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The Charlie Hebdo Affair: How to Demonize Islam and Destroy Christianity

Freedom to offend, we are told, is sacrosanct; freedom to kill the offender is not. Isn’t it a shame this belief is not shared by everyone?

B_Image_4991The ultimate question here is Cui bono? Who gained most from the Paris massacre and who lost out? The answer to this all-important question will offer us a clue as to who was behind the killings.

Was Mossad behind it? Or Al Qaeda? Or the CIA? Or the Illuminati? And is it conceivable that all these disparate and seemingly separate organizations are in fact the same hydra-headed monster that dare not speak its name?

These are the questions we now propose to consider methodically. So let’s get down to business. 

What are the facts?
I read this article on Russia Today by Adrian Salbuchi which is among the most thought-provoking I have come across in a long time. Salbuchi begins by asking the most important question in regard to the Charlie Hebdo Paris attacks:  Cui bono? Who benefits?
Before we answer this question, let’s review the situation and then try to connect the dots…


We learn today the astonishing fact that 10,000 troops are to patrol the streets of France from now on, armed to the teeth and peeping into every corner for suspicious characters, doubtless of swarthy complexion and carrying Qur’ans in their back packs. Of these 10,000 commandos, no fewer than 5000 of them will guard the country’s 717 Jewish schools.

Apparently people in the Rue de Rosiers, Paris’s historic Jewish enclave, are getting increasingly jittery and apprehensive. They are afraid that ordinary French people might start complaining about the enormous sums of money being spent in protecting France’s Jewish community. France is a country with a population of 66 million. Of these, 5 million* are of Muslim heritage, vastly outnumbering the number of French Jews who make up only half a million.

So there are exactly ten times more Muslims in France than there are Jews, a fact worth remembering.
Rebecca Bloch, a 42-year-old Jewish woman, and her 51-year-old husband Davide, are now thinking of moving to Israel, the UK Independent newspaper (“I”) reveals, adding:
“There has been an increase in the number of attacks on french Jews by Muslim extremists and also the extreme right in recent years. Seven thousand migrated to Israel last year, more than doubling from 3,400 in 2013. The Israeli government expected a rise to 10,000 this year. “We are in a situation of war,” said Roger Cukierman, president of the Representative Council of Jewish Associations. “We have our sadness and our rage.” (The Independent, “I”, 14 Jan, 2015)
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, arriving in Paris for Sunday’s solidarity rally with international leaders, advised French  Jews to head for Israel.
“To all the Jews of France I wish to say: the state of Israel is not only the place to which you pray; the state of Israel is also your home. Any Jew who wants to emigrate to Israel will be received with open arms.”
The Israeli President, Reuven Rivlin, had this to say:
“We wanted you alive. The heart is broken, shaking and hurting and an entire nation cries. It is dangerous to deny this is anti-Semitism…”
He was referring to the four French Jews killed in last week’s attack on a kosher supermarket in Paris: Yoav, Yohan, Phillipe and Francois. This is why Netanyahu is urging France’s 500,000 Jews to pack their bags and head for Israel without delay. Here, presumably,  they will be safely accommodated on illegally occupied land filched from the Palestinians: a neat solution to the problems facing French Jews in a country where they appear to be unpopular—give them nice houses with swimming pools on stolen Arab land.

Indeed, this is the bizarre solution to the Jewish problem currently favored by the entire western world, starting with America: any Jew who faces persecution anywhere in the world must be settled on stolen Arab land, thereby fueling resentment among the dispossessed. Which resentment in turn can only be expected to simmer and come to the boil,  leading to spontaneous excrescences like Al Qaeda and ISIS.
As for Al Qaeda and ISIS, assuming they are genuine Islamic organizations and not the brainchild of some madhatter in Mossad or the CIA, do they have any valid grounds for complaint?

Of course not. How can you ask such a silly question! Al Qaeda and ISIS couldn’t care less about the theft of their lands, the plunder of their natural resources, and the bombing of their women and children in Yemen, the Afpak borders, and elsewhere. They’re quite happy to be visited by the occasional drone. It relieves the monotony of their lives.

Let’s face it, these ragheads are just a nasty bunch of terrorists whose holy book, the Qur’an, has told them to conquer the world and impose sharia law on nice western folk like you and me.  They want to force all you guys out there to wear big bushy beards, helping to make Gillette go bankrupt! They want  to make our gorgeous western women cover up their asses and stop flashing their panties! They want to stop women inviting rape by being such ravishingly irresistible WHORE SLUTS!!!

Good heavens, if these creeps ever get control,  just think!—no more twerking! no more flaunting and taunting, no more Jewish porn, no more Hollywood thrillers telling us what a bunch of Islamofascist “inglourious basterds” these 1.6 billion spoilsport Muslims are!


Ooops, sorry, we’ve already bombed your countries to smithereens and turned them into parking lots! 
Too bad.
A couple of days ago, as I started out by saying,  I read Adrian Salbuchi’s brilliant essay in Russia Today, Charlie Hebdo, déjà vu. (Here is the English version).  The central question he asks is “Cui bono? who benefits?”

Let’s consider this all-important question now.

Salbuchi makes it clear from the outset that he does not believe in violence as a solution to the world’s problems. A commendable sentiment. I agree with him absolutely.
“It was indeed a horrendous act,” he states, referring to the recent carnage in Paris, “and the West’s Media have whipped up a growing frenzy of anti-Muslim emotion and a desire for revenge in the hearts of tens of millions in France, Europe and America.”

To show how serious they are in tackling terrorism, the world’s leaders turned up in Paris in full force last week (see picture), offering their condolences and exhibiting to the world their righteous indignation and unparalleled rectitude.

Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu was there up front, for all to see and admire,  making all the right noises and sounding like a model citizen—a paradigm of humanitarian pathos who had never killed a fly in his life, let alone thousands of innocent women and children in Gaza only six months ago.
He was flanked by France’s Francoise Hollande and Prime Minister Manuel Valls, by German’s charismatic Angela Merkel, by Britain’s David Cameron, and by Spain’s Mariano Rajoy. US Secretary of State John Kerry came trickling in too, stunning the Gallic multitudes with his linguistic skills by delivering his condolences in the French language.

I had to repress a laugh at his accent, but it was a damn good show, and I found myself searching for a kleenex tissue to wipe a crocodile tear from my eye. Je ne suis pas Charlie!

Salbuchi is not too impressed, either, by the pomp and circumstance—by all these theatrics attempting to squeeze a few tears out of  the eyes of the Je Suis Charley enthusiasts:
“Cry me a river,” he protests. “This is in very stark contrast with not a tear ever being shed for the thousands of men, women and children martyred decade after decade in Palestine up until last August; or the millions assassinated and maimed by the US and its NATO Allies in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan.”
Today, the bad guys wear turbans and read books in Arabic. Equally bad are their direct or indirect backers and sympathizers: Russia, China, Venezuela, Malaysia, and  any country that refuses to kowtow to the United States, Israel, Britain and  the Nato bloc countries.

The nice guys run things from the Oval Office, Congress, the Knesset, 10 Downing Street, and the Palais de l’Élysée. They wage war on weaker countries and generate enormous profits for themselves by engineering social chaos in those countries by destroying their infrastructure and decimating their citizens with drone attacks, regime changes, freedom fighters, black ops, and “private contractors”—i.e., hired killers.
“They have not yet paid for their crimes,” Salbuchi notes somberly. “The Bushes, Cheneys, Wolfowitzs, Albrights, Clintons, Rices, Blairs, Aznars, Netanyahus and Sarkozys still walk the streets as free men and women.” 
Meanwhile, the common people in these western countries—most of them police states masquerading as democracies—are fed an incessant diet of lies, thanks to such organs of mendacity and misinformation as Fox News, the BBC, CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal. and the Economist. 

Nor one must forget the Hollywood entertainment factory with its constant erosion of traditional values, its black propaganda against Islam, Christianity, Whites: its sleaze, its porn, its godlessness, and its never-ending mind pollution of the masses.
Salbuchi asks if the recent events in Paris have the characteristics of a false flag attack. His answer: yes, they do. There’s more than a whiff of déjà vu here, Salbuchi opines.
“Conspiracy Theory kooks,” he notes sagaciously, “will tell you that False Flags have certain key factors in common: Like the FBI “luckily” finding 9/11 terrorist Mohammed Atta’s intact passport in the WTC rubble. Too bad the official story also says that “the heat was so intense it melted both jetliner’s black boxes”.
Any resemblance to Charlie Hebdo?  Well, one of the terrorist Kouachi bothers left home that day carrying his French ID Card which he conveniently “dropped” inside the attack car, that was then promptly found by French police.
Uncanny coincidence, no?
Then again, there was the mysterious death of Police Commissioner Helric Fredou of France’s Judicial Police (Limoges) who, while investigating the Paris attacks, suddenly decided to commit suicide. Did he end his life in despair, unable to stand the depths of human depravity to which Islamic terrorists are ready to go in order to achieve sharia law and world domination?

We will never know. It seems unlikely. Salbuchi has other ideas. Maybe the Police Commissioner was silenced? Maybe he knew too much?  Maybe he couldn’t be relied upon to keep his mouth shut, so he had to be squashed like a fly?
Salbuchi continues:
Anyway, here’s the thing: dead—or “suicided”—witnesses don’t talk.  Gunned down “terrorist” patsies neither.
 Before the Kouachi brothers died “someone” standing on a terrace across the street from the Charlie Hebdo HQ filmed their get-away and recorded them yelling, “Tell the media Al Qaeda of Yemen did this!”
Adding drama to this dreadful affair, this terrace-walker also filmed one of the terrorists stupidly going out of his way to fire a shot to the head at a downed police office officer on the sidewalk.  Funny, though: NO POOL OF BLOOD, NO BRAINS SPLATTERED ON THE SIDEWALK! (Emphasis added)

MURDER MOST FOUL "Funny though: no pool of blood, no brains splattered on the sidewalk.
“Funny though: no pool of blood, no brains splattered on the sidewalk.”

And now the big question: CUI BONO? — Who benefits?
“CLEARLY,” Salbuchi answers in block capitals, “the Muslim and Arab World did not benefit at all.  Quite the contrary: Muslims are the great losers because all those “Islamic terror attacks” led directly to the invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, the permanent bombing of Syria, and harassment and threats against Iran.”
Nor must it be forgotten that, along with the constant demonization of Islam, there is the ongoing and not-too-subtle attack on Christianity and traditional moral values.

Among the dead cartoonists there was one Jew. The rest were devout Zionists, anarcho-liberals, cultural Marxists of the (Jewish) Frankfurt School. All had axes to grind against the enemies of Israel. They exercised their free speech to the limit in vilifying Islam and Christianity, the two main objects of opprobrium among spiritually deracinated Jews. Never once did they criticize the state of Israel, or lampoon the Holocaust, or say a single bad thing about Israeli war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu.

If you have any doubts about the distinctly Jewish character of this scurrilous magazine, serving Jewish interests at all times, reflect that it actively encouraged filthy jokes about Christians and Muslims among its members of staff, but it would not tolerate even the slightest negative comment about Jews. (See Charlie Hedbo fired a writer for an “anti-Semitic” joke but rampant Islamophobia was ignored.)
As I pointed out in a recent article:
 “Mocking Christianity was part of their agenda, much to the delight of international Jewry, their principal paymasters, who offered them both moral and financial support in their “satirical” undertakings — “hate speech” when used against Jews. but “satire” and “courageous free speech” when directed at Muslims and Christians, the Jews’ most hated enemies.
The Jewish comedienne Sarah Silverman, the nice young lady who likes humping dogs and licking their anuses in various video skits—see here—and who gets many a cheap laugh by insulting Christianity in America, would have been a great hit with these satirical French journalists.
They would have loved her for saying, “I hope the Jews DID kill Christ! I’d fucking do it again—in a second!”
Note one thing, my friends: this freedom of speech, which is so very precious and of which we make such a fetish, does not include freedom to criticize Israel or question the Holocaust.
Make one satirical comment about Auschwitz, or express doubts about six million Jews dying in gas ovens, and you will end up behind bars in 16 countriesAustria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Switzerland, and Romania.
You may mock Jesus Christ as much as you want, but you must not mock Anne Frank.
Nor did these courageous French “martyrs for free speech” ever have the guts to criticize the war crimes of Israel. Oh no, they thought the Israelis were doing a fine job slaughtering  women and children in Gaza like flies—like this Palestinian child here, her face half blown off by an Israeli sniper.
These cowardly cartoonists  kept all their scorn for the prophet Mohammed and the Lord Jesus Christ, much to the delight of the Jews whose dirty work they did so well and whose contemptible mercenaries they remained to their last dying breath.
Yes, they had it coming! They were asking for it! For blowback. For their just deserts. For the iron law of karma to take effect. — “The wheel has come full circle, I am here!”
Salbuchi makes exactly the same points, so I won’t bother to quote him.
He too mentions that you are free to pour scorn on Christianity, to refer to Christ in the vilest terms, and to ridicule the prophet Mohamed to your heart’s content, but that you dare not question the Holocaust.
If you do, you will end up behind bars like David Irving, Robert Faurisson, Ernst Zundel, and many other historical revisionists—men who did not even employ mockery but who were engaging in serious historical research.
The cartoonists who were killed were essentially cowards. This is because they thought they could spit in people’s faces and get away with it. They learned to their cost that every action has its reaction. Am I justifying violence? No way. Obviously killing people for spitting in your face is wrong. A dreadful thing to do. I am simply stating a truism, as when one says: “You will reap what you sow.” — “The sins ye do by two and two, ye shall pay back one by one!”“Live by the sword, die by the sword!”
I am articulating the law of karma: play with fire and you will get burned.
Let’s consider the hilarious sense of humor of the cartoonists who recently got their comeuppance. They appointed the prophet Mohammed as their “editor-in-chief.” They depict him from behind, naked, his genitals in full view, a star stamped on his butt.  (Here is a carefully edited picture of the Prophet, with his genitalia concealed, which I hope will not be regarded as offensive.) They refer to the Qur’an as merde (shit). They mock the Virgin Mary giving birth to the Christ child.
Not satisfied with all this blasphemous scurrility, these senile delinquents then go on to show Jesus Christ sodomizing God the Father—who in turn is being sodomized by the Holy Ghost.
Jesus Christ sodomizing God the Father and being sodomized by the Holy Ghost
Laughing already? Falling out of your chair with merriment? Ah, now that’s what I call “good clean humor”, the type that would make Sarah Silverman green with envy: that she couldn’t do better with her “courageous” attempts to outrage the religious sensitivities of the world’s 2.2 billion Christians—almost one-third of the world’s population: “I HOPE THE JEWS DID KILL CHRIST! I’D FUCKING DO IT AGAIN—IN A SECOND!”
I am talking here about double standards. I repeat: double standards.
If it’s fine and dandy for the Jews and their Jewified gentile lackeys to pour mounds of excrement over the prophet Mohammed and the Lord Jesus Christ, how would the Jews like it if they were paid back in kind? How would they react to a cartoon by a Christian cartoonist showing Elie Wiesel sodomizing Anne Frank? Or childkiller Benjamin Netanyahu tearing off the limbs of little children in Gaza?
That wouldn’t be funny any longer, would it? The sky would cave in. Heads would roll. All hell would break loose. Mossad death squads would be stalking the land, slavering for gentile blood.
I exaggerate. Maybe. Let’s just say that what is sauce for the goose is not sauce for the gander. Here is the rule: “I may spit in your face, but if you spit back in mine—watch out!—you’re a dead man walking!”
It turns out, then, that when Charlie Hebdo’s editor-in-chief, Stephane Charbonnier, told Al Jazeera in a 2012 interview that free speech was sacred and couldn’t be bounded by what will and will not cause offense, he was being disingenuous. He was to add moralistically, “If we can poke fun at everything in France, if we can talk about anything in France apart from Islam, that is annoying.”
Très bien, cher Monsieur!—but isn’t it strange that you never had the courage to satirize the Jews or the Holocaust, or call attention to the heinous war crimes of Israel?

Sanctimonious hypocrite! forgive me if I don’t attend your funeral or shed tears at your graveside! I am sorry indeed that you had to die in such tragic circumstances. Whoever killed you did wrong. And he was himself killed in a shower of bullets by the valiant French security forces.
Pity these men had to die though, before being put on trial, so that it could be judiciously determined in a court of law that they actually had killed anyone. What if they were patsies? What if they were innocent?
Say it was Someone Else? . . . who is now walking free? . . . planning another false flag attack in another country?
We’ll never know. As with 9/11, all the evidence has been destroyed.

Say it was Someone Else? . . . who is now walking free? . . . planning another false flag attack in another country
“Say it was Someone Else? . . . who is now walking free? . . . planning another false flag attack in another country?”

The Charlie Hebdo magazine has done well for itself, cashing in on the carnage. In a country where few people buy newspapers, the streets of Paris were filled the other day with people scrambling to buy the latest edition of the magazine. By 7 am every copy in the Avenue des Champs-Élysées had gone. Within 60 minutes of the kiosks and newsagents opening for business at 6 am, the last copy had been sold.
Copies are now being offered for sale on ebay for £650 ($985).

Three million copies of Charlie Hebdo had been expected to flood France on the great day, ensuring a financial killing for the satirical survivors of the attack. The printers had worked overtime, but only managed to churn out 700,000 copies, more than 10 times the normal print run. Never mind! The magazine hopes to produce five million copies in all, ensuring at least five million laughs at the expense of Islam and Christianity.

John Lichfield, an establishment journo of Zionist bent, notes enthusiastically in his Review column in the mainstream UK Independent newspaper [“I”] that the post-massacre edition was “a millefeuille of mockery and defiance, mourning and bad taste.”

The “irreverent” 16-page magazine, which loves to combine militant atheism with Christ-bashing and Mohammed mockery, interspersed with pornographic drawings of naked young women, had excelled itself. No punches were pulled in an effort to shock and entertain the prurient, pop-eyed multitudes. There were moronic sketches galore, as usual, including:
“a masturbating nun, the Pope dressed as a Mafia boss, and a woman in a burka lifting her robes to show that she is wearing stockings and suspenders — and nothing else.” (“I”, 15 Jan, 2015)
Hilarious. But no cartoons of Auschwitz. Or Elie Wiesel sodomizing Anne Frank. Or the children of Gaza having their arms and legs torn off  by Netanyahu.

That wouldn’t do at all, would it? It’s always the Muslims or Christians being held up to ridicule. Here is a cartoon showing the birth of Jesus Christ, being waved like a red rag in the face of the world’s 2.2 billion Christians.

Smile, my friends, to see your God mocked —
as you wipe the spit from your faces: 

You will find neither this picture, nor the one above it, on Google Images if you put the words “Charlie Hebdo cartoons” into the Google search engine.  They have been deliberately suppressed.  In order to find the pictures, you need to keep searching.
You will note that almost 90 percent of the Charlie Hebdo pictures concentrate in mocking the prophet Mohammed and Islam.
In past times, such incessant vilification and mockery of a particular religion would have been regarded  as extreme provocation — indeed, as a valid pretext for war.  
“CUI BONO?” we ask once again. And we give the only honest answer we can, the obvious answer: Israel above all will benefit, followed by Israel’s morally bankrupt backers and accomplices in crime: the US, France, the UK, and the aggressive NATO bloc countries in general.
Who are the big losers? Answer: The world’s 1.6 billion Muslims.
We are now engaged in an all-out war against Islam. The mask has slipped from the face. All pretence has been abandoned. Islamophobia—pure, unadulterated, toxic hatred for Islam—is the poison du jour. You eat it for breakfast, you eat it for lunch, you eat it for dinner.
This war against Islam is being waged by a psychotic Western world intent on the plunder of the oil-rich Middle East and the systematic destruction of Israel’s enemies, in particular the rightful owners of Palestine. 
“Today the Jews rule this world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them.”  So said Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad of Malaysia, in a speech to the Tenth Islamic Summit Conference at Putrajaya, Malaysia, on October 16, 2003.

Never was a truer word spoken, and never was a good man more vilified for speaking the truth.
The Charlie Hebdo affair, in the final analysis, is not about an exercise in free speech that went wrong. Nor is it about the freedom to offend. It is best summed up in two words: cartoon terrorism.
* In the seventies Charles Pasqua announced SIX MILLION MUSLIMS IN FRANCE!!!???  Many times this Six Million Muslims figure appeared in documents and articles, including by myself.

French people - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

 In the 1970s, over 30,000 French settlers left Cambodia during the Khmer ..... The first Pasqua law, in 1986, restricts residence conditions in France and ... In 2004, there were over 6 million Muslims, largely of North African descent, living in France. ..... 3 million Britons - one in 20 – can trace their ancestry back to France.

We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo! 
Copyright by Vic Sadot and Kevin J. Barrett 

From Muhammad AL-Massari

Today Monday 25 January 2015 at 11:56 AM

Another Great Performance by Elie Wiesel

by Daniel McGowan / December 15th, 2014
  On December 8, 2014 WXXI-TV’s Great Performances presented the legendary violinist Itzhak Perlman and the renowned cantor Yitzchak Meir Helfgot in a musical exploration of liturgical and traditional works for both chamber orchestra and klezmer settings. To fortify its Jewish character the program included a short discussion between Itzhak Perlman and Elie Wiesel, arguably the foremost proponent of the current Holocaust narrative.

Wiesel told the incredulous Perlman that as a boy he too had studied violin. Moreover he claimed that he took his violin to Auschwitz in June 1944; his father suggested that since Elie was already there he might as well try out for the Auschwitz Orchestra in hopes of earning an extra ration of bread. But alas Elie could only play classical music, like Beethoven, and not those evil Nazi marches, so during his interview with the head of the Auschwitz Orchestra a vicious kapo grabbed his violin and smashed it under foot.

As a Jew, I was proud of Perlman’s gracious restraint in not calling Wiesel’s remarks utter nonsense. He did not even stoop to ask Elie how such a tall story could have been omitted from Night, his best-selling novel, which is force fed to American students as a must-be-believed memoir.
But I am tormented. Is it not shameful of The Great Weasel to mention the existence of an Auschwitz Orchestra? An orchestra in an extermination camp? What next? A swimming pool? Oy, what a shanda fur di goyim.

And if we are to accept an inmate orchestra at Auschwitz might we not envision a Klezmer band at Ketziot, Israel’s largest concentration camp for Palestinians in the Negev Desert; it could be called the Ketziot Klezmer Klub and give new meaning to the otherwise odious acronym KKK.
But wait; you must not mention an Israeli concentration camp. Forget Ketziot. Do not compare the plight of Jews with the plight of Palestinians; such a comparison according to Elie Wiesel is “unworthy.” Just sit back and enjoy his “great performance.”
Daniel McGowan is a Professor Emeritus at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. 

Mark Dankof on the Charlie Hebdo Affair for the Rasa News Agency of Iran

Mark Dankof on Charlie Hebdo:  It's a Zionist Instrument Dedicated to Blasphemy and Subversion of Christian and Islamic Faiths Alike.
Mark Dankof on Charlie Hebdo: It’s a Zionist Instrument Dedicated to Blasphemy and Subversion of Christian and Islamic Faiths Alike.
Seyed Muhammad Javad Mousavi of the Rasa News Agency of Iran interviewed Mark Dankof for his perspective on the Charlie Hebdo Affair.  The Persian language version of the discussion may be accessed here.  
1 – What do you think is the main purpose of continuously insulting the Prophet of Islam? 
Mark Dankof:  It is important to remember what Pat Buchanan told us all last week:  The Charlie Hebdo publication in France was also insulting and blaspheming every version of orthodox Christianity when it depicted the God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, as being involved in an incestuous sexual relationship.  Who has a vested interest in blaspheming both Christianity and Islam as part of a world-wide ideological and political game plan? Clearly, it is the global Zionist network which desires to assert the Talmudic doctrine of Jewish racial supremacy on a global basis, and to convince comatose Westerners that their primary enemy in the world is Islam, and not the Zionist hijacking of their own banking system, culture, government, media, and educational establishments.  The Frankfurt School and its Institute of Social Research which destroyed the older Christian civilizations in the West in partnership with the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith (ADL) by subverting Europe and the United States with pornography, sexual perversion including the LGBT (Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transsexual) agenda, and the abortion/euthanasia industries, is working its demonic magic through all kinds of Jewish-funded media outlets and NGOs to solidify its hold on the Western world, even as it also seeks the subversion of the Islamic societies and Vladimir Putin’s Russia.  Eric Margolis concedes that the Charlie Hebdo publication is financed by Rothschild banking interests in France.  Simply follow the trail of the money.
Pat Buchanan and Mark Dankof:  Charlie Hebdo Depicts God the Father and God the Son, Jesus Christ, in an Incestuous Relationship.
Pat Buchanan and Mark Dankof: Charlie Hebdo Depicts God the Father and God the Son, Jesus Christ, in an Incestuous Relationship.
Charlie Hebdo’s financiers and handlers clearly seek to falsely equate mainstream Sunni and Shia Islam with the Wahhabi and Takfiri fanatics comprising the ISIS and al-Qaeda organizations, and to discredit Islam generally in the West, even as orthodox Christianity is also lampooned.  Both Islamic and Christian movements must be infiltrated from within with sexual decadence, paid intelligence assets, and internal disorder. The final strategy in the quest for Zionist global supremacy and the final victory of the so-called New World Order will involve the realization of the dream of launching the War of Civilizations envisioned by the Project for the New American Century and its bedfellows.  This will necessitate pitting Sunni Islam and Shia Islam against one another as adversaries, and pitting what remains of a Christian remnant in the West against both Islam and Putin’s Russia.  Divide and Conquer is the age-old methodology used by this evil monolith.  
2 – Some analysts believe that the role of the western intelligence services such as MI6 and Mossad is undeniable regarding the Charlie Hebdo attacks. What’s your take on that? If there is a role, what are the possible reasons behind that? 
Mark Dankof:  While I cannot absolutely prove it, I agree with Ron Paul and Paul Craig Roberts that the Charlie Hebdo affair has all the earmarks of a False Flag operation conducted by the Israeli Mossad, the British MI6, and the American CIA.  It is ludicrous to believe that the national security police states erected in Europe and the United States would be providing money, political, and logistical support to ISIS in a clear attempt to overthrow President Assad in Syria (a clear Zionist objective as a prelude to attacking Iran), and then would subsequently fail to effectively monitor the comings and goings of hundreds of these Wahhabic terror elements traveling with apparent impunity between Syria and both Europe and the United States. These travels are being allowed for a purpose, which is to deliberately enact incidents of this kind, diverting Western public attention from the Hidden Hand financing and directing these operations, as well as diverting public attention from ongoing Israeli atrocities in Palestine, Gaza, and East Jerusalem. Additionally, I believe France was being punished for its public deviations as of late from the wholesale support of the Zionist agenda demanded by the power elite in the West.  I refer to the French Parliament’s recent pro-Palestinian vote (s) in public session, and President Hollande’s urging of a reassessment of the wisdom and utility of the economic sanctions being imposed on Putin’s Russia.  
I believe there are additional cracks in the canvas being painted by the real perpetrators of this incident, including the convenient leaving behind of an Identification Card in a getaway car by the alleged assailants, and the equally convenient killing of the accused by the French police.  Dead Men Tell No Tales.  . . . Just ask Lee Harvey Oswald.
3 – In your opinion, what might be the possible reasons behind the Israeli Prime Minister’s attendance in Charlie Hebdo’s post-attack rally? 
Mark Dankof: Netanyahu is a war criminal and murderer simply taking advantage of the Zionist controlled media in France specifically and the West generally. He obviously wants to justify his regime’s criminal policies in Palestine and Gaza by posing as a defender of human rights and freedom of expression in the West against “Islamic Jihadists“.  It is the established Zionist strategy to make the aggressor and the criminal perpetrator appear as the aggrieved victim.  This is especially outlandish, given the legal persecution and economic marginalization of scholars and political activists in the West who have criticized Israel, or who have questioned aspects of the establishment Zionist narrative on what happened in World War II and during the runup to the establishment of the Zionist state in 1948. What Dr. E. Michael Jones of Culture Wars refers to as the “Jewish control of narrative” has served Netanyahu and his predecessors quite well, especially in the United States.  How many Americans know about the Zionist bombing of the King David Hotel in 1946?  The Lavon Affair in 1954?  The dispute between JFK and Ben Gurion in 1963 over the Israeli nuclear weapons plant at Dimona in the Negev? The Meyer Lansky Jewish Crime Syndicate connection to the anti-Castro Cubans, to James Jesus Angleton of the CIA, and the Giancana-Trafficante-Marcello-Roselli led crime syndicates in the United States who were all provably involved in the JFK assassination?  The NUMEC nuclear raw materials thefts in Pennsylvania in the United States for Israel’s weapons program?  The Pollard-AIPAC-Ben Ami spy cases?  And the Arnon Milchan financing of Oliver Stone’s JFK movie which diverted public attention from the Israeli connection to the events in Dallas in November of 1963?  What about the Israeli role in 9-11 and the subsequent coverup of this fact by the Israeli citizens assigned to direct the official American governmental investigation of the event?
The Hidden Hand Behind the Mask of the Truth.
The Hidden Hand Behind the Mask of the Truth.
The Zionist-controlled Western media has perfected the Orwellian inversion of truth and falsehood, victim and perpetrator ongoingly.  Look at Syria, where the existence of “Jihadic extremists” being decried in France and the West for involvement in the Charlie Hebdo affair are being simultaneously financed, trained, and introduced into that country by the United States, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states, Turkey, and Jordan for the express purpose of overthrowing the Alawite regime of President Assad. Look at the criminals installed by coup d’etat last February by the United States, Israel, and the EU in the Ukrainian regime headquartered in Kiev, with all of the atrocities committed by this regime in the eastern part of that country since, including the shootdown of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 falsely attributed by Western media to Vladimir Putin or Russian ethnics under his control, and the horrific Odessa Trade Union building burning.
It is noteworthy that the mastermind of these crimes, Petro Poroshenko, joined Netanyahu in Paris for the Charlie Hebdo protests.
The Odessa Trade Union Fire:  The Work of the Latest American-Installed "Government."
The Odessa Trade Union Fire: The Work of the Latest American-Installed “Government.”
These illegal actions continue the NATO encirclement of Putin’s Russia in complete contravention of George H. W. Bush’s explicit promises to Gorbachev and Shevardnadze after the end of the old Soviet Union.  This coup d’etat is also another way of punishing Putin for effectively stymying (for now) American and Israeli plans to employ overt military force against Assad, even as Jewish and CIA financed NGOs in Russia are attempting to subvert Putin and Russian Orthodox Christian resurgence from within by employing the Frankfurt School types like Pussy Riot and Elton John to attack nationalistic culture and morality in that country.  It is all a part of the playbook of the New World Order, as is the False Flag Charlie Hebdo incident and the Orwellian inversion of truth and falsehood, victim and perpetrator, that has predictably followed.
Vladimir Putin:  Opposing the Subversion of Christian Culture in Russia and the Target of the Apostles of the Zionist New World Order.
Vladimir Putin: Opposing the Subversion of Christian Culture in Russia and the Target of the Apostles of the Zionist New World Order.
4 – There is a campaign going on throughout Muslim countries named #WeLoveMuhammad. How effective do you see this campaign, especially regarding its reflection in western and US media outlets? 
It will have no appreciable effect in the Western world and in the United States, where the Zionists have a lock on the control of narrative.  Simply look at the way they have marginalized Christian anti-Zionist media critics and activists like me in America.  Having successfully achieved that, what makes anyone believe an Islamic media and political movement will be any more effective in changing the political and media neighborhood in the West?

Charlie Hebdo's UK distributor gave police list of stockists 'in case of community tensions' ... then officers went to newsagents to demand names of customers who bought it 

  • Wiltshire Police requested details of people who bought Charlie Hebdo
  • Now officers in Wales and Cheshire have also approached shopkeepers 
  • UK distributor passed details of shops stocking the magazine to police
  • Police chiefs then told specific forces where magazine was being sold
  • But chiefs say they never advised officers to take down names of buyers
  • Local officers may have understood advice or taken the guidance too far
  • Controversial issue featured cartoon of Prophet Mohammed on front cover 
Two more police forces have been caught asking British newsagents which sold copies of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo for details of the customers who bought it.
Officers from Wales and Cheshire police have approached shopkeepers and demanded personal information on readers of the magazine, according to reports.
It comes after police in Wiltshire caused outrage by demanding similar details be handed over in the wake of the Paris attacks.
It appears that The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) was handed a list of Charlie Hebdo's UK stockists by John Menzies, one of the the magazine's UK distributors.
ACPO then alerted forces who had shops selling Charlie Hebdo in their area, saying that officers should be aware that the magazine was on sale. 
According to an ACPO spokesman, the alert suggested that police may wish to visit the shops involved, but only if there were signs of rising tensions. 
A Wiltshire Police officer visited  a small newsagents and post office in Wiltshire and requested the personal details of all subscribers to the Charlie Hebdo magazine (pictured), which was the subject of a terrorist attack. Now it has emerged that officers in Wales and Cheshire have also approached shopkeepers
A Wiltshire Police officer visited a small newsagents and post office in Wiltshire and requested the personal details of all subscribers to the Charlie Hebdo magazine (pictured), which was the subject of a terrorist attack. Now it has emerged that officers in Wales and Cheshire have also approached shopkeepers
The ACPO advice did not recommend visiting each shop, and did not mention taking down the details of customers who had bought the publication, according to the spokesman.
It would appear that the three forces concerned either misunderstood the advice, or acted on their own impulse when they decided to ask for information on customers.
John Menzies initially denied leaking information to the police, but since ACPO issued a statement to the contrary, they have refused to comment. 

Smiths News, another Charlie Hebdo distributor, has also refused to comment. The move has been branded 'entirely unacceptable' by privacy campaigners. 
An ACPO spokesman said: 'John Menzies, as the distributor for Charlie Hebdo within the UK, provided the police service, through the National Counter-Terrorism Policing HQ, with a list of outlets which were stocking the edition of Charlie Hebdo released following the Paris atrocities.
'This was done so that local officers could be aware of any potential tensions on their beat arising from the sales of the magazine, given the situation following the killings.
'At no point was any guidance given from a national level to forces asking them to act on the information passed over by John Menzies, and no national advice was given to forces that they should visit stockists or ask them for further information.
'Some newsagents may have been visited by officers seeking to provide reassurance to business owners but decisions on doing so will have been made at a local level.
'The police service’s duty in this matter is to protect the communities it serves and defuse tensions where they exist.' 
Paul Merrett, 57, owner of a newsagent in Presteigne, Wales, said a detective and a police community support officer arrived at his shop and started to question his wife about the people who bought them.
He said: 'They wanted to know where we had got them from, and did we know who we had sold them to. 
Wiltshire Police has since apologised for the incident and said the officer's motivation was 'purely around enhancing public safety'. The force said that information obtained during the visit had been 'disposed of'
Wiltshire Police has since apologised for the incident and said the officer's motivation was 'purely around enhancing public safety'. The force said that information obtained during the visit had been 'disposed of'
'[My wife] said she wasn't prepared to give any names. She thought we were in trouble for selling them originally, but they said we weren't, and they just wanted to know who bought them.
'We didn't give them any details. It was all very strange. There were a couple of customers in here at the time, so it soon got around town.'
A Dyfed-Powys police spokesman said: 'As part of ongoing community engagement and following recent terrorism incidents globally Dyfed Powys Police have been undertaking an assessment of community tensions across the force area.
'As part of this assessment it was decided that it would be prudent to visit newsagents who maybe distributing the Charlie Hebdo magazine to offer proportionate advice and reassurance due to the heightened publicity surrounding the publication. 
'It was not the intention to gather any personal information of those who purchased the magazine and we can confirm no purchaser details were asked for or recorded.Dyfed Powys Police can confirm the visits were only made to enhance public safety and to provide community reassurance.'
The Guardian reports that in Warrington, Cheshire, a police officer also called a newsagent that had sold the copy, and asked for information on the customer.  
Anne Keat, 77, was among those who ordered a copy of the publication  and said she was 'baffled' by police wanting the names of those who bought it
Anne Keat, 77, was among those who ordered a copy of the publication and said she was 'baffled' by police wanting the names of those who bought it
Emma Carr, director of Big Brother Watch, said: 'The Charlie Hebdo attack brought millions of people worldwide together to condemn those who seek to silence free speech through threats of intimidation and violence.
'This move by the police is entirely unacceptable. This sort of investigation would be understandable if a crime was being committed, but the fact is that they have requested information about people who have purchased a perfectly legal publication.
'It is far from clear why the police thought it was acceptable to request this information or what it is that they actually intend to do with it. Considering the comments made in the aftermath of the attacks in Paris by world leaders, that free speech should be celebrated and encouraged, the moves by the police in the UK completely undermine that.'
Wiltshire officers asked at least three newsagents for people's details.
The force apologised after admitting that an officer had taken down the names of four people in the town of Corsham who bought the magazine featuring a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed on the front.
Earlier this week David Jones, 63, was told by his local shop in Beddau, Pontypridd, that an officer had asked for his name after he bought a copy for his 21-year-old son, who studied French at university.
He said: 'I am astounded that this intrusion has occurred and wonder what right the police have to check up on what I and others are reading. 
'Surely their time would be better spent hunting deranged people who want to behead citizens on our streets.'
He said his newsagent told him that anther stockist in a nearby town had also been asked about Charlie Hebdo customers.
'I cannot fathom out what link they think exists between a local person in a small town in South Wales, a satirical French magazine and some terrorists,' he said.
'Trust in the police is low and this type of official or unofficial snooping on private individuals will not improve the situation. They are acting like the Stasi.'
Grandmother Ann Keat, 77, was also told by her newsagent in Corsham that police had asked for her name, and the names of others who had ordered Charlie Hebdo.
The retired nurse said: 'I was cross – what's wrong with me wanting to buy it? It's an intrusion, and in terms of free speech it's worrying really.' 
Hundreds of Britons queued for a copy of the £3.50 souvenir edition of the magazine, published following last month's attack by Islamic extremists on its offices which left 12 people dead. 
Emma Carr, director of Big Brother Watch, said: 'The Charlie Hebdo attack brought millions of people worldwide together to condemn those who seek to silence free speech. 
Twelve people were killed when gunmen (pictured) stormed the office of Charlie Hebdo in Paris on January 7
Twelve people were killed when gunmen (pictured) stormed the office of Charlie Hebdo in Paris on January 7
The Paris massacre led to an outpouring of support around the world, including the 'Je Suis Charlie' message
The Paris massacre led to an outpouring of support around the world, including the 'Je Suis Charlie' message
'It is therefore alarming that overzealous police officers are attempting to find out who has bought a perfectly legal publication. We have to hope that these are isolated cases.'
Shami Chakrabarti, director of human rights organisation Liberty, said the officers 'may have had good intentions, but the road to oppression is paved that way'.
Wiltshire Police said it had carried out an 'assessment of community tensions' after the Paris attacks. As part of this, officers were asked to be 'mindful' of newsagents that were stocking the magazine.
A spokesman said: 'A police officer visited a local shop and post office in Corsham to make an assessment of community tensions ... during this conversation the officer requested information about subscribers to the Charlie Hebdo magazine.
'Wiltshire Police would like to apologise to the members of public who may be affected. [This information] has been permanently and securely disposed of.'
A spokesman for South Wales Police said they were 'not currently aware of anything regarding the incident'.  

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Charlie Hebdo made fun of Srebrenica massacre

MEHMET ÇELIK @celikmehmet0
Published January 15, 2015
The satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, which was recently attacked by terrorists in Paris, had insulted thousands of civilians who were murdered in the Srebrenica massacre in early 1990s.

The magazine, which is famous for its provacotive cartoons of Prophet Muhammad and other religious leaders, featured the bloody massacre in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzigova on several occasions.
In one issue they published a cartoon depicting a person laying down on the skulls of the murdered civilians on a beach, implying the mass graves of those civilians massacred in Sarajevo.

They published two other issues in 1993 and 1994 with insultings cartoons covering the events in Bosnia.

In 1993, the magazine published a cover depicting a cartoon of a women being raped by a soldier, insulting the many women and girls who suffer rape, sexual abuse and inhumane treatment and torture during the war.

In 1994 the magazine also published a cartoon showing a toy store with a display reading "We have body parts" and a kid saying 'Santa this is exactly what I wanted'.

During the Bosnian war and subsequent civil war between 1992 to 1995, an estimated 100,000 civilians and military personnel were killed, 80 percent of whom were Bosniak Muslims.

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