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 Ludwig Van Beethoven's Ninth Symphony and Ode To Joy

Shanti! Salaam! Shalom! Peace!


Allahu Akbar – God is the Greatest
Ash-hadu an la ilaha il l-Allah - I bear witness there is none worthy of worship except God
Ash-hadu anna Muhammad-ar-Rasûlullah - I bear witness Muhammad is the Messenger of God
Hayya 'alas-Salah - Come to worship
Hayya 'alal-falah - Come to Success
Allahu Akbar - God is the Greatest
La-Ilaha Il l-Allah - There is none worthy of worship except God

Published on 26 Aug 2013
"Quand l'Université Howard a été établie, une des plus brillantes universités noires en Amérique, ils ont dit au Congrès qu'il y avaient trois choses qu'ils n'enseigneraient JAMAIS aux Noirs." Ministre Louis Farrakhan
Traduction Olivier Beguepla


Muslim Muhammad Rafi chanting the Holy Hindu Ramayana
(N.B. Hanuman is a fictitious Black Southern Indian depicted as a monkey by the Northern White Indians!)

My angel Baby Layana

Beating the Biblical Jesus the Christ to it, I loved my neighbour more than I loved myself, and this was the biggest mistake of my life!  Or was it? 

“For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, in their eagerness to get rich, have wandered away from the faith and caused themselves a lot of pain.”

1 Timothy 6:10 - International Standard Version (Attributed to the Jew Paul)

The love of money is not, but can be and has been too often the root of all kinds of evil.  It took me a lifetime to understand that we must love money or material wealth not to accumulate it or by cheating others to obtain it, but earned honestly and enough to provide us, our family and grand children as much as possible with security until the day we leave this life.  Not to love and acquire wealth for that purpose has been my mismanagement of my life.  Far from me the idea of acquiring wealth by dishonest means, which has been the practice of too many of my blood relatives (sons and daughters of Evil) and other very close ones.  Today every single virtue has been perverted.  Thou shalt not steal has become: we can steal, kill, terrorise as long as we are militarily powerful.  The oppression is such that people do not hesitate stealing their own.  The Judeo-Christian (secular or not) conquerors call it Western democracy!  Even racists and fascists like Zionists call it democracy and boast about this Satan-given poisoned gift to the enslaved inhabitants of the earth.  Might makes right is the new religion of the rulers of the world.  In “Biblical times” some smart guys changed Yakub’s (Yakov’s, Jacob’s) name into that of Israel, the defeater of or the Strong One Against El (the God of the Arabs and Palestinians alike), and today Israel is an abomination used by the forces of Darkness (the racist warmongering and genocidal West) to tyrannise and pervert humankind and do whatever they want with the global habitat, on earth and outside of the earth.

Christianity or Christianisme in French, once the force of good and greatness became an abomination just like 1948 Eretz Israel, and the force of bad and Evil even if a small number of Christians and Israelites (and even Israelis) are still good and great people.   Israelis would be greater the day they return Palestinian lands to its original owners or custodians as God owns all the lands, supposedly.  But why did humans become so bad and utter evil in time?  Simply because those who profess a religion of good and Godliness, the Hindus or the Christians, for example, abandoned their religion and God or Gods.  Muslims who indeed had the latest and most authentic of all divinely inspired religions, Islam, proved to the world than they too were corruptible although they never succeeded in corrupting their Sacred Scriptures as God promised humankind He would protect it Himself because He saw what the others did with His Word before.  Of course, He knew it all along that He could not trust humankind, but this remains a Mystery why He created them after all, if He indeed did!  How He knew Muslims would never be able to corrupt the Holy Qur’ân baffles me and remains a real Mystery.  Fourteen hundred years without a single letter being changed in the original texts!   
The rulers of this world have the worst religion inspired not from God, but from Satan, within themselves or God knows where.  Two thousand years ago, it was recorded that Satan ruled and oppressed the world.  For many centuries, Christians tried to make the world a better place, but did it only for personal profit, that of the ruling classes.  (Democracy does the same and worse today!)  Muslims brought some fresh air in the world and hope of a better world, a way of life where freedom, justice, morality and the common good were the fundamentals of all governance, and with a worldview that they inherited from past wisdom and from a perfected religion by invisible forces called Islam that appeared miraculously in Arabia some 1400 years ago.  The contact with Christian civilisation made Islam a lot stronger and this would have been of great benefit to humankind had Christians not got rid of their religion at the State level.  The contact with Hindustani civilisation showed how much Islam can live in peace and harmony with non Muslims and share what is common to them all.  But, in both cases Muslims failed to establish a powerful militarily strong Muslim nation that could earn the respect if not the fear of any adversary.  The Ottomans were that force once until they became imperialistic and decadent.

Almost every single word used by the masters of the world is a lie, an abomination, like almost every single act they enforce upon their slaves (us), and the tyranny is such that Believers in God and Divine Justice and Promises are all looking forward for better days in an imaginary world refusing to admit that such a world does not exist and never will.  They are unable or refuse to understand and acknowledge the spirit behind the Word.  All has to be taken literally or as and when they wish so.

While Christian leadership did everything in their power to destroy other religious realities that they fear posed a threat to their hegemony, mainly Islam, they finally abandoned their religion and use it today only as a weapon to subdue the ignorant Christian masses or to impose it on conquered nations because Christian leadership is a great collaborator of Satan.  Islam on the other hand allowed diversity in religion and nobody was to be forced into accepting the Islamic Way of Life.  It succeeded as long as Islam flourished in Dar ul Islam (House of Islam), but as soon as Muslims went on conquering foreign lands and going away more and more from the religion, they too became decadent and finally ended up at the very bottom of the pit where they are still struggling and cannot even practice their religion freely and in peace.  They are being slaughtered like cattle because they forgot they had to arm themselves in order to defend themselves against the enemy from within as well as from outside.  Now, instead of opening up to the world they are repeating past blunders, and are closing down too much with an archaic form of Islam giving the world little hope in it as being a solution to humankind’s tribulations as well as spiritual salvation.    

Muslims do not understand Islam anymore.  They have been colonised and de-Islamized to such an extent that they even try to make the world understand Islam using non Islamic concepts and words.  One glaring example is the name of a political party here in Great Israel (Br’it’ain), the Centre of World Freemasonry, calling itself “British Muslims for Secular Democracy”.  If Islam is not and can never be “secular” or free under any “democracy” how on hell can any member of the BMSD call himself or herself a Muslim, that is, somebody who submits to God, His Laws and Guidance?  For saying so to them, the Muslim hypocrites and traitors, Mr Mark Zuckerberg of facebook blocked my account and set out to have me investigated by his “commissar” (a kind of Bolshevik Gestapo)!  
Another glaring example is occupied countries with a majority of Muslims who have been forced under colonialism and neo-colonialism to join a Satanic and racist White European Totalitarian Dictatorship called the United Nations Organisation where Islam is subservient to Satan and not to God.


v  For Satan, the rulers of the world, the word peace (Shanti, Shalom, Salaam – from which Arabs derived ISLAM) means the exact contrary - perpetual war against God’s creation or against Nature. 
v  For Satan, the word love can also mean two males indulging in anal intercourse.   
v  For Satan, the concept of marriage between a man and a woman has no sanctity anymore.   Even the sanctity of a male imprisoned in a monogynous legal civil marriage can mean he is allowed as many sexual partners as he likes, including prostitutes without any kind of sanction or liability. 
v  For Satan, murdering babies before or after birth is a perfectly normal and acceptable practice.
v  For Satan, murdering our unwanted elders should become the norm.
v  For Satan, perverting Nature and the Natural Order is the only way forward.
v  For Satan, mass murder and genocide are honourable policies of the modern military nation.
v  For Satan, starving humanity or extermination more than 90% of the Earth’s inhabitants is desirable when the masters of the world decide so.
v  For Satan, the only economy is savage capitalism, people living like animals in cages, usury and GMO.
v  For Satan, the only religion is war of conquest, slavery, barbaric savagery, lies, deception, greed, immorality, etc.
v  For Satan, everything is gambling and grabbing.
v  For Satan, drugs are good, including all pharmaceuticals, vaccines, alcohol, cigarette, etc.
v  For Satan, there can be no Godly behaviour ever tolerated on his earth, and under his rulership, that is, under UN, NATO and ISRAEL.

In today’s world almost everything is perverted by design, but Islam (universal, not sectarian!) remains by far the most formidable force to combat such Evil.  However, the credit has also to go with all the humans who belong to other religions and wisdoms and who have more or less the same Universal Way of Life as taught by Islam: to live and let live; to believe and allow freedom of belief; to enjoy justice and peace in a free world.  To eat, drink, breathe, circulate, work, educate and express ourselves as free human inhabitants of the world that belong to all of us collectively and without any fear or coercion.  Islam is not to be confused with the practices of de-Islamised, colonised and neo-colonised Muslims.      
The rulers do not want us to love, but to hate each other.  This is why we must keep away from their cinema, television, written media, public indoctrinating systems, and oppose their political, judiciary, economic, financial, monetary and cultural systems as they are all meant to enrich the rich and make the poor poorer, and enslave the masses.  Thei policy is clear: global dominance and genocide.  Science and technology must belong to the people and not to the warmongering military industrial complex.

In the modern world poetry is almost dead and most people (heavily indoctrinated) have a wrong concept about love.  All the “love” we hear about in songs is about drugs, immorality, lust, sexual attraction and carnal desires.  Even the concept of a man and a woman, a boy and a girl, a brother and a sister, and a father and a mother has radically changed.  To be a boy or a girl or to be a man or a woman is not a matter of birth anymore, but one of choice or sexual orientation!  There is to be no more traditional husband and wife within the marriage!    

Satan, that is, the warmongering West, would not let us live free and in peace.  As Hinduism and Judaism pose no more threats to Western hegemony, they are now using Zionist and fanatical Atheists, Hindus and Christians (and Muslim apostates and renegades) to wage exterminationist (genocidal)  wars against Muslims where “European” Godless, Atheist, Communist, Sodom Israel will come out as a victor as an Eternal Ally of the Satanic West.      

However, to end in a more optimistic note although I see no hope at all for humankind and humanity, to love the neighbour (whoever he or she is) is the right and best religion, but not more than to love ourselves.  But, beware of the modern ‘neighbour’ who plays the role of spies for the State.  Learn about the Zionist backed, controlled, led “Common Purpose”. 

Falling in love is not to love, but to submit to our own passions and even to our “basic animalistic instincts”.  Yes, to love, but not to FALL in love!  I love past wisdoms.  I love Hinduism, Judaism and Christianity, but only what is good in them.  I love Islam because it allowed me to regard humanity as one people, one human Nation made up of many nations, and God as One and Unique, whether He exists or not.  But, He is REAL and part of our daily lives, at least to more than half of humanity!

 I saw (experienced) Vedantists (Hindus), the Bani Isra’il (‘Jews’), Christians and Muslims worshipping the same God and having the same fundamental values about love, family, marriage, co-existence, freedom, justice when they do not get mixed up with dirty (Satanic) politics like the Godless (Secular) State tolerance of perverted practices and recently European Jewish-Communist Laws (Fabius-Gayssot) in favour of the bogus Chosen People’s Zionist agenda to rule the world.  State tolerance, State secularism, State Zionism, State capitalism, are all one and the same - an extremely fanatical and violent religion.

O Duniya Ké Rakhwalé - Muhammad Rafi

BAIJU BAWARA - Meena Kumari,Bharat Bhushan, Surendra

In post-colonial Hindustan, the God gifted Lata Mangeshkar, a Hindu, and the God gifted Muhammad Rafi (a Muslim) both sang beautifully and divinely the praise of the same God and realities in Hinduism as well as in Islam making me feel good both as a Hindu and as a Muslim.  But, I do not see this happening anymore in modern Zionist India (Bharat).   

Listening to the Islamic Call to God worship (Adhaan or Azaan) in a Christian Church by Abdelwahab Benyoucef  in the midst of Christ lovers (including the caller) and worshippers makes me feel as the happiest Christian and Muslim on God’s earth!   This is indeed Hindu, Bani Isra’il (not Citizens of Khazari Eretz Israel!), Christian and Muslim realities, more than half of the world’s inhabitants, including peace-loving Atheists and others, and this is the only way forward for world peace, not the UN or NATO!  And only a strong truly Christian-Muslim Allied military power is the guarantor of world peace.  And, let us keep away from the pacifists!  Most of them work for the warmongers!    Let us not be fooled by Christians or any other religious entities who rightfully do not “bless war”, but do not even bless SELF DEFENCE!
To me, it does not matter whether there is God or not.  But we should beware of the new religion some call “interfaith” that preaches “interfaith”, passivity and inaction in front of oppression!  Real interfaith must reveal the truth and not cover it.  The Vatican is the biggest master of deception as far as “interfaith” is concerned.  Ever since it condoned the theft of Palestine as a lawful right of the invading Khazari (or European and other ‘non Semitic’ ) hordes, it lost all credibility in my eyes.  There is Christ and there is Muhammad.  There are many others.  If they do not suffice, then to hell with this world!  And Christ, if he ever existed, will not return because it makes no sense, and it is obvious that we do not deserve him!  We do not even deserve Muhammad although his existence is historical and Revelations uncorrupted!  And God knew it all, right from the very beginning!  The only reason why He did it (Did what? Guess!) was because He really did not do it unless we tax Him as the lousiest manager of world affairs ever!  Honesty requires that we admit WE did it all and not Satan, and all the way to Western Judeo-Israeli Freemasonic fabricated hell on earth and not to any paradise any style! 

Monday 8 September 2014
P.S. The Islamic Call to Salaat (God Worship)  occurred in “the Marble Collegiate Church located at 275, Fifth Avenue, in Manhattan, New York City, USA, during an inter faith dialogue between Christians, Jews and Muslims living there.” "The Blog of The Christian Century" about Ben Youcef calling to worship. (Not available anymore?) 

“A moving blend of voices issued the call to worship and intoned the benediction at the prayer service. In overlapping sequences, Episcopal priest Ian Elliott Davies sang an Anglican chant. He was joined by Jewish cantor Mark Saltzman and then Muslim muezzin Abdelwahab Benyoucef, who intoned prayers in Hebrew and Arabic. Liturgist Gwynne Guibord, who heads interfaith relations for the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, said the singers were to be true to their tradition without concern for musical harmony. But the softly mixing tones spoke volumes about a harmony of purpose.”

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