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Nancy Reagan Turned Down Rock Hudson's Dying Plea For AIDS Treatment

Nancy Reagan Turned Down Rock Hudson's Dying Plea For AIDS Treatment
Nancy Reagan turned down a desperate plea for medical help from actor Rock Hudson as he was dying from AIDS, Buzzfeed has reported.

The then-deputy press secretary for the Reagan administration Mark Weinberg has said that he was contacted by Hudson’s publicist Dale Olson in July, 1985.

After collapsing inParis, the screen legend had been trying to access experimental drug treatment for AIDS being used in France, at the Percy Military Hospital.

A doctor there, Dominique Dormont, had secretly treated Hudson for the disease before his diagnosis had gone public, news that – along with the revelation that Hudson was gay – would shake Hollywood.

However, he had been turned down a transfer to the hospital as he was not French.

Olson sent a pleading telegram to the Reagans – Hudson had been friends with the President since his days as an actor – hoping they could help.

“Commanding general of Percy Hospital has turned down Rock Hudson as a patient because he is not French,” it read.

“Doctor Dormant in Paris believes a request from the White House or a high American official would change his mind.”

“I knew the Reagans knew Rock Hudson, obviously from their years in Hollywood, and for that reason I decided to call her,” said Weinberg.

However, the First Lady said they would not help Hudson.

“The view was, ‘Well, we’re so sorry’,” said Weinberg.


“And she was, they were both very sorry for Rock’s condition and felt for him and all the people. But it just wasn’t something that the White House felt that they could do something different for him than they would do for anybody else.

“She did not feel this was something the White House should get into and agreed to my suggestion that we refer the writer to the U.S. Embassy, Paris.”
Hudson died just nine weeks later.

Weinberg has insisted, however, that the decision was ‘nothing to do with AIDS or AIDS policy’ of the Reagan government, which was slated at the time for its inaction over fighting the disease, and had cut $10 million from its spending on the disease that same year.
“In fairness - and I’m not saying this to you, just to people - remember where the country was in the 80s,” Weinberg added.
“We talk about it now: ‘How could he?’ Nobody knew, nobody understood. It was all brand new back then.”
LGBT activist Peter Staley told Buzzfeed that the decision was ‘strange’.
“I’m sure if it had been Bob Hope in that hospital with some rare, incurable cancer, Air Force One would have been dispatched to help save him,” he said.


“There’s no getting around the fact that they left Rock Hudson out to dry. As soon as he had that frightening homosexual disease, he became as unwanted and ignored as the rest of us.”
After flying back to the US, Hudson died on October 2, 1985, little over a year after being diagnosed with HIV.

Image credits: Rex Features

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FRANCE announced AIDS as a homosexual disease.  When funding for AIDS was dropping fast, France announced that AIDS was NOT a homosexual disease, but a heterosexual one as well in order to collect money from everybody!

Now I read that AIDS is indeed a "frightening homosexual disease"!  Who to believe???

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Mrs Ghyslaine ROC
07/05/01 11:53 PM



5. My Reply : La Bisexualité de Gaëtan Duval


Sexual Education Secondary School Paper
Knowledge and Understanding of key elements (40%) and effects (35%).
Support and Evaluate points of view (25%)

In response to Secular/Atheist systematic brain-washing in our public schools

Extracts from a 12 year-old bi-lingual school student’s work presented in a UK secondary School on 23rd March 1995 and for which the student obtained the highest grade : A*

RESEARCH in French : « Petit Larousse en Couleurs 1986

HOMOSEXUALITÉ: nom féminin.
Forme de la sexualité dans laquelle l'attirance sexuelle est dirigée vers une personne du même sexe. (grec, homos, semblable).

HOMME: nom masculin. (latin, homo). : Être doué d'intelligence et d'un langage articulé, rangé parmi les mammifères de l'ordre des primates, et caractérisé par son cerveau volumineux, sa station verticale, ses mains préhensibles.

HOMO : du grec HOMOS = semblable

ACCOUPLEMENT: nom masculin. Accouplement du mâle et de la femelle, dans l'espèce humaine ou chez les animaux.

COÏT: nom masculin. Accouplement du male et de la femelle, dans l'espèce humaine ou chez les animaux.

SODOMIE: nom féminin. Coït anal. SODOMISER. SODOMITE.

LESBIENNE: nom féminin. Femme homosexuelle. LESBIANISME ou LESBISME.

CUNNILINGUS: nom masculin. Excitation buccale des organes génitaux féminins. CON = sexe de la femme = d'une grande stupidité (populaire).

FELLATION: nom féminin. (latin, fellare, sucer). Excitation buccale du sexe de l'homme.

FORNICATION: nom féminin. Religion: relations sexuelles entre personnes non mariées ou liées par un vœu. FORNIQUER. FORNICATEUR. FORNICATRICE.

PÉDÉRASTERIE: nom féminin. (grec, paidos, enfant). Déviation sexuelle ou l'objet du désir de l'homme est le jeune garçon. Toute pratique homosexuelle entre hommes.

PERVERSION: nom féminin. (latin, perversio, renversement). Action de pervertir, corruption. Médical: altération d'une fonction normale. Psychiatrie: recherche du plaisir sexuel en dehors du coït avec un partenaire d'âge équivalent et du sexe opposé. PERVERS = qui accomplit par plaisir des actes immoraux ou cruels.

IMMORAL: adjectif. Qui se conduit contrairement aux règles de la morale; qui est contraire aux bonnes mœurs (pratiques sociales, habitudes de vie d'un peuple, d'une espèce animale).

From the Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures, 1985: 1 CORINTIANS 6:9-10

9 "What! DO YOU not know that unrighteous persons will not inherit God's Kingdom? Do not be misled. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men kept for unnatural purposes, nor men who lie with men,

10 nor thieves, nor greedy persons, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortionists will inherit God's Kingdom."

LESBIANS: From "Lesbians", the "debauched, dissipated, licentious, extravagant" people of Lesbos or Lesbus, an island in the Aegian Sea. (Lemprière's Classical Dictionary 1994)

SODOMITES: From the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures, 1961:
Genesis 19:24

"Then Jehovah made it rain sulphur and fire from Jehovah, from the heavens, upon Sod'om and upon Gomor’rah."

Because the Sodomites and Gomorrahites indulged in all kinds of sexual perversions, their cities were destroyed.

1. Old versus Modern morality

The Old Religion, known also as Witchcraft, the craft of Wica, the Wise, used to be the source of all morality in Europe. Then, it was replaced by Christian morality. For nearly more than two thousand years the Religion of Abraham and Moses was supposed to govern the everyday lives of all Europeans that had been converted to Judaism or Roman Pauline 'Christianity'. Both religions and their Holy Bibles condemned all sexual perversions commonly known as Sodomy as "ungodly". Pauline morality adopted the same moral code and condemned homosexuality for nearly two thousand years. Sodomites were hunted down, persecuted and even executed. Until recently as 1895, Oscar Wilde, a brilliant Irish writer, was sentenced to 2 years of forced labour because of his notorious homosexual life-style. The Labouchère Amendment of 1885 made homosexuality by men a crime. But, it was no longer a crime following the 1967 Sexual Offences Act. Bryan Magee (1966 and 1968) indicated a figure of 2,500,000 homosexuals or Sodomites in Britain according to his book 'One in Twenty'.

Today the West has abolished all Christian Laws and adopted new secular, democratic, nationalist and militarist Laws, getting rid altogether, at the same time, of all 'Jewish' and 'Christian' morality, leaving a void and the State now dictates what is moral (politically correct) and what is not moral. All that was once immoral and a sin is now regarded as moral or acceptable, like usury, abortion, sexual orgies, wife-swapping, fornication, prostitution, pornography, incest, sodomy (homosexuality), gambling, national lottery, drugs (alcohol, nicotine, soon cannabis), homosexual marriages and homosexual adoption of children, and this New Secular World Order is being imposed on the entire world in a very insidious and intolerant manner.

NOW, if the majority of Mauritians, including this seemingly godless pain in the neck of a MONKEY WITHOUT A TAIL (Singe sans queue) and his godfather Gilbert SS Ahnee, want this perverted and beastly practice of homosexuality (and incest or paedophilia) to be made legal, who can prevent them? But, all true believers and all true God-fearing people will stay aloof or fight it. Homosexuals are notorious for being the first propagators of AIDS. Copulation with animal (legal in Christian Lebanon!) is a common thing in the countryside and in particular in the West. Where would mankind be today if the first man was a homosexual? Where do we stop with perverted and corrupt practices?

It seems that the language and power of reasoning of a 12 year-old believer in Britain can put many who intervene on this forum to shame! Now, although the student obtained an A* from his teacher for his excellent piece of work, there will still be some godless Mauritian scum out there to savagely criticize and find fault with it! We can’t please everybody, can we?

Ghyslaine ROC

Ce mercredi 25 avril 2001


Avocat du Diable
28/04/01 06:38 PM
Re: La bi-sexualité de Sir Gaëtan Duval! [re: Ghyslaine ROC]


À lire Mme Ghyslaine ROC, j’ai l’impression qu’elle a mis le doigt sur la plaie qui ronge une certaine section de la société mauricienne qui a perdu la foi en sa religion ancestrale, en ses propres traditions et valeurs tribales, et qui, complètement déshumanisée, veut à tout prix imposer sa nouvelle culture et identité empruntées sans vergogne à un occident lui-même décadent !

Malgré le fait que Mme ROC n’ait pas mentionné le nom de Sir Gaëtan Duval, il s’agit bien de lui dont il est question dans son article.

C’est plutôt l’immoralité abjecte du groupe de militants politiques, défenseurs de la pédérastie, de la sodomie et de l’homosexualité, qui m’intéresse actuellement à cause de l’ampleur politique que prend ces phénomènes jadis condamnés comme criminels, ou même comme une maladie génétique ou psychiatrique. Gilbert Ahnee peut croire qu’il peut tromper tout le monde, mais le diable lui il sait le danger de sa propagande en faveur de l’homosexualité, qu’il mentionne trompeusement sous le cachet d’ « orientation sexuelle », alors qu’il aurait dû dire plutôt DÉSORIENTATION SEXUELLE, qui est l’expression la plus appropriée de cette déviation et perversion dans l’usage du phallus hominidé.

Gaëtan Duval, alcoolique, fornicateur et homosexuel, homme superstitieux mais sans religion, qui ne voyait aucun mal à prostituer la mère, la fille, la femme ou la sœur du citoyen mauricien, amateur et défenseur de la pornographie, côtoyant des proxénètes et des trafiquants de drogue, et sûrement profitant de leurs dons généreux ; un jouisseur qui roulait en Mercédès et en Rolls-Royce, lui appartenant bien sûr, et qui avait sa suite réservée à l’année, à Paris, dans un hôtel des plus luxueux, avec toute une armée de parasites, de tapeurs, et tout cela aux frais du contribuable mauricien ; incarcéré pour suspicion d’assassinat politique, mais relâché miraculeusement. C’est cela le Paradis de Maurice !


Dans un sens, il était unique ! Qui donc d’autre que lui, ce prétendument roi créole noir, aurait osé copuler avec une pute lors d’un vol, en présence même, et à la vue de Sir Cassam Moollan ? Ou se vanter de sa pédérastie en disant qu’il préférait les « jeunes beaux garçons » aux femmes ? Il n’était non seulement homosexuel mais aussi pédéraste et pourquoi pas pédophile ? Ceux qui ont fréquenté l’école secondaire à Curepipe, dans les années 60, doivent encore se rappeler les photographies pornographiques que certains étudiants (surtout les garçons) se passaient en classe avec dessus certaines personnalités dégénérées de notre classe politique et de notre intelligentsia, à poils dans toutes les positions imaginables, mais je réserve les noms pour une prochaine fois !

J’ai décidé d’intervenir dans ce FAUX DÉBAT, puisqu’il n’y en a point, à cause de certains qui parlent de discrimination et de racisme à l’encontre de ces pauvres sodomites, homosexuels, pédérastes et pédophiles. Je voudrais rappeler à ces imbéciles qui jactent sur ce Forum que je me présente en tant qu’AVOCAT DU DIABLE, et s’ils ne comprennent pas ce que cela veut dire, qu’ils aillent tous au diable !  Bienvenue !

Pour égayer un peu l’atmosphère je vais ajouter mon grain de sel à ce croustillant posting de Mme ROC en citant Sir Gaëtan Duval lui-même :

« Pendant quelque temps, je buvais beaucoup, je me comportais mal, dans les hôtels…

J’avais, je crois, un comportement choquant. Ce fut une très mauvaise période…

J’ai fait l’amour dans un avion, devant Sir Cassam Moollan en plus. Je sortais du VIP room lorsque je vis deux jeunes filles qui n’arrêtaient pas de me regarder. Lorsque je montais à bord de l’avion, les deux jeunes filles demandèrent à s’asseoir près de moi. Elles me dirent :

 « Nous voudrions savoir avec laquelle de nous vous aimeriez faire l’amour… »

Je fais savoir que je suis d’accord.

 Et je commence à soupeser, à caresser, à embrasser l’une et l’autre et, finalement, je porte mon choix sur celle que je préférais.

Donc, nous étalons les couvertures et nous passons à l’action… »

GAËTAN DUVAL : « Il (Dieu) n’est ni dans une église, ni dans un temple. »

Et, surtout pas dans l’avion !  Duval était aussi amateur et défenseur des revues pornographiques et se fichait totalement que la pornographie est en fait de la prostitution et débouchait souvent sur la violence, la drogue, le viol, l’inceste, la pédophilie, fléaux de notre société que doivent combattre l’ensemble de la population et les hommes politiques.

À propos de sa « bi-sexualité », c’est à dire de sa fichue habitude de tremper son biscuit dans n’importe quel orifice, avez-vous vu ses Labradors ? Mais Gaëtan n’aime pas le terme bi-sexualité, pédérastie, sodomie ou homosexualité.

« Pourrait-on arrêter d’utiliser ce mot « bisexuel » ? Il est d’une telle inélégance. Il semble faire croire qu’on peut avoir deux sexes… »

« Je préfère dire que j’aime les garçons. Je trouve cela plus élégant. »

S’il y a des Mauriciens qui pensent qu’ils ont le droit et sont même fiers de se faire sodomiser par d’autres hommes, ou eux-mêmes de sodomiser d’autres hommes, même des jeunes garçons ou des animaux, c’est leur affaire, mais qu’ils ne viennent pas réclamer au peuple, à tradition non homosexuelle, le droit légal de le faire ! Un gros catalogue international des homosexuels indique l’Île Maurice comme un grand fournisseur de clients homosexuels pour les touristes européens, et je ne pense pas que c’est une gloire pour la nation, ou que nous devions en être fiers !

À propos, Sir Gaëtan Duval, combien de gens a-t-il contaminé avec le SIDA ou un virus vénérien quelconque ? Le premier cas du SIDA MAURICIEN fut rapporté en 1987, combien en avons-nous fabriqué à ce jour grâce à notre industrie tous risques (touristique) ?

Pour résumer, la question qu’il s’agit de débattre ici, pour ceux qui comprennent et savent le faire, les autres s’abstenir, c’est :



L’Avocat du Diable
Ce samedi 28 avril 2001

Ghyslaine ROC
27/04/01 04:53 PM



I am perfectly aware of the damage that western secular-atheist or laïcque French-style education has done to our youth. For that reason I am prepared to keep on informing people about the truth of certain facts I have come across in my research.

The white American has invented the term “sexual orientation” when writing about sodomy or homosexuality with the view of making it palatable and acceptable to the masses and to the Christian churches. Others speak of “sexual preferences”! I would like to ask the intelligent males amongst you one simple question.


Is it not simply an act of bestiality or a kind of perversion that should not be institutionalized but condemned (or at least kept secret between you and your partners!)? Why is the Catholic Pope against homosexuality? Attacking those priests who fail to respect their chastity vows is not an excuse to condone this bestial practice! Is it further not a fact that homosexuals are generally also pedophiles? I would like to ask you another question.


Personally, I know of many! However, our records in Mauritius show thousands of cases of sexual assault on Church choirboys, on boys attending Roman Catholic institutions, on boys returning from schools, on teenage boys hired for the pleasure of rich pedophiles in the security of their yachts, including also prisoners. The New Atheist World Order is a total success: Ecce Novus Ordo Seclorum. But, my dear friends, there will be always people to fight it. Even the late Gaëtan Duval has been notorious during his lifetime for his homosexuality! How shameful for the nation that claims to be Hindu, Christian and Muslim?

I will end with another bit of information in order to put the record straight because some secular atheists and anarchists are propagating outright lies about AIDS and HOMOSEXUALITY that they call by nice names.

“In Africa, AIDS has from its inception been transmitted heterosexually, rather than homosexually as was at first almost entirely the case in North America and Europe.”

Panos Dossier “AIDS AND THE THIRD WORLD” published in association with the Norwegian Red Cross, 1988, page v of the 1992 reprint.

When it was first announced on French television, homosexuals were castigated as the sole originators of AIDS. I personally know of a Biology teacher who taught at school back in the seventies that one day mankind will be scared to death by a “venereal disease” that nobody could stop, because he had read an illustrated book where white Europeans and especially American soldiers and white women were seen copulating with animals, including dogs and monkeys!

Homosexuals were blamed for AIDS and the French artist Line Renaud was campaigning for funds in order to help the homosexuals out of this “divine retribution”! Most of the notorious AIDS cases were homosexuals, people like Rock Hudson, Queen, etc. This has been the case for several months until the white man deliberately used the HIV virus (engineered in their own laboratories) with a view to eradicate a maximum of the Black African population, a planned genocide which was already on their agenda for many decades. I will provide the evidence for that at a later time.

Sincerely yours
Ghyslaine ROC
Friday 27th April 2001

Ghyslaine ROC

16/05/01 04:39 AM

[Censored (removed) by Servihoo Webmaster] - Reposted Wednesday 16th May 2001


Dear fellow countrymen and countrywomen

It is sad to see how some party-political fanatics are crazy about party-politics and they do not even understand the meaning of the word politics itself, or the word SEX! The main theme of my posting was not about homosexuality, but the psychopathic Monkey without a tail, that evolved ape (Singe Sans Queue) made it a big issue by attacking my posting without debating it, and attacking myself. He does not seem to have the skills to debate anyhow! So, I took up the challenge! But, some people are still confused and cannot see the difference between A SEXUAL ORGAN and the ANAL ORIFICE!

I am not going to waste my time here to define the terms politics or sex. If some ignorant, stubborn, blind and hardly literate people cannot understand what is happening in their own mind, in their own body, in their own country, Mauritius, how will they understand what happened over two thousand years ago in Greece?

If some people do not care about living in a healthy, normal and natural social environment that can only be provided by the politicians the people have elected to power, I do care, as well as most people to whom morality and ethics have still a real meaning.

If some people can accept POLITICAL campaigns in favour of sodomite or homosexual right to marry, to adopt children, to give to the adopted children homosexual or bi-sexual upbringing or names, others simply cannot!

If some people can accept irreligiousness to rule their daily lives, and feel it their right to force others to accept their way of life and of thinking, others cannot!

If some people can accept systematic genocide due to military intervention or “accidental” contaminated vaccination, family planning to comply with World Bank demands, large-scale abortion and homosexuality as alternative POLITICAL weapons to control the world population, others simply cannot!

ROBERT MCNAMARA: In his 1990 speech, the former World Bank President, stated:

By 2020 the population of Africa south of the Sahara is projected to be ONE BILLION SIX HUNDRED MILLION people.

“In order to stabilize world population we must eliminate 350,000 people per day.

“A total world population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.”

The First of the Ten Commandments of the New Age represented on a Masonic Stone in Georgia, erected on March 22, 1980:

First Commandment: Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

“If I could be reincarnated, I would wish to return as killer virus* to lower human population levels.

* See Emerging viruses by Dr Len Horowitz.

CHARLES WURSTER of the Environmental Defence Fund:
“People are the cause of all the problems; we have too many of them; we need to get rid of some of them, and this (ban on DDT) is as good a way as any.”

The Pharaonic POLITICAL system is the Freemasonic Constitutional Systems of separation of RELIGION, of any form of religion in the acts and decisions of the State. In other words, MORALITY is literally thrown out and MACHIAVELLAN principles are implemented, the principles based on efficiency and the benefit of the ruling elites. No other considerations are taken, if that means killing a lot of people, it means killing a lot of people. Acting Secretary of State, Eagleberger, U.S. ambassador was put in the place of Baker to deal with the genocide of Muslims in Bosnia. He spoke Serbo-Croatian! In Newsweek he said that this matter is “a Greek tragedy; it has a beginning and an end, and a lot of people are going to die in between”.

When the Europeans set foot in the Americas in 1492 there were 15 million Caribs and Arawaks. In 1520, there remained only 15 thousand!
 They were mass-slaughtered, HOLOCAUSTED, and died also of European imported infectious diseases like smallpox, measles and syphilis! For the first time in world history the white Europeans used germ warfare in order to eradicate all native life by deliberately giving to the natives blankets exposed to people infected with smallpox!

National Security Memorandum 200 published in 1974 by Henry Kissinger
says in summary that 13 nations in the world WHOSE POPULATIONS are a threat to the National Security of the United States of America and its Allies, countries like Nigeria, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, India, Pakistan and the Palestinians. Officially populations have since become the target of military action of the US government.

Is genocide the order of the day in order to reduce world population?

Where does AIDS fit in?

Why is it that all of a sudden millions of Africans got contaminated with HIV, and hundreds of thousands have already died, if not millions?

Can anybody explain to us why half a million Christian people from Rwanda got hacked to death within hours of the cowardly pulling out of the French military?

Dr D.M. McARTHUR [1965]:

“We have now the ability to produce in our laboratories artificial micro-organisms that are able to defeat the human immune system and is refractory to any therapeutic or preventive measures that can be devised against them.”

In 1969 these death-scientists were granted $10 million for their research, which they completed in 1974. In the front page of the London time in 1987, the British admitted having administered several thousands of contaminated smallpox vaccines in Central Africa. Contaminated with what? HIV virus? AIDS was originally restricted to haemophiliacs and homosexual men in Western Europe. Homosexuality, intravenous drug use, alcoholism, fornication were all risk activities.

Militant dictatorship, Gilbert Ahnee’s laïcité, Dr Tariq Ramadan’s reformed Islam, Burbuksingh’s ghettoisation of the Mauritian ethnic minorities, bogus equal opportunities, extra-judiciary justice, torture, politically-motivated crimes, corruption, pornography, prostitution, incest, pedophilia and HOMOSEXUALITY are all political issues in that the people of Mauritius are called or will be called upon to vote upon these issues, or as jurors.

Those who campaign in favour of sodomy or homosexuality are the ones who are “emotionally disturbed or very (sexually) confused individuals”, racist and intolerant, and ethically bankrupt!

They are the one hiding the truth and propagating outright lies!


”Singe avec queue” seems to make more sense than “Singe sans queue”, “Azor”, “Truth” and the like – “des intellectuels de la petite semaine” as Gilbert SS Ahnee would call them!

At least “Singe avec queue” can make the difference between a lovemaking device and a defecation one! BRAVO!

Ghyslaine ROC
Saturday 28th April 2001

[Censored (removed) by the webmaster.]
Reposted Wednesday 16th May 2001

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Your 53 Friends
18/05/01 05:38 AM
Reply to this post

Dear Mrs ROC,

We are already 53 here to support you and others in your fight against homosexuality and other perversions imported from the West and India.

I have set up an anti-homosexuality club in Plaine Verte and we have already 9 active Christian members, 3 Hindus, one atheist and 30 Muslims and 10 other contributors! We are 53 people in all including myself.

We have drafted a letter with 53 signatures that we intend to send to Paul Bérenger because he will be, God willing, our future Prime Minister soon.

I regret your conflict with Paul, but I can assure you that he is one million times better than the present Prime Minister or even than the previous one. In fact we don't really think that Jugnauth and his religious community will allow Paul to take over from him, but you never know.

We want Paul to give us, dedicated Christians, Hindus, Muslims and atheist, his word of honour that he will not be part of any attempt at legalising homosexuality or prostitution during his term of office. If he does not respond, or refuse, we will regard him as one of them and you may rest assured that he will not have our support at all in the future, and this might even cost him his prime ministership because we will then campaign relentlessly against him, if we are not obstructed by the Police, of course.

We would be much grateful if you could join our club, but we have one request to make. We have an atheist member and we would be much grateful if you could respect his sensitiveness because we found some harshness against atheists in general in your postings although we quite understand that you in fact meant the INTOLERANT ones. I will soon forward you full details about us.

Thank you
Your 53 friends from Mauritius

Ghyslaine ROC
10/06/01 05:25 PM

The Servihoo Administration does not miss a single occasion to either edit my posts or remove them altogether when they go against Servihoo's now very well documented policy and political agenda, while at the same time allowing others to blatantly use my registered name in a distorted manner and posting articles not authored by me, and allowing also the same people to swear, slander and blaspheme in all freedom.

We are talking about the enemy from outside, but what about the enemy from within the Servihoo administration itself?

But this will not deter me and others to keep on using these forums and others in order to try and communicate with the Mauritian public and with the authorities who keep a vigilant eye on all that is posted by serious (dangerous!) people like me, but surely not the plethora of pseudonyms and agents provocateurs that keep sabotaging our contributions, especially mine, with their personal and slanderous attacks systematically tolerated by the Servihoo administration.

As for me, it does not matter if I soon stop writing altogether on these forums, because I have other venues where my voice is being heard, and my name and religion respected.

Mrs Ghyslaine ROC
Sunday 10th June 2001

At the private request of some readers, I am reposting Part 2 of my article in 2 parts "THE POLITICS BEHIND HOMOSEXUALITY AND AIDS" removed by the Servihoo administration without any explanation despite my repeated requests.

Ghyslaine ROC
30/04/01 07:40 PM


Part 2 - Today Africa tomorrow Mauritius

My dear fellow countrymen and countrywomen,

The West (U.S.A.) chose the Blacks of Central Africa first partly because of Henry Kisinger’s damning National Security Memorandum 200 published in 1974. But, Black leaders are also accomplices in this planned genocide. When the turn of Mauritius will come, which ethnic minorities will the West chose with the complicity of our own political leaders?

Just look at the reputation of the US previous President Bill Clinton. Can a man like him be ever trustworthy? Is he not a smiling two-faced political liar? Is he not a sexual pervert? Is he not a drug running, cocaine sniffing, adulterous scumbag? Some say he is a Saint. Others call him a New World Order Devil! A Prophet of Satan!

How can we trust the actual government of Mauritius when we see that all powers are vested in the government (politicians) alone?

"...when the accumulation of power within all three branches of government, the legislative, the judicial and the executive, are in the same hands, then tyranny will follow." - James Madison

How can we trust any government when morality is not the foundation of their ethics and when ministers branded as drug traffickers, rapists, homosexuals or pedophiles are protected by the justice system?

"John De Camp, former Senator and attorney from Nebraska and author of The Franklin Cover-up, tells a hauntingly similar story of child abuse and political cover-ups. [similar to the story of Linda Wiegand's children] In his book, De Camp tells the story of a young girl who tried to expose powerful pedophiles and Satanists in Nebraska. That story, like Cathy O'Brian's (Trance Formation of America...) led directly to former president George Bush and other powerful establishment figures.

"Once this young girl and any who stood up beside her, told their story, they soon found themselves charged with perjury and jailed while their molesters went free." From the "Connecticut Pedophile Protection Program," The Free American

If in medieval Europe, European Christians were as clean as and washed as regularly as Middle Eastern Christians, or used more of Middle Eastern medical science, which was far more advanced, they would certainly have avoided the toll of 30 million souls claimed by the bubonic plague! Today Western godless governments are creating havoc in the world population with their secularism, liberalism, perverted sex and bestial anal practices and AIDS, the progeny of their diseased minds, a very powerful micro-biological war weapon that they are using in all impunity and legality while blaming Iraq and not eternally innocent Israel for owning similar weapons of mass-destruction!

Extracts from “AIDS in Africa: Dying in numbers”

'We used to think of AIDS as a health issue; we were wrong'
By John Christensen
CNN Interactive

(CNN) -- In coming to grips with AIDS, the worst health calamity since the Middle Ages and one likely to be the worst ever, consideration inevitably turns to the numbers.
According to estimates from UNAIDS, an umbrella group for five U.N. agencies, the World Bank and the World Health Organization, 34.3 million people in the world have AIDS -- 24.5 million of them in sub-Saharan Africa. Nearly 19 million have died from AIDS, 3.8 million of them children under the age of 15.

Among the other statistics:

· 5.4 million new AIDS infections in 1999, 4 million of them in Africa.

· 2.8 million dead of AIDS in 1999, 85 percent of them in Africa.

· 13.2 million children orphaned by AIDS, 12.1 million of them in sub-Saharan Africa.

· Reduced life expectancy in sub-Saharan Africa from 59 years to 45 between 2005 and 2010, and in Zimbabwe from 61 to 33.

· More than 500,000 babies infected in 1999 by their mothers -- most of them in sub-Saharan Africa.

Finally, this: The bubonic plague is reckoned to have killed about 30 million people in medieval Europe. The U.S. Census Bureau projects that AIDS deaths and the loss of future population from the deaths of women of child-bearing age means that by 2010, sub-Saharan Africa will have 71 million fewer people than it would otherwise.

The numbers are staggering, but they do not begin to encompass the suffering and the dramas that put faces on the epidemic.”

“Increasingly sophisticated treatments have cut the AIDS death rate in the industrialized countries, but elsewhere the epidemic is gathering momentum.

Infections in the former Soviet Union have doubled in the past two years. Journalist Patricia Thomas, author of a forthcoming book on the search for an AIDS vaccine called "Big Shot," says that "... in India and China, the world's most populous nations, their epidemics have just gotten off the ground."

The focus at the moment, however, is on sub-Saharan Africa, where 10 of the 11 infections that take place each minute occur, where in some countries teachers, doctors and nurses are dying faster than they can be replaced, and where treatment ranges from inadequate to non-existent.

“AIDS was first identified in 1959 in what was then the Belgian Congo.”

“In South Africa, … one of every 10 people has AIDS,…”

Dr. Robert Shell of the Population Research Unit at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa: "but the pandemic marches forward. Every day we get 1,700 new cases."

AIDS so-called experts are lying about the western-propagated or western-engineered virus aimed at decimating entire black populations in Central Africa. They falsely claim:

“Factors contributing to the spread of AIDS include poverty, ignorance, the prohibitive cost of AIDS drugs, an aversion to discussing sex and, some say, promiscuity.”

"Promiscuity is a loaded word," says Shell. "I would say that AIDS is a result of unsafe sexual practices, and unguarded sexual behavior is the most important factor. Ignorance about reproductive health is the biggest factor [and it] is related to poverty and illiteracy. Ten percent of the Africans in my province have other sexually transmitted diseases ...."

“Wars have also contributed to the problem.”

“Like migrant workers, truck drivers and young men, soldiers often visit "commercial sex workers," or prostitutes, 90 percent of whom are believed to have AIDS. Nigerian soldiers with the ECOMOG forces in Sierra Leone and Finnish soldiers serving as peacekeepers in Namibia took AIDS with them when they returned home.

Girls and women are often forced to have sex with men in male-dominated African cultures. In fact, says journalist Thomas, in some areas infected men "believe they can be cured by having sex with a virgin, and 12-year-old girls become infected."

“The epidemic is also responsible for the quadrupling of life insurance premiums in Zimbabwe, escalating health costs to Botswana companies by 500 percent and driving the health costs of a large Zambian company so high that they exceeded profits.

In Zimbabwe and Botswana, where roughly one of every four people have AIDS, the disease has cut sharply into population growth with negative consequences.”

The danger of global consequences

“One of the most alarming speculations is that by the year 2010 there will be 40 million AIDS orphans in Africa, most of whom will have grown up with little or no social structure.”

"If we don't work with the Africans themselves to address these problems," U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Richard Holbrooke said in January 2000, "we will have to deal with them later when they will get more dangerous and more expensive."

A clever safe-sex campaign using catchy packaging and a suggestive slogan ("So Strong, So Smooth") turned condoms into a must-have item in Uganda. It also cut the AIDS rate from 15 percent to 9.7 percent. A vigorous program in Senegal has kept its infection rate at 2 percent

But African nations spend only $165 million a year to combat AIDS, and it all comes from the industrialized nations. James Wolfensohn, president of the World Bank, told the U.N. Security Council in January 2000 that an effective and comprehensive prevention program for sub-Saharan Africa would cost $2.3 billion a year.”

"Many of us used to think of AIDS as a health issue," Wolfensohn told the Security Council. "We were wrong. AIDS can no longer be confined to the health or social sector portfolios. AIDS is turning back the clock on development."

Extracts from:

“Khadafy blames West for Aids”

“Many dismiss claims but Libyan strikes chord at Africa talks

By John Donnelly, Globe Staff, 4/28/2001

BUJA, Nigeria - Launching a broadside against the West as African leaders ended a summit on AIDS, Libyan leader Moammar Khadafy yesterday accused the CIA of planting the deadly disease in Africa and drug companies of hiding a vaccine in order to reap profits.

The eight-member US delegation walked out of the Abuja International Conference Center 45 minutes into Khadafy's speech. A Japanese delegation also left.

His talk also angered Nigerian officials, who had hoped for a short ''vote of thanks'' speech. Instead, the Libyan leader spoke for an hour and stole the attention from a summit aimed at winning a broad political commitment to fight the AIDS pandemic.”

“Even as many dismissed Khadafy's message, he won wide applause for saying that there was no evidence the AIDS virus originated in African monkeys; that Western interests are still exploiting Africa; and that AIDS drugs should be given out free.

''Who made the AIDS virus?'' asked Khadafy, wearing a black cap and a floor-length white robe. ''Some say it's from monkeys in Africa. Those monkeys have been here for centuries. How can it appear now?''

Many laughed. More applauded.

Drug companies, he said, ''seem to even enjoy our suffering.” ''They want to earn billions,'' he said. ''Maybe they have a vaccine. They could have discovered it only yesterday. OK. You can get a vaccine now. This is right. The drug companies want to hold it back. It allows them more time to make more and more dollars.''

A grim-faced Nancy Powell, the acting US assistant secretary of state for African affairs, declined to comment as she briskly strode out of the hall. A few hours later, the US Embassy released a statement calling the summit ''a success and milestone'' for African leaders, but added: ''It is unfortunate that chairman Khadafy misused the vote of thanks to make spurious claims about the origins of the AIDS virus and to allege the pharmaceutical industry is withholding new drugs from the market. We reject these groundless claims.''

Khadafy said CIA agents ''manufactured things in their labs and created the AIDS virus.''

''They have tried this on the Haiti people, who were just used as experimental subjects,'' he said.

Despite the outlandish claims, the mention of Haiti had special meaning to many in the hall who recalled that some Western scientists wrongly theorized in the 1980s that AIDS originated in Haiti. Later, studies traced HIV's arrival there to gay tourists from the United States and possibly Europe.

Among those listening to Khadafy was Seth Berkley, president of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, who said, ''He should get a grip.'' But, he added: ''Khadafy says things no one else says. One-tenth of what he says has some truth. Like the profit margins. It's real to say there are life-saving drugs out there. But there are reasons drug companies need to make profits as well.'' ”

“Khadafy, who was accompanied to the summit by an entourage of 200, almost all of them security officers, delivered the speech with more feeling than he has shown at any other time during his three-day visit. He waved his arms. He paused effectively. And he made the audience laugh several times - sometimes at him and sometimes with him.”

Now, at last, I think (I hope) I can go back to where I started before this necessary imposed deviation. Until next time, folks!

Ghyslaine ROC
Monday 30th April 2001

P.S. I wish to thank “Avocat du Diable” for his posting. I remember one day I was branded as “Emp” (Professor Saoud Bacccus), now as “Avocat du Diable” and “Singe Avec Queue”.

Why not with “ahmad” as well? Don’t you remember the hijâb issue at the Loretto Convent School and Melody in Love? This pleases me on the contrary, as these gentlemen do not seem to oppose my views on the issues I raised. Even if they did, I would not mind at all as this is precisely the purpose of the present exercise, to debate in a civilized manner, as long as they do not swear at me instead of debating my arguments.

I repeat again here that I do not claim to have any monopoly on Truth: I am not a Jew, a Zionist or a Secularist!

Reposted 10th June 2001
Mrs Ghyslaine ROC

17/06/01 12:57 PM
Reply to this post

DR Elizabeth Kubler-Ross says HOMOSEXUALS INTRODUCED AIDS IN 1981!

But in order to collect funds the media had to hide this fact and stress instead that HETEROSEXUALS too were contaminated, although this was due again to BISEXUALS and PROSTITUTES!

In order to keep their jobs doctors too had to lie about this homosexual disease!


Ghyslaine ROC
18/07/01 10:51 PM


One of the characteristics of living organisms, according to the science of Biology, is the ability of reproducing its own kind, but homosexuals, in general, deliberately chose not to fall in the category of living organisms!

“Weakly giving in to sexual desires by masturbation will certainly not give you strength when faced with a situation tempting you to commit fornication – or even homosexuality. Just the opposite, it cultivates wrong thinking and wrong desire. In fact, masturbation can lead into homosexuality. In such instances the person, not satisfied with his lonely sexual activity, seeks a partner for mutual sex play.

This happens much more frequently than you may realize. Contrary to what many persons think, homosexuals are not BORN that way, but their homosexual behavior is learned. And often a person gets started when very young by playing with another’s sexual parts, and then engaging in homosexual acts. One young man relates:

“When I was young, I had very little parental guidance. I was allowed to go my own way, and do my ‘own thing’. It was when I was only about eight years old that my older cousins introduced me to homosexual acts. I found these pleasurable, and so continued the practice with them and later with others. Soon it was almost a daily activity. At first I had no realization of doing anything wrong. My parents had not given me any instruction regarding moral conduct, and I never confided in them.

We then lived in a Central American country. Later we moved to New York City, where I finished high school. I also continued homosexual practices. The school and city are filled with homosexuals, so there were plenty of opportunities. As I grew older I realized that what I was doing was unnatural, and was not right. But I continued because I wanted to. These sex acts had become very enticing to me.”

The youth was “hooked” on the practices, and it was only after great effort that he was able to overcome them. What motivated him to change? It was a desire to please God. When he understood that God views homosexual acts as “unnatural”, and that that He totally disapproves of them, the young man fought these practices until he had conquered them. God’s word is very clear on this matter, saying:
“Make no mistake: no fornicator or idolater, none who are guilty either of adultery or of homosexual perversion…will possess the kingdom of God”.

– Corinthians 6:9, 10, The New English Bible.”

“YOUR YOUTH Getting the Best out of it”, 1976, Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc., U.S.A.

Ghyslaine ROC
Wednesday 18 July 2001

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This could be the reason or one of the reasons!


From: "director@bmsd.org.uk" 

 Sent: Friday, 22 May, 2009 12:32:12
British Muslims for Secular Democracy (bmsd) response to anti-discrimination proposals in the Equality Bill

PRESS RELEASE – 22nd May 2009

British Muslims for Secular Democracy (bmsd) response to anti-discrimination proposals in the Equality Bill

British Muslims for Secular Democracy welcomes the proposals contained in the Government’s Equality Bill, which is currently passing through Parliament.  As well as reinforcing laws against gender, age and disability discrimination, the Bill will prevent religious institutions from discriminating against job applicants on the basis of their sexual orientation when they apply for positions that do not entail the promotion of religion.

BMSD supports the principle behind the legislation, which ensures that while religious beliefs are being safeguarded, these employers will have to act fairly when hiring individuals who deliver services at an operational level.  Whether it is a mosque, church, synagogue or temple, people employed in roles which do not directly involve propogation of an institute’s religious beliefs should face no discrimination at any stage of the recruitment process, or upon commencing employment.  BMSD believes there has to be equality for all in the nation, even those with whom we disagree, or of whom we might disapprove.

Dr Shaaz Mahboob of bmsd said: “It is important for religious institutions to ensure that transparency is maintained, and that eligible and worthy candidates are not disfavoured in the selection process due to factors such as sexual orientation.  This is particularly crucial in these times of recession and economic instability.”

For details please visit http://www.bmsd.org.uk  

For any further queries, please contact:  Dr Shaaz Mahboob on shaaz@bmsd.org.uk or 07961365751 or Tehmina Kazi on 0207 631 4175

1.     bmsd is made up of a group of Muslim democrats of diverse ethnic and social backgrounds, who support a clear separation between religion and the State.  

2.     bmsd’s mission statement:   “To promote civic engagement, social inclusion, responsible citizenship and good governance particularly within constituent Muslim communities of Britain; in order to build an understanding of the shared values between all citizens to enable them to live in an inclusive, pluralist, secular and confident Britain.”   

3.     bmsd claims no mandate or false representative status. Our primary concern is democratic engagement not detailed theological analysis or debate. The level and depth of commitment to the doctrinal core and orthodoxy of the faith varies among Muslims as much as it does in members of other faith groups. bmsd founders wish to create a platform for alternative, diverse Muslim views, essential for a progressive, multi-layered, democratic identity that is not in conflict with itself or fellow citizens.  

4.     For details please visit http://www.bmsd.org.uk  

5.     For any further queries, please contact:  Dr Shaaz Mahboob on shaaz@bmsd.org.uk or 07961365751 or Tehmina Kazi on 0207 631 4175

 Marion Sigaut sur le rapport Kinsey à l'origine de la révolution sexuelle
wilfrid delnord

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