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Snowden confirme que Al Baghdadi a été formé par le MOSSAD

L’ancien employé à l’agence national de sécurité américaine, Security Edward Snowden, a révélé que les services de renseignement britannique et américain et le Mossad ont collaboré ensemble pour la création de l’ex-EIIL ou l’État islamique en Irak et au Levant, selon l’agence d’information iranienne Farsnews.

Snowden confirme que Al Baghdadi a été formé par le MOSSAD Snowden a indiqué que les services de renseignement de trois pays, à savoir les États-Unis, la Grande-Bretagne et l’entité sioniste ont collaboré ensemble afin de créer une organisation terroriste qui soit capable d’attirer tous les extrémistes du monde vers un seul endroit selon une stratégie baptisée « le nid des frelons. »
Les documents de l’Agence nationale de sécurité américaine évoque « la mise en place récente d’un vieux plan britannique connu sous le nom « nid de frelons » pour protéger l’entité sioniste et ce en créant une religion comprenant des slogans islamiques qui rejettent toute autre religion ou confession ».
Selon les documents de Snowden, « la seule solution pour la protection de « l’Etat juif » est de créer un ennemi près de ses frontières, mais de le dresser contre les États islamiques qui s’opposent à sa présence ».
Les fuites ont révélé qu’« Abou Bakr al-Baghdadi a suivi une formation militaire intensive durant une année entière entre les mains du Mossad en sans compter des cours pour maitriser l’art du discours et des cours en théologie ».
Source : Al-imane

  The Meaning of Freedom 

Responding to

Hamza Yusuf, March 31, 2014

Freedom has long been a cherished word in the human lexicon. All human beings love freedom, but if pressed, many people will find it difficult to define. While “freedom” is an abstract noun, its meaning is found in verbs and adjectives as well. We free a prisoner, and we win free prizes. But what is freedom? Why do we value it so highly? 

In the West, freedom is a hard won right, fought for in the crucible of rebellion and blood. This type of freedom is generally understood to be political and religious freedom. Americans and Europeans fought several bloody wars to live freely and worship—or not worship—as they chose. Many places in the world, however, are still mired in the slough of political tyranny and religious persecution. This may seem odd for many Americans who take these liberties for granted, but those who risk their lives for the simple right to vote or pray can be found all over the world.

In the West, most people view freedom as an absolute principle and an inalienable right. They do so, however, because most have never deeply pondered the problems of freedom and our exercise of personal liberty. We fail to distinguish between the types of freedom: circumstantial, acquired, and natural, and their implications. We neglect the fact that all freedoms are predicated on freedom of thought, which oddly enough can never be taken away from us, unless we allow it. We are free to think what we want, even in the most repressive societies, where to speak our thoughts is prohibited. If freedom of thought is the foundation of all freedoms, then how much of the contents of our mind are truly free? If we are honest, we must answer: not much. Most of us are victims of our historical circumstances, indoctrination posed as education, propaganda, advertising, and the latest fads. Even our religious beliefs are often merely inherited and not deeply contemplated.

What would a truly free society look like? I don’t mean modern liberal democracies that many assume are free societies. I mean a truly free society where reason rules and people are allowed to think for themselves because their minds are free to do so. If the mind is not free to think without the obstacles of appetite and irascibility, then freedom is merely a chimera or a phantom of no real substance. True freedom, predicated on a mind free to think, takes hard work; it involves not only an outward struggle but, more importantly, an inward one. If such a revolution ever took place on a large scale, our world would take on a very different hue from the one currently clouding it.

Freedom of religion is an extension of freedom of thought: the freedom to worship or believe what one wants. But no man is an island; our nature is to live in aggregates and conform to our societies. Those who attempt to escape the cave have always been persecuted, yet making the horrors of the cave appear pleasurable so that people stop thinking about escaping is not the answer. Rather, the answer involves understanding what it means to think in accordance with what makes us human—our reason and our spirit—and then striving to create societies where we can acquire the tools that enable us to think freely. Religion, paradoxically, thrives in environments of persecution; it often withers in the cornucopia of capitalism and liberal democracies. For those of us who believe, a providential Hand is always present, even in persecution.

While we must struggle against all forms of tyranny over the minds of men, those of us who are believers should realize that the real battles in this world “are not of flesh and blood, but with the principalities of darkness.”

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Religious Freedom As the First Freedom
Matthew J. Franck, March 31, 2014

The Nature and Importance of Religious Freedom
Nicholas Wolterstorff, March 31, 2014

Religious Freedom Essential to State Legitimacy and the Common Welfare
Kristine Kalanges, March 31, 2014

 Jesse Owens: “Hitler didn't snub me—it was [FDR] (President Franklin D. Roosevelt of the land of "FREE" and the "BRAVE") who snubbed me.

German Myth 10

The 1936 Berlin Olympics
Hitler and Jesse Owens

German Misnomers, Myths and Mistakes > Myth 10
Who really snubbed 1936 Olympic champion Jesse Owens?
This U.S. postage stamp honoring Owens
was issued in 1998.
See Larger view.
Photo: USPS
Although many people know better, the myth of Hitler's snub of Jesse Owens at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin is persistent. But that's not where the Olympic myths end. The alleged snub is not even the most important of several Berlin Olympics misconceptions that need correcting.

In his day, Ohio State track star James (“J.C.” Jesse) Cleveland Owens (1913-1980) was as famous and admired as Carl Lewis, Tiger Woods, or Michael Jordan are today. (1996 Olympic champ Carl Lewis has been called the “second Jesse Owens.”) But there are significant differences between then and now. Because of racial discrimination in his native land, Jesse Owens was not able to enjoy anything close to the huge financial benefits that African American athletes can expect today. When Owens came home from his success in Nazi Germany, he faced barriers that he would not face today. After the ticker-tape parades, he received no Hollywood offers, no endorsement contracts, and no ad deals. His face didn't appear on cereal boxes. Three years after his victories in Berlin, a failed business deal forced Owens to declare bankruptcy. He made a modest living from his own sports promotions, including racing against a thoroughbred horse. After moving to Chicago in 1949, he started a successful public relations firm. Owens was also a popular jazz disc jockey for many years in Chicago.
Jesse Owens was wearing German track shoes when he won his gold medals in Berlin. So were all the members of the German team and most of the track and field athletes.
The fact that there were American athletes competing in the 1936 Olympics at all is still considered by many to be a blotch on the history of the U.S. Olympic Committee. Germany's open discrimination against Jews and other “non-Aryans” was already public knowledge when many Americans opposed U.S. participation in the “Nazi Olympics.” Opponents to U.S. participation included the American ambassadors to Germany and Austria. But those who warned that Hitler and the Nazis would use the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin for propaganda purposes lost the battle to have the U.S. boycott the Berlin Olympiade.
Which brings us to another Olympic myth. It is often stated that Jesse Owens' four gold medals humiliated Hitler by proving to the world that Nazi claims of Aryan superiority were a lie. But Hitler and the Nazis were far from unhappy with the Olympic results. Not only did Germany win far more medals than any other country at the 1936 Olympics, but the Nazis had pulled off the huge public relations coup that Olympic opponents had predicted, casting Germany and the Nazis, falsely, in a positive light. In the long run, Owens' victories turned out to be only a minor embarrassment for Nazi Germany.

But Jesse Owens' reception by the German public and the spectators in the Olympic stadium was warm. There were German cheers of “Yesseh Oh-vens” or just “Oh-vens” from the crowd. Owens was a true celebrity in Berlin, mobbed by autograph seekers to the point that he complained about all the attention. He later claimed that his reception in Berlin was greater than any other he had ever experienced, and he was quite popular even before the Olympics.

The Snub Myth
Hitler did shun a black American athlete at the 1936 Games, but it wasn't Jesse Owens. On the first day of the Olympics, just before Cornelius Johnson, an African American althlete who won the first gold medal for the U.S. that day, was to receive his award, Hitler left the stadium early. (The Nazis later claimed it was a previously scheduled departure.) Prior to his departure, Hitler had received a number of winners, but Olympic officials informed the German leader that in the future he must receive all of the winners or none at all. After the first day, he opted to acknowledge none. Jesse Owens had his victories on the second day, when Hitler was no longer in attendance. Would Hitler have snubbed Owens if he had been in the stadium on day two? Perhaps. But since he wasn't there, he didn't.

Ironically, the real snub of Owens came from his own president. Even after ticker-tape parades for Owens in New York City and Cleveland, President Franklin D. Roosevelt never publicly acknowledged Owens' achievements (gold in the 100 meter, 200 meter, 400 meter relay, and long jump). Owens was never invited to the White House and never even received a letter of congratulations from the president. Almost two decades passed before another American president, Dwight D. Eisenhower, honored Owens by naming him “Ambassador of Sports” — in 1955.

Some True Jesse Owens Stories
  • For his Berlin wins, Owens was wearing track shoes made by the Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik, a German company. The Dassler brothers later split into two firms, known as Adidas and Puma.
  • Jesse Owens: “Hitler didn't snub me—it was [FDR] who snubbed me. The president didn't even send me a telegram.” - quoted in Triumph, a book about the 1936 Olympics by Jeremy Schaap
  • In 1984, the Berlin street known as Stadionallee (Stadium boulevard), south of the Olympic stadium in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, was renamed Jesse-Owens-Allee. Owens' widow Ruth and his three daughters attended the dedication ceremonies on March 10 as guests of the German government. A memorial plaque for Owens is also located at the Olympiastadion.
  • The Jesse-Owens-Realschule/Oberschule (secondary school) is in Berlin-Lichtenberg.
  • Despite his stardom, Owens received no scholarship money from Ohio State University. He had to work as an elevator operator, waiter, and gas station attendent to support himself and his wife.
  • Two U.S. postage stamps have been issued to honor Owens, one in 1990 and another in 1998.
  • Jesse Owens was born in Danville, Alabama on Sept. 12, 1913. His family moved to Cleveland when he was nine. In 1949 the Owens settled in Chicago. His grave is in Chicago's Oak Woods Cemetery.
  • Owens became a heavy smoker following his athletic days. He died of lung cancer in Phoenix, Arizona on March 31, 1980.
Adi Dassler & Adidas
All about the German inventor of the track shoes worn by Jesse Owens in Berlin.
STAMP 1 > 1990 Stamp (large view)
STAMP 2 > 1998 Stamp (large view)

More German Misnomers, Myths, and Mistakes
You can learn more about the myths above, plus several others in our “German Misnomers, Myths and Mistakes” collection. Each myth, misnomer or mistake comes with a detailed true explanation that is often much more interesting than the false version.


Why is the West Attacking Freedom of the Press?

Why is the West Attacking Freedom of the Press?

When it comes to the freedom in the media, most of us feel fairly secure that in the West, we have laws that protect journalists and allow the free flow of information to the people*. However, this is a far more complex issue than most people realize, and one that puts the freedom, and safety, of all journalists at risk. In fact, just this year alone, hundreds of threats and attacks have been directed at the journalistic community**.

This surge of censorship and suppression was a motivating factor for the Italian group, Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso and the Censorship Index to team up; creating an interactive map that keeps track of attacks on journalistic rights within Europe.

The Media Freedom Map shows violations by location, and allows readers to toggle between different categories such as limitation of media freedom, verified reports and gender cases***.

Each color coded dot on the map represents a report given by a first person journalist, blogger or media worker. Clicking on the reports often gets you a full run down of the event, including sources and names that verify the event. For instance, clicking on one at random, I see that on June 12, two photographers were beaten by the police outside the Ministry of Finance building in Athens. This was verified and included female and male photographers who were covering a protest of low-wage workers.

Plenty of short hand accounts inhabit the map, including threats from governments to ‘watch over’ or ‘monitor’ publications. However, monumental court cases for journalistic rights are also covered. When Finish photojournalist Markus Pentikainen was arrested and detained for covering a protest, he decided to fight back. With the support of his fellow photojournalists, he took Finland to the European Court of Human Rights. The ECHR will hear Pentikainen’s case in their grand chambers this year.

Nearby in Denmark, two journalists were arrested and convicted for publishing the names of 12 pig farmers who were responsible for spreading MRSA, a deadly bacteria. Their report apparently violated Denmark’s law on data protection, but their lawyer argued that, ’there is public interest in openness about a growing health hazard.’ Although the journalists beat the 6 month jail sentence, they were still forced to pay fines. This ruling has been seen as a step back for freedom of the press, especially when public health is concerned.
Over in the USA, things aren’t much better. When Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist James Risen’s book, “State of War,” revealed confidential information about the United States’ collusion with Iran, his freedom was put in jeopardy. The alleged informant, Jeffrey Sterling, was taken to court for espionage and Risen was called to testify against him. Risen has refused, and although he’s been threatened with jail, he continues to stand firm that he would rather go to prison than break his journalistic ethics.

The case of Josh Wolf in California also brought to light to how journalists protecting source material can suffer. While covering an anti-G8 protest, he shot video of a policeman choking a protester and another threatening the use of stun guns. When the police asked him to turn over his source material, he refused. The police cited damaged property as part of an investigation on protesters (the damaged property was a tail light). When Wolf still refused, he spent 225 days in jail on contempt, the longest time served by any journalist in America. It later came to light that Wolf had no footage of the damaged police vehicle.

The Society of Professional Journalists has documented a number of these cases, and advocates for federal protection for journalistic ethics. They state, “in 2006 alone journalists were served with more than 7,200 subpoenas from state and local governments, and about 800 from the federal government. Some news organizations are served more than 25 times a year.”

Although they support the current Journalist Shield Law in Congress, SPJ notes it falls short of some necessary protections, and even opens the door to regulating journalism further. This is because while the Journalist Shield Law seeks to protect journalists from having to reveal their sources on a national level, unless the journalist is defined by old-media standards, they are exempt from protection.

SPJ reports that they’d do better to define acts of ‘journalism’ rather than the journalist as, “Once a ‘journalist’ is defined then before long the government might start raising the idea of licensing journalists, which can lead to a form of censorship that is found in other countries.”

Looking at the broad scope of attacks on journalists in the West, it becomes very clear that better regulations need to be put in place. Freedom of speech is not freedom to say whatever you want without condemnation; it’s the freedom to express beliefs and ideas without unwarranted government restriction. And it seems pretty clear, from where we stand now, that right is under considerable attack.

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* "Free flow of information" = absolute bull shit! 
** The mainstream "journalistic community" is just a community of prostitutes under orders!  
*** "Gender" = most probably Lesbian Homosexual Bisexual and Transexual???



Summer Solstice FAIL! – Illuminati FALSE FLAG Road Map now FULLY EXPOSED!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2014 20:58
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Since the early 1960’s, the Illuminati have planned the human sacrifice of everyone on the North American Continent to their father down below.  And now their plan is being revealed to the entire Planet.  This is the first article in a new series, that will track numerous False Flag attacks on the Illuminati Pentagram – the one they have set over North America, as the Illuminati prepare for their Grand Finale in the City of Chicago.  This series of articles will reveal the organization and the motives behind many of the major False Flag attacks on this Continent.   

We will begin by looking at the deliberate False Flag and satanic events the Illuminati have already undertaken, in order to establish the main points of the illuminati star over North America.  Each paragraph in the article corresponds to a numbered point on the following map.  The full version of this article will be available at the link located at the bottom of it.

1.  Mexico City, Mexico – and The Temple of the Feathered Serpent.   Mexico as a country has one of the highest homicide rates in the World.  Approximately 25 miles NE of the heart of Mexico City, you will find a location very well-known for human sacrifices.  It is called the ‘Temple of the Feathered Serpent’ or the ‘Temple of the Sun’.  This temple has extreme historical significance, as its floor plan was copied in the architectural design of the Sandy Hook Elementary School.  The elementary school was deliberately built as a mirror temple for the planned child sacrifice False Flag event, where no one died.  Sandy Hook Elementary School is approximately a 1/3 scale copy of the original temple, with both structures facing a NW direction.,_Teotihuacan

2.  Portland, Oregon – also referred to as “The Forbidden City”, is also known as “The city of Shanghaiing.”  Located at the western tip of the illuminati star, Portland symbolizes the illuminati agenda reaching out into the Pacific Ocean – to all the port cities.  Portland is built on a series of hellish underground passageways that facilitated the human slave trade.  ‘Shanghaiing’ was the act of trapping and/or capturing an individual, often by intoxication.  The intoxicated individual would either be led to a ship where they would be sold directly into slavery, or they would be lured onto a hidden trap door.  When they fell through the trap door they were immediately seized and held in a cage in the ‘Shanghai Tunnels’ until they could be sold to a ship captain.  The victim would awake to find themselves enslaved – most times, on a ship, already out in the ocean, with no hope of escape.

3.  Repulse Bay, Canada, is located in the Territory of Nunavut.  ‘The Arctic Circle Arch’ is located at Repulse Bay Canada, a place that is 66 degrees North – and 66 is a symbolic Illuminati number.  The Arch has three black bestial heads located on the top of it.  Interesting to note that Illuminati strongholds within the Canadian Government recently pressured the Government to rename the Territory under the northern tip of the Illuminati Star with the word, “Nunavut”.  More will be revealed on the significance of the name, in future articles.

4.  St. John’s Canada, was named after the beloved disciple of Jesus.  The European illuminati see the American illuminati as their beloved disciple, and that explains why the tip of the star is located over that city.  St. John’s is not only the oldest city in North America, but it also has a history of hellish fiery destruction and death.  The city itself was engulfed in flames in 1892, leading to the deaths of hundreds of people – not from fire, but from freezing and even drowning, as the fires wiped out their homes.  The death and destruction didn’t end there, as not too far away in Newfoundland, not long after, the ‘Sealing disasters’ took place, claiming hundreds of lives – followed by the Spanish Influenza, and then the Burin Tsunami.

5.  Haiti has a dark history of being involved in the slave trade, and its history is also deeply rooted in occult teachings and practices.  In 2010 Haiti experienced a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that resulted in a human death toll of approximately a quarter million lives.  The cholera outbreak that followed affected more than 5% of the population.  The earthquake was man-made, through the use of HAARP technology, and deliberately targeted the city of Port au Prince.   The Illuminati wanted the mass human sacrifice at Port au Prince, to honor their father down below, who is often referred to as ‘the prince of darkness’.  For them, it is ‘Port au prince of darkness’.

6. Pensacola is located on the north shore of the Gulf of Mexico.  Just east of Pensacola, in Panama City in 2010, the Obama family staged a swim photo op.  The point of the photo op was to promote the deception, “the Gulf is safe” following the BP Oil Spill.  The reason why the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers were told to “STAND DOWN!” when the biggest engineering challenge in recent memory was staring them in the face, is because the Oil Spill in the Gulf, was a deliberate event.  The illuminati wanted to put their ‘stamp of death’ on the Gulf food supply, and so they did.

7.  Oklahoma City is best known for the Oklahoma City False Flag Bombing.  Interesting to note that a very bold satanic organization has been recently pushing to have a satanic statue of Baphomet – a human representation of the devil, next to the Ten Commandments, within the court of that Oklahoma Capital.

8. In Red Lake Ontario, on 11/11 2013, flight 311 crashed.  There were only 2 survivors, with one survivor miraculously unharmed.  The crash was no accident.  The Illuminati enjoy using the number 11 as one of their stamps, as they boast of their accomplishments.

9.  The James Bay Hydroelectric Project covers an area the size of the State of New York.  Its combined hydroelectric energy output, makes it one of the largest power producers on the Planet.  The Illuminati are driven by an insatiable thirst for satanic power, and for them, this Power Plant is a deliberate symbol of that power.

10.  Washington DC has a street layout that deliberately incorporated occult symbols, including an inverted pentagram, with the bottom of it pointing directly at The White House – the seat of the Antichrist, Barack Hussein Obama.  The Washington Navy Yard shooting that took place on 09/16/13 (9,6,3), was just another False Flag Illuminati stamp on the City that is ruled by the enemy incarnate and his transsexual partner, “Michael” – whose false externals are wearing quite thin.

11.  Chicago, “the City that endorsed Obama, the enemy incarnate”.  The City was engulfed in hellish flames in 1871.  The Illuminati birthed their beloved Antichrist President out of Chicago.  And now the Illuminati plan is to stage a nuclear False Flag attack on the city of Chicago, as the catalyst for the declaration of National Martial Law in the United States.

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Les moutons enragés

Les moutons en ont marre, ils s'informent!


« Pas d’arabes, pas d’attentats », « Palestine, on t’enc*** »: la manif parisienne dont les médias n’ont pas voulu parler

La moindre manifestation en France ayant connu une dérive antisémite (même légère), fait généralement l’objet d’une importante médiatisation, le sujet étant brodé dans les journaux télévisés, car l’extrême-droite, c’est pas bien », du moins, en France! (Celle en Ukraine est acceptée tant qu’elle collabore avec l’UE et les USA).

Par contre, une manifestation organisée par la LDJ dont les dérives racistes sont flagrantes, pas un mot, pas un ministre qui réagit, ni un média qui se scandalise ouvertement, aucune association qui ne s’emballe, pas même les représentants de SOS-Racisme. La France se vante de lutter contre toute discrimination et réagit généralement à la moindre attaque, pourquoi alors un tel silence? Car en plus d’incitation à la haine raciale, il y aurait quand même de quoi déclencher un incident diplomatique…

D’un autre côté, l’écrivain Marek Halter demande aux juifs de ne pas fuir la France qui deviendrait « un territoire de haine » pour les djihadistes et le FN. En effet, les actes anti-judaïques sont en hausse, et cela n’est pas acceptable, tout comme il est inacceptable qu’un lieu consacré musulman ou chrétien soit profané. Mais ce n’est pas vraiment le plus inquiétant.

Le plus inquiétant, c’est que d’un côté, nous avons des juifs qui se disent représentants de l’ensemble de la communauté française, qui tiennent des propos dangereux et répréhensibles sans être inquiétés lors de manifestations et qui hurlent au loup en dénonçant « des fachos haineux »,  et que de l’autre côté ils ne s’inquiètent pas une seule seconde des juifs ukrainiens qui eux étaient confrontés à de véritables néo-nazis au pouvoir, et qui avaient peur pour leur avenir dans leur pays. La solidarité sélective?

Pour l’heure, n’ayant pas reçu l’autorisation d’utiliser sur ce blog la vidéo de la manifestation en question, vous la trouverez sur Youtube en cliquant ici. Juste pour information, on ne sait jamais, la vidéo a été récupérée pour sauvegarde (on ne sait jamais, dès fois elles ont tendance à disparaître…).

Pour précision, il ne s’agit pas d’inciter ici à la haine raciale ni d’incriminer « les juifs de France » mais certaines associations qui se disent représentantes des juifs de France, sans garantie aucune que ceux-ci se sentent réellement représentés par ces associations. Merci d’éviter tout commentaire antisémite et d’éviter les amalgames inutile qui se verront systématiquement censurés.

La LDJ et le Bétar manifestent et agressent des passants musulmans

Le 19 juin avait lieu à Paris une manifestation organisée par le Bétar et la LDJ (Ligue de Défense Juive), deux groupuscules d’extrémistes sionistes qui agressent en plein Paris depuis des décennies avec une impunité totale.

Lors de la manifestation, les journalistes indépendants ont rapporté que les extrémistes s’en sont pris violemment à des passants musulmans sans que les agresseurs ne soient interpellés par la police. Les images montrent les miliciens fondamentalistes juifs n’hésitant pas à frapper des CRS en pleine rue.

Ces manifestations d’extrémistes ne sont jamais dénoncées par le Ministère de l’Intérieur ainsi que les médias. Ce silence assourdissant voire complice provoque l’incompréhension générale et questionne sur certains territoires de la République totalement acquis aux milices communautaires sionistes.

Secretary of State John Kerry. (photo: Michael Springer/Getty Images)
Secretary of State John Kerry. (photo: Michael Springer/Getty Images)

Nine Reasons Our Foreign Policy Makes Us Look Like Complete Hypocrites (James Henry Fetzer 24 June 2014 "Not to mention our invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, NATO destruction of Libya, interference in Ukraine, drone attacks in Pakistan and Yemen, on and on and on.")

By Carl Gibson, Reader Supported News
24 June 14

n Chapter 7 of the Book of Matthew, during Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, Jesus talks directly to hypocrites who judge the actions of others while being oblivious to their own faults.
“How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ and behold, the log is in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.” 
– Matthew, Chapter 7, verses 4 and 5
Our political leadership should take some cues from this passage as we approach a solution to deal with the turmoil of Russia’s intrusion into Ukraine, Iraq’s impending downfall that came as a direct result of our past meddlings, and other foreign policy crises to come. We look tremendously foolish to the rest of the world when we try to dictate how other countries should behave, considering the vast number of critical problems the US faces internally.
Here are a few logs the US should take out of its own eye before telling Iraq and Russia how to handle the specks in theirs.

1. We have the worst health care system in the developed world.
A recent study showed that of the top Western industrialized nations, the United States has the worst health care system. That’s no surprise, considering that only in the US is it acceptable for the illness and injury of citizens to be a commodity from which others can profit. To put this into perspective, the average hip replacement in the US costs $40,364. In Spain, that same operation costs $7,731. This means one can fly to Spain, live in Madrid for two years, learn Spanish, run with the bulls, get trampled, get their hip replaced again, and fly back to the US while still coming out ahead. Britain’s National Health Services came out on top of the survey, as citizens who are critically ill or injured can get life-saving medical treatment and be sent home just as a result of paying taxes.

2. We intentionally saddle college students with a lifetime of debt servitude.
The student debt bubble has now surpassed the $1.2 trillion mark, which is even more than America’s accumulated credit card debt. This is a direct result of states investing less in public higher education and making students pay for the bulk of their education. And because wages are already so low, student loans are, in many cases, used for basic survival rather than tuition payments. The average amount of debt each college graduate owes is just under $30,000. This means that even if a student manages to secure a job in an economy where there at least two applicants for every job opening, it will take years of consistent payments for that graduate to be in the black again.
To contrast, most other developed Western nations allow students to go to college for little to no cost of their own, seeing the education of a citizen as an investment in the country’s well-being. When Quebec proposed a tuition increase from $2,200 to $3,800 over a six-year period, hundreds of thousands of students took to the streets in protest.

3. We effectively have an oligarchy, where the rich can buy their own politicians.
The idea of the US invading Iraq to “spread democracy” is laughable, considering the complete absence of democracy in our own country. In a country of 310,000,000 people, we have a body of a little over 500 people making decisions on the behalf of all of us. Most of those few hundred people are millionaires. And most of the time, these millionaires who supposedly represent us spend more time – roughly 30 to 70 percent of it – with other millionaires, courting donations for their next re-election campaign, than they do listening and responding to the needs of their constituents. One study from Princeton University concluded that the US government in its current form has more in common with an oligarchy – where a small number of wealthy people run the government – than a democracy. Another study found that members of Congress were more free to schedule meetings with people who identified as donors than with people who identified as constituents. It isn’t hard to see why there’s such an uptick of “insurgents” in Iraq who don’t want to see the US spread what we call “democracy” in their country.

4. We punish poor people for enduring the circumstances we forced them into.
In Detroit, Dan Gilbert, the billionaire owner of Quicken Loans, became known as "Subprime Dan" when he made a killing before the burst of the housing bubble by pressuring homeowners into risky subprime loans. Since the 2008 housing market crash, roughly 60,000 Detroit homeowners have been forced to vacate their homes, which has led to massive urban blight and enabled billionaires like Dan Gilbert to buy those homes for pennies on the dollar to gentrify and develop into housing that only the rich can afford.
Now, the few Detroiters who are still lucky to have a place to live are paying increasingly higher rates for water, and in the down economy of Detroit, many have fallen behind on water payments. The city of Detroit has responded by shutting off water for 150,000 households, and is doing so at a rapid rate of 1,500 to 3,000 houses per week. When Detroit raised $1 billion in bonds to pay for infrastructure like water in 2011, Detroit’s unelected emergency manager Kevyn Orr, appointed by bank-friendly governor Rick Snyder, allowed big banks to take a big $537 million bite in interest payments. Even after the big industries made a profit by shipping jobs overseas, and the big banks made a profit by swindling people out of their homes, Detroit’s corporate-owned government won’t allow people owing as little as $150 in water payments to have access to a basic human right.
Another example: a poor single mother in New York had landed a job interview, but no babysitter for her two children, ages 6 and 2, was available during the time scheduled for the interview. She had no choice but to leave her two children in the car for 70 minutes. After the interview, she was arrested for alleged child endangerment. And just recently, child protective services took the two children away from their mother for this alleged endangerment. To sum it up, a woman doing everything she could to earn an income to support her family was punished to the point of having her family taken from her, simply because she couldn’t find a babysitter for 70 minutes.
We have an economy that rewards the rich for being rich, and punishes the poor for being poor. Is it any wonder that foreigners scoff at Americans who say their country is the best in the world?

5. We allow a rape epidemic on our college campuses to go unchecked.
On American college campuses, an average of 1 in 5 women will experience sexual assault. And this is just taking into account the number of instances which are actually reported. The number is likely much greater, because reporting a rape and reliving the traumatic experience for campus authorities is itself a daunting task.
In one case of a student at James Madison University in Virginia, her assailants, who actually recorded video of their sexual assault, were allowed to graduate on time before being expelled from university grounds. The survivor of the assault saw her grades drop as a result of the trauma she suffered, and she lost her financial aid. She had no choice but to drop out.
Why should anyone take our claims of making their country safer at all seriously, when we can’t even make our college campuses safe for women?

6. We send people off to die, and don’t take care of the ones who come back alive.
While politicians reserve two months out of the year, May and November, to honor war veterans, they fail to back up their words with effective policies. After the recent VA scandal that culminated in General Eric Shinseki resigning as the sacrificial lamb, Congress has yet to do anything meaningful to address the years-long backlog that stands between veterans and the health care they earned through their service. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
On any given night, there are between 130,000 and 200,000 veterans sleeping on the streets, according to the National Coalition for the Homeless. And every time Congress has had an opportunity to address the plight of veterans, it’s been filibustered by Republicans. In 2010, Senator Patty Murray’s bill to provide aid for homeless veterans with children was filibustered by Mitch McConnell. A bill that would have spent $1 billion to hire veterans for jobs in the public sector was filibustered by 40 senate Republicans in 2012. And just this past February, Senate Republicans once again blocked a bill aimed at providing health care and education to veterans.
The fact that neocons are once again clamoring for troops in Iraq, while they continue to deny returning veterans the help they need and deserve, proves that at least one of the two major parties sees our troops only as cannon fodder not worth a penny if they manage to survive the battlefield. I can’t imagine any country seriously believes we care about their welfare given the way we treat our own war veterans.

7. We make it profitable to systematically incarcerate poor people and minorities.
In America, incarceration is a profitable enterprise. Counties in rural areas hard up for cash are willing to guarantee a certain percentage of occupancy for private prisons, meaning that law enforcement is working extra hard to fill the jails by any means necessary. Usually, this involves heavily patrolling communities of color and low-income neighborhoods, and busting young black men and women for negligible amounts of marijuana. Portugal has done the opposite with great results – a decade ago, the country decided to approach drug addiction as a public health issue rather than a crime, and treated addicts instead of sending them to jail. As a result, Portugal’s addiction rate has gone down by half in the last decade.
The drug war costs us an estimated $20 billion dollars per year from both federal and state governments, while drugs have only been made more widely-available in the process. The continued war on drugs has led to the United States having more black men in prison than there were black men as slaves in the Confederate South. And in a sad parallel to slavery, private prisons are now essentially contractors for major corporations, where work that once paid a livable wage to a unionized employee has been “insourced” to prisoners who do the work for pennies. It’s laughable for the US to deplore slavery in other countries while allowing it to continue at home.

8. We cut our own public services while letting billion-dollar corporations dodge taxes.
Our infrastructure was given a “D+” by architects and engineers, who say our roads and bridges are badly in need of repairs. Our failure to invest properly in public education means our kids are falling far behind students in other countries who are learning much more than we are. And we’ve allowed the last line of hope for the long-term unemployed to be cut off permanently, as Congressional Republicans refuse to extend unemployment compensation for the hardest-hit victims of the economy, saying we “can’t afford” the social safety net. Congressional Republicans also succeeded in cutting the food stamp program by billions of dollars in the last farm bill.
But while Republicans are running around screaming about the deficit, they somehow ignore the more than $100 billion in tax revenue we lose every year through corporate tax loopholes. Major corporations like GE, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Boeing, Verizon, and dozens of others have paid $0 in federal taxes for several years now, even getting tax refunds in the hundreds of millions instead of paying federal taxes. While there has been extensive awareness about the prevalence of tax loopholes like transfer pricing schemes like the “Double Irish” and the “Dutch Sandwich,” and while there’s been plenty of news about corporations like Apple having more untaxed cash than the U.S. Treasury, members of Congress owned by these same corporations turn a blind eye to this hemorrhaging of funds.
The people of Iraq and Ukraine have reason to scoff when we say we care about building up their public infrastructure, given the neglect those same political leaders have shown about American infrastructure.

9. Our police forces have become unaccountable paramilitary organizations.
As the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have wound down, all the surplus military equipment not getting used in the battlefield is being used at home, by local police forces. All a municipal police department has to do is apply for a grant through the Department of Homeland Security, and it can get tanks, drones, firepower, armor, water cannons, flash bang grenades, LRAD sound devices, and other equipment that has no purpose enforcing the law amongst civilians. As the crackdown on the Occupy movement showed, this military equipment is often used to suppress the democratic rights of citizens nonviolently assembling in public spaces.
When countries like Egypt or Russia use military equipment to suppress peaceful citizen protests, our government is the first to condemn it. But through the continued auspices of the “War on Terror,” our government has sanctioned everything from the mass surveillance of calls and emails to the indefinite detention of US citizens in military jail under the flimsiest of accusations. How can America “bring freedom” to another country when American citizens live under the thumb of a militarized police state?
Before we start sending off troops to bring all the wonderful things we love about America to the rest of the world, maybe we should tend to our own affairs first. Let’s take the log out of our own eye before we talk about the speck in the eye of other countries.

Carl Gibson, 26, is co-founder of US Uncut, a nationwide creative direct-action movement that mobilized tens of thousands of activists against corporate tax avoidance and budget cuts in the months leading up to the Occupy Wall Street movement. Carl and other US Uncut activists are featured in the documentary "We're Not Broke," which premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. He currently lives in Madison, Wisconsin. You can contact him at, and follow him on twitter at @uncutCG.

Reader Supported News is the Publication of Origin for this work. Permission to republish is freely granted with credit and a link back to Reader Supported News.

Remember when Senator John McCain went to Syria and met with factions of rebels fighting the Assad regime?

As it turns out, the group that he was meeting with was a particular subset of rebels in Syria, who we now know as ISIS.

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