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Karen Hudes Reaction to My Last Article: “A Pox on All Your Houses!!”

11 May 2014
A girl from Bangladesh with smallpox in 1973, not an Indian girl with smallpox from New York in 1910 as Kevin Annett claimed while trying to sell his book
A girl from Bangladesh with smallpox in 1973, not an Indian girl with smallpox from New York in 1910 as Kevin Annett claimed while trying to sell his book.

I was a little shocked and dismayed at the reaction I received from my article: Dragon’s, Jews and the Golden Rule, given that I felt I had simply laid out a foundation for what has been happening with the players in this dis-information game and how it related to Kevin Annett and ITCCS.  The goal in what I was writing, and I never led Karen to believe otherwise, was to show the relationships between Webre and Keenan, Webre and Annett, and Webre and Karen Hudes, herself.  In our email correspondence she told me how she had met Kevin through a “double agent” named Terry McDonald and how she had made the drive from Washington to New York to meet with Kevin:
Dear Heather,

Yes, I did.  I spent a whole day traveling from Washington to meet Annett in New York.  I was taken in, although I wondered why he brought someone to our meeting that later caused me quite a bit of grief.  I was threatened on the streets of New York that day.  A random person came up to me (probably was following) and asked me whether I was Karen Hudes and made me feel unsafe.  Annett’s image came unglued as the person who had arranged for our meeting ended up with inconsistencies and not being trustworthy.  Annett’s connection with others that I know to be charlatans was the clincher for me.

It now occurs to me how similar Karen’s story of being followed and threatened mimic’s Kevin’s latest story of allegedly being followed and nearly dragged into an alley while on his European Tour.  Interesting how Kevin claim he was nearly nabbed after he had already returned home and his European Tour cancelled.  And it makes me wonder if he isn’t co-opting whistleblowers near-death experiences as well.
In any case my correspondence with Karen never focused on the issue of the Gold, or the corruption at the World Bank, for which she has had numerous interviews about.  My focus was on Webre and his latest expose on Karen Hudes.  His focus (and the focus of other bloggers like Jean Haines) was to repost a diatribe written by ‘somebody’ on the net about Karen Hudes being a Jew and Zionist and shill for the Rothschilds.  I suspect that this was also the same information that had originally been posted at Keenan’s site seconds before it was caught by Keenan and yanked down.  This interested me because of Kevin Annett’s support of Brussels Independant MP: Laurent Louis who has been criticized in the Israel times for giving the Quenelle Salute (allegedly a pseudo-Nazi, anti-zionist, extremist salute), and for trampling the Israeli Flag during pro-Syria/Assad demonstrations:

Syria is hardly done with their bloody conflict, so why is this man smiling as he stands on an Israeli Flag?  (WHAT A FOOLISH QUESTION!)

laurent louis quenelle
Laurent Louis displaying the Quenelle sign. Louis recently held a protest rally in Brussells highly criticized by the World Jewish Congress.

Now if you’ll remember, this is the same Laurent Louis, whom Kevin Annett made an Urgent Appeal on ITCCS.org for help on his behalf: Pro-ITCCS Belgian Member of Parliament Laurent-Louis Beaten, Falsely Arrested by Police March 8
The one Belgian politician who has exposed high level child traffickers and publicly endorsed the work of ITCCS, MP Laurent Louis, was viciously assaulted and arrested by Belgian police on Saturday as he peacefully collected signatures for his upcoming re-election bid.
Mr. Louis was released after six hours in jail, and is bringing a lawsuit against the police responsible.
Mr. Louis is scheduled to meet with ITCCS officials and Rev. Kevin Annett later this month to lend support to the second major common law court case involving Vatican child trafficking.
“This sick and unprovoked attack on Monsieur Louis is aimed at all of us and at democracy. But we will not let child killers destroy their accusers like this. We will provide real security to brave fighters like Monsieur Louis and Kevin Annett so this cannot happen again” said George Dufort, ITCCS official, in Brussels today.
(This is especially funny to read since George Dufort IS Kevin Annett……………..anyways….)

It naturally makes a person wonder at the decidedly ANTI-Jewish, ANTI-Israeli, ANTI-semitic endorsements coming out of ITCCS and Kevin Annett and Alfred Webre these days.  And it was in this vein that I intended to explore Alfred Webre and his connections, bringing attention to the fact that he used Karen Hudes religion to attack the person and not the cause.  The point in his reprinting what some unknown person printed on the web was to discredit her portrayal of the facts about the worlds most powerful financial institution.  It’s in essence a cheap shot but not beneath Webre or Haines and all that Light and Love.
So what really puzzled me was the following response by Hudes:

I am not going to correspond with you any more and this is why:  you have omitted the most important point: that I was reinstated as Acting General Counsel of the World Bank by 188 Ministers of Finance and that I am teamed up with the authorized signatory of the Global Debt Facility.  These statements are documented exhaustively.  Instead you come up with a mud slinging contest, which tags me as a Jew without also making it clear that I am requiring Jews to look at their Egyptian origins.  There is nothing about how Ben Fulford is also a Jesuit, how Fulford and Keenan teamed up to try and ambush me https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/keenanfulford.pdf

Keenan and Haines approached me in an attempt to drag me down, and that is what you are now trying to accomplish.  A pox on all your houses!

Good bye.
First of all I know nothing about such things as General Counsels, Finance and Global Debt Facilities….these things (and how they work) are WAAAAAY over my head.  I’m a paycheck to paycheck kind of girl.  Secondly, if these statements are documented exhaustively, why is she expecting me to mention them at all…this information apparently is readily available to anyone who wishes to look for it.  Thirdly, I didn’t ‘tag’ her as a Jew nor do I know anything about her efforts at ‘requiring Jews to look at their Egyptian origins’ (which I heartily agree with).  I was making a statement about how EVERYONE ELSE had tagged her as a Jew and was using that as a way to discredit her.  This was perhaps too subtle a distinction to make.  Lastly she rebukes me for not knowing that Ben Fulford is a Jesuit, which I have only just heard about in this letter from her to me.  All I knew for sure, by Ben’s own claims, is that he was inducted into a Chinese secret society called the Dragons.
The problem as I see it is that everybody is paranoid (or at least is acting paranoid)…either that or they ALL are disinfo agents (including Karen Hudes as Neil Keenan asserts) and the goal is to swirl people around in a soup of confusion so that no one looks at who is stirring the pot.
Ms. Hudes, if you are reading this, I meant you no harm (if that is, in fact, what I have caused you), and I suspect that you are much stronger than the perceived damage you feel I have inflicted on you.  I tried to explain that I am a writer, not an analyst, and one who has a bit of a strange and sometimes dark humor.  I see irony in many places and in many people and tried to portray that in my writing….It’s my way…to try to stretch peoples minds a bit and ask some of the questions for themselves.  People don’t always get that about me and are sometimes offended.  I don’t mean for that to be the consequence, but if all I’ve hurt is your feelings and not your work or your reputation, then it’s perhaps something you need to work on.  Personally, I don’t think you’re that fragile, and I think your accusation against me that I was being disingenuous might just be a projection of the stress and insecurity you might be feeling.  Then again, I’m no therapist.
It would have been nice to have you express your concerns to me in the same way you expressed them to Alfred….at least he got a chance to explain himself……me, I’m dealing with the possibility of Pox in My Household.
Author’s notes:
If Alfred Webre is so against Israel, how does he manage to found an Exo-Politics University in Israel with an Israeli citizen as co-founder?  Isn’t that like sleeping with the enemy?
Perhaps I’m missing something??
Also, for the record:
It wasn’t the word ‘Pox’ that Shakespeare used in Romeo and Juliet, but ‘Plague’ instead…:
In the play Romeo and Juliet, Mercutio says ‘A plague on both your houses’ due to the fact he blames both families for his death. Mercutio was the only person able to visit both houses freely. Mercutio dies when he tries to step between a fight between Tybalt and Romeo. In his dying breath he uttered the famous line, wishing a plague on the Capulets and the Montagues.
And while it’s ok to joke in this article about the ‘Pox Curse’ I’ve received from Ms. Hudes…smallpox is no laughing matter:

Kevin Annett/ITCCS Working with Eugenist and Anti-Semite MP Laurent Louis

14 May
On March 8, 2014, Kevin Annett made an urgent public announcement on ITCCS.org that Belgian MP Laurent Louis had been illegally arrested and beaten up at a rally in Brussels.  For many months Kevin Annett has made claims that certain EU Members of Parliament were not only sympathetic, but were actively working with ITCCS to further it’s pursuit of the Transnational Criminals.
Laurent Louis ITCCS
Louis, age 34, was initially introduced to politics as a member of the Peoples Party, a decidedly Israel-friendly party with considerable support within the Belgian Parliament.  After a falling out with two of Louis patrons, allegedly due to philosophical differences over policy and personal conduct, Louis was kicked out and took his seat as an independant.
“The Popular Party ruled Friday unanimously its sole member, Laurent Louis, after several weeks of tension between him and the president of the PP, Mishael Modrikamen, who apologized on behalf of the party for he describes as “casting error”. Tensions between single elected member of the Popular Party in the parliamentary elections of 13 June and Mr. Modrikamen crystallized in recent weeks certain ideological positions (Roma, death penalty, license point for new Belgians, etc.) but also on the emotional and professional relationship between Louis and his former parliamentary assistant, became spokesman of the PP.”
“The direction of PP accuses Mr. Louis [of] instability, [of] non-cooperative with the party on social networks (Facebook, Twitter)[of making] pronouncements and bullying towards the parliamentary assistant, the member [was] dismissed after [lengthy discussions], saying it did not work.”
- read more at La Libre.de (January 28, 2011)
Louis plan has been to engage the far-right members of the public to gain support for the upcoming elections later this month.  Not surprisingly, this engagement has landed him in some hot water:
(click image to go to the BBC article)
(click image to read more of  the BBC article)
Louis has appeared in several public photo’s sporting the Quesnelle sign or gesture which he denies is anti-semitic.  The sign owes it’s history to French Comedian and anti-establishmentarian, Dieudonne M’Bala M’Bala, who first used the controversial gesture in his act in 2005.  Dieudonne has denied any reference to the Nazi salute, but his anti-semitic ideology has not gone un-noticed.  Dieudonne has been charged numerous times with hate-speech, in particular for his speeches where he has described the Holocaust rememberance as ‘Memorial Pornography’.  Dieudonne insists the gesture is merely Anti-Zionist which is consistent with his bid to run for the Anti-Zionist Party in 2009.  Jewish critics claim it is a lightly veiled attack on Judaism.  An excellent review of it can be found here.
What is clear is that Laurent Louis, who uses the sign often, has a special relationship with Dieudonne and Alain Soral (who made several attempts at political life as a Communist and Far-Right Nationalist) as seen in this Youtube video below (click image):

"Dieudonné has been repeatedly convicted of incitement to racial hatred and is especially known for blunt anti-Jewish statements." Reformatorisch Dagblad
“Dieudonné has been repeatedly convicted of incitement to racial hatred and is especially known for blunt anti-Jewish statements.” Reformatorisch Dagblad
Louis is now enjoying renewed popularity as a loose cannon; affiliating himself with whomever (and whatever cause) can create the most shock value including an alliance with the ISLAM Party.
Laurent Louis running as an Independant MP for the ISLAM Party.
Laurent Louis running as an Independant MP for the ISLAM Party.
Here we can see Laurent Louis at a Pro-Assad rally standing on the Israel Flag and performing the Quenelle sign with ISLAM Party members:
laurent louis quenelle
“The quenelle is becoming the subject of a sick viral craze across the Channel, with youths trying to perform the sign in the most offensive place possible before uploading pictures and videos to social media. http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/nicolas-anelka-anti-semitic-gesture-quenelle-2966787#ixzz31hXztEOP”
quenelle obama
Hey! Look at us, we’re cool!!!
Aside from THAT madness, Laurent Louis has also publicly accused the Belgian Prime Minister of being a pedophile.  It has been this stance that has no doubt drawn Kevin Annett and Alfred Webre like moths to the bug-zapper:

BREAKING NEWS: Belgian court fines MP Laurent Louis 50,000 Euros and sentences him to 20 months (suspended) for calling Belgian Prime minister a “pedophile” in Parliament

1. MR. PEDOPHILE.elio-di-rupo-flanders-news-335x390
MP Laurent Louis in Belgian Parliament
BRUSSELS – A Belgian court fined MP Laurent Louis 50,000 Euros and sentenced him to 20 months (suspended) for calling Belgian Prime minister a “pedophile” in Parliament, despite controlling Belgian law granting full legal immunity to speeches by Members on the floor of the Parliament.  MP Laurent Louis had previously released a list of prominent pedophiles in Belgium including Members of Parliament, the Monarchy, and prominent lawyers, judges and bankers.
This ruling, which MP Laurent Louis is expected to appeal, may have some effect his campaign in the May 25, 2014 EU parliamentary elections.
As MP Laurant Louis speech in the Belgian Parliament is legally protected (as the Prime Minister himself admitted while in debate), it is unclear why this prosecution was brought other than for political purposes to derail MP Laurant Louis campaign.
MP Laurent Louis is an EU Politician who has endorsed the International Common Law Court of Justice trials against the UK Monarch, Vatican, Popes Ratziner & Bergoglio and the Jesuit Superior General for child genocide. www.iclcj.com. -Exopolitics.com
What readers should find unsettling (if not disgusting) is that Louis (by his own admission to his ‘translator’) has admitted he intends to seek re-election by any means possible, which means siding with whatever radical group will get him the most attention, albeit bad attention.  So it is no surprise to see Louis pick the most hot-button topics (ISLAM/SHARIA Law, Anti-Zionism, Anti-Semitism, Nazi Salutes, Communist sympathizers, Pedophile Rings, etc..) to bring the fringe elements out into the open.  Like Annett, Louis knows where his paycheck comes from, and it’s not from taking a stand against tax increases, or pet licences.  You get noticed for being RADICAL!!!!!
Two Muslim politicians, who just won municipal elections in Belgium’s capital, Brussels, on October 14, have vowed to implement Islamic Sharia law in Belgium.
The two candidates, Lhoucine Aït Jeddig and Redouane Ahrouch, both from the fledgling Islam Party, won seats in two heavily Islamized municipalities of Brussels, Molenbeek-Saint-Jean and Anderlecht, respectively.
During a post-election press conference in Brussels on October 25, the two future councilors, who will be officially sworn in on December 3, said they regard their election as key to the assertion of the Muslim community in Belgium.
“We are elected Islamists but above all we are Muslims,” Ahrouch said. “Islam is compatible with the laws of the Belgian people. As elected Muslims, we embrace the Koran and the tradition of the Prophet Mohammed. We believe Islam is a universal religion. Our presence on the town council will give us the opportunity to express ourselves,” said Ahrouch, who refuses to shake hands or make eye contact with females in public.
one-hour video of the press conference in French has been posted on YouTube. At one point in the video (0:07:40) Ahrouch, 42, says he will strive to make sure that the town council’s “motions and solutions are durable and definitive and will emanate from Islam.”
Ahrouch, who was sentenced to six months in prison in 2003 for the assault and battery of his disabled wife, also spends considerable time talking about ethics in politics and “respect for the other.”….. Read More Here
Is Laurent Louis just a flagrant opportunist, or does he believe in ethnic cleansing, Sharia Law and death to the Infidels?I guess that we’re supposed to ignore the addage: “be known by the company you keep”…otherwise authorities would be very concerned about Laurent Louis new-found-friend Kevin Annett….and his handler, Alfred Webre.
Webre Louis

Dragons, Jews and the Golden Rule

11 May
Karen hudes
The Golden Rule: He who has the Gold…makes the Rules!
The following article (and my return to blogging) is inspired by recent events and postings by Alfred Lambremont Webre: Kevin Annett’s ‘assistant’ and co-architect of all things ITCCS. I don’t expect many of you reading this post to understand what’s going on – it has taken me about a year to understand this part of the Kevin Annett mystery – but I’ll do my best to break it down for you. It seems a war is being waged behind the scenes of Kevin Annett’s one man play.  A war for gold that allegedly promises to free mankind from the shackles that bind us in financial servitude.  Those claiming to be in the know, the so-called whistleblowers and insiders, include Benjamin Fulford, Karen Hudes, Heather Tucci-Jarraff, Melanie Spencer, and Neil Keenan.  Few ‘normal people’ will know these players, or will have heard of the trillions of gold and other assets hidden in secret vaults with secret passwords and controlled by various members of Malaysian Royalty.  SWISSINDO – The organization that Mel Spencer (aka Mel Ve) works for, claims to have the rightful heir to this gold.  It also claims that the Committee of 300 has signatories (which include Barack Obama and Queen Elizabeth II) who have signed a Treaty to restore the gold to the people:
Committee of 300- Signatories to SWISSINDO
Committee of 300- Signatories to SWISSINDO
Benjamin Fulford (a former journalist for Forbes magazine in Japan) claims to be working with one faction, called the Dragon Family, for possession of the Gold, while Neil Keenan (whose background is much less transparent, also claims to be working with the Dragon Family.  Whether it’s the same or different Dragon Family, is unclear as these are groups of people belonging to secret societies and their identities are, well…secret.  Personally, I don’t like Dragons except for maybe, Smaug…
Interesting how the Dragons are always guarding the Gold?
Interesting how the Dragons are always guarding the Gold?
In any case Benjamin Fulford interviewed Karen Hudes, where she stated that Kevin Annett was a Jesuit agent, and that is when the information war began.  In point form, here’s roughly how it went:
Statement by Neil Keenan on Jean Haines
  • Jean Haines is ultra-protective of Kevin Annett, regurgitating anything that comes out of ITCCS, posting his ‘Urgent Updates of Utmost Importance’ on her blog.
  • Karen Hudes made several claims in many interviews regarding the status, location and purpose of the gold currently being fought over. But most importantly exposed the corruption within the World Bank and it’s implications for humanity.  This did not go over well with Neil Keenan, who accused her of being a disinfo agent.
OPPT Wampum
  • Neil Keenan, when asked about Kevin Annett’s attempt at accessing the Gold through OPPT/SWISSINDO Trust, Keenan replied that if Kevin was after the Gold/Value Assets he was not to be trusted:
They went from offering people money to looking for money to survive.  The OPPT is a scam and we have rooted them from the bottom to the very top.  Heather Tucci is a con artist and [sic] so is this Denise from Canada remove the shackles.  They are a bunch of loons.
Thanks for the support and I would think if Arnett is with them he is looking for money as well…
  • Needless to say, it was a surprise to see Alfred Webre post on Facebook the claim that Neil Keenan supports ITCCS:
Webre Keenan claim 2
  • Neil Keenan’s response to me when asked to clarify if he supports ITCCS based on his previous statement about Kevin Annett is as follows:
THE KEENAN TEAM Dear Heather, Out of all courts, the only one I would recognize is the Common Law Courts.  Everything else is tied into the Cabal, and according to our rights, we do have them to set up such a court.  What court do you suppose will adjudicate the Cabal once we put them into place?  Surely not one of their own.  I would hope it is the Common Law Court that we the people will preside over. I also do not believe one word that Karen Hudes says now or ever.  She has made a complete jackass out of herself.  She just might be what others are saying, that she is one of the Cabal.  I have had fights with her and have watched her fight with others, and she is hardly ever right.  She is misinformation!!! I do not have time, Heather, to answer questions so please do not expect anymore.  Karen Hudes is the one who has purported to know all about the Gold, but apparently knows little or nothing.  I know nothing about Arnett’s attempts at any such thing.  As a matter of fact, I have never heard anything relating to Arnett’s pursuit of the Gold.  Remember the Gold is registered in the BIS and is physically in the Bunkers throughout Asia, and is not owned by any Western Nation or Cabal.  I realize the Cabal is chasing it, and this is my fight as well (to stop them) and freeze them in their tracks. Neil Keenan
  • Then yesterday, Neil Keenan released a statement saying that an unauthorized article calling Karen Hudes a ‘shill’ was recently posted to Keenan’s website (which was taken down immediately after the release) as it was put out by someone on the Keenan team without his knowledge or approval. There is apparently a loose cannon in the Keenan Team.
  • Alfred Webre failed to respond appropriately to the following postings on his FB post:
Alfred Webre Comments Hudes 2
  • Apparently no one really knows WHAT is going on and who is being truthful as this exchange between “Bill” at PeoplesTrustMalaysia and Benjamin Fulford proves.  Fulford claims Keenan is CIA.  “Bill” alleges that Deryl Zeleny is raising funds for US and Canadian Military rebel factions to ‘fight the Cabal’.
  • In October last year, Deryl Zeleney was in contact with myself and Tony Buotros to get more information on Kevin Annett (so he claimed).  I suspect it was in effort to get more information about us.  Shortly after our Skype conversations, Mel Ve came out publicly against Annett on Tony Buotros and Kate of Gaia’s radio show’s (as reported on this blog).  Deryl Zeleny (aka Shane Robert) used his work email at Spec Con Pro (concrete application solutions) in Ontario to correspond with me.  The website for Spec Con Pro was deleted April, 2014.  Deryl Zeleny has since disappeared off the map.
  • Alfred Webre has recently re-posted anti-semitic and libellous statements about Karen Hudes, apparently in response to Karen Hudes statements about Kevin Annett working for the Jesuits (see my earlier posting on this here): The origin of this ‘public statement’ is hard to pin down as it has been reblogged by almost everyone and anyone, but likely started at RepublicBroadcasting.org. (They have since removed the page – it’s not hard to see why):
Karen Hudes: Whistle-Blower Or Deceiver? 
March 11, 2014 in News by RBN 

Both Karen and her husband are Marxist Jews. They have a daughter, Elizabeth (about age 21). Karen is very careful never to reveal anything about her Ashkenazi Jewish background, family, private interests. Karen worked for the World Bank, controlled by Jews, as a senior lawyer for many years and her husband has also worked for the World Bank as well. So how come, all of a sudden, she leaves the World Bank to become a “whistle-blower” exposing corruption at the World Bank, IMF, Federal Reserve, US Justice system and US government? – attacking her own fellow Jews? – it simply doesn’t make sense does it? The real truth is she is a Jewish ‘disinformation agent’ or ambassador of the bankers themselves working for the British. What she is saying is briefly this: “I am here to forewarn you all that the old, out-dated, corrupt, Bretton Woods banking system has had its day, and is about to be replaced with a new world order financial system and World Currency Unit.” It is really as simple as that. 
  • Alfred Webre admits in his latest article attacking Hudes to having introduced her to Neil Keenan and to having worked as a legal advisor to Keenan (a fact I didn’t know until Webre’s article on Karen Hudes and her evil Marxist Jew-ways – *sarcasm*).  Seems No One in this mixed up circle really knows who is working with who or cares to even find out ahead of time:
Experience of Neil Keenan with Karen Hudes
This reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre in fact recommended Karen Hudes to Neil Keenan before I had even met her on the basis of a review of her website and the fact that she was a fellow Yale Law grad.  I assumed she was a good-faith truth movement activist and recommended her accordingly to Neil Keenan. Neil Keenan, to whom this reporter has served as an informal legal adviser, states that Karen Hudes in effect has acted as a disrupter in his project to restore the collateral gold accounts for the good of humanity. – Alfred Webre
  • Webre proves the point that things are heating up for Kevin Annett (who recently claimed his life was in danger and had to cancel his European tour).  Sources say that Annett was denied entry into the UK prior to his May 7th Truthjuice appearance because he held a vacationers visa and not a visa to conduct speaking engagements for a fee.  Webre resurrects the specter of Eric Jon Phelps of Vatican Assassins in this article about Hudes:

Disrupter Karen Hudes disrupting exposure of Vatican, introduces covert Israeli disrupter Eric Jon Phelps in attack on anti-Vatican activists

1.PETRUS.ROMANUS Child trafficker & Satanic infant murderer Pope Bergoglio – Israeli plane bearing Vatican logo to bring pope back to Rome after May 2014  visit by Alfred Lambremont Webre VANCOUVER, BC – Karen Hudes, a self-styled defector from the Rothschild controlled IMF-World Bank complex who designates herself as “Acting General Counsel of the World Bank” in letters of attempted intimidation against long-standing whistleblowers in the Exopolitics areas, has introduced a fellow covert Israeli-Zionist disrupter to disrupt the exposure of child trafficker and Satanic infant murderer Pope Jorge Bergoglio, now on trial before the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels as an arch criminal who in some future scenarios attempts to introduce a global police state in conjunction with a world monarchy [UK Monarchy], under the sponsorship of City of London bloodline banking families.
  • Webre goes on to mention Jean Haine’s other, other blog also acting to smear Karen Hudes:
“Here is an article from my friend and colleague Jean Haines website and we have discussed Karen Hudes at length. The article documents some of Karen Hudes covert ties:
March 13, 2014
Karen Hudes: Whistleblower or Deceiver?
As to course of action, you can most readily decide what to do or ignore.
Enter Eric Jon Phelps – probably the most knowledgeable guy when it comes to the inner and outer workings of the Catholic Church and the country known as The Vatican.  Why Webre would even go there and bring Phelps in to the mix is beyond me since Phelps had this damning statement (as posted on this Yahoo Group) to make way back in 2008 regarding which he has since removed from his Vatican Assassins website due to threat of legal prosecution by Webre and his lawyer.
From 1982 to 1987 Webre was a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Delegate to the United Nations in New York City. The U.N. has always been a tool of Rome intended to destroy the national sovereignty of the once Protestant and Baptist United States. Its treasonous policies facilitate the creation of a world government espoused by the Jesuits at the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965). (It is most intriguing that at the time of this Council when Rome was pretending to be benevolent to its once “heretic and liberal” opponents, Pope Paul VI murdered our “liberal” Roman Catholic American president, John F. Kennedy.) The murderous and deceptive U.N. was established in the Jesuit haven of San Francisco at the hand of President “Dirty” Harry Truman, a 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Freemason. In 2001 Alfred Webre and Dr. Carol Rosin founded the Institute for Cooperation in Space. Webre’s General Counsel was Papal Knight of Malta Daniel Sheehan, a the long-time General Counsel for the Jesuit Order’s Christic Institute, a left-wing Washington, D.C.,-based law firm.
This is a most important connection between Webre, the Knights of Malta and the ubiquitous Jesuit Order. Webre is a supra-internationalist, an elite amidst the highest initiates of the “globalists.” He even goes so far as to believe in advanced alien life forms in the universe, that earth has been “quarantined” and that we cosmopolitan earth-dwellers of all nations “have been given an opportunity to join the rest of the spiritually evolved Universe Society in peace, thus an opportunity to avoid environmental global destruction through war.” In translating this double-talk, Webre is a world citizen (as are all Knights of Malta), a promoter of the radical, left-wing, environmentalist agenda despite the fact that his Papal brothers have kept the world enslaved to fossil fuel pollution, further destroying the very earth he claims to protect, and openly advocates world peace when his occult masters in Rome have now incited Cardinal Egan’s American-led Crusade called “the War on Terror.”
Alfred Webre is a Papal Knight, a heavyweight among the “globalist insiders” vying for a world government at the expense of the national sovereignty of the United States and Canada—the last bastions of the Protestant Reformation. He is tied to Yale’s Skull and Bonesmen, the Knights of Malta and, worst of all, the diabolical and perfidious Society of Jesus – —the most powerful secret society in the history of man. An unabashed enemy of both the American and Canadian people, he talks peace when war is his true aim.
Therefore, we should not be surprised to observe that Alfred Webre has been appointed Gatekeeper of the “911 Truth Movement.” By pretending to genuinely pursue the truth as to the real malefactors behind our mass-murder on September 11, 2001, he is positioned to conceal the truth for the benefit of his master, the Black Pope. Make no mistake; Alfred Webre is a treasonous Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor at a key apex of power. At the most recent “911 Truth Conference” held in July of 2007 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Alfred Webre was the master of ceremonies. He was the Black Pope’s Gatekeeper pretending to reveal truth when in fact he did all to conceal the real power behind the World Trade Demolition. It is for this reason not one of the featured speakers went into any detail about the Vatican’s involvement on that day of infamy. No one said a word from the platform about the Knights of Malta, the Jesuits, the Black Pope or Rome’s “Crusade” against Islam and the Protestant Reformation having founded Western Civilization, including American and Canada. Webre was there to make sure none of these topics were raised. There was a bright light at the conference however. He is a personal friend and avid “point man” for the exposure of the agents of Rome on many, many fronts. That man was Tim White.
Upon confronting Alfred Webre inside of the conference hall, words passed after which Webre admitted to White that his Uncle was a Jesuit, a very powerful Jesuit who, in his time, was next to Jesuit Superior General Pedro Arrupe. That was all it took. Thereafter, White was not admitted into the conference and was threatened with arrest by the RCMP and deportation back to the United States from one of Webre’s assistants,Wayne Prante. Without this confrontation, we would have never known of Webre’s family connection to the Jesuit Order. We owe a debt of gratitude to Tim White.
In conclusion, the “911 Truth Movement” is now totally compromised. Never will any truth about Vatican involvement on that fateful morning be promulgated from this seemingly respectable channel. The Jesuits, with their Temporal Coadjutor Alfred Webre and Knights of Malta (“the great men of the earth” Rev. 18:23), now dominate the field. All of their servants, including Alex Jones, Texe Marrs, Dr. Stan Monteith, Jeff Rense, Congressman Ron Paul, Michael Collins Piper, Stew Webb, Tom Heneghan, Hal Turner, Tom Flocco, Constance Cumbey, Rupert Murdoch and his next of kin, Eric Hufschmidt, George Noory, Butch Paugh, Eustace Mullins, Pat Robertson, and any other radio host, network broadcaster or established author who refuses to expose the Vatican “Black Hand” in 911, will continue the great Jesuit Cover-up of the Twenty-first Century. The Jews are to be blamed; the Jesuits are never to be unmasked. But there is hope. As long as God the Father is on His throne; as long as His beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, is at His right hand; and as long as the Word of God, the AV1611 Reformation English Bible, in the hands of His elect “in Christ,” the devil and his powerful servants have much to fear. For the Book is “quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” 
Therefore know this, Alfred Webre, and all of your agent provocateurs attempting to conceal the dreadful reality that Rome is behind our greatest of civil disasters: the truth will out and your sin will surely find you out. The war is on, but you have not won the final battle. For my master, the risen Son of God, Head of His true Church, —the Body of Christ,—and King of Israel, will direct all of his elect to relentlessly fight this “good fight of faith” against “that man of sin” in the Vatican. We are “obstinate heretics” and we shall never relent in our mission to “preach the Word” when it is received and when it is not received, which preaching includes bringing to light the “unfruitful works of darkness.” Those works include the premeditated murder of thousands of my countrymen on 911 and during the Black Pope’s subsequent “War on Terror.” Those works include the deception and murder of those—my elect brethren “in Christ”—in theTwin Towers, the Pentagon and in the theaters of Iraq and Afghanistan. Their pastors did not tell them of Rome’s design upon our country or of the Jesuits in command of our armies; they acted in good faith upon a deception and have now paid with their lives, indeed their “last full measure.”
Who cannot but weep at the downfall of our nation having departed from the Word of God? And our children, do we not groan in despair over a generation to suffer for the sins of their fathers for the last four generations?  Who will tell them the truth, or will they grow into adulthood only to curse our name for our cowardice and silence as they were enslaved to fight the Pope’s crusades and pay his taxes, robbing them of their wealth, health and national inheritance? Alfred Webre is a traitor. He is a Papal Knight and loyal to the Pope of Rome. He is thee Vatican Gatekeeper in preventing the truth behind 911 from ever being known. Therefore let every honest man depart from this liar, deceiver and worker of iniquity.
Sincerely in Faith, 
Brother Eric Jon Phelps Author,
Vatican Assassins:
 “Wounded In The House Of My Friends”
  • Karen Hudes has issued replies to Webres accusations here and here.
The pieces, for me if not for you, have now started to fit together… Webre and Annett sought out Hudes…introduced her to Keenan and Haines.  Hudes found out the truth about Kevin Annett and subsequently Webre and now is being attacked from all sides by the alleged Jesuit Agents and Dragon Family – Gold lovers. Does it get any stranger than that?
Whose your daddy?
Whose your daddy?

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Republik of Kanata and the New Godless Colonialism

Let My People Go!!!
Let My People Go!!!
I wonder what new Treaties Kevin Annett will strike with the First Nations people (formerly of Canada) now that this country has been disestablished and dissolved?  Certainly he has thought about the ramifications of a Reverend (as I have called him, the Great White Savior) setting up a new Republik on the lands occupied by Anishinaabe, Metis and Cree people?  I say ‘occupied’ because only the white man has had a concept of ownership of the land as part of their conquest of it and in doing so created the concept of subjugation.
I ask this question because the wording of Kevin’s latest ‘Proclamation and Declaration’ should leave many people puzzled about what he actually means.
In Witness Thereof, We pledge our mutual lives and our sacred honour, and have hereunto set our hands and signatures and caused to be established the Seal of the Federated Republic of Kanata as a Free Society on the Land, under customary land law jurisdiction. The Constitution of our Republic and this Proclamation are ratified and in effect as of today, Friday, October 31, 2014.
The term “land law jurisdiction” should give further pause given the following information on Land Law:
Land law is the form of law that deals with the rights to usealienate, or exclude others from land. In many jurisdictions, these kinds of property are referred to as real estate or real property, as distinct from personal propertyLand use agreements, including renting, are an important intersection of property and contract lawEncumbrance on the land rights of one, such as an easement, may constitute the land rights of another. Mineral rights and water rights are closely linked, and often interrelated concepts. Land rights are such a basic form of law that they develop even where there is no state to enforce them; for example, the claim clubs of the American West were institutions that arose organically to enforce the system of rules appurtenant to mining. Squatting, the occupation of land without ownership, is a [sic] globally ubiquitous.
From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Land_law
Sovereignty of the land is already afforded to Original peoples in a unique form of Alloidal Title known as aboriginal title:
Aboriginal title is a common law doctrine that the land rights of indigenous peoples to customary tenure persist after the assumption ofsovereignty under settler colonialism. The requirements of proof for the recognition of aboriginal title, the content of aboriginal title, the methods of extinguishing aboriginal title, and the availability of compensation in the case of extinguishment vary significantly by jurisdiction. Nearly all jurisdictions are in agreement that aboriginal title is inalienable, except to the national government, and that it may be held either individually or collectively.
Aboriginal title was first acknowledged in the early 19th century, in decisions in which indigenous peoples were not a party. Significant aboriginal title litigation resulting in victories for indigenous peoples did not arise until recent decades. The majority of court cases have been litigated in AustraliaCanadaMalaysiaNew Zealand, and the United States. Aboriginal title is an important area of comparative law, with many cases being cited as persuasive authority across jurisdictions. Many commentators believe that the doctrine is applicable in all common law legal systems.
From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aboriginal_title

Let me restate this: Aboriginal title is inalienable, except to the national government and that includes a new Federated Republik of Kanata.  Inalienable rights are natural rights that cannot be sold, transferred or removed (except by the national government according to the Wikipedia page on Aboriginal Title).  And while Kevin has made mention of how the colonial occupation of Native lands occurred and was a terrible thing, he uses it not as an opportunity to ratify those wrongs with his own ‘reparations’ laid out in his Charter, but to reference the land as ‘ours’.  Does Colin Sullivan have a provision to address the inherent rights of First Nations people over the rights of the decendant’s of the colonials who stole their ‘vast resources and wealth’?  Or will land law jurisdiction be used to exclude the natives from their inalienable rights under the new Republik Government?  This begs the question about how many Natives will join this Free Republik?  Nevermind how many ‘Free Citizens’ will arrest the Queen and Pope given that the arrest warrants expired earlier this year and that they are forgeries by the soon to be late and great George Dufort LLB? (False identities soon disappear once they’re outed).
Is there no one asking a single ‘hard’ question of this man and his delusional ‘apostles’.
Kevin has written that the constitution for this grand Republik is to be ratified on the highest occult holiday of the year, Samhain or the Festival of the Dead; Friday, October 31, 2014.
It is indeed strange that a Christian Reverend, who steadfastly maintains that Satanists are at the root of pedophile rings and the evil Transnational Organization called Vatican II, would choose this high holy day for Satanists to ‘seal’ a covenant?  And will this ‘historic document’ be signed by Rev. Annett at the Oodena Celebration Circle, one of Winnipeg’s most curious and allegedly pagan/occult sites aside from the Legislature building itself?  It’s too bad that signatories can’t embark on Frank Albo’s Hermetic Code tour of the Legislature as part of their pagan initiation into the Republik.  They might, if they were Christian, be inclined to change their mind about their new-found ‘freedom’.
Why Winnipeg? If not for it’s occult history and Freemasonic roots?:
“The Legislative Buildings of Manitoba appear to be the only legislative buildings in Canada to embody designs consistent with Masonic architectural principles and occultic/pagan imagery. The location of such a building almost exactly in the center of Canada is believed to be significant and not coincidental.” – See more at: http://www.savethemales.ca/002079.html#sthash.8O4cRKc9.dpuf

But Kevin is a Christian minister, you say!  He has a congregational church in South Dakota, where he reads Bible verses from airport payphones for Sunday sermons broadcasted over the internet, you say!  And let us not forget that he’s performed three exorcisms in St. Peter’s square in Rome and is crusading against the Satanic Ninth Circle Cult!
Tell me this, (Christian apologists for a New World Order shill), how Christian can a minister be who denies that Jesus Christ ever existed?
In Kevin Annett’s recent interview with Alfred (the Aliens are here to save us!) Webre, Kevin Annett says the following regarding claims that Pope Francis is the ‘false prophet’ of Revelation’s (starting at 38:22):
“When you look at papal history a lot of this is fabricated and it’s used politically by the different factions in Rome and all that, so I would not take these predictions and prophesies literally, that’s a big mistake people make, including in reading the bible.”

“I mean the book of Revelation was written as a, uh, in the politically censored language of the time, uh, they couldn’t refer to Rome, they referred to the beast with 7 heads, you know the seven hills of Rome, things like that.  And even in terms of discussion of AntiChrist, the AntiChrist was never seen as a man but as a place, and that’s made clear, uh, you know, all through the Bible and other references to it, that they’re referring to Rome, to the institution of the Empire, not to an individual, so, I really think people need to keep that in mind when they’re listening to the latest (laugh) so called prophet, on these prophesies on this whole issue”.

Aside from being a terrible interviewee who just makes up SH#T as he goes, this is a man who has denied Jesus Christ existed and has denied his apostle John who wrote that:
2 John 1:7 – For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.
AntiChrist is not a place as much as Kevin might want it to be, but is a spirit dwelling within those who deny Christ, who work on behalf of Satan and his minions and that the Beast is the utmost indwelling of the AntiChrist spirit whose name is also 666.  But Kevin would twist his ‘ministry’ to make it solely about Rome and the Popes and deny that the Bible is the sword of truth.  He wants you to believe that a new Promised Land is at hand and that it is within your grasp, but he has a history of letting others do his dirty work, often getting arrested in the process and becoming martyrs to the ITCCS cause.  It is a Promised Land that will no doubt feature Kevin as the proverbial Moses – having led people out of their bondage (or is it INTO bondage?) to wander the desert for forty years.
Let those religious followers crying “Bless-you Kevin!” who pray ferverently for the success of this new State, now have eyes to see and ears to hear. And may the Natives seek redress from the Interim President of the Provisional Republik of Kanata (aka. Eagle Strong Voice adopted member of the Turtle, or is it Crane?, clan of the Anishinaabe) where the Canadian Governement has failed to do so.  Let’s see Kevin put his money where his mouth is.

Kevin Annett’s Love Letter…and a Confession

Three years ago TO THE DAY I wrote my first WordPress article about Kevin Annett.  Back then I was writing about Kevin’s claims that the government was trying to kill the natives with the Tamiflu Vaccine (pfft) and the discovery of children’s bones at Brantford.  The blog in that time has over 120 articles to it’s credit and 102,700 views and nearly 800 (mostly respectful) comments.  It is a volume of work that I have wrestled with spiritually and emotionally in that time and have tried several times to let go.  The so-called Truth Movement and it’s carte blanche acceptance of everything Kevin posted made it difficult to leave; I felt I had to keep writing until I knew that the blog wasn’t necessary any more.  I thought that time had come at the start of the year, but I was wrong.
This past week a radio show called THE ANGRY BEAVER totally blasted Kevin Annett out of the Truth Movement waters.  People who have been part of the Freeman Movement have taken their leave of his madness.  All that are left are the die-hard anti-Catholics who actually believe the Queen and the Pope are about to be arrested…any minute now…..
And just as I have been contemplating the endpoint to the blog, I read a letter posted by William Annett written by Kevin claiming I am secretly in love with him.  This comes at a time when people around the world are learning the truth about Kevin Annett’s lies.  It comes at a time when people with Street Cred within the Freeman Movement are denouncing his so-called Republik.  It comes at a time when the real activists in Ireland, England and elsewhere are resuming their activism work in the wake of Kevin’s smear campaigns.  Kevin is effectively in hiding from the world, barred from Facebook (if you believe that), and unable to reinvent himself as the savior of any great cause.  There are no causes left to fight, so like a fear-biting dog who’s malnurished mass is hidden in a dark corner, Kevin Annett has only one thing left to do….Bite!
But as you read this ridiculous diatribe, do notice the most important statement he makes….Not about me, but about George Dufort.  You see, while he’s trying to dazzle you with his witty charm (NOT) he lets the most important detail slip into print.
George Dufort doesn’t exist!!!!  He is a pseudonym for a real person (supposedly), just as Jeremiah Jourdain was a pseudonym for a real person (which he wasn’t).
This poses a problem that I’m surprised Kevin’s keen legal intellect has missed:  Just how do you forge a signature on an arrest warrant or public notice and have it be legal and binding????
366. (1) Every one commits forgery who makes a false document, knowing it to be false, with intent
(a) that it should in any way be used or acted on as genuine, to the prejudice of any one whether within Canada or not; or
(b) that a person should be induced, by the belief that it is genuine, to do or to refrain from doing anything, whether within Canada or not.
Making false document
(2) Making a false document includes
(a) altering a genuine document in any material part;
(b) making a material addition to a genuine document or adding to it a false date, attestation, seal or other thing that is material; or
(c) making a material alteration in a genuine document by erasure, obliteration, removal or in any other way.
When forgery complete
(3) Forgery is complete as soon as a document is made with the knowledge and intent referred to in subsection (1), notwithstanding that the person who makes it does not intend that any particular person should use or act on it as genuine or be induced, by the belief that it is genuine, to do or refrain from doing anything.
Forgery complete though document incomplete
(4) Forgery is complete notwithstanding that the false document is incomplete or does not purport to be a document that is binding in law, if it is such as to indicate that it was intended to be acted on as genuine.
(5) No person commits forgery by reason only that the person, in good faith, makes a false document at the request of a police force, the Canadian Forces or a department or agency of the federal government or of a provincial government.
Punishment for forgery
367. Every one who commits forgery
(a) is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years; or
(b) is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.
Use, trafficking or possession of forged document
368. (1) Everyone commits an offence who, knowing or believing that a document is forged,
(a) uses, deals with or acts on it as if it were genuine;
(b) causes or attempts to cause any person to use, deal with or act on it as if it were genuine;
(c) transfers, sells or offers to sell it or makes it available, to any person, knowing that or being reckless as to whether an offence will be committed under paragraph (a) or (b); or
(d) possesses it with intent to commit an offence under any of paragraphs (a) to (c).
(1.1) Everyone who commits an offence under subsection (1)
(a) is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term of not more than 10 years; or
(b) is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.
Wherever forged
(2) For the purposes of proceedings under this section, the place where a document was forged is not material.
From: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Canadian_Criminal_Law/Offences/Forgery
So now we have screenshots of Williams post on the ITCCS.org Facebook page where several of his followers are raining platitudes on Kevin’s head for such a wonderful article taking aim at me.  Please wake up people!!! You are following a man who has committed a crime and according to how these forgeries were used (by Amy Smart, Steve Finney, David Compan and Rhianne Baines), there should be enough there to put Kevin Annett in JAIL!!!
bench warrant 4
Have no idea whose signature appears on this document, do you????
bench warrant 2
Commanded and authorized to arrest based on a Forged Document from an office of No Fixed Address!
bench warrant 5
This document gives the bearer a one-way ticket to jail!! Thanks George Dufort!!!
Jeremiah Jourdain signature 1
Yet another forged document you are supposed to have faith in.
Jeremiah Jourdain signature 2
A letter threatening legal action against the United Church of Canada – forged by Kevin Annett as Jeremiah Jourdain.
That’s right folks! Jeremiah Jourdain does not exist!  George Dufort does not exist….whoever the heck else’s signature appears on those arrest warrants likely doesn’t exist either…and in fact, I suspect ALL those signatures were written by the same person: the Reverend Kevin Daniel (MacNamee) Ui Niall Eagle Strong Voice Annett!!! (Nobel Peace Prize Nominee)….
If I were Steve Finney and Amy Smart I’d be going after Kevin for fraud and interference in the case that nearly lost them their daughter to social services.
If I were David Compan I’d be going after Kevin for nearly getting him committed to a mental hospital for using fraudulent documents in an attempt at keeping hospital services running.
If I were Mel Ve (and Richard), I’d be suing Kevin for the travel costs and for the purchase of a new laptop and for slander and libel based on his accusations against them and for misleading them to participate in a fraudulent court.
If I were Dr. Jennifer Wade, I’d take Kevin to court for using my good name and humanitarian causes to promote a fraud on the native people in Canada.
If I were anyone who donated money to this fraud called the ITCCS.org or to the ICLCJ I would ask for my money back in the form of a civil lawsuit.
And lastly, if you are any of the women he has been wooing behind his ‘wife’ Lori’s back, I would re-evaluate your situation, think twice before selling your home or leaving your husband and kids to be with this ‘man’.  Don’t ruin your life for a cause built on forged documents and the delusions of a sociopath.
Daddy does the dirty work...
Daddy does the dirty work on FB…
Now here’s the letter
Why my Harshest Critics are Secretly in Love with Me, and Other Observations from the Front Lines,
Or, Love Letters to Heather Martin
by Kevin D. Annett
I should start by saying I’m not a man so lonely as to seek out all the female attention I seem to be garnering these days. Okay, sure, it’s coming at me over the internet, and it’s generally nasty and stupid, but isn’t that love in action? I mean, even my enemies admit that I am sort of cute.
And so I’m tempted to heed the advice of my closest friends who keep urging me to “respond” to the creepy internet comments being made about me again, like clock work, now that our work is taking down more of the bad guys in high places. Because I do have to admit that all this attention is kind of titillating for me.
There really isn’t much to respond to, first of all, besides hysteria. People can shriek “Kevin Annett’s a con man!” without any proof for only so long before they just get boring. And even some of the more intelligent (read, paid) critics who have sleuthed about and “discovered” that the IP addresses for our common law court emails can be traced to friends of mine in Canada don’t seem to be operating on full mental thrusters, since the deceptive cloaking of one’s real location is, well, you know boys and girls, just standard procedure in a war.
Maybe that’s part of their problem – my critics, that is. They’re living in a child’s world. They simply won’t understand who and what we’re dealing with, and how we must often operate in secrecy to not only stay effective but stay alive.
Yes, it’s true that most of our Common Law Court and Tribunal officers use pseudonyms: well, duh, I wonder why that would be? Just ask former Belgian Member of Parliament Laurent Louis why. Laurent went public with his support for our Tribunal’s exposure of high level child rapists just two months ago, and now he’s facing years in jail on trumped up charges. So, sorry folks, but the survival of our work and eyewitnesses is more important than the need to placate critics: even if the latter are secretly in love with me.
But as for true confessions: well, sigh, yes it’s true that one of our best people in Europe has gone by the false name of George Dufort for several years now. But no, friends, he is not me. Nor did I ever “admit” that he is to anyone, internet lies to the contrary. Who is George Dufort, really? Does it really matter? Only to the other side, who very much want to unmask and whack him, and to nitpicking morons who probably have my picture secretly pinned to their bedroom wall.
And so I guess I really shouldn’t be so amazed by the orgasmic vehemence with which total strangers whom I’ve never met will attack me while ignoring the real criminals, the child torturers and top level perverts who prey on the innocent. It’s always safer to shoot laterally than upwards. And we’ve all been conditioned to fear and attack each other rather than the rulers. It’s how slaves think.
So ultimately, folks, I pity rather than resent all the “Stop Kevin Annett” bozos who spend their pathetic days glued to their computer screens, searching for new ways to bring me down. They just need to get a life.
And of course, that’s where I come in, because I have one: a life, that is. And they resent it. Or maybe more to the point, they love me for it, and so, being mediocre, they must hate me. After all, only someone infatuated with Kevin Annett would spend so much time attacking him. I learned that after my divorce.
And so, dear Heather Martin, or Christine, or whatever name you’re going by this week: I am here for you, when all is said and done. I’m an Aquarius, I’m in my late fifties although  I look younger, I like to take long walks on the beach and I enjoy romantic candle-lit dinners, and I have this thing about flogging guys in clerical robes with the truth and locking them up in prisons. Do you think, well, there might be a chance for you and me?
Take your time, sweetie. I don’t expect an answer right away. These things take awhile, especially since, as the old Broadway number reminds us, you always hurt the one you love.
Kevin Annett is a secret member of an advanced alien race seeking to overthrow anyone devoted to imbibing American beer and Canadian platitudes. He spends his days commanding his army of drones from a hidden base just outside of Biggar, Saskatchewan. He is the father of 193 illegitimate children from all the women he’s conned, and is presently working on a new novel about the mating habits of catholic clergy. He is secretly married to Heather Martin, who hates it the way he’ll never take out the recycling on time on pick up day.

Steve Finney appears above at the Kitchener police station to deliver his lawful notice that Canada is ‘dissolved’
For a recap on my articles on Steve Finney see here: http://stopkevinannett.wordpress.com/?s=steve+finney

Truth Freedom Radio: Kevin Annett and the ITCCS

Urgent Inaction Updates!!!

Pope Francis during his visit to Israel mere months before the siege on Gaza this past week. - courtesy The Guardian
Pope Francis during his visit to Israel mere months before the siege on Gaza this past week. – courtesy The Guardian
Well, most people don’t keep track of the schedule of ITCCS.org, but in case you do, an important date has come and gone not with a bang, but with crickets.
According to Kevin Annett’s posting as of June 29, 2014:
“A global broadcast of these and other historic developments, including the DAU actions in Rome and London, will be posted on July 10 (Jubilee Day) at http://www.itccs.org .”

Of course, nothing happened worldwide, global or interplanetary to bring the RCC to it’s knees unless you take into account the continued protests of Dublin, Ireland’s Pro-Cathedral by non-ITCCS activists there.
No historic developments or Direct Action Unit actions occurred in Rome or London and Annett couldn’t have been bothered to write some sort of ‘story’ let alone get the Coventry Crew to put up something on the ITCCS website.
Could it actually be that I’m right…? That the fantasies of joining forces with Dean Clifford, taking down the Popes in this world (and all the other evil that goes with i)t is too much for Kevin to keep up with from his cluttered attic in Nanaimo?  Maybe the donation plate has dried up and there’s no more free trips to Europe?
Is Annett losing his game?
I mean, how could you not capitalize on the Jubilee (would that be the Queens Jubilee?) and make a transnational example of her.  That is unless you want people to forget that those arrest warrants expired in March of this year.
Well, have no fear Annett supporters, there’s plenty of other occult dates of significance that have yet to fulfill ITCCS prophesy, so hopefully by All Hallow’s Eve, you won’t still be disappointed.
p.s. Pope Francis is still in power…..just in case you were wondering….and he has yet to make a current statement on the tragedy occuring in Gaza.

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Kevin Annett to Appear on Alex Jones in One Hour Interview

Image courtesy: SpoonFed Truth
Image courtesy: SpoonFed Truth
Kevin Annett, who recently bemoaned the fact that RT (Russia Today) denied the opportunity of a one-hour interview with his highness, is set to appear on the Alex Jones Show sometime in the next week or so.  This fact was revealed in a brief appearance by Annett on the AJ Show yesterday, where Annett re-iterated the existence of secret documents documenting the activities of the so-called Ninth Circle Satanic Ritual Cult.  These documents, according to Annett, were allegedly presented by a witness to the jurors of the fictitious ICLCJ supposedly located in Brussels (not to be confused with the very real International Court of Justice at the Hague). Annett in his brief segment on InfoWars with Alex Jones, stated that these documents were taken from the archives at the Vatican by a Vatican “insider”.  If you consider that the archives at the Vatican are the Pope’s personal property, heavily guarded and given access to only those scholars the Pope deems appropriate, this is a very damning statement indeed.  A question few have thought to ask, is why would the Vatican keep such a document in the first place?  Rule number one of Satanic Ritual Abuse: leave no evidence behind.  Could Annet’s claims be linked to the recent scandal involving Benedict’s ex-butler, Paolo Gabriele, who went on trial in 2012 for the theft of highly sensitive documents marked for destruction?  Gabriele was, after-all, only one of ten people with keys to the Papal apartments and who had close contact with Benedict, so the conclusion could certainly be drawn that Gabriele is Kevin’s Vatican Insider. However, what is also possible is that Kevin took the information from a book entitled: His Holiness: The Secret Papers of Benedict XVI written by Guilian Nuzzi an Italian Journalist who was given the documents by Gabriele.  The aftermath of the investigation is described thusly by Wikipedia:
On 17 December 2012 the Pope received a report on “Vatican lobbies” prepared by cardinals Julián Herranz, Salvatore De Giorgi, a former archbishop of Palermo and Jozef Tomko.[24] Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi, speaking on Vatican Radio on 23 February 2013, strongly criticized media coverage[4][25] of the report [26] as a financial scandal which purportedly became, upon the cardinals’ internal investigation, a gay sex and blackmail scandal as well.[27]
In a surprise announcement, Pope Benedict resigned on 28 February 2013.
Although the dossier was available only to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and the investigators themselves, the latter were free to discuss the results of their investigation with the Cardinal electors of the March 2013 Papal Conclave, and the dossier itself was to have been given to Benedict’s successor as Pope, Francis.[28] On 1 March 2013, Fr. Lombardi reported that “two or three phones” had been tapped.[29][30]
On 12 June 2013 it was reported that leaked notes of a private conversation between Pope Francis and Catholic officials at the Latin American Conference of Religious (CLAR) confirmed the existence of “a stream of corruption”, and that “The ‘gay lobby’ is mentioned, and it is true, it is there … We need to see what we can do”. According to The Economist “Vatican investigators had identified a network of gay prelates”.[31] CLAR confirmed that its leaders had written a synopsis of the pope’s remarks, although not for publication. Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi made no comment on the remarks made in “a private meeting”.[32]
Kevin Annett has maintained claims that Pope Benedict resigned because of a letter sent to the Papal Nuncio warning of the inditement against the Pope by the ITCCS.  To the average reader of ITCCS gibberish, it would appear on first inspection that Kevin Annett has insiders (as he himself has admitted to) within the Vatican and that he caused the resignation of Pope Benedict.  However, the most likely explanation is that Annett has a flair for headline spinning and has become an opportunist extraordinaire.
Case in point is his recent attempt at securing airtime with major alternative media outlet’s. While RT and the “russkies” in general were rebuked for not wanting an hour-long interview with the great and powerful OZ himself, Alex Jones was quick to put Annett on the air:
Kevin Annett giving an Interview on Alex Jone's show, InfoWars July 9, 2014. click image to go to Youtube and view from 32:00 onwards
Kevin Annett giving an Interview on Alex Jone’s show, InfoWars July 9, 2014. click image to go to Youtube and view from 32:00 onwards
Now, I will run the risk of attack by die hard Alex Jones fans for saying this, but I believe AJ is a ‘shill’ for the NWO.  I give him full credit for being the guy who woke me up, but not for being the guy who brought me my truth.  Alex, in my opinion, is a gatekeeper and dis-info agent and all of the things he accuses others of being.  This realization hit home for me when I witnessed a video (and compared the radio show account) of a pro-Fourth Amendment rally in Texas. During the rally, Jones blared his bullhorn over the other protesters already assembled there and then began accusing people of being infiltrators and government shills.  The organizers of the rally tried several times to get Jones to speak with them not over them, but to no avail.  People who arrived late automatically gathered around Jones thinking he was the center of the action.  I watched several video’s take by people there who tried to confront Jones, at first in a nice way, then out of frustration.  Jones went on his radio show the next day to label these people as disruptors and disinfo-agents:

Now, while Kevin has never ‘bull-horned’ over anybody, he has certainly co-opted many movements and made flagrant overstatements (ok…lies).  Fearmongering is what Kevin Annett and Alex Jones have in common, which is why it is not surprising to see this recent love-in.
What I want to reiterate is my previous statement…that Alex Jones is a NWO shill.  Hell, he may even be a Jesuit as some people have claimed.  I cannot help but look to other ‘truthers’ like Alan Watts and Bill Cooper, who appear to understand the subtleties of social engineering and who have maintained moral standards that the likes of Jones and Annett have failed to meet.  Alan Watt’s in this brief clip mentions the methods employed by the Tavistock Institute to manipulate social behavior  Remember that Tavistock is where Kevin’s associate/handler Alfred Webre has some association and that Webre is accused by Eric Jon Phelps of being a Jesuit Co-Adjutor.
Bill Cooper, who wrote the groundbreaking book, Behold A Pale Horse, was interviewed by a 24-years-young Alex Jones who later called Cooper (posthumously as well) a disinfo agent, an alcoholic and belligerent guest.  Cooper, once he found out who AJ really was, refused to be interviewed by him despite Jones several attempts to do so.  Amongst Cooper’s ‘conspiracy theories’ was his prediction of 9/11 two weeks prior to the event.
Cooper has also been debunked as being a ‘shill’, having been accused of plagiarizing some of the documents featured in his book, but Alex Jones despite his numerous claims of being physically attacked, stalked, tracked, harassed, etc… is still alive, while Cooper is not.
Now, it’s true that Annett doesn’t really care which which wagon he hitches his star to, Jones’ interest in Annett’s work after 7 years of quiet is troublesome.  There is a reason RT denied Annett an interview and it’s called discernment (a quality Jones clearly lacks).  Nothing will thrill InfoWars listeners more than to hear Annett amp up the anti-Catholic, Satanic Ritual Abuse and Baby-Eating Pope rhetoric.
Jones has promised at least one full-hour show with Annett as a guest.  It’s doubtful any hard questions will be asked and certainly no research prior will be done especially into the existence of the Ninth Circle cult and the source of the Vatican documents.  Jones briefly stated he’d never heard of the Ninth Circle and I would expect that this would be something to explore, but I won’t hold my breath.  In fact, don’t expect any follow-up on Annett’s claims, because Jones doesn’t confront liars on his show any more than he tolerates the truth tellers when they call in to challenge him.  Remember that with this bunch, your Truth is being spoon-fed to you and you’re job is just to swallow it.

Kevin Annett ITCCS 6-29-14… “Special “take down” units move into action on verge of Pope’s resignation”

Pope number two resigning? Just how does Kevin get all this inside info anyways…? Tactical units? Just not buying it… Maybe it’s a set up? Gets you arrested and not Kevin.. Seems like a genius psy-op to me!
Originally posted on Kauilapele's Blog:
kevin_annett_rep_kanata_flag_from_video_140331_240_4There’s not been much reporting from this blog on Kevin Annett’s group, the ITCCS.org. However, this article pints to the imminent resignation of Jorge Bergoglio, an item which is news to me. But here is what Kevin writes in today’s posting.
Special “take down” units move into action on verge of Pope’s resignation
Important Notice from ITCCS Central and the Common Law Court – June 29, 2014 – Brussels
As the Vatican prepares today for the imminent removal of Jorge Bergoglio, “Pope Francis”, from his office, two Direct Action Units (DAU’s) of trained security personnel have been dispatched by the Court to Rome and London. Their purpose will be to assist in the apprehending of known child killers associated with the Ninth Circle sacrificial cult, including Bergoglio himself.
“We are relying on local common law activists and the public to assist us in stopping these killers before they…
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Dublin Protester Peaceably Interrupts Mass To Demand Tuam Apology

There are interesting developments in Tuam – originally posted on It’s Your Life blog…
Originally posted on IT'S YOUR LIFE:

During Catholic Mass today in Dublin, Ireland. A protestor peaceably entered the Pro-Cathedral and issued the following public statement:
“On the 12th of June, one day after the Bishops issued an apology, in relation to the bodies found in Tuam, Galway, Bishops Christopher Jones and Bishop Donal McKeown, blamed the families of Ireland for what happened. I came into this Cathedral on Friday the 13th, to complain about this and I was asked to leave by Father Damien O’Reilly. I’m here to tell Damien O’Reilly, Archbishop Martin, Cardinal Sean Brady, Papal Nuncio and Pope Francis the First, that they do not own this Cathedral. This Cathedral was paid for by the donations of the Irish people, through hard work, and was paid for by the blood, sweat and tears of the mothers of the (children put in the) prison camps of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland….and it was paid…
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Kevin Annett Flaunts Dead Children to Gain Support for ITCCS

alberni On December 13, 2013, Kevin Annett announced that the skeletons of 30 children were unearthed in a mass grave at the Indian Residential School in Port Alberni, British Columbia.  The grave, according to Kevin, and ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER SOURCE IN THE MEDIA OR ANYWHERE, was discovered by pipe-fitters working in the area.  Now, what Kevin doesn’t know is that I spoke to people there while on my Christmas vacation and to a family member who happens to be a pipe-fitter working in that area to see if this claim held any water. Neither the elder I spoke with from the Nuu-Chul-Nuth First Nations people, or my cousin, had heard of any such thing.  The Elder I spoke with stated too that if anything like that were discovered it would not be without the knowledge or the consent of the Tribal Council, which is what we saw with the dig at Brantford.  And, according to my cousin any time remains are found that are questionable as to being human or not, the RCMP and the local Tribal Council are immediately notified.  Universities get involved.  Coroners and Forensics experts swoop in and do their job.  Not like what we saw with the dig at Brantford.  A fact Kevin missed is that many of the guys working with my cousin are Native and there is no way that such a discovery would be treated lightly or with disrespect against the Native people living and working there. Kevin Annett’s announcement back in December of 2013 seemed to fizzle out as a viable lie that could be used to fluff the credibility of the ITCCS and it’s coffers.  And really when we’re talking about where your hard earned money goes when you make a donation to the good ol ITCCS you’d better realize that it goes to Bill Annett in Florida, and when you donate to the ICLCJ your money goes to the Radio Warrior (Joshua Lemmens of Hope, B.C.).  It never goes to the Natives, it goes to pay Kevin’s rent and his fancy trips to Europe.  So, making these little announcements about 30 skeletons of children found in sinkholes (that’s apparently how you know they’re children according to Kevin’s logic – see YouTube vid below) is good at keeping the interest of the White Allies of the Indian People. What a surprise (NOT!), to see the following Causes.com petition article depicting a woman examining human remains at a dig site (see picture above).  The petition site’s campaign featuring this gross misrepresentation is led by Sharon Lewis (or is it Judy Byington?), an obvious supporter of Kevin Annett.  The photo’s caption reads:
“Thirty small skeletons were discovered in an unmarked mass grave-site at the Port Alberni BC United Church of Canada residential school for native children”.
The image, along with the caption below it are a bald-faced lie intended to make the shocked readers cry out “God Bless You Kevin!!!!” One problem here folks……. The picture is of an archaeological dig of a mass grave site in Budak, Bosnia-Herzegovinia.  The caption on the real article where the image above was copied from reads:
JULY 12: “International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) forensic archaeologist, Renee Kosalka from Canada provides works on an excavation at the Budak mass grave in the Srebrenica Municipality on July 12, 2005 in Bosnia Herzegovina. The site is a secondary grave site – 600 victims were killed and buried in a primary location and later 100 of them were transferred to this secondary grave. The mortal remains at this site were allegedly moved to be buried here from sites at Glogova with heavy machinery and ballistic and blast damage caused by grenades was observed on many of the remains. The team makes an electronic survey of all items found and maps and records the grave formation. Records of the remains being recovered are transferred along with the remains to the ICMP mortuary facility as an aid to identification. Some 8,000 Muslims, mostly boys and men, were slaughtered at Srebrenica in July 1995 by Bosnian Serb soldiers. Of those 8,000 only 2,000 have been identified and buried. 25,753 individual missing person samples have been collected in Former Yugoslavia. (Photo by Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images)”

Children and Death are a huge part of Kevin Annett’s popularity.
Disgusting isn’t it?  The lengths people will go to, to gain “legitimacy” for a cause?  Almost like Kevin’s claims about the Truth and Reconcilliation Commission using witness testimony to whitewash the Government and Churches crimes?  How desperate and depraved do you have to be to pimp out one ethnic cleansing to make you the savior of another?  I wonder why the Bosnian government hasn’t hired black operatives or paid bribes to activists to discredit the work of the International Commission on Missing Persons, or Renee Kosalka?  Why hasn’t the ICMP simply claimed they sent teensy tiny pieces to Smithsonian and then allege incompetence and a cover up!  Because that’s not how things work in the real world people… when you find human remains it get’s investigated… 30 SKELETONS ON NATIVE LAND GETS INVESTIGATED!!! And when it really happens, you don’t have to steal a picture from a REAL dig site and try to con the public into believing your COCK-A-MAMIE story!!!!! But this isn’t the first time supporters (and Kevin himself) has tried to pull the wool over the sheeps eyes.  Ditto (the songwriter), posted a thread on FaceBook using a photo of mass graves in Syria (copied from National Geographic) to fool people into thinking it was a mass grave in Alberta. alberta mass gravePicture 80 If you ever want to backsource a photo posted anywhere on the net… I highly recommend a program like TinEye.  As you can see in about 3 seconds I was able to determine the source of the picture in question: Picture 95 Or the picture of the little girl with SmallPox:
The so-called Indian child infected with smallpox.  Actually is a girl from Bangledesh taking in 1973 - courtesy of Wikipedia.
The so-called Indian child infected with smallpox. Actually is a girl from Bangledesh taking in 1973 – courtesy of Wikipedia.
Picture 29
“Hi, I’m Kevin Annett…. I tell lies about dead children to sell my books and DVD’s!
Yes, Kevin thinks you’re too busy crying over the dead children to realize you’re being taken in hook, line and sinker.  He brainwashes you with the trauma of the crimes committed at Residential Schools and Boarding Schools and homes for Mothers and Child so you stop thinking and blindly follow.  How could you question a man who is fighting SO HARD for justice for these lost little ones??? But let’s take a good look at what has been acomplished…. he has a following…he has sympathizers…he has a PayPal button and an Amazon Sellers Account…and in 20 years not a single case brought to trial (a real honest to goodness trial) that has gotten justice for a single victim.  NOT ONE!!!!!! Plenty of hype though…. lots of being all “Vampiric and Spin-Doctory”…as a good, good friend used to say…. And let us not forget the latest addition to growing list of Dead Children Claims Made by Kevin.  That of the ritual killings of 800 babies allegedly found in a cistern in Tuam (pronounced Chu-Em), Ireland.  The Catholic Church there has got it’s hands full with the recent Garda corruption allegations and now has been called to investigate what happened at a Mother and Child home there.  If the horror is not bad enough that 800 children were ‘stored’ in a ‘holding tank’ or cistern, we have Kevin Annett stating they bear the marks of Satanic Ritual Abuse.  But you are never expected to ask for proof of anything told to you by the Annett/Webre team….You’re just supposed to do one thing….and it’s such an easy manoever, utilizing one finger….making a sound that goes…’click’….’click’….’click’….. syriababies1 See this Ironic article by thepeoplesvoice.com (which has posted some of Annett’s crap) on the BBC scandal over it’s News Fixing Process and the use of ‘dead babies’ in Social Engineering.

Lone Gunmen and Amnesty: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

After hearing yesterdays news about Justin Borque, age 24, who remains Canada’s most wanted man after murdering three RCMP and wounding two other officers…I can’t help but wonder about Kevin Annett and his recent announcement from the Brussels Office of ITCCS. Borque, of Moncton NB, is the subject of a province-wide manhunt as he continues to remain at large and extremely dangerous.  This is what Kevin Annett has been hoping for, right? Sovereign citizens taking matters into their own hands, forming millitia’s, exacting justice against those people who are a danger to our Liberties and Freedoms?  It explains his public announcements and pleas for the publics help for David Compan, Steve Finney and Vivian Cunningham…all of whom have exerted their ‘sovereign rights’ and ended up in the clink.  Clearly these run-ins with authorities served their purpose at eliciting greater support for the Freeman cause?
So now there are Kevin’s offers of amnesty to Police and RCMP who he states are guilty by association and complicit because of their oath to the Queen and he’s posted a reward of ten-thousand Euro’s to defectors of the crown and anyone with information on the Ninth Circle.  In fact a special fund has been set up to attract defectors with a seemingly endless supply…I wonder who is fattening the pot?
Borque, as evidenced by his own FaceBook page, is a gun fanatic, a recluse, and a big fan of Anonymous, militias and open carry.  Unlike Robert Menard (who had his own experience with Police this week), Borque has opted out of peaceful resistance and has taken matters forcibly into his own hands.  Crazed gunmen are becoming an all to frequent headline in the daily news and it is disturbing to see an increase in support from people (like Danielle Robinson pictured below with her child) gleefully rejoicing over a cop being shot dead in the streets.
cop shot comments
Remember that Kevin has already warned that Police officers not following the rules and abiding by the court (*cough)…will face arrest and prosecution.  Why bother when you can stir up anti-establishment sentiment and simply “shoot the Fuckers” (as Kevin has recently suggested)?
Three children must go to bed tonight without a parent whose life was lost because of the delusions of a ‘Freeman’ who believed he had more rights than anyone else in the world.  Kevin has given people carte blanche permission to take justice into their own hands.  But as Greg Renouf observed, the world can’t become police free by instigating violence against them and, he argues, events like what happened yesterday in Moncton, are justification for more, not less, police presence in our lives.
Many of the most hardcore anti-police activists (who are often members of the anarchist community) believe that violence is the path to a police free world. They engage in FTP (fuck the police) marches, get into street clashes with cops, and write vitriol essays about police services.
Is this the path to a police-free world?
Hardly. Every time people get violent the only thing they do is to justify the expansion of the police. Remember what happened at the Toronto G20? The city spent a billion dollars on policing and security. They would have had a hard time justifying all of this expenditure if it weren’t for the anti-police crowd.
Kevin knows this better than anyone else.  Remember, he has his umpteen degrees and classes in Social theory and has ties to the Marxist Socialists.  He abhors capitalism so it is no surprise he has jumped on the Freeman on the Land/Sovereign bandwagon. That’s where his bread is buttered nowadays and it’s what’s keeping him from living full-time with the rubby-dubs in Vancouvers DTES.   FTP and Anti-Catholic sympathizers are obviously generous donors these days.  Or is it that he’s being funded by the same anti-capitalists who started Occupy? Regardless, it was not hard to predict that one day the craziness that is the LONE GUNMAN phenomenon would spread across the US border.  In fact I believe that Kevin Annett was counting on it.
A photo courtesy of Greg Renouf's article "I Want A World Without Police"- showing protestors with the banner "Fuck The Police".
A photo courtesy of Greg Renouf’s article “I Want A World Without Police”- showing protestors with the banner “Fuck The Police”.


Warning Allegedly, David Hannum, a critic of P.T. Barnum, is thought to have once said, “There’s a sucker born every minute”. The world as we know it now is certainly full of suckers. Suckers for get rich quick schemes, fall in love fast schemes….change the world schemes.  “Be the Master of Your Own Destiny”, the showman says!  “Think and Grow-Rich!!  The self-help guru sells you freedom in his latest book that tells you everything you need to know except how to own your shit.  But owning our shit isn’t sexy these days.  Secret power’s to sidestep the shit-owning is where it’s at these days.  Yes, you too can “Manifest Your Destiny”, become an “Ascended Light Being”…but that won’t keep your power on, a roof over your head, or keep you out of jail! ….every minute….. Why are we always seeking the easy way out?   We tell ourselves daily that we are not responsible for our own misery…heck don’t we see that on all the TV shows nowdays?  Finger pointing is what we humans do best!  And when we’re too ashamed to admit that our laziness, or stupidity landed us in hot water, we seek those guru’s that tell us we don’t need all that RESPONSIBILITY garbage.  We are our own God’s after-all, and all we must do is photocopy a bogus document declaring that Canada Is Dissolved and TPTB will faint from fear at the sight of it.  It is so easy everyone should be doing it!!  Simply paint a piece of cardboard with the flag of whatever country you want to substitute for the old one and declare that the rules don’t apply to you.  And by all means, don’t pay your mortgage, your traffic tickets, or your taxes because the world will be a much better place for you and me.  It’s a matter of snipping the apron strings, burning your birth certificate and your problems will go away.  I mean, if you just get educated enough and read a damned Blacks Law Dictionary you will not only know the new language of freedom, you will ooze it from your very pores!  Really, can you willingly remain in ignorance not knowing the difference between a ‘person’ and a ‘human’ BEing??? Simply buy into the philosophy of those who know the difference and you just might be saved.
the secret
Rhonda Byrnes – The Secret – promises financial freedom through the Power of Intention
I’m being sarcastic in this rant, of course, because I see good people following the delusions of a man with serious mental problems.  I see them giving up their homes, their families and their jobs to follow Kevin Annett’s vision and it makes me both sad and angry.  You are believing all this crap made up by a guy who can somehow afford to fly around Europe and the U.S. several times a year but who doesn’t claim an income?  You believe that there really is a person named George Dufort when Kevin just made this person up.  You believe there really is a court in Brussels, when there isn’t.  You really believe the Pope’s and Queens of this world can be arrested by the average Joe because Universal Law and Kevin Annett says so. You are gobbling all this up like a pig given a pail of fresh slop. Why? It’s not because you’re out of options..bankruptsy and welfare are options, albeit unpleasant ones.  Living in your parents basement while you get your shit together is an option.  Hard work and determination are an option. I believe you don’t want to be held responsible for your failed mortgage, your failed job, your failed relationships.  No one wants to admit they’ve screwed up…no one wants to start over.  Lets face it, the option Kevin Annett has given you hurts a hell of a lot less than the personal responsibility one.
Membership Has It's Priveleges
Membership Has It’s Priveleges
I suppose that for the same reasons that people followed Jim Jones to drink the poisoned Kool-Aid, people also flock to Kevin Annett.  When you combine a desperation for belonging, a weak mind, and a lack of healthy skepticism, people will gladly allow someone to take control of their lives.  It is the very nature of a cult to make you believe you have been given the keys to a secret club, full of ‘members only access’ to privelidged information with special jobs to do.  You suddenly realize your life has purpose (FRIENDS YOU ARE PART OF A HISTORIC MOVEMENT!) and you believe that you move within the inner-circle of your guru’s most trusted advisors. What you don’t know, when you first join the cult, is the dark side of “belonging”.  You are not told the true agenda of your cult leader and so it ends up being a complete surprise when he turns on you. Your membership in the ‘secret club’ is now revoked and YOU are enemy number one. The only purpose you serve now is to be made an example of…a reminder to other cult followers who might dare mutiny. Such has been the case with ex-supporters or associates of Kevin Annett.  Here is the growing list of people who at one time believed in what Kevin Annett was doing…supported him publicly, and who ended up paying the price for it:
  1. Members of the Circle of Justice (Residential School Survivors)
  2. Rudy and Diana James (Activists, Organizers of the Vancouver Tribunal: IHRAAM)
  3. Harriett Nahanee (Native Rights Activist, Residential School Survivor)
  4. Jan Longboat (Healer, Mohawk Elder – Six Nations of the Grand River)
  5. Frank and Helen Martin (Residential School Survivors)
  6. Bill Squires (Mohawk Workers of Kanata)
  7. Royce White Calf (Oglalla Souix and AIM member)
  8. Lydia White Calf (Photojournalist and wife of Royce White Calf)
  9. Camilla Novelli (Italian organizer of European Tour and translator – 2010)
  10. Dr. Jennifer Wade (Amnesty International Vancouver- Gave video testimony used in so-called Tribunal)
  11. Dr. Don Ortner (Anthropologist – Smithsonian Inst.)
  12. Dr. Doug Owsley (Forensic Anthropologist, Dir. of Forensic Dept. Smithsonian Inst.)
  13. Clint King (GPR operator at Brantford School – Mush Hole dig site 2011)
  14. Mary Hennesy (not a real person – portrayed as an organizer of NON)
  15. Catherine Onkehonwe (Native Rights Activist)
  16. Ken Bear Chief (Native Rights Activist – Paralegal U.S.)
  17. Chief Louis Daniels (Allegedly gave Kevin name of Eagle Strong Voice)
  18. Gerald White Horse Standing (Native Spiritual Leader, Saskatchewan)
  19. Dennis Banks (Founder of the American Indian Movement)
  20. Jason Bowman (Attempted court case against Canadian Government)
  21. Alex Hunter (Activist)
  22. Watsuk and Steemas (Hereditary Elders of the Tsleil-Waututh and Blackstone Cree – Activists)
  23. John Deegan, Dave O’Brien, Gerry O’Donnell (ACCAW activists Ireland)
  24. Lorna Cayton (Activist for Aboriginal rights in South Africa, Australia and Canada)
  25. Melanie & Richard Spencer (aka. Mel Ve of Freedom Central – Activist, radio show host Netherlands)
  26. Connie Harrison (Abuse Survivor)
  27. …..and many more to come….
Many of the people above in this list have come to me to help.  Some have asked that their story be told so that other people will see Kevin Annett for who he really is and avoid the unpleasantness of being publicly shamed.  Mel Ve and her husband, John Deegan, Camilla Novelli, Ken Bear Chief, Connie Harrison and most of all Royce and Lydia White Calf, have been lied about publicly by Kevin Annett.  He has attempted to ‘slut shame’ them into silence for fear that they may reveal the truth about him to his other followers.  In recent months, he has had others dedicate websites and twitter pages aimed at defaming his biggest supporters.  He has made allegations about them without providing the proof and has advised others to not have anything to do with them.  This is a mind control technique used by every cult and cult leader in history (that includes the religious ones).  Ironically, Kevin Annett is in Las Vegas (if he hasn’t done one of his famous no-shows) speaking at a ‘Mind Control’ conference called the Super Soldier Summit: III. People, I don’t expect that you will wise up until you have experienced what the list of people above has experienced…. you’ll continue to sip the Kool-Aid willingly until everything you have is gone, you’ve given him thousands of dollars that should have gone to feed your kids, or you make the mistake of saying….”um, Kevin what about Vivian Cunningham?”…. For me it’s easy… I started out as the enemy so my role will never change… for you you’ll have to deal with whatever lie the Kevin Annett Ministry of Lies comes up with to publicly damage your reputation.  Unfortunately, you’ll have to take some personal responsibility for that.   Please read this excellent excerpt of info from Cult Watch on How Cults Work: Mind Control is a suite of psychological techniques that cult leaders attempt to control their members with. Cultwatch does not consider Mind Control to be some magical device which can take away peoples’ free will. In other words it does not turn people into some sort of remote control robot. Rather we see Mind Control as a dishonest influence placed covertly on cult members by the cult. So instead of Mind Control being some sort of irresistible force like the aliens in the movies that take over peoples minds, rather it is more like a gun. The cult leader points the Mind Control “gun” at a member and says, “if you leave us then you will lose all of your friends and family”, “if you don’t conform then you will go to Hell”, “if you don’t give us money then you will fail in business”. We have broken Mind Control up into a series of techniques that the cults use. Together these techniques make up Mind Control. A cult needs to recruit and operate using deception. Why? Because if people knew their true practices and beliefs beforehand then they would not join. A cult needs to hide the truth from you until they think you are ready to accept it. For example, imagine if the leader of Heavens Gate cult was open and honest about the group and had said to new recruits, “Join us, wear strange clothes, get castrated and then drink poison!” he would not have had many takers.   A cult will have a slick well-rehearsed Public Relations front which hides what the group is really like. You will hear how they help the poor, or support research, or peace, or the environment. They will tell you how happy you will be in their group (and everyone in the cult will always seem very happy and enthusiastic, mainly because they have been told to act happy and will get in trouble if they don’t). But you will not be told what life is really like in the group, nor what they really believe. These things will be introduced to you slowly, one at a time, so you will not notice the gradual change, until eventually you are practicing and believing things which at the start would have caused you to run a mile. A normal religious organization would not have any trouble with you moving to another similar organization as long as you stayed in that same religion. Because it is the belief system that matters, not membership in an organization. For example if you were a Christian then you could move from one church to another and still be a Christian. However cult leaders will tell you can only be “saved” (or can only be successful) in their organization alone. No other organization has the truth, all others miss the mark. So it is not the belief system that decides your future, but it the belief system AND your membership with that particular group.   The cult leaders need to make you believe that there is no where else you can go and still be saved, and if you ever leave the “one true church” then you are going to hell. This is a fear based control mechanism designed to keep you in the cult. It also gives the cult leaders tremendous power over you. If you really believe that leaving the group equals leaving God (or means you are leaving your only chance to succeed in life), then you will obey the cult leaders even when you disagree with them instead of risking being kicked out of the group. Exclusivism is used as a threat, it controls your behavior through fear. Be very suspicious of any group that claims to be better than all the others. A religious group may say that other groups following the same religion are OK, but they are the ones who have a better grasp of the truth and they are superior to the rest. This is often just a subtle version of exclusivism. This is one of the practices that cults are often very deceptive about. For example, first off they may give you the impression that they think you are a true Christian, Buddhist or Muslim and it’s not until later that their true position is revealed. Fear_&_Intimidation Cult leadership is feared. To disagree with leadership is the same as disagreeing with God. The cult leaders will claim to have direct authority from God to control almost all aspects of your life. If the cult is not a religious group then questioning the leaders or program will still be seen as a sign of rebellion and stupidity. Guilt, Character Assassination and Breaking Sessions. Guilt will be used to control you. Maybe the reason you’re not making money is because you’re not “with the programme”. Maybe the reason you’re not able to convert new recruits is because “your heart is prideful and full of sin”. It could never be that the programme isn’t working, or those new recruits have valid reasons for not joining. It’s always your fault, you are always wrong, and so you must try harder! You will also be made to feel very guilty for disobeying any of the cult’s written or unwritten rules. Character Assassination is used to help create the guilt in you. Character Assassination is a type of false reasoning used by people and groups who have no real arguments. The technical name for Character Assassination is “The Ad hominem Fallacy”. This is how it works. Imagine if you will a conversation between two men, Ford and Arthur… “One plus one equals three”, says Ford. “No I don’t think so. You see when I have one thing, and I have another thing, then I have two things not three”, replies Arthur. “I see your point, but what you must realize is that one plus one when calculated in relation to this complex number domain, which I just invented, and then squared by the sum of the ninth tangent in the sequence of the Fibonacci series results in three!”, stated Ford triumphantly. Ok, Ford is wrong, but that is not the point. The point is that Ford tried to answer Arthur’s reasoning with more reasoning of his own. This is the healthy way people and groups debate subjects. Now lets see what would have happened if Ford had used Character Assassination… “Arthur I have been a mathematician longer than you. How dare you disagree with me! You are obviously a very smug and prideful person. I think you are disagreeing with me because you are jealous of me, and to be honest with you Arthur your rebellion has really hurt me and a lot of other people too”, stated Ford his face intimidatingly close to Arthur’s. You see Ford didn’t answer Arthur’s argument, instead he attacked his character. If you are not aware of how Character Assassination works then it is a powerful way to exert control over you. Breaking sessions are when one, two or more cult members and leaders attack the character of another person, sometimes for hours on end. Some cults will not stop these sessions until their victim is crying uncontrollably. Love_Bombing_&_Relationship_Control Cults know that if they can control your relationships then they can control you. Whether we like it or not we are all profoundly affected by those around us. When you first go to a cult they will practice “love bombing”, where they arrange instant friends for you. It will seem wonderful, how could such a loving group be wrong! But you soon learn that if you ever disagree with them, or ever leave the cult then you will lose all your new “friends”. This unspoken threat influences your actions in the cult. Things that normally would have made you complain will pass by silently because you don’t want to be ostracized. Like in an unhealthy relationship love is turned on and off to control. Cults also try to cut you off from your friends and family because they hate others being able to influence you. A mind control cult will seek to manoeuvre your life so as to maximize your contact with cult members and minimize your contact with people outside the group, especially those who oppose your involvement. Those who control the information control the person. In a mind control cult any information from outside the cult is considered evil, especially if it is opposing the cult. Members are told not to read it or believe it. Only information supplied by the cult is true. One cult labels any information against it as “persecution” or “spiritual pornography”, another cult calls it “apostate literature” and will expel you from the group if you are caught with it. Cults train their members to instantly destroy any critical information given to them, and to not even entertain the thought that the information could be true. Common sense tells us that a person who does not consider all information may make an unbalanced decision. Filtering the information available or trying to discredit it not on the basis of how true it is, but rather on the basis of how it supports the party line, is a common control method used throughout history. In a mind control cult like in Nazi Germany or Communist Russia you must be careful of what you say and do; “The walls have ears”. Everyone is encouraged to watch out for “struggling” brothers and sisters and report what they see to leadership. Often information given in deepest confidence is automatically reported to leadership. Cult leaders will then use this information to convince their members that they have a supernatural link, the trusting member does not suspect the very natural mechanism behind the supernatural revelations they are given.   People in a mind control cult will also hide their true thoughts and feelings, and instead wear a mask which presents them as a perfect cult member. This mask is a defense against being reported to leadership and being punished for not measuring up (cult members never feel like they measure up to the cult’s ideals, and yet often believe the other members around them do, when in reality the others feel the same as them). Hence cult members are trained not only to deceive outsiders, but also to deceive their fellow cult members. Rarely can close friendships form in cults, and if they do the cult’s leaders may see them as a threat and move those people away from each other. Nothing is allowed that can be more powerful than the cult members’ allegiance to the group and it’s leaders.   Mind control cults keep their members so busy with meetings and activities that they become too busy and too tired to think about their involvement. Time control also helps the cult keep their members immersed in the manufactured cult environment. And time control helps keep cult members away from friends and family.   Read More Here


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