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SNIPPITS AND SNAPPITS: ALTERNATIVE SATURDAY CARTOONS: MARCH 14, 2015:    The World of War  Women of Iraq  Say What ?????  Please enlarge to read.... Only a Jewish comic could...

 The World of War

 Women of Iraq
 Say What?????

 Please enlarge to read.... Only a Jewish comic could get away with the things Eli does.

Please share the following amazing site:  HOLOCAUST DEPROGRAMMING COURSE
 The photo-manipulation art of Christina Guggeri

Woman's Day in the KSA....

The Universal Soldier of America

Obama is as red as they come, but somehow this cartoon still manages to take a dig at the sudden change of banking systems in Cuba.

 Chavez and Maduro

The Venezuelan Trio... Just a few images from Venezuela since Obama has decided to once again take aim at this country. Again. It is like the Jews with Russia under the Tzars ~ they just keep trying to remove a despised leader by every means possible. Now, as then, they are about to resort to all out violence to bring Venezuela and all it represents into the fold, much as they did with Libya. Maduro has his work cut out for him.


Israeli Measured Response....

Dancing to the drums of war...

This cartoon is quite significant. Consider it depicts the German Kaiser offering Great Britain out of a war that Britain was losing. It was at this time that Americans were being whipped into an anti-German fervour to fight a war they did not want. However, American muscle was needed to bring Britain a win and the rest is the history we now deal with on a daily basis ~ the creation of Palestine and the enslavement of Germany, the destruction of Europe. This cartoon was shortly after the sinking of the Lusitania, part of the buildup for American support and involvement, much like Pearl Harbour or 9/11 were intended.

The lovely Koch brothers.


"In return for increased support , the Syrian opposition at large must stop its atrocities against civilians who supported the Assad regime and the armed opposition control will accept responsibility for the actions of its constituent groups. ... " "Robert Ford " former Ambassador of the United States to Syria in interview with Foreign Policy

ED Noor: It is not modernity they reject, it is other cultures. It is cultural destruction. Please read this: Have Pillaged Iraqi Artifacts Ended up In a Museum in Israel?

Funny thing. I could find bobble heads for every character ever born ~ ever ~ but Bibi Netanyahu! Oh but that Anne had such a sweet trusting smile! That is because she did not know about her father and The Anne Frank Diary Fraud

ED Noor: I would like to say I was shocked when I dug deeply into the archives of this cartoonist, but, alas, I was not. Sometimes this fellow actually says things that are pertinent, like the two below. But this one, well, this fellow is widely published and in the world of restricted cartooning speech, obviously, he strokes the right notes for publication. It seems he is also widely published in Israel where a cartoon such as the one below would be understood. Americans would not get it.

Those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end....

Freedom of speech

A tad late to post this but, this is apparently Obama upon hearing that brave Stephen Harper hid in a closet during the "terrorist attack" last autumn.

Inspired by the behaviour of the Israelis watching the bombing of Gaza from their hillside seats, partying madly perhaps?

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