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Trick or Truth cards to hand out during Halloween season. 

I spent Halloween 2007 handing out about 200 of these (along with candy) to trick or treaters at my brother's house in Madison -- and the next morning his house and yard were covered with toilet paper.

 Coincidence or conspiracy? You decide!

 Thurs 02/05/2015 False Flag Weekly News

Brian Gerrish and Anthony Hilder EU Hitlers Dream Come True (Full)

Anthony Hilder
Uploaded on 17 Jan 2011
This is a prelude to Anthony Hilder's upcoming video "The EU Hitlers Dream Come True". Anthony is needing funds to finish the video to fight the fight. Please make contributions to:

Free World Film Works

Free World Alliance

An interview with Lt. Commander Brian Gerrish of the British Constitution Group.

Brian Gerrish & Anthony J Hilder EU Hitlers Dream Come True

Only a handful of people in England are keeping the island Nation's Sovereignty from slipping into a Sea of Surrender and into the European Union. Commander Brian Gerrish, now retired from the British Navy is one of the primary personalities holding steadfastly in the fight to keep the country's freedom. The Battle for Britain is not over it's just begun. In this film Anthony J Hilder, American Patriot, talks candidly with Gerrish at the Light Of Day House in Bournemouth on the south coast of England. Lt. Commander Gerrish, who fully understands how the dirty work was done in SELLING OUT the English people, now publishes the UK COLUMN. The Column is fast becoming Britain's leading Illuminati Expose. It bars no punches in revealing the shadowy figures behind Blair & Brown which led the way to the surrender of British Sovereignty through the Lisbon Treaty. Gerrish openly makes the stark thirties and England's Fourth Reich of the Rich, which has arisen from Britain's International Banking elite run by the House Of Rothschild.

"The NAZIS and FASCISTS who founded the THE EU and their influence today" Video By Rodney Atkinson absolutely validates the findings of Anthony Hilder, Brian Gerrish, Harry Beckhough, that The EU Is Hitlers Dream Come True" Gerrish's British Constitution Group is not alone. Ian Crane's Alternative View Conferences, James Stewart's St Anne's Alliance, Theo Chalmers host of Edge TV, the UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) along with Grayling Baraclough have have joined the ranks in the battle for Britain.

Two sites devoted to your National and Cultural Sovereignty. Ourenglanduk and The Free World Alliance. Please visit and spread the word. Time to fight back against the New World Order, Illuminati, and Globalists who want to own you:

Support . It is there for you from us to help regain your sovereignty. Ted Gunderson, former head of the FBI Los Angeles and Memphis and major whistleblower and speaker will be touring with Anthony J Hilder acroos the UK and Europe. I you want your area to be included and are willing to host and provide local transportation for the speakers please email:

(music by permission from Nic Green or Evan Hornsby) Preserve the Culture and Sovereignty of The United Kingdom. Visit, participate, and be Free. A Gallery Of Criminals Posing as your Leaders. Tell all site about how they fool you.

I don't know what kind of stupid potion Chomsky is drinking these days, but whatever it is, I don't want any. 

For an inside look at the shocking incoherence and apparent bad faith of his position on 9/11, see

La Video qui a ete supprimée de facebook, youtube et dailymotion


One of my two half-hour interviews with Neil Heinen of For the Record, Wisconsin's leading political TV show.


This is the picture that accused 9/11 hijacker Waleed al-Shehri recognized as his own when he visited the US embassy in Rabat, Morocco after 9/11 and protested his innocence. A probable Saudi intelligence agent framed by the CIA-Mossad organizers of 9/11, he has since disappeared, presumably to Saudi Arabia or the grave.



Channel3000 poll found little support for Nass's attempt to have me burned at the stake for "teaching conspiracy theories."


Wisconsin State Assemblyman Steve Nass burns the Constitution. Nass led the 2006 witch-hunt against me. He failed to get me fired from my teaching job at the University of Wisconsin-Madison -- the majority of assembly reps refused to sign his letter demanding that I be fired. But while I wasn't fired in 2006, I wasn't rehired in 2007 or 2008 either. By getting me blacklisted from my chosen profession, Nass left me no choice but to work full-time for 9/11 truth. Thanks, Steve -- it's been a gas!

Blacklisted from academia, I sought work as a Fugitive Recovery Agent. First mission: Fly to Morocco to investigate Waleed al-Shehri, the alleged 9/11 hijacker who walked into the US Embassy in Rabat after 9/11 and said "this is my picture, but I didn't do it -- here I am."


Steven Jones and Jim Fetzer, co-founders of Scholars for 9/11 Truth (and Justice), met at the Chicago 9/11 conference in June, 2006. In late fall 2006, they had a falling-out, and I spent a lot of time attempting damage control. As the only member of Scholars trusted by both sides, I ended up owning the Scholars domain names. As of now (March 2009) it looks to me like Steve was right and Jim was wrong about the main bone of contention -- Steve's focus on the evidence that some form of thermite-thermate was used in the demolition of the World Trade Center. Today, evidence is accumulating supporting the (nano)thermate hyptothesis -- which of course does not exclude other demolition mechanisms. Steve has succeeded in publishing excellent work in mainstream scientific journals supporting this hypothesis.

With Jim Fetzer and David Ray Griffin at David's talk in Milwaukee, spring 2010.


With Meria Heller, the founding mother of alternative talk radio, at the 9/11 truth conference in Chicago, June 2006.


While I was living in a seventh-floor maid's quarters in Paris, a rock band called Les Casse Pieds convinced me to pose as a Hollywood director who had discovered them playing for spare change in the Metro. The French media ate up the hoax (just like the US media would later eat up the 9/11 hoax). Here is the Le Monde story on us, published in December 1988. I wrote about this in my book Truth Jihad.


When I started doing 9/11 truth activism back in 2004, a violent anti-truth lunatic named Allen Ruff began slandering and threatening me. In April 2005, less than two minutes before I introduced David Griffin in front of the C-Span cameras, Ruff approached me at the podium and snarled "we're keeping a file on you! That's right, we're keeping a file on you! We'll follow you everywhere you go" and on and on. His spastic facial tics of rage were quite a sight. He came close to physically assaulting me in 2006 when he tried to force me to leave Rainbow Books, where he rules the roost as resident bully, for no reason at all except that he hates me and 9/11 truth. In this photo, Ruff is caught on camera sucker-punching Mike Delaney, maker of 9/11 Missing Links. Ruff has also reportedly assaulted at least two Madison activists.


Remember remember the 5th of November 2007 -- the first annual V-Day, opening of War on War
Week, at the Dardenelles Restaurant in Madison.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Israel, the psychopathic nation

Check out my new translation of Dr. Laurent Guyénot's article:

Israel: The Psychopathic Nation

Other recent articles include:

Zionists linked to “Charlie Hebdo terrorists’ escape”

Airline whistleblower solves 9/11

Press TV interview: Kevin Barrett says Israel lobby obstacle to progress in Iran nuclear talks

Another Press TV interview, US military hijacked by Israel since 9/11...Kevin Barrett Press TV 01.15.2014

And if you speak Farsi…

Islamic Republic of Iran News Network (IRINN) interviews Kevin Barrett

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    • Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus "Here are three new articles & three TV interviews blasting Israel. No wonder the Zionists don't like me."

      Well Brother in Humanity and Faith

      As salamu 'alaykum wa rahmatullahi ta'ala wa barakatuhu!
      I spend my life thanking God for keeping me alive (even with no friends and family except my own son and grand children) after all I have written about the Satanic Zionists and their Western Freemasonic Masters.

      They do not like you? No, they hate you and all people like you and would like to see you in a gas oven one day. No, not a gas oven because your descendants might claim compensations for that holocaust!
      All I can say is that you have done a great job that only great Jihaadists can perform, dedicated, brave and unbeatable. I hate compliments because I know that you are already aware of your own worth and the sacrifice you made and are making to inform the dumb people out there.
      It is unfortunate that not enough Muslims are waking up and trying to stop them. Even among those who are well informed they are so terrorised or concerned about their own comfort and businesses or of their heavenly "paradise and hell" that they chose to ally with Satan instead.
      What can I say more?
      May God help you but I know that no God will help us as long as we do not help ourselves.
      Barak Allah Fik
      Yours brotherly
    • Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus

      Write a comment...
    A tiny nation with a HUGE personality disorder.

    By Dr. Laurent Guyénot, translated and introduced by Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor Can a nation be a psychopath? According to one expert on political psychopathy, Andrzej Lobaczewski, the answer is yes. Whole nations, even...
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    News Feed

    Coincidence theorists are going to have a field day with this!

    By Hicham Hamza, Panamza.comTranslated by Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor Charlie Hebdo terrorists changed vehicles in front of a locale used by the Israeli army INFO PANAMZA. During their escape, the suspects in the attack on January...
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    Every mainstream interviewer asks me: "What happened to the passengers?" Answer: Mossad assassin Daniel Lewin and colleagues killed them.

    Listen to last night’s interview with Rebekah Roth, which will soon be archived here. Was this where the FTS-captured 9/11 planes landed? By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor The truth-seeking community – and the airline industry – are abuzz...
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    Airline-employee whistleblower solves 9/11?! Listen live, starting in a few minutes, 8 to 10 pm Eastern, - click the Studio B button
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    A terrorist organization implicated in 9/11 is targeting this year's Super Bowl…

    Super Bowl XLIX will feature the Seattle Truthers (coach Pete Carroll is a 9/11 truth supporter) versus the New England Liars and Cheaters (exposed by DeflateGate). If Seattle grabs a big lead, as seems likely, will Bill Belichick orchestrate a fake...
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    Rania Khalek

    Rania Khalek's picture
    Rania Khalek is an independent journalist reporting on the underclass and marginalized. For more of her work check out her website Dispatches from the Underclass and follow her on Twitter @RaniaKhalek.

    Defend “Israel’s advocate” Alan Dershowitz against rape claims, says prominent rabbi


    Alan Dershowitz is a man of “sterling character,” according to the pro-Israel pundit Shmuley Boteach. (US Embassy Tel Aviv)

    In his recent column at the New York Observer, anti-Palestinian activist and famed American rabbi Shmuley Boteach implores Jews everywhere to speak out in defense of Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz against allegations that he raped a minor. Why? Because “for decades, Israel has found its most eloquent defender in Alan Dershowitz,” according to Boteach. “He is just so good at being Israel’s advocate.”

    The rape accusation against Dershowitz was made in a 30 December court filing that is part of an ongoing lawsuit on behalf of four women against the US government for violating their rights as victims when it made a secret 2008 plea deal with their rapist, super-rich hedge fund manager Jeffrey Epstein, without informing them. Dershowitz was a close friend to Epstein and eventually served as one of his lead attorneys, helping secure a plea deal that ensured Epstein spent just thirteen months in prison.

    An FBI investigation determined that Epstein had sexually abused no less than forty underage girls hundreds of times as part of a child sex trafficking ring, which involved loaning his victims out to powerful friends, who, according to the court filing, included “numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known prime minister and other world leaders” with the purpose of “ingratiating himself with them for business, personal, political and financial gain, as well as to obtain potential blackmail information.”
    One of the victims named in the suit (under the pseudonym “Jane Doe #3” to protect her identity), was ”converted” into Epstein’s “sex slave” at the age of fifteen and forced to have sex with his powerful associates. Jane Doe #3 named two of those associates as Alan Dershowitz and Britain’s Prince Andrew.
    “Epstein required Jane Doe #3 to have sexual relations with Dershowitz on numerous occasions while she was a minor, not only in Florida but also on private planes, in New York, New Mexico, and the US Virgin Islands,” alleges the court filing. “In addition to being a participant in the abuse of Jane Doe #3 and other minors, Dershowitz was an eye-witness to the sexual abuse of many other minors by Epstein and several of Epstein’s co-conspirators.” 
    The lawsuit notes that Dershowitz played a central role in negotiating the secret plea deal provision that immunized “any and all potential co-conspirators of Epstein” from federal prosecution. This means, if Jane Doe #3’s allegations are true, “Dershowitz helped negotiate an agreement with a provision that provided protection for himself against criminal prosecution in Florida for sexually abusing Jane Doe #3.”

    “Sterling character”

    In his New York Observer column, Boteach dismissed the allegations as “bizarre attacks” against Dershowitz that are as preposterous as suggestions that the 11 September 2001 atrocities were an inside job. Boteach also suggested that the allegations against Dershowitz amount to an anti-Semitic blood libel.

    “Here is a man of sterling character who has been a champion of the Jewish people and Israel his entire life. He is America’s best-known defender of Israel.”

    Boteach continued, ”You simply can’t have a situation where an individual spends his life defending his people and then when he himself comes under attack he is abandoned.”

    “What Alan Dershowitz deserves is the gratitude of his community,” Boteach added.

    Just in case the message of his column didn’t get accross, Boteach’s publicist at Rubenstein Public Relations promoted the article in an email sent to journalists and media outlets, including The Electronic Intifada, using the subject line, “Rabbi Shmuley calls all Jews to defend Alan Dershowitz.”

    Demanding that Jews collectively and unquestioningly support Dershowitz against child molestation allegations as a form of tribal “gratitude” for Dershowitz’s lifelong commitment to defending Israeli atrocities is both absurd and appalling. By conflating the state of Israel with “all Jews,” Boteach is dangerously and wrongly implicating Jews everywhere in Israel’s crimes, effectively promoting anti-Semitism among the uninformed and providing real anti-Semites with cover.

    Attacking the victim

    There has been no trial to determine whether Dershowitz is guilty of the allegations against him, which he “categorically” denies. Therefore, he should be presumed innocent until proven otherwise.
    However, it is remarkable that his increasingly bellicose responses bear a striking resemblance to the tactics he typically deploys against Palestinians and their supporters when defending Israeli criminality, most notably blaming and attacking the victim. 

    Jane Doe #3 was the victim of a sexual predator (Jeffrey Epstein) who molested her repeatedly when she was a minor. Yet Dershowitz has been on a media blitz threatening to sue her and her lawyers for defamation. Meanwhile, he has referred to her as a “serial prostitute” whose testimony cannot be trusted “against somebody with an unscathed reputation like me.”

    Jane Doe #3’s attorneys have since filed a defamation lawsuit against Dershowitz.

    Griping to The Jerusalem Post that anti-Semites and “anti-Israel zealots“ are capitalizing on the rape accusations, Dershowitz seemed to equate defending himself from charges of child rape to defending Israel from anti-Semitism.

    “The anti-Semites are crawling out from under their rocks, they are loving this. And the anti-Israel zealots are loving this,” complained Dershowitz, adding, “I’m not only defending myself here but I am defending other values as well. I am defending the values that I have represented and stood for, for so many years.”
    Perhaps this line of thinking shouldn’t come as a surprise. Unwavering support for Israel and its colonial enterprise has always required defending the indefensible. That is, after all, what Dershowitz does best.

     The Times of Israel

    Dershowitz threatens to sue accuser in sex claim

    Harvard professor says he will work to have claimant testify, terms the situation ‘Kafkaesque’

    January 4, 2015, 10:53 pm 4

    US attorney Alan Dershowitz, January 4, 2015 (screen capture: BBC)
    US attorney Alan Dershowitz, January 4, 2015 (screen capture: BBC)

    Prominent US attorney Alan Dershowitz threatened legal action Sunday against a woman who accused him and Britain’s Prince Andrew of sex crimes, and said he would work to have her testify in court.
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    Dershowitz, with whom the accuser, dubbed “Jane Doe #3″ was allegedly forced to have sex on several occasions, told AFP the story was “made up.”
    In an interview with the BBC, the Harvard Law School professor said he wanted the plaintiff to speak on oath in court.
    “I unequivocally and without any reservations totally deny all the allegations about sexual contact,” he said.
    “My goal is to bring charges against the client and require her to speak in court. If she believes she has been hurt by me and by Prince Andrew, she should be suing us for damages.
    “I welcome any opportunity which would put her under oath and require her to state under oath these false allegations.
    “What they’ve done was so underhanded: simply asserting it in a legal proceeding, not asking for any opportunity to prove it, not alleging that they could prove it, not giving me an opportunity to disprove it. That’s Kafkaesque,” continued Dershowitz.
    Buckingham Palace issued a new denial Sunday of allegations that the US woman was kept as an underage “sex slave” and forced to have sexual relations with Prince Andrew.
    The woman also alleged in a US court filing that she had been kept as a “sex slave” by Wall Street financier Jeffrey Epstein, a friend of the prince.
    Both Dershowitz and Andrew, the Duke of York — who is fifth in line to the throne — have vigorously denied the allegations.
    The Mail on Sunday and the Sunday Mirror newspapers both published details of interviews given by the woman in recent years, in which she discusses three alleged encounters with Andrew.
    Meanwhile, the Sunday Express reported that the prince was due to fly back into Britain after taking a ski trip to Switzerland.
    According to the motion filed in a Florida court this week, the woman alleges she was “forced to have sexual relations” with 54-year-old Andrew, meeting him in London, New York and the Caribbean at Epstein’s behest.
    Epstein, a known friend of Queen Elizabeth II’s second son, was convicted in 2008 of soliciting an underage girl for prostitution and served a prison term.
    Dershowitz said Epstein was “very upset at these lies being circulated.”
    Speaking of the denial of her claims, “Jane Doe #3″ told The Guardian newspaper: “I’m not going to be bullied back into silence.”
    But Dershowitz, who said he did not recognize her name or picture, countered: “I would like the opposite: I want her to speak!
    “I challenge her to repeat her statement… under oath.”
    The woman claimed she was Epstein’s sex slave from 1999 through to 2002.
    In 1960, Andrew became the first child born to a reigning British monarch in more than a century. His elder brother, Charles, the heir to the throne, was born before their mother Elizabeth became queen in 1952.


    • EDITION:  U.S.
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    Billionaire Lawyer & Prince Accused in Sex Suit; AirAsia Search Continues; Police Turn Backs on de Blasio
    Aired January 5, 2015 - 08:30   ET

    ALAN DERSHOWTIZ, HARVARD LAW SCHOOL, EMERITUS PROFESSOR OF LAW: If they had just checked with me. If they had just checked the witnesses, they would know not to fire this kind of stink ball in court without checking. These lawyers will be disciplined. I am seeking their disbarment. And that's what ought to happen to them. No lawyer ought to be able to practice who makes these kind of accusations that are false and demonstrably and provably false without even the most minimum of checking.

    ALISYN CAMEROTA, CNN ANCHOR: So, Alan, to be clear, you have never met - you've never even met this woman, Virginia Roberts?

    DERSHOWITZ: Never. Absolutely not.

    CAMEROTA: OK. And the man at the center of this scandal, Jeffrey Epstein, he's a Wall Street billionaire, what is your relationship with him?

    DERSHOWITZ: I was his lawyer. I represented him. I helped make the deal. It was a very good deal. I'm proud of it. If people think the deal with too good, hey, I plead guilty to that. You don't like that, criticize me about that. But don't make up stories that have no basis whatsoever in truth.

    I never met this woman. I never touched her. I was never massaged by her. There was no contact. No contact whatsoever. And I will prove it conclusively and then I will bring disciplinary charges and prove that these lawyers knew that this was false, could easily have checked and didn't, and the end result will be that these lawyers will be disbarred because no lawyer should be able to practice when they have those low ethics and low ethical standards.

    CAMEROTA: Here's what she says.

    DERSHOWITZ: And I have challenged her. I have challenged her.

    CAMEROTA: Yes.

    DERSHOWITZ: To repeat those statements in public. She has refused to. She says I'm trying to silence her. It's the exact opposite. Repeat the statements so then I can sue you. But the statements were filed in a privileged legal document. The document didn't even ask for a hearing. It didn't say we can prove it. Just threw this stink bomb. It's the legal equivalent of writing graffiti on a bathroom wall and then running away. But I will take action. I'm filing today a sworn affidavit denying

    categorically the truth. I'm seeking to intervene in the case. I am challenging her to file rape charges against me. I waive any statute of limitations, any immunity because if she files a false rape charge against me, she goes to jail. The end result of this case should be, she should go to jail, the lawyers should be disbarred, and everybody should understand that I am completely and totally innocent.

    CAMEROTA: The court documents that you're referring to, we have an excerpt of one of them. Let me just read them for our viewers. "Jeffrey Epstein required Jane Doe number three, a.k.a. Virginia Roberts, to have sexual relations with Dershowitz on numerous occasions while she was a minor, not only in Florida, but also on private planes, in New York, New Mexico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. In addition to being a participant in the abuse of Jane Doe number three and other minors, Dershowitz was an eyewitness to the sexual abuse of many other minors by Epstein and several of Epstein's co- conspirators." Did you ever witness anything untoward or any sort of sexual encounter with Epstein?

    DERSHOWITZ: Absolutely not. And I wrote to her lawyers and told them that four or five years ago when that allegation was made that I might have been a witness. Remember that this woman, who I haven't identified, you have, is a prostitute. She is a liar. She has charged Bill Clinton with having sex with her on the island when Secret Service records will obviously show he was never on the island. She claimed to meet the queen. Buckingham records will show that isn't true.

    How does a lawyer rely on the statement of a woman who is a serial perjurer, serial liar, serial prostitute and bring charges against somebody with an unscathed reputation like me without even checking? Shame on those lawyers. They have to pay a heavy price for what they have done in abusing the legal system.

    CAMEROTA: Buckingham Palace, as we said, has released a statement. Let me read that to you. They say, "a very serious allegation of sex with a minor was leveled at the duke in a legal document submitted to a U.S. court. It is emphatically denied that the Duke of York had any form of sexual contact or relationship with Virginia Roberts. Any claim to the contrary is false and without foundation."

    Alan, what is your relationship with Prince Andrew, if you have one?

    DERSHOWITZ: Well, I've met him on several occasions. I was invited to a formal dinner by the British consul and he was the guest. We talked about the Middle East. I was invited to a party by Lord and Lady Rothschild, a birthday party, he was there. I was invited to an event with an astronaut coming back from outer space. He spoke to my class at Harvard Law School. There was a lunch sponsored by the Harvard faculty. I've never been alone with him. I've never been in a social setting with him beyond those I've described. I have never seen him participate in any untoward activities. I know nothing about the allegations regarding him or anyone else.

    I have never observed any improper conduct in relation to Jeffrey Epstein. I've never participated in it. The story is simply false. It is - it's not a matter of degree, it's totally, willfully, knowingly false. And these lawyers who are putting this story forward have to pay heavy consequence. I am going to sue them for defamation. I am going to see that they're disbarred. I challenge them to come on your show and repeat the statement. Let them just come on your show and say, Alan Dershowitz had sex with this woman and they will be in court the next day having to justify that statement.

    Right now they're hiding behind privilege. They're refusing to make those statements. They put this in a legal document which gives them protection and they are behaving absolutely unethically. I am accusing them of unethical behavior. That's a defamation if it's false. Let them sue me. I await the challenge. I await every opportunity to prove my innocence and their guilt.

    CAMEROTA: So, Alan, what happens next? What are you going to do today?

    DERSHOWITZ: Today I'm filing a sworn statement making the same challenges I put forward today. I'm filing a motion to intervene in the case in which they filed and they don't want me to intervene because they don't want me to have any opportunity to answer. We are preparing also disbarment and disciplinary papers. I am issuing the challenges I've issued to have her charge me with rape, a crime of rape, the most serious crime anyone can imagine, because if she does, she will go to judge for filing a false rape charge.

    I am taking very, very aggressive actions to make them come forward and justify their conduct. So far they've hidden behind privilege, they've hidden behind a legal document that they filed and they've refused to comment behind a lawyer like statement which doesn't repeat the allegations. Come out from behind the privilege. Come on this show. Make the statement. Stand behind what you've said. The statements are totally, completely, categorically false from top to bottom.

    Look, this is a zero sum game. Either I will end up being disbarred and criminally charged or they will end up being disbarred and criminally charged. There's no gray area here. One of us is telling the truth. One of us is lying. I am telling the truth and I can prove it. And they are lying, and I can prove it.

    CAMEROTA: So, Alan, if these charges are categorically false, as you say, what's in it for Virginia Roberts? Why is she doing this?

    DERSHOWITZ: She's trying to sell a book. She sold her story already to various British tabloids. She's a serial liar. She's a woman who claims to have been with the queen, to have been with Bill Clinton on the island. She's made up stories from the beginning of her life. She has a criminal record.

    The prosecutor in Palm Beach County once refused to bring a case because she had no credibility. The lawyers could easily have found this out. I found all this out in one day. The lawyers could have found this out. She is a totally non credible person. Nobody should believe a word she says. The records establish that. Why these lawyers did it, put them on your show, ask them the

    question. Why would they try to destroy the reputation of somebody with a 50 year perfect reputation in order to, what, gain some money, gain some litigation advantage? I don't understand it. I've written to friends of mine who know Paul Cosell (ph) and asked him, why would he do this? Why would he engage in such unethical behavior? Why would he put his bar license on the line? Why would he put his academic teaching career on the line? He may get fired from his teaching career for filing this kind of unethical document.

    CAMEROTA: Yes.

    DERSHOWITZ: And if he's disbarred, he probably will be fired. Ask him that question. You've asked me everybody question. I will answer any question. I am not hiding behind any privilege. Now make him justify his conduct.

    CAMEROTA: We have extended an invitation to her attorneys and we do hope to be able to ask them those questions tomorrow on NEW DAY.

    DERSHOWITZ: They will not respond. They will not respond. They will not. I make a prediction. They will not state on your show, quote, Alan Dershowitz had sex with this woman. They will not do that, because if they do that, they're in court the very next day being sued for defamation for $100 million.

    CAMEROTA: All right, we will follow this story. Alan Dershowitz, we appreciate you coming on NEW DAY. Thank you.

    DERSHOWITZ: Thank you.

    CAMEROTA: Let's go over to John.

    JOHN BERMAN, CNN ANCHOR: Wow. OK. Tremendous waves that would swallow up a boat, awful monsoon season weather and a murky ocean bottom. Only a handful of reporter got to go to the AirAsia 8501 search zone. Our reporter was one of them. She will show you the hardship search crews have to go through first-hand.


    BERMAN: The search for AirAsia 8501 is a tale of one step forward and two steps back. Nasty conditions in the Java Sea and a murky sea bottom complicating the efforts. But just how complicated are they? CNN's Paula Hancocks, one of only a handful of reporters who was able to travel to the search zone, she joins us now to tell us what it's really like there.


    PAULA HANCOCKS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, John, we've been hearing a lot about these summer monsoons here in Indonesia, the adverse weather conditions. On Sunday, we did have a chance to see first-hand how it's affecting the search operation.

    (BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) HANCOCKS (voice-over): The deserted beaches of west Borneo, Indonesia, belie the horrors out at sea. More than 100 nautical miles to the search zone, calm waters and sunshine soon disappear.

    HANCOCKS (on camera): Now we've been on the sea now for about four hours. We've got another three or four hours to go. And as you can see, the weather has started to close in the closer we get to this crash location. But we're being told that even though these waves are fairly high, and you can see it's a lot choppier than it was, that this is still considered fairly good weather. This is better than it has been for some days.

    HANCOCKS (voice-over): The crew look for debris and bodies. One of them spots something. He's unsure what exactly. The captain calls it in. A larger ship in the area will investigate. This search and rescue boat has a specific mission, to deliver a pinger locater to help with the vital search for the so called black boxes. But the captain is nervous about the weather.

    "I feel a heavy moral burden," he says. "I have a responsibility to keep those on board safe. But it's so important to help find bodies and debris. Larger ships can cope with these conditions," he says. "This is not a large ship."

    Sector four (ph) of the search zone, the contact boat is in sight. Time to hand over the equipment. Easier said than done.

    HANCOCKS (on camera): One of the men who's in charge of that equipment was going to jump across, but, quite frankly, he doesn't want to now. He said it's simply too dangerous.

    HANCOCKS (voice-over): Next job, transferring the boat from which to operate the equipment. A task the crew struggles with until dark. He will have to admit defeat, at least for today. An exhausted crew returns to land with only half a mission accomplished.


    HANCOCKS (on camera): It is a huge international effort at this point. We know there's two U.S. ships on site. There's also assets from Australia, from Russia, from France, from Malaysia, from Singapore, just to name a few. But without better weather, there really is a limit to what they can do.


    BERMAN: Paula Hancocks for us, no doubt happy to be on dry land. Thanks so much, Paula.


    MICHAELA PEREIRA, CNN ANCHOR: All right, John. Time for the five things you need to know for your NEW DAY.

    (BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) PEREIRA (voice-over): At number one, the search that you just heard for AirAsia Flight 8501 hitting major hurdles. A large object thought to be part of the plane turned out to be a ship wreck. Still no pings from the black box. Three weeks remaining in its batteries.

    Boston Marathon terror suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev finally on trial. Jury selection begins today. He faces the death penalty if convicted. We're learning this morning plea talks fell through when the government wouldn't take away the prospect of capital punishment.

    A 7-year-old girl is miraculously recovering after her plane went down in Kentucky Friday, killing four family members. Investigators are hoping that Sailor Gutzler can answer questions and help investigators determine what caused that crash.

    The Afghan president Ashraf Ghani is asking President Obama to reexamine his plan to withdraw all troops by 2016, telling "60 Minutes", quote, "Deadlines should not be dogmas." This as Taliban militants ramped up attacks last year as the - - pulled out most troops.

    Thousands of people, including Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, are expected to attend a wake in Manhattan for former governor, Mario Cuomo. The 82-year-old will be laid to rest tomorrow.


    PEREIRA (on camera): We always update those five things to know, so be sure to visit for the latest. Alisyn?

    CAMEROTA: Okay, Michaela. New York City police again turning their backs on Mayor Bill de Blasio. What can be done to stop this friction?



    BILL DE BLASIO, MAYOR OF NEW YORK: Let us rededicate ourselves to those great New York traditions of mutual understanding and living in harmony. Let us move forward by strengthening the bonds that unite us and let us work together to attain peace.


    BERMAN: That was New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio eulogizing Detective Wenjian Liu in Brooklyn on Sunday. But once again, the funeral overshadowed by silent protests by some members of the police department.


    BERMAN (voice-over): Officers once again turn their back on the mayor. They did the same thing at the funeral for Detective Rafael Ramos, only this time they did it in defiance of a personal request from their commissioner. So, can this police department and the bosses, the union bosses, figure out some kind of way forward?


    BERMAN: Let's bring in the Reverend Michael Walrond, the senior pastor of First Corinthian Baptist Church, and Tom Verni, a former New York police detective.

    Tom, I want to start with you here. The officers, the entire force got a memo that was read to them by the police commissioner, Bill Bratton. And it said this, he said, "I issue no mandates, I make no threats of discipline, but I remind you that when you don the uniform of this department, you are bound by the tradition, honor, and decency that go with it." He said this to them before the funeral, yet there were still many who turned their backs. Was that a good call?

    TOM VERNI, FORMER NYPD DETECTIVE: Well, it was a personal call made by those officers. Clearly not all the officers turned their backs, and the ones that did only did so when the mayor was speaking, which was similar to what happened during the funeral for Detective Ramos.

    These officers feel that they have not been treated fairly and have not been supported by this mayor since the get go, even when he was running as a candidate for mayor. There was a lot of anti-police, anti-NYPD specific rhetoric that he was using during his campaign. And they feel that since the time he's taken office that he hasn't really been supportive of them, and that's their way of showing that in that silent turn around for the few minutes that they did that.

    BERMAN: You've been on the police force, when your commissioner asks you, all be it nicely, wasn't ornery, asks you basically not to do it, to then go ahead and do something like that.

    VERNI: Well also, in that memo, it states that there would be no repercussions.

    BERMAN: No.

    VERNI: There would be no disciplinary action taken, because I think the police commissioner also understands the mind set. Right now there's still a lot of raw emotion running through these officers. Don't forget, we had two officers assassinated in their car doing nothing. They weren't taking any enforcement of any kind, there was no engagement of any kind. That's the worst murder of an officer that I can think of is just one that's sitting there in uniform and they're targeted because of that, as opposed to officers actually taking action and getting into a gun fight type of thing, which is just as awful. But this is even worse because they were just minding their own business in their patrol car.

    BERMAN: Reverend, Tom mentioned, I've talked to members of the force also, their perception among some of them at least is that the mayor does not have their back. They used those exact words very much like that. That is their perception. In some cases perception is reality. If that is the perception of a lot of members of the force, including the ones who turned their back there, what does the mayor have to do to turn that perception around? REVEREND MICHAEL WALROND, SENIOR PASTOR, FIRST CORINTHIAN BAPTIST

    CHURCH: Well, I think much of the perception that exists has been based on the narrative that is fuelled, I think, by tension and the divisiveness that exists now between the mayor and the police. I think in many ways that it is the narrative that has undermined the possibilities of healing, on moving forward in peace, and I'm very leery when I hear people say that the mayor did not support the police. I think when the mayor ran for office that he talked about police reform, he talked about seeking to minimize and stop frisk. And so it was, in my think, no rhetoric that the mayor gave us that suggested being anti-police.

    BERMAN: He was talking about his kid.

    WALROND: He was talking about his son, but more than that, I think we have to really question any institution or said persons who feel that they are beyond critique. Because if I cannot make a critique without being vilified and viewed as anti, then something is wrong. It doesn't say anything about myself, it says something about the institution that is fearful of being criticized.

    BERMAN: However, is this not members of the police force offering a criticism of the mayor?

    WALROND: Yes.

    BERMAN: Is he not open for critique here?

    WALROND: Oh, he is very much so open to critique. You have you not seen the vitriol, nor have you seen the vice of rhetoric that has come after these events from the mayor. And we have to be careful of that.

    BERMAN: Spoken to, you know, a number of people in political circles and, look, anyone who's covered politics or been in politics - -The mayor is not going to come out and say, "I apologize." First of all, probably not true. He's probably not sorry for telling the story about his son, but even politically speaking, he's not going to go out, Tom, and say, "I'm sorry I made those statements." So, short of that, what can he do that will be satisfying to members of the force?

    VERNI: Yes, I don't think he's going to come out and say, "I'm sorry" and I don't think - - you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who would give a hard time for having a conversation with his son about how he should be careful on the streets and what not. I think Mayor Giuliani had come out and recently touted some FBI statistics which, you know, were saying that his son has more to worry about, you know, crime within the neighborhood against someone from his own background than the police, which, you know, touting statistics based on crime.

    So, I think, you know, overall though, based on the, you know, a lot of his campaign was run on stop and frisk and changing that which under the last administration had gotten out of control. We can probably both agree on that. Because when you're using stop and frisk as a quantitative number, you know, as a quota that shouldn't be happening. I don't think anyone has a hard time with that either, but, you know, when he came out with the grand jury verdict, which didn't indict the officer in Staten Island, that was not really the time and place to kind of relay this anecdotal story he had with his son, when he should have been coming out solidifying what the grand jury had come to based on the law and based on facts.

    BERMAN: Gentlemen, this gives you a sense of where the lines are drawn right now, and right now neither side trying to really coming across to find middle ground in those lines. Hopefully it will happen soon. Tom Verni, Reverend Mike Walrond, thanks so much for being with us. Really appreciate it.

    WALROND: Thanks for having me.

    BERMAN: The very latest developments on the search for AirAsia Flight 8501. Ana Cabrera in for Carol Costello when "NEWSROOM" begins right after the break.


     The Jerusalem Post - Israel News

    Alan Dershowitz says ‘anti-Israeli zealots are loving’ accusations against him

     Prominent jurist strongly denies claim that he had sexual relations with a young woman. 
    Alan Dershowitz

    Anti-Semites and anti-Israel “zealots” are having a field day over sexual abuse allegations leveled against him, prominent Jewish American law professor Alan Dershowitz told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday.

    Dershowitz, who is well-known for his pro-Israel advocacy and high-profile court cases, has been accused of engaging in sexual relations with a young woman employed by former client Jeffrey Epstein.

    Beyond the damage to his reputation, Dershowitz bemoaned the fact that he was “beginning to get all kinds of emails [from] anti-Israel and anti-Semitic groups, the most recent one saying ‘see Jews have always been in charge of the sex trade.’”

    “The anti-Semites are crawling out from under their rocks, they are loving this. And the anti-Israel zealots are loving this” as well, he said. “I'm not only defending myself here but I am defending other values as well. I am defending the values that I have represented and stood for, for so many years.”

    Last week, Dershowitz was named in a lawsuit charging that federal prosecutors in Florida broke the law by granting Epstein a plea deal to avoid a federal prosecution. According to a court filing quoted by the website Politico, Epstein forced the minor, referred to as Jane Doe #3, to have sex with Britain’s Prince Andrew, Dershowitz and other prominent figures.

    “I don't know this woman. I've never been with this woman. I've never been in the places and times they say I was. I can prove all that,” Dershowitz told the Post.

    Doe’s aim was to show that Epstein’s plea deal was invalid by showing that his attorneys were involved in sexual activities, he continued, adding that the allegations against him were “completely fabricated and made up out of whole cloth.”

    Beyond the damage to his reputation, Dershowitz also bemoaned the fact that he was “beginning to get all kinds of emails [from] anti-Israel and anti-Semitic groups, the most recent one saying ‘see Jews have always been in charge of the sex trade.’”

    Dershowitz stated that he will not rest until the world knows that the charges against him were fabricated and in pursuit of this goal he will be file disbarment proceedings against Doe’s legal team for “filing a false statement in court” as well as initiating a defamation action.

    “I am seeking to enter an appearance in the case in order to be able to challenge them in court. I am filing a sworn affidavit which subjects me to perjury prosecution if I am lying and I am waiving the statute of limitations on any criminal charges and challenging the woman to file criminal charges against me because if she does she's committed a crime by filing the false charge,” he said.

    Dershowitz encouraged Doe to “speak out” and provide details of her allegations to the media so that he could refute her point by point.

    “There is an irony to it in that she has said I am trying to silence her. To the contrary I am trying to make her make her speak so she repeats these statements,” he said.

    Doe alleged that she had sex on private airplanes and in multiple locations in the United States with Dershowitz and that Epstein made er have sex with the Duke of York in London, New York and on a private Caribbean island, as part of "an orgy with numerous other under-aged girls.”

    Her accusations came as part of an ongoing civil case brought against the US government by several women claiming they were abused by Epstein, who served jail time on state child sex charges but was not prosecuted in federal court as part of a plea agreement.

    JTA and Reuters contributed to this report.

    Veterans Today

    Dear President Obama: Send Bibi to Gitmo!

    Or better yet, drone him

    An Open Letter to President Barack Obama

    by Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

    Dear President Obama,
    I am writing to request that you rendition Netanyahu and send him to Guantanamo.
    Or better yet, hit him with a predator drone.
    Bibi is in Washington now. The Pentagon, the CIA, and some well-equipped military bases are just miles away. Rendition teams and predator drones are ready, available, and standing by, avidly awaiting the opportunity to strike. This is your chance!
    Normally I am not a fan of extraordinary renditions and predator drones. But in this case I would make an exception…one of those “Carl Schmitt exceptions” if you know what I mean, and I think you do.
    Gitmo, drones, the whole nine yards…it’s all about the “war on terror,” right? Well, who is the biggest, nastiest terrorist on the planet? I’ll give you a hint: It sure as hell isn’t Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi or Ayman al-Zawahiri or some poor innocent little kid whose dad happens to be some harmless “useful idiot” like Anwar al-Awlaki.
    Thus far, 99% of the people you’ve murdered with predator drones or kidnapped, tortured and sent to Guantanamo have been innocent. The other 1% have been heroes brave enough to defend their countries against invasion and occupation.
    You’ve been droning and renditioning the wrong people.
    Let’s face it, the whole idea of murdering and disappearing people, with no due process and in blatant violation of the US Constitution and the Geneva Conventions, is deeply questionable. But since we’ve already bankrupted ourselves by spending $15 trillion on this so-called war on terror, we might as well get something for our money.
    We might as well take out at least ONE real terrorist.
    And it might as well be the most vicious, dangerous, evil terrorist on earth.
    It might as well be Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu.
    Now I do realize that you are probably thinking, “That’s a hell of a good idea, Barrett. But is it politically feasible? If I send a drone after Bibi and turn him into a cloud of pink mist, a fate he so richly deserves, won’t Karl Rove find some way to use it against the Democrats in the 2016 elections?”
    My response, paraphrasing James Baker, is: “F*** the Likudniks. They don’t vote for us anyway.”
    And while Sheldon Adelson and a tiny fraction of America’s Jewish population would be heartbroken, most of the world would react to the news of Netanyahu’s demise quite a bit more favorably:
    There is only one downside: If we drone him, we won’t get a chance to waterboard him.
    It would be nice to hear Bibi confess to his role in 9/11. It would be nice to nail him for smuggling mini-nukes into the USA for “Samson Option” blackmail.
    So maybe we should take the “compassionate approach” and just rendition the bastard.
    It’s your choice, Barry. You’re the Commander-in-Chief (a fact most of Congress seems to have forgotten). You’re the Decider, as your predecessor so eloquently put it.
    You don’t have to put up with any more sh*t from that psychopathic furniture salesman.
    Thanks to Bibi’s nuking the World Trade Center on 9/11, you inherited “special powers.” Go ahead and use them!
    You now have the legal right to kill or disappear anyone on earth, American citizen or foreign head of state. Maybe it’s time to use those powers to solve the real problem, eliminate the real terrorist threat, and set the stage for a return to Constitutional governance.
    Sincerely (I wish I was joking)
    Dr. Kevin Barrett

    Kevin Barrett

    Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror.

    Dr. Barrett has appeared many times on Fox, CNN, PBS and other broadcast outlets, and has inspired feature stories and op-eds in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Chicago Tribune, and other leading publications.

    Dr. Barrett has taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin, where he ran for Congress in 2008. He currently works as a nonprofit organizer, author, and talk radio host.

    Related Posts:

    The views expressed herein are the views of the author exclusively and not necessarily the views of VT or any other VT authors, affiliates, advertisers, sponsors or partners and technicians. Notices

    Posted by on March 3, 2015, With 1308 Reads, Filed under 9/11, Of Interest. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. You can skip to the end and leave a response. Pinging is currently not allowed.

    FaceBook Comments

    5 Responses to "Dear President Obama: Send Bibi to Gitmo!"

    1. Allesandro  March 3, 2015 at 8:51 am
      I’m for a serious Q & A period for Bibi first, with as much water as he can safely drink and inhale, since the Israeli’s have been behind the militarization of America, cops murdering citizens, wars based on false-flags, and generally anti-humane treatment for all, especially Palestinians.
      He needs to confess all for a cathartic experience, he most desperately deserves, then a decision made on his future.
    2. jake gittes  March 3, 2015 at 8:12 am
      Oath-keeping wet teams should be taking out with extreme prejudice enemies of America, two of whom are named in the article. Enough pussy-footing around.
    3. brubank-guy  March 3, 2015 at 7:43 am
      Before there is too much rejoicing about Netanyahu’s humiliation & the ‘rift’ between him & USA Prez Ogolfer … Let’s remember that, as many have argued – such as VT columnist Barry Chamish – that taking down Israel is part of the ‘end game’ for the Western world. As much as Israel has been embedded for many decades in US Deep State ruling elite … that elite considers everyone expendable, including Israel, Saudi Arabia & the US economy & system of government.
      Throwing away Israel, with elites maybe nearly done using it, is maybe what we see right now. Maybe soon big media will even ring up VT, ‘discovering’ the Sandia Labs report showing Israel blew off W-54 mini-nukes in NYC on 11 Sep 2001. Israeli state collapses,
      read more ...
      • SpiritsOfBrandywine  March 3, 2015 at 8:30 am
        Very true, except for two things. The Saudis are nothing anyone would want to emulate, so who cares. 2. If (and it’s a big if) the highly dense public is becoming aware of the definition of “choseness” and how their goyische heads are on the chopping block and how they’ve been lied to for centuries, then that is a major step up. It’s historic if the gentiles wake up.
        Also, Ogolfer has to do whatever he has to do. It’s certainly been a unique administration, unlike any before… “May you live in interesting times,” as they say.
    4. captain obvious  March 3, 2015 at 7:26 am
      apparently last year he planned to nuke Iran’s LEGAL nuclear energy program, an act of war, of genocide too. he killed over 2000 real Semites and maimed over 7000 more last summer, sure sounds like a great guy to have around still in power doesn’t it?
      it reminds me of the comedian Gallagher,
      PROgress is FOR moving forward, could someone now please explain CONgress?
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