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US-Israel Unleashes Death Ray on Gaza


US-Israel Unleashes Death Ray on Gaza

Defunct Boeing Laser Project “Mysteriously Reappears”

America's defunct COIL laser program finds a new home
America’s defunct COIL laser program finds a new home

By Gordon Duff and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

(Editor’s note:  Press TV censors blocked this report from Iran’s media, another “Banned by Press TV”)

Reports, including photographic evidence reveal that Israel is using an energy weapon to attack targets in Gaza.  The destructive beam, thought to be a high energy laser, is emitted from a plane identified as a Boeing KC707 “Re’em,” originally configured for Electronic Warfare.
(Hollywood, as is so often the case, gets it right”)
Those observing the attacks cite a beam from a 4 engine jet hitting a target which immediately turns “white hot.”  After these attacks, the target area is then hit with either bombs or artillery to destroy evidence of the use of an American designed and built energy weapon illegally given to Israel.
The weapon used is identified as part of the YAL 1 system, a COIL laser (chemical, oxygen/iodine laser), originally intended as an aircraft mounted system to shoot down ICBMs.  Boeing approached the Department of Defense in 2002 and by 2004 had mounted its first system on a 747/400 previously flown by Air India.

Boeing had convinced Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld that this system, mounted on as many as 7 aircraft, could fly 24 hours a day around Iran and defend “the free world” against nuclear tipped ICBMs that Rumsfeld believed Iran was planning to use.  Please note that it was Rumsfeld that told television audiences that Afghanistan was “peppered” with underground cities serviced by rail links that supported division sized Al Qaeda units that, after ten years, no one was able to locate.

Boeing tested the system in 2007.  The Department of Defense claimed the system could shoot down low earth orbit satellites and that in tests conducted in 2010, destroyed multiple test missiles.  There is no reliable confirmation of this other than a press release from then Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

The Center for Strategic Studies, in an interview with then Defense Secretary Gates published the following:
“I don’t know anybody at the Department of Defense who thinks that this program should, or would, ever be operationally deployed. The reality is that you would need a laser something like 20 to 30 times more powerful than the chemical laser in the plane right now to be able to get any distance from the launch site to fire.”
So, right now the ABL would have to orbit inside the borders of Iran in order to be able to try and use its laser to shoot down that missile in the boost phase. And if you were to operationalize this you would be looking at 10 to 20 747s, at a billion and a half dollars apiece, and $100 million a year to operate. And there’s nobody in uniform that I know who believes that this is a workable concept.”
After $5 billion was spent, the functioning prototype only capable of being fired directly at nearby targets, a system very capable of acquisition and destruction of ground targets with no air defense protection only, was said to have been flown to a scrap yard.
The plane itself is still there, at Davis Monthan Air Force Base, with other failed dreams and nightmares.
However, the weapons system disappeared, only to reappear in Israel as a “missile defense” project, an adjunct to the “Iron Dome” system.  Israel’s Rafael Defense had been trying to develop laser weapons on its own to intercept rockets being fired from Gaza.  It was never able to neither deploy a laser powerful enough nor develop a radar system able to be effective.

“Friends of Israel,” within the US defense community were convinced by Israel that the system could be finished and deployed to protect Israel against a purported “missile onslaught” from Tehran.
In truth, there was no such intention.  Instead, as in the film “Real Genius,” the laser system was always intended to be deployed against ground targets, for terrorism and assassinations.  The “delivery system,” a Boeing airliner configured for AWAC, electronic warfare or refueling, could easily be modified to “clone” commercial air traffic and attack targets thousands of miles away or as close as Gaza, Lebanon, Syria or Iraq with total impunity.
Israel’s Raphael announces acquisition of a high energy laser system and credits an unnamed relationship with Boeing from the video below taken from the Raphael press release:
At the Singapore Airshow we are introducing our Iron Dome and MIC4AD air-defense integration system and a new system called ‘Iron Beam’, comprising a new C-RAM defense capability employing directed energy weapon.” Joseph Horowitz, Director of Marketing and Business Development at RAFAEL’s Air Superiority Systems Division told Defense-Update. “The directed energy component known as ‘Iron Beam’ employs a solid–state laser interceptor designed to engage targets at very short range, below the levels where we currently employ the Iron Dome.” Horowitz explained, adding “As a weapon system, Iron Beam is designed to have minimal collateral damage, minimal environmental impact and no risk to friendly air traffic around the attacked target.”
McLeod and Rogers, in The Law of War, examine the history of prohibition of incendiary weapons.  Israel’s use of white phosphorous, intended as a “smoke market” as a corrosive anti-personnel weapon against civilian populations in Lebanon and Gaza skirts initial language, as cited below, in the St. Petersburg Declaration of 1868, but falls well short of evading later prohibition on the use of chemical agents.
“The first treaty to deal with weapons was the St Petersburg Declaration of 1868. Here states were concerned about the development of explosive or incendiary bullets for use against the wagon trains of enemy forces. It was felt that these bullets might be used against enemy personnel15 and cause unnecessary injury.
The Contracting Parties agreed ‘mutually to renounce, in case of war among themselves, the employment by their military or naval troops of any projectile of a weight below 400 grammes, which is either explosive or charged with fulminating or inflammable substances’.
The declaration does not seem to have affected the practice of states in using tracer for range finding, even mixed with normal ammunition, nor the use of small explosive projectiles for anti-aircraft and anti-material uses.  It did not prevent states from using four pound, thermite-based incendiary bombs during the Second World War. These, obviously, were more than 400 grammes in weight. Furthermore it could be argued that they were not ‘projectiles’, a term that certainly would not include illuminating flares or smoke canisters.”
The use of energy weapons for assassinations and terrorism had, prior to only a few short days ago, been subject of speculative fiction only.  No one had imagined that a failed American weapons system would be pirated for deployment in acts of terrorism by a rogue state.
A greater question arises, if this “failed system” costing many billions has been shipped off “in the dark of night” without public knowledge or official authorization for use in a criminal manner, what other systems may have been similarly pirated?
There is conclusive evidence that W54/Davy Crocket nuclear weapons made their way to Israel after 1991 after an
accident at Dimona is reputed to have made that facility useless for weapons development.
Similarly, when the Ukraine retired its “fleet” of SS21 tactical nuclear missiles, Israel took possession of the warheads, servicing their deuterium booster gas all these years to keep them ready for deployment.  Intercepted communications between the Kiev junta and Israel now indicate that Israel is ready to “repatriate” some of these nuclear weapons to the Ukraine for use against pro-Russian separatists.  Ukrainian leaders have spoken of the intent to deploy and use these nuclear weapons publicly on several recent occasions.  From USA Today:
“KIEV, Ukraine — Ukraine may have to arm itself with nuclear weapons if the United States and other world powers refuse to enforce a security pact that obligates them to reverse the Moscow-backed takeover of Crimea, a member of the Ukraine parliament told USA TODAY.
‘We gave up nuclear weapons because of this agreement,’ said Rizanenko, a member of the Udar Party headed by Vitali Klitschko, a candidate for president. ‘Now there’s a strong sentiment in Ukraine that we made a big mistake.’”

With today’s bombing of a UN refugee facility in Gaza, with the use of chemical and now energy weapons, with Israel’s planned sale of nuclear warheads to Ukraine, there is little more that could be done to establish Israel, not only as a rogue state, but as a “clear and present danger” to not only regional but global security as well.
As Jim W. Dean of Veterans Today recently stated, “Their fingerprints are at every crime scene.”



Dr. Ismail Salami – UN resolution on Iran mockery of justice


UN  resolution on Iran mockery of justice

Top Daily Story  …  Press TV,  Tehran

Dr. Ismail Salami
Dr. Ismail Salami
[ Editor’s Note:  Dr. Salami is a former editor-in-chief of the Tehran Times International Daily. While he was doing double duty as Press TV's Viewpoints editor, we worked with him closely for two years building it up into a huge audience, with commentaries frequently being the top read item for the day, the week, and even the month.
We began all this during the worst of the media sanctions, when Press TV broadcasting was being illegally pulled off the European satellites.
Those were difficult days, and we enjoyed the fight to build the website readership to make up for the broadcast loss -- a classic PR rolling around the roadblock tactic.
The European courts have ruled some of the sanctions illegal, and more cases are in the pipeline, which will create a lasting case history of how sanctions were created and abused as an offensive policy tool by the West.
As for this story today, an Intel analyst’s first question in looking at the UN making a fool of itself on this Iranian human rights abuse report is “why now”? And the answer is that it is the classic “poisoning the well” media psyop, heading into the final round of the nuclear talks… an Iranian backdrop as the West again tries to tag Putin as the big bad Russian bear that has to be controlled.
These are old tactics, used to rekindle the Israeli and NeoCon extensive Islamophobia investments. As Israelis get the bad news week after week of another country passing a resolution to support Palestinian statehood in European countries with strong Jewish Lobbies, the ones in Canada and the US are trying to show that they still have strong strings on the political systems in both countries.
As Dr. Salami points out there is no Israeli crime against humanity that Canada and the US Congress do not fully support. And the UN, playing the role of an aging prostitute here, once again issues a selectively-targeted human rights violator report against Iran, while giving a free pass to the many Western and Mideast state-sponsored terrorism purveyors. They are fooling no one anymore. This charade is done solely for the Koolaid drinkers, and nothing more.
But there is a silver lining here for us, as their exposing themselves once again like this allows us to call the Canadian embassies wherever we are and the UN to let them know what we think of their cheap manipulation.
If enough of us do this, it will create some discomfort, as they do love staying below the radar when they take shots like this… and not getting any blowback from it. That is a business we need to get into full time… or surrender… Jim W. Dean ]
UN Human Rigths Council
UN Human Rights Council
 –  First published  …  November 20,  2014  -

The not-very-independent UN body has made a mockery of justice by soldering a resolution on the so-called human rights violations in Iran. The farce becomes more markedly absurd when you consider the plethora of human rights abuses going unpunished in the world with the UN laying a lid of ignorance on these blatant violations.
Late Tuesday, the United Nations voted to slam “Iranian human rights abuses,” singling it out for “executing upwards of 1,000 political opponents and prisoners in the past year.” Iran has strongly lambasted the UN resolution, saying that “the UN’s legal mechanisms have turned into a tool in the hands of the West.”
The irony of the resolution is that the measure was initially drafted by Canada which has itself a disgracing history of human rights abuse against the aborigines in the country. Further to that, Ottawa has constantly and vehemently thrown its full-throated support behind Tel Aviv in its inconceivably ruthless crimes against the people of Palestine.
US developed lazer weapons were used in the last Gaza attack
US-developed laser weapons were used in the last Gaza attack
In July 2014, when Gaza was being pounded by Israeli bombs and the Palestinian women and children were consequently incinerated and brutally slaughtered, when human rights were being trampled in its most pernicious forms, Canadian government brazenly backed the Israeli regime and instead rubbed salt in Palestinian wounds.
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper issued a statement and said, “The indiscriminate rocket attacks from Gaza on Israel are terrorist acts, for which there is no justification…. Failure by the international community to condemn these reprehensible actions would encourage these terrorists to continue their appalling actions.
Canada calls on its allies and partners to recognize that these terrorist acts are unacceptable and that solidarity with Israel is the best way of stopping the conflict. Canada is unequivocally behind Israel.”
Yes, Canada is unequivocally and cravenly behind Israel. These are strange times. Those who are harbingers of terror and atrocity become the emblems of innocence and the downtrodden people of Gaza become terrorists. These remarks by Mr. Harper only relegate him to a very lowly level of humanity and leave no room for his exoneration from complicity in the crimes perpetrated at the hands of the Israeli regime against the Gazans.
Ahmed Shaheed, the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran, has even voiced his praise for Canada’s determining role in conducing to this mockery of justice about Iran, saying, “Canada’s leadership in this regard is highly appreciated.”
Irwin Colter
Irwin Cotler
In May 2014, Canadian Liberal MP Irwin Cotler who served as the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada from 2003 until 2006 embarked on a series of programs known as Iran Accountability Weeks in which they heard “testimonies highlighting Iranian political prisoners and other victims of Iranian human rights abuses.”
Among those who testified was the notorious terrorist MKO leader Maryam Rajavi accompanied by a UN rights official and pundits from a hawkish American think tank.
Interestingly, Mr. Shaheed was a participant in the event. Although he says he asked his name to be withdrawn from the panel, there is barely an iota of truth in it as in his report on Iran. The sheer presence of Maryam Rajavi in the anti-Iran mudslinging campaign sheds light on the very nature of the UN-released resolution against Iran.
Besides, it is not a closed book to anyone that Irwin Cotler is a fervent advocate of Tel Aviv and his insistence on having Rajavi on the anti-Iran panel reveals the dirty hands behind the report. So, the pieces of the puzzle come together to make a meaningful whole in this regard.
Over the past three decades, the MKO has initiated a series of deadly attacks on Iran and the Iranian population and has so far assassinated 12,000 Iranians including the nuclear scientists. It is interesting to note that the assassinations of prominent Iranian characters including the politicians and scientists are basically conducted in cahoots with Israeli Kidon, the assassination unit within Mossad.
In 1986, the MKO headquarters were transferred to Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war and Saddam took them under his wings and funded them financially and militarily to fight against Iran. Long listed as a terrorist organization by the international community, the cult was delisted on September 28, 2012, by the US secretary of state as an extension of their adage that a terrorist in need is a friend indeed.
Some of their sabotaging activities are as follows:
– The series of mortar attacks and hit-and-run raids during 2000 and 2001 against Iranian government buildings; one of these killed Iran’s chief of staff
– The 2000 mortar attack on President Mohammad Khatami’s palace in Tehran
– The February 2000 “Operation Great Bahman,” during which MKO launched 12 attacks against Iran
– The 1999 assassination of the deputy chief of Iran’s armed forces general staff, Ali Sayyad Shirazi
– The 1998 assassination of the director of Iran’s prison system, Asadollah Lajevardi
– The 1992 near-simultaneous attacks on Iranian embassies and institutions in 13 countries
– Assistance to Saddam Hussein’s suppression of the 1991 Iraqi Shiite and Kurdish uprisings
– The 1981 bombing of the offices of the Islamic Republic Party and of Premier Mohammad-Javad Bahonar, which killed some 70 high-ranking Iranian officials, including President Mohammad-Ali Rajaei and Bahonar
– The 1970s killings of US military personnel and civilians working on defense projects in Tehran
Viewed from an entirely different angle, the measure very bizarrely coincides with the nuclear talks between Iran and the world six world powers and the November 24 deadline. So, the move may be seen as a last-ditch effort by pro-Israeli lobbies to proceed with their scenario of Iranophobia on the one hand and to sabotage the nuclear talks and bring them to standstill on the other hand. 
The UN consciously or unconsciously plays into the hands of the pro-Israeli pressure groups in Canada and only puts on an ugly show of duplicity in imposing a ruling against the Islamic Republic.
Dr. Ismail Salami is an internationally published author, literary scholar, Quranologist, political commentator, and lexicographer. He writes extensively on the US and Middle East issues and his writings have been translated into a number of languages.
A professor at the University of Tehran, Salami has written dozens of scholarly articles on Shakespeare, comparative literature and cultural issues in international journals. Some of his works include Shakespeare and the Reader (Illinois, 2013), A Dictionary of Journalism (2006; II vols.), A Dictionary of Security and Intelligence Terms, Persian Fairy Tales (1999), and Iran Cradle of Civilization.
He has also translated into English four collections of modern Persian poetry: With All My Tears (2000), Another Birth (2001); Maybe it’s the Messiah (2007); The Water’s Footfall (2007). His 21st century English translation of the Magnificent Qur’an is being published by Mehrandish Books. Salami is a former editor-in-chief of the Tehran Times International Daily.  More articles by Dr. Salami.

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