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Gilad Atzmon Interview (Part 1)

Uploaded on 4 Dec 2011
Veronica Keen of the Montague Keen Foundation, interviews Gilad Atzmon about his popular new book, The Wandering Who? (A Study of Jewish Identity Politics)

Veronica Keen is the wife of the late Montague Keen, a prominent academic and researcher with the Society for Psychical Research in London, England.

The interview, in two parts, was recorded in November 2011.

 Gilad Atzmon Interview (Part 2)
Uploaded on 4 Dec 2011
Veronica Keen of the Montague Keen Foundation, interviews Gilad Atzmon about his popular new book, The Wandering Who? (A Study of Jewish Identity Politics)

Veronica Keen is the wife of the late Montague Keen, a prominent academic and researcher with the Society for Psychical Research in London, England.

The interview, in two parts, was recorded in November 2011.




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Lest We Forget–The Children of ‘the Iraqi Hiroshima’

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NEW Torture Photos: US Soldiers Raped, Sodomized Prisoners

By Tom Eley
In an interview with the British newspaper the Daily Telegraph published Wednesday, former US General Antonio Taguba said that photographs the Obama administration is seeking to suppress show images of US soldiers raping and sodomizing Iraqi prisoners. Taguba, who conducted the military inquiry of prisoner abuse at the notorious Abu Ghraib prison in 2004 after some photos of US soldiers torturing prisoners became public, said that among the photos are images of soldiers raping a female prisoner, raping a male detainee, and committing “sexual assaults on prisoners with objects including a truncheon, wire and phosphorescent 
tube,” according to the Telegraph.
Gen. Taguba said even the description of the photos is explosive. “These pictures show torture, abuse, rape and every indecency,” Taguba said. “The mere description of these pictures is horrendous enough, take my word for it.”
Taguba’s revelations expose the deceit of President Barack Obama’s claim, used to justify the photos’ suppression, that they “are not particularly sensational, especially when compared to the painful images that we remember from Abu Ghraib.” In all, it is believed that there are some 2,000 photographs depicting about 400 cases of US military personnel torturing Iraqis and Afghans at seven military prisons. The Bush administration, and now Obama, have sought to block publication of the images.
Obama also claimed that “the most direct consequence of releasing them…would be to inflame anti-American public opinion and to put our troops in greater danger.” While this may likely be true, the criminal nature of the US occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan is already well known by the nations’ populations, who have died and been made refugees in the hundreds of thousands since being invaded in 2003 and 2001, respectively. Indeed, this claim only exposes the true nature of the US occupations: they have never been about establishing democracy, but aimed at stamping out resistance to US control of the strategically important nations through mass bloodletting and terror, the historical modus operandi of every imperialist occupying power.
However, the central reason Obama has chosen to fight the photos’ release is that top US generals announced their opposition to their publication. The generals’ intervention came in the midst of increasingly open dissension from the ranks of the military-intelligence apparatus over Obama’s handling of “the war on terror.” After Obama released four Bush administration legal memos justifying torture, a campaign, spearheaded by Bush Vice President Dick Cheney, was launched, appealing to the military brass and spies. Obama responded by promising he would block any investigation of the previous administration’s carefully crafted and controlled torture policies. He then reversed an earlier decision to not appeal a judge’s ruling in response to an American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) freedom of information lawsuit launched in 2004, which demanded the release of dozens of the torture photos.
An Obama Pentagon spokesman denied that the suppressed images depict rape, while a carefully worded statement seemed to indicate other photos depict precisely such actions. Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said the Telegraph “has completely mischaracterized the images…. None of the photos in question depict the images that are described in that article.” Whitman did not specifically deny Taguba’s claims.
Obama claims that the torture depicted in the photographs was committed by “a small number of individuals,” and that those “involved have been identified, and appropriate actions have been taken.” Here we may safely assume Obama is referring to a small handful of rank-and-file soldiers.
But what of the high-ranking officers who oversaw, endorsed and most likely ordered the torture and rape of prisoners? If there are 2,000 photographs of prisoner torture that fell under the control of the Pentagon, how many more cases were not photographed? It is clear that the torture and rape of prisoners went far beyond the actions of “a few bad apples.” This torture and sexual humiliation of prisoners—up to and including rape—can only be described as the systematic policy of the US military and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), sanctioned at the highest levels of government. Indeed, the generals’ opposition to further publication of the photos is likely based in part on their own association with the crimes.
The policy of torture came from higher still, however, as recently released Justice Department legal memos and other evidence show. Various forms of torture, including forced nudity and sexual humiliation were studied, justified, and individually approved by top White House and congressional officials. A US Senate Armed Services Committee report issued in April reveals that Bush Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld personally approved 15 “harsh interrogation” methods. A version of Rumsfeld’s document was used, verbatim, at Abu Ghraib, according to the report. (See “Bush, top cabinet officials monitored torture of detainees”)
In his Telegraph interview, Taguba solidarized himself with Obama’s decision to suppress the photos. Taguba’s own investigation in 2004 was in fact a partial cover-up. He later admitted that he was ordered to confine his investigation to low-ranking military police, although he was aware that high-ranking generals had “extensive knowledge” of the torture. And though he was aware of the photographic evidence of torture and rape at the time, Taguba’s report made no mention of them.
Because his report was not a total whitewash, however, the Bush administration forced the major general into retirement in 2007. He has since described the actions of the Bush administration in Iraq as war crimes. “There is no longer any doubt that the current administration committed war crimes,” Taguba wrote in the forward for a report by Physicians for Human Rights. “The only question is whether those who ordered torture will be held to account.”
The photographic evidence of rape substantiates evidence Taguba gathered in his investigation, which only became public due to another freedom of information lawsuit. For example, in a sworn deposition Kasim Mehaddi Hilas said he witnessed US military personnel raping a boy. “I saw [a US military translator rape] a kid, his age would be about 15 to 18 years. The kid was hurting very bad and they covered all the doors with sheets. Then when I heard screaming I climbed the door because on top it wasn’t covered and I saw [the soldier] who was wearing the military uniform, putting his **** in the little kid’s **** and the female soldier was taking pictures.”
The sworn deposition also described the anal rape of prisoners with phosphorescent tubes and police clubs, as well as the use of wire in sexual torture.
The rape of Iraqi boys by US military personnel is corroborated by other evidence. Journalist Seymour Hersh, who played a critical role in breaking the Abu Ghraib story in 2004, has evidently seen all of the photos, and is aware of video footage depicting rape. He has not written publicly on their content, but a 2004 speech he gave to the ACLU indicates the sheer horror of the US military’s methods:
“Some of the worst things that happened you don’t know about, okay?” Hersh said. “The women were passing messages out saying, ‘Please come and kill me, because of what’s happened,’ and basically what happened is that those women who were arrested with young boys, children in cases that have been recorded. The boys were sodomized with the cameras rolling. And the worst, above all, of that is the soundtrack of the boys shrieking that your government has. They are in total terror. It’s going to come out.” In another speech, quoted by Rick Pearlstein, Hersh spoke of “horrible things done to children of women prisoners, as the cameras run.”
The unfathomable crimes depicted in the photos arise inexorably from the project of aggressive wars based on lies. As such, they are the flip side of the conspiracy against the democratic rights of the American people. Both arise from the deepening crisis of US capitalism, which the ruling elite seeks to offset by seizing hold of key resources and strategic advantage over its rivals.
One can only react with horror. Contained in the stories and images of the torture of defenseless prisoners, some of them boys and women, is the true face of US imperialism, which finds no crime beneath its dignity in its effort to subjugate Iraq and Afghanistan. Just as the Vietnam War conjures up images of napalmed children fleeing US soldiers, and Nazi Germany invokes images of emaciated prisoners near death, the images of sexual torture will forever be associated with the American “war on terror.”
In acting to suppress the images and protect the torturers, Obama has made himself an accomplice in these crimes. Moreover, in the absence of criminal investigation, there is every reason to believe that similar crimes continue.
We can no longer in good conscience trust the politicians to police themselves. Link to this article from forums and blogs. Mention it with links in your comments on blogs. PROMOTE IT.
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US Produced Sarin Gas Used in Syria
Apr 14, 2014

American Journalist and Researcher Jeffrey Silverman said that chemical weapons used by rebels in Syria were transferred by sea from Georgia's US-controlled Laboratory, in a new revelation that proves chemical attacks in Syria are committed by foreign-backed militants.

Jeffrey Silverman said in an interview with Veterans Today website that US Department of Defense operates a network of labs in Georgia and that they have an offensive capacity.

On August 27, 2013 the famous American political investigator and principal editor of the ex-US State Department and intelligence service publication Veterans Today, Gordon Duff, published an article entitled "US Contractors Cited for Syrian Chemical Attacks," and a video entitled "Syrian Gas Attack Proof Syrian Army Has No Involvement."

The commentary to the video states, "The video which you are watching right now was filmed in Syria and shows the chemical weapons which were sent from Georgia. The US is standing behind all this. Former US Senator Richard Lugar is the person whose assistance made it possible to transport weapons from Georgia via Turkey into Syria, with the support of the United States and Turkey… A US chemical weapons program supplies the Syrian rebels with weapons of mass destruction. A team of investigators has determined that chemical weapons were supplied from this region, which is under US control. They followed the trail of these chemical weapons to the Georgian Republic. Turkish Army subdivisions transported them to Al-Qaeda terrorists operating in Syrian territory.

Journalists Jeffrey Silverman and Lika Moshiashvili are credited with having discovered the secret and illegal operations taking place in the US-controlled Central Reference Laboratory (CPHRL) in the Tbilisi suburb the Alekseevka Settlement."

In another context Silverman said, "The truth will soon be exposed as to why so much money (was spent) on this lab, 300 million dollars in total, and how the US, Turkey and Saudi Arabia have used Georgia to supply chemical and conventional weapons to terrorists … basically that Al-Qaeda is America’s best friend. Turkey is even the main subcontractor to the construction of the bio lab here in Tbilisi. That is not a happenstance!"
Silverman said that Gordon Duff provided him with the information that prove chemical weapons were transported into Syria from Georgia, and added that this information also confirmed by his own sources. "He stated, Based on reliable sources, that chemical weapons were being transferred by sea from Georgia to Syria. They have human intelligence sources who find and track such materials…"

"This is a team of American veterans who found out that the supply of chemical weapons in Syria was performed from outside, via Turkey," Silverman added.



Dear Friends,
CounterPunch has just published Alison Weir's article (posted at the end of this message):
The article reveals that a special day has been set aside to honor a religious leader whose teachings included statements that Jews are allegedly a different species than non-Jews and that non-Jews were created to serve Jews.

The article describes how such teachings impact Palestinians living – and dying – under Israeli occupation and invasion.

One of Alison's main sources for the article was Israeli professor Israel Shahak, who was praised by diverse writers, including Edward Said and Noam Chomsky.

Yet, today almost no one knows of Shahak's important work. We hope you'll read Alison's detailed article and share it with others. And then you may wish to contact your Congressional representative and suggest that it's time to choose a new person to honor on "Education and Sharing Day."

Best wishes,

The If Americans Knew team

The Extremist Origins of Education and Sharing Day:

Why is the US Honoring a Racist Rabbi?


If things proceed normally, President Barak Obama will soon proclaim April 11, 2014 “Education and Sharing Day, U.S.A.” Despite the innocuous name, this day honors the memory of a religious leader whose lesser-known teachings help fuel some of the most violent attacks against Palestinians by extremist Israeli settlers and soldiers.
The leader being honored on this day is Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, charismatic head of a mystical/fundamentalist version of Judaism. Every year since 1978, a Presidential Proclamation, often accompanied by a Congressional Resolution (the 1990 one had 219 sponsors), has declared Schneerson’s birthday an official national day of observance.

Congress first passed a Resolution honoring Schneerson in 1975. Three years later a Joint Congressional Resolution called on President Jimmy Carter to proclaim “Education Day, U.S.A.” on the anniversary of Schneerson’s birth. The idea was to set aside a day to honor both education and the alleged educational work of Schneerson and the religious sect he headed up.

Carter, like Congress, dutifully obeyed the Schneerson-initiated resolution, as has every president since.  And some individual states are now enacting their own observances of Schneerson’s birthday, with Minnesota and Alabama leading the way.
Schneerson and his movement are an extremely mixed bag.

Schneerson has been praised widely for a public persona and organization that emphasized “deep compassion and insight,” worked to bring many secular Jews “back” into the fold, created numerous schools around the world, and had offered, in the words of the Jewish Virtual Library, “social-service programs and humanitarian aid to all people, regardless of religious affiliation or background.”
However, there is also a less attractive underside often at odds with such public perceptions. And some of the more extreme parts of Schneerson’s teachings – such as that Jews are a completely different species than non-Jews, and that non-Jews exist only to serve Jews – have been largely hidden, it appears, even from many who consider themselves his followers.
As we will see, such views profoundly impact the lives of Palestinians living – and dying – under Israeli occupation and military invasions.

Who was Rabbi Schneerson?
Schneerson lived from 1902 to 1994 and oversaw the growth of what is now the largest Jewish organization in the world. The religious movement he led is known as “Chabad-Lubavitch,”

(sometimes just called “Lubavitch” or “Chabad,” the name of its organizational arm). Schneerson was the seventh and final Lubavitcher “Rebbe” (sacred leader). He is often simply called “the Rebbe.”
Founded in the late 1700s and originally based in the Polish-Russian town of Lubavitch, it is the largest of about a dozen forms of “Hasidism,” a version of Orthodox Judaism connected to mysticism, characterized by devotion to a dynastic leader, and whose adherents often wear distinctive clothing. (Spellings of these terms can vary; Hasid is also written as Hassid, Chasid, etc.)

There is an extreme cult of personality focused on Schneerson himself. Some followers consider him the Messiah, and Schneerson himself reportedly sometimes implied this was true. Some Lubavitch educators consider him divine, making such claims as, “the Rebbe is actually ‘the essence and being [of God] … he is without limits, capable of effecting anything, all-knowing and a proper object of worshipful prostration.”

While many secular Jews and Jews from other denominations disagree with its actions and theology, Chabad-Lubavitch is generally acknowledged to be a powerful force in Jewish life today. According to a 1994 New York Times report, it is “one of the most influential and controversial forces in world Jewry.”

There are approximately 3,600 Chabad institutions in over 1,000 cities in 70 countries, and 200,000 adherents. Up to a million people attend Chabad services at least once a year. Numerous campuses have such centers and the Chabad website states that hundreds of thousands of children attend Chabad summer camps.

According to the Times, Schneerson “presided over a religious empire that reached from the back streets of Brooklyn to the main streets of Israel and by 1990 was taking in an estimated $100 million a year in contributions.

In the U.S., the Times reports, Schneerson’s “‘mitzvah tanks’ – converted campers that are rolling recruiting stations whose purpose is to draw Jews to the Lubavitch way – roamed streets from midtown Manhattan to Crown Heights. And the Lubavitchers’ Brooklyn-based publishing house claimed to be the world’s largest distributor of Jewish books.”

Non-Jewish souls ‘satanic’
While Chabad sometimes openly teaches that “the soul of the Jew is different than the soul of the non-Jew,” Schneerson’s specific teachings on this subject are largely unknown.

Quite likely very few Americans, both Jews and non-Jews, are aware of Schneerson’s teachings about the alleged deep differences between them – and about how these teachings are applied in the West Bank and Gaza.

Let us look at Schneerson’s words, as quoted by two respected Jewish professors, Israel Shahak and Norton Mezvinsky, in their book Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel (text available online here. This book, praised by Noam Chomsky, Edward Said, and many others is essential reading for anyone who truly wishes to understand modern day Israel-Palestine. (Brackets in the quotes below are in the translations by Shahak and Mezvinsky.)

Some of Schneerson’s rarely reported teachings:
“The difference between a Jewish and a non-Jewish person stems from the common expression: “Let us differentiate.” Thus, we do not have a case of profound change in which a person is merely on a superior level. Rather, we have a case of “let us differentiate” between totally different species.”
“This is what needs to be said about the body: the body of a Jewish person is of a totally different quality from the body of [members] of all nations of the world … The difference in the inner quality between Jews and non-Jews is “so great that the bodies should be considered as completely different species.”

“An even greater difference exists in regard to the soul. Two contrary types of soul exist, a non-Jewish soul comes from three satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness.”
“As has been explained, an embryo is called a human being, because it has both body and soul. Thus, the difference between a Jewish and a non-Jewish embryo can be understood.”

“…the general difference between Jews and non-Jews: A Jew was not created
as a means for some [other] purpose; he himself is the purpose, since the substance of all [divine] emanations was created only to serve the Jews.”

“The important things are the Jews, because they do not exist for any [other] aim; they themselves are [the divine] aim.”

“The entire creation [of a non-Jew] exists only for the sake of the Jews.”

Most people don’t know about this aspect of Schneerson’s teaching because, according to Shahak and Mezvinsky, such teachings are intentionally minimized, mistranslated, or
hidden entirely.

For example, the quotes above were translated by the authors from a book of Schneerson’s recorded messages to followers that was published in Israel in 1965. Despite Schneerson’s global importance and the fact that his world headquarters is in the U.S., there has never been an English translation of this volume.

Shahak, an Israeli professor who was a survivor of the Nazi holocaust, writes that this lack of translation of an important work is not unusual, explaining that much critical information about Israel and some forms of Judaism is available only in Hebrew.

He and co-author Mezvinsky, who was a Connecticut Distinguished University Professor who taught at Central Connecticut State University, write, “The great majority of the books on Judaism and Israel, published in English especially, falsify their subject matter.”

According to Shahak and Mezvinsky, “Almost every moderately sophisticated Israeli Jew knows the facts about Israeli Jewish society that are described in this book. These facts, however, are unknown to most interested Jews and non-Jews outside Israel who do not know Hebrew and thus cannot read most of what Israeli Jews write about themselves in Hebrew.”

In Shahak’s earlier book, Jewish Religion, Jewish History, he provides a number of examples. In one, he describes a 1962 book published in Israel in a bilingual edition. The Hebrew text was on one page, with the English translation on the facing page.

Shahak describes one set of facing pages in which the Hebrew text of a major Jewish code of laws contained a command to exterminate Jewish infidels: “It is a duty to exterminate them with one’s own hands.” The English version on the facing page softened it to “It is a duty to take active measures to destroy them.’”

The Hebrew page then went on to name which “infidels” must be exterminated, adding “may the name of the wicked rot.” Among them was Jesus of Nazareth. The facing page with the English translation failed to tell any of this.

“Even more significant,” Shahak reports, “in spite of the wide circulation of this book among scholars in the English-speaking countries, not one of them has, as far as I know, protested against this glaring deception.”

Praised by Said, Chomsky, etc., Shahak is almost unknown today
This pattern of selective omission, it seems, applies to Shahak himself, whose work is largely unknown to Palestine activists today, even though he was considered a major figure in the struggle against Israeli oppression of Palestinians, and his work was praised by diverse writers.
While Shahak was alive, Noam Chomsky called him “an outstanding scholar,” and said he had “remarkable insight and depth of knowledge. His work is informed and penetrating, a contribution of great value.”

Edward Said wrote, “Shahak is a very brave man who should be honored for his services to humanity … One of the most remarkable individuals in the contemporary Middle East.” Said wrote a forward for Shahak’s Jewish History, Jewish Religion.

Catholic New Times said: ‘This is a remarkable book …[It] deserves a wide readership, not only among Jews, but among Christians who seek a fuller understanding both of historical Judaism and of modern-day Israel.”

Jewish Socialist stated: “Anyone who wants to change the Jewish community so that it stops siding with the forces of reaction should read this book.”

The London Review of Books called Shahak’s book “remarkable, powerful, and provocative.”
Yet, very few Americans today know of Shahak’s work and the information it contains.

American tax money & Jewish Extremism in Palestine
If they did, it’s hard to believe that Americans would allow $8.5 million per day of their tax money to be given to Israel, where such teachings underlie a powerful minority that is disproportionately influential in governmental actions.

Nor is it likely that a fully informed American public would allow donations to religious institutions in Israel that teach supremacist, sometimes violent doctrines to be tax-deductible in the U.S.

One organization raised over $10 million tax-deductible dollars in the U.S. in 2011 alone – removing money from the U.S. economy and enabling illegal, aggressive Israeli settlements in Palestine. And some of this money went to benefit individuals convicted of murder – including the murderer of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

The New York Times obituary on Schneerson reported that Schneerson was “a major political force in Israel, both in the Knesset and among the electorate,” but failed to describe the nature of his impact.
One of a sprinkling of writers willing to publicly discuss Shahak and Mezvinsky’s findings is Allan Brownfeld, who is less reticent. Brownfeld is editor of the American Council for Judaism’s periodical Issues and contributor to the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs.
In a review of Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel, Brownfeld describes Schneerson’s views on Israel:
“Rabbi Schneerson always supported Israeli wars and opposed any retreat. In 1974 he strongly opposed the Israeli withdrawal from the Suez area. He promised Israel divine favors if it persisted in occupying the land.”
Brownfeld reports that after Schneerson’s death, “[T]housands of his Israeli followers played an important role in the election victory of Binyamin Netanyahu. Among the religious settlers in the occupied territories, the Chabad Hassids constitute one of the most extreme groups. Baruch Goldstein, the mass murderer of Palestinians, was one of them.”
Another such Chabad Hassid is Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburg (also sometimes written as “Ginzburg” and “Ginsburgh”), who studied under Schneerson in Crown Heights and who heads up a major Chabad institution in the West Bank.
Ginsburg praised Goldstein, the murderer of 29 Palestinians while they were praying, and considers all non-Jews subhuman.
According to author Motti Inbari, Ginsburg “gives prominence to Halachic and Kabbalistic approaches that emphasize the distinction between Jew and non-Jew (Gentile), imposing a clear separation and hierarchy in this respect.”

In his book Jewish Fundamentalism and the Temple Mount: Who Will Build the Third Temple? Inbari states, “[Ginsburg] claims that while the Jews are the Chosen People and were created in God’s image, the Gentiles do not have this status and are effectively considered subhuman.”

Professor Inbari, an Israeli academic who now teaches in the U.S., writes that Ginsburg’s theological approach continues “certain perceptions that were popular in medieval times.”
“For example,” Inbari writes, “the commandment ‘You shall not murder’ does not apply to the killing of a Gentile, since ‘you shall not murder’ relates to the murder of a human, while for him the Gentiles do not constitute humans.”

Inbari reports, “Similarly, Ginzburg stated that, on the theoretical level, if a Jew requires a liver transplant to survive, it would be permissible to seize a Gentile and take their liver forcefully.”
While the mainstream American press almost never reports this kind of information, an April 26, 1996 article in Jewish Week by Lawrence Cohler reported on Ginsburg’s teachings, including their problematic roots in Jewish texts.
Cohler reported that a professor of Bible at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Rabbi Moshe Greenberg, “called for radically revising Jewish thinking about some Jewish texts on the grounds that scholars such as Rabbi Ginsburgh are far from aberrant in their use of them.”

Cohler quoted Greenberg’s concerns:  “‘There’ll be a statement in Talmud… made in circumstances where it’s purely theoretical, because Jews then never had the power to do it,’ he explained. And now, he said, ‘It’s carried over into circumstances where Jews have a state and are empowered.’”
A rabbi associated with Ginsburg coauthored a notorious Israeli book, The King’s Torah, which claims that Jewish law at times permits the killing of non-Jewish infants. American donations to the Chabad school Ginsburg heads up, and that published the above book, are tax-deductible in the U.S. Ginsburg, who endorses the book, teaches classes throughout Israel, the U.S. and France.
Such extremism is opposed by the majority of Israelis, and major Jewish religious authorities condemn it, a Chief Rabbi, for example, stating: “’According to the Torah, every man is created in God’s image.”

Yet, such extremist views continue to exert a powerful influence.

Israeli military manuals echo extremist teachings: “kill even good civilians”
Israeli military manuals sometimes replicate extremist teachings. For example, a booklet authored by a Chief Chaplain stated, “In war, when our forces storm the enemy, they are allowed and even enjoined by the Halakhah to kill even good civilians…” Such teachings by the IDF rabbinate were prominent during Israel’s 2008-9 attack on Gaza that killed 1,400 Gazans, approximately half of them civilians. (The Palestinian resistance killed nine Israelis during this “war.”)
Chicago writer Stephen Lendman has described these teachings, giving a number of examples.
Lendman writes, “In 2007, Israel’s former chief rabbi, Mordechai Elyahu, called for the Israeli army to mass-murder Palestinians:

“If they don’t stop after we kill 100, then we must kill 1000. And if they don’t stop after 1000, then we must kill 10,000. If they still don’t stop we must kill 100,000. Even a million.”

Lendman reports that some extremist Israeli rabbis teach that “the ten commandments don’t apply to non-Jews. So killing them in defending the homeland is acceptable, and according to the chairman of the Jewish Rabbinic Council:

“‘There is no such thing as enemy civilians in war time. The law of our Torah is to have mercy on our soldiers and to save them…. A thousand non-Jewish lives are not worth a Jew’s fingernail.’”

Lendman writes, “Rabbi David Batsri called Arabs ‘a blight, a devil, a disaster…. donkeys, and we have to ask ourselves why God didn’t create them to walk on all fours. Well, the answer is that they are needed to build and clean.’”

Another such rabbi is Manis Friedman, a Chabad-Lubavitch rabbi inspired by Schneerson who served as the simultaneous translator for a series of Schneerson’s talks. (Friedman is currently dean of a Jewish Studies institute in Minnesota.)

A 2009 article in the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz reports, “Like the best Chabad-Lubavitch rabbis, Manis Friedman has won the hearts of many unaffiliated Jews with his charismatic talks about love and God; it was Friedman who helped lead Bob Dylan into a relationship with Chabad.

“But Friedman, who today travels the country as a Chabad speaker, showed a less warm and cuddly side when he was asked how he thinks Jews should treat their Arab neighbors.”

In Moment magazine’s article, “Ask the Rabbis // How Should Jews Treat Their Arab Neighbors?

Friedman answered:
“I don’t believe in western morality, i.e. don’t kill civilians or children, don’t destroy holy sites, don’t fight during holiday seasons, don’t bomb cemeteries, don’t shoot until they shoot first because it is immoral.

“The only way to fight a moral war is the Jewish way: Destroy their holy sites. Kill men, women and children (and cattle).”

Lendman reports, “Views like these aren’t exceptions. Though a minority, they proliferate throughout Israeli society…”

They also, Lendman notes, work to prevent peace in Israel-Palestine.

Shahak and Mezvinsky note that when the book containing Schneerson’s statements quoted above about Jews and non-Jews was published in Israel, he was allied to the Labor Party and his movement had been provided “many important benefits” from the Israeli government.

In the mid-1970s Schneerson decided that the Labor Party was too moderate and shifted his support to the more right-wing parties in power today. The authors report, “Ariel Sharon was the Rebbe’s favorite Israeli senior politician. Sharon in turn praised the Rebbe publicly and delivered a moving speech about him in the Knesset after the Rebbe’s death.”

Roots in Some Early Texts
Brownfeld decries the fact that few Americans are properly informed about the fundamentalist movement in Israel “and the theology upon which it is based.”
He notes that Jewish Americans, in particular, are often unaware of the “narrow ethnocentrism which is promoted by the movement’s leading rabbis, or of the traditional Jewish sources they are able to call upon in drawing clear distinctions between the moral obligations owed to Jews and non-Jews.”
Teachings that Jews are superior and gentiles inferior were contained in some of the earliest Hassidic texts, including its classic text, “Tanya,” still taught today.
Brownfeld quotes statements by “the revered father of the messianic tendency of Jewish 
fundamentalism,” Rabbi Kook the Elder, and states that these were derived from earlier texts. [Kook, incidentally, was also an early Zionist, who helped push for the Balfour Declaration in England before moving to Palestine. He was the uncle of Hillel Kook, an agent who went by the name “Peter Bergson” and created front groups in the U.S. for a violent Zionist guerilla group that operated in 1930s and '40s Palestine.]
Brownfeld quotes Kook: “The difference between a Jewish soul and souls of non-Jews—all of them in all different levels—is greater and deeper than the difference between a human soul and the souls of cattle.”
Brownfeld explains that Kook’s teaching, which he says is followed by leaders of the settler movement in the occupied West Bank, “is based upon the Lurianic Cabbala, the school of Jewish mysticism that dominated Judaism from the late 16th to the early 19th century.”

Shahak and Mezvinsky state, “One of the basic tenets of the Lurianic Cabbala is the absolute superiority of the Jewish soul and body over the non-Jewish soul and body. According to the Lurianic Cabbala, the world was created solely for the sake of Jews; the existence of non-Jews was subsidiary.”
Again, Shahak and Mezvinsky report that this aspect is often covered up in English-language discussions. Scholarly authors of books about Jewish mysticism and the Lurianic Cabbala, they write, have frequently “willfully omitted reference to such ideas.”

Shahak and Mezvinsky write that it is essential to understand these beliefs in order to understand the current situation in the West Bank, where many of the most militant West Bank settlers are motivated by religious ideologies in which every non-Jew is seen as “the earthly embodiment” of Satan, and according to the Halacha (Jewish law), the term ‘human beings’ refers solely to Jews.”
Israeli author and former chief of Israeli military intelligence Yehoshafat Harkabi touches on this in his 1988 book Israel’s Fateful Hour.

Harkabi writes that while such extremist beliefs are not “widely dominant,” the reality is that “nationalistic religious extremists are by no means a lunatic fringe; many are respected men whose words are widely heeded.”

He reports that the campus rabbi of a major Israeli university published an article in the student newspaper entitled “The Commandment of Genocide in the Torah,” in which he implied that those who have a quarrel with Jews “ought to be destroyed, children and all.” Harkabi writes that a book by another rabbi “explained that the killing of a non-Jew is not considered murder.”

Brownfeld writes, “Although messianic fundamentalists constitute a relatively small portion of the Israeli population [most Israeli settlers are motivated by the subsidized lifestyle US tax money to Israel provides], their political influence has been growing. If they have contempt for non-Jews, their hatred for Jews who oppose their views is even greater.”

Brownfeld cites the murder of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who had started to make peace with the Palestinians, writing that it was just one “in a long line of murders of Jews who followed a path different from that ordained by rabbinic authorities.” Brownfeld reports that Shahak and Mezvinsky  “cite case after case, from the Middle Ages until the 19th century.”

The authors report, “It was usual in some Hasidic circles until the last quarter of the nineteenth century to attack and often to murder Jews who had reform religious tendencies…”

They quote a long article by Israeli writer Rami Rosen, “History of a Denial,” published by Ha’aretz Magazine in 1996. This article, which cannot be found online, at least in English, is also cited in the book Brother Against Brother: Violence and Extremism in Israeli Politics from Altalena to the Rabin Assassination, by Israeli professor Ehud Sprinzak.

In his Ha’aretz article Rosen reported: “A check of main facts of the [Jewish] historiography of the last 1500 years shows that the picture is different from the one previously shown to us. It includes massacres of Christians; mock repetitions of the crucifixion of Jesus that usually took place on Purim; cruel murders within the family; liquidation of informers, often done for religious reasons by secret rabbinical courts, which issued a sentence of ‘pursuer’ and appointed secret executioners; assassinations of adulterous women in synagogues and/or the cutting of their noses by command of the rabbis.”

While Rosen’s article may seem shocking, in reality, it simply shows that members of the Jewish population, like members of Christian, Muslim, Hindu, and diverse other populations, have at times committed atrocities, sometimes allegedly in the name of their religion. The difference, as Shahak and Mezvinsky point out, is that such information is largely covered up in the U.S. Such cover-ups, however, don’t make facts go away. They merely bury them, where they smolder and at times eventually lead to exaggerated perceptions.
U.S. media rarely report that some extremist Israeli settlers are intensely hostile to Christians, and in one instance threatened peace activists who came to the West Bank to participate in nonviolent demonstrations, “We killed Jesus and we’ll kill you, too.” There is also a record of official hostility. For example, a few years ago an Israeli mayor ordered all New Testaments to be rounded up and burned.
Schneerson’s “schools”

While Schneerson is honored on national “Education” days, the reality is that the elementary schools he created often failed to teach children  “basic reading, writing, spelling, math, science and history,” according to a graduate.
In his article “National Education Day and the Education I Never Had,” Chaim Levin reports on his experience at the Chabad school “Oholei Torah” (Educational Institute Oholei Menachem) in Crown Heights, New York – the site of Chabad’s world headquarters:
“I have profound respect for the late Rebbe and his legacy. However, I remember very clearly those talks that [Schneerson] gave – the ones we studied every year in elementary school about the unimportance of ‘secular’ (non-religious, formal) education, and the great importance of only studying limmudei kodesh (holy studies). As a result of this attitude, thousands of students were not taught anything other than the Bible throughout our years attending Chabad institutions.”
The goal of such schools, Levin writes, was to produce “schluchim,” missionaries who would promote Chabad all over the world.

Meanwhile, he notes, “Failure to provide basic formal education cripples children within Chabad communities. We cannot ignore the harm done…” Levin writes, “Until this day, Oholei Torah and many other Chabad schools — particularly schools for boys and a few for girls in Crown Heights and in some other places — do not provide basic formal education.”
Education and Sharing Day 2014
In his 2000 article, Brownfeld writes that Shahak and Mezvinsky’s book should be “a wake-up call “to Americans, particularly Jewish supporters of Israel.”

Fourteen years later, however, very few people are aware of these books and their powerful information, and U.S. tax money continues to flow to Israel. The main author, Israel Shahak, is now dead, as is Edward Said; Noam Chomsky rarely, if ever, mentions him; and Shahak’s co-author, Norton Mezvinsky (uncle of Chelsea Clinton’s husband), is a member of a Lubavitch congregation in New York.
In many ways, little seems to have changed since 1994, when Congressmen Charles Schumer, Newt Gingrich, and others introduced legislation to bestow on Schneerson the Congressional Gold Medal. The bill passed both Houses by unanimous consent, honoring Schneerson for his “outstanding and lasting contributions toward improvements in world education, morality, and acts of charity.”
And in two weeks, Americans will be officially called on to observe a day that honors Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson and the Lubavitcher movement.
That is, unless masses of people contact their Congressional representatives to demand a whole new direction: a “National Education and Sharing Day” that honors an individual who values education, and who believes that all people – in the words of the Declaration of Independence – are created equal.
Alison Weir is executive director of If Americans Knew and president of the Council for the National Interest. Her book, Against Our Better Judgment: How the U.S. was used to create Israel, contains additional information on Rabbi Kook’s family connection to American front groups for Israeli terrorists. (Kook was unusual in his support for political Zionism; most Jewish religious leaders at the time considered the movement heretical). Weir is NOT the British historian.)

“We need to know immediately whether ministers misled parliament over CIA torture on British soil,”

"UK court ruled that Belhaj could not sue MI6 as it would harm “national interests,”"

Pressure mounts on UK over CIA’s ‘black site’ jail in Indian Ocean

Published time: April 13, 2014 11:27
Naval Support Facility Diego Garcia (AFP Photo / USAF)
Naval Support Facility Diego Garcia (AFP Photo / USAF)

A human rights group is urging Britain’s Foreign office to “come clean” over claims that a British-administered island in the Indian Ocean, Diego Garcia, was used as a secret "black site" detention center by the CIA.

“We need to know immediately whether ministers misled parliament over CIA torture on British soil,”

Cori Crider, strategic director at Reprieve, a legal action charity group, said in a letter to UK Foreign Secretary William Hague.

“If the CIA operated a black site on Diego Garcia, then a string of official statements, from both this and the last government, were totally false,” Crider said.

The letter followed a report by the US Senate Intelligence Committee that Britain had allowed the US to run a “black site” prison on Diego Garcia to secretly hold suspects without accountability. The Diego Garcia prison held some “high-value” detainees and was operated with the “full cooperation” of the British government, US officials familiar with the Senate report said.

“Were ministers asleep at the wheel? Or, as the report suggests, have we been lied to for years?” Crider wrote.

Reprieve is also representing Abdel-Hakim Belhaj, a rebel military commander and opponent of the late Libyan leader, Mohamed Gaddafi, who was arrested in Malaysia and rendered to Libya, allegedly via Diego Garcia, in a joint US-UK intelligence operation.

“The Foreign Secretary must urgently clarify whether the CIA ran a secret prison on Diego Garcia, and whether our clients Abdel-Hakim Belhaj and his wife Fatima Boudchar were among its victims,”
Crider said.

Belhaj became Tripoli's military commander in 2011, after the rebels took over the capital and ousted Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. In 2004 Belhaj – the then-leader of the anti-Gaddafi Libyan Islamic Fighting Group – and his wife were detained by US intelligence officers at Bangkok airport, Thailand, when they were to fly to London to claim asylum.

Belhaj was then returned to Libya, allegedly due to a British tip-off, where he was tortured and jailed for almost six years, until Gaddafi was ousted.

Belhaj claims the UK helped the US to arrange his rendition. He launched legal action against the UK government, the former head of counter-terrorism at intelligence agency MI6, Mark Allen, and then-Foreign Secretary Jack Straw.

"The first time I heard that I had gone through a place called Diego Garcia was when I was told by the head of the Libyan intelligence, Moussa Koussa, during my first interrogation session in a prison outside Tripoli," Belhaj said. “[Moussa Koussa] told me that he knew, and that the plane had landed on an island in the Indian Ocean called Diego Garcia.”

An undated file photo shows Diego Garcia, the largest island in the Chagos archipelago and site of a major United States military base in the middle of the Indian Ocean leased from Britain in 1966. (Reuters / U.S. Navy)
An undated file photo shows Diego Garcia, the largest island in the Chagos archipelago and site of a major United States military base in the middle of the Indian Ocean leased from Britain in 1966. (Reuters / U.S. Navy)
However, the UK court ruled that Belhaj could not sue MI6 as it would harm “national interests,” though the High Court judge concluded that Belhaj had a "well-founded claim" against intelligence officers.
The case could "jeopardize this country’s international relations and national security interests," said Peregrine Simon, a British High Court judge.

"The government must come clean about the UK's role in this dirty affair," Polly Rossdale, deputy director at Reprieve, told The Observer on Sunday.

For years, the British government consistently denied that any detainees were held at Diego Garcia or that a secret CIA prison ever existed there. They only admitted in 2008 that two rendition flights carrying detainees stopped for refueling on Diego Garcia in 2002. “The US government confirmed that there have been no other instances in which US intelligence flights landed in the UK, our Overseas Territories, or the Crown Dependencies, with a detainee, on board since 11 September 2001,” UK Foreign Office minister David Liddington told the UK parliament in 2011.

The recent revelations about “the secret prison” are hugely troubling for the UK government as they spark questions about the UK's relationship with the US.

Apart from the news about the CIA secret black site, the US Senate also found that the CIA purposely deceived the US Justice Department to attain legal justification for use of torture techniques. It also found that the CIA distorted how many detainees it held in “black site” prisons throughout the world and how many were subjected to “enhanced interrogation techniques” many amount to torture.

The Committee and the CIA have in recent weeks gone back and forth with accusations of spying, meddling, and misrepresentation, highlighting an on-going feud between the agency and the Committee since the Senate probe began in 2009.



Debi had to have her eye removed in October 2012 [SWNS]

Former Eastenders Actress Blames Terminal Eye Cancer On Decades Of Sunbed Use

Mum-of-one Debi Gibson started using sunbeds without protective goggles as a teen and reckons that’s why she’s developed eye cancer

A former model and actress has called for a ban on sunbeds after she developed terminal eye cancer from 20 years of unprotected use.
The mum-of-one started using sunbeds when she was 14 and opted not to wear protective goggles so she didn’t have any tan lines.

Debi's cancer has now spread to her liver [SWNS] She’s now calling on them to be banned so that at least ‘something good’ can come out of her death, as she leaves behind her husband Darren and seven-year-old daughter Sienna.

'I want something good to come out of my death. All this because I wanted to be brown. I would like sunbeds to be banned,’ said 42-year-old Debi Gibson from Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire.

'I am going to have to leave my daughter behind. She knows it all. She doesn't understand everything, she just knows that mummy is going to go to heaven soon, that mummy has a nasty disease called cancer and it is going to kill her.'

Debi leaves behind her husband and seven-year-old daughter Sienna [SWNS] Debi – who has appeared on Eastenders and on-stage in Evita – had to have one of her eyes removed after being diagnosed with eye cancer in October 2012 and has been told the cancer is terminal after the disease spread to her liver.

She stopped using sunbeds in 2005 and after hearing horror stories of people dying of cancer – but it was too late after decades of using sunbeds.

In April 2012, she was told she had a choroidal melanoma, a very rare type of eye cancer that affects just one in six million people.

Chemotherapy failed to kill the cancer and a year later, surgerons removed her left eye.

Debi Gibson started using sunbeds when she was 14 [SWNS] It was in early 2014 that she was given the news that the cancer had spread to her liver and was now terminal.

'There is this pressure when you are modelling or in the acting profession to be the perfect colour. I saved up the money myself when I was 14 to buy a sunbed and had it at my parents' house,’ she said.

'I used it all the time, back then there weren't any guidelines around, people thought this was the safest way to tan.

'I eventually became a personal trainer at a gym and I used to use the sunbed there as well.

'They came with goggles, but those left you with ugly tan lines so I didn't use them, I never thought that would kill me.

'I moved to London when I was 18 to become an actress and a model. There was so much pressure to look tanned, I went through that with the film industry.

'Then around 2005, there was a lot of bad press around sunbeds, so I stopped using them.

Debi had to have her eye removed in October 2012 [SWNS] 'In 2012 I woke up and found everything was blurry, I went to my doctors and he sent me to the hospital.

'They did a scan and sat me down and told me that half of my eye was covered in a tumour.

‘It's rare, only around one in every six million people get it, the doctors said it is only seen in sunny countries and they only thing they could think caused it was my use of sunbeds without the protection.

'They tried chemo but eventually they told me it hadn't worked as they had hoped.

'I was already going blind at this point, so it felt easier when they told me they were going to take the eye out.

Debi used sunbeds for 20 years to boost her career as a model and actress [SWNS] 'It happened pretty quickly. They told me I needed the operation in the October, and it was removed in the November. It was a horrendous time.

'Then after about a year I went back for another scan and they told me it had spread to my liver and I was going to die.

'The doctor gave me eight weeks to live, which runs out next week.'

'At first I went mad, completely mad, I pulled my daughter straight out of school and we all went on holiday.

'But after a little while I came to terms with it. The doctors have me on a trial drug and are giving me chemo to shrink the tumour. That could give me months or years more time.'

Her husband Darren Gibson said that his wife ‘never seems scared’ but then again she is an actress.

'It has been horrendous. Nurses have been coming out to see her from the Douglas Macmillan Hospice and they have been fantastic,’ he said.

'Debi is an amazing woman. She never seems scared, I'm sure she's struggling inside sometimes, but she is an actress.'

[Five healthier alternatives to sun beds]



 "She said: "I remember the day my mother died, and it's still hard to talk about it. I just blocked it out. I went to school the next day because my father's mentality was 'keep calm and carry on."

"So we all went to school and tried to act as if nothing had happened. But it had happened. I didn't grieve. I didn't cry at her funeral. I couldn't express anything because I was just numb to it all. I didn't start grieving for my mother properly until I was maybe 16."

Peaches Geldof Found Dead Aged 25 - Last Tweet Was About Her Mum

RIP Peaches #TooYoung

By | omg – 1 hour 3 minutes ago
The showbiz world was in shock tonight at the news that mum-of-two Peaches Geldof has been found dead at just 25.
Peaches Geldof has been found dead.

Police were called to the home of the daughter of Bob Geldof and Paula Yates near Wrotham, Kent at 1.35pm this afternoon.

The socialite, who has two young children, was pronounced dead by South East Coast ambulance service.

A spokesperson for Kent Police said it was being treated as an "unexplained sudden death" and that police were working to establish the cause.

Peaches' father Bob Geldof this evening released a statement confirming the death saying: "Peaches has died. We are beyond pain. She was the wildest, funniest, cleverest, wittiest and the most bonkers of all of us.

[Twittersphere awash with celebs paying tribute to Peaches Geldof]

"What a beautiful child. How is this possible that we will not see her again? How is that bearable?"

Peaches, who had been out in public as recently as last week at a fashion event in London, had been absent from her social media channels for 24 hours.

But her last tweet, 23 hours ago, referenced her mum, Paula Yates, who died nearly 14 years ago in September 2000.

She simply tweeted: "Me and my mum" alongside a picture of the two of them when she was a child.

Her last tweet was a picture of her and her mum, Paula Yates.
Peaches has two sons, Astala, who is set to be two on April 21 and Phaedra, whose first birthday will be on April 24, with her husband Thomas Cohen.

Musician Thomas said in a statement tonight: "My beloved wife Peaches was adored by myself and her two sons.

"I shall bring them up with their mother in their hearts everyday. We shall love her forever."

Peaches and Tom happy together in January. Copyright [Rex]

The blonde had married the lead singer of the South Easte London band S.C.U.M on September 8 2012 at a church in Davington, where her mother's funeral took place.

She was previously married to rock musician Max Drummey but they separated in 2009 after a six-months.

Peaches, who was born in 1989, spent most of her life in the media eye after launching her career writing a column for Elle magazine aged just 15.

She contributed to The Telegraph and the Guardian as well as TV shows including OMG! with Peaches Geldof on ITV2.

Peaches at a fashion event just last week. Copyright [Rex]
She lost her mother when she was 11 and in an interview with Elle Magazine two years ago revealed she struggled to cope.

She said: "I remember the day my mother died, and it's still hard to talk about it. I just blocked it out. I went to school the next day because my father's mentality was 'keep calm and carry on.

"So we all went to school and tried to act as if nothing had happened. But it had happened. I didn't grieve. I didn't cry at her funeral. I couldn't express anything because I was just numb to it all. I didn't start grieving for my mother properly until I was maybe 16."

Peaches Geldof Was Found Dead With Baby Son Phaedra By Her Side

Her husband raised the alarm when she didn't answer her phone

She was tragically found dead on Monday morning.
Peaches Geldof was discovered dead with baby Phaedra by her side. Copyright [Instagram]
And now it's been revealed that Peaches Geldof's 11-month-old son Phaedra was actually WITH her when she passed away.

The little one was found playing close to his mum when the star's body was discovered after her husband Thomas Cohen raised the alarm after frantically trying to call the house.

[ Peaches Geldof 'May Have Had Eating Disorder' Before Death Claims Doctor ]

The sad situation bizarrely mirrors the death of her mother Paula Yates back in 2000 - who was found dead with her four-year-old daughter Tiger Lily playing beside her.

According to The Sun, musician Thomas had spent the night away from their Kent home with their eldest son, Astala, but became panicked when he couldn't reach her by phone.
He then asked a friend who lives close by to go and check on her after getting seriously worried, who then immediately called the police.

Thomas Cohen raised the alarm when he couldn't reach Peaches by phone. Copyright [REX]
A source told the paper: "Phaedra was by her side most of the time, even when she was sleeping. At the very least, there can be some comfort that she wasn't by herself when she died."
But although the little 'un was with her mother the whole time, he is probably too young to have realised what was happening.

The source added: "The hope is that Phaedra is so young he wasn't aware of what was going on. The most important thing is that he's OK.

"It is devastating for Tom that he wasn't there but it couldn't have been avoided."

The circumstances are eerily similar to the way her famous mum was found 14 years ago - discovered in her home by a family friend, with her youngest by her side.

Peaches Geldof was found dead at her home in Kent on Monday. Copyright [REX]
Peaches' former nanny Anita Debney, who is also Phaedra's Godmother, is the latest person to pay tribute to the star.

On Thursday she wrote on Instagram: "She has been the greatest joy, the greatest blessing, the most tender part of my heart and soul. I loved her through the good times and the bad. We struggled and survived the darkest of times.

"I never lost faith in her spirit and strength. Always held out my hand to help her when she struggled and fell. She overcame so much and my love and appreciation of her indomitable spirit never wavered."

She continued: "The joy we shared in her beautiful babies was so deep and meaningful and filled both of our hearts with love and devotion.

Peaches posted a picture of her mum Paula Yates the day before she died. Copyright [Instagram]
"She blossomed in motherhood and excelled at raising the sweetest, happiest babies in the world. She was passionate in her zeal to speak up for the needs of babies everywhere and lives have been changed because of that.

"What a wonderful legacy she has left to the world. My darling girl. You almost made it."

After an inconclusive postmortem (???), Peaches' body has now been released to her family, with the funeral expected to take place at in Kent.

Peaches Geldof and her sister Pixie were in the spotlight from an early age thanks to their famous mum Paula Yates, who was married to their dad Bob Geldof until 1996.Copyright [Getty]
(The question marks between parentheses are mine)



 Utah woman arrested after 7 dead babies found
PLEASANT GROVE, Utah (AP) — A Utah woman accused of killing several babies she gave birth to over 10 years was arrested Sunday after police discovered seven tiny bodies stuffed in separate cardboard boxes in the garage of her former home.
Megan Huntsman, 39, who lived in the Pleasant Grove home until three years ago, had the infants between 1996 and 2006, investigators said.

Neighbors in the middle-class neighborhood of mostly older homes 35 miles south of Salt Lake City say they were shocked by the accusations and perplexed that the woman's older children still living in the home didn't know their mother was pregnant or notice anything suspicious.

Officers responded to a call Saturday from Huntsman's estranged husband about a dead infant at the home, police Capt. Michael Roberts said. Officers then discovered the six other bodies.

Roberts declined to comment on a motive and what Huntsman said during an interview with investigators. He said it wasn't clear if she has an attorney. Huntsman was booked Sunday into the Utah County Jail on six counts of murder. It wasn't immediately clear why there were six counts and not seven.
Family and neighbors identified the estranged husband as Darren West, who has been in prison on drug-related charges.

The spokesman said police believe West and Huntsman were together when the babies were born, but West isn't a person of interest at this time.

"We don't believe he had any knowledge of the situation," Roberts told The Associated Press.

Asked how the husband could not have known, Roberts replied, "That's the million-dollar question. Amazing."

The babies' bodies were sent to the Utah medical examiner's office for tests, including one to determine the cause of death. DNA samples taken from the suspect and her husband will determine definitively whether the two are the parents, as investigators believe.

Police say West was cleaning out the garage when he made the grisly discovery at the house owned by his parents in a city of about 35,000 people at the foot of snow-capped mountains. It's a nondescript, newer home with a brick facade and a star ornament hanging by the door. Several police cars blocked the entrance to the house Sunday evening as officers milled about with the belongings from the garage strewn across the front lawn.

Late Sunday, West's family issued a statement saying they were in a "state of shock and confusion."
"We are mourning this tragic loss of life and we are trying to stay strong and help each other through this awful event," the statement said before asking for privacy.

West pleaded guilty in federal court in 2005 to two counts of possessing chemicals intended to be used in manufacturing methamphetamine, court records show. In August 2006, he was sentenced to nine years in prison, but appealed the term three times. He maintained his innocence and said he never had any intention to manufacture meth. It's unclear when he was released.

Neighbors told the AP they were shocked and horrified by the accusations of what went on inside the home. None of them even knew Huntsman was pregnant in recent years.

The family members seemed like nice people and good neighbors, said Aaron and Kathie Hawker, who live next door.

Huntsman moved out several years ago, leaving her three daughters, one teenager and two young adults, to live alone, the Hawkers said. They weren't sure where Huntsman has since been living.

Years ago, Huntsman baby-sat the Hawker grandchildren and they were friendly with each other.

"It makes us so sad, we want to cry," Kathie Hawker said. "We enjoyed having them as a neighbor. This has just blown us away."

Aaron Hawker said he talked with West on Saturday morning. He told Hawker he was cleaning out the mess in the garage.

"Two hours later, suddenly we had all these policemen here," Aaron Hawker said.

Fred Newman, a neighbor whose cousin is the husband's mother, said he's perplexed how the three oldest daughters living there didn't know about what police say was going on. He said the girls didn't always park their cars in the garage, but did sometimes in the cold winter months.

"What's shocking is the three older ones living there and not noticing that their mother was pregnant,"
Newman said.

He said he has used his snow-blower to clean off the driveway of the home and the young women would thank him.

The girls were normal youngsters, coming and going often, neighbor Vickie Nelson said.
"It's shocking and kind of morbid and strange," Nelson said as he looked across the street at the garage from her from lawn.

Roberts said the case has been "emotionally draining" and upsetting to investigators. He was at the home when the bodies were discovered.

"My personal reaction? Just shocked. Couldn't believe it. The other officers felt the same," the 19-year police veteran said.

"They got more and more shocked each box they opened," Roberts said.
Griffith reported from Reno, Nev. Associated Press writer Annie Knox in Salt Lake City contributed to this report.




Boy's Head Found In Home Of Cannibal Brothers

A convicted cannibal has been arrested after a young boy's head was found at his home during a police raid.
Officers were alerted after neighbours complained of a foul smell coming from the property where Mohammad Arif, 35, and his brother Mohammad Farman, 30, live.

Arif has admitted he and Farman cooked and ate the dead body after his brother stole the corpse from a cemetery, according to police.

The pair, who live in the small town of Darya Khan in central Pakistan, around 180 miles (300km) south of the capital Islamabad, had previously served two years in jail for cannibalism in a case that shocked the country.

Police said the brothers, arrested in 2011, had dug up more than 100 corpses from the local graveyard and eaten them.

They were only released last year.

District police chief Ameer Abdullah said: "Residents informed police after a stench emanated from the house of the two brothers.

"We raided the house on Monday morning and found the head of a young boy.

"We have arrested one of the brothers, Mohammad Arif, and are conducting raids for the arrest of the other brother."

Police were searching nearby graveyards to see if they had been disturbed.

There is no specific law against cannibalism in Pakistan so, as in the 2011 case, Arif has been charged with desecrating a dead body and public order offences.

In the previous case, police found the body of a 24-year-old woman who had recently died of cancer at the men's house - without a leg, which they had eaten.


Isn't it strange that I have not seen the religion of the school girls mentioned anywhere?



Sir Bob Geldof speaks publicly for first time since daughter Peaches' death

He talks about plight of kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls

Bob GeldofGetty

Bob Geldof has spoken about the plight of the Nigerian schoolgirls taken hostage by terrorists.

Speaking publicly for the first time since the death of his daughter Peaches, Sir Bob told Channel 5 news that he hoped the girls could be returned to their parents.

But he said a celebrity campaign currently flooding social media with posts using the hashtag: #BringBackOurGirls, was unlikely to help.

Michelle Obama, Angelina Jolie, Malala Yousafzai and Hillary Clinton are among those lending their support to the social media campaign, which encourages military intervention to recover the girls who were kidnapped from their school by Boko Haram rebels in north-east Nigeria.

The Live Aid campaigner said: "The problem with media like this, is that everyone wants to do something, but sometimes you just can't. There is a great feeling of frustration.

"The US, the UK and several EU states, the Russians - they know about counter terrorism.

"If there is someone out there who could help – maybe some sort of technological bounty I don't know - but it will not stop the problem, it may find the girls and hopefully they are alive and could be reunited with their parents, but it won't stop the problem."

TV presenter Peaches died aged 25, last month. The mother-of-two was discovered at her home in Wrotham, Kent and in an echo of her mother Paula Yates's 2000 overdose, it is believed heroin played a role in her death.

The inquest opened in Gravesend, Kent, but after a short statement by the police, was adjourned until July. Bob issued a public statement after Peaches' death - but this is the first time he has addressed the wider world since his daughter's tragic death when he called her 'the wildest, funniest, cleverest, wittiest and the most bonkers of all of us'.

The #BringBackOurGirls campaign refers to the kidnapping of 276 girls from their school in Chibok, north-east Nigeria, on April 14. Nigerian Police are now offering a £300,000 reward to anyone who can help them find the missing children.

Peaches Geldof 1989 - 2014
1st of August 2014

"What's that? The Goyim are catching on?"

Its very easy to ring your relevant "Jewish Community Group" and ask them why they refuse to denounce and distance themselves from the constant stream of genocidal commentary coming from Israel and all levels of its society.
I rang the Sydney representatives for New South Wales "Jewery". 'The Jewish Board of Deputies' and spoke with their controversial CEO Vic Alhadeff. He asked me to text him questions as he was in a meeting. So I did.

I asked him why he had nothing to say on Jewish rabbi's, politicians and academics calling for the slaughter of Palestinian men, women and children? He replied that what I had "specified" were indeed "despicable" but not the "mainstream" in Israel - but that was it and when pressed he replied no more.
Israeli Aademic - you never heard this on Fox News
Just another Israeli politician quoting "JEWISH LAW"
He's only doing what his Rabbi taught him to do
Rabbi Ovadia Yosef
In 2010, as Obama's called for talks between Netanyahu and Abbas, Ovadia Yosef called Palestinians "evil, bitter enemies of Israel" and said "Abu Mazen and all these evil people should perish from this world. God should strike them with a plague, them and these Palestinians." SaebErekat of PLO said Yosef's remarks were tantamount to a call for "genocide against Palestinians." Previously Yosef had called Arabs as "vipers," and called for Israel to "annihilate" Arabs. "It is forbidden to be merciful to them. You must send missiles to them and annihilate them. They are evil and damnable."
 The above then leads to this...
Maybe some are 1 of the snipers 13 kills that day?
Or maybe this one?

ME: "Hi Vic, some dialogue on the grossly inflammatory comments from Jewish religious leaders would be good. Also, Israeli academics calling for the rape of Hamas fighters wives, mother's and sisters. Also the Israeli sniper who bragged about killing 13 Palestinian kids. Also the Israeli Defence Minister signing letters of protection for IDF troops with known racist extremist group Chabad Lubavitch. There is also the matter of former head Sephardic Rabbi of Israel ovadia Yosef calling all non Jews "slaves" for Jews and inciting the murder of Palestinian men, women and children quoting this as "Jewish Religious Law". It would seem this "extremism" is mainstream in Israel rather than "marginalised". Will the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies make public statements denouncing and distancing themselves from this seemingly MAINSTREAM attitude coming out of Israel? "
VIC: " The specifics you cite are despicable. It is most definitely not mainstream opinion in Israel."
ME: " Agreed. But Both Ashkenazi and Sephardic Rabbi's have said the same things over and over again in Israel and on occasion in Western countries. I have countless quotes from Israeli politicians, business leaders, religious leaders espousing these views. Holy books quoted include Tanakh (O.T) Talmud, Shulkan Aruk and various other Rabbinic Commentaries from Mishna (Oral Law). Rabbi Ovadia Yosef is known as "The Rabbi for all Jews". He had 1 million mourners on the street for his funeral. Pictures abound of him embracing Prime minister Netanyahu and Shimon Perez. He has the "Shas Party" with 8 members in the Kinnesette and even the post of Foreign Minister. If these types of views are "despicable" why are the exponents of these views held in such high regard in Israeli society and why have groups such as yourselves not sought to publicly rebuke hose who expound on them?"
So, that was the end of that but I have no doubt Vic and the gang down at The Jewish Board Of Deputies are sleeping a little less well these days. After all, a "GOYIM", the son of a "SHIKSA" knows The Truth about exactly what "Judaism" is.

Jews are terrified when a Goyim can "talk the talk" on their dirty little secret - "Judaism"
Say these words at a party of the Jewish Board Of Deputies and you wont be invited again
The question IS, when are the Western mainstream media going to cease ignoring the elephant in the living room? Jews in Israel behaving like Genghis Kahn are NOT behaving out of character. They are being..."Jews". With apologies to Paul Eisen :-)
Please write, ring and email politicians, the media and Jewish Community Groups and tell them we have had enough of the "religion of peace and tolerance" known as Judaism and we would like the Orthodox and Ultra Orthodox Rabbi's arrested and assessed for their danger to the general community - especially Gaza and surrounding areas.
At that time we took all his towns and completely destroyed them - men, women and children. We left no survivors.
We completely destroyed them, as we had done with Sihon king of Heshbon, destroying every city - men, women and children.

...,to drive out before you nations greater and stronger than you and to bring into their land to give it to you as an inheritance, as it is today.
When the LORD your God brings you into the land you are entering to possess and drives out before you many nations - the Hittites, Girgashites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites, and Jebusites, seven nations larger and stronger than you - and when the LORD your God has delivered them over to you and you have defeated them, then you must destroy them totally. Make no treaty with them, and show them no mercy.
You must destroy all the peoples the LORD your God gives over to you. Do not look on them with pity and do not serve their gods.
The LORD your God will drive out those nations before you, little by little. You will not be allowed to eliminate them all at once, or the wild animals will multiply around you. 23But the LORD your God will deliver them over to you, throwing them into great confusion until they are destroyed. 24He will give their kings into your hand, and you will wipe out their names from under heaven. No-one will be able to stand against you: you will destroy them.
Then the LORD will drive out all these nations before you, and you will dispossess nations larger and stronger than you. 24Every place where you set your foot will be yours: Your territory will extend from the desert to Lebanon, and from the Euphrates River to the Western sea. No man will be able to stand against you. The LORD your God, as he promised you, will put the terror and fear of you on the whole land, where ever you go.
The LORD your God will cut of before you the nations you are about to invade and dispossess. But when you have driven them out and settled in their land, and after they have been destroyed before you...
You must certainly put to the sword all who live in that town. Destroy it completely, both its people and its livestock.

Do not eat anything you find already dead. You may give it to an alien living in any of your towns, and he may eat it, or you may sell it to a foreigner.
For the LORD your God will bless you as he has promised, and you will lend to many nations but will borrow from none. You will rule over many nations but none will rule over you.

If they refuse to make peace and they engage you in battle, lay siege to that city. 13When the LORD you God delivers it into your hand, put to the sword all the men in it. 14As for the men and women, the children, the livestock and everything else in the city, you may take these as plunder for yourselves. And you may use the plunder the LORD your God gives you from your enemies. 15This is how you are to treat all the cities that are at a distance from you and do not belong to you and do not belong to the nations nearby.

However, in the cities of the nations the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes. Completely destroy them - the Hittites, Armorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites - as the LORD your God has commanded you.
They devoted the city to the LORD and destroyed with the sword every living thing in it - men and women, young and old, cattle, sheep and donkeys.
When Israel had finished killing all the men of Ai in the fields and in the desert where they had chased them, and when every one of them had been put to the sword, all the Israelites returned to Ai and killed those who were in it. 25Twelve thousand men and women fell that day - all the people of Ai.
That day Joshua took Makkedah. He put the city and its king to the sword and totally destroyed everything in it. He left no survivors.
JOSHUA 10:30
The city and everyone in it Joshua put to the sword. He left no survivors there.
JOSHUA 10:32
The LORD handed Lachish over to Israel, and Joshua took it on the second day. The city and everyone in it he put to the sword, just as he had done to Libnah.
JOSHUA 10:35
They captured it that same day and put it to the sword and totally destroyed everyone in it, just as they had done to Lachish.
JOSHUA 10:37
They took the city and put it to the sword, together with its king, its villages and everyone in it. They left no survivors. Just as at Eglon, they totally destroyed it and everyone in it.
JOSHUA 10:38
Then Joshua and all Israel with him turned round and attacked Debir. 39They took the city, its king and its villages, and put them to the sword. Everyone in it they totally destroyed. They left no survivors. They did to Debir and its king as they had done to Libnah and its king and to Hebron.

JOSHUA 10:40
So Joshua subdued the whole region, including the hill country, the Negev, the western foothills and the mountain slopes, together with all their kings. He left no survivors. He totally destroyed all who breathed, just as the LORD, the God of Israel, had commanded.
JOSHUA 11:11
Everyone in it they put to the sword. They totally destroyed them, not sparing anything that breathed, and he burned up Hazor itself.

JOSHUA 11:14
The Israelites carried off for themselves all the plunder and livestock of these cities, but all the people they put to the sword until they completely destroyed them, not sparing anyone that breathed.
JOSHUA 11:20
For it was the LORD himself who hardened their hearts to wage war against Israel, so that he might destroy them totally, exterminating them without mercy, as the LORD had commanded Moses.
JOSHUA 11:21
At the time Joshua went and destroyed the Anakites from the hill country: from Hebron, Debir and Anab, from the hill country of Judah, and from all the hill country of Israel. Joshua totally destroyed them and their towns. 22No Anakites were left in Israelite territory, only in Gaza, Gath and Ashdod did any survive. 23So Joshua took the entire land, just as the Lord had directed Moses, and he gave it as an inheritance to Israel according to their tribal divisions.
This picture above all others will haunt me




Jésus le Messager de Lumière - JESUS, THE MESSENGER OF LIGHT.







Israël, Nazisme, Holocauste de Six Millions de Juifs - arme à usage industriel à l’échelle mondiale

Israël, Nazisme, Holocauste de Six Millions de Juifs - arme à usage industriel à l’échelle mondiale.

J’emmerde Isra’aïl!
J’emmerde aussi les Juifistes et les Sionistes de France!


Guerre Civile en France - Laïcité terroriste – Génocide et Évangélisation !











Published on 3 Aug 2012
Terminons cette saison artistico-quenellienne avec une chanson pour danser frénétiquement en boîte, tout en conservant un certain militantisme (très tendance)... A la prochaine saison 2012/2013... La terrible Mérée Drante...


Des enfants forcés de s’excuser pour le terrorisme dans une vidéo choc

Une vidéo veut provoquer le débat autour de la notion de culpabilité par association. Des enfants ont été filmés s’excusant pour des actes terroristes commis par des gens qui leur ressemblent.
Une vidéo provocante montrant des enfants qui s’excusent pour des actes terroristes récents a été diffusée aux Pays-Bas cette semaine. Sous le titre #Letsunite (unissons-nous), la vidéo d’AbdelKarim El-Fassi veut susciter le questionnement sur la notion de "culpabilité par association".
L’idée est de montrer comment des communautés sont la cible de critiques injustifiées lors d’attaques terroristes. Après les attentats de Charlie Hebdo, il a par exemple été demandé aux musulmans de condamner l’acte terroriste.

Estime de soi atteinte
Ces exigences ont fait réagir le réalisateur hollandais qui transpose la manoeuvre sur de jeunes enfants, faisant paraître la chose choquante. Les images montrent comment l’estime de soi et la confiance sont endommagées.
Cinq enfants sont persuadés de s’excuser pour des crimes qu’ils n’ont pas commis parce qu’ils sont blonds comme Anders Breivik ou parce qu’ils ont un chapeau comme les frères auteurs de l’attaque de Charlie Hebdo.

Exposed! Dutch Intellectuals 'Apologize to Putin' for LIES on MH17, Syria, Ukraine!


Published on 3 Sep 2014
Much Love ~ Divine Justice
A letter sent by a prominent Dutch Professor to Russian president Vladimir Putin has attracted much media attention in Europe. The letter was written by Professor Cees Hamelink and signed by dozens of Dutch intellectuals and professors. Below is the letter in its entirety.


"paid for by Saudi Arabia"???
Why add this load of BS to this???


Dear Mr. President Putin,

Please accept our apologies on behalf of a great many people here in the Netherlands for our Government and our Media. The facts concerning MH17 are twisted to defame you and your country.

We are powerless onlookers, as we witness how the Western Nations, led by the United States, accuse Russia of crimes they commit themselves more than anybody else. We reject the double standards that are used for Russia and the West. In our societies, sufficient evidence is required for a conviction. The way you and your Nation are convicted for 'crimes' without evidence, is ruthless and despicable.

You have saved us from a conflict in Syria that could have escalated into a World War. The mass killing of innocent Syrian civilians through gassing by ‘Al-­‐Qaeda’ terrorists, trained and armed by the US and paid for by Saudi Arabia, was blamed on Assad. In doing so, the West hoped public opinion would turn against Assad, paving the way for an attack on Syria.

Not long after this, Western forces have built up, trained and armed an ‘opposition’ in the Ukraine, to prepare a coup against the legitimate Government in Kiev. The putschists taking over were quickly recognized by Western Governments. They were provided with loans from our tax money to prop their new Government up.

The people of the Crimea did not agree with this and showed this with peaceful demonstrations. Anonymous snipers and violence by Ukrainian troops turned these demonstrations into demands for independence from Kiev. Whether you support these separatist movements is immaterial, considering the blatant Imperialism of the West.

Russia is wrongly accused, without evidence or investigation, of delivering the weapons systems that allegedly brought down MH17. For this reason Western Governments claim they have a right to economically pressure Russia.

We, awake citizens of the West, who see the lies and machinations of our Governments, wish to offer you our apologies for what is done in our name.
It’s unfortunately true, that our media have lost all independence and are just mouthpieces for the Powers that Be. Because of this, Western people tend to have a warped view of reality and are unable to hold their politicians to account.

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    Helena Bonham Carter has a phobia of fish but she doesn't want us taking too many of them out of the oceans. So here's a picture of her posing naked with a giant tuna

    For a woman who readily admits to being afraid of fish, a giant tuna seems to be the most unlikely of Valentine's dates.
    However, Helena Bonham Carter overcome her phobia to pose naked with this magnificent specimen in support of the Blue Marine Foundation, which is campaigning for marine reserves to protect endangered species around the world.
    The 48-year-old actress, who split from director Tim Burton last December, was persuaded to undertake the project by her friend Greta Scacchi.
    Scroll down for video 
    Big Fish: Helena Bonham Carter nakedly embraces a Bigeye Tuna in a series of photos in support of the Blue Marine Foundation
    Big Fish: Helena Bonham Carter nakedly embraces a Bigeye Tuna in a series of photos in support of the Blue Marine Foundation
    'I am a big supporter of protecting the marine environment', she said. 'I'm actually very phobic about fish so when Greta asked me to be photographed naked with a 27kg tuna I was more worried about touching it than getting my kit off.
    'Having said that, I conquered my fears and by the end of the morning we'd truly bonded. He will be my Valentine.' 
    The fish in question was a Bigeye tuna, which belongs to the wider mackerel family Scombridae.
    The actress appears nude while embracing a Bigeye Tuna in a series of photos in a rather unusual show of support for the Blue Marine Foundation 
    Campaign: Bonham Carter spoke in front of a House of Commons committee to lobby for more marine reserves - to protect fish as well as whales, turtles seabirds and penguins - in the British Overseas Territories
    Campaign: Bonham Carter spoke in front of a House of Commons committee to lobby for more marine reserves - to protect fish as well as whales, turtles seabirds and penguins - in the British Overseas Territories

    Sea-ing is believing: Helena was asked to get involved by her friend Greta Scacchi, who was photographed with a cod in the first of a series of images
    Currently the UK has the fifth largest marine zone in the world and tuna is one of the many species that is being overfished says the charity.
    Bonham Carter's involvement in the campaign began when Greta Scacchi persuaded her to take part.
    On Wednesday she spoke in front of a House of Commons committee to lobby for more marine reserves - to protect fish as well as whales, turtles seabirds and penguins - in the British Overseas Territories.
    'There is a new movement, spearheaded by the Blue Marine Foundation and others, encouraging the Government to invest in creating marine reserves — fish refuges really — where they are safe from the ravages of industrial-scale fishing and where they can regenerate,' Helena says.
    'We all have a responsibility to try and return our world to the next generation in the state we inherited it in, not worse. 
    'It would be a sad thing if in our dotage we'd be describing a tuna fish to our grandchildren like we do a dodo today.'
    Currently the Government is looking into plans to develop three of the world's largest marine reserves around the British overseas territories of Pitcairn in the Pacific, Ascension in the Atlantic, and South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands in the South Atlantic.
    Meanwhile, Helena has just completed work on upcoming flick, Disney's Cinderella, which is slated for release in March. 
    When she's not campaigning against overfishing and taking care of her brood, she's also filming TV movie, Codes Of Conduct, in which she plays a character called Esther Kaufmann. 
    The new movie tells the tale of a young man with a mysterious past, who makes his way into New York's high society. 
    But that's not all - Bonham Carter has a role in Suffragette and Alice In Wonderland: Through The Looking Glass. 
    In Suffragette, she stars as Edith New, alongside Meryl Streep and Carey Mulligan as the story of the foot soldiers of the early feminist movement is explored. 
    And of course, she will star as the Red Queen in Alice. 
    She'll join an A-list cast, which includes Johnny Depp, Mia Wasikowska and Anne Hathaway in the film, which is slated for release on May 27, 2016.  


    A Dissident Meditation on Jewish Identity: A Review of Gilad Atzmon’s “The Wandering Who?”

    Kevin MacDonald

    Gilad Atzmon, The Wandering Who? A Study of Jewish Identity Politics (Winchester, UK and Washington, DC: Zer0 Books, 2011, 202 pp.)

    Gilad Atzmon is one of those rarest of all birds—the sort of person who would be called a “self-hating Jew” by Jewish activists. Except that he doesn’t really hate himself and really doesn’t have much of a Jewish identity at all. He is an honest leftist who happens to be of Jewish origin; or perhaps one should label him a liberal devoted to the values of the Enlightenment,  without the typical Jewish blinders. Although he has a few blinders of his own, he sees quite clearly the incompatibility of Zionism with post-Enlightenment Western civilization.

    For Atzmon, Zionism is all about Judaism as racial identity politics, ethnic cleansing, and manipulating Western governments via the Israel Lobby. As a child growing up in Israel, “supremacy was brewed into our souls, we gazed at the world through racist, chauvinistic binoculars. And we felt no shame about it either” (p. 2). He began his journey of embracing the West as a result of immersion in jazz. Eventually, “I somehow already yearned to become a Goy or at least to be surrounded by Goyim” (p. 7).

    For Atzmon, the racialism so fundamental to Zionism is an aberration from Judaism the religion. He has no problem with people who “regard themselves as human beings that happen to be of Jewish origin.” The problem arises with “those who put their Jewish-ness over and above all other traits” (p. 16). This sort of Jewish essentialism was central to Zionism from the beginning, often with strong racialist overtones. Quoting Vladimir Jabotinsky, the father of the Israeli right:
    A Jew brought up among Germans may assume German customs, German words. He may be wholly imbued with that German fluid but the nucleus of his spiritual structure will always remain Jewish because his blood, his body, his physical racial type are Jewish.

    Atzmon reviews the data showing that Zionism began out of a concern that Jews would lose their racial distinctiveness by assimilation (see also here, p. 152ff)—a “tribal preservation project” p. 70). “Separation is a strategy of ghetto-building, and Zionists have followed this strategy since the late nineteenth century” (p. 41). This is certainly true, but Atzmon seems unaware that in this regard, Zionism was simply building on traditional Jewish separatism. Indeed, early Zionists were well aware of this. As the early Zionist Elias Auerbach phrased it, “Zionism would return Jews ‘back into the position they enjoyed before the nineteenth century—politically autonomous, culturally whole, and racially pure’” (Ibid, p. 158). The original enemy of the Zionists was the Enlightenment and the assimilationist tendencies of Western civilization.

    True Zionists are therefore Jews first and foremost—to the point that they put the interests of Israel ahead of the interests of the countries they live in. Atzmon thus cites the work of Victor Ostrovsky, the former Mossad agent who described the huge network of Sayanim ready to help the cause of Israel by aiding the Mossad. This of course is exactly the type of behavior that has led to the loyalty issue of anti-Jewish attitudes throughout history. Atzmon is quite clear that the loyalty issue applies in spades to the neoconservatives and the rest of the Jewish establishment with their constant drumbeat of wars for Israel—“the neocons transform the American army into an Israeli mission force” (p. 70). Paul Wolfowitz (a central focus of Atzmon’s ire) as a Sayan.

    Atzmon is quite aware that if anti-Semitism didn’t exist, strongly identified Jews would have to create it: “Zionism is maintained by anti-Semitism” (p. 33). The perception of anti-Semitism creates a bunker mentality that justifies everything.

    Atzmon has a nice chapter on the deceptive self-images of liberal secular Jews who spout phrases of universalist humanism but in their innermost beings are anything but universalist or humanist. This is indeed the central masquerade of Jews in the post-Enlightenment West, what he calls “the Jewish tribal left” p. 72). He traces this stance to the very origins of the European Enlightenment when Moses Mendelssohn advised Jews to “live in a dual, deceptive mode, if not practically in a state of schizophrenia. … He must have realised that universalism and tribalism are opposing categories. … This solution led to false and deceptive behaviour. … This behavioural code, though very pragmatic, happens to be non-ethical by definition. It is based on deception—both self-deception and deceiving the other” (pp. 55, 57).
    The result is that Jewish identity in the Diaspora is what Atzmon terms a “negative identity”:
    Rather than understanding who you are, one invests some effort in differentiating oneself from the other and from the universal. Rather than listening to one’s conscience and engage in an authentic ethical judgment, the negating subject sets his or her relationships with his or her surrounding environment, based on pragmatic and practical decision-making and exchange. At most one may present a pretence of ethical thinking, but no more than that. (p. 63).
    Prime examples of this pragmatic veneer of ethics are neocon ideologues who “always present a seemingly ‘ethical’ argument. They employ what looks like a moral excuse in order to introduce a pretext for a war. … Clearly the Palestinians and the Iraqis are paying a heavy price as victims of the politics of negation, politics that convey a deceitful image of righteousness” (p. 64).

    Although Atzmon is quite aware of the deceptiveness of the secular Jewish left, noting that the Israeli left, like its Diaspora counterparts, has eagerly endorsed all of Israel’s wars (p. 79). Unfortunately, he thinks of Jewish socialism and Jewish progressive activism” only as “integral parts of the Zionist network[;] they are concerned with the future of the Jewish secular tribe — they are there to collect the lost souls amongst the humanist Jewish, to bring them home for Hanukkah” p. 76).

    Would that that was the whole story. Atzmon fails to go beyond Zionism in his analysis of the Jewish left in the Diaspora in the West. The reality is that the Jewish left has been the most important force in the dissolution of the West as an ethno-cultural entity while tenaciously holding onto its own ethno-culture. The Jewish left has been the backbone of the left throughout the West since early in the 20th century, and it has been by far the most important component of the Jewish Diaspora community in Western nations throughout the 20th century into the 21st century. Prior to WWII, the Jewish left used its influence to support international socialism and the USSR where Jews had become a dominant elite, and since WWII it has had a critical influence promoting massive non-White immigration, multiculturalism, and the displacement of the traditional people and culture of the West.

    It is this assault by the Jewish tribalist left masquerading as enlightened universalists that was a major source of anti-Semitism during and preceding the National Socialist era in Germany. For example, in Mein Kampf Hitler wrote of the liberal Jew “while he seems to overflow with ‘enlightenment,’ ‘progress,’ ‘freedom,’ ‘humanity,’ etc., he himself practices the severest segregation of his race ” (see here, p. 150). Similarly, Atzmon notes “emancipated Jews insist on celebrating the fruits of enlightenment; they celebrate their right to determine who they are. On the other hand, Jewish politics is tribal, it is intolerant of Jewish dissidence or any form of self-determination that may oppose what it regards as Jewish political or tribal interests” (p. 105).

    The only “ethical” principle is what’s good for the Jews: “both Judaism and ‘Jewish ideology’ are devoid of universal ethics” (p. 113). Both the Israeli left (Matzpen) and the neocons (Wolfowitz) use Western rhetoric “to justify the Jewish right to self-determination and the destruction of Arab regional power and Islam. For the Matzpenist, to liberate Arabs is to turn them into Bolsheviks; the neocon is actually slightly more modest — all he wants is for Arabs to drink their Coca-Cola in a Westernised democratic society. Both Judeocentric philosophies were doomed to failure, because the notion of self-determination is overwhelmingly Eurocentric” (p. 109.; italics in text).

    In the long run, I predict that the Diaspora strategy of the Jewish mainstream will lead to a resurgence of racial identity in the West as Whites realize that they and their culture are under assault by massive non-White immigration and multiculturalism. Judaism is indeed incompatible with Western culture, and as its influence grows, the West will inevitably be Balkanized into competing ethnic/racial groups—precisely the population structure that inevitably results from a powerful strategizing group in a Diaspora context, exacerbated now by the massive immigration and multiculturalism unleashed by Jewish intellectual and political movements.

    Throughout history, Jews have always been an elite, typically making alliances with non-Jewish elites and often collaborating in oppression of the peoples dominated by the elites. Here Atzmon traces the Jewish preoccupation with making alliances with the powerful to the Book of Esther, where Mordecai schemes to influence the king on behalf of the Jews. Atzmon describes several modern examples, most interestingly Rabbi Joachim Prinz’s 1934 letter to the NSDAP where he affirms the idea that Jews are a race committed to maintaining racial purity, while seeking common ground with the dominant power, the German government.

    But it was an alliance based on interests, not principle. Later, after emigrating to America, Prinz as head of the American Jewish Congress, became the quintessential liberal. According to Atzmon, the only consistency was his realization that “whatever is good for Jews is simply good” (p. 164). Similarly, Jewish organizations have treated the Armenian genocide not as a historical narrative, but have solely been concerned about how it affects the interests of Israel. For Jews, there are no principles, only interests.

    In the  contemporary West, Jews have expanded on the historical Diaspora strategy of making alliances with elites to focus on three ways of obtaining influence, citing a comment of über-Zionist Haim Saban: Donations to political parties, establishing think tanks, and controlling media outlets. Right. This is not the place to recount Jewish media domination and political influence, but it is worth noting that Saban has practiced what he preaches: Saban controls Univision, the Spanish language network and led a group that bought Kirsch Media Group, a German media conglomerate; he has contributed millions of dollars to Democratic political causes and lesser amounts to Republicans; and he funded the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution to the tune of $13 million. This strategy, which ultimately stems from Jewish wealth and active engagement in the political process, has given Jews influence far beyond their numbers.

    Atzmon at times gets a bit off the rails. For example, he proposes that Alan Greenspan engineered the housing bubble in order to distract people from the war in Iraq. A definitive account of the Jewish role in the greatest elite fraud in history remains to be written. And it is certainly true that Greenspan, along with Robert Rubin and Larry Summers, bears responsibility for de-regulating the financial markets and enabling the housing bubble. However, Atzmon doesn’t provide any evidence for his view, and it would seem that simple greed seems at least as likely an explanation.

    Atzmon creates a narrative in which traditional Jews living in European societies “saw themselves as American, British or French people who happened to be Jewish,” but then Zionists came along and eventually convinced most Jews that they were Jews first and foremost — “the birth of Zionist separatism” (p. 39). In general, Atzmon is far too eager to paint Zionism as the original sin of Judaism. While it’s true that this is a good description of what one might call the official public ideology of Judaism in post-Enlightenment European societies, it is not at all an accurate description of Jewish behavior. In fact the loyalty issue long pre-dates Zionism. Jews have always had strong international connections and interests that transcended where they happened to live. Perhaps the most historically important example of this was the worldwide campaign of the organized Jewish community against the Russian government from the late 19th century up to the Bolshevik Revolution—a campaign that at times opposed the national interests of the countries where they lived (see here, p. 67ff).
    Another one of Atzmon’s blinders relates to the racial/ethnic component of Judaism. He notes some of the passages in the Old Testament where God commands slaughter and genocide, but fails to note in the same passages that the whole point of this violence is to prevent intermarriage with the victims. Dead people can’t be marriage partners; they can’t pollute the gene pool. Thus he quotes Deuteronomy 7: 1–2: “When the Lord your God brings you into the land you are entering to possess and drives out before you many nations … you must destroy them totally. Make no treaty with them, and show them no mercy.” But he leaves out the next line: “You shall not make marriages with them, giving your daughters to their sons or taking their daughters for your sons” (Deut. 7:3). For the Jews, the God of the Old Testament is nothing more or less than the racially pure Jewish gene pool.

    Indeed, Atzmon completely avoids any mention of modern population genetic studies that show conclusively that Jews are indeed an ethnic entity and that widely dispersed Jewish groups are more similar to each other than to the peoples they have lived among for hundreds or thousands of years. Instead he relies on Shlomo Sand’s The Invention of the Jewish People to argue that Jewish peoplehood is an invention of the 19th century resulting from the influence of German nationalism.

    Part of Sand’s argument is that the events described in the Bible are imaginary. This may or may not be true, but the point is that the events illustrate the mindset of the authors, and that mindset is decidedly on the racialist/ethnocentric side. There is a deep concern with intermarriage in multiple passages in many books of the Old Testament, all with the drumbeat that intermarriage is the ultimate form of Jewish apostasy. Moreover, this concern with intermarriage was characteristic of historical Jewish Diaspora communities. Intermarriage not only removed one from the Jewish community but was a stain on the entire family, thus damaging the marriage prospects of relatives into future generations (A People That Shall Dwell Alone: Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy, Ch. 3 & Ch. 4). The historical data are quite clear that the Jewish people are an ethnic entity, and these results are highly compatible with contemporary genetic evidence.

    Moreover, there is no evidence to support the Khazar hypothesis—also adopted by Sand and Atzmon — that Ashkenazi Jews have no genetic connection to the Middle East or to other Jewish groups but rather stem from a conversion event of a Turkic people in the Middle Ages. There is no evidence to indicate that is where the Ashkenazi population came from–linguistically (Yiddish is a German dialect), contemporary population genetic evidence, or their own historical memory. There is in fact evidence that the Khazars converted to Judaism, but it’s long way from that to supposing that the Khazars are the ancestors of the Ashkenazim. The reason people like Atzmon buy the Khazar hypothesis is that they think it de-legitimizes Israel–a political motive. But one need not support Israel even if one acknowledges the ethnic coherence of Judaism, and certainly there is no need to think the US should support Israel unconditionally just because Jews are an ethnic entity.

    Atzmon comments: “Many Jews, even secular ones, continue to regard mixed marriage as the ultimate threat.” Right. And the fact that these concerns go back to the origins of Diaspora Judaism is exactly why Judaism remains an ethnic entity.

    Atzmon is at his best in dealing with the culture of the Holocaust. In Chapter 16 (“Trauma queen”) he dismisses the reality of Jewish Holocaust trauma among Jews who never actually went through the experience, noting that whatever feelings they have are manufactured by what he calls the “Pre-Traumatic Stress Syndrome” — where Jews are manipulated into feeling trauma by media images of imminent destruction and by being transported to Auschwitz for the purpose of “maturing into traumatised Jewish adults” (p. 131), thereby suppressing any possible empathy for the Palestinians. “The well-established Judeo-centric tendency to interpret almost any political and ideological criticism as a declaration of impending Judeocide is a severe form of collective Pre-TSS” (p. 131). There is always a “Shoah to come” (p. 132) lurking around the corner, likely to be set off by any criticism of Jews, no matter how rationally based (see also here, pp. 11–12).

    Atzmon notes that the Holocaust cult has all the features of a religion and none of the features of a historical narrative:
    It has priests (e.g., Simon Wiesenthal, Elie Wiesel, Deborah Lipstadt) and prophets (… those who warn of the Iranian Judeocide to come). It has commandments and dogmas (‘Never Again’) and rituals (memorial days, pilgrimage to Auschwitz, etc). It has an established, esoteric symbolic order (kapos, gas chambers, chimneys…). It also has a temple, Yad Vashem, and shrines — Holocaust museums in capital cities worldwide. The Holocaust religion is also financed by a massive global financial network …. This new religion is coherent enough to define its ‘antichrists’ (Holocaust deniers) and powerful enough to persecute them (through Holocaust-denial and hate-speech laws). (pp. 148–149)
    The Holocaust has therefore achieved “meta-historical status” — beyond factual inquiry, its “’factuality’ sealed by draconian laws, and its reasoning secured by social and political institutions” (p. 149). It is a powerful political force on behalf of Jewish interests—e.g., it “is touted as a pretext for nuking Iran” (p. 152).

    Many of these points have also been made by Peter Novick his The Holocaust in American Life. Novick adds that the culture of the Holocaust was promoted as the main source of Jewish identity and in the effort to combat assimilation and intermarriage among Jews. An important lesson is that “tolerance and diversity [are] good; hate [is] bad, the overall rubric [being] ‘man’s inhumanity to man'” (pp. 258-259). The Holocaust has thus become an instrument of Jewish ethnic interests as an instrument to silence opponents of high levels of multi-ethnic immigration into Western societies. And, regarding the metaphysical uniqueness of the Holocaust, it would be hard to improve on Abe Foxman’s comment, cited by Novick (p. 199) that the Holocaust is “not simply one example of genocide but a near successful attempt on the life of God’s chosen children and, thus, on God himself.”

    Atzmon makes the interesting point that the Holocaust religion is simply another version of age-old Jewish fear — the pre-traumatic stress syndrome discussed above. It is a bunker mentality of impending doom that rationalizes even the most extreme actions to prevent  it. One might also note that it functions as a modern version of Jewish chosenness — that Jews are a special people whose sufferings are unique.

    Atzmon is not so much a Holocaust denier as someone who denies the metaphysical status that the Holocaust has achieved—its uniqueness, its being beyond questioning, and its historical transcendence—all of which have made it into an enormously powerful weapon for achieving Jewish interests and in particular for making Israel’s behavior beyond reproach. Thus, he does not deny that his great-grandmother died in WWII, but he refuses to give her death any special status: Her death “was indeed bad and tragic, but not that different from the fate of millions of Ukrainians, on learning the real meaning of communism. … [Her fate] was not so different from hundreds of thousands of German civilians who died in deliberate, indiscriminate bombing, just because they were Germans” (p. 175).

    Famously (due to its being quoted in a hit piece by former IDF prison guard now Zionist media hack Jeffrey Goldberg), Atzmon writes the following, with differences in Goldberg’s version in red:
    I think that 65 years after the liberation of Auschwitz, we must be entitled to start asking questions [to ask the necessary questions]. We should ask for [some conclusive] historical evidence and arguments rather than follow a religious narrative that is sustained by political pressure and laws. We should strip the Holocaust [holocaust] of its Judeo-centric exceptional status and treat it as an historical chapter that belongs to a certain time and place.
    Adding the word ‘conclusive’ seems particularly malicious. Goldberg’s real aim in quoting this passage and several others is to tarnish John Mearsheimer who endorsed Atzmon’s book. Atzmon therefore becomes a pawn in the larger game of de-legitimizing the most effective critique thus far of the Israel Lobby—effective because Mearsheimer and his co-author Stephen Walt are elite academics in the area of foreign policy. If Mearsheimer had not provided this opening, Atzmon’s book would doubtless have gotten the silent treatment—a very common and effective Jewish strategy in dealing with uncomfortable realities.

    Immediately after the above passage, Atzmon truly crosses the line—to go where few, if any, Jews dare to go:
    65 years after the liberation of Auschwitz we should be able to ask — why? Why were the Jews hated? Why did European people stand up against their neighbors? Why are the Jews hated in the Middle East, surely they had a chance to open a new page in their troubled history. … Why did America tighten its immigration laws amid the growing danger to European Jews? We should also ask what purpose Holocaust denial laws serve? What is the Holocaust religion there to conceal? As long as we fail to ask questions, we will be subjected to Zionist lobbies and their plots. We will continue killing in the name of Jewish suffering. (pp. 175–176)
    The question why Jews have been hated in so many times and places is indeed the fundamental question one has to ask. Atzmon merely poses the question without any attempting to provide a theory for understanding historical anti-Semitism. (My version is that all the important historical outbreaks of anti-Semitism are due ultimately to real conflicts of interest.) But he is quite clear that the ideology that anti-Semitism is an “’irrational’ social phenomenon that erupts ‘out of nowhere’” is a non-starter, since it implies that a very large percentage of the human population is “potentially mad” (p. 182).

    The closest Atzmon comes to answering the question is to ask another one: “Can Israeli behavior throw light on the events that led to the Holocaust, or other instances of persecution of Jews?” (p. 182). Again, he doesn’t really try to answer this question, but I will give it a shot. Historical anti-Semitism involves a variety of conflicts of interest (e.g., loyalty issues, economic domination, and, since the Enlightenment, the construction of culture), and here there is the obvious conflict between the legitimate interests of the Palestinians in retaining control over an area they had settled for centuries.

    However, another common denominator between important examples of historical anti-Semitism and the behavior of Israel is Jewish aggressiveness. From its beginnings in 1948, Israel has consistently pushed the envelope, beginning with the expulsion of the Palestinians, wars of territorial expansion, with some of the more nationalist elements in Israel openly advocating Jabotinsky’s call for a Jewish state extending from the Nile to the Euphrates, thereby fulfilling God’s promise in Genesis. There is also the ethnic cleansing of the West Bank, the erection of an apartheid state, and the constant beating of the war drums, first against Iraq and now against Iran.

    Similarly, beginning with the Enlightenment, Jews have aggressively sought to refashion European societies to suit their interests. Atzmon asks why America closed its doors to further mass Jewish immigration with the Immigration Law of 1924. The reason is simple: Jewish immigrants were prone to leftist political radicalism bent on reshaping the entire society in ways that were foreign to traditional American culture. The organized Jewish community had already launched successful campaigns to get Christianity out of the public square facilitated by Jewish economic success in the big cities. There was also deep concern about the effects on public morals of Jewish control of the movie industry. (These are all themes of Henry Ford’s International Jew which was quite influential during this period.) In later decades Jewish groups would aggressively campaign for massive non-White immigration and they would aggressively establish alliances with non-White ethnic groups, both actions that will ultimately dispossess the traditional people and culture of America and force White Americans to confront a hostile non-White majority, doubtless dominated by the organized Jewish community. Such actions are quite different, for example, from the behavior of Overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia: remaining in the background and content to form a business elite with little involvement in politics or the construction of culture.

    To conclude, Atzmon has written a daring book and one that is sure to result in his being ostracized by the Jewish community. While he has a few blinders of his own, the book is an invaluable account by someone who clearly understands the main symptoms of Jewish pathology.

    Condition de la femme dans le judaïsme : Erdogan met les pieds dans le plat !

    Face aux accusations récurrentes de misogynie venue d’Occident, le président turc Recep Tayyip Erdogan a rappelé la vision de la femme développée par le judaïsme.
    Des propos rapportés par le quotidien turc Hurriyet :
    « Je m’adresse à ceux qui parlent des droits des femmes. Pourquoi ne pas élever vos voix contre les juifs, qui remercient Dieu dans leurs prières de ne pas avoir été créés en tant que femmes ? Existe-t-il une logique plus avilissante pour les femmes que celle-ci ? »
    Une déclaration qui n’a rien de fantaisiste, comme en témoigne cet article du Monde du 29 décembre 2011 :
    « Des femmes à qui on demande d’aller s’asseoir au fond du bus pour ne pas troubler les hommes dans leur voyage, des femmes que l’on fait taire au prétexte que leur voix constituerait, selon les textes religieux, “une nudité”, des trottoirs séparés entre les sexes dans certains quartiers, des publicités où des visages de femme sont arrachés, des passantes insultées et humiliées parce que leur chevelure n’est pas assez couverte ou leurs manches pas assez longues.
    Ces scènes se sont passées dans plusieurs villes israéliennes, Ashdod, Jérusalem, Bet Shemesh... où des groupuscules ultraorthodoxes tentent d’effacer ou de voiler la présence féminine dans la sphère publique. »
    La sortie du président turc s’ajoute à ses nombreuses prises de positions antisionistes depuis l’opération militaire israélienne de décembre 2008-janvier 2009 dans la bande de Gaza. Alors que l’attaque venait de s’achever (895 civils palestiniens assassinés), le Premier ministre turc avait notamment quitté un débat avec Shimon Peres, le 29 janvier 2009, au Forum économique mondial à Davos. Un coup d’éclat dû à une interruption de son argumentaire par le modérateur du débat, qui n’était pas intervenu pendant le vibrant plaidoyer de 25 minutes du président israélien et prix Nobel de la paix en faveur de l’attaque de Gaza par Tsahal. Un court discours dans lequel Erdogan s’était permis de citer le jazzman juif antisioniste Gilad Atzmon :

    À cette époque, les relations diplomatiques turco-israéliennes s’étaient nettement refroidies et lors d’une visite à Paris en avril 2010, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, alors Premier ministre, avait qualifié Israël de « principale menace pour la paix régionale ». Le mois suivant, l’attaque par Tsahal d’une flottille humanitaire turque pour Gaza provoquait une rupture temporaire des liens diplomatiques entre les deux pays. En 2013, Erdogan s’était même retrouvé à la deuxième place du « classement mondial des antisémites » établi par le Centre Simon Wiesenthal. Cette année-là, des membres de son gouvernement avaient imputé à la « diaspora juive » la responsabilité des manifestations antigouvernement de décembre 2013. Puis Erdogan, alors Premier ministre, avait estimé que le renversement militaire de Mohamed Morsi en Égypte avait été instigué par Israël.

    Antisionisme réel ou simples rodomontades ?
    Cette posture antisioniste assumée par le chantre d’un « néo-ottomanisme » empreint de « realpolitik » ne doit toutefois pas occulter le fait que la Turquie reste un des principaux alliés d’Israël dans le monde musulman.
    En effet, la Turquie, comme candidate à l’entrée dans l’Union européenne et membre éminent de l’OTAN (soit les deux piliers du sionisme international), reste l’allié essentiel de l’Occident et d’Israël dans le monde musulman. C’est ainsi qu’à partir de 2011, la Turquie s’est muée en porte d’entrée et base arrière de l’internationale djihadiste à l’œuvre dans la destruction de la Syrie. Dans ce dossier, Erdogan a été l’allié objectif le plus précieux d’Israël, pour qui la Syrie de Bachar al-Assad constituait un problème majeur du fait de sa position géographique et stratégique au cœur du « croissant chiite » (Iran-Syrie-Sud Liban). Plus récemment, en février 2013, le gouvernement Erdogan signait encore un important accord portant sur la vente par Israël de systèmes électroniques aériens à la Turquie.
    Recep Tayyip Erdogan n’ayant pas changé radicalement la politique de la Turquie vis-à-vis de l’État d’Israël depuis sa prise de pouvoir en mars 2003, ses déclarations tapageuses sur la question palestinienne ne seraient-elles qu’un « plan com’ », une sorte de « soft power » turc vis-à-vis de la « rue arabe » ?
    Article précédent
    La lente mise à mort de la liberté d’expression
    A A A

    Condition de la femme dans le judaïsme : Erdogan met les pieds dans le plat !

    Face aux accusations récurrentes de misogynie venue d’Occident, le président turc Recep Tayyip Erdogan a rappelé la vision de la femme développée par le judaïsme.
    Des propos rapportés par le quotidien turc Hurriyet :
    « Je m’adresse à ceux qui parlent des droits des femmes. Pourquoi ne pas élever vos voix contre les juifs, qui remercient Dieu dans leurs prières de ne pas avoir été créés en tant que femmes ? Existe-t-il une logique plus avilissante pour les femmes que celle-ci ? »
    Une déclaration qui n’a rien de fantaisiste, comme en témoigne cet article du Monde du 29 décembre 2011 :
    « Des femmes à qui on demande d’aller s’asseoir au fond du bus pour ne pas troubler les hommes dans leur voyage, des femmes que l’on fait taire au prétexte que leur voix constituerait, selon les textes religieux, “une nudité”, des trottoirs séparés entre les sexes dans certains quartiers, des publicités où des visages de femme sont arrachés, des passantes insultées et humiliées parce que leur chevelure n’est pas assez couverte ou leurs manches pas assez longues.
    Ces scènes se sont passées dans plusieurs villes israéliennes, Ashdod, Jérusalem, Bet Shemesh... où des groupuscules ultraorthodoxes tentent d’effacer ou de voiler la présence féminine dans la sphère publique. »
    La sortie du président turc s’ajoute à ses nombreuses prises de positions antisionistes depuis l’opération militaire israélienne de décembre 2008-janvier 2009 dans la bande de Gaza. Alors que l’attaque venait de s’achever (895 civils palestiniens assassinés), le Premier ministre turc avait notamment quitté un débat avec Shimon Peres, le 29 janvier 2009, au Forum économique mondial à Davos. Un coup d’éclat dû à une interruption de son argumentaire par le modérateur du débat, qui n’était pas intervenu pendant le vibrant plaidoyer de 25 minutes du président israélien et prix Nobel de la paix en faveur de l’attaque de Gaza par Tsahal. Un court discours dans lequel Erdogan s’était permis de citer le jazzman juif antisioniste Gilad Atzmon :

    À cette époque, les relations diplomatiques turco-israéliennes s’étaient nettement refroidies et lors d’une visite à Paris en avril 2010, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, alors Premier ministre, avait qualifié Israël de « principale menace pour la paix régionale ». Le mois suivant, l’attaque par Tsahal d’une flottille humanitaire turque pour Gaza provoquait une rupture temporaire des liens diplomatiques entre les deux pays. En 2013, Erdogan s’était même retrouvé à la deuxième place du « classement mondial des antisémites » établi par le Centre Simon Wiesenthal. Cette année-là, des membres de son gouvernement avaient imputé à la « diaspora juive » la responsabilité des manifestations antigouvernement de décembre 2013. Puis Erdogan, alors Premier ministre, avait estimé que le renversement militaire de Mohamed Morsi en Égypte avait été instigué par Israël.

    Antisionisme réel ou simples rodomontades ?
    Cette posture antisioniste assumée par le chantre d’un « néo-ottomanisme » empreint de « realpolitik » ne doit toutefois pas occulter le fait que la Turquie reste un des principaux alliés d’Israël dans le monde musulman.
    En effet, la Turquie, comme candidate à l’entrée dans l’Union européenne et membre éminent de l’OTAN (soit les deux piliers du sionisme international), reste l’allié essentiel de l’Occident et d’Israël dans le monde musulman. C’est ainsi qu’à partir de 2011, la Turquie s’est muée en porte d’entrée et base arrière de l’internationale djihadiste à l’œuvre dans la destruction de la Syrie. Dans ce dossier, Erdogan a été l’allié objectif le plus précieux d’Israël, pour qui la Syrie de Bachar al-Assad constituait un problème majeur du fait de sa position géographique et stratégique au cœur du « croissant chiite » (Iran-Syrie-Sud Liban). Plus récemment, en février 2013, le gouvernement Erdogan signait encore un important accord portant sur la vente par Israël de systèmes électroniques aériens à la Turquie.
    Recep Tayyip Erdogan n’ayant pas changé radicalement la politique de la Turquie vis-à-vis de l’État d’Israël depuis sa prise de pouvoir en mars 2003, ses déclarations tapageuses sur la question palestinienne ne seraient-elles qu’un « plan com’ », une sorte de « soft power » turc vis-à-vis de la « rue arabe » ?

    Ahmed: "un enfant de 8 ans dans un commissariat, c'est grotesque"


    Published on 30 Jan 2015
    Alexis Corbière, secrétaire national du Parti de gauche, était sur le plateau de #ONVPSM ce jeudi. Il s'est élevé contre la convocation d'un enfant de huit an dans un commissariat de Nice pour avoir fait "l'apologie du terrorisme". Pour lui, "il n'y a rien qui justifie qu'un enfant de 8 ans aille dans un commissariat pour rendre des comptes devant un policier".
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       Veterans Today

      Islamophobia: Incitement or Freedom of Speech?

      by Sami Jamil Jadallah

      The cold-blooded murder of the three Muslim students (Deah Shady Barakat, his wife Yusor Mohammed Abu-Salha and her sister Razan Mohammed Abu-Salha, should not come as a shock. Well-organized, well-funded American Jewish/Zionist and Evangelical Christians and mainstream media have been demonizing Muslims in America for years.

      People take part in a vigil for three young Muslims killed in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, at Dupont Circle on February 12, 2015 in Washington, DC.
      Finally after 3 days of utter and shameful silence, perhaps prompted by Turkish President Recep Tayyib Erdogan, President Barack Obama finally broke his silence and spoke. Denouncing the murder of the three-college student “ as  brutal and outrageous murder” with no justification for killing people because of “what they look like” or ” how they worship”.
      President Barack Obama speaks at the White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection in Stanford, California
      Between 2008 and 2011 several groups and organizations committed to incitement of hate against Muslims and Arabs have raised and distributed $119 million funding American Jewish/Zionist groups in America dedicated to Islamophobia.

      Leading the donors are the “shameful seven” groups that include; Donors Capital Fund, Richard Mellon Scaife Foundation, Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, Newton D and Rochelle F. Becker Foundation and Charitable Trust, Russell Berrie Foundation, Anchorage Charitable Fund and William Rosenwald Family Fund and Fairbanks Foundation.

      In one year over $42 million were donated to well organized groups dedicated to demonize Muslims, inciting hate in media and on campuses and of course all are dedicated to loyalty to Israel not America.

      Well known organizations and groups include among others Steve Emerson, the self proclaimed “terrorism” experts getting his feed and intelligence from Israeli sources and passing them on to American intelligence agency, as if the tens of billions of dollars are not enough for America to have its own intelligence sources but had to rely on “private” sources.

      Steve Emerson made a name for himself producing a documentary” Jihad in America” and as the Executive Director of “Investigative Project on Terrorism”. Emerson inciting hate is quoted as saying “ The survivors of the explosion at the World Trade Center in 1993 are still suffering from the trauma. … A network of Muslims extremists committed to jihad against America. Their aim is to establish a Muslim empire”.

      Emerson made a fool of himself and shown his racist colors when shortly after the Charlie Hebdo in Paris and in an interview on Fox News, claimed that the entire English city of Birmingham with 1,000,000 population was Muslim and “no go zone for non-Muslim” with “Muslim religious policebeat any one who does not dress according to Muslim religious attire”. British Prime Minister David Cameron labeled Emerson “clearly a complete idiot”. Perhaps his Israeli intelligence sources failed to tell Mr. Emerson that the Muslim population of Birmingham is 20% and there is No such thing as “religious police”.

      Others, dedicated to incitement of hate is Pam Geller, the Jewish American blogger and author well known for her outspoken criticism of Islam and Muslims. Dedicated to the “opposition to Islamic activism and causes” in America. She is quoted as saying that “ terrorism doesn’t spring from perversion of Islam but from the religion itself”.

      Pam Geller also is the one well known for those subway advertisements in cities as New York, Miami, and San Francisco among others. The advertisement “ In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man, support Israel, defeat Jihad” was initially rejected by the transport authorities. However Judge Paul A. Engelmayer, of the US District Court of Southern District ruled the advertisement as “protected speech” under the First Amendment. In his ruling the judge states” not only protected speech- it is the core political speech is afforded the highest level of protection under the First Amendment” I wonder what would be the judge ruling if the target was Israel and Judaism?

      With an army of over 5,000 informers, STASI like agents, Daniel Pipes of Campus Watch and Middle East Forum, is “dedicated to “ review and criticize Middle Eastern Studies in North America with aim to improving them”. By improving them, Campus Watch intimidate and publicly threatens those professors who are deemed “pro-Palestinian” and those who dare to criticize Israel, its Occupation and practices.

      Campus Watch is reported to “ encourage students to submit reports about college professors, posting dossier- encouraging harassing emails and phone calls” some in academia labeled Campus Watch as “ War on Academic Freedom”.

      One of the most courageous professors, who took the challenge, is Professor Judith Butler, comparative literature professor at Berkley. She posted this message

      “ I have recently learned that your organization is compiling a dossiers on professors at US academic institutions who opposed the Israeli Occupation, its brutality, actively support Palestinian rights of self determination as well as a more informed and intelligent view of Islam than is currently represented in the US media. I would be enormously honored be counted among those who actively hold these positions and would like to be included in the list of those who are struggling for justice.”

      Campus Watch is known for taping professor’s presentations and discussions in class and posting it on the web. One of the targeted professors is Rashid Khaldi of Columbia University. His dossier was posted on the web with threats of withholding city and alumni funds because of his stands. In a taped call from one of those STASI informer  tells professor Khaldi “ Columbia alumni love Campus Watch, because they keep an eye on those like you, we have one eye on you- you better watch out”. Campus Watch is the AIPAC in academia.

      Not withstanding all these well funded and well organized hate groups, America continue to be a blessed place, and yes, notwithstanding these tragic events, we are all blessed to be citizen of this great country of our, yours and mine.

      Feeling blessed for being an American, Yusor, in a recorded message on NPR Story Corps states 

      There are so many different people from so many places background and religion. But here we are all one”. “It is beautiful to see-people of different areas interacting and being family and community
      May they rest in peace, Salam.
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    Sami Jamil Jadallah

    Born in the Palestinian city of El-Bireh (presently under Israeli Military and Settlers Occupation). Immigrated to the US in 62. After graduating from high school in Gary, Indiana was drafted into the US Army (66-68) received the Leadership Award from the US 6th Army NCO Academy in Ft. Lewis, Washington. Five of us brothers were in US military service about the same time (Nabil-Army), (Lutfi-Marines), (Sam-Army) and (Taiseer-Marines) with two nephews presently with US Army. Graduated from Indiana University with BA-72, Master of Public Affairs-74 and Jurist Doctor-77, and in senior year at IU, was elected Chairman of the Indiana Student Association. Sami Jamil Jadallah is an international legal and business consultant and is the founder and director of Palestine Agency and Palestine Documentation Center and founder and owner of several businesses in technology and services. His articles are also featured on JeffersonCorner.com, PalestineNote.com and Ramallah Online.


      Music Teacher Jailed for Sex Attacks On Girls

      A top musician and conductor has been jailed for 11 years for sex assaults on his teenage students.
      Philip Pickett used soundproofed music practice rooms to rape and indecently assault pupils who idolised him.
      When one victim's parents complained to the prestigious Guildhall School of Music and Drama, its principal took months to reply, took no action and suggested the girl take lessons elsewhere.
      Pickett was allowed to continue his celebrated career as a leading authority on baroque music, touring abroad and playing concerts with some of the world's top performers.
      He became a musical director at London's Globe theatre on the South Bank and founded the New London Consort ensemble.
      The 64-year-old was finally arrested when one victim reported him to police two years ago in the wake of publicity around the Jimmy Savile scandal.
      He denied a string of charges from the 1970s and '80s involving sex attacks against young female students.
      Pickett, one of the world's leading woodwind instrumentalists, was convicted of two rapes and two indecent assaults on three pupils. He was cleared of six alleged attacks on four others.
      Judge Charles Wide described his crimes as "terrible".
      "You were their teacher," he said.
      "To a degree they were in awe of you, especially the schoolgirls.
      "There is the location of the offences, the practice rooms of the Guildhall School of Music, soundproofed and dark. Even if they had shouted they could not have been heard."
      One victim, who was 16 at the time, told the Old Bailey jury that during a music lesson in 1978 he demanded she take off her top "to work on your breathing" and then molested her. At her next lesson he raped her.
      She did not report him at the time, but told her mother she did not want any more lessons.
      In 1984, another victim told her parents of an assault and they wrote to the school asking for an explanation.
      But the then principal John Hosier took months to reply and eventually told them he had received no other complaints, advising their daughter to find lessons at another school.
      Mr Hosier, who is now dead, wrote to Pickett saying he was frustrated that the tutor had not contacted him to discuss the allegation, according to documents discovered by the City of London police.
      Det Supt Maria Woodall said: "Philip Pickett used his position of authority as an accomplished professor to abuse young talented women who were vulnerable due to their age and the fact they were pupils of his.
      "He knew how difficult it would be for them to report his crimes to the school or to the police.
      "His access to young women over such a period of time means there could be more victims who have yet to come forward.
      "I would urge these people to contact the City of London Police."
      Among former students of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama are Beatles producer Sir George Martin, the flautist Sir James Galway and the opera singer Bryn Terfel.
      The school said in a statement: "Although these events took place several decades ago, this does not diminish our utter shock that a professional music teacher could abuse the trust placed in him by the school and its students.
      "The Guildhall School wholeheartedly welcomes the verdicts. Justice has been done and our thoughts are with the victims of these dreadful crimes.
      "The Guildhall School takes the duty of care of its students extremely seriously. Robust safeguarding procedures are in place at the school to ensure safe learning environments for all students and these measures are regularly reviewed."
      Pickett lived with his wife in the pretty Cotswold village of Lyneham near Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire.
      He tried to delay his sentence so he could attend music festivals abroad.
      He was jailed last week, but a reporting ban was imposed until today when the Crown Prosecution Service decided to drop more charges against him.

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