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 André GERNEZ Le scandale du siecle 

Published on 20 Jan 2014
André Gernez est le père de la théorie des cellules souches, il révise dans les années soixante le dogme du double cycle cellulaire et de la fixité neuronale. Le Docteur Gernez est en mesure de contrôler le cancer, l'Athéromatose, la sclérose en plaques, la schizophrénie, la myopathie de Duchenne, l'Asthme et l'allergie, le Psoriasis, le Parkinson, l'Alzheimer.
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    Apparently We Can Blame Jewish Doctors for Cancer

    By Verena Bogner, Illustration: Lena Scheiwiller

    Is your worldview dictated by logic, science and reason? If so, it's highly likely that you've gone through life with your eyes closed to the secret Jewish-American indoctrination of Western minds. But now – with the help of Germanische Neue Medizin (Germanic New Medicine) – it's time to break free from those Zionist brain-shackles. The group's first revelation? Cancer isn't really a disease; it's a toxic concoction Jewish doctors plant under our skin in the form of poisonous microchips.

    The Germanic New Medicine sect is led by Doctor Ryke Geerd Hamer, who's chosen to keep his medical title despite the fact he was officially stripped of it in 1986 after allegations of malpractice. He rejects chemotherapy and maintains that HIV is an allergy, blaming the millions of deaths credited to the virus on the conventional medicine designed to treat it. Accurate data on how many people actually believe Hamer's unique take on things are hard to come by, but there are said to be around 100,000 followers in Germany, with no information available about numbers in Austria or Switzerland.
    However, it was in Austria where the movement first garnered major media attention. In 1995, six-year-old Olivia Pilhar was diagnosed with a malignant kidney tumour. While doctors strongly advised chemotherapy, her parents sought advice from Hamer, who attributed Olivia's cancer to a so-called “water and food conflict”. In other words, the girl apparently had an unconscious desire for cancer because she was afraid of water and had a deep-seated need for her mother to be at home, cooking her meals, rather than out working.

    Olivia’s condition began to deteriorate, prompting Austrian authorities to sue for custody so they could treat her against her parents' will. To avoid handing their daughter over, the Pilhar family fled to Spain, but after seven weeks travelling round Europe – in which time Olivia's tumour had swelled to the size of a football – they gave in and returned to Austria. Olivia received chemotherapy and is today considered cured, except in the eyes of "Germanic salvation".

    Olivia P with her parents, Dr Marina Marcovich and Geerd Hamer at the University Hospital of Malaga, where the family had fled. (Photo courtesy of Andreas Zeppelzauer/picturedesk.com)

    According to Germanic New Medicine, chemotherapy is the Jews' weapon of mass destruction. Their main goal is to exterminate all non-Jews and destroy the non-believers by implanting microchips under the skin of patients for a future, satellite-controlled genocide. Hamer's evidence for this theory is: "No Jew ever gets chemo." He also states: "We can only solve the conflict by finally understanding that these are all lies of a religious mafia whose goals are obviously to torment and eliminate the people."

    Oh, and Jews apparently can't suffer from AIDS because of circumcision, but are responsible for spreading the virus. Hamer argues that HIV is an allergy triggered by smegma, which circumcision allegedly protects you from.

    The diagnostic methods of Germanic medicine would be funny if they weren't so depressingly futile. Hamer is known to provide remote diagnoses over the phone and has also invented the self-diagnosis-by-clapping test. It's a method by which one can determine a disease, according to Hamer, just from the patient clapping their hands.

    Hamer teaches that Jews themselves follow the ideas of Germanic New Medicine, while killing non-Jews with chemotherapy and morphine: “There is religious delusion that one can kill a non-Jew without being punished for it, or that you can eliminate patients [non-Jews] with chemo and morphine to decimate them," he says. "All the while, Jews (as the ‘chosen people’) use the Germanic New Medicine successfully for themselves – this religious mania has now reached its tragic climax."
    According to a list by blogger Aribert Deckers on ariplex.com, 149 people have already died after being treated under Germanic New Medicine.

    Medical journalist Dr Krista Federspiel, who has studied Germanic New Medicine and numerous other fringe medical groups extensively, calls it brainwashing. She says that followers of this cult-like group suffer from a massive loss of reality, believing everything without criticism or questions. She also notes Hamer’s medical history; when he was younger, he suffered testicular cancer and underwent an operation that he says he would decline today.

    Olivia's father, Helmut P, remains one of Hamer's most loyal followers. He continues to hold talks in all German-speaking countries about Germanic New Medicine, ignoring any criticism of the medical sect's beliefs.

    Aside from a couple of reports of people who've allegedly been threatened after speaking out against the group, there doesn't appear to be much opposition. Unfortunately, that means that current followers and any new recruits are going to continue relying on Hamer and his dangerously misguided theories.

Jews in Big Pharma withhold cure from doomed Gentile cancer patients

One thing that’s plain enough, since the Jews became a reprobate nation before God, after rejecting Jesus and the gospel in the first century, is that they’ve had absolutely no interest in the welfare of the rest of humanity, and haven’t for a moment even thought about setting up charitable institutions to serve to the benefit of Gentiles, like the Christians they hate do, except perhaps as a PR scam from time to time.
On the contrary, the Jews have used almost every conceivable wicked machination to try to eliminate Christians and genocide Gentiles, so that the Jews and their acolytes can more easily bring in an evil ideal world under Israel’s antichrist. Some of which have included burning cities so Christians the Jews hate would be blamed and punished by authorities, which is known in today’s parlance as a false flag operation, and ritually murdering Christian and Gentile children to get blood for the matzo, and “poisoning the wells” or spreading evil plagues among their Gentile enemies, which, in more recent times, has been facillitated by the introduction of vaccines, which the Jews have contaminated with toxins, like fetal tissue from the abortion industry in Gentile nations they’ve instigated and cashed in on.
No marvel then, the Jews have also cashed in on the misfortune of Gentiles and Christians, by selling them harmful pharmaceutical drugs, ostensibly to cure them, but really to further afflict them and their offspring with horrible debilitating diseases, like autism, which has now almost reached epidemic proportions in the United States.
But what’s of particular interest to me here is the way Jews in Big Pharma have joined forces with their acolytes and lackeys in the medical and legal professions, to gang up against scientists promoting a cure for cancer, who often expose as fraudulent and a money making scam the Jews’ pharmaceutical drug trade in Gentile nations.

One such scientist that has come to the fore in recent times is Dr Stanislaw Burzinski who has gained fame for demonstrating a cure for cancer that has made the Jews and their acolytes in the pharmaceutical drug trade and medical profession quite furious, and issued in their unrelenting persecution of him, in an attempt to get him put out of medicine and his cancer cure banned in the United States …

Texas Med. Bd. vs. Dr. Burzynski - Gene-Targeted Cancer Therapy - Case Dismissed 11/19/12 !!

Here’s Jew dominated Big Pharma’s spin on Dr Burzinski’s cancer cure …

There is no convincing evidence from randomized controlled trials in the scientific literature that antineoplastons are useful treatments of cancer, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved these products for the treatment of any disease.

The American Cancer Society has stated since 1983 that there is no evidence that antineoplastons have any beneficial effects in cancer and recommended that people do not buy these products since there could be serious health consequences to patients who use this therapy.

A 2004 medical review described antioneoplaston treatment as a “disproven therapy”. Oncologists have described Burzynski’s research on antineoplastons as “flawed” and “scientific nonsense”, and independent scientists have been unable to reproduce the positive results reported in Burzynski’s studies.

Dr. Jonah Shacknai, the CEO of Scottsdale, Arizona based Medicis Pharmaceuticals---these are the sort of psychopathic Jews behind Big Pharma's abuse of Gentiles today---a woman was found nude, hanged, and bound in this creep's mansion recently

Here’s an interesting reply from Dr. Burzinski to a letter from Suzanne Somers
Suzanne’s letter …

I received the below letter from Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski regarding the omissions from the Dateline story, which aired this past Sunday night. Dr. Burzynski is a serious scientist and I believe will one day be regarded as the Jonas Salk of our times.

I am reminded of the Arthur Schopenhauer quote on the three stages of truth. “Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognized. In the first it is ridiculed, in second it is opposed, in the third it is regarded as self-evident.” Regarding the truth about cancer and alternatives, we are deep into “violent opposition.”
Please read Dr. Burzynski’s letter in response to his appearance on Dateline. As you will clearly see, he was misrepresented there was no mention that he has completed Phase II clinical trials in compliance with the FDA! Knowing this would have been very convincing to the viewing audience but, unfortunately, it was omitted. I personally have seen, and/or spoken with many, many of Dr. Burzynski’s “cured” patients. Sadly, their stories were also omitted. Many of these patients are written about in KNOCKOUT.

If ever you or a loved one are in the terrible situation of being diagnosed you will be grateful there are doctors like Dr. Burzynski and Dr. Gonzalez who offer other options.

Dr Burzinski’s reply …
Suzanne Somers

Dear Suzanne,
Dateline is known to expose criminals, and they are good at this. There is no doubt that for them to produce the story at all, which we saw on Sunday, is our success. The interviews with you and the patients were great, and with Dr. Gonzalez and me, not too bad. The photographic part was also very good. What was absent was investigative acumen of the two women regarding the experts presented, who are simply crooks. Their lies and half-truths should be exposed. First of all, there was no doctor on the show who knows anything about the treatment of brain tumors. One of the experts was not an oncologist and not even a medical doctor, (the woman from Sloane Kettering, Barrie Casselith is a PhD, Chief Integrative Medicine Service), and the other doctor has nothing to do with the treatment of patients.

The third “expert” recently changed places from M.D. Anderson to Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and certainly, he has never treated brain tumors in his life. Dateline was reluctant to give the credentials of these experts, yet, on the other hand, they refused to present our sources, who actually work in the field.
I repeatedly mentioned Dr. Julian Whitaker to them as an excellent expert, and who would have been much better than Dr. Andrew Weil, an M.D. who has no expertise in cancer or oncology. Because Dateline did not include the experts who were on our side, I felt the story was poorly balanced. The doctors featured knew very well that we have numerous successful Phase II clinical trials, which show statistics of patient responses; therefore, these are not “anecdotal case reports”, as he said. The producers of Dateline are also aware that we are now in Phase III clinical trials, which clearly proves that the treatment is safe and efficacious.

At the beginning of last year we made a public announcement about Phase III clinical trials conducted in Japan, which compares the results of antineoplastons with standard chemotherapy in colon cancer (killing the argument of the doctor from M.D. Anderson that the treatment was not compared with standard therapy). When he looked at our publications he purposely picked up the abstract from the Congress of Neuro-Oncology as proof that we have only published abstracts, and not full-length, peer-reviewed papers. He knew very well that the stack of the papers, which he had in front of him, consisted of peer-reviewed papers as well as book chapters. At that same time, the Dateline reporter (Dr. Nancy Snyderman) knew very well what was going on, yet did not expose it as a pack of lies and half-truths. This goes poorly with such refined investigative reporting. My belief is that the “experts” were working on behalf of the American Cancer Society to desperately cover the truth and defend their losing ground.

Dateline raised the issue of “transparency of our records.” During their visits to our clinic they had unlimited access to patients whom they interviewed, and their medical records and scans. After they left, they requested that we send all of our films of the scans of successfully treated brain tumor patients to them so that their experts could review them. We informed Dateline that according to the rules governing clinical trials, we have to keep the originals in well-organized archives. They could not be sent to Dateline for review, but we would be glad to make them available for their experts if they wanted to visit our clinic. One of our radiologists would accompany them, and we would assign a special office for them. We told them they could stay as long as they wished. We were surprised to hear that the experts refused to do it, because they were too busy. Subsequently, Dateline requested that we make copies of the x-rays to send to them.

We immediately contacted an imaging center, which promised to do it within approximately six weeks, for $14,000 (we are talking about hundreds of x-rays which needed to be either copied or converted to CDs). The time and the amount of money to proceed with this project were unacceptable to Dateline. They narrowed down their request to a smaller number of x-rays, but still the amount of money necessary to do it was in the range of $2,000. Subsequently, the project was dropped by Datelin

Anyway, smart people will know very well what is going on. Congratulations to you. I have no doubt that the next story will be much better.
Stanislaw R. Burzynski, M.D., PhD.
Burzynski Clinic
9432 Katy Freeway, #200
Houston, TX 77055
Here’s something good from the office of Texas Governor Rick Perry …

They’re back! After The Texas Medical Board’s ten-year battle to stop Dr. Burzynski from treating cancer patients ended in Burzynski’s victory in the Texas State Supreme Court in 1996—the Texas Medical Board is making another dangerous attempt at shutting him down—again. On April 11, 2012, the Texas Medical Board will try to revoke Dr. Burzynski’s medical license, resulting in the closure of his clinic, the abandonment of all his patients, and risking any possibility of Antineoplastons gaining FDA-approval.

No different than the levels of absurdity and underhanded tactics clearly outlined in the original documentary about Dr. Burzynski—the Texas Medical Board is up to the same dirty tricks. This time, they will have the entire world watching, and the entire world fighting back to stop this trial from happening—and that means you.

First, watch the video above and send it to friends. Not only does it outline the charges involved in this case, but it also gives you a glimpse at a new side of Dr. Burzynski’s treatment. Much of the footage used in this short film was initially intended for the “Chapter 2″ documentary—so it also serves as a sneak peek into the new documentary about Dr. Burzynski that also covers the story from 2000 up until today—to be released in 2012.

Second, we need you to write letters, send faxes, make phone calls, and send emails starting with Governor Rick Perry, since he appointed the heads of the Texas Medical Board.

Once you have done this, we ask that you also write, call, fax and email as many of the Texas representatives as you have time for. If you are friends or have connections with a your local Congressmen or Senators, urge them to pay attention to this issue as well. Remember, this isn’t about Texas, it’s about our right as a human race to choose our own cancer treatment—and not allow decades of important gene-targeted cancer research to be flushed down the toilet in the name of protecting the profits of an industry that doesn’t want Burzynski to survive.

Rick Perry
Office of the Governor
1100 San Jacinto
Austin, Texas 78701

Click here to download both letters as a ZIP file.

Step 1 – Email:

Email Rick Perry [click here for Perry's email form] and each representative. Open up the Word Document letter to Rick and/or the letter to the representative and copy and paste the contents into the email and add your info. Since it’s an email, please add to the letter the link to the Call-To-Action video by copying and pasting this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCrsn8ziGWU into the email for their office to view for themselves.
Click here for a full list of everyone’s email, fax, phone and addresses.

Step 2 – Mail:

Print that same letter and mail it to Rick Perry and as many Texas representatives as you have time for.

Step 3 – Fax:

Fax that same letter to Rick Perry [] and as many Texas representatives as you have time for.

Step 4 – Call:

Call Rick Perry’s office [] and as many Texas representatives as you have time for.

Step 5 – Share:

Share this call-to-action with as many people as you can. Also, make sure you are signed up to our mailing list on the home page.
Further reading and viewing …

Big Pharma Routinely Suppresses Data from Clinical Trials—but FDA Approves These Dangerous Drugs Anyway

Benoît XVI : ses origines judéo-satanistes, par Laurent Glauzy

Don Luigi Villa, avec lequel nous avons fait connaissance par le biais de l’article sur le « pape » judéo-pédophile Paul VI, à été le « fils spirituel » de Padre Pio. Comme de nombreux saints de l’Église catholique (don Bosco, saint Lizier, le saint curé d’Ars, sainte Ludivine, etc…) plusieurs décennies après sa mort, le corps, de Padre Pio, dont la peau fut même observée au microscope, était parfaitement intact. Il s’agit d’un véritable miracle.

Avril 2005 : la mitre d’intronisation et le « dieu » pan.

Ce n’est donc pas rien d’être le « fils spirituel » d’un homme de foi comme Padre Pio. Don Luigi Villa exposait que Benoît XVI était d’origine juive, tout comme Paul VI et Jean-Paul II par sa mère. Le 29 juin 2009, Benoît XVI se présenta avec une mitre portant quatre étoiles de David (Chiesa Viva de mars 2012, Un altra mitra satanica di Benedetto XVI : une autre mitre satanique de B16).

Jean-Paul Ier qui mourut après 33 jours de fonction, était lui issu d’une famille de paysans de la Vénétie.
Don Luigi Villa explique que l’arrière-grand-mère de Benoît XVI, Maria Elisabeth (Betty) Tauber, juive née en Moravie en 1834, fut exclue de sa famille quand elle se convertit à la religion catholique. La Hongrie et la Moravie constituaient des entités de l’Empire austro-hongrois, démantelé à la fin de la Première Guerre mondiale par le traité maçonnique du Trianon. Les loges avaient échoué une première fois en 1848, en exacerbant les nationalismes.

Betty se rendit dans le Sud du Tyrol, alors région de l’Autriche-Hongrie (faisant aujourd’hui partie de l’Italie), où elle donna naissance à une fille, Maria, dans le village des montagnes de Raas (Rasa en italien), en 1855. Le père, Anton Peter Peintner, épousa Betty trois ans après la naissance de l’enfant.
Betty était le fruit de l’union entre Jacob Tauber (1811-1845) et Josefina Knopfelmacher (1819-1886). Jacob Tauber était le fils de Jonas et de Rebecca Zerkowitz Tauber.
En remontant dans l’arbre généalogique des Ratzinger, Rieger, Tauber, Knopfelmacher, Shpitz, Bachrach et Cohen, nous parvenons au rabbin Yehuda Loew ben Bezalel, qui était le MaHaral de Prague.

Benoit XVI et ses 9 ancêtres rabbins

(1) Rabbi Yehuda Loew (Leib) ben Bezalel [le MaHaRal de Prague] (1512-1609) épousa Perla Shmelkes-Reich(c.1516-1610).
(2) Vogele Loew (1556-1629) épousa Rabbi Isak Ha-Cohen (c.1550-1624).
(3) Chava [Eva] Ha-Cohen (1580-1651) épousa Rabbi Abraham Samuel Bachrach (1575-1615), rabbin de Worms.
(4) Rabbi (Moses) Samson / Simson / Bachrach (1607-1670), rabbin de Goding, Leipnik, Prague et Worms, épousa Dobrusch Phobus (vers 1610-1662).
(5) Rabbi Jair Chayim Bachrach, dit « le Chavas Yoir » (1638-1702), rabbin de Worms, épousa Sarah [Dinah Sorle] Brillin (1638-1703).
(6) Rabbi Samson / « Simson » / Bachrach (né 1657), dont l’épouse demeure inconnue.
(7) Malka Bachrach (née 1680) épousa Rabbi Zalman Shpitz, président du Beit Din d’Eisenstadt.
(8) Sarl [Sarah] Shpitz (née en 1703) épousa Rabbi Jacob Knoepflmacher (né en 1700- mort avant 1739), « le Maître », grand rabbin de Mehrin.
(9) Nissel Knoepflmacher (née en 1722) épousa le plus jeune frère de son père, Rabbi Moses Knoepflmacher(1718-1798), rabbin d’Holesov.
(10) Jacob Knopfelmacher (né en 1739) épousa Katharina (née en 1740).
(11) Joachim Knopfelmacher (né en 1764) épousa Anna (née en 1764).
(12) Markus Knopfelmacher (né en 1786) épousa Betty.
(13) Josefina (Peppi/Josefa) Knopfelmacher (née en 1809) épousa Jacob Tauber (né en 1811).
(14) Betty (Elisabeth Maria) Tauber (convertie au catholicisme) (née en 1834) épousa Anton Peter Peintner.
(15) Maria Tauber Peintner (née en 1855) épousa Isidor Rieger.
(16) Maria Peinter Rieger (née en 1885) épousa Joseph Ratzinger (père).
(17) Joseph Alois Ratzinger (Benoît XVI).
La généalogie des Tauber
Aaron Tauber, l’aïeul d’Isabella Maria (Betty) Tauber, selon toute probabilité, venait de la communauté israélite de la vallée de Tauber, en Bavière. Betty partit ensuite s’installer en Moravie. Le blason de la famille Tauber est une colombe associée au nom de Jonas (nom qui signifie en effet « colombe » en hébreu : יונהYonah). Le père d’Aaron s’appelait Jonas de Tauber, descendant du rabbin Jonah Geronde. Lors des persécutions contre les juifs de Bavière, les aïeux des Tauber prirent une identité et un nom catholique, puis retournèrent vers le judaïsme quand ils s’installèrent en Moravie.
(1) Aaron Tauber de Leipnik, en Moravie (né en 1658), dont le père était Jonas Tauber, descendant du rabbin Jonah Geronde.
(2) Isaac Tauber de Leipnik, en Moravie (né en 1690), frère aîné de Joachim Lobl (Leopold) Tauber Holesov de Moravie.
(3) Jacob Tauber de Lepnik (né en 1715).
(4) Jonas Tauber de Mahr Weisskirchen, en Moravie (1739-1822), épousa en secondes noces Rebecca Zerkowitz (née en 1788)
(5) Jacob Tauber (né en 1811) épousa en secondes noces (Peppi/Josefa) Knopfelmacher.
(6) Elisabetta Maria (Betty) Tauber (née en 1834 à Mahr).
Les Tauber : une des plus importantes branches kabbalistes
Joseph Alois Ratzinger, alias Benoît XVI, descend d’une des branches kabbalistes les plus influentes de la synagogue, liée au grand rabbin de Prague.

la mitre ne porte aucune croix mais des étoiles de David.

Déjà, il y a cinq cents ans, la tribu juive de Nephtali convoitait le siège de Pierre. Cette intention est affirmée par John Tetcliffe, dans le livre Biarritz, chapitre intitulé Le cimetière hébraïque de Prague et le Conseil des représentants des douze tribus d’Israël. Ce travail peut être consulté dans la version complète des Protocoles des Sages de Sion.

Nous pouvons y lire que le rabbin El Shebet Nephtali de Prague ordonnait aux juifs de « ne jamais accepter des positions de subordonnés et de prendre au sein des États les affaires de la justice et de la défense, afin de connaître les intentions de leurs ennemis. Nous avons déjà placé dans beaucoup d’États des ministres des Finances et de la Justice. Notre objectif est de parvenir au ministère du Culte [le Pape]. Nous devons arriver à nos fins en exigeant tout d’abord la parité et l’égalité civiles ». Telle s’exprimait aussi la volonté du rabbinat de Prague, par l’expression d’El Shebet Nephtali, il y a 160 ans, comme l’atteste Chiesa Viva. Le mensuel italien poursuit son analyse…

Le MaHaral de Prague, aïeul de Benoît XVI, et le Golem
Par ses aïeux, Joseph Alois Ratzinger provient de la lignée de neuf rabbins originaires d’Allemagne et d’Autriche-Hongrie, et en particulier du Maharal de Prague, Yeudah Loew ben Bezalel (1512-1609), considéré comme un des sages occultistes les plus importants de l’histoire juive. Le MaHaral, célèbre parmi les kabbalistes lucifériens, acquit sa grande notoriété en tant que représentant spirituel de la communauté israélite de Prague. Il y fonda une académie talmudique.

Le mensuel catholique italien expose que le MaHaral, abréviation de Moreinu Harav Loew de Prague, acquit une grande popularité parmi les non-juifs grâce à ses connaissances en mathématiques, en astrologie et autres sciences (occultes)… Il était un éminent connaisseur de la kabbale.

On attribue au MaHaral des pouvoirs particuliers, appelés L’Artifice des Miracles. L’histoire la plus célèbre concernant cet aïeul du pape est celle du Golem, nom derrière lequel se cache l’évocation du démon par des sorciers juifs. Après avoir suivi les rituels prescrits, le rabbin donne vie au Golem par la récitation d’incantations en hébreu et du Nom divin.

Le Golem (גלם), qui signifie « cocon, masse informe », mais peut aussi vouloir dire « fou », serait, pour les kabbalistes, un être humanoïde artificiel fait d’argile (imitation d’Adam), qui aurait pris vie momentanément grâce à l’inscription sur son front du mot hébreu Émèt : « vérité ». Dans la culture hébraïque. Le seul emploi du mot golem dans la Bible se trouve au Livre des Psaumes : « Je n’étais qu’une masse informe (גלמי  galemy) et tes yeux m’ont vu » (139, 16).

Quand le Golem « créé » par le rabbin Loew se redressa et devint plus violent, il tua et répandit la peur au sein de la communauté juive de Prague. Pour le détruire, le rabbin Loew élimina la première lettre du mot Émèt (אמת), inscrit sur le front de cette monstrueuse « créature », afin de former le mot Met (מת) qui, en hébreu, signifie « mort ».

Selon la légende, les restes du Golem de Prague sont conservés dans un cercueil, au tréfonds de la synagogue Vieille-Nouvelle de Josefov (ghetto juif de la vieille ville de Prague), qui serait d’ailleurs toujours scellée, restes qui pourraient revenir un jour à la vie.

Le démon Pan sur la mitre d’intronisation
Ces détails sur la généalogie de Benoît XVI pourraient expliquer, d’après Chiesa Viva, les éléments judéo-ésotériques représentés sur la mitre d’intronisation, le 24 avril 2005. Don Luigi Villa expose dans plusieurs numéros du périodique (notamment Chiesa Viva de février 2012 : La mitra satanica di Benedetto XVI : la mitre satanique de B16), que cette mitre ne comporte aucune représentation de la foi catholique, mais montre, au contraire, la très surprenante illustration du « dieu » Pan, divinité de la nature. Ce « démon » de la Grèce antique, également reproduit sur un buste en bronze de Ratzinger figurant dans la cathédrale de Munich, est reconnaissable grâce à sa flûte, à son aspect demi-nu et, selon les reproductions, à ses cornes et à ses pattes de bouc. Pan était adoré par le très grand sataniste Aleister Crowley, l’« Antéchrist », l’« homme le plus pervers du monde », franc-maçon du 33e degré qui, dans son livre Magick, au chapitre intitulé On the Bloody Sacrifice (Sur le sacrifice du sang),se vantait d’avoir sacrifié, pour ses rituels entre 1912 et 1928, plus de 150 enfants par an.

benoit xvi[1]
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Congrès de la dissidence à Bruxelles du 4 Mai 2014


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De naissance je fus un dissident de pratiquement tout !  Je conteste même le fait d’être né sur cette saloperie appelée terre où j’ai connu le Paradis et l’Enfer.

Cela ne m’amuse aucunement de voir cette saloperie inhumaine (monstrueuse) qui se nomme Europe continuer à persécuter les dissidents chez eux alors qu’elle n’avait jamais cessé de critiquer l’Union Soviétique, la Chine, Cuba et l’Iran  pour le même crime pendant au moins un demi-siècle en décernant même des Prix Nobel à certains dissidents parmi les plus célèbres.  Les seuls dissidents non reconnus furent à ce jour les Musulmans qui sont systématiquement qualifiés de terroristes parce qu’ils refusent l’hégémonie barbare et exterminationniste des occidentaux et de leurs Alliés tels la Chine, la Russie, l’Inde, et surtout Apartheid Israël.
Deux mille ans auparavant, l’histoire ou la légende nous raconte que le mouvement christique fut un mouvement dissident conte l’hégémonie pharisaïque et sadducéenne, et l’occupation sauvage des Romains.
Un micro mouvement dissident de nature politique et spirituelle, l’Islam, nous vint d’Arabie, et qui finit par englober presque la moitié du monde connu et dont les adeptes furent massacrés par centaines de millions : une source parle de 75 à 150 millions, massacres qui continuent à ce jour.
Un troisième mouvement dissident, le mouvement protestant contre l’Église catholique romaine et apostolique, est aujourd’hui parmi ceux et celles qui, alliés aux racistes et pillards sionistes, cherchent à tout prix voir le monde arabe et musulman détruit afin de hâter le retour de leur Messie, et pour les Sionistes la venue de la leur, afin d’installer de Royaume de Dieu sur Terre pour les Protestants, les Chrétiens et les Catholiques, et un Nouvel Ordre Mondial pour les Sionistes avec Jérusalem (terre volée aux Palestiniens) comme Capitale.
Plusieurs mouvements dissidents furent complètements détruits, tels le « Black Panther Party » aux Etats-Unis ou les Frères Musulmans sous Hasan al-Banna.  Le cas de la Palestine comme celle du Cachemire sont uniques.
Oui, cela ne m’amuse aucunement car je n’ai trouvé Aucune solidarité en Europe et surtout en France quand les Musulmans (principalement) se faisaient massacrer par millions en Palestine, Iran, Irak, Indonésie, Chine, Hindoustan, Algérie, Afrique, Asie et dans les Balkans.  Mais, la situation a complètement changé de nos jours où les massacres sont documentés « live » sur le terrain en Irak, Afghanistan, Libye, Algérie, Afrique centrale, Inde, au Cachemire, Soudan, Yémen, Pakistan, etc., 100% des pays à majorité musulmane.
Mais, le phénomène qui m’intéresse le plus c’est que nous avons une solution pour arrêter tous ces massacres, ces violations des droits des humains à une vie libre, paisible, une religion de leur choix, de manger et de boire ce qu’ils produisent naturellement, et non s’empoisonner avec des produits dénaturés de Monsanto et autres.  Solution radicale : révolution à l’échelle mondiale des Musulmans qui représentent plus d’un milliard d’habitants de la planète, dire NON et BOYCOTTER tout ce qui est boycottable : médias, sports, arts, cinéma, écoles publiques, produits de consommation, car ils sont tous contrôlés par des corporations sataniques, et surtout sortir de l’ONU qui est une dictature à la tête de ces massacres des temps modernes.
Mais, pour cela, il faut du courage, de la persévérance, des efforts et d’énormes sacrifices, risquer sa vie et son confort personnel, et surtout une éducation conforme à un monde libre et moderne.  ET, ce qui blesse, c’est que les personnes concernées, principalement les Musulmans, sont loin d’avoir ces qualités requises par le Livre Sacré révélé ou inspiré, et dédié non aux seuls Musulmans, mais à l’humanité tout entière, et même au monde de l’invisible.
Sans une unité au sein des nations musulmanes et d’autres forces dissidentes, tout est voué à l’échec, ce qui semble être le cas, malheureusement. Satan triomphe partout !

Ce jeudi 8 mai 2014

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