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Nail In The Coffin! Final Proof of the Sandyhook Hoax!

Published on 20 Feb 2014
This info seals the deal ! After you hear whats in this video, Plus the full audio, You will know the Truth and NEVER Look at this Game the Same! More Sandyhook Info At Links!

Professor James Fetzer


 The Real Deal Ep # 72 "Charleston appears to be another 'false flag'"
Media Broadcasting Center Official Channel


Nobody Died At Sandy Hook
 Nobody Died At Sandy Hook

It wasn't a School Massacre. It was a FEMA drill.

Authored by Jim Fetzer Ph.D.
Cover design or artwork by Ole Dammegard
Edited by Mike Palecek
Edition: 1

It wasn't a School Massacre. It was a FEMA Drill.

Proof it was a drill was right before our eyes:

* the sign, "Everyone must check in!"
* boxes of bottled water & pizza cartons
* Port-a-Potties present from scratch
* many wearing name tags on lanyards
* parents bringing children to the scene

Proof it wasn't a massacre was also there:
* no surge of EMTs in to the building
* no Med-Evac helicopter was called
* no string of ambulances to the school
* no evacuation of 469 other students
* no bodies placed on the triage tarps

We have proof of photo fakery; 

proof of furnishing the Lanza home to serve as a prop; 

proof of refurbishing the school to serve as the stage. 

We even have the FEMA manual for the Sandy Hook event.

"All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The communist party must command all the guns; that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party." - Mao Tse Tung

About the author:
Among the best students and scholars of Sandy Hook have contributed to this collection:
Vivian Lee, Ph.D. Sterling Harwood, J.D., Ph.D. Dr. Eowyn, Ph.D. Nick Kollerstrom, Ph.D. Dennis Cimino James F. Tracy, Ph.D. Kelley Watt Allan William Powell Jim Fetzer, Ph.D.

And featuring Sofia Smallstorm, Paul Preston and Wolfgang Halbig.

The essays have been edited by Jim Fetzer, Ph.D., a former Marine Corps officer and Distinguished McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth, and by Mike Palecek, who has committed his life to the search for truth and justice. They prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Sandy Hook was an elaborate hoax to promote the Obama/Holder gun-control agenda. If you want to know what happened, who was responsible and how it was done, you want to read this book.

 Publication Date:
Oct 22 2015
1518650848 / 9781518650840
Page Count:
Binding Type:
US Trade Paper
Trim Size:
6" x 9"
Black and White
Related Categories:
True Crime / Hoaxes & Deceptions

The Bev Collins Show with James H Fetzer Powerpoint Presentation of Sandy Hook

Media Broadcasting Center Official Channel


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10 hrs ·Sunday 22 June 2014

Perhaps no event in recent American history has captivated the attention of the American public as has Sandy Hook, where a young man is alleged to have shot 20 first-grade children and six adults before committing suicide.
There are hundreds of articles, videos and interviews about Sandy Hook, many of which support the official account, more of which dispute it. Here is a sampler of (what I take to be) the ten best among them. But there is no doubt that others would choose differently.
This selection reflects my own personal sense of these things–and I have included some of my own. Having published a dozen articles and given a hundreds of interviews about it, I have drawn on a variety of source for studies that clarify and illuminate what took place and why. (read more)

Sandy Hook: My pick of the "Top Ten" articles / videos / interviews   by Jim Fetzer   “We have to be repetitive about this,” he said. “We need to do this every day of the week, and just really...
Veterans Today

Sandy Hook: My pick of the “Top Ten” articles / videos / interviews

Sandy Hook: My pick of the “Top Ten” articles / videos / interviews

 by Jim Fetzer

“We have to be repetitive about this,” he said. “We need to do this every day of the week, and just really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.”US Attorney General Eric Holder

The 26 Christmas Trees

The 26 Christmas Trees
Perhaps no event in recent American history has captivated the attention of the American public as has Sandy Hook, where a young man is alleged to have shot 20 first-grade children and six adults before committing suicide.
There are hundreds of articles, videos and interviews about Sandy Hook, many of which support the official account, more of which dispute it. Here is a sampler of (what I take to be) the ten best among them. But there is no doubt that others would choose differently.
This selection reflects my own personal sense of these things–and I have included some of my own. Having published a dozen articles and given a hundreds of interviews about it, I have drawn on a variety of source for studies that clarify and illuminate what took place and why.
One benefit of this specific archive of studies is to provide an historical record of some of the most important research that has established–beyond a reasonable doubt, since no alternative explanation is reasonable–that Sandy Hook was a hoax. In relation to your friends and neighbors, on Sandy Hook, this is the article to recommend for them to read. There is no reason to continue to be played for a sap by your government.
Governor Malloy’s Press Conference

As virtually every student of Sandy Hook must be aware, Governor Malloy held a press conference that day with his Lt. Governor and explained that he had been “spoken to” that something like this might happen. There are only two choices as to what he was told: (1) that there would be a mass shooting in a Connecticut public school; or (2) that a drill would be conducted in an abandoned school but be presented as an actual event.
The person by whom he was “spoken to” has to have been United States Attorney General, Eric Holder, who met with him on 29 November 2012, which was less than a month prior to the Sandy Hook event on 24 December 2014.  That they were going to discuss “Project Longevity”, a priority of the Barack Obama administration, was widely announced in advance, including this article published worldwide by Reuters:
Operation Longevity
Less well known is that, for the Attorney General, gun control has been a passion, which is illustrated by the speech he gave to the Women’s National Democratic Club on 30 January 1995.  He states his goal in clear and precise language: “We have to be repetitive about this,” he said. “We need to do this every day of the week, and just really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.” Listen to what Eric Holder says:

Eric Holder - We Must "Brainwash" People Against Guns! - (1995)

 YouTube - Veterans Today -
When it comes to an event like Sandy Hook, which appears to have been a drill that was presented as if it were a real event, who would be in a better position to promote such a gross deception than the Attorney General? Indeed, the following evidence suggests that the chain of command ran from Barack Obama to Eric Holder to Governor Malloy, the State Police, the Newtown Police, the Newtown School Board and The Newtown Bee.

A bonanza of choices

There are many sources of excellent discussion and critique of the Sandy Hook event that do not appear in the form of articles. One of the best is the of James Tracy, an associate professor at Florida Atlantic University, who has been attacked by his institution for (what it contends) has been his implied representation of his personal opinions as though they were those of Florida Atlantic University.
Those who are familiar with institutions of higher learning, of course, are aware that only administrators speak for their institutions and that faculty never do. It was a frivolous complaint that, with no doubt, was motivated by political considerations. But Tracy has survived the encounter and goes out of his way to note that he does not speak for FAU.  Here is an instance of the excellent of the comments on his blog:
pbutterfly2000 says:
MAY 21, 2014 AT 4:44 PM
If this was the tragedy you claim it was, and 26 people were killed, then the situation was certainly dealt with in a very shocking way. I could not believe it when I first heard on the news that the children would be left to rot in the school until Sunday, and then I heard that they had been spirited away in the middle of the night on Friday night. I have never heard of children being left to rot anywhere. When people are shot, they go to the hospital. I have never heard of people who have been shot being taken in someone’s Ford Explorer to the hospital instead of by an ambulance. I have never heard of EMTs not being allowed near wounded and dead people who need help. And I have never heard of people being declared in large numbers not by doctors in a hospital, not by EMTs, but by unnamed police officers. For me, it was these shocking things I heard on the news that made me want to understand more about Sandy Hook.
You may say that everyone’s questions have been answered, but none of the questions about why normal emergency procedures were not followed have been answered. There are only three scenarios possible, all of which point to criminal activity at the Sandy Hook school: 1) children did not die, and it was a hoax perpetrated for to raise millions of dollars for the community and for other unknown agendas, 2) children and adults did die, but the emergency response and the response of parents was shocking, illegal, callous, and inappropriate (this scenario is highly unlikely or impossible given most of the evidence) or 3) children and adults did die, but not the ones we saw on the news, and this is why the ages and names of the children are not in the police report. The operation was a combination of a mass murder of kidnapped and undocumented children and whistle-blower adults, using the closed school and the closed Fairfield Hills Hospital and its tunnels as a base of operations (probably to cover up Satanic activity or as a Satanic sacrifice) AND it was a scheme to make money and pursue other unknown nefarious agendas.
Since it can’t be scenario #2, let’s hope it’s scenario #1.

With those qualifications, I make no pretense that everyone would agree with me. Indeed, I am confident that, because each of us would be considering a different set of choices using alternative criteria, virtually everyone will disagree–at least, in part. To illustrate the breadth and depth of research on Sandy Hook, however, I offer the following as my “top ten”.

(1) “Sandy Hook Redux: Obama officials confirm that it was a drill and no children died”

This article may have obtained more hits and shares in less time than any other on Sandy Hook, which resulted from a fortuitous combination of interview subject (Paul Preston), host (Sofia Smallstorm) and transcriber (Jeannon). I invited her to transcribe the second half-hour of the interview, which I supplemented with photos and videos to illustrate his points.

(1) Sandy Hook Redux (13 June 2014)

By this point in time, the research community and the public had been exposed extensively to Wolfgang Halbig, who had also been subjected to many attacks. Having a second school-safety expert–one with contacts in the Department of Education in the Obama administration–was the coup de grâce for those who continue to maintain that a drill was a massacre.

(2) “Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook was an elaborate hoax”

“Top Ten Reasons” has proven to be an enduring hit, where it has remained in or close to the top ten “Most Read” articles on Veterans Today since its initial publication. It represents a admirable example of collaborative research, incorporating contributions from some of the most active and qualified scholars to ever study Sandy Hook. Its breadth is most impressive.

(2) Top Ten Reasons (7 January 2014)
It demonstrates that proof of death has been suppressed, that emergency protocols were not followed, that drill protocols were followed, that there was foreknowledge of the event, that there was confusion over what weapons were used, that the suspect cannot have carried out the shooting as claimed, that strange behavior was displayed by officials, witnesses and relatives, that there are many odd photos of participants, that the school was destroyed under conditions of secrecy and that some of the children may have appeared at the Super Bowl.

(3) “Sofia Smallstorm’s ‘Unraveling Sandy Hook in 2, 3, 4 and 5 dimensions”

Another of Sofia’s important contributions to the study of Sandy Hook has been her video study, “Unraveling Sandy Hook”, which brings together in a magnum opus contributions from a wide variety of sources. The introductory monologue as the bus makes its way to Newtown and to the school (by Mark S. Mann) is one among its many virtues, including “Going in Circles”.

(4) “The Sandy Hook Massacre: Unanswered Questions and Missing Information”

James Tracy was among the first to notice that something was wrong with Sandy Hook, which he drove home with a masterful critique of the press conference held by H. Wayne Carver, who was the medical examiner, not just for Newtown but for the State of Connecticut. His manner in speech and manner was revealing that the event he was describing did not seem to be real.
(4) The Sandy Hook Massacre (24 December 2012)

(5) “AFP Podcast: School Safety Expert threatened for Questioning Sandy Hook”

When I learned of Wofgang Halbig, a former Florida State Trooper, experienced public school administrator and national school-safety expert from James Tracy, I recognized that we now had someone whose background and qualifications were appropriate to the investigation of the event at Sandy Hook. I immediately arranged to interview him and my thoughts were confirmed.
The interview was on 24 January 2014, which seems to be a long time ago. I liked it so much that I recommended to Dave Gahary that he might want to interview Wolf, too. He did that and his story of being threatened for making inquires about Sandy Hook went viral–and Wolf has aggressively pursued Sandy Hook ever since.
(5) Dave Gahary interviews Wolfgang Halbig

(6) “Wolfgang heads to Newtown for the Truth about Sandy Hook”

Not least among the contributions made here is that a New York Gold Shield Detective finds aspects of the crime scene very peculiar, that an ATF special agent reports that they have found no indications that Adam Lanza and his mother had done any shooting in the vicinity, that the FBI’s former top shrink finds Gene Rosen’s testimony to be incredible, and that Wolf had turned up a photo taken from a CSP chopper 20 minutes before the first 911 call.

(6) Wolfgang Halbig heads to Newtown

(7) “The Newtown School Board meeting and the meaning of silence”

Wolf had the inspiration of traveling to Sandy Hook and confronting the School Board, which I thought was an excellent idea. Everywhere we visited–from the United Way of Western Connecticut to the Newtown Police Department to the Fire House near the school–we were given the kind of reception you would expect if those parties had something to cover up.
They would not allow questions to be put to the board, but we used our 3-minute to speak to make some key points about why the official account is no credible. It is striking that, not only a trustee of Newtown was present, but the State Attorney General was there to hear what we had to say, a highly unusual occurrence of a monthly meeting of the Newtown School Board.

(7) The Newtown School Board meeting

(8) CNN Deception: Live aerial footage of police running into Sandy Hook was of another school

Among the exceptionally brilliant but less well-know students of Sandy Hook is Dr. Eowyn, who has a blog at She also has a keen eye for detail and, going back and forth between broadcasts on different channels, she was able to demonstrate that even CNN, which is usually regarded as a reliable source of news, had presented coverage of police storming into another school and calling it “Sandy Hook”.

(8) CNN Deception-police running into another school
When even CNN can’t get the school right, you know that something is terribly wrong. It is sad to say but, as William Colby observed not long before his death in a mysterious kayaking incident, “The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media”. And, as its former director, he was in the position to know. The situation today, alas, has grown even worse.

(9) “Sandy Hook Massacre: The 26 Christmas Trees”

Not only is the Fire House located only about 1/4 of a mile from the school, but the day after the shooting, 26 Christmas trees–one for each child and adult allegedly killed there–were brought out and decorated, which was a touching gesture–unless you knew that those 26 Christmas trees were already the day before: not 25 and not 27, but exactly 26. Amazing!

(9) Sandy Hook massacre-the 26 Christmas trees

(10) “Sandy Hook Elementary School: closed in 2008, a stage in 2012″

Remarkably, evidence has accumulated from the beginning that the school was not operational in 2012 but appears to have been abandoned in 2008. That includes the absence of computer activity during that interval, the lack of maintenance both inside and outside the school, and failure to comply with ADA requirements. It appears to have been closed since 2008.

(10) Sandy Hook Elementary School

Three Honorable Mentions

(HM-1) The Robbie Parker press conference

The day after the presumptive loss of his daughter, Emilie, Robbie Parker emerges from the school building in a jocular mood, even laughing. Then when he notices the press assembled for his benefit, he pauses, hyper-ventilates to get into character and begins talking in an oddly unemotional and disjointed fashion, which most students interpret as a case of acting.

(HM-2) Sandy Hook student says the shooting was a drill

Even with considerable prompting from adults, this third grader tells Dr. Oz that it was “a drill”. Some have asked what about the other children, including first-graders who were not killed. Surely they would have had a lot to say if they had been there when the shooting was taking place–unless, of course, they were not there or no shooting actually took place.

(HM-3) Newtown father’s tearful testimony resonates in Washington, D.C.

As Sofia was the first to notice, the photo of his son, Jesse, at six months was taken about 5.5 years before his first grade of school. So the father should also be about 5.5 years older than in the framed photo he brought to Congress. But he looks as though he is closer to 20 years older than he was then, one more indication of faking the identities of the “victims”.
Neil Haslam testifies before Congress

These are my choices for the “top ten” articles, videos and interviews about Sandy Hook. But don’t take my word for it. Do some research of your own and nominate other studies as your alternatives in the comments below. I don’t claim to be infallible and place a premium on collaborative research. I have been most fortunate to work with some of the best. And THE BIG LIE of Sandy Hook has been completely exposed.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth.
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7 Comments for “Sandy Hook: My pick of the “Top Ten” articles / videos / interviews”

  1. Preston James, Ph.D
    Prof. Fetzer & other researchers have shredded this BIG GOVERNMENT LIE. The Conn State Police have been shown to have committed major felonies & RICO crimes. Since they & the “victims families” (paid actors) ripped off more than 29 Million US Dollars, this is major financial fraud & NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS.
    Lt. Vance made terroristic threats against researchers & W. Halbig was threatened by the Conn. State Police through local police in Florida. This is major felony crime & these scum must be indicted, tried, convicted & sent to prison for long terms, money defrauded must be “clawed back”. School board members must also be charged as a accessory as well as part of a large RICO prosecution.
    read more ...

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 Interview with Professor Emeritus James Fetzer, Conspiracy Analyst
Jim Fetzer is an honors graduate of Princeton, a former Marine Corps officer, and for 35 years a philosophy professor at various universities. He has published 29 books. He primarily taught courses in logic, critical thinking and scientific reasoning, until he retired in 2006.

In the last dozen years he's been devoted to explaining the murder of JFK and other crimes. He is the founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth.

Fetzer is a dogged defender of the truth as he finds it.
Q: Fetzer is an unusual name. May I ask where’s it from?
A: My relatives immigrated from Strasburg, Germany, straight to Strasburg, Virginia!
Q: You won a prestigious prize at Princeton. What did you do?
A: The Dickinson Prize was awarded to the student with the best thesis in the areas of logic and theories of knowledge. Mine was on the structure of explanations of human behavior. I have since published on artificial intelligence and cognitive science, including the nature of mind. I wrote a book in 2005, THE EVOLUTION OF INTELLIGENCE, which completes that research.
Q: When you graduated from Princeton, you were commissioned in the Marines, became an artillery officer and served four years, including 13 months in the Far East, mostly in Japan. Would you do it again?
A: Yes. But I have grown in my negative views about the Vietnam War and therefore am very glad that I was not “in country” to participate in combat operations there. I now believe that the Vietnam War—and most since—was a mistake.
Q: Are you best known now for your work with Scholars for 9/11 Truth?
A: More so for my work on JFK, where I have published three books and chaired or co-chaired five national conferences, but 9/11 comes in a close second.
Q: Your website is called Veterans Today. What’s the focus there?
A: Actually, it’s not mine but I am an editor and journalist there. Veterans Today is among the most influential on-line journals for discussion and analysis of domestic political and foreign policy issues.
Q: What is the feeling about your work in academia?
A: Most faculty “just wouldn’t go there,” My attitude is that tenure was created to provide a secure position for the faculty to tackle the most complex and controversial issues that confront society.
Q: Do you get hate mail or anything unpleasant?
A: Occasionally.
Q: Looking back over the last 20 or 30 years, what changed the most, you or the society around you?
A: I have been dumbfounded that we have lost our Constitution through a series of incremental measures, most of which have been put in place on the basis of the alleged atrocities of 9/11. We have surrendered our liberty on fabricated grounds and we may be unable to ever recover.
Q: What are the worst aspects of American society now?
A: DHS was modeled on the East German Stasi, widely regarded as the most efficient secret police the world has seen. We are supposed to regard our fellow Americans with suspicion, even though a subcommittee of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security published a report on 3 October 2012 that not a single instance of domestic terrorist activity had been reported.
Q: Does our government lie a lot more now, or was it always like this?
A: Our government has become an assortment of liars, cheats and thieves. I never thought I would live to see the day that the USA was the greatest aggressor nation in the world. But that has come to pass.
Q: Meanwhile, The New York Times seems ever more incompetent. What has happened to our media?
A: William Colby, the former Director of the CIA, answered that one for us by explaining that the agency owns everyone of significance in the major media—which Carl Bernstein had exposed in “The CIA and the Media” in Rolling Stone in 1977. The role envisioned for “the Fourth Estate” by our founding fathers—that they should relentlessly investigate and expose corruption—has long been lost.
Q: When you study all the possible conspiracies, which is the one that, in your opinion, is the most obviously 100% fake?
A: The Boston bombing. The alternative media had cracked the case by the evening of the event.
Q: The Sandy Hook official story is widely questioned. What’s your take?
A: It appears to have been an elaborate hoax to maximize emotional impact and thus promote an anti-gun agenda. No children seem to have died and many aspects of the “official account” are hopelessly indefensible. See, for example, “Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook was an Elaborate Hoax” on Veterans Today.
Q: The Osama bin Laden assassination -– real or fictional?
A: Osama bin Laden died in Afghanistan on or about 15 December 2001 and was buried in an unmarked grave in accordance with Muslim practice. Even FOX NEWS reported it on 21 December 2001. He had to be resurrected when Obama was facing criticism for not having a birth certificate and for keeping Guantanamo open. (Nicholas Kollerstrom published an article about it, "Osama bin Laden: 1957-2001", and David Ray Griffin has a book about it, OSAMA BIN LADEN: DEAD OR ALIVE? And I published about it in "Zero Dark Thirty: The deeper, darker truths".)
Q: If any of the famous events is in fact fake, it suggests an immense contempt by our leaders. All they have to do is a little hocus-pocus, and we’re supposed to believe anything??
A: The failure of the press to exercise the function of holding our leaders to account has impoverished the nation and allowed our airwaves to be dominated by false stories and fake terrorism. You can find more truth in Pravda or Press TV than The New York Times.
Q: That’s a sad commentary. How does the country’s future look to you?
A: Bleak.
Q: Would you like to make any predictions?
A: NSA surveillance of those who are most likely to oppose the imposition of a military-police state will continue unabated. The attempt to confiscate our weapons will be the decisive issue of our time. When they come for our guns, the time has come to use them.
Q: Police state? But who wants this and why?
A: The institutional interests out-live administrations, where the CIA, the Joint Chiefs, the FED, the FBI, the Texas oil men and Israel have continued to exert profound influence upon the nation's history. And behind them are the powerful banksters and other special interests, who strongly affect major decisions. There appears to be an agenda to weaken the US and turn it into a third-world nation. Too many bad things are happening to be by accident.
Q: What should people do?
A: Take nothing the government or the mainstream press reports for granted. Use the internet to conduct your own research. Compare what different sources, especially RT [Russia Today] and Press TV, are reporting with everything else you know. Things are going to get worse before they get better.

A philosopher tackles the subject of conspiracy: "Thinking about 'Conspiracy Theories': 9/11 and JFK"
"Why The Hijackers Were Fake" (video)
James Fetzer's academic web site
James Fetzer's article archive
James Fetzer's radio show archive


  • 5 hrs · Unlike · 2


    Thinking about Sandy Hook: Was it reality or an illusion?

    Thinking about Sandy Hook: Was it reality or an illusion?

    by Jim Fetzer

    “When one hypothesis makes the evidence more probable than the other, it is more likely to be true and the alternative false”–the author
    All results for James Mattioli - No Match
    All results for James Mattioli – No Match
    The Sandy Hook event has divided Americans, most of whom have been convinced by media coverage that it was a real event, where a young man massacred 20 children and six adults before killing himself.
    Another substantial segment of the US population has taken a close look at the evidence and drawn the opposite conclusion it was a hoax, where no children died: it was an elaborate psy-op.
    Americans are hard pressed to sort these things out, because they are hit with a blizzard of reports that appear to confirm the official account, leaving them in the predicament of not being able to tell if it was real or fake.
    In Veterans Today, I have published a series of studies–now a dozen or more–presenting evidence about what did or did not occur that day.  These include “Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook was an elaborate hoax”“Sandy Hook Redux: Obama officials confirm that it was a drill and no children died”, and “Sandy Hook: My pick of the ‘Top Ten’ articles / videos / interviews“. They present (what appears to be) a powerful case for the conclusion that Sandy Hook was a hoax.
    But that does not mean that I have convinced everyone to my point of view. Today, for example, I received an email from  ”Meta men”, who attacks my research on Sandy Hook and also take a swipe at my research on 9/11, about which he did not elaborate. (For a sample of what I in collaboration with others have discovered about 9/11, see “The Complete Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference”.) When I asked if he had read my articles about Sandy Hook, he sent me this reply:
    Meta men critique of my research
    This is a fairly typical example of its kind, where he attempts to undermine appeals to The Wayback Machine (which I cite in “Sandy Hook Elementary School: Closed in 2008, a stage in 2012″), an analysis of the identity of “Robbie Parker” (“School closed, actors used: Robbie Parker, entertainer, exposed”) and Sofia Smallstorm’s interview with Paul Preston (“Sandy Hook Redux: Obama officials confirm that it was a drill and no children died”).
    He tosses in a smear against Wolfgang Halbig for good measure, where he doesn’t know that Wolf has closed one of his web sites because of a seemingly endless series of harsh comments, most a lot like this one. Many encountering a post like this from Meta men might be at a loss to appraise which side is right and which side is wrong. My purpose here is to enable you to do that just the least bit better than you may have before you read this article.

    Probabilities vs. Certainties

    Empirical knowledge (based upon documents and records, photos and videos and witness testimony, for example) can never be “definitive and certain”. You only know your own origins in life (where and when you were born and the parents who brought you into this world) on the basis of information that could have been faked. Even DNA comparisons can be invalid or mistaken on purpose or by accident. Your belief about today’s day/month/year is something else of which you have no direct and certain knowledge but rather have a host of sources of information, such as newspapers and television reports, which collectively confirm your belief but could be fabricated or faked, but which are almost always accurate and true.
    The occurrence of an elaborate hoax intended to fool the people does not occur often, but there can be no doubt that it does sometimes occur. The Warren Report (1964), for example, provides an indictment of Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone assassin of JFK, where the evidence for that conclusion was carefully selected and, in some cases, completely fabricated. The backyard photographs were faked, for example, and the home movies of the assassination were edited. That he had been captured in a famous photo taken during the shooting was suppressed. These things can and sometimes do happen.
    If you only read the government’s account, you might very well be convinced  that JFK had been killed by Lee Oswald. Once you acknowledge that some of the evidence has been fabricated or faked, however, the case begins to assume a completely different character. This does not mean we cannot know what happened in this instance, but it should not have been necessary to frame a guilty man.  New evidence or alternative hypotheses may thus require us to revised our position by rejecting hypotheses we previously accepted, accepting hypotheses we previously rejected and leaving others in suspense.
    Check out "The gift that keeps on giving" and you can prove this photo was not taken the day of the "shooting"
    Check out “The gift that keeps on giving” (below) for proof this photo was not taken at the time
    Indeed, scientific reasoning specifically and rational inquiries generally must satisfy the requirement of total evidence: in the search for truth, reasoning must be based upon all of the available relevant evidence, where evidence is relevant when its presence or absence (or truth or falsity) makes a difference to the outcome, typically on the basis of considerations of probability.  His own example is appropriate here: just because you don’t see pictures of 600 kids doesn’t mean 600 kids were not evacuated. But if 600 kids had been present, it is extremely improbable that they could have been missed.
    The claim is often made that “You can’t prove a negative!” But that is obviously false. When evidence that ought to be present if an hypothesis were true is absent, then the absence of evidence qualifies as evidence of absence. Suppose you were told there is an elephant in your living room. If you go there and find no indications of the presence of an elephant, you are completely justified in inferring that there is no elephant in your living room. If 600 kids who should have been there are not there, if the event was real, but they are not there, you are completely justified in inferring it was not real.

    Inference to the best explanation

    The principle known as “inference to the best explanation”, has the potential to turn every American into a critical thinker  in comparing alternative hypotheses. In relation to Sandy Hook, there are two alternatives, which have consequences that would also be true (or probably true) if they were true and others that would be false (or probably false) if they were not:
    (h1) Sandy Hook was a real event, where 20 children and 6 adults were killed at a school;
    (h2) Sandy Hook was an elaborate hoax, where a drill was conducted and no children died.
    But the key to understanding is making an appraisal of which of these hypotheses is better supported by the evidence. We can think of the evidence as effects of one or another hypothesis as their cause.  When one hypothesis makes the effects more probable than the other, it is more likely to be true and the alternative false. If the shooting had been real, then since some 626 students were enrolled there, if we subtract 20 for those allegedly killed, then there should have been 600 more who had to be evacuated.  And if no photos show them, that they were present is probably–very probably–untrue.
    Analogously, we know from past experience that the names, ages and sex of victims of crimes are almost invariably printed in newspaper accounts of crimes. In this case, however, the final reports coming from the Connecticut authorities did not include them. That is a very odd aspect of this event, but an attempt has been made to explain it away on the ground of preserving the privacy of the families of the victims. But if there were victims, their families already know they are dead. There is no evident benefit to the families, if it was real, but a major element of the cover up, if it was not. There is more:
    * the Attorney General of Connecticut argued against releasing the 911 calls, where the court ruled against him;
    * the Clerk of Newtown entered into secret negotiations with the state legislature to avoid issuing death certificates;
    * a special panel of the state legislature recommended that any state employee who released information about Sandy Hook other than via Freedom of Information Act request be prosecuted as an E-felony with a five year sentence; and,
    * those who were hired to participate in the demolition of the school building were required to sign life-time gag orders that prohibit them from talking about what they saw or did not see during its destruction.
    Each of these qualifies as a “fact” insofar as its truth can be confirmed by research you can conduct yourself. Admittedly, if all the information accessible via the internet about Sandy Hook were fabricated or faked, that would not be the case. But I know of no one who seriously contests any of these points.  So ask yourself, what is the probability that these five claims (including the missing names, ages and sex from the final reports) would be true if Sandy Hook had been a real event? and by comparison what is the probability these five claims would be true if Sandy Hook had been a hoax? Which is more likely to be true?

    Questions of birth and death

    Meta men’s assertion, “Like your 9/11 stuff, not one aspect of your SH stuff has stood up to rudimentary scrutiny”, exemplifies a gross overgeneralization that cannot be sustained. I have a dozen or more articles about Sandy Hook, where he has only mentioned a few and has disproven none. He seems to think that the improbable claim that 600 kids could have been there, yet not been photographed or otherwise recorded, bears weight. He is taking a remote possibility and treating it as though it were a probability or even a verified fact!
    Among the many points I have made are that we even have a photograph taken from a CT State Police chopper at 9:15 AM/ET, which is 20 minutes  before the first 911 call came in; there was no surge of EMTs into the building to rush those little bodies off to hospitals, where doctors could pronounce them dead or alive; virtually all of the emergency vehicles were kept at the Fire House, which became the center of activity as opposed to the school; the parents were not even allowed to identify their children, which was done using photos.
    He addresses none of these points–but then again, my colleagues and I have undoubtedly made more than 100 (even 100s) of assertions about what did and did not happen that he has not mentioned, which makes his assertion a nice case of begging the question by taking for granted what needs to be determined on independent grounds, such as that 20 children actually died at Sandy Hook. Beyond the issues I have raised about their deaths–and there are many others–new questions have now arisen about their births, where a systematic search has failed to reveal birth records for any of the children that are said to have died:
    This is pretty fascinating stuff, because what is the probability that, if this had been a real event, birth records for the deceased would be so difficult to find? On the other hand, if this had been an illusion where no children had actually died, then it would be highly probable on the assumption that it would be easier to make them up than to have to deal with real, living children, who could grow up to ask embarrassing questions of their parents. Watch this video, evaluate his research, and ask yourself, “How can we have been so dumb?”

    The Paul Preston interview

    One of those whose death appears to be unaccompanied by their birth is the daughter of the McDonnells, who were interviewed on CNN by Anderson Cooper, where the presumptive mother of Grace displays no apparent grief or sense of loss, which makes excellent sense if she had not actually lost a daughter but was only playing a role. Watch this interview and ask yourself, “Are these reactions more probable if the event was real or if it was a hoax?”
    Meta men also takes a swipe in passing at Paul Preston, a Los Angeles school expert who was struck by the lack of intensity, the absence of any EMTs rushing into the building and a host of other issues, including the missing 600 children.  I regard this interview (which was done by Sofia Smallstorm) as among the most important, if not the most important, in the history of research on Sandy Hook. Notice that, when I go through the transcript (which was prepared by Jeannon), I present the evidence that he is talking about in the course of his conversation with Sofia.  So what is the point of attacking Paul Preston?  What matters in this context is what he observed and has to say about Sandy Hook but, as in the case of Wolfgang Halbig, personal ad hominem attacks appear to be the best their critics can do.
    Ask yourself, “If Meta men could actually defeat the arguments that Wolfgang Halbig and Paul Preston have advanced, isn’t it more probable that he would do that rather than taking personal pot shots that do nothing to show that what they have to say is wrong?” Suppose that Wolfgang had had business problems in the past or that Paul Preston was somehow at fault for some impropriety, how would that show anything they said about Sandy Hook was not true–especially when I have presented the evidence that he is talking about, which by itself confirms what he is saying about Sandy Hook, thereby showing that it is in fact true?
    Not the least important contributions of Paul Preston to the investigation of Sandy Hook is that, by virtue of his long-standing relations with members of the Obama administration in the Department of Education, he was able to confirm with them that this had been a hoax: Sandy Hook was a drill where no children died, which as done to promote an aggressive gun-control agenda, which I highlighted by featuring a speech by Attorney General Eric Holder to a National Democratic Women’s Conference in 1995, where he makes a point of stating that the government must “brainwash” the public into changing its attitude toward guns.

    The gift that keeps on giving

    Meta men also mentions The Wayback Machine, which had shown no computer activity at the school from 2008 to 2012, “Sandy Hook Elementary School: Closed in 2008, a stage in 2012″, which is addressed in a new study of the Adam Lanza home at 36 Yogananda Street and the vehicles parked in the lot at the school. This includes video of the inside of the home, displaying books, photos and momentos, all perfectly arranged, and no crime scene tape surrounding the house, even though his mother’s body had allegedly been found there earlier in the day. What is the probability, if this had been a real event, that the contents of the home would be virtually undisturbed and that there would be no crime scene tape, which showed up the following day? For a fake event, however, routine procedures for a real event could easily have been overlooked.
    Notice the row of cars parked in the wrong direction
    Notice the row of cars parked in the wrong direction
    Even more stunning, a study of the vehicles in the parking lot in front of the school shows that they are parked in the wrong direction (which should have been nose-in), given the arrangement for driving into the lot, and that they have outdated auto tags from 2006 and 2007. But Connecticut seems to have switched to windshield stickers in 2006. The image itself suggests of a group of drivers methodically filling up the lot with used or abandoned cars, driving straight into the designated parking places without regard for how they should have been arranged. Once again we ask, “What is the probability that the lot would be filled with cars parked in the wrong direction, if this had been a real event? What if this had been a drill?” The sticker issue is an example of new evidence coming to the fore, which defeats that specific argument. But when an hypothesis has been confirmed by abundant evidence and no alternative explanation is reasonable, it has been established “beyond a reasonable doubt”. Hypothesis (h2), that this was an illusion, has been established beyond a reasonable doubt.

    The gun control agenda

    The day of the shooting, Governor Malloy and his Lt. Governor held a press conference, during which he observed that they had been “spoken to” that something like this might happen. That got me thinking about, “something like this”? What could that mean. There are only two alternatives: (a) that he had been told there would be a shooting in a school in his state, in which case he, as governor, should have warned school districts to be on high alter and make sure it did not happen, which he did not do; or (b) that he had been told they would be taking an abandoned school and using it as a prop for a drill, which would be presented to the public as real to promote an aggressive gun-control agenda, which is what happened.
    Not only has Eric Holder been enthusiastic about gun control, but Barack Obama himself praised the sweeping gun confiscation that took place in Australia in the late 1990s and said:
    “Couple of decades ago, Australia had a mass shooting, similar to Columbine or Newtown,” Obama said. “And Australia just said, well, that’s it, we’re not doing, we’re not seeing that again, and basically imposed very severe, tough gun laws, and they haven’t had a mass shooting since.”
    And while they haven’t seen a mass shooting since, local officials say that gun violence on the continent is much worse than it was before the tougher gun policies went into effect.
    Meanwhile, the one thing that the President failed to recognize is that gun crime in the U.S. is on the decline.
    According to a PEW research study, gun crime is down 49% since 1993.
    Another study by the Bureau of Justice Statistics showed that non-fatal gun crime is actually down 70% since the same time.
    Even the President’s own study performed by the Center for Disease Control reached a similar conclusion: “Firearm-related death rates for youth ages 15 to 19 declined from 1994 to 2009,” the report states. “The number of public mass shootings of the type that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School accounted for a very small fraction of all firearm-related deaths.”
    What these studies show is there’s a clear agenda being carried out by the Mainstream Media to make it seem like mass shootings are the norm.
    As soon as a mass shooting happens, it reverberates through all the major news networks for weeks, much like an echo after the initial shot.
    Because of this, much of the nation seems to believe that gun violence, particularly school shootings, is on the rise even with evidence that points to the contrary.
    The reasons behind this aggressive behavior by the administration, even when gun violence has been falling in the United States, involves deep questions about the role of DHS in our society and why America has been devolving into a totalitarian state. Those go beyond the scope of this study, which is dedicated to encouraging readers to think things through about Sandy Hook. And, as a further exercise, given the extremely flimsy and unsubstantial arguments that Meta men has advanced in his critique of my work, ask yourself, “Is he attempting to reveal the truth about Sandy Hook or conceal it?” Just review what I have explained here, then assess the probabilities for yourself and compare it with a serious alternative analysis.
    Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth.
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    Wolfgang Halbig: 11,000 page Sandy Hook “script”/ CT State Police gave false affidavits

    Wolfgang Halbig: 11,000 page Sandy Hook”script”/ CT State Police gave false affidavits

    by Wolfgang Halbig with Jim Fetzer

    “[S]ince terrorism entails instilling fear into a population in order to make it more amenable to political manipulation, this was an act of terrorism“–Jim Fetzer

    Early photo of front window damage
    Early photo of front window damage shows a smaller hole
    BREAKING NEWS! Two Connecticut State Troopers have now confirmed to Wolfgang Halbig that an 11,000 page document in his possession was “the script” for the Sandy Hook fake shooting.

    The document details virtually every aspect of the staged event that would be presented to the public as though it had been a real shooting where 20 children died. This is “smoking gun” evidence.
    The script even includes sworn statements from 16 Connecticut state troopers, including that they had entered the building through the shattered window at the school’s entrance. Those statements appear to be blatantly false.
    No one who has seen photos of that window could possibly believe that such a large number could possibly have made an entry through that opening without risking harm to themselves or cutting their clothing. This is not something that trained Connecticut law enforcement officers would have done.
    Notice that the hole in the official crime scene photograph (below) is considerably enlarged from that in early video footage (above). Since no one was filming that hole before it was created (officially, during the entry by Adam Lanza), why is it so much larger in the crime scene photograph? The photo above has to be what it looked like after the scene had been secured.
    Wolfgang, a former Florida State Trooper, observes that no trained officer would enter through a broken window without breaking it out completely with his metal baton. The difference between the official photo (below) and its original appearance (above) appears to be proof of the destruction of evidence. And that has to have been done by the Connecticut State Police.
    [NOTE: Wolfgang and I were featured on "Veterans Today News Report" with Stew Webb between Noon and 1:15 PM/CT, which you can listen to at this link. In my opinion, Sandy Hook is even bigger than Watergate!]

    Information that should warrant a Grand Jury Investigation

    by Wolfgang Halbig

    Here is a sample of the kind of information that I now have in my possession, which ought to justify calling a Grand Jury by the Attorney General of the State of Connecticut. I am providing the text of ten affidavits by Connecticut State Troopers, most of which cannot be true because they describing making their entry into Sandy Hook Elementary School by way of a relatively modest hold in the front of the building.

    Official crime scene photograph of the front window access point
                      Official crime scene photograph of the front window shows a larger hole
    No trained law enforcement officer would have entered that window without first breaking it out using his baton. When you have so many sworn law enforcement willfully and knowingly lying in sworn affidavits regarding the Sandy Hook School “shooting”, it would appear incumbent upon the Governor of Connecticut and the Connecticut State Attorney to open an investigation of the conduct of the investigating authorities.

    Moreover, while they may not realize this, but even a dead Adam Lanza deserves his day in court to prove his innocence in light of all the intentional lies by police and their supervisors in their witness statements. [Editor's note: And in relation to the kind of evidence that has been presented in a series of articles published here at Veterans Today.]

    Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 9.30.41 AM
    This photograph (like the one immediately above) was taken by the Connecticut State Police Crime Lab on 14 December 2012 as official crime scene photographs. 
    Ask yourself about the truthfulness of the ten following affidavits, which I have taken from the Sandy Hook script to illustrate why their statements are not credible and appear to be false, which means that those who signed them may have committed perjury. Here is the content of their affidavits with my comments:
    CFS Report#: 1200704559 - 00017426
    INCIDENT DATE TIME 12/14/2012 09:41
    00012 Dickinson Dr Dr/ Newtown 06482
    On 12/14/12 at approximately 0930 hours, I was parked at Troop A writing a report in my vehicle. Dispatcher Brennan put out a radio transmission that there was an active shooter at a school in Newtown. I put my vehicle in gear and headedwestbound on 1-84. I asked dispatch which exit to use to get to the school.
    As I approached the front entrance of the school, I observed the broken glass on the ground near the doors. I observedseveral troopers and police officers inside the lobby of the school. I entered the school through the broken glass window on the right side of the main doors.
    WHY? How is that possible when they the police officers inside could have opened the doors and not disturb the crime scene? Here is another unbelievable sworn police officers statement:

    CFS Report#: 1200704559 – 00019631
    Action Taken: On 12/14/2012 at approximately 0930 hours, I was at the Woodbury Resident Trooper’s Office completing paperwork, when I heard Troop L broadcast that Newtown was responding to an active shooter incident. Upon hearing this,I left my office and responded towards Newtown in my assigned cruiser.
    I arrived at the scene.
    As I pulled into the parking lot, I parked my vehicle away from the main entrance and behind several rows of cars thatcould be used for cover.
    I exited my vehicle and retrieved my shotgun from the trunk and observed TFC Blumenthal #690, do the same. We then proceeded towards the main entrance of the building.
    As I approached, I observed a large hole in the glass window to the right of the main doors, which were closed. TFC Blumenthal and I entered the building through the hole in the glass window.
    WHY? How is that even possible when that window has shattered glass everywhere and good seriously injure someone by all the broken hanging glass? It is alleged to be a crime scene.
    CFS Report#: 1200704559 – 00026724
    On December 14, 2012, I was the dayshift supervisor at Troop A. At 0937 I was in my assigned cruiser in the Kmart Plaza,South Main Street, Southbury, when I heard the first transmission from Dispatcher Betsy Brennan of an active shooter at theSandy Hook School, Newtown. I made my way to 1-84 west via the #15 on ramp as I instructed all my western patrols toward the school, with the eastern patrols to start heading in that direction (CSP radio time: 09:37:38). I also told my deskman, TFC Chris Kick #811, to get an address for us so that we did not have to look for it.
    While en route, Regional Dispatch De~kman TFC Loomis broadcasted more than once that the shooter was in the mainoffice area.
    As our cars were coming to a stop, Lt. Hofbauer radioed that he and Msgt. Davis had arrived (CSP radio time: 09:46:30). Idid not sign off at the scene. We immediately exited our cars and ran toward the school’s entrance with our handgunsdrawn. Lt Hofbauer ran along the driveway, in front of parked cars.
    Msgt. Davis and I ran behind this row of parked cars and then turned left, between parked cars, to run toward the frontdoor. We all re-grouped as we got closer to the entrance. I could not clearly see through the glass, but I could see a verylarge hole shattered in the glass to the right of the main doors.
    I remember considering that the front doors might be locked, and I did not want to stop moving until I was somewhere with cover. I know that I considered going through the window. As we approached the door I remember seeing Lt. Hofbauer’s hand grab the door handle, and that I was off to his right. I do not remember how I entered the school, but it may have been through the window.
    HOW CAN YOU NOT REMEMBER?  The lie comes in a later report. How can a sworn trained police officer not remember how he and the other officers entered the school on Dec 14, 2012?
    CFS Report#: ~-200704559 - ·00251204:
    Action Taken:
    . ’0842; ”
    On 12/14/12 at approximately 0935 hours, I was in my assigned cruiser off duty in the Town of Southbury when I heard aradio broadcast for an ”active shooter” at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, 12 Dickinson Street, Newtown, Connecticut.I immediately responded to the school,
    following the directions that were being broadcast over the radio. I arrived a short time later, at the same time as Trooper Cipriano. When I arrived at the school, I observed several civilians behind the parking lot on Dickinson Street.
    I then recognized Detective Mudry running toward the main entrance of the school. Detective Mudry called out to me and Detective Mudry and I entered the main entrance of the school either through the front door or the broken window.
    How is it again that sworn trained Ct State Police officer cannot remember how they entered the school on one of the most tragic school shootings in Elementary School history?
    CFS Report#: 1200704559 - 00019631
    Sgt Roden
    Action Taken: On 12/14/2012 at approximately 0930 hours, I was at the Woodbury Resident Trooper’s Office completing paperwork, when I heard Troop L broadcast that Newtown was responding to an active shooter incident.
    I exited my vehicle and retrieved my shotgun from the trunk and observed TFC Blumenthal #690, do the same. We thenproceeded towards the main entrance of the building. As I approached, I observed a large hole in the glass window to the right of the main doors, which were closed. TFC Blumenthal and I entered the building through the hole in the glass window.
    I observed Sgt. Cario #149 carrying a child, which appeared to be lifeless, out of the building. I observed two Newtown officers, and between 4-5 troopers in the lobby area.
    Trained Connecticut State Police Officers broke every cardinal rule of law enforcement, especially when they are observing other officers already inside the school.
    Mother says, “It doesn’t seem real”, no doubt because it wasn’t.
    CFS Report#: 1200704559 • 00041707
    Page 1 of 3
    On 12/14/12, I was working as the Troop A desk trooper. I was at the front desk at Troop A when the “bat phone” rang atapproximately 0936 hours.
    I answered the phone and was greeted by Disp. Betsy Brennan. Brennan informed me that there was a shooting at SandyHook Elementary School.
    Upon arrival to the school, I entered the school parking lot from Dickinson Dr. and traveled to the right side of the parking lot.
    I drove to the far end of the parking lot and positioned my vehicle on the front right corner of the school, near the front doors.
    I exited my vehicle and ran across the front of my vehicle to the front doors of the school. Upon approaching the frontdoors, I observed that the windows to the right of the doors were broken and glass was on the ground outside of theschool.
    I am not sure if I checked the doors to see if they were locked but I eventually entered the school through the broken glass windows. As I climbed through the windows, I observed a Newtown officer to my right.
    WHY THROUGH THE GLASS WHEN YOU ALREADY HAVE POLICE OFFICERS INSIDE? Trained Connecticut State Police Officers again having to enter the front of the school through the broken shot-out glass window makes no sense. Why do that? Police are already inside.

    CFS Report #: 1200704559 – 00027950

     On 12/14/12 at approximately 0935 hours, I was in Southbury, CT when Troop A dispatch put out a broadcast that there was an active shooter situation in Newtown, CT. I traveled westbound on I-84 and exited at exit 10.
    When I arrived, I went to the front left corner of the building and met with TFC Benecchi. Benecchi and I proceeded across the front of the building to the front door. As approaching the front door, I noticed a hole in the glass window on the right side of the front doors.
    Benecchi and I met Lt. Hofbauer and MSgt Davis at the front door. We all entered the building through the broken window and entered into the lobby of the school.
    WHY? This is a Lt and and a MSGT who should know better. These four Ct State Troopers would have disturbed the furniture inside the school, since the hole in the glass was not very large.
    They should have moved the furniture for others to enter if that was really their intend or again just more lies. Not one of them removed the remaining glass in order to prevent them from being seriously cut by the broken glass.  Why is the furniture still in place after all of those Connecticut State Troopers entered via that broken glass window?

    Page 1 of 3

    CFS Report#: ·1:200704559·- ’00007591
    On 12/14/12, I learned of an ”active shooter” at Sandy Hook Elementary School, 12 Dickinson St. Newtown, CT from Lt.DeNecchia.
    I then recognized Det. Zullo crouched behind a dumpster on the side of the school with his long gun in a down rangeposition. I called out to Det. Zullo to make entry into the school.
    We entered the main entrance through either the front door or broken window.
    So this guy can’t remember whether he entered through the front door or the broken window? If you had been there, is that something that you would have been unable to recall?
    CFS Report#: 1200704559 • 00011235
    Page 1 of3
    On 12/14/12, at approximately 0930 hours, I was on Route 8 Northbound near Exit #32, in Waterbury. Troop ADispatchers broadcasted the report
    of an ”Active Shooter”, in Newtown.
    Sgt Roden and I approached and joined an entry team. Utilizing the blown out window, we joined other officers and entered/secured the lobby area.
    Why would so many CT State Troopers enter the broken glass window when other officers are already inside? Why go through the broken glass window exposing you to serious injury?

    I have to stop because, as a former Florida State Trooper, having to read these police officers’ witness statements as to their actions on 14 December 2012 is an insult to very police officer who puts his or her life on the line of duty everyday.

    Wolfgang HalbigThey are using children and school staff as props in their conspiracy and causing a National Moral Panic across our United States. [Editor's note: Indeed, since terrorism entails instilling fear into a population in order to make it more amenable to political manipulation, this was an act of terrorism.]

    Every school district, private and parochial, is now having to deal with Sandy Hook, when it has become increasingly evident, as I believe, that Sandy Hook was a drill, based upon the 11,000 page script that I now have in my possession, which was followed on 14 December 2012.
    The script is next and then on to The Newtown Bee… Get ready Newtown Bee.

    Wolfgang Halbig
    Wolfgang Halbig is a former Florida State Trooper with 36 years of experience in public school administration and a nationally recognized school safety expert.
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    Sent worldwide, Shannon Hick’s “iconic” Sandy Hook photo was faked

    Sent worldwide, Shannon Hick’s “iconic” Sandy Hook photo was faked

    by Dennis Cimino with Jim Fetzer

    “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled”–Mark Twain
    New York Times runs Hicks' photo
    Called “the iconic photograph” of the Sandy Hook school massacre and attributed to the Newtown Bee Associate Editor, Shannon Hicks,  it was transmitted around the world and created an indelible impression of police leading students to safety away from the crime scene.
    According to TIME,  ”At 10:09 am, 10 minutes after she climbed out of her vehicle, she snapped the shutter on an elementary school class being led out of the school by two Connecticut State Police officers.
    ‘I knew that, coming out of the building — as terrified as they were — those children were safe,’ Hicks said, of the photograph soon to grace the front pages of newspapers, magazines, and nearly every breaking news website around the world. ‘I just felt that it was an important moment.’”
    The only problem with this story is that it is false: the photo was taken at an earlier time.  It was staged, which means that Shannon Hicks and The Newtown Bee were complicit in the fraud, the full dimensions of which are becoming apparent.
    A comment from facebook posted by “Professor Keanbean”, who faulted me for an argument that seemed to be flawed:
    Comment from Professor Keanbean
    I added that I was glad he had called me on it, because I would have a lot more to say about it. I contacted Dennis Cimino, who may be the best in the world at analyzing photographs, and was quite astonished by the extensive proof of fakery. It was not only not taken the day of the alleged shooting but may have been taken as much as several years earlier. Until you read the analysis and make comparisons for yourself, you may find it difficult to believe–but the fact is proven here.

    The Sandy Hook “iconic photo” is a fraud

     by Dennis Cimino

    Photo attributed to Shannon Hicks
    The kids were about here
    Hicks’ kids were about here
    Where is the yellow bus line?
    Where is the yellow line?
    The study of this photograph turns out to be like one of those puzzles in Parade Magazine of figuring out the differences between the image on the left and the image on the right. First, I wanted to point out the glaring fact that the photographs showing the school, and the small group of children being marched across the parking lot, are not of the same time period.  Best guesstimate is that the differential in time may have been at the very least a period of a couple of years based on careful analysis of the building condition, the pavement repair using crack sealant (black pitch/tar) and the disparity between pavement markings by the front entrance which at one time afforded parking right up to the front door, and later pictures show that yellow “bus only” zone has now been put into the location by the doorway.  This could not have occurred in a one day period of time under any circumstances.
    Comparison with parking area on the day of the shooting
    The positions of the vehicles in the parking lot do not jive or align. Even the traffic cone positions do not match.
    Cone position in Hicks'
    Cone position in Hicks’ photograph
    Cone position 14 December
    Cone position on 14 December 2012
    Once you take a good hard look at the fact that even the trash dumpsters are in different positions means at the very least that those moved and for what reason that day?  Those are heavy bins and not too easily casually moved when they all have wheel brakes to prevent them from rolling around or being blown by heavy winds.  Lastly, there is a total lack of any steam production from the schools heating system on the cold day of 14 December 2012, which indicates that either the school was totally closed and or shut down  or the photography was staged during a season that did not require any heating.
    In Connecticut, in December, the school’s heating plant would have been operating, and venting visible steam from roof vents.  None is discerned in these photos at all on such a cold day. Secondary examination reveals that none of the participants are blowing visible breath frost on a December morning where the ambient temperature was cold enough, at barely 32 degrees (double check this but it was between 28 and 32 degrees Fahrenheit) every single child, every adult, would have been huffing frost from their breath.  Needless to say, the other disparity is the shadows being thrown not only by the building but the persons in the parking lot.  In one photo the shadows align perfectly with the parking lot lines, and in the other photos the shadows are off a good 15 or 20 degrees, meaning that the sun angle is now radically changed, which means that the photos did not even happen either in the same season let alone time window for the day.
    Hicks' dumpster with trash and no person
    Hicks’ dumpster with trash and no person
    Person by dumpster with no trash
    Person by dumpster with no trash on 14 December 2012
    When you examine the wooded area behind and just to the right of the dumpsters, the ground and the trees are so different that once again it is painfully clear that the time and date these photos took place in, were not the same.  You don’t have to look at every twig and branch, all you have to do is look at the condition of the ground, the color of the material from the trees, and the fact that it is NOT THE SAME.
    Now, I have lived in Connecticut, matter of fact, in Danbury, and attended Fairfield Jr. High School in the late 1960’s.  In the parking lot, there is a tree still with all of it’s leaves on it, and it is not an evergreen tree.  December is well after FALL and the leaves should be gone yet they are not.  Another seasonal clue here that belies the date and time the government said the events took place.  Wrong answer, Eric Holder.
    Comparison with tar at kid's feet
    Tar at kid’s feet in Hicks’ and on 14 December 2012
    No parking lines / then parking lines
    No parking lines / then parking lines
    Another glaring issue is the ground is totally dry, no sign of any snow having fallen, and absolutely not wet from any rain.  Not that December is particularly rainy for Connecticut, but give me a break.  Look at the dirt in the woods.  Totally dry. Also, as I stated, the weathering of the building is apparent, as is the different color of the crack sealant used in the parking lot, and the paint for the parking lines is so different that the CROSSWALK in front of the entrance IS THERE IN ONE PHOTO with no cars parked there and, in another photo of the same day, THE CROSSWALK IS NOT THERE but there are parking markings demarcated right at the entrance.
    This is not possible for the same date.  No way. Also, people milling around by the trash dumpsters which, by the way seem to be at least mostly EMPTY, and move by themselves from one photo to the other, standing there with hands in pockets as bystanders observing the DRILLS.  Same goes for the officer by the entrance of the school apparently with no sense of urgency to move either in or out on a day when shooting is alleged to have happened.  It only makes sense if it was a drill.
    Last point, the children are without winter clothes on.  Now, we know it’s DECEMBER and the cold outside at around 28 to 32 degrees, the children would have had their coats on, those are always by the door and readily grabbed on the way out.  For kids who are so warm relative to the air, they sure look like they are out there in mild weather that is not allowing any of them to blow any frost.
    Hicks' woods behind dumpsters
    Hicks’ woods behind dumpsters
    Woods behind dumpsters on 14 December 2012
    Woods behind dumpsters on 14 December 2012
    Clearly given the issues stated above, nobody in their right mind can state that the photographs took place on the same day or for that matter even the same month perhaps or even the SAME YEAR.  The pavement weathering, the crack sealing job not matching, the shade and color of the tarmac, and even the outside building condition itself being so different says TIME ELAPSED.   Not to mention the lines on the pavement by the entrance are WRONG and NOT THE SAME in these photos.

    What does this mean?

    by Jim Fetzer

    Dennis Cimino has demonstrated that the celebrated photograph attributed to Shannon Hicks, Associate Editor of The Newtown Bee, was not even taken on 14 December 2012 but appears to have been taken as much as several years earlier, no doubt for the purpose of supporting a fabricated event. The key players, we now know, have to have included Attorney General Eric Holder, Governor Malloy of Connecticut and his Lt. Governor, the Connecticut State Police, the Newtown Police Department, the Newtown School Board and even The Newtown Bee.
    Professor Keanbean, who provoked my reconsideration of the Hicks’ photograph by suggesting that I was wrong in asserting that the vehicles were in the very same positions, can be seen to be mistaken when you see, for example, that the car to the left of the last vehicle in the middle row, a white SUV, is pulled in further in the 14 December 2012 photo than in the Hicks’ staged photo. And, as Dennis has pointed out to me, the vehicles to the right of the series of children, especially the SUV whose wheel is visually in contact with the little boy leading them, should be accompanied by the image of one or more of the (nearly identical) light blue sedans.
    The scope and standing of those who were complicit in this conspiracy–which only requires two or more individuals acting in collusion to bring about an illegal end–is simply breathtaking, including as it does the Attorney General and (no doubt) the President of the United States, not to mention what has to be much of the law enforcement structure of Connecticut–making this scandal bigger than Watergate! Indeed, the complicity of The Bee has now been establishes several times over on the basis of its fraudulent interview with the Sandy Hook principal–who was quoted as telling their reporter than she could hear shots in the hallway, when the official account would maintain that she had been perhaps the first to have been killed–and a story about why it was unpromising to consider refurbishing the school building, because it was loaded with asbestos and other bio-hazards–and the publication of this “iconic” photograph.
    Shannon Hicks, Photographer of the YearThose who are not up-to-speed on the case need to read “Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook was an elaborate hoax”, “Sandy Hook Redux: Obama officials confirm that it was a drill and no children died” and “Wolfgang Halbig: 11,000 page Sandy Hook script/CT State Police gave false affidavits”, because the dimensions of this scandal are simply staggering. Indeed, as I explain in “Sandy Hook: My pick of the ‘Top Ten’ articles/videos/interviews”, Eric Holder has been zealous in his pursuit of gun control in this country for many years, where I feature him making a presentation to a National Democratic Women’s Convention in 1995.  He goes to far as to assert that the attitude of the public toward guns has to be changed by “brainwashing” if necessary, as though as Attorney General he did not have an obligation to uphold the Constitution. Barack Obama has to have been involved.
    The attempt to disarm the American people has no basis in fact. We are being told there is “an epidemic of gun violence”, where Sandy Hook is offered as the prime example. But even CNN has reported that there has been a dramatic drop in gun violence, where firearms violence was 75% lower in 2011 than it was in 1993. We are told that NSA’s massive surveillance program is intended to expose  domestic terrorists, but a report released by the Senate Committee on Homeland Security  on 3 October 2012 revealed that a review of 680 studies by “fusion centers” (which merge federal, state and local anti-terrorist law enforcement efforts) gathered over 2009-10 had found not a single instance of domestic terrorism–not one! Yet the increasing militarization of police departments across the country suggests that they are being primed to conduct operations against the American people.
    The arguments against gun control are simply overwhelming, but you won’t hear them on the national news. Were the US to be invaded by a foreign force, for example, how could Americans resist if they were unarmed? If the government were to be taken out by a series of nuclear strikes (the “Jericho” scenario), how could law and order be maintained in the absence of firearms?  What would the patriots have done at Lexington and Concord had they been unarmed? Why do we call for the police in emergency situations? Because they are armed. But the more Americans who possess weapons, the better the country will be to cope with any eventuality. Under the circumstances, the public must plan for the worst: stock up on guns and ammo and enough food and water for at least several weeks.
    The government wants to dominate and control us, where the Barack Obama administration has spun out of control and abdicated its responsibility to uphold the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Insofar as acts of terrorism are intended to instill fear into a target population to make it more amenable to manipulation in promoting a political agenda, Obama and Holder have committed and act of terrorism on the American people. Every mother and child old enough to follow the news has had fear instilled in them by this grotesque event of fabricating the deaths of 20 children and six adults (eight if we include this young man, Adam Lanza, and his mother, Nancy, who are no doubt as fictional as the photograph we have been reviewing here). When the government is lying to the people on such a massive scale, you must take for granted that the stakes are enormous. We must fend for ourselves.
    Dennis Cimino, who has extensive engineering and support experience with military electronics, predominantly US Navy Combat Systems, was the Navy’s top EMI troubleshooter before he went to work for Raytheon in the 1980s.
    Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth. 
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    Shannon Hicks denies staging her fake “iconic” Sandy Hook photograph

    Shannon Hicks denies staging her fake “iconic” Sandy Hook photograph

     by Jim Fetzer and Dennis Cimino

    “I am not in that photo. I took that photo. And I took it while covering the evacuation of SHES on Friday, December 14, 2012″–Shannon Hicks

    What became of her?
    What became of her?

    The photograph to which Shannon Hicks, Associate Editor of The Newtown Bee, refers is one that I (with Dan Cady) published in “The Sandy Hook ‘Smoking Gun’: Game, Set, Match!”, which seems to be one in a series of staged photographs.

    Among the features that suggest they were staged is that, in the one to which she refers, a little girl is at the front of the conga line of students led* by a police woman in uniform. But she is missing in Shannon’s “iconic” photograph.

    If this was taken in real time under emergency conditions, how could she have taken more than one? And, as we explain below, the white arrow is not in the same position in the two photos, which suggests the second was taken later.
    And there is no sense of urgency about any of this. You have bystanders–whom Shannon Hicks claims were parents picking up their children–but does anyone buy that? And there should have been around 600 students to evacuate: Where are they?

    The “Smoking Gun”

    Perhaps the most extraordinary proof that the Sandy Hook “shooting” was a fabricated event in which no children died is the “iconic” photograph that was taken by Shannon Hicks, Associate Editor of The Newtown Bee, which Dennis Cimino and I have subjected to an extensive and detailed analysis. It is the only photo we have of any children being evacuated from the school:
    Photo attributed to Shannon Hicks

    Hicks claims to have taken this on 14 December 2012 during the evacuation of children from Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES). Rather to our astonishment, Dan Cady, “The Sun and Sandy Hook”, had published another photograph on 14 January 2013, more than a year-and-a-half prior to the efforts of Dennis Cimino and me to establish when her photograph was actually taken. Notice the absence of any frost on the ground or exhaust from their breathing, which will become important.
    On the basis of a shadow analysis, Dan concluded that the Shannon Hicks’ photograph was taken at 9:45 AM on 12 November 2012, over a month before Sandy Hook. But shadow analysis turns out to be surprisingly complex and, given the distribution of the vehicles in the photo and such, it would not surprise me if it had been taken in much closer proximity to the event. It is less important when the photograph was taken than that we now have a second photo at approximately the same time:

    Photographer taking the photo
    Notice how many indications are present that this photo was staged. There was no emergency in progress, the people behind the woman in the center (closest to the children, whom Dan Cady has identified as Lisa Terifay) appear part of a drill by their body language, where the conga line sequence in the first photo is missing the girl in the front, meaning Hicks’ claim that she took that photo under emergency conditions is indefensible: they staged multiple shots and selected the one that they thought was best.
    Dan Cady has conjectured that Shannon Hicks is taking the picture of the conga line and the parents. It is his guess that Lisa Terifay (near center, blue sweatshirt, clear line of sight to the kids, in front of Shannon) took the photo that got the most attention. A relative of mine with a keen eye, however, has observed, on the basis of the location of the (driving direction) white arrow, that the “iconic” photo was taken later and from a different position, which reinforces that it was a staged photo.

    William Shanley and Shannon Hicks

    William Shanley, a film maker of some note who resides in Connecticut, was  so incensed by this discovery that he wrote to Shannon Hicks about it, where she has now asserted that she had also taken the second photo above (which appears to have been taken prior to her “iconic” image) and that she is therefore not in the photograph itself, implying that Dan Cady’s conjecture was wrong:

    William was not satisfied and wrote back his strongly expressed dissatisfaction that what she was telling him was true. The key point here, I think, is not whether Shannon Hicks was in the second of these photographs that has now emerged but whether the first–the “iconic” photograph–was of a real event (a bona fide shooting in which 20 children died) or was instead staged (during a drill):
    Dennis and I believe that his photograph not only proves the “iconic” Shannon Hicks’ photograph was staged but that the entire episode–the alleged shooting at the school–about which so many have published so much– was indeed an elaborately fabricated event in which no children died (as Paul Preston has reported has even been confirmed by officials in the Department of Education) to promote Barack Obama’s anti-gun agenda.

    Enter Dan Hennen

    Imagine our surprise when I (Jim) discovered (among the comments on my “Smoking Gun” article) one from Dan Hennen, which provided a link that I had initially overlooked. When I followed the link, I was taken to a web page with the following (now familiar) photograph, accompanied by a caption stating, “Picture at Sandy Hook taken on October 17, 2012, during emergency drill at the school”, which reinforces the question it raises:

    (7) Dan Hennen photo
    Bear in mind, Shannon Hicks has acknowledged that she took this photograph. If we take for granted that she too it as well as her “iconic” photograph, then when was it taken? She appears to be compounding the fraud by reaffirming that she took it “during the evacuation” of students at SHES. But we and others have noted before the absence of evidence that any evacuation took place, including that 600 students are nowhere to be seen.

    (8) Dan Hennen web page

    As C.W. Wade and others who are attempting to defend the indefensible have observed, Shannon Hicks claims to have taken hundreds of photos at Sandy Hook, including of the evacuation. But when you take a look, there are no photos beyond those we have already seen. There are some of kids walking along Dickinston Drive (who even appear to be 7th graders) and others standing beside a car, but those are not “evacuation photos”. This is further confirmation that there was no “evacuation” because it was a drill and not an emergency event.

    Resolving the date

    We now have at least three dates attributed to this photograph: the official date of 14 December 2012 (by Shannon Hicks and the NENPA, presumably, which made her “Photographer of the Year” for taking it); on 12 November 2012 (by Dan Cady); and on 17 October 2012 during a drill conducted at SHES (by Dan Hemmen). It’s obvious that this photograph was staged, as can also be seen from this photo on that day with frost on the ground and exhaust from the cold:

    We have no frost on the ground or visible exhalation from the cold in the Shannon Hicks’ photograph, which makes the date of 14 December 2012 no longer even remotely plausible. We should be able to narrow it down between 12 November 2012 and 17 October 2012, where we are inclined to believe that it was taken during the earlier drill as Dan Hemmen reported. But it cannot be an authentic photograph taken on 14 December 2012, as this woman claims.

    It was also an essential element of (what can only be described as) an act of terrorism. The events reported to have occurred at SHES on 14 December 2012 instilled fear into the hearts and minds of every American–parents and children alike–in order to make the people more amenable to manipulation to promote a political agenda. It was despicable conduct and a grotesque form of treason for which Barack Obama and Eric Holder bear ultimate responsibility.

    Dennis Cimino, who has extensive engineering and support experience with military electronics, predominantly US Navy Combat Systems, was the Navy’s top EMI troubleshooter before he went to work for Raytheon in the 1980s.

    Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

    * She is not even led, but POSITIONED AS WE WOULD DO IN A DRILL (EXERCISE)! 

    Thursday 24 July 2014
    • Ghyslaine Roc The sad (mad) thing is that if the authors of the drills came forward and said it was a drill carried out long before the event, most people would not believe them showing how good and successful the media are at brainwashing and mind control. Ghyslaine
    • Ghyslaine Roc The little girl in the front (missing in another photograph!) does not even seem to be "led", but POSITIONED AS WE WOULD DO IN A DRILL (EXERCISE)! Ghyslaine
    • Ghyslaine Roc Keep on the excellent work, Jim. You are doing great. 
      Each individual numbers marked (at least the first 23 numbers) should give you more than enough evidence proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that this is a drill, an exercise and not a panic escape from imminent danger. Ghyslaine

    Ghyslaine Roc Number 36 is walking away nonchalently ignoring the drill and with probably his hands in his pockets. 
     The other PASSIVE SPECTATORS are telling us it is just a drill so why bother?
     The little girl in the front (missing in another photograph!) does not even seem to be "led", but POSITIONED AS WE WOULD DO IN A DRILL (EXERCISE)!
     Case closed.
    SEE ALSO: 



    Sandy Hook, Stephen Sedensky, William Shanley and the Elaborate Hoax

    Sandy Hook, Stephen Sedensky, William Shanley and the Elaborate Hoax

    by Jim Fetzer

    “Even Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has lambasted [Danbury State's Attorney Stephen] Sedensky for taking nearly a year to produce his report”Daniel Tepfer and Ken Dixon
    William B. Shanley
    William B. Shanley
    Our recent articles, “The Sandy Hook ‘Smoking Gun’: Game, Set, Match!” and “Shannon Hicks denied staging her fake ‘iconic’ photograph” have precipitated a slew of comments and emails, which further substantiate that this was an elaborate hoax.
    We have more proof that Sandy Hook was not an operating school but appears to have been abandoned in 2008, probably from the discovery that it was loaded with asbestos and other bio-hazards, as The Newtown Bee itself explained.
    And we also have more proof that the “iconic” photograph was staged, where Shannon Hicks has already admitted to William Shanley that she not only took that photo but another in which the staging of that photograph becomes especially apparent.
    William Shanley, the filmmaker, has now taken the bull by the horns and not only written to Governor Dan Malloy and to Lt. Paul Vance but to The New York Times and even to the White House Press Secretary to express his profound outrage at this grotesque form of fakery, which properly qualifies as “an act of terrorism”.
    As I have previously observed, Governor Malloy and his Lt. Governor held a press conference on the day of the event, 14 December 2012, in which he explained that they had been “spoken to” that something like this might happen, which raised the important questions, “Spoken to–by whom?” and “Something like this–what could that possibly mean?” Here is that press conference itself:
    And we know that Attorney General Eric Holder, who is a fanatic control advocate, met with him and the Lt. Governor on 27 November 2012.  It cannot be the case that Holder “spoke to” them about the prospect of an actual shooting taking place or the governor would have contacted the school districts in Connecticut to advise them to enhance their security, which he did not do.
    Alternatively, he appears to have been “spoken to” about the conduct of a drill at an abandoned school, which would be presented to the public as an actual event in order to promote an aggressive gun-control agenda. We now know that that must have been what he meant, because that is exactly what played out on 14 December 2012, where more and more proof continues to become available.
    Stephen SedenskyIt is also becoming apparent that the key player behind the scene was Danbury State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky, who took nearly a year to produce a 40-page, largely vacuous Sandy Hook report, which, if the “official account” were true, surely should have been completed in a month or so, at the max. How complicated would it have been to explain Adam Lanza came, shot 20 kids and committed suicide?
    As Hartford Attorney Daniel J. Klau  has observed,  ”There has been a complete inversion of the normal reporting process,” Klau said. “Usually, State Police do their report, finish it and make recommendations, and draft arrest warrants they present to state’s attorneys. Then the state’s attorneys accept or reject the recommendations.” But Sedenky did precisely the opposite.
    Sedensky had opposed the release of the 911 calls, where the Court observed, “[while they relate] an emergent criminal event that is taking place in a school location where there obviously are many children, the calls do not describe any particular acts of child abuse. No children are identified by name. No caller indicates that he or she could see whether any child has been injured. Indeed, the only injury that is described relates to an educator who had been shot in the foot”, and ruled against him.
    More significantly, two Connecticut State Troopers have confirmed that the 11,000 page document Wolfgang Halbig now has in his possession–which is the complete “investigative file” of Sedensky–was “the script” for the Sandy Hook event. Wolfgang is now in the process of uploading those 11,000 pages, which is a painstaking and time-consuming activity. But we now have a powerful circumstantial case for Stephen Sedensky having played the crucial role in implementing and in covering up the Sandy Hook hoax.

    SHES had been abandoned

    We already have ample proof that Sandy Hook Elementary School was closed in 2008 and served as a stage (a setting or a prop for a scripted event) in 2012.  Now in addition to the videos of the outside and the inside of the school, we have additional evidence in the form of a video of the school, where at 1:22 you will see no handicap ramp and the railing is broken. The school was not being maintained.
    As George Mason has observed, “In 2008 [in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act], public facilities had to provide easy access for the handicapped. Since when does a public school not have handicap access at entrance/exit?I guess Newtown chose to ignore the laws.” Listen to the commentary in the video about the state of the school and its unkempt condition for more proof.
    Go to 1:22 mark and you’ll see no handicap ramp and the railing is broken, which poses a hazard for young children, especially. No school principal would tolerate that.  The interior is simply filthy, not remotely in the condition for children to be taught.  Sandy Hook is a very up-scale community that would never tolerate such deplorable conditions for an elementary school that was actually in use.

    More proof the photo was staged

    And we now have more information about where Shannon Hick’s “iconic” photograph was staged by placing her photograph in perspective in relation to the parking lot, where its purpose appears to have been to create the impression that children were being evacuated from the scene of a mass shooting, except that we now know the photo was faked, “The Sandy Hook ‘Smoking Gun’: Game, Set, Match!”
    Indeed, the deeper we dig, the more proof emerges that the Sandy Hook event was a drill presented to the public as though it had been a LIVE event, where some of the most important evidence revolves around the missing 600 children.  Here is an aerial shot to show the perspective of Shannon Hicks in taking her “iconic” photograph, which, of course, she has denied was staged, contrary to the evidence:
    Among the important contributions of the following aerial video, therefore, is that there are no indications of the large number of children who would have been evacuated, had Sandy Hook been real. There are no 600 children, no busses to evacuate , not even any ambulances to convey those little bodies to hospitals where the could be declared to be dead or alive–only a solitary fire engine:
    This News Chopper 12 video also shows the 26 Christmas trees already lined up behind the buildings, ready for the display to be presented along the street to mourn the victims the following day. Plus there’s an interesting scene of an unwelcome photographer dressed in a dark coat who is sent off the scene. See what else you can find!

    William Shanley “goes for it”!

    William Shanley is a filmmaker and author at Wild Divine Expressions, who produced “The Made for TV Election” (1986) documentary starring Martin Sheen showed how TV casts winners and losers in a drama of their own making. He also authored Alice and the Quantum Cat (2011). A cerebral and accomplished man, he resides in Connecticut and has been incensed by what he has discovered about Sandy Hook. Unlike others, this courageous man has expressed his out rage to public officials:
    He has written to Connecticut Governor Malloy: 
     He has written to the Attorney General of Connecticut:
    He has written to the editors of The New York Times:
    He has written to the President of the United States:
    And for good reason. The evidence we have uncovered establishes that Sandy Hook Elementary School was abandoned in 2008, that the “iconic” Shannon Hicks photograph was staged, that 600 students were not being evacuated and that this was a drill but presented to the public as though it had been a bona fide emergency, where Danbury State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky appears to have played the pivotal role and where Wolfgang Halbig is publishing its 11,000 page “script”.
    Paul Preston learned from his contacts in the Obama Department of Education that it had been a drill, that no children had died and that it was done to promote an anti-gun agenda. This means that Barack Obama and Eric Holder were involved in creating an event that instilled fear in every mother and child across the nation in order to make the public more amenable to political manipulation in order to promote its political agenda by subverting our rights under the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution.  Which means that Sandy Hook was an act of domestic terrorism!
    And therein lies profound irony. The President and the Attorney General both took oaths to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic. It grieves me to observe that they have both violated their oaths and the Constitution of the United States, which means they are both traitors to the nation. And it also means that they, above all others, must be held accountable for betraying the trust of the American people.
    Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth.


       Sandy Hook: No Murders in Newtown in 2012
    • Sandy Hook: No Murders in Newtown in 2012 / ”The Power Hour” and Alex Jones interviews

      by Jim Fetzer (with Wolfgang Halbig)

      “[I]t was very difficult to take seriously the idea that her grandson had been attending a school that had long since been abandoned. . . .”–Jim Fetzer
      Joyce Riley, "The Power Hour"
      Joyce Riley, “The Power Hour”
      Wolfgang and I were featured on “The Power Hour” with Joyce Riley, which may turn out to have been a turning point with the public on Sandy Hook for several reasons.
      Joyce has a large following of serious middle-class adults, who take her seriously because she is smart, open-minded, willing to listen to both sides but also no body’s fool.
      A woman she knows called in to explain that she was the grandmother of a six-year old, who had attended Sandy Hook and had been friends with one of the students who died.
      It was a nice test case, because Joyce was very sympathetic to her and asked to speak with her daughter, but became skeptical when told that her daughter would not talk about it.
      Wolf and I presented so much proof that the school had been abandoned–that it was in deplorable condition inside and out, that it was not ADA compliant, and that it was loaded with asbestos and biohazards–that it was very difficult to take seriously the idea that her grandson had been attending a school that had long since been abandoned. Those who are unfamiliar with the evidence need to review, for example, “Sandy Hook Elementary School: closed in 2008, a stage in 2012″ and “Sandy Hook: Ten more proofs that vitiate the official account”.

      FBI: No murders in Newtown in 2012

      The fifth of my five opening points–(1) Eric Holder having met with Governor Malloy a few weeks before the event(2) the school having been closed by 2008, (3) the absence of any evacuation of those other 469 students(4) the “official report” not establishing a causal nexus relating the suspect to his weapons and his victims, and (5) the FBI report of crime statistics for 2012 showing zero murders in Newtown for 2012–came from a correspondent who uses the handle, “MrSammo1″, and was subsequently picked up by Alex Jones’ FBI report-No murders in Newtown 2012
      Providing false data to the FBI is a felony with a sentence of up to 10 years. It seems to parallel the FBI’s previous confirmation of claims made by the government involving Ted Olson’s report of having received two phone calls from his wife, which it acknowledged had not taken place, or its admission that it was not charging Osama bin Laden with complicity in 9/11 “because it had no hard evidence connecting him to the crime”. No doubt, contrived attempts will be made to “explain it away”, following from USA TODAY, which contends that even FBI data is flawed and features the image of Adam Lanza:
      USA Today apologizes for FBI data That sounds vaguely plausible: even the FBI’s data base might be incomplete to the extent to which it depends upon information from local and state authorities, which might affect the thinking of those unfamiliar with Sandy Hook; but how could it be true when the FBI conducted its own investigation of Sandy Hook? This is the report, repeatedly discussed in past articles, which has been so very heavily redacted, where 64 of its 175 pages are completely redacted and the other 111 largely redacted. Can anyone aware of this fact seriously claim the FBI does not know how many died at Sandy Hook–and the number it publishes is 0?  Redacted-FBI-report-on-Sandy-Hook
      Because I have found the FBI Report difficult to track down, I wrote to the reporter for the Hartford Courant who published the story and asked for a copy. He has not written back, where Dr. Eowyn has put her finger on the reason why. As we are approaching two years after the alleged massacre, the FBI has still not released its Sandy Hook report, which looks like a striking example of the principle enunciated by Barack Obama himself on 21 August 2010: “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.” And David Altimari of the Hartford Courant appears to be part of the scam.

      Alex Jones features Wolfgang Halbig

      Perhaps as a response to Joyce Riley’s exceptional interview and to follow up on the discovery that the FBI’s own crime statistics for 2012 show zero murders in Newtown–where Sandy Hook is a subdivision–Alex Jones invited Wolfgang onto his own show the following day, which, in my view, is all the better because the more exposure to research revealing that Sandy Hook was a staged event and that no children died, the better, where Alex Jones has a huge audience rivaling even those of George Norry (“Coast to Coast”) and John B. Wells (“Caravan to Midnight”):
      Wolfgang makes point after point substantiating that this was a hoax, including that no trauma helicopters were called, that the alleged victims were declared to be dead within 11 minutes, that the hundreds of other children requiring evacuation are not be be seen, that the photo to the contrary cannot have been taken that day,  that the school was a toxic waste dump, that he has the “script”–which appears to have been prepared by Obsidian Analysis of Washington, D.C.–and has been publishing it with annotations on his site,, where there have been no lawsuits because no one died at Sandy Hook.

      More proof the school had been abandoned

      More and more proof comes in every day. Here is a video study of Bus 23, which should have included Sandy Hook Elementary had it still been an open school. But when a new bus company took over transportation for the Newtown school system, Bus 23 did not include Sandy Hook on its route–for the obvious reason that it was not an operating school. They anticipated that it would be odd if a bus was not there, so they brought it in as a prop for this interview “on the scene”. But there is no frost on the ground or signs of cold weather, which suggests that, like Shannon Hicks’ “iconic” photograph, it was taken earlier in the year. And the road behind the bus is straight, unlike the road from the school to the firehouse. It wasn’t even taken at Sandy Hook!
      Not only are no ambulances at the school to transport the shooting victims to hospitals where they could be pronounced dead or alive and no buses to transport the other 469 children to safety (not to mention some 75 teachers, administrators and staff), but John Stokes, who hosts a show on RBN, has observed, “There are over 400 students but not one bike! Don’t think so.” He has sent me a study showing that, in 2009, 31 percent of children in grades K–8 who lived within one mile of school biked to school. But at Sandy Hook, not one bicycle is to be seen. No children could have died at Sandy Hook, because no children were there.

      National Coverage to Cover Up

      Reading the national press, you would think that violent crimes are on the rise. Even the Wisconsin State Journal (to which I subscribe) has proclaimed, “FBI: Mass shootings in US have tripled in recent years” (25 September 2014), which sounds rather alarming until you read the fine print and discover that it includes 29 killed and wounded at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, which is not even consistent with the FBI’s own report. Here is another example of spinning the data: Mass Shootings on the Rise The fact of the matter is that violent crime in the United States has been on the decline and is now at roughly the rate of its occurrence in 1966. Even TIME agrees the report is flawed by combining “active shooters” with “mass shootings”, since only a small person of “active” are also “mass”. But that does not fit the political agenda of the Obama administration, whose Attorney General, Eric Holder, appears to have been profoundly involved in arranging the Sandy Hook hoax and just announced his resignation. That by itself is a remarkable development, which may or may not be related to his complicity in this act of terrorism on Americans. Violent crime rate dropping
      Bear in mind what William Colby told us before his untimely death, namely: “The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media”, including newspapers as well as television.
      And beware of those who would play the sympathy card by claiming to know someone who knows someone who knows someone who died at Sandy Hook.
      The school had been abandoned by 2008, for which we have proof after proof after proof. No children died there because there were no children there. That is the single most salient fact about Sandy Hook, which should be used to convert the gullible who have been taken in.
      Sandy Hook was deliberately staged to be an event with maximum emotional impact to instill fear into the American public in order to make us more amenable to political manipulation. That is the classic definition of “terrorism”, which means that the American government has been perpetrating acts of terrorism on the American people. And the mass media has been playing its role in promoting the deception. We have been abandoned by our leaders and the media upon which we have depended in the past for reliable information. Take nothing for granted. We now have a government based upon lies, damn lies and statistics.


      Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth.
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    Smallstorm interviews School Principal Paul Preston - SpeedofLight

    <a href="/channel/UCWFR4_SJB_oCJtMspIshihw" class=" yt-uix-sessionlink     spf-link  g-hovercard" data-name="" data-ytid="UCWFR4_SJB_oCJtMspIshihw" data-sessionlink="ei=8zxxVMbbIoXUiAb3j4GYCw">PureMomentumNetwork</a>
    45524 Apr 2014
    SpeedofLight on Pure Momentum Network

    Sofia Smallstorm interviews school administrator Paul Preston about the Sandy Hook shooting. Paul Preston spent 41 years in the California school system and now hosts his own radio show ( Hour 1 of this interview focuses on school drills and Sandy Hook as a staged exercise. Hour 2 (available at gets into the "Potemkin village" aspect of Newtown as a model for implementation of Agenda 21 societal control. Says Preston: "I have a lot of [insider] sources ... and every one of my sources said it was a false flag. They had factual knowledge of such."

    Paul Preston spent 41 years in the California public school system, working his way up the ladder from custodian to district superintendent. He was a teacher, coach, vice-principal and principal before retiring in 2012 as superintendent of two charter schools. He is highly trained in school safety issues, having organized drills of many kinds, including active-shooter drills. His website is, which he created to alert listeners to the real nature of the United Nations Agenda 21 programs for global sustainability.

    "For those of us who have been in the field of education and have been a part of the lives of the children we have touched, it's an honor hard to describe. When children are threatened or harmed and you, as a professional, are responsible for their safety, the world changes. You become a different person. For the rest of your life, a new sense is there that screams from an inner instinct of protection. When I saw the events of Sandy Hook unfold, that instinct was instantly triggered, yet the story that was being portrayed did not add up. I must pause at this point to let you know where I come from on school issues. I served 41 years in public schools in California working from custodian to superintendent. I was a teacher, coach, vice principal , principal and superintendent. As an administrator, I have seen the best and worst of humanity. I have been involved in a range of school safety issues from shootings, drugs and gangs to child sex-trafficking, and much more. I have advised and been an expert witness in court on gangs and drugs. I have organized and conducted numerous school drills (e.g., active-shooter, earthquakes) in Northern and Southern California. I was even questioned by detectives investigating the Columbine shooting on the subject of the Trench Coat Mafia and Neo-Nazi hate groups. So when I watched the news footage of what occurred on December 14, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut, using my own keen eye developed from 41 years of witnessing actual tragedies and staged exercises in schools, I knew immediately that Sandy Hook was not a real event." -- Paul Preston
    • Category

      Wolfgang Halbig ~ Sandy Hook Staged Government Community Capstone Exercise False Flag

      <a href="/channel/UCzHdYhBGvfJCZMQFbhZmJXw" class=" yt-uix-sessionlink     spf-link  g-hovercard" data-sessionlink="ei=5vNxVKPGC9ON0wXUlIDgDA" data-name="" data-ytid="UCzHdYhBGvfJCZMQFbhZmJXw">Mert Melfa</a>

      Sandy Hook: The Bomb That Didn’t Smoke / Lounging at the Massacre

      Shannon Hicks' "iconic photo" of a line of children being led away from Sandy Hook Elementary School has proven to be one of the keys to undoing the fraud called "Sandy Hook".


      by Kelley Watt (with Jim Fetzer)

      Smiling student
      Smiling while fleeing from a massacre
      Shannon Hicks’ “iconic photo” of a line of children being led away from Sandy Hook Elementary School has proven to be one of the keys to undoing the fraud called “Sandy Hook”.
      It was 28*F that day and there was frost on the ground, but you cannot see any breath exhalation from the children or the police woman, who was cast in the role of rescuing them.
      Moreover, there turns out to be yet a second photograph, also taken by Shannon Hicks, that shows several adults in the foreground, who are casually observing the scene as it is being acted out.
      The children have been rearranged in the sequence to get “the best shot”, which is difficult to imagine had this been the emergency involving the massacre of school children as claimed.
      And now we discover that there are other adults in the background, who are also taking it in and showing no sense or urgency–lounging at the massacre–and that one of the children in the line is actually smiling.
      Bonus selection: What does every other parking lot have that Sandy Hook Elementary School’s parking lot lacks?

      Sandy Hook: The bomb that didn’t smoke

      by Kelley Watt

      Recently someone who does not want the Sandy Hook Truth movement to prevail was successful at getting Wolfgang Halbig’s Go Fund Me website taken down to hamper his efforts at raising funds to bring the Sandy Hook Hoax project to justice and to prosecute those behind this ill-fated event to promote gun control and see to it that every child in America undergoes drugging and psychiatric treatment for full indoctrination under the ruse of Common Core, which is transformational indoctrination, outcome-based education left over from the 1990s.

      One of the excuses for dismantling Wolfgang’s page was that those in the Sandy Hook Truth community were alleged to be responsible for calling and harassing parents of supposedly dead children, desecrating grave sites and even making BOMB threats, among other ridiculous unprovable actions! I am going to prove that the alleged bomb threat was a fabrication.

      On October 1, 2014 a claim was made by Monroe and Newtown police officials as well as by the Principal and Superintendent of Chalk Hill Elementary School, which is now the temporary home of Sandy Hook Elementary School (until a $50,000,000 school can be built on the site which housed the old Sandy Hook Elementary school), that a bomb threat had been received.
      It is now December 9th, 2014 and sixty-nine days have passed since the bomb threat on October 1, 2014 was made–and still no arrests have been made in the case, even though the school has recording devices on their telephones. Law enforcement officials do not have a clue to finding out who made the threat or where it came from.
      On October 29, 2014, Kelley Watt from Tulsa, Oklahoma placed a phone call to Chalk Hill merely to ask how long it took to renovate Chalk Hill to make it student ready for the displaced Sandy Hook Children, because she found it incredible that workers and volunteers could ready a vacant building of two years, which had had no work done to any of the mechanical parts since 1949. The windows were not energy efficient, asbestos insulated the pipes and walls and lead paint covered the entire building, including door frames and windows where over 60 years of much needed repairs were completed and ready for occupancy in less than twenty days.
      Kelley, being from a family that owned Oklahoma’s first electrical/plumbing contracting business, knew it could take 3-4 weeks just to secure the needed work permits for all the mechanical, building, plumbing and electrical work, and the same amount of time to get the inspection certificates–even on a rush job. So she called the school and spoke with the school secretary, who answered the phone.
      Upon asking the simple question, “Could you tell me how long it took to renovate Chalk Hill?”, the school secretary, JoAnn Dedunoto, had no idea and suggested that Kelley call the school board. Knowing it could take days for a school board member to return her call, if ever, she replied to Mrs. Dedunoto, “That’s ok, I will call the Bond Department”.
      Around 3:30 PM, Kelley is home reading Sandy Hook emails when she hears her name being yelled and a knock at her door. Upon answering her door and with startled amazement, she is confronted by four police officers demanding they come inside to speak with her. Knowing she had not broken any laws, she thought perhaps they were there to tell her a family member had died. But to her utter amazement they asked her what she had done that day to which she replied, “I reported to work for three hours and came home. Why?” They asked her, “Did you make a phone call today?” “Yes, probably dozens,” she replied. Then they asked if she had called Sandy Hook in Connecticut and she readily stated. “Yes, sir, I certainly had”. They wanted to know the specifics of exactly what she said.
      Being confused as to what all the fuss was about and being intimidated at the sight of four officers inside her home when she knew she had done absolutely nothing wrong caused Kelley to temporarily forget why she had called the school earlier that morning. So the police informed they had her telephone conversation on tape, recorded by the school secretary, so Kelley asked to listen to it to jog her memory as to why she had called Chalk Hill.
      The police officer who played the tape was with the Tulsa Police Bomb Squad and, after playing the tape recording of Kelley’s call, said, “Did you tell her you were calling the BOMB department?” To which Mrs. watt replied, “Heck no, I said I was going to call the BOND department.” The matter was instantly cleared up and the officers quickly left thereafter.
      Back to the persons or persons trying to interfere with Wolfgang’s Go Fund Me page. If the Connecticut State Police can locate and make contact with Kelley in Tulsa, Oklahoma who had a short 10 second RECORDED phone call with Chalk Hill over a BOND DEPARTMENT, then why can they not locate a caller who, according to the state police, had made a “very complex call” of a “bomb threat” with the same woman with whom Kelley had spoken?
      That answer lies in the fact THERE WAS NO BOMB THREAT made to Chalk Hill on Oct 1, 2014, which is why they never pursued looking for anyone to arrest, why Connecticut police labeled the incident a “low threat/no threat” and why they will never make an arrest. It is all more fakery, where the below photo suggests no children were being evacuated by bus from Chalk Hill on October 1, 2014. Not only are there no children inside the bus but the bus driver appears to be a phantom as well.
      Kelley Watt is an independent researcher and activist whose past work includes exposing Outcome Based Education and Obama’s legal inability to be President due to his not being a natural-born Citizen.

       Veterans Today

      Sandy Hook Update: Wolfgang Halbig files lawsuit

      Former Florida State Trooper, School Principal and National School Safety Expert moves the case forward

      Sandy Hook Justiceby Dr. Eowyn (with Jim Fetzer)

      Wolfgang W. Halbig, 68, has an impressive professional record as a former law enforcement officer (U.S. Customs inspector and Florida state trooper), an educator (public school coach, teacher, assistant principal and principal), and a nationally-recognized school safety consultant who has served as an expert witness in the Columbine and other school shootings.

      He and Jim Fetzer visited Sandy Hook and addressed the Newtown School Board about the circumstances of the alleged event, where the school appeared to have been abandoned by 2008 and then used as a prop for a drill, which was conducted on 13 December 2012 and then taken “LIVE” the following day, where we have even discovered the FEMA Manual for the exercise:

      On 4 March 2015, Halbig, who maintains a blog at, was interviewed on Alex Jones’ Infowars. The interview begins with a long monologue by Jones. Halbig doesn’t start talking until beginning at the 54:30 mark. Here’s Dr. Eowyn’s (partial) transcript of the interview:

      Halbig: Thanks a lot, Alex. Thank God you have a voice. I’m glad Infowars is out there. The people that are attacking you, now they’re coming after me…. They’re destroying my family; they’ve destroyed my business. But I’m passionate. The only reason that I really got involved: I’m standing in front of 200 Florida school board members in Tampa, Florida, and Alex, they’re worried that they may have a Sandy Hook unfolding in their community, so they’re asking me questions, for two hours! I can’t give them solutions because, number one, not one of us in American that knows the truth as to what actually happened in Sandy Hook. So what do I do? I simply ask questions as a national school safety consultant. They are so simple that anyone should be able to answer that — from the school board, from the city, the Connecticut State police. Two years, and they’ve refused to answer my questions.”
      Jones: “Well, we have copy right claims filed at us for just showing news articles. And you can’t do that — we’ve defeated those copy right claims. But, there’s been a lot of other stuff behind the scenes going on about other organizations and groups. They’re reallyupset about this.”
      Halbig: “Well, you know what? They need to get ready, Alex, I’m coming. If you could be in my office right now today, beyond a reasonable doubt, we have all the evidence. People that anonymously have now come forward from Newtown. We now have documents that will, without a doubt, show that that school did not exist, it was not in operation.
      Jones: “Well, You’d better release them as soon as possible or that’d end up, you know what happens to people. They’ll claim you suicided yourself or probably take some of your family out, claim you killed them and demonize you. That’s how they do it now — they kill you and your family.”
      Halbig [with a big smile]: “Well, Alex, I saw my doctor the other day. I am not suicidal. I told my doctor I’m about as happy as can be. I got three great grandkids. But I’m telling you, the evidence that we have, right now I have an attorney here in Orlando, we filed a lawsuit. The judge here in Orlando allowed us to move forward. She granted me ten subpoenas to be issued two weeks ago, with discovery information. Alex, we are on the move.”

      Beginning at the 59:14 mark:

      Jones: “The latest bombshell you just dropped, you’re saying, we know the school suddenly reopened. Had been closed, and then they tore it down. The place was falling apart, the photos and videos we saw didn’t look like a real school. And you add everything together, looks like a prop, a drill. Did they kill real kids? Maybe, maybe not. Why didn’t they call helicopters? I mean I keep repeating this, it just doesn’t add up. Wolfgang, what’s the new bombshell info?”

      Halbig: “The new bombshell is that subpoenas have been issued across the country. We’re out to get discovery information that is now forthcoming, and if they don’t provide us this discovery information, they’re going to be in contempt of court. And we also have the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission hearing that is supposed to have already happened. They keep dragging it and dragging it, but eventually we’re gonna get the truth, and the truth is going to show Sandy Hook, that school, was not an operating school. And I can tell you that for being a school administrator, Alex, it is the most filthiest, the most deplorable school. No child should have ever, or even teacher should not have died in that school .It is loaded with lead paint; it is loaded with asbestos; it is loaded with PCB. And those parents who called it a vanguard school…how could you send your kids to that filthy school?”


      “Rejoice for Christmas: No one died at Sandy Hook or at the Boston bombing”
      * “The Sandy Hook Hoax: How we know it didn’t happen” (with Dennis Cimino)
      * “Sandy Hook massacre was a ‘contrived event,’ says former state trooper Wolfgang Halbig”
      * “Was Sandy Hook Elementary School already abandoned before the massacre?”

      Dr. Eowyn maintains the blog, Fellowship of the Minds, where she had published dozens of studies about Sandy Hook. For more, visit her “Sandy Hook Massacre” archive.

      Sandy Hook Massacre

      On the morning of December 14, 2012, lone gunman 20-year-old Adam Lanza broke into the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, and shot to death 20 young children and 6 adults. When the killer heard the arrival of police, he shot himself. Earlier that morning, Lanza had killed his mother, Nancy, in the family home by shooting her four times in the face.
      That’s the official story.
      Since the massacre, many inconsistencies and anomalies are uncovered, thanks to the New Media of bloggers, but no thanks to the Old Media of mainstream outlets. In the interest of Truth, this page contains the links, colored blue, to all the posts Fellowship of the Minds has published on Sandy Hook. Since the massacre is being used by politicians to introduce and justify gun-control laws, this page also contains posts on gun control — colored orange.
      Before you proceed to click on the links, I suggest you first read my post “ What’s a false flag?,” which lays out the reasoning and reasons for being skeptical about what we were told about the Sandy Hook massacre.
      Former state trooper Wolfgang Halbig files Sandy Hook lawsuit,” March 8, 2015.
      Citizen speaks out on Sandy Hook hoax at Connecticut State committee hearing,” March 6, 2015.
      Sandy Hook: ABC Nightly News had Adam Lanza among its “cast” 2 days before massacre,” Feb. 12, 2015.
      What is Obsidian, the company that allegedly ‘wrote the script’ for Sandy Hook?,” Feb. 6, 2015.
      Sandy Hook: The boys who were evacuated TWICE,” Jan. 26, 2015.
      Sandy Hoax: Forensic evidence of grey powder from shotgun’s breaching round,” Jan. 24, 2015.
      Gun controllers change tactics to mimic those of homosexual movement,” Jan. 17, 2015.
      Separated at Birth: Sandy Hook coroner & Pennsylvania school stabbing doctor,” Jan. 11, 2015.
      BBC admits but will not investigate why pic of Sandy Hook’s Noah Pozner is among Peshawar massacre victims,” Jan. 7, 2015.
      Real or a psych-op? Videos & photos of Peshawar school massacre in Pakistan,” Jan. 5, 2015.
      Dead again: Sandy Hook child victim Noah Pozner also killed in Pakistan Taliban shooting!,” Jan. 2, 2015.
      Black Sheriff David Clarke: Second Amendment is about freedom,” on Sandy Hook and gun control, Dec. 30, 2014.
      Sandy Hook families sue Bushmaster gun manufacturer,” Dec. 29, 2014.
      Sandy Hook and Obama’s Connecticut Social Security number,” Dec. 27, 2014.
      Sandy Hook hoax: Where were the 100s of students being evacuated?,” Dec. 14, 2014.
      Why We Must Never Forget Sandy Hook,” Dec. 14, 2014.
      Former CIA spy: Sandy Hook and Boston Bombing were false flags,” Oct. 8, 2014.
      No one died in Sandy Hook: Testimony from Social Security Death Master File,” Sept. 26, 2014.
      Another false flag? Atlanta Craigslist solicits crisis actors for mock disaster,” May 22, 2014.
      FBI releases heavily-censored documents on Sandy Hook massacre,” May 15, 2014.
      Citizens confront Newtown Board of Education about Sandy Hook hoax,” May 9, 2014.
      Was Sandy Hook Elementary School already abandoned before the massacre?,” April 11, 2014.
      NY gun owners join other states in defying gun control laws,” April 8, 2014.
      The curious parents of Sandy Hook child victim Noah Pozner,” April 3, 2014.
      Why are there no Sandy Hook lawsuits?,” March 29, 2014.
      A former Navy SEAL on Connecticut government’s gun grab,” March 13, 2014.
      Californians defy new gun-control law inspired by Sandy Hook,” March 12, 2014.
      Sandy Hook deception: Associated Press stories & photos predate the massacre,” March 10, 2014.
      Satanism in Sandy Hook,” March 8, 2014.
      Connecticut’s unregistered gun owners must surrender their weapons,” March 4, 2014.
      Sandy Hook massacre was a “contrived event,” says former state trooper Wolfgang Halbig,” Feb. 25, 2014.
      Sandy Hook: The case of the missing realtor Robert Hoagland,” Feb. 18, 2014.
      Former Connecticut State employee blows whistle on Sandy Hook,” Feb. 16, 2014.
      The strange purchase date and price of Sandy Hook homes,” Feb. 14, 2014.
      The mysterious & unsolved case of the Sandy Hook nuns,” Feb. 1, 2014.
      Is Sandy Hook’s Robbie Parker who he says he is?,” Jan. 26, 2014.
      Civitas news conglomerate denies plan to build massive database of concealed carry gunowners,” Jan. 25, 2014.
      Sandy Hook: How did Lanza kill himself?,” Jan. 25, 2014.
      People Go Round In Circles. Sandy Hook,” Jan. 24, 2014.
      Sandy Hook massacre: The 26 Christmas trees,” Jan. 23, 2014.
      More Evidence of FAKE Sandy Hook Parents,” Jan. 6, 2014.
      Illuminati eye symbol in Sandy Hook charity poster,” Dec. 19, 2013.
      Colorado county sheriffs refuse to enforce state gun control laws,” Dec. 16, 2013.
      Are Sandy Hook children killed a year ago still alive?,” Dec. 15, 2013.
      Sandy Hook Massacre: 14 never-before-seen photos,” Nov. 26, 2013.
      Secrecy continues over Sandy Hook massacre,” Nov. 24, 2013.
      Citizen journalist’s raw footage of Sandy Hook school,” Oct. 22, 2013.
      Workers tearing down Sandy Hook school sworn to confidentiality,” Oct. 17, 2013.
      Psychiatrist confirms Obama’s plan to confiscate guns from military vets,” April 15, 2013.
      Why the Senate gun compromise bill is bad legislation,” April 14, 2013.
      Sandy Hook victims’ funds reap millions of dollars in donation,” Mar. 8, 2013.
      Alabama city backs off on disarming citizens in a “disaster”,” Mar. 2, 2013.
      Newtown clerk refuses to issue Sandy Hook victims’ death certificates,” Feb. 25, 2013.
      Obama regime prohibits disabled veterans from owning firearms and ammunition,” Feb. 22, 2013.
      Teacher refused to grade report on guns,” Feb. 22, 2013.
      Washington is third state to propose ban-confiscate all assault weapons,” Feb. 21, 2013.
      Colorado Democrats propose 4 gun control bills; county sheriffs oppose,” Feb. 20, 2013.
      Mexico wants a registry of all gunowners in U.S. border states, Feb. 19, 2013.
      Minnesota state Democrats introduce bill to confiscate firearms,” Feb. 17, 2013.
      CA Police Chief: Guns Are Not a Defensive Weapon,” Feb. 16, 2013.
      Constitutional Crisis: Democrats introduce bill to confiscate firearms in Missouri.“ Feb. 14, 2013.
      Another mysterious Newtown death,” Feb. 12, 2013.
      No Sandy Hook students are in the Sandy Hook children’s choir,” Feb. 11, 2013.
      A computer forensics analysis of 2 Sandy Hook documents,” Feb. 8, 2013.
      Who, Where are the Sandy Hook wounded?,” Feb. 7, 2013. still has Adam Lanza’s date-of-death as a day before the Sandy Hook massacre,” Feb. 5, 2013.
      SSDI changed Adam Lanza’s date-of-death from Dec. 13 to Dec. 14, 2012 !!!,” Feb. 2, 2013.
      Dec. 14 was date of death for every Sandy Hook massacre victim, except Adam Lanza,” Feb. 2, 2013.
      NY gun owners plan mass civil disobedience,” Jan. 30, 2013.
      Project Longevity and the Sandy Hook Massacre,” Jan. 29, 2013.
      Letter from a resident of Newtown, CT,” Jan. 28, 2013.
      Author Jack Cashill speaks up for Sandy Hook skeptics,” Jan. 28, 2013.
      A Tribute to Aaron Swartz,” Jan. 27, 2013.
      Sandy Hook Massacre: The People v. Crisis Management Institute,” Jan. 27, 2013.
      How we know a guide on counseling children about Sandy Hook predated the massacre,” Jan. 26, 2013.
      Joseph Ametrano and Sandy Hook – Vimeo and Twitter,” Jan 24, 2013.
      List of banned guns in Feinstein’s “assault weapons” bill,” Jan. 24, 2013.
      More evidence that Sandy Hook parent Laura Phelps is actress Jennifer Sexton?,” Jan. 23, 2013.
      CNN deception: Live aerial footage of police running into Sandy Hook was of another school,” Jan. 22, 2013.
      An Analysis of Anomalies on,” Jan. 22, 2013.
      SSDI says Adam Lanza died a day before Sandy Hook massacre,” Jan. 20, 2013.
      Judge puts gag on what police can tell about Sandy Hook massacre,” Jan. 18, 2013.
      Another Sandy Hook fundraiser that pre-dates the massacre,” Jan. 17, 2013.
      Guide on how to talk to children about Sandy Hook 4 days BEFORE massacre,” Jan. 16, 2013.
      Sandy Hook: The curious case of Emilie Parker,” Jan. 14, 2013.
      Remarkable resemblance of Sandy Hook victims and professional crisis actors,” Jan. 11, 2013.
      Prominent rifle manufacturer killed in mysterious car crash days after posting psych drug link to school shooters,” Jan. 10, 2013.
      Sandy Hook RIP/donation webpages created BEFORE the massacre,” Jan. 8, 2013.
      Where is Sandy Hook school’s surveillance video?,” Jan. 8, 2013.
      Florida professor doubts official version of Sandy Hook massacre,” Jan. 8, 2013.
      Crisis Acting or True Grief? – You Decide,” Jan. 7, 2013.
      Crisis Actor Photos,” Jan. 7, 2013.
      Regarding Conspiracy Theories,” Jan. 6, 2013.
      Professional crisis actors simulate mass casualty events,” Jan. 1, 2013.
      Sandy Hook dad goes from laughing to grieving in blink of an eye,” Dec. 30, 2012.
      Was Sandy Hook a “false flag” operation by the Obama regime?,” Dec. 30, 2012.
      Spooky coincidences of Sandy Hook and Aurora massacres,” Dec. 21, 2012.
      Two Mass Shooters and Banking Fraud?,” Dec. 20, 2012.
      What if the 20 children killed in Sandy Hook were black?,” Dec. 19, 2012.
      Amidst great evil, Sandy Hook teachers save children’s lives,” Dec. 16, 2012.
      The man responsible for the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre,” Dec. 15, 2012.

      South Carolina Church Shooting: 10 signs it was another "false flag" Featured

      South Carolina Church Shooting: 10 signs it was another "false flag"

      by Jim Fetzer 

      A 20-year Marine intelligence officer and former CIA-clandestine services case officer, Robert David Steele, has reported that every terrorist event in the US (9/11 and since) has been brought to us by our own government government. Those "false flag" events have included Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing, which has been established by mountains of proof.

      The key players appear to be especially the FBI and the DHS. The shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, and of Walter Scott in North Charleston, SC, both appear to be staged events.  And there is mounting evidence that the latest shooting in a church in Charleston, SC, fits a pattern that provides substantiation that this was another "false flag" as follows:

      (Exhibit 1) An "active shooter drill" was taking place in Charleston, SC, at the time of the alleged shooting:









      (Exhibit 2) The shooter,  though purportely unemployed, was wearing a $1,000 bullet-proof vest:

      (Exhibit 3) The photo of him wearing white supremacist patches on his jacket was photoshopped:
















       "Original" shows very clear evidence of photoshopping!
      At least 10 locations to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt of collage and photoshopping!

      (Exhibit 4) Shouldn't church members have been suspicious of someone who looked like a recent graduate of the MK/ULTRA academy?


      Among the most telling signs that this was another "false flag" is the timing, when JADE HELM has been receiving more and more attention and concern from the public and when the TPP is being "fast tracked" through the Congress, even though it would create a corporate-managed world authority that can transcend the laws of any nation, including our own, and require restitution to corporations for profits they might lose by complying with environmental safeguards and controls.
      That an "active shooter drill" was taking place, that he was wearing a bullet-proof vest, and that images of him sporting racist badges were photoshopped are all powerful proof that this was a staged event. And the rapidity with which Obama and Hillary have moved to exploit the situation to promote their political agendas affords further confirmation. Obama observes that these kinds of shootings do not occur in other nations (blaming their occurrence on lax gun control laws) but, as Art Olivier observes, they don't have our CIA, FBI and DHS to arrange these "false flag" terror attacks.
      Last modified on Monday, 22 June 2015 17:37 

      Louis Farrakhan :You cowardly punktified Black leaders!

      06/25/2015 False Flag Weekly News with Kevin Barrett and Jim Fetzer

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      Friday, June 19, 2015

      Mommie Dearest - The Trouble with “Mother” Emanuel A.M.E Church

      Joseph Herrin (06-19-2015)

      Mother Emanuel AME Church Sanctuary

      Wednesday of this week, the news media informed the world of another apparently senseless, mass murder taking place in America. The victims were all black men and women gathered in an historic church in Charleston, South Carolina, one of the oldest cities in the United States. According to the mainstream press, and an array of commentators, the perpetrator, allegedly a white male, 21 years of age, blindsided a peaceful group of devoted Christians gathered for Bible study and prayer. The young man came in, reportedly sat with them for nearly an hour during their meeting, and then pulled out a gun and began shooting.

      The pastor of the church, 41 year old Clementa Pinckney, who also is a senator in the South Carolina Legislature, has been eulogized by his peers as “the moral conscience of the General Assembly” and “the moral compass of the South Carolina Senate.” When it comes to the media, and to the government, things are not always as they are made to appear. Manipulation of the public mind occurs daily. This is especially true where atrocities occur that serve a political agenda such as the disarming of Americans and the fomenting of racial strife which will lead ultimately to anarchy and civil war in the streets and towns of America. The old order will be destroyed by inciting the citizens of the nation to attack one another. Divide and conquer.

      One thing that troubled me about this story from the beginning was the name of the church in which this shooting allegedly took place. It is referred to as “Mother” Emanuel A.M.E. church. The name Emanuel is found in the Bible. It means “God with us.”

      Matthew 1:23
      Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.

      What disturbed me is that Emanuel is a reference to the “Son” of God, not to a mother. The Biblical gender is masculine, not feminine. Attaching the word “Mother” to Emanuel is discomfiting. It creates an incongruity, a contradiction. This deserved further investigation to uncover the reason that this church is referred to as “Mother.” The answer would lead back to Freemasonry.

      Scottish Rite Freemasonry in America traces its roots back to the city of Charleston, South Carolina. In 1801, a Kabbalistic Jew by the name of Hyman Isaac Long reportedly brought a statue of Baphomet (Satan) to Charleston, South Carolina and established a foothold for Freemasonry there. Freemasonry would blossom later that century when a much more renowned Freemason, Albert Pike, also made the city his residence. Charleston geographically lies along the 33rd parallel of north latitude. The number 33 being the highest degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry.

      The oldest lodge of any rite of Freemasonry in a nation is referred to as the “Mother” lodge. The term “mother” is also used to denote the lodge where a Mason received his first degree.

      In Great Britain, the term Mother Lodge is used to identify the particular Lodge where the individual was first "made a Mason" (i.e. received his Entered Apprentice degree). 'Mother Lodge' may also refer to a Lodge which sponsors the creation of a new Lodge, the Daughter Lodge, to be warranted under the jurisdiction of the same Grand Lodge; specific procedures pertaining to this vary throughout history and in different jurisdictions. Lodge Mother Kilwinning No 0 in the Grand Lodge of Scotland is known as the Mother Lodge of Scotland...

      We see that a Masonic lodge that gives rise to other lodges, issuing charters and warrants, may be referred to as a “Mother,” so we might also expect Freemasons to apply the same terminology to churches. Kilwinning Lodge No. 0 became known as “Mother” Kilwinning, and Emanuel A.M.E. Church of Charleston, SC became known as “Mother” Emanuel.

      See Also:

      It is fitting that the Freemasons should denominate a church in Charleston as “Mother” since this city is considered the original seat of the “Mother Supreme Council of the World” for the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

      The Supreme Council, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction, USA (commonly known as the Mother Supreme Council of the World) was the first Supreme Council of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. It claims that all other Supreme Councils and Subordinate Bodies of the Scottish Rite are derived from it. Its official full name is "The Supreme Council (Mother Council of the World) of the Inspectors General Knights Commander of the House of the Temple of Solomon of the Thirty-third Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry of the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States of America." It is also commonly known as The Supreme Council, 33°, Southern Jurisdiction... The Supreme Council was founded in Charleston, South Carolina in 1801.

      Freemasonry has a history of being racially segregated.

      Prior to the American Revolutionary War, Prince Hall and fourteen other free black men petitioned for admittance to the white Boston St. John’s Lodge. They were turned down... Having been rejected by colonial Freemasonries, Hall and 14 others sought and were initiated into the Masonry by members of Lodge No. 441 of the Grand Lodge of Ireland on March 6, 1775... Hall and other freedmen founded African Lodge No. 1 and he was named Grand Master.

      It was some time before the African Lodge gained full rights as a Masonic Lodge to grant degrees and to establish other lodges. African Freemasonry would eventually become known as Prince Hall Freemasonry after its leading founding member. The first charter was granted to establish another lodge of Prince Hall Freemasonry when Absalom Jones, a black man from Philadelphia expressed interest in establishing a lodge there. In 1797, African Lodge #459 of Philadelphia received its charter. Absalom Jones became the Worshipful Master of the Lodge, and Richard Allen the first treasurer. It was these two men who founded the African Methodist Episcopal church.

      The AME Church grew out of the Free African Society (FAS), which Richard Allen, Absalom Jones, and other free blacks established in Philadelphia in 1787.

      We see then that the genesis of the A.M.E. church was closely tied to Freemasonry, for its founders were the first to bring Prince Hall Freemasonry to Philadelphia. Throughout its history, a large proportion of the ministers, leaders, and chief laymen of the A.M.E. church have been Freemasons. This is demonstrated in the following book published in the early 1900s.

      Centennial Cyclopaedia of the African Methodist Episcopal Church 1816-1916
      Containing Principally the Biographies of the Men and Women, both Ministers and Laymen, whose Labors during a Hundred Years, helped make the A.M. E. Church what it is.
      (Richard R. Wright, Jr. - Author)

      Following are some excerpts from the book, providing brief biographical accounts of some of the leaders of the A.M.E. church.

      Lankford, John Anderson, architect, builder and mechanical engineer, was born in Potosi, Miss., December 4, 1874...

      He has designed, supervised and constructed some of the largest and most costly buildings owned by Negroes in America, and many for other races, among them being Palmer Hall, the large $70,000 building for the A. and M. College, Normal, Ala., the $40,000 First Baptist Church, Raleigh, N. C., the overhauling and building of a new parsonage for St. John A. M. E. Church, Norfolk, Va., where the General Conference of the A. M. E. Church was held, May, 1908; the $25,000 building for the Southern Aid Insurance Company; a 26-room residence and three three-story flats for Dr. W. L. Taylor; the $100,000 True Reformer's Building, John Wesley A. M. E. Zion Church, St. John's M. E. Church, Odd Fellows Hall, Hillsdale; a large cigar factory, Dave Stewart's $5,000 undertaking establishment, Winslow's and Dabney's large livery and undertaking stables, of Washington, D. C., and hundreds of other buildings throughout the country.... At the General Conferences of the A. M. E. Church in 1908 and 1912 he was elected supervising architect of the A. M. E. Church...

      He is intensely interested in any movement for the betterment of the race; is a Shriner, Knights Templar and a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Mason.

      Webster, Frank T. M., son of Andrew and Harriett Webster, both members of the M. E. Church, was born May 1, 1853, in Montgomery County, Md...

      He entered school in 1865 and attended in all 8 years, completing his education at the Theological Seminary, Phila. He received the degree D.D. from Morris Brown College. He was converted January, 1880, and joined Macedonia A. M. E. Church, Camden, N. J., the same year. He has been class leader and Sunday school teacher. He was licensed to preach June, 1881, at Macedonia, Camden, N. J., by Rev. Samuel B. Williams. He joined the annual conference in April, 1885, at Burlington, N. J., under Bishop Cain. He was ordained deacon in 1887 at Trenton, N. J., by Bishop A. Wayman, and ordained elder in 1889 at Mt. Holly, N. J., by Bishop H. M. Turner. He has held the following appointments; Heightstown Circuit, 1885-86; Rock Hill, 1887-88; Flemington, N. J., 1889; Fair Haven, N. J., 1889-90; Burlington, 1890-91; P. E. New England Conference 1891-92; Greenwich, Conn., 1893; Mt. Pisgah, Phila., 1894-98; Mt. Olive, 1898-1904; Zion Chapel, Phila., 1905; P. E. West Philadelphia District, 1905-10; Mt. Pisgah, Phila., 1911; York, 1912; Zion, 1913-14; P. E. Harrisburg District 1914 to 1916; pastor Lancaster, Pa., since June, 1916...

      He was a member of the Missionary board, 1904-8. He married Miss Ella E. Holland, of Lewes, Del., September 22, 1878. He has contributed to the A. M. E. Review. He is a member of F. and A. M. (Free and Accepted Masons) He was master of the Subordinate ten years, P. G. M. (Past Grand Master) of the State of New Jersey, High Priest, Most Eminent Grand Commander, Crown Prince of the Royal Secret of the 33rd degree and Grand Treasurer.

      REV. J. C. AYLER
      Mr. Ayler is author of a little book, entitled "Guide-Lights," of a pamphlet known as the "Constitutional Rights of the American Negro," and of several articles in the A. M. E. Review, including one on "Elohistic Names." He is Republican in politics and a Prince Hall Master Mason.

      Rev. Jno. P. Cox, filling the positions of organist of the choir, teacher and superintendent of the Sunday School, class leader, trustee, steward and local preacher. He joined the Baltimore Conference May 9, 1879...

      He is a Mason and Knight of Pythias...

      His wife, Mrs. Harriet Alexander, to whom he was married in Washington, D. C., May 9, 1876, has faithfully and courageously kept up with the work of her husband, and is a leading member of The Colored Women's Federation and other civic league clubs, and the Eastern Star Chapter.

      Gibbs, Rev. S. M., was born September 6, 1863, in Jefferson county, Fla., near Monticello, the fourteenth son of Isabella and Toney Gibbs, Sr., both of whom died during his early childhood. He was converted and called to the ministry in his fourteenth year...

      He presided as G. M. (Grand Master) of the M. W. Prince Hall Grand Lodge, F. and A. M., (Free and Accepted Masons) of Florida and jurisdiction for two years, refusing further election. He was elected G. R. P. of the Order Eastern Star of Royal Grand Chapter, and is now serving his second term.

      Brookens, Jackson Andrew, son of Charles and Mary Brookens, both members of the A. M. E. Church, was born in Yazoo County, Miss. He entered the King School in 1870; was converted and joined the A. M. E. Church in 1876; licensed to preach in 1882...

      He has contributed to the "Recorders;" has been chaplain of the Eastern Star; has been constable; is a Republican and a home owner.

      Howard, Prof. G. W... He was converted and joined the A. M. E. Church in 1895. He has been steward, Sunday school teacher and superintendent of Sunday school. He was delegate to the general conferences of 1904, 1908, 1912 and 1916. He has been delegate to the Young People's Congress at Atlanta, trustee of Allen University, district superintendent of Sunday schools, several times lay delegate to annual conferences and he is a member of the Federal Council of Church of Christ. He has contributed to the Christian and Southern Christian Recorders, Sunday School Times and the Southern Uplift... He is connected with the Masons, Odd Fellows, Knights of Pythias, Good Samaritan, Eastern Star and Household of Ruth. He has held the following offices: Secretary of Masons, N. G. of Odd Fellows, K. of R. and S. of K. of P., Recording.

      Watson, Joseph Hamilton, son of Ralph and Delia Watson, was born in Warrenton, Ga., in 1861...

      In 1903 Mr. Watson was converted and joined Bethel A. M. E. Church at Albany and has served as steward, trustee and Sunday school teacher since. In 1912 he was a delegate to the general conference at Kansas City, Mo., and is now a delegate to the Centennial General Conference at Philadelphia.

      In 1911 he built the Albany Mission Church in East Albany, Ga. He has served as a trustee of Morris Brown University since 1910 and has given scholarships to its theological department, and to that of Edward Waters College, Jacksonville, Fla., and now has a student in each of them. He has also contributed to the Christian Recorder and the Western Christian Recorder...

      Mr. Watson is active in all charitable and benevolent institutions to which he belongs and has held responsible positions in each as follows: Masons--Senior and Junior Warden; Odd Fellows--Noble Grand, Advocate and Past Noble Father; Knights of Pythias--Chancellor Commander, Master of Works, Member of Temple Commission and Representative to Supreme Lodge; Supreme Circle--Advocate and Supreme Ruler, and he is a member of the Eastern Star, Household of Ruth and Court of Calanthe.

      This is far from an exhaustive list of those men who have served as leaders in the A.M.E. church who have had associations with Freemasonry. A search returned 125 mentions of the word Masons in this book. Indeed, the history of the A.M.E. church would be rendered hollow if one were to remove the involvement of Freemasonry in this organization. Emanuel A.M.E. Church of Charleston is also frequently mentioned in this book.

      What this documentation reveals is that the men who have led the people of this denomination, written articles for its primary publications, and planned the course of the denomination’s social and spiritual life, have largely been Freemasons. Some have been Freemasons of the highest order, attaining to the 33rd degree. At this level it is plainly declared that the doctrines of Freemasonry are Luciferian and that Lucifer is the god of this world to whom they swear allegiance.

      Moving forward to this present day, it is plainly disclosed on the website of “Mother” Emanuel A.M.E. Church that a number of her past and present leaders are involved in Freemasonry. Following are three excerpts from the website of the church.

      Reverend Alonzo W. Holman
      Reverend Holman is listed in Who's Who in American Politics, Who's Who Among Black Clergymen. A member of Effingham Lodge #98 of Prince Hall Free and Accepted Masons.

      Reverend Lavern Witherspoon
      Rev. Lavern Witherspoon, the twenty-ninth pastor of "Mother" Emanuel A.M.E. Church...

      His affiliations include Prince Hall Masonic Lodge and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

      Judge Daniel E. Martin, Jr. (Church Member)
      Judge Martin has been a life-long member of Emanuel AME Church where he served on the board of trustees. He has served on the board of directors for the Cannon Street YMCA and Avery Research Center for African American History and Culture. He served on the City of Charleston Commission for Children, Mayor Riley’s Committee of 12 and the City of Charleston Development Advisory Committee. He is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Nehemiah Masonic Lodge No. 51., George Washington Carver Consistory No. 162, and Arabian Shrine Temple No. 139. Judge Martin is a 33° Prince Hall Mason.

      Not only has Emanuel A.M.E. church followed the ways of Freemasonry in borrowing the title of “Mother,” it has copied other patterns of Satan. The entire A.M.E. denomination commonly refers to the wives of the head pastor as “the first lady” of the church. This is a title borrowed from Freemasonry.

      First Lady Title Copied from Freemasonry to A.M.E. Church

      Other examples.

      First Lady on webpage of “Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge Officers’ Wives.”

      In looking at images of “Mother” Emanuel Church, not only does the building feature a prominent obelisk (steeple) in which two of the church’s past prominent leaders are buried, but there are Masonic symbols on the stained glass windows.

      Stained Glass Window at “Mother” Emanuel A.M.E. Church

      It is likely not mere coincidence that the cross and the crown symbol in the above window from the “Mother” Emanuel Church is identical to the symbol used for the Knight’s Templar degree of Freemasonry.

      Was it also an innocent figure of speech to refer to the pastor of this church who was shot dead as “the moral COMPASS of the South Carolina Senate”? The compass and the square are the identifying elements of Freemasonry. Have the media and others portrayed things correctly in lauding this church and its members as devoted Christians? Or is this “Mother” church following the pattern of the “mother of harlots” spoken of in the book of Revelation? When men and women profess to be espoused to Christ, but are pursuing other loves and giving their allegiance to other people and to organizations other than the Son of God, then they are acting as harlots. Consider the following.

      Clementa Pinckney was a member of the Democratic party. As such he was expected to embrace and promote the values of this political organization. The Democratic party platform includes staunch support of abortion on demand, and the promotion of an aggressive homosexual agenda. Earlier in the day before he was shot and killed, Clementa Pinckney had been out campaigning with Hillary Clinton, who visited Charleston that day to give a speech at a local technical college. Pinckney was on hand to lend his support to the campaign of Hillary Clinton who is seeking the Presidential nomination for 2016. Last year, in Hillary’s first speech as a Presidential candidate, she made it clear that she would press for unlimited abortion on demand.

      Clinton said “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed” for the sake of giving “access” to women for “reproductive health care...” Last year, Clinton said that to be pro-woman is to be pro-abortion.

      Hillary Clinton is a promoter of homosexuality and recently came out openly in favor of redefining marriage to include homosexual unions. What does a Christian and a minister of a Christian church have to do with promoting someone who is championing murder of the unborn and the abomination of homosexuality? When the people of God align themselves with the ungodly, they are calling forth divine judgment upon their actions. Yahweh has commanded His people to “come out from among them and be ye separate.”

      II Corinthians 6:14-18
      Don't be unequally yoked with unbelievers, for what fellowship have righteousness and iniquity? Or what communion has light with darkness? What agreement has Christ with Belial? Or what portion has a believer with an unbeliever? What agreement has a temple of God with idols? For you are a temple of the living God. Even as God said, "I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they will be my people." Therefore, 'Come out from among them, and be separate,' says the Lord, 'Touch no unclean thing. I will receive you. I will be to you a Father. You will be to me sons and daughters,' says the Lord Almighty."

      How many of these people slain in this church voted for Barack Obama? Likely all of them did, for the pastor of the church was a Democratic politician. If he would campaign for Hillary Clinton, he surely would have supported Barack Obama. They are both champions of the same godless, antichrist agenda. Can the people of God get in bed with the immoral and godless of this world and expect to be spared the judgment of Yahweh?

      I Peter 4:17-18
      For the time has come for judgment to begin with the household of God. If it begins first with us, what will happen to those who don't obey the Good News of God? If it is hard for the righteous to be saved, what will happen to the ungodly and the sinner?

      Just one month ago the South Carolina Legislature took up a vote on the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. This act, recognizing that a baby in the womb past the age of 20 weeks feels pain, would ban abortions where a doctor determines that the baby has reached 20 weeks of development. Exceptions were made in cases of rape, incest, or fetal abnormality. This bill passed the South Carolina senate with a final vote of 37-7. Nevertheless, Clementa Pinckney voted against the passage of this bill all 5 times in which it was presented.

      (Click on Image to View Larger)

      Clementa Pinckney chose NOT to protect the lives of the weakest and most vulnerable members of society, the baby in the womb. His vote indicated that it was the right of any woman to kill her baby even if it was past 20 weeks of development. Yahweh has communicated the following to us in His word.

      Matthew 7:2
      For with whatever judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with whatever measure you measure, it will be measured to you.

      James 2:13
      For judgment will be merciless to one who has shown no mercy; mercy triumphs over judgment.

      There is much that is significant in the details of this event. A young white man named Dylann Storm Roof shot dead 9 African Americans as they met for prayer and Bible study at an apostate church in Charleston, South Carolina. The name Dylann means “great tide flow,” and signifies that a great tide of violence, much of it which will be racially motivated, is coming to America. The middle name Storm needs little explanation. It is unusual in that it is rarely found as a name in America. I have been writing frequently of late of the Spirit of Christ testifying that a storm is coming upon not only America, but the nations. This storm will unleash great violence, and this judgment will begin at the house of God.

      Dylann Storm Roof

      The first call to emergency services came from the church just after 9 P.M. and 9 people were killed in this mass shooting. E.W. Bullinger, in his book Number in Scripture, shares the following significance of the number 9.

      It is the last of the digits, and thus marks the end ; and is significant of the conclusion of a matter.
      It is akin to the number six, six being the sum of its factors (3x3=9, and 3+3=6), and is thus significant of the end of man, and the summation of all man's works. Nine is, therefore,

      for judgment is committed unto Jesus as "the Son of man" (John 5:27; Acts 17:31). It marks the completeness, the end and issue of all things as to man—the judgment of man and all his works.

      It is a factor of 666, which is 9 times 74.

      The gematria of the word "Dan," which means a judge, is 54 (9x6).

      "th orgh mou" (tee orgee mou), my wrath, = 999 (Heb 3:11).

      There will be many commenting on this event who will state that what occurred has no relationship to God, or to judgment. Yet Christ presented no such argument when some of His disciples told him of similar atrocities/calamities that occurred in his day.

      Luke 13:1-5
      Now on the same occasion there were some present who reported to Him about the Galileans, whose blood Pilate had mingled with their sacrifices. And He answered and said to them, "Do you suppose that these Galileans were greater sinners than all other Galileans, because they suffered this fate? I tell you, no, but unless you repent, you will all likewise perish. Or do you suppose that those eighteen on whom the tower in Siloam fell and killed them, were worse culprits than all the men who live in Jerusalem?  I tell you, no, but unless you repent, you will all likewise perish."

      Rather than suggesting these events were not acts of judgment, Yahshua stated that this would be the end of all men unless they repented of their sin. When the Jews hardened their hearts and refused to repent of their sins, choosing instead to put to death the Lord of glory on a Roman cross, the Romans besieged their city 40 years later, razed it to the ground, destroyed their temple, and slaughtered more than 100,000 Jews, hanging thousands of them on crosses all around Jerusalem. By the same judgment they meted out, they too were judged.

      Brothers and sisters, I do not know all of the beliefs or actions of those who were slain, but I do know they were all members of an apostate church system founded by Freemasons, subservient to Lucifer. They were giving their time, energy, and money to this church in support of its ministers and programs. They were supporting a pastor who was publicly championing one of the most godless women to ever run for public office. The apostle Paul in writing to the young minister Timothy, counseled him in the following manner.

      I Timothy 5:22
      Do not lay hands upon anyone too hastily and thus share responsibility for the sins of others; keep yourself free from sin.

      Laying hands on someone was a sign of endorsement. It is also a sign of endorsement to campaign, or vote for an individual. It is a sign of endorsement for a Christian to place themselves under the leadership of apostate ministers whose allegiance is not to God, but to this world and its rulers. When we endorse such individuals, we will share responsibility for their sins. We will share in their judgment. The Bible instructs us to not even wish an evil or godless person “Godspeed,” for in doing so we align ourselves with their wickedness.

      II John 10-11
      If anyone comes to you and does not bring this doctrine [is disloyal to what Jesus Christ taught], do not receive him [do not accept him, do not welcome or admit him] into [your] house or bid him Godspeed or give him any encouragement. For he who wishes him success [who encourages him, wishing him Godspeed] is a partaker in his evil doings.
      [Amplified Bible]

      The Spirit of Christ is calling out to the people of God everywhere to separate themselves from all association with an apostate Christian religious system. Those who remain inside these harlot churches will be partakers of the judgment that befalls them.

      Revelation 18:4-5
      And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, “Come out of her, my people, that you may not participate in her sins and that you may not receive of her plagues; for her sins have piled up as high as heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities.”

      Brothers and sisters, anarchy and mayhem, racial violence and persecution against Christians, are on the increase. They are like gathering storm clouds. Soon the storm will be unleashed with full fury upon the churches and the nations. The beast nature is being unleashed to an increasing degree. Yahweh has often withdrawn His hand, allowing evil men possessed of a beastly and evil nature to act as a scourge of judgment to the disobedient, and as a goad to His people so that they will begin to separate themselves from evil and to walk in the fear of Him. He gave Israel into the hands of the Assyrians, and Judah into the hands of Babylon. He gave “Mother” Emanuel into the hands of a 21 year old deranged young man with a gun. The restraining hand of Yahweh is being removed in this hour as it is time for judgment of the house of God. If you would be hidden in this hour you cannot be bound together with unbelievers. You cannot seek fellowship with the servants of Satan. It is time to heed the words of the prophet Zephaniah.

      Zephaniah 2:3
      Seek Yahweh, all you humble of the earth who have carried out His ordinances; Seek righteousness, seek humility. Perhaps you will be hidden in the day of Yahweh’s anger.

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      Joseph Herrin
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      New Eastern Outlook

      Charleston Shootings Trigger Confederate Lynching Jihad


      “One of the saddest lessons of history is this, If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth.” – Dr. Carl Sagan 

      Before the bodies of the unfortunate victims in Charleston were cold, the usual “exploiteers” were rushing to use the tragedy to their own advantage, with the political manipulators wanting to rekindle past social divisions in another chapter of divide and conquer as we head into the 2016 election season.
      I was beginning to wonder if the Olympics had created a new gold medal competition… Who Can Exploit a Mass Killing the Best and the Quickest. America would certainly vote for such an award expansion, as it would be sure to win.
      You all know about the tragic slaughter of the nine praying church members in Charleston by the quite clearly deranged and immature 21-year-old man. The father that bought him the murder weapon is lying low, and for good reason. “Dear Dad, if you have another son, give him a skydiving gift certificate so only one will die.”
      We got an early warning that there was a smell to this case when Obama was already milking the tragedy before the bodies were cold. He used these killings to make another run at pushing his gun control pet peeve, which has been rejected at all previous attempts. I can hear the “two bit” staff member whispering in his ear, “Mr. President, you can still go out a winner on this issue if you move fast.”
      And mind you, this is the president that is training and arming terrorists in Syria, and backed a Neo-Nazi led coup in Ukraine. “Sorry Mr. President, you are not a legitimate leader of an anti-gun violence crusade in my book. The almost a quarter million dead in Syria would agree with me.”
      Once the president waived the green flag, the race was on. We saw the usual Facebook photos with all the stage-managed props for a white supremacist background story, like the ever present Confederate flag. If Mr. Roof had Facebook photos with an American flag, somehow I don’t think he would have been smeared as an American supremacist. The term is used VERY selectively.
      Then things took a stranger turn with one particular photo, with the Rhodesia patch on Dylann’s leather jacket that was too new and too bright. The swampy background was in crisp focus, whereas Dylann was in soft focus. We smelled a Photoshopped image, which was quickly confirmed.
      The pixel density varies when different parts of photos are used and altered, and even more obvious when an item is “blown up” for proper scaling. Dylann’s photo was cut out from another picture and dropped in, and then the apartheid Rhodesia patch added. The bells and whistles began going off.
      Gordon Duff debunked what we concluded was a faked Manifesto in his June 27 NEO article, Church shooter more than an Enigma. The “why I did it” letter is also a traditional psyops ruse, but one used rarely so as not to wear it out. This one was amateurish in its overkill, showing that no major state intelligence operatives were involved. The sloppiness here would embarrass them.
      But those of us from the South who fought two decades of culture wars against contrived attacks on Southern heritage were quick to spot a new anti-Confederate Jihad coming, but this one came on at light speed. In the old days, Dylann would have needed some KKK relatives, or maybe to have been a past Klan boy scout, or something to have linked him to an established group and profile.
      This ninth grade high school dropout has come up quite bare on his social skills — a loner son freeloading off a father who probably felt bad for not having raised a son with some grounding in reality. If I had not had a job at 21 years of age, my mother would have beaten me to a pulp.
      There are countless young kids like this in America today who are fantasy world misfits in a modern time warp, with their anger growing every day. If Dylann had been Black or Hispanic, he could have joined a gang, and then whatever horrible things he did would only be local news. The political spinmeisters have never found the gangs to be exploitable material.
      When several Dylann photos with Confederate flags were published, which might have been Photoshopped, too, the jackals were let loose. Collective guilt was brought back in fashion, and Confederate heritage was going to be nailed to a cross and burned, after dangling from a rope for the required entertainment.
      The first moves were retailers who had been selling Southern heritage products for decades, and where all past boycotts attempts never took root, not only began taking inventory off the shelves, but doing so with a lot of media coverage which we have not seen in the past. The reason became evident quickly, when other retailers began to follow suit with the herd mentality. No one wanted to be caught with Confederate goods on the shelves and get singled out for the Jihadi’s attention.
      We expected there to be calls for removing the historical Confederate flag from the South Carolina Capitol grounds, but that requires the legislature to change the law. In Georgia, Confederate historical markers are protected from exploitative harassment, as are all other historical symbols. I was part of a Georgia Heritage Council team to help lobby for this, along with a descendant of President Jefferson Davis, whose name was really Jeff Davis.
      The legislators who worked with us to get it passed were tired of having their time wasted by civil rights hustlers stirring up hatreds to get more public attention for themselves. The new law cooled down the monument heritage attacks, and civil rights politicians had to go back to work serving their constituents’ real needs versus these showboating Confederacy bashing ones.
      I never talked to a single media reporter during those battles who was aware that Confederate soldiers were officially American veterans by act of Congress — something done to bury the hatchet and end the second class status for the disproportionate numbers of Southerners who have always served in America’s military.
      These include many famous ones like General George Patton, and Medal of Honor recipients Audie Murphy of WWII and Sgt. Alvin York of WWI fame. York’s grandfather was dragged to death behind a horse by Yankee sympathizers during our Civil War. Alvin got over it. To this day, when an unmarked Confederate soldier’s grave is found, he is entitled to a taxpayer-funded standard white CSA marker from the Veterans administration.
      Next to join the anti-Confederate lynch mob were some of the state license tag people, who announced they would stop issuing the Confederate specialty tag, one like many other groups have where the extra fees charged are refunded once a year to support their work. The Georgia Sons of Confederate Veterans have used these funds for years to maintain and build new monuments with no controversy whatsoever.
      As mass media continued to push the Confederate flag issue, we knew the usual vandalism would begin, and after the reports of those, there would be copycat defacing of monuments and cemeteries. They began all across the South. The next step will be random killings, when some gang kids want to play the big man by whacking a few white southerners for the good of the cause. But the real story on that twist the US media will not touch with a ten foot pole.
      That has to do with black on black and black on white violent crime which has long been an epidemic in America — one censored out of our news. Black Americans know by whom they are most likely to be killed, and that certainly is not a white man, but a young brutal black man who has been taught to take what he wants as a way of proving he is a man.
      Black on white crimes figures, compiled annually from national statistics, are so shocking that they have been ignored and censored out of mass media, as it casts a shadow on their favorite victim class. I first became aware of the shocking statistics from the 1999 report.
      Of 1.7 million interracial crimes involving blacks and whites, 90% were committed by blacks against whites, which comes out to a ratio of blacks being 250 times more likely to commit an interracial crime on a white victim than vice versa. The rape stats were even worse. The black on white rape rate was 100 times higher than white on black. So now you know why these statistics are buried.
      I have shared these official statistics in the past with bleeding heart liberal reporters and a lot of black folks. Virtually all were totally unaware of them and had absolutely no interest in cranking up a public campaign to stop black on white crime… no marches, no legislative resolutions nor condemnation from the church pulpits. Their interest in civil rights went down to zero when the victim was not the right color.
      Even the Hispanic figures were manipulated. When a Hispanic is a victim of hate crime, he is listed as Hispanic. But when he is a perpetrator, he is listed as White. I will let you think about that for a moment. Are you wondering why? The answer is that trick bumps up the white hate crime statistics (which are not high) by 20%. You just can’t make this stuff up.
      Those behind defiling these church victims for their partisan political advantage are Dylann Roofs themselves, a different version of mass murderers. Whereas ISIL Jihadis dress its victims up in orange jumpsuits and force them to kneel before cutting their heads off, these anti-Confederate Jihadis want to execute an entire people and heritage for the terrorism shock value, just like ISIL does. But Confederate heritage kneels to no one and never will. And while many have tried, we have kept our heads and will continue to do so.
      The difference in class between us and the heritage haters can be represented by what Georgia media was told when calling the Georgia SCV to get comments on the Charleston shootings. They were told that the Georgia Division would have nothing to say until the victims were buried out of respect for the families. Yes, we are different than some other Americans, and we intend to stay that way.
      For full disclosure, I will share with you that from just my Culpepper branch of Southern ancestors, eighteen fought for the South, and were virtually all the men between 16 and 45. They died at Vicksburg, Lookout Mountain, Resaca, and in Point Lookout Prison.
      I have not had time to count the Hodges, Yarbroughs and Etheridges who fought. Many innocent victims continue to die unjustly around the world today, where once again we find the Yankee ”commercial interests “ hand involved. So as Robert Frost once wrote, “I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.” At Veterans Today, we honor our dead, but those who have been targeted to die, get to cut in line.
      Jim W. Dean, managing editor for Veterans Today, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.
      First appeared:

      Busted! Sandy Hook’s Star Actor, David Wheeler
      Saturday, December 12, 2015 17:19

      He’s not Tom Cruise, but he starred in the biggest production of 2012. The $500 Million Newtown hoax featured Hollywood actor David Wheeler:

      Wheeler plays the father of (fictional) “Benjamin Wheeler,” a child gunned down in the Newtown CT “school shooting.”
      But Newtown isn’t Wheeler’s first gun movie. In the 2001 movie FAITHFUL, David Cole Wheeler plays a character who cannot decide whether to hang himself or shoot himself in the head:

      Wheeler finally decides to blow his brains out with a huge pistol:

      Fast forward to Sandy Hook (2012), where that dramatic flair pays off. At Newtown, David Wheeler lands dual roles. First, as “FBI SWAT Officer.”

      On this filming day, David Wheeler preps to capture fictional villain “Adam Lanza”:

      Then, after Sandy Hoax “happens” on TV, David Wheeler changes costume – to portray “grieving father of murdered child.”

      Gun Grab Roadshow
      Without delay, Wheeler starts scamming Americans out of their firearms. The horrific “loss” of his fake child gives Wheeler “untouchable victim” status:

      Wheeler’s appearances are carefully scripted with hot-button terms and emotional gravitas. Gun-grab schemes are hatched in Socialist states (CA, NY and CT); those not halted “leak” to other states. Here, Wheeler “testifies” against guns during the CT legislature’s Task Force on Violence and Public Safety:

      But before Wheeler’s first royalty check arrives, Obama rolls out the red carpet. As “grieving father,” David Wheeler hits the Gun Grab Roadshow. But instead of Teamsters driving Wheeler to each premiere, he gets a private jet named Air Force One:

      Newtown’s gun-grab publicity tour zigzags across the USA. Propaganda stops include The Rachel Maddow Show:

      Moyers & Company (with Bill Moyers):

      And even Oprah Winfrey:

      Then, the Gun Grab Roadshow pulls into the White House, where the Wheelers replace Obama to address the nation:


      In 2014, the UN Biennial Meeting of States is addressed by (actor) David Wheeler – on behalf of the International Action Network on Small Arms. In other words, the UN wants American citizens disarmed – and they’re using frauds (David Wheeler; Veronique Pozner) and fake shootings (Sandy Hook and others) to take our guns.
      Crooks In High Places
      But who is “David Wheeler?” David comes from a connected family. David and Francine Wheeler (parents of Newtown vicSIM “Ben Wheeler”) have elite political connections, including high officials in the Democrat Party. Oddly, Francine Wheeler was the personal assistant to Maureen White (Finance Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee). Maureen White is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and was finance chair of the Hillary Clinton for President Campaign:

      Maureen White’s husband is Steven Rattner, crony of gun-hoaxer Michael Bloomberg:

      After the SEC charged him for a kickback scheme, Steven Rattner paid $6.2 Million to the SEC and got banned from the securities industry for two years. Following that, Steven Rattner paid $10 Million in restitution to New York State for his role in the NY Public Pension Kickback Scandal.
      But perhaps David and Francine Wheeler’s acting careers aren’t suspicious enough. And perhaps the Wheelers’ corrupt friends aren’t cause for alarm.

      Perhaps it’s “coincidence” that professional actor Francine Wheeler worked for the Democrat Party’s top fundraiser before Francine’s “child got killed” in the “biggest school shooting in US history.”
      Indeed, shills claimed Sandy Hook was “real” and skeptics were “crazy.” But then the documentary came out. We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook (the documentary) blew the lid off these fake Sandy Hook parents. It proved the Newtown Treason was a scheme to brainwash Americans against guns:

      An Exclusive You Have To See: The Last Frontier of Free Press Is Here! No More Censorship, Unlike YouTube and Others!


      That’s why the documentary got attacked – day and night – by paid government operatives. Bottom line? Sandy Hook was a carefully scripted, made-for-TV movie. To scam Americans out of their guns, the Regime created an emotional “battering ram” of parents mourning slaughtered children. These crucial roles were filled by actors committing sick acts of Treason. The entire “Newtown massacre” was fake. Sandy Hook is nothing but a fraud.
      Made For TV
      Photo analysis reveals that Sandy Hoax was filmed over several days, then edited together before the “school shooting” went live on December 14, 2012. In this photo (credited to the Connecticut State Police) we see the cast on set outside Sandy Hook Elementary – before windows were shattered during the “crime.”

      That’s not how folks behave at the “biggest school shooting in US history,” where 20 children lay inside, freshly murdered. Rather, these actors seem to be enjoying a break in filming. Perhaps that’s why Amazon banned the book – and InfoWars removed their article – containing that photograph.
      Another “iconic” photo reveals more fraud. Rather than hire 500 child actors to portray “fleeing students,” the Regime created a Photoshop evacuation showing a handful of kids:

      Faking that evacuation in Photoshop saves time, money, and lawsuits – since Sandy Hook Elementary (closed four years prior) was a toxic mix of asbestos and chemical pollutants. Behind the scenes, a Police shotgun blasted the school foyer window – requiring a shotgun to be planted in the villain’s car for continuity.
      To this day, David and Francine Wheeler appear at events, pushing the treasonous Gun Grab Agenda:

      Their Newtown propaganda includes mind-control laws and gun-grab scams:

      Mainstream media milks phony “school shootings” to push gun-grab laws. Newtown’s marketing – and David Wheeler’s cameo – were ready at 10AM the day “Sandy Hoax” went live:

      Even Al Franken didn’t let this crisis go to waste – using Newtown to subvert your Second Amendment rights:

      Yet Newtown was only a tentpole production of the ongoing Gun Grab Roadshow. Goals include taking your rifle; ending home schooling; and diagnosing your children so they can never own guns. And the Regime is in a hurry – racing to disarm us before we discover their horrifying crimes.
      Have Gun Grab Roadshow actors been promised immunity by the Regime? Are they blackmailed? That might explain their reckless betrayal of the American people:

      For The Shills
      The photos in this article prove that actor David Wheeler played multiple roles in the Sandy Hook hoax. Since David Wheeler played two roles (FBI SWAT; and father of murdered child) at Newtown, it is clear that the Newtown “school massacre” was a faked event.
      Yet government shills get paid to say they “know someone who died at Sandy Hook.” Shills call you heartless for questioning the official Newtown narrative. Shills will claim photos of David Wheeler (as FBI SWAT) are Photoshopped by Sandy Hook “truthers.” Yet here we have CNN featuring a photo of David Wheeler in SWAT gear (credited to Cloe Poisson, Hartford Courant / McClatchy Tribune):

      And that same photo appears – again – in the CT Post (the day the hoax went live):

      To remove any doubt, here is a fresh view of actor David Wheeler at Newtown, dressed as FBI SWAT. The helmet and sunglasses fail to conceal Wheeler’s identity.

      And here’s David Wheeler on CNN (same shirt; same bulletproof apron; same sunglasses as prior photos) carrying the same two rifles:

      FBI, DHS, and CT Governor Malloy are complicit in the Newtown Treason. As the “government” wages war against the American people, we cannot rely on NRA.
      It’s time for Americans to wake up, while we still can. Please tell a friend about the Newtown Treason. We must defeat the Sandy Hook coverup:

      Enjoy My Prior Columns:
      Sandy Hook BOOK CENSORED by InfoWars & Amazon? gives the Newtown Coverup update.
      NRA Forgives Fake Shootings asks why NRA ignores gun hoaxes.
      Sandy Hook: 9 Hours To Find Shotgun?  shows how a shotgun magically “popped up” 9 hours after the Sandy Hook shooting.

      The Obamas: CIA Fake Family? asks why Michelle Obama can’t recall what year she got married; and why Obama’s family photos were created in Photoshop.
      Sandy Hook: Trick or Treason explores FELONS playing Sandy Hook “parents” and the upcoming (fake) “ISIS shopping mall attacks.”
      Obama: The Ultimate Temp asks if CIA installed Obama to bury 9/11 truth.

      Why They Grab Guns (CHINA/NEWTOWN) shows WHY the Regime tricks you with Fake Massacres. Sandy Hook and China had “School Attacks” the SAME DAY – to terrorize and disarm you.
      FBI: Federal Bureau of Illusion explores sketchy “evidence” at high-profile shootings and the Boston Marathon.

      DHS Admits: Staged Shootings In Malls  explores fake events sold to the public as
      “real.” With Sandy Hoax “parents” strong-arming kids on TV, the government is desperate to keep you fooled until they’ve grabbed your guns.
      Watch CT Governor Malloy LIE, denying his own Newtown press conference (when confronted by Wolfgang Halbig).

      (Liar, why impute this to Hitler?) BAFS

      Trauma Town USA  explores odd shootings/stabbings in Monroeville PA. It sounded “tinfoil hat” until Jeh Johnson (DHS Secretary) admitted the US Government has been staging fake Shopping Mall shootings for 2 years.
      Sandy Hook CASE CLOSED?  recaps the most compelling Sandy Hoax highlights.
      Shocking Facts – Sandy Hook COVERUP  explores the (3) bizarre “public-record lock-down” bills crammed into law after Sandy Hook. We discuss WHO likely staged Sandy Hook, and WHY they took such a huge risk. We also explore the fantastic tale of Bloomberg’s sidekick, Aurora victim “Stephen Barton.”

      Sandy Hook Death Records and Obama’s SSN  explores connections between Newtown CT and Obama’s SSN. Was Obama’s SSN stolen from a man who died 1 mile from Sandy Hook Elementary?
      Here’s that same photograph – of actor David Wheeler, playing FBI SWAT (Houston Chronicle, the day Newtown “happened”):

       An Eerie Visit To Sandy Hook  explores (citizen journalist) Barry’s trip to the spooky Newtown Mental Hospital, where Harrison Bounel died.  We show you Barry’s stunning photos, and discuss what really happened at the historic “Sandy Hook Massacre.”
      Global Warming STOLEN From Bible? shows why the Global Warming hoax won’t die.

      Barry Soetoro, Esq is a syndicated columnist focused on Fake Shootings and State Terror. Recently, Barry explored the Newtown CT “massacre” and the background of “Barack Hussein Obama.”



    After Britain and the US destroyed the XXth Century decadent Ottoman Empire and destroyed the decadent and bogus Ottoman Islamic Caliphate, those same two countries with European and Western complicity headed by Israel and the UN have now established a XXIst Century bogus Islamic Caliphate in Iraq (ISIS), a country that they themselves have completely destroyed, killing and maiming millions using depleted uranium and other weapons of mass destruction (embargoes, chemicals, etc.).
    Yet, it was Britain that promised to the world that she would never ever allow any Islamic Caliphate or Islamic State anywhere in the word for which reason they bribed Crypto-Jews to become the monarchs ad eternam of conquered and occupied Arabia.
    Here in Britain, the Terrorist Secret Services, MI5, MI6 and Scotland Yard promoted another bogus Muslim Group called Al-Muhajiroon under one of their Zionist agents, a Syrian, Omar Bakri who had as mission to scare the British by claiming his group would “raise the flag of Islam in 10 Downing Street”!
    Today, we read of another bogus Muslim group of mercenaries, Genghis Khan and GI style cut-throats, savages, degenerates, with no family responsibilities at all, that the US, Israel and Europe have set up to carry out their savagery in the Muslim world and make a similar claim threatening America (???) and claiming: ‘We Will Raise The Flag Of Allah In The White House’
    “The terror group President Barack Obama threatened to strike in Iraq Thursday evening is itself threatening to strike the American homeland.
    “I say to America that the Islamic Caliphate has been established,” Abu Mosa, a spokesman for the terror group known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), told VICE Media in a video interview posted online Thursday. “Don’t be cowards and attack us with drones. Instead send your soldiers, the ones we humiliated in Iraq.””
    “We will humiliate them everywhere, God willing, and we will raise the flag of Allah in the White House,” he added.”
    (Jamie Weinstein 1:43 AM 08/08/2014)

    Read more:

    Muslims could not raise the flag of Allah in any Muslim countries as they were all conquered and occupied by secular and fanatical Judeo-Christian Satanic forces, and still are, with the exception MAYBE of Iran.

  2. US-ISRAEL AMERICA and its population qualify as the shittiest entity in world history!