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Reel Bad Arabs - Hollywood Brainwashing Exposed - How the movie industry villifies an entire people 

Reel Bad Arabs - Hollywood Brainwashing Exposed - How the movie industry villifies an entire people

Uploaded on 24 Jun 2011
In the early days of silent movies, and even continuing into the era of "talkies", the Hollywood Movie industry made what can only be classified as propaganda movies against African-American people. Yes Boss, no Boss, good idea Boss - that kind of "Negro" was commonplace in early movies. This theme has continued with Arabs and Muslims. The question must now be: WHY ? For example, if a movie was made that showed Israelis or Jews, or Caucasian/White people as dangerous, subvertive, sneaky, ready to snatch your daughter and wife away, threatening, lazy, untrustworthy etc etc - that would, rightly, be called racist and hateful, yes ? So how come it is ok when it is an Arab/Muslim portrayed as a terrorist in movies ? And why is it only Muslims who are portrayed as Terrorists ? If you happen to believe that only Muslims are capapble of killing people, you should Google for "Irgun" or "Stern Gang" and learn a little about how the so-called state of "Israel" came into existence through bombings, murders, kidnappings, execution, terrorism, slaughter and betrayal. There is nothing anti-Semitic about that statement. The reason it is not an anti-Semitic statement is because modern "Israelis" are not Semitic people - they come from Khazar tribes, which are historically linked to the Russian Steppes and Georgia. Not Georgia, Alabama, but Georgia in Eastern Europe - therefore they (Khazars/Ashkenazis) are NOT Semites, and have no legitimate claim to the land of Jerusalem and Palestine.

For the record, I would like to add that there have been a few propaganda movies regarding Jews over the years. However, this pales in comparison when measured against the tidal wave of Hollywood movies that portray Arabs and Muslims as evil or as terrorists or as cold-blooded killers. Yet if i make the claim that "Hollywood is owned and run by European Jews" - i will instantly be called anti-Semitic or racist or some such accusation. This is, in effect, a tool used by said Jews to silence people questioning their motives and agenda. If the anti-Semitic accusation doesn't stick, they then move onto their second default position, which is to mention the Holocaust of World War Two. I personally wasn't alive then, and i have no German blood whatsoever in me, so....

Google for "Hasbara"
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    UAE ranks first in world for treating women with respect

    (Wam) / 28 April 2014

    Shaikh Mohammed says the evidence on respect for women reflected fundamental truths about Emirati culture and traditions.

    The UAE ranks number one in the world for treating women with respect, according to a major scientific study comparing development and well-being among all 132 nations of the world.

    UAE women's volleyball team pose with GCC championship trophy in 2012.

    His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, said the evidence on respect for women reflected fundamental truths about Emirati culture and traditions.

    “We have the deepest respect for women. We respect their sacrifices and their dedication as partners in the building of our nation. In many sectors they have been able to contribute more than men because UAE society gives women a supportive environment to achieve their full potential. Their contributions have outweighed those of men in many sectors, and this reflects the supportive environment that the UAE has always provided for women.”

    “Every woman has our deepest appreciation. Every role a woman takes to contribute to society makes her a partner in building our nation,” Shaikh Mohammed wrote on his personal Twitter account.

    Shaikh Mohammed added: “An interesting finding is that the UAE ranked higher than many countries where people often criticise the UAE over women’s rights.”

    “Appreciation for women in the UAE stems from the noble values of Islam, our true heritage that emanates wisdom. Women are our mothers, sisters, wives and daughters. Women sacrifice to raise generations,” Shaikh Mohammed added.

    Shaikh Mohammed added: “The noble respect women, and our people were raised on noble values. In the UAE, women have even surpassed men in many sectors. Provide a suitable environment for women to work and innovate and they will definitely exceed expectations.”

    The global Social Progress Index also ranked the UAE as number one for the lowest level of violent crime, the lowest homicide rate, the lowest undernourishment rate, and the highest rate of enrolment in secondary education.

    The report was produced by a team of prominent international economists led by Professor Michael Porter of Harvard Business School, as part of an initiative launched by the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council.

    The index is designed as an objective and transparent measure that is more holistic than relying only on economic indicators to judge a country’s overall well-being. It includes 54 measures that track the capacity of a society to meet the basic human needs of its citizens, to establish the building blocks that allow citizens and communities to enhance and sustain the quality of their lives, and to create the conditions for all individuals to reach their full potential.

    For the index as a whole, the UAE ranked number one in the Middle East and 37th worldwide.

    Getting respect is a routine of life here’
    Emirati women express happiness over UAE’s recognition for treating women with respect

     Women have been a vital part of the society throughout the UAE’s history. So, it did not come as much of a surprise that the country was ranked number one in the world for treating women with respect, according to the Global Social Index.

    Dr Mariam Al Mattar, chairperson of the UAE Genetic Disease Association, who was ranked the most powerful scientist in the UAE, said: “I was so happy to hear about the UAE ranking number one in giving respect to women globally. But this is not a new thing for us, though it may be a new finding to the world. For us, getting respect is a routine of life in our community; I’m surprised that people are recognising it only now.

    “It definitely does feel good when the world appreciates it. The UAE women are like women of any other part of the world ... They are smart and ... can deal with all aspects of life respecting their culture. They are earning what they are giving back to the community.”

    She said the UAE is a country that gives respect to not only Emirati women, but to every woman irrespective of her nationality and culture. “In my case, I have had the chance to be at the highest levels of leadership by being the first female undersecretary of the Health Ministry, the first director-general of government department, etc.”

    Dr Aysha Al Busmait, Media Advisor to the Roads and Transport Authority, echoed similar sentiments. “Yes, we get great respect from the society, family and colleagues. This is also because the leaders of this country have been leading by example by showing respect to women. They respect our capabilities and leadership skills and they have shown the confidence to make women top leaders, ministers and high-level officials. You can find women in all positions, working equally with men and leading them in many areas. This reflects the position of women in the UAE ...”

    Kaltham Al Mandoos, head of Field Reporting Unit, Al Roeya newspaper, said: “I am very proud to be a woman in the UAE ... We should now strive to raise the UAE’s position from number 37 to number one in all other aspects of the social index. The support that we enjoy from the government did not start a year or even 10 years ago. Women were held in high esteem by our older generations also. Our country’s union started with the support to further raise it and ensure equality and leadership of women in all fields.” 

    Sajila Saseendran

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    Ministère de l'Interieur

    Expulsion d'un ressortissant algérien impliqué dans le départ de jeunes français vers la Syrie pour y mener le jihad

    1 mai 2014
    Communiqué de presse du ministre de l'Intérieur du jeudi 1er Mai 2014.

    Un ressortissant algérien de 37 ans, résidant régulier en France et impliqué (PAR QUI?) dans le départ de jeunes français vers la Syrie pour y mener le jihad, a été expulsé ce matin.

    Cette personne, en relation avec des membres (LEQUELS?) de la mouvance islamiste radicale (LAQUELLE) qui ont été impliqués dans le recrutement d’individus pour intégrer des filières jihadistes (LESQUELLES) à destination de l’Afghanistan et de la Syrie, avait quitté la France pour la Turquie en février dernier. Ce jihadiste a été interpellé (QUAND?) par les autorités turques (???) dans un bus convoyant un groupe se rendant en Syrie. Remis aux autorités françaises (??? ET QUAND?) par les autorités turques, il a été, dès son arrivée sur le territoire national, immédiatement expulsé vers l’Algérie(SANS AUCUNE ENQUÊTE???)

    Le plan anti-filières jihadistes présenté par Bernard Cazeneuve, ministre de l'Intérieur, le 23 avril dernier en conseil des ministres, prévoit l’expulsion immédiate des ressortissants étrangers impliqués dans les filières jihadistes.

    Cette expulsion, à laquelle il a été procédé sans délai, souligne la pertinence et l'efficacité des mesures décidées par le gouvernement. Elles seront appliquées avec une totale fermeté.


    Take away children of suspected radical Muslims: London mayor
    Fri May 2, 2014 10:23AM GMT
    Islam and Life
    London Mayor Boris Johnson says Muslim children with suspected radical parents must be removed from their families, causing controversy amongst the city’s Muslim community.
    The London mayor made the remarks in his weekly Daily Telegraph column published on March 3, 2014.

    He alleged that some Muslim children were being "taught crazy stuff" similar to the views expressed by the two men who killed British soldier Lee Rigby on a south-east London street in May 2013.

    In a later interview however, when asked if the children of the UK’s far-right British National Party (BNP) activists should also be removed from their families, Johnson said this should be done in "extreme" cases.

    The Muslim Council of Britain warned that Johnson's remarks risked provoking anti-Muslim sentiment across the UK.

    Britain’s largest force, the Metropolitan Police, recorded 500 anti-Muslim crime cases across the country in 2013.

    Attacks against Muslims have soared in the UK since the murder of Rigby by Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, who reportedly killed the soldier in "retaliation for the deaths of Muslims in Afghanistan at the hands of British troops."


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  1. Gilad Atzmon to Steve Rendall and Ji Rehmi,

    who gives a toss about what Jews think as people. as moishe'le or as Yosef'le ...

    what we care about is the role of Jewish elite, AIPAC, CFI, SOROS, MARX, Lazar Kagnovitch , Chomsky, Madoff and co..

    in my work, which steve has never read,

    i elaborate on Jewish ideology and culture...not on the Jews as people