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Why the Pope Resigned - Arrest Warrant
Zac Barr
Published on 12 Feb 2013
This is the REAL reason Pope Benedict resigned. No games. He was facing criminal charges by the People's Common Law for crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Vatican church. Slaughter of innocent Native children in Canada, poisoning of populations, human trafficking, child torture, and many more things. Someone finally had the courage to stand up. Thank you Kevin Annett. ITCCS.ORG
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    The Truth about The Pope's Resignation & Religion

    Published on 2 Apr 2013

    Michael Hoffman is a former reporter for the Associated Press and the author of six books of radical history, journalism and literature. He describes himself as a "heretical writer." Hoffman is also the managing editor of the newsletter Revisionist History. In the first hour, we begin discussing Pope Benedict's resignation. Michael questions who procured his abdication and he talks about ruthlessness in the pious conclaves. We'll also discuss Masonry within the Roman Catholic Church. Then, we talk about his new book Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not. Michael explains how the Renaissance was not a great rebirth but instead saw the rise of the machine of the social robot, the rise of money power and usury. He talks about usury in religious doctrine and the early Protestant's resistance to the usury revolution. In the member's hour, we return to the Vatican and discuss their symbiotic relationships. Michael talks about how they play both sides as the Kabalistic chameleon. He'll speak more about the destructive qualities of usury, a parasitic element in our world. Later, we talk about scientism as the new God and cryptocracy replicating a Satanic force.


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    Why did the Pope quit? You need to listen to this. It's very shocking.

    عصام مدير  

    Published on 14 Feb 2013
    In 2012, secret Vatican documents were leaked & an old MSS of the Gospel of John in Aramaic. It has Muhammad's name. Then the #Pope quits!!

    Read all about this here:

    Name of prophet Muhammed behind Pope’s resignation, Muslim researcher says

    Posted on 15 February 2013 by admin
    Essam Mudeer

    Aden Tribune – The researcher on the Vatican and Christianization, Essam Mudeer, revealed through his account on Twitter what he called the mysterious and surprising resignation of the Pope of Rome, which rocked the Catholic community around the world, as the first Pope who resigns after 6 centuries, claiming that the real reason behind the Pope’s resignation was the spread of Islam over Europe besides leaking an old Gospel document containing the name of the prophet of Islam, Muhammad.

    These facts that appeared lately contradict with the facts those are being circulated through the international media, and Mudeer asserts that his sources come from news reports already published in the media, as well as his sources from inside the Vatican itself.

    “The most important reason for the resignation of the Pope is a Vatican document of the old Gospel mentioning the name of the Islam’s prophet, Muhammed, was leaked by 3 of the Pope’s associates who concealed their conversion to Islam.” Mudeer said, adding: “The scenarios put forward for the resignation of the Pope are  naive and superficial, depending on the story of the Vatican without ratifying or validating.” and went on asking: “Why did not they say these are just attempts to understand his resignation.”

    Muneer also mentions that the main reason behind the resignation is the leaked document, and the other cases of illness and the scandals are just minor and are not the real reason, for the former Pope had faced more over what the recent Pope faced but he didn’t resign as he says.
    He explained “The Pope does not want to face more scandals, especially if the leaked document is brought out to the people,” adding that: “The Pope does not want the Islamic world to rejoice at his misfortune, since he was the one who cursed the Islam religion in 2006.”
    The researcher who runs several campaigns of Dawa (Islam preaching), referred back to the Bernaba Bible, and why did not the Vatican talked about its genuineness or vice versa.
    Mudeer challenged the Vatican to refute the conversion of 35 bishops and priests of the senior Vatican statesmen (most of them concealed their conversion for fears for their lives and resigned or sacked from the Vatican), and the Pope has kept silent for more than 6 years, while the Vatican could not even refute these news.

    He claims that he has information about the conversion of three senior priests, one of them was the one who leaked the document from the Church, while another has moved to South Africa.
    He also claimed that the Pope is still looking for the three converted priests.

    Mudeer assured “The existence of the issuance of warrants to arrest the Pope in several countries, like Britain, because of his involvement in covering up sexual assaults by his saints and priests against young children,” explaining that “a series of collapses and scandals and defeats in front of the Islamic Dawa, and the sweep of Islam and Muslim population which exceeded the Catholics made the pope complain and resign.”

    He goes on: “The Vatican launched several Christianizing channels in Arabic to promote miracles of monks and nuns granting healing in the name of the Virgin and Christ, and now the Pope himself is resigning for his illness, I am so surprised!!”

    Mudeer challenged the Catholic Church to set a live interview with him to argue with whomever the Vatican chooses to let the world know what’s been hidden. *

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    BULL SHIT!!!

    Pope Benedict resigned to avoid Arrest Child Abuse!!

    Juz Cuz

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