Thursday, 6 February 2014



By Adalberto Erazo Jr.

I believe India holds elections in June or July for the new prime minister and I truly believe the spark for World War 3 will start in South Asia. When I read through it*, the first thing that came to my mind was Narendra Modi. We may not know when the exact time this whole mess starts but all the signs are heading in that direction. One thing for sure is that Modi will be the one to pull the trigger while he is in office. 

Nathuram Godseh was the man sent by the RSS who assassinated Gandhi and was later executed - normally the ashes of Hindus are sent to the Ganges but in Godseh's will, he explicitly stated that he wanted his ashes to be sent to the Indus River located in Pakistan. I had read an article earlier in the day which disturbed me very much. It was titled, 'Swami Aseemanand's radical service to the Sangh' which was about the man responsible for the false flags such as the Sumjuahta Express bombings that were blamed on Muslims. The end of the article really said it all and put things into perspective.

              " In one of our meetings, Aseemanand paraphrased the last words of Nathuram Godse:  

may my bones not be discharged into the sea until the Sindhu river flows through India again... 

And he told me that the work of people like him, Pragya Singh and Sunil Joshi will continue: “It will happen. It will happen on time.”

       IsraHell has it's insurance policy for World War 3 through Narendra Modi but the United Sates and the rest of the Godless West are equally responsible for having nurtured this bastard entity called IsraHell and because of the west’s stupidity, utter decadence, hypocrisy and violence against the rest of the world (especially against Muslims), at the end of the day, the blame should equally fall upon the west since they chose to be devils instead of choosing God.

  * A very interesting article by M. Husain and very ominous indeed.” 

A Warning about this Coming Ramadan

M. Hussain,

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