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MUSLIM AND ISLAM IGNORAMUS AND DANGEROUS LIAR Army Ranger retires because of Obama. 

Tells everything about America's future AND DANGEROUS LIES ABOUT MUSLIMS AND ISLAM!

Professor Doom1

This morning after midnight, my wife was talking to me on the telephone about hearing William Cooper saying that “It is not the Jews”, and I said to her that I also said and wrote that hundreds of times, but that I also said and wrote “It is the Jews”.  We have to be very careful not to take statements out of their contexts.   When I woke up (Bank Holiday Monday 25 August 2014), my computer was on defragmenting and playing an eclectic selection of audio and video recordings.  On waking up I providentially heard William Cooper talk about the Jews and about those who were behind the destruction of US America.  I immediately sat down and did this transcript.  I recall having written and posted part of it before, but where to look for it?  Bill Cooper was murdered at his home in 2001 for sharing with us the truth and after saying the US government carried out the attacks on 9/11 and blamed it on Usama Bin Ladin.

“Many of you will stand up and rant, rave, and say “This guy is looney, we don’t sell pot!”.  How do you know?  You haven’t gone through all the degrees yet.  And I can assure you that even if you are a 33rd degree Freemason of the Scottish rite, there are degrees over you.  For beyond that degree they disappear behind what is called The Veil.  You see, I know more about your Order and your Lodge than most of you ever will if you lived to be 210.  You don’t even understand most of your ceremonies.  You just go through them because that’s what you got to do to get the next degree and be loved by your Brothers.

You are part of a subversive organisation that is destroying this country from within.  You see, this country is not being destroyed by some invading army.  It’s being destroyed exactly as our forefathers said could be the only way that it would be destroyed, and that is from within.  Most of the people who have had a hand in the destruction of this great nation have been 

Freemasons, members of the Rosi Cruci, members of the Knights of Malta, the Golden Dawn, Templi Ordo Orientalis, and I could go on and on, and on, B’nai B’rith - that’s a biggy – and B’nai B’rith does not mean Jews anymore than Freemasonry means Lutheran.  And, there is another big player in all of this that most of you have not heard about, that’s the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem.  All of these organisations at their highest level are subversive.  Their allegiance is only to the order and their allegiance to the world wide Brotherhood.  They are citizens only of their own Government and none other.

At the highest degree, they take the oath called the Kol Nidre, and they mean it literally.  ...  and that does away of all of their oaths.  You see the rite practice in all of these orders were largely taken from the Jewish Kabala and the Jewish Mysticism, and I am not talking of the Jewish plot.  Many Jews, most Jews I should say are not members of any of these organisations.  They go about their daily life just like all of you.

You see, one time in history the Jews are the only people who preserved knowledge and passed it down.  They did so in secret simply because they were outcasts, ostracised, they were forbidden to practice these things.  Not all of the Mysteries came from the Jews.  There was one time, Ladies and Gentlemen, the Nation of Islam headed by the Prophet Muhammad was the greatest civilisation in possession of the greatest knowledge upon the face of this earth.  They had the only universities in the world at that time and people from countries all over the world, including Europe, sent people to attend these universities because it was the only place that they can gain knowledge.

The Mysteries originated in the Middle East and have spread across the world and so they take a large percentage of the Mysticism and the religion and the magic and the occult knowledge of the people of the Middle East.  Most Freemasons do not understand that when they circumambulate the Lodge with the Master sitting in the East representing the rising sun that they are practicing an age’s old pagan rite to their true deity which is the Sun, the Light Lucifer.  Albert Pike himself revealed the true God of Freemasonry and he and many others have made the clear statement that Freemasonry is indeed a religion, but it is not the Christian religion, and many of them fulfilling their oath to remain silent, to lie when the truth is presented to the public or before them, point to the Bible in their altar and say: See, we are Christians, there’s our Bible!  

What they will not do, Ladies and Gentlemen, is to take you down the street to a Lodge in a neighbourhood populated by Indian immigrants, I mean Indians from the Far-East, India on the Indian Ocean where upon the altar of THAT Freemasonic Lodge is a copy of the Bhagavad Gita.  Oh no, they won’t tell you that for they are consummate liars, deceivers and manipulators.  And it amazes me how the public can continue to buy their bull shit for year after year, after year, after year.  After they went to High School they went to work.  They went to College for four years where they were indoctrinated into what they are to believe, to propound to the general public and then they went to work for someone else. 

Amazing!  Absolutely pathetic!  A nation of children!  And there used to be a time when the sheeple would go to work and bring home some real money.  And they used to save their money.  They were not such sheeple that they are today.  It was not considered honourable to be in debt.  And if you were in debt you tried to pay it off as quickly as you possibly could and you never try to intentionally go into debt.  You had to be forced into debt by some terrible catastrophe that happened to the family.
   Most people who ever came to this country came with the idea that they would work and save their money and when they had enough to start a business of their own.  Today our children are taught that they have to go to school in order to work for somebody else because they are not smart enough to start a business of their own.  Then the parents help them learn this lesson for the parents (chuckling) are practicing it themselves.  It is pathetic.  Absolutely pathetic!  A nation of children in sheep’s clothing pretending to be adults and thinking that they gonna straighten this out and stop this New World Order.  I’ve got news for you.  I have come to my opinate conclusion, you aint  gonna stop nothing!  You can’t even figure out what is happening in your own neighbourhood much less how to stop this New World Order or what to do about it.  And so many of you are so absolutely ignorant and stupid that you’ve already rigged the next elections..."  

(William Cooper Hour of the Time “I have Had It – Enough of This”, 27 September 1995. Episode #707)         


My Wall-to-Wall with Rehana Emrith

Ghyslaine Roc

Filasṭiyin - Falasṭiyn - Filisṭiyn

Yes, I am that land
Bled to death
Soaked with the blood
Of my children
That they are murdering…

I shall be that hell
Created by the white man
The roaming colonizer
Who destroys by butchery
The Philistine history…

I shall be that soil
Betrayed by people from another country
Corrupt money-makers
And those who take our place
Those race haters
Who force you to bow down…

I shall be that People standing upright
Never on my knees
That People shedding his blood
Because a butcher
Is genociding him…
Oh Palestine…
I shall be that country
Forsaken by the whole world
In the hands of a tyrant
A slaughterer of children
And uprooters of civilisation…

I shall be the heart
Scorched with pain
Of all those
Who sacrifice their lives
Fighting for your freedom
As you must at all costs live…

I shall be that land
Never to surrender
Never to be conquered
Carried at arm’s length
By my sons who they are murdering…

N.B. An appeal was made for several
years on numerous websites for the translation of this poem, but, we received
not a single offer. It was translated from French for "Palestinian
Mothers" by Muhammad Ali Ben Marcus, from:

Adriana Evangelizt goes on a Crusade

Palestine, Land of all sufferings.

"Let us not close our eyes on human sufferings…
otherwise…we become the accomplices of the butchers…
If we are moved by the plight of Palestine…
We do not forget altogether all the other nations who are victims of invaders
and tyrants"


Rehana Emrith are you our motabasheer?

Yesterday at 16:47 · ·
Ghyslaine Roc

Ghyslaine Roc Are you my Baby Rayhanna Rufayda?


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Ghyslaine Roc
Ghyslaine Roc
And that picture, is it not that of one "Deepa Bookhun"?
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Ghyslaine Roc
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Ghyslaine Roc

Cosmic Poetry by Adriana Evangelizt

Translated from French and posted on “Palestinian Mothers” by Ghyslaine ROC on November 23, 2009 at 9:00pm

I remember a country
Bursting of light that dazzled my eyes
A country where the morning mist
Wrapped around the countryside
Like a celestial hijaab...
Where one could hear chanting voices of that Elsewhere
That I had to leave
In order to incarnate into a man...
I came from so far away
From so far away...
It cost me so much lo leave my Palestine.
I knew beforehand my earthly destiny
Drawn by a fatal finger
By perverted men…
Loved by the smallest,
Hated by the greatest.
And so many deaf, so many blind,
So many ignorant people
Who would remain impervious to my Teaching,
And would not fathom
The sparkling mystery buried
In the very heart of my Parables…

I remember a country
With scorching sun
Where my feet carried me
On the dusty paths…
Of a country
With an overpowering atmosphere,
Where the crowd was waiting for me by the River Jordan…
So many desperate people!
So may suffering hearts!
So many ailments to heal,
And I, all alone… so alone… so alone,
Preaching in the wind!
Having become only a maker of miracles,
A healer of the body
When I was only a healer of the soul…
But, how to tell them
They shelter the key to their deliverance
Deep inside themselves?
How to explain to them
The perishable flesh is only superficial?
I remember a country
Where burning flames danced in women’s glances;
Where their eyes sometimes clung
So brightly to mine;
Where a glimpse of possible happiness emerged…
I could have chosen another burden…
I could have, me too, a companion,
And put my life
In the hollow of her hands…
Nothing was easier for the human that I was,
Really nothing…
It took me time
To follow the Path
Of the wise Nazarean…
So, I took the very cold road leading to exile.
I had to experience loneliness, cold and hunger
In order to evaluate my courage
And strenghthen my faith.
Heading for the desert
Forty days and forty nights
Alone with myself…
And then in a grotto.
Some dried figs,
A trickle of a stream…
And my exalted soul
Merging with the stars
In bluish ecstasy
Watching for the heavenly reply…
Do Thee grant me the right to live as a man?
Or do I have but the choice
Only to die on the Cross?
Tell me Father… Oh, please, tell me…

I remember a country
Where the screams of lambs escaped out of the temples
Driving me to tears…
Where the blood of the sacrificed rams
Did not remove the ills
Of the dragging along invalids,
And the creeping lepers
In the half blind roadlets
Of the ill reputed quarters of Jerusalem…
Oh Jerusalem… Jerusalem…
You who kills the innocent
And stones the prophets…
Looking at you I have understood
The evil that gnaws at you,
But, you preferred it
To the good I was bringing to you…

I remember a country
Where the rich prayed while wallowing in gold,
Killed animals in order to kill their conscience,
Applied a cruel law
That was not the Original Law…
But, ignored the misery of the People.
Who was it that god they believe in?
Who was this barbaric and bloodthirsty Yahweh
Who feasted on crime?
Was it really this that you call God?

The God of Moses was he so different from mine?
Or else… have THEY betrayed his Message?
Or else…the Impostors have they confused him
With one of their idols
They brought home from Egypt?

I remember a country
Where I used to stretch my hands in order to heal.
A country lost in false beliefs
That I wanted to enlighten by my Teaching…
Replace vengeance by Love.
Acting instead of making speeches.
But, the Sacerdotal Princes
Did not want to give the Truth to men…

They preferred enslaving the People
Under the yoke of ignorance.
Letting them alone carry
The burden of sufferings…
They preferred the Law an eye for an eye
To that of forgiveness,
And judge the Innocent in order to hide their Deceit,
And kill Light in order for Falsehood to live.

I remember a country
Where there was thunder… on a certain evening…
During a last supper between friends,
A strange scene that Last Supper!
And they, all seated around me,
Not understanding the meaning of my message.
From the naïve Peter to the beloved John…
Here…take, my brothers,
This bread I am giving you…
And remember me
When I will be gone
Because I need to go…
Here…drink my brothers…
The good wine of the vine…
You have the best part,
I keep for myself the bitter chalice
That I have to empty up to the sediment

I remember a country
Where I preached in the desert
Even with my disciples…
Have they grasped my message
On that evening ?
Have they sensed my ordeal
And the symbolical meaning
Of Judas’ kiss to the betrayed friend…?

I recall the sense of a great sadness
In the garden of Gethsemane
Alone… so alone…
The apostles all asleep…

Oh my Father… my Father…
How long was it that night scrutinising the stars
To find your presence in this extremely cold desert…!
Alone… so alone… and not a single one to help me
Lighten the burden of my ordeal…!
Not a single one to share the heavy sacrifice
You have lain upon me…!
And, the more time went by,
The more my heart was shattered
By so much indifference…
Alone.. so alone… with my pain
And the tears from my soul running down my face…!

I remember a country
Where the guardians of a corrupt faith
Falsified my words
And found me guilty of one single crime:
“Love thy neighbour as thyself…
Forgive the unfaithful wife…
And do not do unto others what you do not wish to be done unto thyself…”
Found guilty of Universal Love.
Guilty also for having said:
“My Kingdom is not of this world.”
But, how to explain to them
That we have a soul
That comes from Elsewhere? How?
And, what were they really so afraid of
To make them deliver me into the hands of the invaders
In order to murder me in their place?

I remember a country
Where because I chose the People instead of privileges,
The Sacerdotal Princes spat in my face…
Slapped me, insulted me…
Then delivered me to the enemy
Who would have been satisfied to see me only whipped…

And, undoubtedly Pontius Pilate understood my helplessness
When he saw me alone… so lonely…
Like a lamb in the midst of wolves…
Like innocence in the midst of Falsehood.
Humble… so humble in the midst of so much arrogance…

John 18:29 “Pilate then went out unto them, and said:
“What accusation bring ye against this man?”

John 18:38 Pilate saith unto him, What is truth? And when he had said this, he went out again unto the Jews, and saith unto them:
“I find in him no fault [at all].”

Humble… so humble in the midst of so much arrogance…
That they gave him as pretext:

John 19:7 The Jews answered him: “We have a law, and by our law he ought to die, because he made himself the Son of God.”

Have they so misunderstood my Teaching
Or have they just pretended?

John 18:14 Now Caiaphas was he, which gave counsel to the Jews, that it was expedient that one man should die for the people.

Was I then so dangerous?
What were they afraid of to come to that point?
What were they hiding?
Why have they tried to prevent me from speaking?

Matthew 13:34 All these things spake Jesus unto the multitude in parables; and without a parable spake he not unto them:

1Corinthian 4:5 Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord come, who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts: and then shall every man have praise of God.

Matthew 10:26 Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.

Another after me shall come and… shall tell the Truth…

I remember a country
Where a hostile crowd booed at me
And preferred a certain Barabbas…
Ô my Soul, remember that weird dizziness…
To return to the Heavenly Kingdom,
One had to go through a phase
Where martyrdom formed part of the Plan…
But, human suffering,
What a horrible Test…
I would have drunk the chalice to the sediment
Impossible, there is no way out.
6 minutes ago ·
Ghyslaine RocGhyslaine Roc Alone… so alone up to the end…

But, despite the screams of hate,
So much silence deep inside me.
Promise of a coming peace…
Serenity before Agony
And the voice of my Father resounding

“Go to the end of your Calvary… my Son…
Show them the way…
Open the path to them… they should understand
That Redemption cannot be obtained
By sacrificing animals,
But, only by sacrificing Self…
It is the symbol of the Cross…”

I remember a country
Where turmoil hung over the end of the trip…
Of a country where pain and blood
Were my reward…
Alone… so alone… when they tortured me
And yet so close to the End
When they crucified me…
Father… forgive them
Because they know not what they do…

Oh my Father… my Father…
In the atrocious pain
I nearly doubted your Love for me…
Eli… Eli… Lama Sabachthani

Eli… Eli… Lama Sabachthani
It is your Son they are tormenting!

Father… Father… why hath thou forsaken me?
Where are you? I am in so much pain…
So much pain… So much pain…
Eli…Eli…Lama Sabachthani
Father… Father… why hath Thou forsaken me?
What crime did I then commit?

Eli…Eli…Lama Sabachthani
How long will this Calvary last?
Did I deserve such a punishment?
Is it this then human justice?

Forgive them, for they know not what they do…
And my pain shall be theirs as long as they will not have understood why I have come HERE…
I am coming Father…

I remember a country
Where still floats
The shadow of a cross…

All the photographs or nearly most are from Franco Zefirelli’s Jesus of Nazareth
with the sublime Robert Powell in the role of Yeschua…

Adriana Evangelizt

With permission of Adriana Evangelizt
Translated by Ghyslaine ROC
Presented to Wake Up Project on 14 February 6009
Day 50 of yet another Holocaust in Ghazza

Ghyslaine ROC


A few months ago I stopped posting on “Palestinian Mothers” (although I did make a couple of comments) because the paranoid webmistress Iqbal Tamimi was attacking my posts and was provoking me in a clear view to kick me out! It looks like the 800 or so members were “instructed” to keep away from me! I immediately informed my correspondent GILAD ATZMON of her tricks. As I did not react, she eventually “suspended my account” around 26 March 2010 depriving the public (and the Palestinians) of valuable information, materiel and analyses. And, on that same day, Jewish Google removed 100% of all my links and posts!!! I do not believe in coincidences! I owe this compilation to Jesus Christ the Palestinian, myth or no myth, and to authentic good and loving Christians and Muslims who believe in him as the Messenger of Light and not as one who promised eternal Hell fire to all those who do not accept him as God! 
(Arranged by one of my mentors: Basheer Ahmad Frémaux-Soormally)

Christian Good Friday 2nd of April 2010
This Message is exclusively meant for people of COMPASSION

Palestinian Christians attacked for challenging Christian Zionism

12 March 2012


Alex Awad speaks at the Christ at the Checkpoint conference.
(Ryan Rodrick Beiler)
“Christ at the Checkpoint: Hope in the Midst of Conflict” was a five-day event organized by Bethlehem Bible College earlier this month. Christian theologians, academics and church leaders were invited to meet with the local Palestinian church and challenge the Christian Zionist influence within the evangelical movement.
The conference attracted major speakers both from within the Palestinian Christian community as well as international evangelicals, including Tony Campolo, Gary Burge, Stephen Sizer, John Ortberg and Shane Claiborne. Messianic Jewish speakers were also invited.
“This is a conference about sitting down together, Christians, Muslims, whoever comes, discussing theology, in this environment of occupation,” Alex Awad of Bethlehem Bible College told The Electronic Intifada. “We want people to come, see the wall, see the checkpoints, see the reality on the ground, and then open the Bible.”
“The bottom line is the reality of God and his goodness, and the reality of this occupation. Because as Palestinian Christians we face this every day,” Awad added. “We go to church and we learn God is good, but to get to our church we have to go through a checkpoint. How do we figure the goodness of God with the harsh realities on the ground? That is what the conference is all about.”

Empowering the Palestinian church

According to the Christ at the Checkpoint website, its main aims were to empower the Palestinian church, expose injustice in Palestine and to motivate participants to engage in reconciliation.
Topics ranged from the role of Palestinian women in ministry, to the theology of the land and biblical principles of justice and nonviolence. One of the most prominent themes, however, was using the Bible to challenge the theology of Christian Zionism, a theme which proved unpopular in Christian Zionist circles.
The aim that proved most controversial, however, was the conference’s desire to “create a platform for serious engagement with Christian Zionism.” A series of attacks ensued from the Christian Zionist community, including campaigns to intimidate speakers into withdrawing from the conference.

Challenging Christian Zionism

The conference included seminars and talks which outlined why, from an evangelical Christian perspective, Christian Zionism has dangerously misinterpreted the Bible. An entire day of the conference was devoted to engaging with Christian Zionism, including a seminar by Rev. Stephen Sizer, author of Zion’s Christian Soldiers, entitled “Seven Biblical Answers to Popular Zionist Assumptions.”
“Christian Zionism can be defined as Christian support for Zionism,” said Sizer in an interview with The Electronic Intifada. “They simply believe that promises God made to Abraham and the Jewish people in Hebrew Bible are in some sense being fulfilled today, or are about to be fulfilled.”
“Therefore as Christians our responsibility is to support what God is doing among the Jewish people today and so taints our political agenda,” Sizer continued. “But there really is no place for the Palestinians within a Christian Zionist theology, other than as the servants, or the hewers of wood and the carriers of water.”
“The particularism and the exclusivism of Christian Zionism is actually a misreading of the Bible,” he added. “When you turn your theology into a political agenda which denies the human rights of other people because they’re not Jews, for me that’s where it crosses a line.”
For many Palestinian Christians, the Christian Zionist theology leaves no room for the presence of an indigenous church in the Holy Land, and fails to address the suffering of the Palestinian people as a whole.
“Christian Zionism, in my opinion, has ignored us Palestinian Christians at best, [and] demonized us at worst,” said Munther Isaac, conference director, in his talk at the conference entitled “A Palestinian Christian Perspective.”
“Whenever they speak about prophesy and Israel, it’s as if Palestinians don’t exist. We are not mentioned in the books, in the films, in the theology conferences,” he added.
“For too long there has been only one narrative,” Isaac said. “The Palestinian narrative is there and is challenging the narrative which has dominated for too long. They can no longer ignore the Palestinian voice.”

Conference attacked

The aims of the Christ at the Checkpoint conference did not go unnoticed. For months before the conference, Christian Zionists and Israeli Messianic Jews waged a campaign against the conference and its organizers, labeling them “anti-Semitic” in an attempt to have the conference canceled.
“You wouldn’t believe the negative stuff that was written about us — sometimes [it] was nasty, some was personal,” said Isaac. “Major Christian media stations have spread lies about Bethlehem Bible College, just because of this conference. I never expected it to get this nasty and this personal.”
These critics suggested the conference was one-sided, biased and anti-Semitic, and speakers were attacked individually and accused of being anti-Jewish and anti-Israel. One op-ed in The Huffington Post even asserted that Stephen Sizer had “joined hands with the Iranian regime” (“Christ at the Checkpoint Conference will only breed more Theological Extremism,” 9 November 2011).
Meanwhile, Guilio Meotti wrote in an op-ed for Israeli online publication Ynet, “Their Intifada from Heaven is breathing new life into a kind of demonology that bans Israel from the family of nations,” (“Christians who Hate the Jews,” 19 February 2012).
The attacks intensified in the days leading up to the conference, culminating in a hysterical treatise in The Jerusalem Post which equated the conference with Haman’s genocide plot against the Jews in the Old Testament (“This Bethlehem Conference is no Purimshpiel,” 29 February 2012).
As well as attacking the conference aims and individual speakers, critics were also unhappy both with the choice of the name, “Christ at the Checkpoint,” and the logo, which depicted a church surrounded by Israel’s wall, an image based on a photo of a church in Bethlehem. Some conference organizers were even targeted by the Israeli authorities.
“The Israeli officials and military leaders summoned me and Dr. Bishara [Awad, founder of Bethlehem Bible College] to interview about the conference,” said Isaac. “They tried to intimidate us and protested the logo and the name of the conference. We said, ‘you don’t like the wall and checkpoint? Remove them, then we’ll change the name of the conference.’”
Christ at the Checkpoint organizers responded to these attacks both personally, by writing to their critics, and publicly, by publishing statements on their website.
“[To] everyone who criticized us, we sent a personal email and said please come to the conference, and then make your judgements,” added Isaac. “In a lot of cases there was no credibility in the attacks, because they were based on the wrong information.”
“It is not fair for one to assume that any criticism of Israel should be considered an act of demonization,” stated Isaac and Awad on the conference website. “In reality, many of these attacks are made by extreme fundamentalist groups or writers who do not have any tolerance for a view that differs from their own. For these writers, any criticism of Israel is anti-Semitism … If any demonization is taking place, it is the demonization of all Palestinians and Arabs” (“An important message from Christ at the Checkpoint”, 25 January 2012).
For most speakers, the attacks suggested that Christian Zionists were unhappy with any challenge to their theology, particularly from within the evangelical community. According to Stephen Sizer, Christians Zionists often attempt to intimidate or isolate any Christian who publicly disagrees with them.
“Many ministers I know share the views I hold but they won’t talk about it, because when they do they get hit over the head,” he said. “So intimidation often works.”
But while some are intimidated, others remain resolute.
“This is the first time within the evangelical movement there’s been an uprising against Christian Zionism,” Awad explained. “And these people don’t want an uprising, especially because it is a civil uprising. We are evangelicals, and we are revolting against Christian Zionism from within the evangelical church … this is the first time that Palestinians [are speaking] to them loudly.”

Influencing the evangelical church

For many years, the Christian Zionist narrative has dominated evangelical Christianity, particularly in the United States. Prominent figures and pastors such as John Hagee and Pat Robertson have circulated the belief that the modern state of Israel is fulfillment of biblical prophecy and part of God’s divine plan for humankind.
Though Christian Zionism is still very much a mainstream theology, this conference, which describes itself as a “major breakthrough,” shows that there is a growing number of Christian academics and pastors, both within Palestine and worldwide, who are willing to challenge Christian Zionist doctrines and support a biblical understanding of the Middle East based on principles of justice and care for the oppressed.
“Because we are evangelicals, when we come up with a conference to question the basics of Christian Zionism it really angers them,” said Awad. “That article in The Jerusalem Post said one statement that made me very proud. It said that this conference has the possibility of changing the evangelical movement. Well if our conference can do that, hallelujah!”
For Sizer, Christian Zionism isn’t the first historical example of Christians confusing theology with politics in order to oppress others. “The Bible has been misused by every colonial system,” he said.
“The Spanish used the church to suppress the Incas and the other people in Latin America, the British used the Bible to justify the colonisation of East Africa and Asia. In South Africa the Dutch Reform Church used the Bible to justify why the blacks were inferior to the whites.”
“We’ve used the paradigms of the Bible to justify mistreating other peoples that we could denigrate or dehumanize them … My message to the Christian community is to say Jesus has called us to treat everyone with dignity and respect.”
According to Isaac, many Christian Zionists tend to ignore the suffering of the Palestinians as it presents a problem to their theology. “One of the most typical and common reactions we hear from many Christian Zionists when they are asked about the situation of Palestinians, you know what they say? They say it’s ‘unfortunate,’” he said.
“People look at the conflict, the death, the refugees, the wall, the humiliation. Tourists pass by the checkpoint and the refugee camps into the Nativity Church, they look at the wall, and all they can say is ‘it’s unfortunate.’”
“No, it’s not unfortunate, that’s the wrong word,” Isaac added. “If you spill a cup of coffee, that’s ‘unfortunate.’ People victimize us in the name of God and the Bible; that is not ‘unfortunate.’ It makes me wonder whether we as evangelicals have lost our conscience. How have we become so apathetic to the suffering people of the world?”
“In the parable of the Good Samaritan, the people who passed by the wounded person were religious people. Maybe they passed by the person and said, ‘it’s unfortunate.’”

Emily Lawrence is a recent graduate and independent writer currently based in Bethlehem, West Bank. She can be followed on Twitter at @EmilyWarda.

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