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  Layana, the blood of my blood or not, I 

worship her even after I was forced out of my 

house and home by Devils!  

All human babies are angels - for a time!

  My Baby Angel Kenji from another Mother!

4 years old knowledge of the World


Published on 4 Jun 2016
4 years old knowledge of Countries of the World, Planets and Human body.....


 Mariah and Sister (BEVERLY ANN) from facebook

 Birth As We Know It - 10-minute Trailer - HD
Birth Into Being

 Natural, Unassisted Home Water Birth

What is “God”, what is “angel”, what is 

“human” and what is “worship”?  
Kenji's favourite song!

We live (survive) in a world where the rulers of the world tell us what words mean and reserve the right to change their meaning(s) depending on the politics of the day.  In other words, words have no meaning except what the rulers tell us they mean and when we object then we might as well have never been born into this world as it is their world where their will is done, not God’s.

What Babies Want - An Exploration of the Consciousness of Infants part 1

TheosEra Spiritual TV

  3 weeks old infant with albinism snuggles up to his cousin for a snooze.

Every Christic human should see Christ in these children!

The order “God, angel, human and worship” 

suits me.  Most humans and inhumans who serve the rulers of the world do not know what God is and have no intention to find out.  What is an angel?  To me, an angel is a symbol of innocence and God is at least a symbol of righteous behaviour on Earth by those who submit to His Laws and heed His Guidance said to have been revealed to many of our wise men and women of old.  Millions of humans do really care, but they have no power to protect innocence. 

It is said that this planet (that belongs to tyrants) has about 7 billion inhabitants most of which have to be exterminated in order to allow the Élite to have a better world to live in, a Paradise on Earth for inhumans and their human slaves while people of major religions hope in a heavenly paradise that I personally know does not really exist.  Why do I know this?  God is Just, but this is only for people who reflect and use their intelligence in total freedom.  Forget about justice, a little bit of elementary logic and mathematics will reveal to us that there can never be a heavenly Paradise or Hell as understood by mainstream Christendom and Muslims.  God (or our wise men and women of old) often used metaphorical language and left it to us to understand, and our understanding of the world had to change with time and new knowledge (science), but sadly this is rarely the case. 

I leave it to the smart ones to define for themselves what is meant by God, angel, human and worship.  Telling the world (of Zombies) what these concepts mean is useless as they rarely listen.   When some understand they rarely act righteously and in unity.  My ‘father’ abandoned belief in God or righteous actions in his way of life - for the wrong reasons, but I kept my strong and unshakable belief in God (not the ‘Western’ God or Gods!) despite all my questioning and ‘outrageous’ statements about Him and religion in general that many will qualify as blasphemy, but I do not give a damn as I know those many too well – their stupidity, hypocrisy, mendacity, lack of compassion towards God’s Creation, human, animal, plant and other living and ‘non living’ matter.  People who think that the atom is non living are mistaken.  Their pseudo-scientific definition of “life” is wrong!  After all what do Satanists (the rulers of this world) understand of life?
Recently, the Satanists (Freemasons, Khazar Ashkenazi ‘Jews’ and others) have had laws passed in occupied Christendom that changed the very meaning of family, marriage, love and sex, and which they want now to enforce on the rest of the world.  

 The anus is henceforth regarded by law as a sexual organ!  A man can “marry” another man!  A homosexual can “adopt” non homosexual children!  Homosexual sexual practices and masturbation have to be taught in our public schools!  Children can be bred like cattle to be sold or donated to Sodomites and Lesbians!  Anal sex and paedophilia can be praised or institutionalised!  Pornography can be glamorised and widespread while religion and God can be attacked by the State and all the corporate media!  Gambling, drugs, abortion (baby murder) and usury can be forever the pillars of the society of Satan worldwide.  Those who tried to stop Satan have all been murdered not because Satan is evil, but because humans have been dehumanised and have surrendered to him instead of God.  

But, in this world of inhumanity, there is still innocence and God, the One and Only God.  God is still in the hearts and way of life of hundreds of millions of free human beings.  Millions call God Jesus, but they are for the most part sold out to Satan and belong to his Synagogue!

Who are the human angels?

The young girl or woman being loved by a man (young and older) used to be the angel in literature, poetry or love songs written by men even if many of those ‘angels’ turn out too often to be real devils in disguise.  And helped by the Satanic rulers of this world that are more and more destroying the family and the very fabric of civilised society women can no more be trusted unless they have impeccable credentials.  But, can men be trusted?  Excellent question, but I leave it to women, real women and mothers, and not Lesbians, Femenists or Feminists, to answer!  As for my part, I have always taught my son not to hate but to never trust women (and the poor boy did not listen!  I did not listen too as I loved women, as legitimate wives, of course !) and now I am teaching my granddaughters to never trust men because I know the danger!  In brief, no matter what I say, which is almost always misunderstood, both man and woman cannot and must not be trusted unless all the precautions have been taken by both parties to a sacred union!  And this is never taught at school and should!

My human angels are my babies!  The ones I took care of from birth as any good mother and grandmother would do!  But, how long will they stay innocent, only God knows.  State and societal pressure are so strong that it is the wrong and immoral environment to raise up moral children.  But, no matter how long it lasts, my mission here on Earth is to do a maximum for them at this innocent age and provide them with good souvenirs of their childhood if they are or remain honest and give them no reason to suffer later in their adult life because of abusive parents and grandparents.     

I am talking here of babies who (I deliberately did not use “that” but “who” because for the Godless a baby is just a thing!) come to this world naturally and with no genetic or other Satanic modification, with motherly and fatherly love, and if possible within a sacred union of matrimony of whatever religion.  But, even then with all their bombings Satan has polluted the atmosphere and this will have sooner or later dire consequences on our progeny.  It already has in the devastated countries like Iraq and Afghanistan and wherever they are exploding or testing their Satanic weapons of mass destruction like in the Pacific Ocean, Algeria, Kazakhstan, Nevada, etc.!   

I always worshipped God and it cost me a lot, my material comfort, my career, my freedom, but it was well worth it.  I always ‘worshipped’ my second son (I was deprived of the love of my first born son and of my step daughter!) and have now dedicated the few years that are left of my life to the ‘worshipping’ of my beautiful and amazing grandchildren, and this brought me so much happiness, far more than when I worship God.  But, again this kind of wisdom is only for people who are free thinkers.  My wife Kathaleen (Kate) Parker Bates (Kaamilah bint Qadar) joined me lately in this adoration experience.

But, would I have children and grandchildren or any human angels to ‘worship’ had there been no God in the first place?  And those angels did not ask to come to this world!  Pr Richard Dawkins, the Pope of scientific Atheism, has never been able to explain the meaning of love and is too foolish to understand the human necessity for God or Gods (even if they do not exist, but THEY DO!) because of his deficient knowledge and his lack of human compassion. 

In the seventies secular Judeo Christian Switzerland, Italy, France, Belgium and England refused me the right to adopt children because I was not Jewish, not Catholic and not White, but 39 years later, after legalising baby murder (abortion), those sons and daughters of Satan are allowing Sodomites or homosexuals to marry and even adopt our children!  Yes, I did spend a lifetime living mostly among human dogs and swine and do not particularly like this world or its rulers!

"Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces. Matthew 7:6

Monday 14th of April 2014

P.S. Satan may have some false flag for us tomorrow 15th of April 2014!  Happy Ishtar!

Bedros Hajian She is my angel

Bedros Hajian's photo.
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 Friends for life: The story of the abandoned lion cub Sirga who was raised by a German wildlife enthusiast in his 20s was one of the most shared stories on social media last year
Lioness Sirga was saved as a cub by 27-year-old Valentin Gruener (a German)

Best buds: Conservationist Valentin Gruener, 27, raised Sirga after she was abandoned by her pride

 As one: Mr Gruener is fulfilling a lifelong ambition by living with lions in the wilds of Africa

10 Amazing Dads From the Animal Kingdom

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Not all non-human animal dads are cut out for family life, but there are a number of species who have become known for their role as fathers who deserve a salute, from giant water bugs who carry dozens of eggs on their backs to males who actually get pregnant and dads who operate solo as single parents. This Father’s Day, it’s time to celebrate some of the amazing dads from the animal kingdom who go above and beyond when it comes raising and protecting their young.

Red Fox
Male red foxes aren’t just loving mates, but excited and protective fathers. They take on the task of providing food for their mates every few hours for about a month after she gives birth. Then they take on the role of teacher – but teachers who like to take time out to play. Even when it’s time to get serious and teach their young how to start finding their own food, fox dads help them out and make sure they don’t really go hungry by hiding it near their dens.

Emperor Penguin
After females lay a single precious egg, Emperor penguin dads take over the responsibility of incubating it by balancing it precariously on their feet and keeping it warm under their feathers in the frigid Antarctic weather while mothers go off to feed. Dads can go for about two months without eating until the egg hatches, at which point he will feed it before mother’s return to give them a break from baby-duty.

Sea Horse
Seahorses, who are also known to mate for life, have reverse roles; the females compete for males, and the males don’t just play a role in pregnancy, but actually get pregnant. Females deposit their eggs in the male’s pouch, where he fertilizes and carries them until tiny baby seahorses emerge fully developed. According to Science Daily, the process of male pregnancy is unique to the fish family Syngnathidae, which also includes pipefish and sea dragons.

Spotted Sandpiper
It doesn’t happen every time, but sandpipers have been found to reverse roles where female sandpipers establish and defend territory, while taking on multiple male partners. After luring a male to mate with and laying her eggs, she takes off to find another mate. Dad meanwhile stays to incubate the eggs and becomes the primary caregiver for the young for the first few weeks of their lives.

Gray Wolf

Despite the myths surrounding wolves that make them out to be villains, alpha male are loving, loyal and protective mates, fathers and leaders. Also known to mate for life, males who breed will guard their partners and pups while they’re in the den and take on the responsibility of finding everyone food. Even as pups grow older, dads will take on the role of teacher, helping them learn their role in the pack and the world.

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Great Horned Owl
Great horned owl dads are the stereotypical breadwinners in their families. After finding the perfect home with their mates, male great horned owls take on the role of provider by hunting enough to feed himself and his mate, who is bigger than he is, before taking on the added responsibility of hunting for their young when they hatch.

North American Beaver
Beaver dads are devoted family men, handymen and providers in the animal world. They mate for life and take on a co-parenting role in raising their young until they’re about 2-years-old, while helping care for them and teaching them how to become successful ecosystem engineers before they go off and start families of their own.
In 2012, a beaver in Martinez, Calif., known as “Dad” raised fears about what would happen to his young after his mate died from an infection, but he showed us he could do it all as a single father of three.

Titi Monkey
Male titi monkeys, who are known for monogamous relationships, are also known for the strong bond they build with their young as primary caregivers. Except for time spent with mom nursing, babies spend the rest of their time being carried around, cared for and protected by their fathers for the first few months of their lives.

As members of a polygamous species, male rheas have a lot of partners, but when it comes to child-rearing these dads pull their weight and then some. Males can have up to a dozen or so female partners who all lay eggs in a nest he builds before they leave. Males then take on the role of incubating and guarding what can be more than 50 eggs for close to two months before taking on the role of a single parent after they hatch. Males have also been known to adopt orphaned chicks who have been separated from their brood.

Darwins Frog
Darwin’s frog dads, who are native to South America, have come up with a neat and bizarre way to protect their offspring from predators. While they breed like other amphibians, where females lay eggs in the water that are fertilized by males, the males of this species take the fertilized eggs into their mouths, store them in their vocal sacs and keep them there until they’re fully developed frogs — at which point he throws them up.
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    My Baby Angel Kenji from another Mother!