving sonic booms, said he had ordered the military and government 'to do everything in order to bring Gilad back home.'
"...the Israel military has been steadily increasing the pressure, on both the militant groups and Palestinians generally...The message, underscored regularly by Israeli officials, is that Israel would not hesitate to assassinate top Hamas leaders...Israel('s)... attacks on the infrastructure in Gaza...the bombing of the power plant, which is partly owned by an American company...still smoking four days after all six of its transformers were hit ? was visited Sunday both by the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, and the United Nations special coordinator for the Middle East peace process, Álvaro de Soto. Two days ago, Israeli warplanes also bombed the entrances to all four access roads to the plant, which is insured by the United States Overseas Private Investment Corporation, or OPIC...." (end quote)
The destruction of civilian infrastructure and property and the attacks on civilians by Israeli forces, constitute, as the Israeli Prime Minister virtually admits, collective punishment of the entire population of the Gaza Strip, a violation of Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is now on record at his cabinet meeting declaring "that he intended to make the lives of Gazans ever more miserable."
This is a remarkable public confession of barbarity that even a few years ago would have been concealed behind an Israeli smokescreen of humanitarian rhetoric and misdirection. But there's little need for concealment now.
Answer me: what head of state of which super-power nation on earth, be it Russia, China, the US, Britain or France, could make the following statement: "We intend to make the lives of Judaics in Israeli territory ever more miserable"?
Not one would dream or dare to do so. Any head of state making the preceding statement while his military placed the Judaic population under siege, shutting off their power and water and sending tanks and fighter jets to harass their women and children, would be brought to the bar of history, tarred and feathered, hunted down, lynched, or shot like a dog to the near-universal applause of the West.
Nothing like that will befall Olmert or his generals any time soon. They are immune to war crimes trials. They are above the law which they have established for others. Judiacs, according to their sacred rabbinic texts, are a higher order of humanity, and cannot be judged by any outside legal body or nation. Their attitude toward editorials and columns criticizing them is, this too shall pass. Indeed, there was some editorial outcry in the spring of 2002 when the Israelis committed dozens of war crimes and atrocities, also in Gaza, but all forgotten/forgiven now.
When UN war crimes investigators in 2002 attempted to interview Palestinian survivors of that onslaught, the Israelis told the UN to go to hell. There were no repercussions from the UN for that arrogant defiance on the part of a rogue state. The UN shrugged its shoulders, put its tail between its legs and called it a day. Today, the Palestinian civilians murdered in 2002 are just a statistic compiled by a few record keepers. Otherwise their deaths don't register. This is the bleakest testimony of the sub-human status of Palestinians under Judaism.
Israelis can do whatever they like to these subject people and there is no discernible punishment for "Israel," except perhaps for the fact that in an Internet age, every day a few thousand more Westerners finally grasp what the murderous ideology of Judeo-Zionism represents and become morally revolted and permanently turned-off by everything Israeli. But the Israelis obviously don't care. They are in their supremacist phase and they don't need to care.
Ehud Olmert is collectively punishing the hapless, trapped Palestinian people according to the doctrine of Chazal, Rambam and the modern halakhic authorities. This is what needs to be exhaustively documented from their own original and unimpeachable Aramaic and Hebrew sources, and then hammered constantly from every housetop, street corner, newsletter and website that we own, control or influence.
The Israelis grow ever more bold. The Zionist New York Times is serving as the Revelation of the Method mouthpiece, no longer even bothering to put up a front, as they have in the past. They openly announce and admit that Israelis are collectively punishing an entire nation of people. They do not fear the repercussions in international law because for Holy People possessed of Divine Blood, there aren't any.

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Vol. I, 1996-2006

The Truth About the Talmud: Jewish Supremacist Hate Literature

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Copyright 1999-2006 by Michael A. Hoffman II
  Judaism Discovered: A Desideratum

Copyright © by Michael Hoffman
All Rights Reserved •

Judaism is not a normal adversary, it is an exceptional recrudescence of the guile synthesized from the accumulated intelligence of the eternal pagan psychodrama on which it is based. One of the most refractory intellectual and practical difficulties that scholars of integrity face in the post-modernist era is deciding how to apply to Judaism the same critical scrutiny to which Christianity and Islam are subjected, without being defamed as a "hater."

The completion of my book
Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit gives me the satisfaction of knowing that I have accomplished one of the principal missions of my life. It is the actualization of thoughts and lines of inquiry which I have been pursuing for years. For example, Who is a Jew? What is the role of counterfeit "Jews"? If the counterfeit is predominant, then this fact opens a revolutionary vista on history, signifying that contemporary Talmudists and Zionists are descendants of people who were not in Palestine when Jesus was crucified. They are representatives of the ideology that crucified Christ, but in general, not the race. This fact in turn disarms the race-based antipathy of the opponents of Talmudists and Zionists, a racial animus upon which, ironically, the rabbis and the Israelis depend for the continued allegiance of their own am ha'aretz.


Years ago I noticed that disinformation about the Kabbalah had been seeded - the illusion of a fissure between Talmudism and Kabbalism was deliberately sown - using the figure of Moses Maimonides to pretend that these two supporting "pillars" of the Third Temple are inimical. I searched the texts of Maimonides, however, for hidden Kabbalistic sympathies, and found clear evidence of Kabbalistic doctrine.

One goal in writing
Judaism Discovered has been to transcend the current state of Talmud criticism; which is largely centered on the repetition of a what amounts to slogans: 1. the "Talmud defames Jesus and Mary"; 2. the "Talmud is pornographic." There's nothing erroneous in stating that the Talmud contains these disgusting scurrilities, which indeed it does. The problem is, that's where what passes for anti-Talmudic "scholarship" begins and ends these days; there may be some brief reference to pilpul and PaRDeS, but the current state of Talmud and Kabbalah criticism is mostly superficial and leaves most of the big questions unanswered.

For example, very few critics seem to understand that Judaism is neither Left wing nor Right wing; it manifests as Leftist or Rightist at will. One moment it is the instrumental ally of the Throne; in the next, it is the revolutionary power that overthrows it.

I sought routes into Judaism from dozens of investigative approaches, beginning with, pro forma, the irrefutable fact of the existence of the Jesus and Mary Talmudic blasphemies, and the truth that the Old Testament is not the foundation of Judaism. I expand on these themes, based on my original excavation in my book from 2000,
Judaism's Strange Gods. It is necessary to prove, from the rabbinic texts themselves, that Judaism is not an Old Testament faith; and to unravel for all time the confusing series of feints that attempt to mislead the truth-seeker into believing that Jesus is not in the Talmud, or that if He is, just barely.

But the Revelation of the Method being what it is in this dispensation, even positive confirmation that the Talmud blasphemes Our Savior and His Mother and possesses allegiance to an extra-Biblical gnosis, has elicited controverting apologia from prominent rabbis, all of whom seek to "contextualize" these revelations by placing them in a framework of a Roman Holocaust/Nazi Holocaust typology that renders Judaism's defamation of Christianity as "understandable" from the point of view of post-modernism's acceptance of the rabbinic exceptionalism clause: Judaic suffering is magnitudes above the historic experience of other nations. Therefore, fierce rabbinic hatred for Romans/gentiles/Christians/Europeans has at times been understandable, if "harsh."

To overcome this exceptionalism, this writer sought to plumb the depths of the rabbinic texts and not content myself merely with detection of the degenerate libels of Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary in, for example, the

Though we are not dealing with the "Jewish" race of antiquity, we are dealing with a rabbinic spirit which functions as a kind of ideological organism; an organism which exhibits as one of its most striking features, the ability to reinvent itself in response to the light of exposure. When an informed researcher documents that Judaism is "A," it becomes "B." When "B" is understood by the public as an antithesis of Judaism's thesis "A," Judaism transmogrifies into synthesis "C," and so forth, in an endless and bewildering historical metamorphosis that has deceived and gulled generations. I have sought to shatter this recurring shadow play.

KILL non-Jew

The student of rabbinic religion who dogmatically categorizes Orthodox Judaism as inevitably Left wing or Right wing, Zionist or anti-Zionist, anti-Muslim or pro-Muslim, will defeat himself and confuse all who adhere to this erroneous proposition; a proposition which Judaism itself is pleased to project; just as it sees the silver lining in being regarded as the scion of those who crucified Christ, since those malefactors were genetic Israelites, however gravely disordered in their behavior.

The paradox here is that whoever is genetically descended from the murderers of Jesus must be acknowledged as a racial Jew and an Israelite, and this identification has, throughout history, triggered the strange awe and wonder for these supposed "Jews" which their alleged consanguinity with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Jesus Himself, engenders among the gentiles, in a kind of love-hate relationship which has been played throughout history. Even the "Christ-killer" invective has utility for the rabbis, by perpetuating the hunted/hounded, persecuted martyr image, which Judaism has capitalized upon to great effect, particularly since 1945.

What would be the point of publishing yet another dreary "Jew-bashing" book that indelibly stigmatizes 21st century Talmudists with the two brands they themselves have been past masters at manipulating and cultivating: the myth of their descent from Abraham, and the stereotype of them as people it is our duty to hate and hound? I would not have spent a good deal of my life investigating Judaism if I were going to regurgitate self-defeating images which the rabbis themselves covertly sow and perpetuate to their advantage. Let me impart to you a signal discovery: whoever hates Judaics perpetuates the rule of the rabbis.

It has been my objective to craft
Judaism Discovered so that there is no possibility of a rational refutation of it. While it's true that the book's evidence and arguments can be twisted, misrepresented and demonized with smears and falsification, the information in Judaism Discovered cannot be easily disarmed, because much of it pertains to epistemology, e.g. Judaism's knowledge of itself and the ways in which it responds to discovery.

If in
Judaism Discovered I have successfully anticipated the rabbinic epistemology, then what I teach concerning rabbinic dissimulation is valuable not just as a history of Judaism's past, but as a guide to rabbinic machinations and strategizing in the future. My mission does not consist in merely conveying a set of facts to the reader, but rather to teach how to deconstruct the deceitful tactical and strategic feints which Judaism wields as a response to the dissemination of accurate knowledge about its inner doctrines.
Judaism Discovered arms the reader to penetrate and expose the disingenuous elements of virtually every rabbinic act of camouflage and misdirection. If this knowledge of how to decode Judaism were to become widespread, it could have far-ranging consequences. It could result in a radical revision of western culture, so steeped are "our" intelligenstia in the pieties and platitudes of the rabbinic gestalt, which forms a foundational narrative through which virtually all contemporary western thinking about religion and history are filtered.
Judaism Discovered also has the potential to spark a revival of ancient western verities long abandoned by supposed paragons of 20th and 21st century "conservatism" - these "paragons" having concocted a bastard, "Judeo-Christian family values" movement, which is so deranged it places Orthodox rabbis at the front of the barricades. The "conservative" mania for proclaiming a movement for restoration of Christian culture inclusive of Talmudic rabbis, is a betrayal of the wisdom and vision of every Biblical prophet and every Christian saint. It is on the basis of this desperate craving for looking good in the eyes of the world and its media empire, that the clergy of Christendom ally and even pray with rabbis who worship not God but themselves.
Judaism Discovered offers an empiric and strictly factual discovery of Judaism's deepest operational and spiritual secrets, and in particular Judaism's extremely circumspect epistemology of concealment; its chameleon-like propensity for projecting an adapted outward image synchronized with the prevailing zeitgeist, even while the hostile fires of its inner volcanic core of hate, burn with an intensity undimmed since 33 A.D.

Conversely, it has also been this writer's mission to endeavor to remove the ground from under classical "anti-semitism" and "Jew hate," and to show how these brittle, senile, clichéd and programmed responses actually fulfill the rabbinic prediction of gentile bigotry, a prophecy which they impart to Judaic youth and by which they maintain these unfortunate persons in bondage to Judaism throughout their adult lives.
Copyright© 2015

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Michael A. Hoffman II (left) with Ernst Zündel, Toronto, Canada, circa 1994

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My debate with Netanyahu in 1994

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Wall Street Journal timeline, Nov. 19, 2014, (page A8)
2100 Palestinians (including some 500 children) were murdered by the Israeli military in a mini-holocaust in July, August and September of this year. By November 19 the Wall Street Journal had excluded all mention of the slaughter from their timeline of the conflict (see above). They reduced the mass murder of Palestinians to a generic "military campaign against Hamas," with the number of victims completely omitted. If 2100 Israelis had been slaughtered by Arabs that casualty figure would be seared into the Group Mind of the West from now until eternity. But 2100 dead goyim are not considered worthy of mention in the Talmudic-American media just a couple of months after they were killed.

How weird is this? Israelis are not troubled by the Islamic State and the Islamic State is not troubled by the Israelis

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Friday, February 20, 2015

My debate with Netanyahu

On Feb 19, 2015, at 8:11, Stan<> wrote:
Hello Michael,
Was it Bibi or Paul Wolfowitz that you commented about once as wearing mis-matching socks and exhibiting some other traits of poor grooming?  Bibi is just a schmuck from Philadelphia, right?
Dear Stan
I “debated" Netanyahu for about ten minutes during a lengthy question-and-answer (after sitting in the seat directly behind him while he was being introduced), at Albright Auditorium in New York, on the campus of Hobart & William Smith Colleges, January 20, 1994. 
He’s not a schmuck, but he is a ham actor who has credibility like the Wizard of Oz, from behind a screen; in his case a media screen. I had no trouble with him when I confronted him about his Likud party’s record of anti-Arab terror. The audience, which he had just a few minutes before in the palm of his hand, sat in stunned silence as I tore into him. I was able to do real damage over his ignorant claim that Americans had difficulty understanding the Israeli experience because we had never had an enemy on our border. I reminded him of a little something known as the Mexican-American War of 1846-1848. I had a lot of fun with him. 
He’s the type of dictator the Israeli people and the US media rally around; that is his attraction, as a strongman of the Stalinist type.
One more point: I was a well known anti-Zionist in 1994, yet I could sit directly behind him, where I observed his polyester suit, the dandruff on his collar, etc. There were no metal detectors at the door of the auditorium. He arrived with only one personal bodyguard and there were two local rent-a-cops hired for the occasion. 
This was at a time when Zionist Steve Emerson (who continues to remain an “authority on terrorism” according to the media), was traveling the country and the TV and radio airwaves, declaring there was a deadly Islamic terror network operating inside the US. Obviously, Netanyahu knew better.
Michael Hoffman

1 comment:

DB said...
If only we had iPhones and YouTube back then Michael! I for one would've loved to have seen it!


Revelation of the Method

Revelation of the Method
Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare

Gentile Shylocks

Gentile Shylocks
Paperback, 416 pages

Judaism’s Strange Gods

Judaism’s Strange Gods
Paperback, 381 pages

Judaism Discovered

Judaism Discovered
Electronic E-book 1102 pages



06 - Quenel+ - Je sens une vergence dans la Force (English subtitles)

Published on 6 Mar 2015
Amis Belges, pour réserver vos places :
Pour réserver vos places pour « la bête immonde » ou Dieudonné en tournée, rendez-vous sur ou
Pour signer la pétition et se dire intéressé par l’ananassurance :
Pour acheter le livre « Interdit de rire » :

 "American holocaust" 100 millions de morts S/T (Hd 720)
Rico Way

Published on 1 Oct 2014

Dans l’émission The TruthSeeker, Daniel Bushell nous parle de l’arrivée aux Amériques des Blancs européens qui ont massacré plus de 100 millions d’indiens dans ce qui est le plus grand génocide de l’Histoire.Il aborde également les mensonges qui ont servi à couvrir cet Holocauste.

Voilà comment nous les européens nous faisons "place nette" quand nous voulons nous enrichir sur le dos des autres...
Nous n'avons donc pas trop de leçons à donner concernant ce que nous appelons "les droits de l'homme" sauf à considérer que ces gens là n'étaient pas des hommes, ce qui en la circonstance fut bien pratique!...
Ici on ne parle que de nôtre invasion aux USA.C'était au XVI°s.
L'Amérique du sud c'est encore un autre génocide et toujours chez les indiens, mais cette fois là, façon "castagnette"...
Pour en savoir plus voir l'excellent documentaire 2015 d'Infolibre sur l'histoire américaine des origines aux crises financières de la fin du 19e siècle en 2 parties:

Another BBC Journalist Under Fire: Bowen Slammed for Saying Netanyahu ‘Played Holocaust Card’ in Congress Speech

March 5, 2015 2:55 pm
BBC Correspondent Jeremy Bowen accused PM Netanyahu of "playing the Holocaust card" during his address to Congress. 
Yet another BBC correspondent has come under fire for offending Jewish sensitivities after he accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of using the Nazi Holocaust to elicit sympathy during his address to Congress on Tuesday.
Jeremy Bowen, the BBC’s Middle East editor tweeted, “#NetanyahuSpeech He acknowledges [Holocaust survivor] Elie Wiesel in audience. Once again Netanyahu plays the holocaust card. don’t repeat mistakes of the past.”

In response, Alex Brummer, a well-known journalist himself and vice president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, condemned Bowen’s statement saying it was “beneath contempt,” the United Kingdom’s Daily Express reported. The UK-based campaign group, North West Friends of Israel, also slammed Bowen, saying on Twitter, “err-’Holocaust card’? The holocaust wasn’t a game, Jeremy. Maybe take a trip to Europe again to see how world treated Jews.”
Other critics labeled the veteran journalist a “slime bag” and calling his statement “deplorable,” the UK’s Daily Mail reported.
Defending himself, Bowen wrote on Twitter on Wednesday, “Suggestions I’m an anti-Semite, or a denier of the Holocaust, are untrue and offensive.”
Bowen’s articles have previously been criticized for running afoul of BBC guidelines, according to the Express. In 2009, an inquiry into one of his pieces for the BBC website found that a reference to “Zionism’s innate instinct to push out the frontier” breached guidelines. His coverage last year of civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip during Israel’s Operation Protective Edge in the coastal enclave also had some asking if he was trying to persuade audiences that Hamas does not use human shields. Bowen was additionally accused of “clear bias” in 2013 for mourning  the death of Dr. Eyad Sarraj, a member of the anti-Israel Free Gaza Movement.

The controversy surrounding Bowen’s offending tweet comes just weeks after his BBC colleague, Tim Wilcox, was accused of antisemitism and faced calls for his resignation after he told a French woman that “Palestinians suffer hugely at Jewish hands as well.” His charge was made as he covered the mass rally in Paris following the deadly attacks on the headquarters of the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine and at the kosher Hyper Cacher supermarket. The woman, who was the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, told Wilcox she feared the resurgence of anti-Jewish persecution as seen in 1930s Europe.

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