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ISRAELI SETTLERS ... who kill, humiliate and never worried. Instruments of the Israeli policy of systematic colonization.

Here, they take it to one woman who they want to remove her headscarf, to humiliate her. Your prayers, at least ...

There will be justice one day ... in sha al-'Adl

Violence in Court. Council Tax. 
We don't do Common Law Part1/3

I was prevented from documenting the session, for which reason I came (leaving my domestic obligations), as the Security Officer at the check point had confiscated both my video and photo cameras.  Upon what authority?  No explanations were offered!  I did not want to cause any trouble despite the deliberate provocation and violation of my right as they provided no evidence of any rules or regulations that cameras were not allowed on the Court premises or inside the Courts in Session or not.


The guest concerned, BARRY LYNDON, and who a few persons had accompanied, in a loud and audible voice claimed to the entering “Magistrate team” his right to stand upon Common Law.  
The “magistrate team” walked out in unison as the “Public Gallery” refused to stand up and some to remove their hats on being ordered to do so.  Immediately one Court Officer came into the Court and then followed by two bulky Officers who stood at the door as if to prevent anyone from going out.  One of them said we refused to stand up and they visibly came to deal with the “offenders”.  
The “magistrate team” came back but made two way communication impossible as they persistently refused to speak either louder or using a microphone despite being asked by a person from the “Public Gallery”. 
The guest has been very civil all along while addressing the “magistrate team or the magistrate” and his only apparent crime was to say repeatedly he could not hear and even insisted he suffered from “tinnitus”.  There was a microphone nearby and even when requested to use it the “magistrate team” refused to do so and they walked out again.
One of the Court Officers later asked the guest his name in the absence of the “magistrate team”. When in return the guest asked him to identify himself he refused and blatantly (arrogantly) said something like “I am not to give you my name”. 
In the mean time several Officers interfered several times threateningly pouncing on the Court Guest increasing the tension despite of the fact that the “Supervisor” was now handling the matter with the Court guest. 
When I later asked the “Supervisor” his name he ignored my request, and when I tried to look at his badge I was violently prevented by one of the ferocious Officers who assaulted the Court’s guest. This bullying attitude stopped me from asking for the identification of the attackers or of anybody present.
When I asked the frail looking young woman “Police Officer GD321” who was apparently called in if the Court Officers were above the Police as she seemed to be intimidated by them and doing nothing to tackle the problem, she did not answer.  Other persons present said she was even taking the sides of the attackers and did nothing to prevent the continuing attack on the Court’s Guest by all the Court Officers present in turn (except one) right over me as the Court Guest was sitting on my right.
When one person in the “Public Gallery” told his intention to address the Police Officer seeing that they were getting nowhere, the “Supervisor” interfered and said something like: I AM THE ONE IN CHARGE OF THE BUILDING!  And he ignored the Police officer present!  Yet, he did not blame his violent staff for repeatedly assaulting the Court Guest earlier on trying to pull him off his chair, to carry him away very violently (ferociously), and even lifted his chair off the ground with him sitting on it, but instead politely and calmly invited the Court Guest to speak with him outside if he promised to speak to him “civilly”.
The Court Guest kept repeating to him that all he did was to ask the “magistrate” to speak out but he ignored him and walked out.  All the time the “Supervisor” was talking to the Court Guest offering his mediation before the “Magistrate”, his three strong men were right behind him in a threatening manner, very fidgety, one of them moving his hip sideways nonstop, and even interfering en bloc.  The “Supervisor” even tried to lecture some of the persons present about the law, patronizing them!
Like the others, I was ordered out of Court and out of the
waiting room by the pushy and “civil” “Supervisor”. 
  When I objected to leave the waiting room, the (“his”) “gorilles” (French for strong hand men) ‘helped’ me out!  There was nobody to complain to as the “Supervisor” acted like the supreme authority on the Court premises and showed no fairness. 
Once downstairs I asked a lady in uniform to speak with the Supervisor to complain and ask upon what authority they confiscated my personal property (tagged 150) and left it unprotected and within reach of anybody she pointed to the same “Supervisor” who literally kicked me out of the waiting room. 
I saw my property left unprotected at the sight of everyone and it could have been stolen, damaged or tampered with very easily.  The officer returning my property asked me: how many were there?  I answered two. 
If I were an orthodox  Jew, Muslim or Sikh or an orthodox  Muslim or Hindu lady would the “magistrate” have ordered me to uncover my head?
If I wore a tattoo and ear rings, would he have ordered me to cover my tattoo and remove my earrings?
And they call this England and a democracy, but it stinks exactly like a totalitarian fascist corporate dictatorship!

9 July 2014

I and others witnessed one of the "gorilles" mimicking a "Gayish" gesture and gesticulating like a literal buffoon!  Barry confirms:

BARRY LYNDON: "he then with his arms and masonic fingers started to take the micky by saying, i see hes mental and your deaf, ha ha ha"

10th of July 2014
  • Barry Lyndon yes this gorilla with muscles and golden teeth backed away when i said his prophet wouldnt be very pleased with what he is doing, but in come more of the bullies, and so they tried to lift me up by grabbing my arms, i then grabbed my chair, and thought im not going anywhere and stood my ground
  • Barry Lyndon yes there were pee-pol there i didnt know and i kept asking who they were?
  • Barry Lyndon outside there was a seperate protest about gun sellers at excell
  • Barry Lyndon when i think about it the court was spying on us via there cctv and they havnt even asked us for permission, i need to get hold of that as its evidence of what they did to me and my friends in that court
  • Barry Lyndon it was also funny in there, because i invited my brother who is only just getting his head back together from illuminati big pharma medications, he was using hid phone to talk to someone, i guess he forgot you cannot use phones in a court, so the cheeky african with the mohican hairstyle with 7 or 8 guards behind him, told him off, i said leave him alone, he didnt know? he then with his arms and masonic fingers started to take the micky by saying,i see hes mental and your deaf, ha ha ha,i thought what an attitude for a security officer, i think its the company called MIGHTY, of which i have to check up on
  • Barry Lyndon so it wasnt scary, ok i had to deal with the heavy handed tactics of the guards, as we went our seperate ways home,but i was in histerics from remembering what happened, what a crazy day
11th of July 2014
  • You like this.
  • Barry Lyndon yes its true what my friend says,2 out of the 7 or 8 security guards tried to lift me up with the chair still under my bum to get me out of the courtroom and all because i said i couldnt hear the magistrate
  • Barry Lyndon when injustice becomes law resistance becomes duty
  • Barry Lyndon for me as an honoured and treasured individual i had to fight the system and let everyone know that we dont have to live by de-facto courts of legalese but we now have de-jurre common law courts but mostly in america and one in coventry and the international court at the hague as well.
  • Barry Lyndon and common law rights are also in the NESARA/GESARA which is the real laws of the land/world that come under galactic codex but the powers that were/establishment/illiminati families dont want you to know that
  • Barry Lyndon NESARA=national economic security and reformation act
  • Barry Lyndon GESARA=global economic security and reformation act
  • Ghyslaine Roc Seems that your "Galactic friends" are shunning you here, my boy! Ghyslaine

  Marine Salvage Acting in court 

re violence in court council tax


Published on 9 Jul 2014
re the disability's and equalities act
This court is not equipped to deal with the pacific need's of disabled people therefore not fit for purpose
A complaint will be made as soon as possible in writing and possible charge's brought for violent assault by it's court security staff

Barry Lyndon

5 hours ago
thanks to undercovercameras who today revisited the scene  of the crime where i was manhandled insulted and told to get lost by the magistrate/security guards and the council staff who just watched and didnt even come to my rescue as the immature bullying magistrate who  was bullying me and the  7 sarcastic security guards of whom 2 of them were hurting  my arms trying to get me and a chair out of the courtroom 
they were seriously assaulting me.
the clerk wouldnt even answer me properly, council tax staff didnt even budge from his chair, and the magistrate kept saying get the lot out and all because i spoke out and said, to my friends 
do not stand up, 
do not take off your hats 
and i cannot hear you to the magistrate and so i then said as he and his fake magistrates were walking out,
i now bring this court into common law jurisdiction, 
and thats when one security man who was mr muscles with gold teeth started to get lippy with me as i asked him why are you standing against the door it didnt look right, he came towards me later again saying something i couldnt hear, so i said 
if your prophet mohammed heard and saw what you are doing he wouldnt like that would he?
so he then backed away but then reinfocements came in and it was pandermonium

Remember when Senator John McCain went to Syria and met with factions of rebels fighting the Assad regime?

As it turns out, the group that he was meeting with was a particular subset of rebels in Syria, who we now know as ISIS.

9 July 2014 18:27 

How did Barry Lyndon find out that the Golden Tooth "gorille" (French for a kind of strong hand men) was a Muslim baffles me!

It is clear to me that British authorities hire such "gorilles" as a matter of policy to intimidate defenseless civilians, assault them when asked to, the same type (but among Latinos) Negro Ponte hired to murder people in South America, or organised as DEATH SQUADS known as Blackwater and BlackwaterXe in Iraq, BOKO HARAM, ISIS and other hired killers (of various biological types and nationalities) to murder and bomb Arabs and Muslims around the world.

MI5-MI6 are known to hire Asians through intimidation, bribe and blackmail to work for them!

In that Court most of the "gorilles" were predominantly of Black biological type and very violent, and at no moment did they act like GENTLEMEN! The gold tooth "gorille" may have been "lippy" but he did not assault Barry or maybe only verbally.

A White woman was sitting with the team of two White "magistrates"! It is clear that the Court "Security" as well as the "Police Officer" functioned as Black and Brown "house negroes" of the predominantly White establishment

The "supervisor" who was requesting insistently a "civil" conversation from Barry Lyndon was himself the head of a gang of "savages" who never acted in any "civilised manner"!

A couple of white persons were also seated in the "Public Gallery" but stood up when the "magistrates entered the Court room. When questioned they refused to say who they were and why they were there! MOST PROBABLY "SPIES"?

Another White man with a beard who was with the Court officials followed us out after we were all kicked out of both the Court and Waiting Rooms. I saw him roll a cigarette (cannabis?) which he smoked while listening to what we were saying outside.

Snowden confirme que Al Baghdadi a été formé par le MOSSAD

L’ancien employé à l’agence national de sécurité américaine, Security Edward Snowden, a révélé que les services de renseignement britannique et américain et le Mossad ont collaboré ensemble pour la création de l’ex-EIIL ou l’État islamique en Irak et au Levant, selon l’agence d’information iranienne Farsnews.

Snowden confirme que Al Baghdadi a été formé par le MOSSAD Snowden a indiqué que les services de renseignement de trois pays, à savoir les États-Unis, la Grande-Bretagne et l’entité sioniste ont collaboré ensemble afin de créer une organisation terroriste qui soit capable d’attirer tous les extrémistes du monde vers un seul endroit selon une stratégie baptisée « le nid des frelons. »

Les documents de l’Agence nationale de sécurité américaine évoque « la mise en place récente d’un vieux plan britannique connu sous le nom « nid de frelons » pour protéger l’entité sioniste et ce en créant une religion comprenant des slogans islamiques qui rejettent toute autre religion ou confession ».
Selon les documents de Snowden, « la seule solution pour la protection de « l’Etat juif » est de créer un ennemi près de ses frontières, mais de le dresser contre les États islamiques qui s’opposent à sa présence ».
Les fuites ont révélé qu’« Abou Bakr al-Baghdadi a suivi une formation militaire intensive durant une année entière entre les mains du Mossad en sans compter des cours pour maitriser l’art du discours et des cours en théologie ».
Source : Al-imane


  1. Barry Lyndon
    5 hours ago [Saturday 12 July 2014]

    UK.due to my council tax court case of a farce last tues,i went to various police stations in the london boroughs of newham and tower hamlets yesterday, some of whom face closures, to report a crime that took place inside the courtroom, i didnt find them very there was no one at the counter or you have to wait for half hour or more or only open certain days of the wk,and then they want you to contract with them, as they ask for your d.o.b.=date of birth,name and address and so if you do give personal details to a complete stranger in a police uniform that you have never met before, then those details are logged onto their al-qeada=database and also the bond on the stock mkt, but because i didnt give those details but only my email and phone number its not recorded as a crime but only recorded and so they cannot view any cctv in the courtroom.and yet it does not state that in the police RULES called PACE

  2. Barry Lyndon
    yes the afican with the mohican hairstyle was a bit intimidating with his silly hand gestures and mocking voice of sarcasm and his 7 or 8 more security guards and a police woman as well,all done towards me and my brother just because i couldnt hear the silly magistate who wouldnt listen to my pleas,and its all on cctv as i could clearly see it mounted on the wall, he litrually put on a star performance and acting like a gorila
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