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Holocaust, Hate Speech and Were the Germans so Stupid? — Updated 



Dear Mr Lawson,

It is by far the best short exposé of the matter I have ever come across. Having studied in the U.S.S.R. between 1964 and 1968, with so many Jewish university comrades, personal friends, teachers, I understood one thing from the very mouth of my host Michael Stepanovitch Drinkin of Kislovodsk: We Jews are going to take over America.  Not a single mention about the suffering of Jews was ever made or of the “Holocaust”.
All was about establishing the dictatorship of the people over the rest of the world by the money Jews and Zionists.

May God bless you for your courage and honesty.

Yours sincerely
Basheer A. Frémaux-Soormally




Thank you for your very welcome comment.  It seems that the people you were in touch with in the U.S.S.R are well on the way with their plan to take over America.  It sounds like a Marvel comic-book plot, but AIPAC is very real.
Thank you for your sincere blessing, as well, but I rather think that it is time we all did more than leave it to "God" to help us; we must not allow this creeping surge to destroy what is left of decency in our world.



Dear Mr Lawson

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your reply.  Usually, readers hardly pay attention to what I write as I am a real pain in the neck for one and all.  

As for “God”, I was tempted to add, as I do sometimes, “whether He exists or not”, but I was in a rush.  My concept of “God” is somewhat different from the mainstream concept.  I always speak with my heart as well as with knowledge and what I sincerely understand to be closer to the truth.

I am French (“naturalised”), but more French than many of those who are currently in power and planning a Civil War. 

I had many dear friends from Germany as well as Eastern Europe and one thing that I can never forget is the greatness of German-Austrian culture.  Maybe I am wrong, but I always regarded the Germans as the most highly civilised people among the so-called Western nations, and was deeply hurt when the Third Reich was demonised in so vile a manner as Muslims are demonised today.  This prompted me to look deeper into the matter and uncovered the tons of lies one particular group of people controlled by usurious bank gangsters had heaped on that great nation with the total surrender of Christendom that had by then fallen in total decadence.

I see with great sadness Germany being controlled since the end of the Jewish WWII by Jews, Zionists while the real proud German nation has to live in fear every day of their lives.

But, France, having already turned Zionist-Communist since the infamous Alfred Dreyfus Affair, recently passed laws (as well as some other European countries) to make it illegal to ever question the “Holocaust”, Israel or Jewish criminality. Compatriots like Pr Rober Faurisson, Vincent Reynouard, Alain Soral, Pr Roger Garaudy (deceased) and even comedian Dieudonné, have been hounded by the Jewish Lobby and the Zionist controlled government for standing up for their rights and for what is their sincere and true conclusions of their exhaustive researches.

The Jewish Professor Roger Dommergue Polacco de Menasce’s interview with Ernst Zundel is also very interesting.

As well as the following interview in four parts on Youtube:

If I go back to France, I may even be arrested, prosecuted, fined or even jailed or beaten up by the Jewish militia (JDL) under that Jewish-Communist Fabius-Gayssot Law.  Laurent Fabius is the Jew who is, with his coreligionists, drumming for wars one after the other in Africa, the Balkans, the Middle East, Iran and elsewhere.  

For 13 years, I was the manager of the Windsor Hotel in Paris in a Jewish district, and worked with Jews, had Jewish lawyers, Jewish doctors, Jewish teachers, and so on. 

I apologise, Mr Lawson, I did not intend to be that long.

I agree with you that (God or not God) we must not allow them (whoever they are) to destroy what is left of decency in our world.

I thank you again for that brilliant exposé, and the spoken English is so beautiful, exactly the way I like it.

Yours sincerely


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"Downard and Hoffman, certainly the two most inspired cryptographers of our time."
Joan d'Arc, Paranoia magazine
"Hoffman is Christendom's foremost living scholar of rabbinic Judaism." Mickey Henry,
"Hoffman is undoubtedly one of the leading thinkers on the Money Power. His analysis of Talmudic, Rabbinical thinking is brilliant...He is forceful, scathing, to the point and incredibly well informed. I, for one, am relieved to find myself in the camp of such a powerful Christian, philosopher, historian, theologian and economist as Michael Hoffman." Anthony Michgels,


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MsNoWorld Order

Retired HEAD OF FBI Tells ALL "Illuminati, Satanism, Pedophile Rings"
 Training Arab terrorists for 9/11???

The segment about "training Arab terrorists" is simply garbage! This spoils the entire document and makes the former FBI agent less credible! Being former FBI he is not to be trusted anyway! But, that Ted Gunderson died of "cancer" (one of the FBI, CIA-MOSSAD weapons of assassination globally) is enough for me to pay attention to what else he has said, confirmed or revealed. BAFS 26 September 2015

Roger Dommergue Polacco de Menasce

  Roger Dommergue explique les raisons du silence de Heidegger.

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E-books au format PDF, rares, censurés, interdits et inconnus


De Poncins Léon

Israël destructeur d'Empire Un document prophétique de 1899


The bible is an Arab account of Arab people.


Naming apostles of Christ.

Matt 10:4 Simon the Canaanite, and Judas Iscariot, who also betrayed him.
Mark 3:18 (List of Christ's apostles) And Andrew, and Philip, and Bartholomew, and Matthew, and Thomas, and James the son of Alphaeus, and Thaddaeus, and Simon the Canaanite,
There were two apostles of Christ named Simon it seems. Either some of the apostles were not Jews or here is a Jew who is a descendant of the Canaanites.
The fact is one of Judah's sons that lived was the son of a Canaanite. The tribe of Simeon came from a Canaanite mother.
The Israelites were a pot luck of Canaanites. Today you would call their descendants Palestinians, Jordanians and Syrians. Here is an idea of who they were in the scriptures.
Remember Israelite does not mean Jew. Anyone could become a Jew but to be an Israelite one had to be a descendant of the man Israel.
We are told the sons of Judah's Canaanite wife Shuah died, but they neglect to menton the son of Judah and Canaanite who lived.

GENESIS 38:2 And Judah saw there a daughter of a certain Canaanite, whose name was Shuah; and he took her, and went in to her.
GENESIS 38:12 ... the daughter of Shuah Judah's wife
GENESIS 38:3 she bare Er.
GENESIS 38:4 she Onan.
GENESIS 38:5 she bare a son; and called his name Shelah
Her son Shelah did not die, but his descendants are found in the tribes of the Israelties.
GENESIS 46:12 the sons of Judah; Er, and Onan, and Shelah... : but Er and Onan died in the land of Canaan.
The descendants of the Canaanite woman are found in the tribes of Israel
NUMBERS 26:20 And the sons of Judah after their families were; of Shelah, the family of the Shelanites:
1_CHRONICLES 4:21 The sons of Shelah the son of Judah were, Er the father of Lecah, and Laadah the father of Mareshah, and the families of the house of them that wrought fine linen, of the house of Ashbea,
Look at the page on Canaanites and know the Israelites married a multidude of Cannanites from whom came their Israelite children.
You can't take the Arabs out of the Israelites because that is all the Israelites were, a composite of Arabs... Chaldeans, Syrians, Jebusites, Moabites, Midianites, Ammoites, Amorites, Canaanites, Hittites, Philistines, Egyptians, Zideonians .... a pot luck of Arabs. NOTHING ELSE !

Yes Christ had a Canaanite apostle Matt 10:4, Mark 3:18. Yes the Israelites were nothing other than the ancestors they came from and they were the same Arabs the Israelites fought against, traded with and married. The bible is an Arab account of Arab people.


The area in yellow below is either the composite of Arab nations all Israelites came from or the areas where the Israelites were scattered into by the Persian, Babylon, Assyrian Empires and where they will specifically be gathered from in the prophecy when Israel will be a nation and the Israelites will be gathered. 

"Arab / Israelite race" map.
A comparison of middle east descendants and African descendants with Europeans.

Back to the Oasis

Alexander the Great. King of Macedonian, conqueror (Macedonian.. European country north of Greece, south of Yugoslavia. The green dot on the map = area of Macedonian) 332 BC
Known for Destroying opposition, but allowing subservient conquered societies to retain traditions and organizational structure.
Persia and portions of India and Egypt.
335 bc Established control of Greece by crushing uprisings in Thebes
333 bc Defeated the main
Persian army of King Darius III at Issus
332-331 bc Began conquest of Egypt and
founded the city of Alexandria
331 bc Defeated and occupied
326 bc Completed conquest of the Persian Empire with the
invasion of northern India
Green dot Macedonian, area where Alex started from

The empire included Greece, Turkey..  the "x-a-stans", India, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Egypt.

A cluster of maps of bible/Egyptian empires. Copy and use freely.
These images were created just the right size to complete fit in a Google Blog. If you have a better version you want to share..

I write:
The MOST used meaning of the word Arab, used by all people of all nations on earth Arab = ALL THE NATIVES OF THE MIDDLE EAST.
A guy argues...
(1) You are not a statistician and if you are show me the stats. Most of people say you have five fingers on one hand doesn't mean its true. You have four fingers and 1 thumb. Is this the best the so called Arab have to offer. Musical definitions. You don't know who someone is talking about unless they spell it out and the bible does that.

(2) Words can change meaning over time in the general public but real words never change meaning.

"Real words" ... any word is only a sound or visual mark that holds a meaning for a people of a particular culture in a particular time.

Reply (1) (2)
I do not write for or to ancient Hebrews, Romans or Greeks. What I write is for the English speaking people in my time.
I use the word Arab to:
* Identify a middle east race people. (Physical race)
* The race of people that existed in the middle east before the Israelites.
* The race of people that every bible Israelite was a composite of.
For every place you find these people called Arabs in my text, in any given year you will find 'Jews' calling them Arabs 100,000 times.

The authors of dictionaries do not create and impose definitions of words. Their definitions reflect what that word means to the public.

The MOST used meaning of the word Arab, used by all people of all nations on earth Arab = ALL THE NATIVES OF THE MIDDLE EAST.

I am not a statistician you say.. I do not need be, all any one needs do is this.
Go to Google (any search engine) and in quotes search for "Arabs".
Click on the first 1000 pages and have your own chart ready.
Your chart will have 2 columns to mark

a) The word "Arabs" on this page is a reference to natives of Saudi Arabia

b) The word "Arabs" on this page is a reference to other natives of the middle east, such as Lebanon, Egypt, Palestinians, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Iran.

If the English speaking public uses the word Arab only to identify people of Saudi Arabia, almost all of column a will be checked.

If I use the word Arab to identify the set of all these people of the middle east and column b is checked many more times... your own statistics will prove I am right (as usual).

My meaning of Arab is this...

Original native (physical) race of the middle east that all Israelites were descants of, were scattered back into, and will be gathered from when God returns to live on earth.
Through centuries of migrations or invasions from Africa and Europe into the middle east, the stock of the original Arabs still exist but Arabs (a different definition .. natives of the middle east who speak Arabic) are composed of Africans, Arabs and Europeans.
According to the scriptures the Israelites were dispersed through out the middle east nations. They never ceased to marry every people they encountered. Every descendant of an Israelite is an Israelite. The Iranians, Iraqis, Indians, Turks, Jordanians, Lebanese, Saudis, Egyptians .. "Arabs" are the people the Israelites became, mixed with and by the prophecy out of these middle east Arabs, the Israelites will be gathered when God returns to earth to live on the mountain.
Below is a picture of me (some kind of European descent) and a guy I worked with in Egypt. There are no paintings of brown/black face people in the earliest European paintings and there are no pictures of fair skin / blond hair guys like me in the tombs of the Egyptians... before the Europeans invaded the middle east.

The color of their skin and hair separate Arabs from the white European race.


The guy trying to argue that the original Israelites were Negroes tried to use the "Lucy" find of archeologist (which is over a million years old). Of course if Africans were the first people, the bible is a crock and there is no such things as Jews or Israelites. According to the bible all people started out in Iraq and it gives the rivers and land marks that are no where in Africa.

The next problem "the Negroes were the Israelites" caper has is the oldest ancient skulls of Iraq were not Negroes but they are the same as unpolluted Arabs. Yes there is a physical difference in skeletons between people of different races. Watch a forensic detective program some time and see they take a pile of bones and determine race, height, gender and a whole gob of things.

Africans different than Arabs had no straight hair. A guy told me he has seen Africans with straight hair. In the early safari films or missionary films I never saw any African with straight hair. If you want to know what the original Africans looked before the Europeans began to pollute them you must look at early pictures when the first Europeans went into those areas or you must find isolated villages far from the African cities where Europeans have been spreading themselves.

Of course there are Negroes in the Arab nations, they have been mixing with each other since Pharaoh brought them together in slavery. By race here I mean the physical appearances between people in different areas of the world. If you think people can't tell un-mixed Arabs from un-mixed Negroes print this picture out and tell your friends that pictures of 2 of these women are Negroes from Africa and 4 of them are women from the middle east. See how long it takes them to pick the 2 Negroes out of the line up with Arabs.

If they you or your friends can not tell which ones are Negroes, then I am full of hot air, but if you can you have made the same observation as others who have looked at this picture.
(un-mixed) Arabs are different than Africans, have narrow noses, thinner lips and thinner skin thickness.

The all curly hair of the original Africans, skull shapes and skin thickness of Negroes separate the Arab race from the Negro race.

While the original Israelites all started out from the stock of Arabs, with in a couple generations they traveled to Egypt to survive the famine. There they encountered Africans. On their return to Israel (430 years later), Moses himself married a Cushite. The Israelites bred with every tribe and nation they ever encountered. 3,500 years before any Europeans ever heard of the God of Abraham, the Africans and Israelites were popping out pups.

NO it is not all Negroes are Israelite descendants, but those between northern Sudan and Turkey. The middle east Negroes who's ancestors married the Arab Israelites. You will find their descendants who now look like the original Arabs, others look like the original Africans and others are a mix of the two ... this is what the pot luck of Israelites look like today.


See a picture of some one in Egypt, they are the Egyptian race? See some one in India and they are of the India race? Nationality has nothing to do with your physical race.

Be your own statistician, print out this picture and buy a pack of file cards. Put up a box with a poster in back.

"With out using parts of the names of any of these countries" write what you would call these people.

The shapes of their faces are similar to Europeans, but unlike Europeans their ancestors did not have light hair or fair skin.

Europeans unlike Arabs,  none of their ancestors had brown or black faces.

In their different areas the traditional dress of their ancestors looked something like a woman's long dress, they wrapped some kind of cloth around their heads.

These people share the same physical appearances as others through out the middle east. They are separated by nationality only.


The original Arabs and Europeans are causations. The major obvious difference is European's lack of brown/black faces and Arab's lack of fair skin and light hair.

What would almost all people say when you posed the question: If you were going to identify them by a group name which they are part of, what would you call the group?

My question to you... John Q Public is what word you would use to identify this wide range of natives of the middle east.

Mr. statistician, what is your guess people will call this set of natives of the middle east more times than any other. Print this picture out, show it to 1000 people and the #1 word they will use to identify them is "Arabs" ... Arabs is the word the major population uses to identify the set of native people of the middle east.

Where is Arabia and what is an Arab? Why do they need to use musical definitions? 

ISAIAH 49:022 Thus saith the Lord God, Behold, I will lift up mine hand to the Gentiles, and set up my standard to the people: and they shall bring thy sons in their arms, and thy daughters shall be carried upon their shoulders.
Pat Robertson uses this verse to bilk silly Christians out of their cash.
(a) Gentiles will bring the Israelites up on their shoulders
(b) Therefore send your money so we can fly some more Russians into Palestine... such is his logic.

* It does not say gentiles are going to send them money to get to Israel, but it says gentiles will carry them up on their shoulders. The ONLY gentiles that could do this are the Arabs living in the adjacent Arab nations.. and because the scriptures reveal the Israelites were scattered into the Arab nations, that is where they will be gathered from..
i.e. 3 tribes of the Israelites never lived in Israel but they settled in Jordan. The prophecy states the Israelites will return from Syria, that is right next to Israel.


The territory which they inhabited was known as 'the land of the Philistines' (Ñeres£ pÿlisŒtîm) or Philistia (pÿlesŒetâ). It is from these that the modern name 'Palestine' derives..
III. Philistia

The area which took its name from the Philistines was that of the nucleus of their settlement. This centred on the five main Philistine cities of Gaza, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Ekron and Gath, and comprised the coastal strip S of Carmel.

The map on the left (yellow area) shows the land area where the Europeans (calling themselves Israel) control today.

The map on the right (yellow area) shows where the Israelites land area was when the Israelites settled there.

The pink area was PHILISTIA (where Palestine got it's name) and the green area was Egypt. These land areas were not the settlements of the bible Israelites, but were the lands of the Philistines and Egyptians.

Nothing about gentiles sending a preacher money to bring the Israelites back, but they will be carried on the shoulders of the gentiles.. and of course those gentiles are the Arabs in the adjacent countries.

ISAIAH 11:14 But they shall fly upon the shoulders of the Philistines toward the west; they shall spoil them of the east together: they shall lay their hand upon Edom and Moab; and the children of Ammon shall obey them.

Three of the tribes lived in Jordan among the Edomites, Moabites and Ammonites.

No such thing as Palestine.. BS it's name was just altered from PHILISTIA and the European Blights invaded and took both the land of the Palestinians and the Egyptians.

Back to the Oasis

An empire is all the land areas controlled by any kind of government. If you will look at the maps of the British in the 1700's and 1800's you will see their empire maps include India, parts of China .. even the America's
A classic example is people who live in America's S.W. At one time in history they were Mexicans by nationality, then Texans then Americans.

Today we call empires, nations. There is no difference. As the political power continue to take control of more land areas, subjected the people to their taxes and took their natural resources, that land area became part of the empire. Israel was part of 4 empires.

Inside the white lines are lands that were part of the Assyrian Empire. This map was a quickie I created just to show the present day nations that was part of the Assyrian Empire. Centuries later when the Romans took control of the land area, parts of the Assyrian Empire were then part of the Roman Empire.

The Hittite empire became the Roman Empire then the Ottoman Empire.

An empire is simply a land area and the people of that land area controlled by a political power. Simply look at the ancient maps of the 4 empires of the middle east and see the maps of those empires include the very same places of the other empires.

A capital is not the empire.. but ever inch of land and every people it controls is the sum of that empire. Washington D.C. Is not the empire/nation, it is just the capital of the nation. A nation/empire is the sum of all the land/people controlled by a specific government. Oh yes Israel was part of Babylon then as Hawaii is now part of the United States.

A cluster of maps of bible/Egyptian empires. Copy and use freely.
These images were created just the right size to complete fit in a Google Blog. If you have a better version you want to share.. 

Babylon Empire
The Babylonian Empire extended from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea. It was founded by Babylonian ruler Nabopolassar, who joined with Median king Cyaraxes to overthrow the Assyrian Empire in 612 BC. In 586 king Nebuchadnezzar (2) took the city of Jerusalem and the majority of its population was deported to Babylon—a period of exile known as the Babylonian Captivity.
Taking them into Babylon would have been any area of the Babylon Empire that included Jordan, Lebanon, Jordan .. multiple modern day nations.

Babylon ( Bab-ilim or Babil, "gate of God"), location today is marked by a broad area of ruins just east of the Euphrates River, 90 km (56 mi) south of Baghdad, Iraq. .. the capital of Babylon.

Note this area of Iraq is not Babylon, but it was the capital of the Babylon Empire... as Washington DC is not the United States it is just the capital of the United States.

The site was settled centuries before, Babylon is first mentioned in documents only in the late 300 BC.

Babylon became an independent city-state by 1894 BC, when
the Amorite Sumu-abum founded an empire.

This empire reached it's peak under Hammurabi.

In 1595 BC the city was captured by
Hittites, and shortly thereafter it came under the control of the Kassite empire.

The Kassites it into the country of Babylon by bringing all of southern Mesopotamia into control, making Babylon its capital.

Around 1200 BC, it became the religious center as well, when its principal god, Marduk, was elevated to the head of the Mesopotamian temple.

After the Kassite empire collapsed by the Elamites, Babylon was governed by several other empires / political factions.

Until the Assyrians were expelled by Nabopolassar, between 626 and 615 BC, the city was part of the Assyrian Empire.

Nabopolassar founded Babylonian , and his son Nebuchadnezzar 2 expanded it until it became an empire which included much of southwest Asia.
In 539 BC,
Cyrus captured Babylon and made it part of the Persian Empire.

Alexander the Great it in 330 BC and planned to make it the capital of his vast empire, but he died before he could carry out his plans.

In 312 BC, Babylon was for a while used as a capital by the Seleucid empire set up by Alexander’s successors.


I have 3 map programs. These maps come from Map Maker Tool kid, created for schools. It does not have great detail, but it has great tools. You can hide or show an array of objects. A pretty handy program If you are into Maps.

The program has several stock maps for areas of the earth in different time periods. The first one is almost stock (I didn't do much to it)

It was the stock map of the Babylon Empire. If you look close, you will see some lightly dotted red lines. This is the outline of the Babylon Empire

In the map below, I did a couple things.. I traced over the lightly dotted lines with a solid red line so the outline of the empire is distinct and I added the modern national boundaries so you can see which modern day nations were part of the Babylon Empire. Last I pasted in a couple pictures of natives of the land that was Babylon.

As you see Israel was not some poor little country being picked on by any other empire.

As different political groups gained power, the boundaries and names of empires changed.

There was nothing done to the Israelites that was not done to the Moabites, Midiaites, Syrians, Hittites, Havites, Egyptians, Ammoites, Amorites, Philistines....
As the empires reached each new area, murder, rape and plunder ... take men who could serve as soldiers, put puppet politicians into power.... and move on to the next place and repeat.

Israelites were not only puppet politicians in Israel, the bible also records Israelites in government positions in the capitals of different empires.

Before the kingdom of Israel was ever split, most of the Israelites lived outside of Israel and after it was split only a remnant remained.

Look on the various empire maps and these are the places the Israelites were dispersed over the centuries.

Look in the prophecy of their return to Israel when God comes to live on the mountain and these middle east nations are the named nations they will be gathered from.

Imagine a goyim teaching a Jew about Judaism? NO, imagine any one of them telling them what is in their own books and showing them where it is. People tend to identify those wearing certain attire as being the descendants of the Israelites. The problem is they do not conform to the specifications of the scriptures and no Israelite ever wore any of the clothes worn by those who call themselves Jews.
Beanie Kippah - Yarmulke
* The Jewish head covering is hinted thanking God for "crowning Israel with splendor" (Talmud - Brachot 60b)

* The Talmud states the purpose a kippah is to remind us of God, who is the Higher Authority (Kiddushin 31a).

* The word for head covering, "yarmulke," comes from the Aramaic, that means "awe of the King."

From a biblical standpoint, only the Levites ( Exodus 28:4)

When I point out the BS about the beanies worn by the blight they tell me it is a matter of interpretation.

If someone understands the meanings of the words of their own language the words speak for themselves.

Interpretation is explaining what spoken or written words mean.

Perversion is adding information to or taking information from those written or spoken words.

"It does not say the whole head must be covered" .. NO and it does not say the whole head must not be covered. What it does NOT say, is not the information given in the text, but what it does say ... and it says the head must be covered.

The old idiot argument of what it does not say would not make one giggle.

It does not say elephants are nice, it does not say put your toe against your nostril.. You do not have enough time in your life to consider the endless things the scriptures do not say... and from their imagination of what it does say, they use to prove what it does say.

What it does not say is not the question but what it does say.

Simple question for those who call themselves Jews... who can tell me what part of the body above the side burns is your hair located on?

I have read all the references out of your Talmud you use to wear beanies.
NOT just females.. NOT PART, but cover the head.
chagigah 14b, rosh hashana, ta'an 20a, pes 11b, shab 118b, ffb: kid 31a, shab 156b


(1) The head wear is only to be worn while eating or praying <> (2) NO Israelite ever wore any thing that looked like these beanies <> (3) Those beanies look like they were designed by a balding man to cover his bald spot.
NONE of the references instruct any one to walking around wearing the attire to show you are proud to be any thing. These are more Blabbi concoctions. The head covering does not apply to males but also females.
It states to cover the head. The head is either the place women and females grow hair (before the beard grows) or the head is the pumpkin attacked to the top of your neck... in which cover your head would amount to wearing a berka when they prayed and when they eat they would raise it up and stick food under it.

The beanie on top of this Blight's head does not come close to covering the head. Looks like one of the cheap European hat makers pulled a fast one on the rest of the blights by selling them 1/5th the material to cover their head at the same price of a garment to cover their head.


If you can see hair on the head.. the beanies do NOT cover the head as required. Those beanies are a violation to the Talmud. The material saving beanies were copied off the Greeks and the Catholics in Rome centuries after Christ. (The actual Israelites wore turbans like the rest of the Arabs)

Back to the Oasis

When I mention the identity of bible Christians and Israelites, often people say it does not matter who your ancestors were. If they actually believed this there would be no problem, but while these words come out of one side of their mouth, out of the other they spew "The Jews are God's chosen people"... the Jews this and the Jews that ... If it does not matter who one's ancestors were then why do they support those who they think are the descendants of the Israelites?

By the standards of many Christians, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses and the like are all cults who are doomed to hell. Many also believe Muslims follow a false religion and they will end up in hell. The difference is the vile hatred they hold for Muslims... why ?

When they think Muslim, they think Arab... Muslim / Arabs, Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons... all following false religions on their way to hell ? Go into a Muslim chat room and listen to the vile hatred spewed against Muslims. Why? Because these "Christians" are racist. Most do not realize it, but they are infested with racism. "Rag heads", :Sand niggers" ... while these "Christians" come into Muslim chat rooms they spew vile names and threats against Muslims... because they are racist. They were attacking Muslims long before the hit on NY.

Mc Vey blew up the federal building and it did not cause Christians to attack Baptist with vile contempt. The problem with these ignorant "Christians" is they do not know or they deny that the chosen people of their own scriptures were all Arabs. When they get to the gates of heaven, they better hope that ol St. Peter is not wearing his turban.

Ever see the Arabs wearing what looks like long pajamas? The Israelites did not wear the black monkey suites of the Europeans calling themselves Jews nor did they wear those beanies, they wore turbans and what we would not call dresses.. some like the Scottish and long versions..

1_SAMUEL 24:4 ... Then David arose, and cut off the skirt of Saul's robe .

EXODUS 20:26 Neither shalt you go up by steps to mine altar, that thy nakedness be not discovered. ( Be careful and wear your fruit of the looms, so your butt does not stick out when you bend over. )

The Israelites were a composite of the many Arab nations and NONE of them wore the attire of these Europeans calling themselves Jews. The bible is an Arab account about Arab people.

Why should Muslims care about the bible? The bible is used as a poison against Arabs in an unholy war. The anti venom against this evil is from the pages of that same bible. Those who are not blind, know there is an unholy war against Arabs. If any force was using a weapon against my loved ones, I would learn every thing I could about it to dismantle it.

"Jew" Talmud

Abhodah Zarah (22a): Christians have intercourse with animals.  

Abhodah Zarah (25b)T: Even the best of the Goim [Christians] should be Hilkoth Akum (V. 12): Quote Scriptures forbid mentioning the Christian God.

Hilkoth Melakhim: Attempt to prove Christians err in worship of Jesus.  

Abhodah Zarah 21a: Reference to worship of Jesus in homes unwanted.  

Abhodah Zarah 26b Tosephoth: "A Jew who kills a Christian commits no sin, but offers an acceptable sacrifice to God."
Why should Arabs care about the vile hate this cult has against Christians?

Many Christians are well aware of the filth and hatred this cult has against Christ and Christians, but a multitude of remain ignorant. They actually think these cult members are their friends. They think they have something in common with these "Jews".

Iore Dea (148, 12H): Jews are to hide their hatred for Christians.   :

All anyone need do is go into Yahoo Chat and listen to the words out of the mouths of this cult to know how much they hate Christ and all Christians. Because Christians support this Christ / Christian hating cult, they must be made aware of what fools they are being made of.

Blessed are those who bless the Jews and cursed are those who curse the Jews ... This bible scripture is why many foolish Christians support the "Jews". The problem is (1) this scripture is NO where in the bible, (2) This cult does not follow the religion of the Israelites and (3) These cult members are no more the descendants of the Israelites than Porky Pig.

Would be Christians support the invasion, murder and robbery of the Arabs because they think they are God's chosen and they think becoming accessories to the evil of this cult will get them brownie points with God.

Why should Arabs want Christians to know the Israelites were all Arabs and the first church / Christians are all Arabs? If Christians decide what actions they will take based on the bible, then they must know who the chosen are by their own scriptures.

No, I am neither a Muslim nor an Arab. I am a blond hair blue eye American who only reads the bible . My purpose is to (1) Stop real Christians from being sucked into crawling in bed with the subtitle users who hate them and Christ, and (2) to stop the robbery, murder and persecution of the Arabs in the name of God.

These cult members are trained deceivers. In Yahoo they come into Arab chat rooms pretending to be Christians while they stir up hate between Christians and Arabs ... They come into Christian chat rooms faking Arab accents or playing Arabic music in the background while they pretend being Arabs attacking Christians. While they turn one against the other, how they must laugh at those they have deceived.

What most Christians think about Arabs, I too thought for over 30 years of my life. I bought a set of bible tapes in the early 1980's and began to listen to them on the way to work. I listened to them year after year until I retired. I began to read the bible instead of listening to preachers and realized that they just teach the parts of the bible that are popular or which fit their self agenda. I wore out 2 tape players and had to replace the bible tapes.

I began to find all kind of bible information that I would still be blind to if I got my education from those who sell the word. When I tell Christians that all Israelites and the first Christians were Arabs, most scorn. The only Christians who are enlightened are those who take the time to debunk my words. They are the readers, those who go to my pages with intent to challenge my assertions.
When you look at the bottom of any of my pages you see a little site meter. It is a free utility I use to see which pages are being read and how long someone is on. When I see someone has read 10 pages or they have been reading for 30 minutes, I figure they are using the ol noodle. About 19% only go to the index page and read the contents. They learn nothing, they can challenge nor verify anything I have written.

When I send links to people in live chat, they are gabbing or listening to gab. It is a lot easier to run one's jaw then to research and reason. I figure most chat users who have been Christians for 10 years have never read the complete bible twice. They set in the pews and shake their heads yes to every thing said. They sing their songs and engage in social events and that is the extent of their bible education.

Those in any religion who never research and reason are Lemmings. If they grew up around Buddhist, Hindus ... or any other group, that is what their true religion would be. They are head shakers, social butterflies, they are just there for the fun of it and anything the head witch doctor says, is the absolute truth.

It does not matter if you are reading my pages or anyone's pages. If you are gabbing you will not give your thought process to that site. If the site catches your eye, you can copy and paste the link and save it so you can research it when you are off gab.

If you are a Muslim you may not have the bible background to understand some of the things I write. You may know Muslims who used to be Christians or you may have Christian friends who have the basics. If you are a native of the middle east, you have a far greater chance of being a descendant of the Israelites than the Anglo Saxons claiming to be "Jews"

For Christians hanging out in a chat room, you may be there with a couple of your friends. When you see someone come in with controversial assertions, you and your friends can click on the links, go into private chat and walk through the tulip patch together.

Why should Christians care about the identity of the bible Jews / Israelites ? So they nor any other would-be Christian is deceived into crawling into bed with the anti Christ and Christian haters.
It is my assertion that the first Church and Christians were Arabs. For those who reason, prove all things begin here and expose my hoax or be enlightened with the truth of your own scriptures.


Back to the Oasis

Vile "Christian" hate for Arabs

Before I begin here, I will use the words Christians and Jews. Make note I do not speak about All. If the shoe fits then wear it, if it does not you are not the princes I speak of.
In my wishful dream of helping stop the persecution against Arabs based on the bible, I say nothing wrong about them, but I know they too have their share of asses. The rest of you are doing your part to point that out so I will stick to my own issue. There are good and bad in all people, but as for any calling themselves Christians, you who use the bible to spread hate are not among the good. Christians who do not fit this category are no part of my discussions.
To the goofy people who call themselves Jews ( brainwashed into believing you are the descendants of the Israelites), I don't figure most of you would be involved in evil if you were not lead. Religious leaders and politicians are snakes who use any means to make themselves important and push their little groupies to rob and murder the other guy's groupies to achieve their goals.
There are two forces of evil, the greedy asses who want to control the rest of us and the Lemmings who jump on their band wagon. The "Jews" like the nazis empower their hate mongers by being puffed up by bs and being fueled by the lie that you are better than the rest of the people on earth. To those "Jews" who do not support such evil, you are no part of my stuff. Go on and be the real Israelites, that is ok because I am the real Moses. I just put that part about me dying in the Bible so the groupies would leave me alone. I have been hanging out here in a cave for the last 3000 years.
The latest fad is the discussion about exposing the evils of the Quran. Ok that is fair IF you are going to look into the "Jews" Talmud. If you will hate all Arabs for what is written in the Quran, then you will have to kill "Jews" for what is written in their Talmud.  Oh yeah, the Israelites were all a composite of Arabs, the apostles were Arabs ( check out Paul ) and the first church was composed of Arabs.
Here in Ohio we had some goodie two shoes, breaking in a Mosque and trashing it. In the name of God do you think? I guess the FBI got involved. It is all over out news, but CNN and the others didn't notice?

While CNN didn't think this story was worth mentioning, they did do a story on Columbus the very same day. It was a story of great importance. ( Upper right ) A truck lost some women's under ware along the high way and CNN picked that one up.
I guess it is ok for the goodie two shoes to trash the places of Muslims. They are probably getting brownie points with God.
In the commandments of Judgment, "Christians" always quote Judge not lest you be judged and Ye with out sin, cast the first stone. Of course these commands on judgment were spoken to the hypocrites/Pharisees who were trying to have Christ killed.
In the same verse as Judge not. they never read the rest of the verse: After you get your own act cleaned up, you can judge others... Do NOT give that which is holy to the dogs... do NOT cast your pearls before swine.
In the same verse of ye with out sin cast the first stone, Christ was talking to the Pharisees and to those he gave these instructions, he identified them as the children of Satan. Of course these "Christians" never read the whole thingy.
Only the hypocrites are commanded not to judge, but the church is commanded to kick the hypocrites out of the church multiple times. No these are not their judgments, they are the judgments of God and if they be the servants of God, why do they mock his commandments to boot out the hypocrites? Well if they boot out the hypocrites, the ol preach will lose his cash... and so the mock God's judgments / commandments to deal with those inside of the church and point their fingers to those out side of the church ... after all the preacher ain't getting any of their cash.

"Christians supporting Jews" while they attack Arabs and Muslims?
Warning I use strong language that WILL BE OFFENSIVE to any delicate flowers !
One writes: Do u believe that it is acceptable for a Muslim and a Christian to marry?
First "preachers" read from the bible and tell us how Christians are supposed to bless the "Jews"... the punch line being give them your money. Ok if Christians are supposed to support the "Jews" the assertion is Christians are not Jews, they are gentiles. If a Jew and a descendant of Israel is supposed to be the same thing, then let's see what we can find.
The next thing "preachers" teach these "gentile" Christians that they must pay tithes. They take every scripture they can find on tithes and preach it over and over. Oh, except the part they leave out... ONLY Israelites paid tithes or were given instructions to pay tithes. No where were the gentiles told to pay tithes, nor did they ever pay tithes in one scripture, BUT to the contrary it is commanded that the gentiles RECEIVE A PORTION OF THE TITHES paid by the Israelites NO scripture to state gentiles are to pay tithes, but GENTILES RECEIVE a portion of the tithes.
There are endless "Christian" sects that deny the trinity, and that is "no problem"? The Jehovah witnesses have predicted the earth was going to end 3 times and they are not hated like the Muslims. The Mormons teach that Satan is the brother of Christ and yet they are not hated like the Muslims?
I could go on for 50 pages exposing the false teachings and contradictions between "Judaism" and "Christianity", but in all these exposed lies "Christians" do not find the vile contempt they hold for Muslims? "Christian's" vile hatred for Muslims is a racist perversion against the Arab people by the propaganda venom of impostor "Jews".
When people think Muslim, they think Arab. When people think Arab, they think Muslims. Arabs are only a small fraction of the millions of Muslims on earth.
We read in history about the holy crusades of murdering Christians. The only difference in those "Christian" crusades and the "ethnic cleanings" in Bonsai is what it is called. The crusades in Bonsai in the 1990's was just given another name, but in fact "the ethnic cleansing" was nothing less than the Catholic sect of Bonsai in their mass murder of the Muslim sect. If you look at the faces of those Muslims, you will see that Muslims are Europeans.
In the picture of them fleeing and sliding the old woman down the hill in the snow, could have been a picture of your own European grandmother. The picture of the little blond hair boy running in the streets crying could have been any little boy in your own neighborhood. There are MILLIONS of Arab Christians ! There are MILLIONS of European Muslims ! When you equate Muslims with Arabs, that is because the perverted propaganda of the false "Jews" have you brainwashed.
IS IT NOT THE SAME MAN? A woman met a man who asked her to take a ride to the park. She did not recognize him so she quickly slipped away. Several years later saw the man again but this time he was wearing a medal that was in an old picture on her grandma's mantel. She then realized it was her great uncle and realized the man of many years ago was her great uncle.
Muslims do not believe in the trinity account, but if indeed Christ and God are the same being, when they worship God they worship Christ... they just don't know it.
Why do these "Christians" hold such hate for Muslims who do not believe in the trinity but they hold no such hate for "Christian" sects that do not believe in it? Because they are brainwashed with racist hate from the false "Jews"
Is it ok for a Christian to marry a Muslim? According to a guy on TV who claims to be a Jew, over 53% of "Jewish" youth are marrying non Jews, so I would ask you if it is acceptable for "Jews" and Christians to marry?
The difference between Muslims and "Jews" is Muslims praise Jesus Christ as a great prophet of God and give him great honor. I know only one Muslim personally and he tells me many celebrate Christmas. Unlike our "Christmas" of max out the credit card, and give me this and give me that, their celebration of Christmas consist of family and friends coming together in a solemn holy day.
On the other hand there seems to be no problem with Christians marrying "Jews" who teach and believe:
These subtle Christ haters / Christ deniers are very cunning. While they mock and trash Christians and Christ in their beliefs and teachings, when they want Christian money or when they want our military support, these Christ haters / Christ deniers quote the words of Christ, tell you Christ was a Jew.
Around tourist time at Easter or Christmas these Christ hating / Christ denying Jews buy radio and TV time around the world. When it comes time to bilk Christian tourist dollars, these "Jews" invite Christians all over the earth to come so they can take them on tours to show them where Christ ( who never existed according to their teachings) walked, where he preached and where he was buried.
Muslims love Christ and give him great honor while those WHO CALL THEMSELVES Jews hates and denies Christ, and yet "Christians" suck up to sniff the crack of the "Jews" while they stick their nose up at the Muslims?
Is it because of the conflicts between the religion of Islam and the religion of Christianity? No, the belief of Muslims is not why "Christians" hate them with such venom. It is because would be "Christians" have been brainwashed with the false propaganda of the false "Jews".
As far as Christians being married to Muslims, here is the only thing I can find close:
1_CORINTHIANS 7:13 And the woman which hath an husband that believeth not, and if he be pleased to dwell with her, let her not leave him.
1_CORINTHIANS 7:14 For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband: else were your children unclean; but now are they holy.
What ever you can figure out from these scriptures... to me it appears that those married to Christians are sanctified and their children are made holy? Sounds like pretty good stuff to me.
If Christians see how the Christ hating / Christ denying "Jews" have turned them into racist against the seed of Abraham, instead of spewing hate and prejudice against them they will reach out to them with love.
IF Christians are right what good would it do for them to gloat... Nah, nah, n, nah, nah... you are going to Hell? Other than the racism of the false "Jews" why the vile hate?

These are the faces of the descendants of the Hebrews, If the bible is true.
For ever "Jew" Christian there are many more Arab Christians, so why all the vile hate for Arabs? The "Jews" won't even be called Christians, they are better than you. They are messianic believers ( not common Christians). Your prejudice and vile hate for these people is by the successful propaganda tactics of the false "Jews". The Israelites were Arabs, the first Christians were Arabs, the first church was composed with Arabs.

If you want to call them Muslims, Buddhist or Hindus... when speaking about the Arabs you are speaking about the descendants of Abraham, the stock of all Israelites and the people the Israelites produced their children with through out the scriptures of the Old Testament.
Now it is your choice to reach out to them with love or to put a sponge of vinegar in their mouth.

In the last month I have seen "Christians" infesting Muslim chat rooms cursing them, spouting bible at them and calling for the death of all Arabs. As they cry about the poor little Arab women, they call for the death of all rag heads?

I an neither a Muslim or an Arab. I can turn on my ol lady's web cam and show I am more a Swede by appearance than anything else, but if I were a Muslim, why would I be converted by a bunch of religious hypocrites?

It is ok to attack the Quran if your research is done with your own eyes, but before you do also read the words of the "Jews" Talmud and know the Quran is a children's book compared to the endless filth of the "Talmud"... but why do you only put Muslims under your magnifying glass?
HYPOCRITE: Strong's Greek Dictionary Transliterated: hupokrites Phonetic: hoop-ok-ree-tace' Text: from 5271; an actor under an assumed character hypocrite.
Vine's New Testament Dictionary corresponding to "a stage-actor"; it was a custom for Greek and Roman actors to speak in large masks with mechanical devices for augmenting the force of the voice; hence the word became used metaphorically of "a dissembler, a hypocrite."

JOB 8:13 So are the paths of all that forget God; and the hypocrite's hope shall perish: 13:16 He also shall be my salvation: for an hypocrite shall not come before him. 15:34 the congregation of hypocrites shall be desolate, and fire shall consume the tabernacles of bribery. 27:8 For what is the hope of the hypocrite, though he hath gained, when God taketh away his soul? (Matthew 16:26 )
ISAIAH 9:17 10:6 I will send him against an hypocritical nation, and against the people of my wrath ..and to tread them down like the mire of the streets. 33:14 ... fearfulness hath surprised the hypocrites. Who among us shall dwell with the devouring fire? who among us shall dwell with everlasting burnings?

MATTHEW 7:5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye. 23:13 But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in. 23:14 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye devour widows' houses, and for a pretense make long prayer: therefore ye shall receive the greater damnation. 23:15 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves. 24:51 (The Lord) And shall cut him asunder, and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
Matthew 23:13 The Hypocrites will not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven 24:14 The hypocrites will receive the greater damnation. 23:15 The hypocrites will be made a child of Hell 24:51 The Lord shall appoint the hypocrite his portion in Hell where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

If I were a Muslim why would I listen to "Christian" hypocrites when by their own source of truth they will be cast into Hell and take every one with them who will follow them?

MARK 7:6 Well hath Esaias prophesied of you hypocrites, as it is written, This people honoureth me with their lips, but their heart is far from me.(Isaiah 29:13)

When I debate those who call themselves Christians, they often tell me how I am attacking God's children? Well, my scriptures state that HE WHO SINS BELONGS TO THE DEVIL. A Christian is one who loves and keeps the will of God. A hypocrite is one who claims to love and serve God while they keep their own will and make a mockery out of the commandments of God.

* If any man belongs to God he has put off the old man and has become a new creature.
* Repent: to feel remorse for previous wrong doing and cease from those evil deeds. If one has not put off the old man, if one keeps on sinning, there is no repentance, so how is he a Christian?
* Those who do not keep my sayings do not love me.
* He who sins is of the devil.
* (Christ) My brothers, sisters and mothers are those who do the will of my Father in heaven.
* In the judgment day many will come to me saying Lord, Lord and tell how they served me, and I will say to ALL of those sinners, get away from me and they will be cast into Hell. MATTHEW 24:51 And shall cut him asunder, and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Yes, the hypocrites will get their reward in Hell with the rest of the sinners.

Why would a Hindu, a Buddhist or even a Satanist listen to a hypocrite when by their own source of truth they are doomed to eternal punishment in Hell?
Do you have drunks in your church? Do you have liars in your church? Are you bringing sodomites in your church? Do teen age girls in your church have birth control pills in their purses?
How many of you "Christians" who constantly attack Muslims, spit in the face of your own church members and tell them they are going to Hell?
I listen to the Christian, Jewish and Muslim chat rooms, in Christian and Muslim rooms up to about a month ago, Christians / Muslims talked about their own scriptures and the beliefs of their religions.

When I went to Religion, Jewish chat rooms, they did not talk about their scriptures they only talk about idiot / evil Christians/Muslims?

After the events in NY, now in Muslim chat rooms, they are bombed with "Christians" who are nothing but hate mongers quoting the bible out of one side of their mouth and calling Arabs sand niggers and rag heads out of the other side of their mouth.
When you enter one of these chat rooms they try to play little lambs and your mothers ....
When I or any other enters they try to play pin the tail on the donkey... instead of talking about actual issues, they try to change the topic about those who oppose them?

Because of their lamb / cursing attack tactics, you must play the game by their rules. Because I point out the Israelites were all Arabs, I am a Muslim, i am an Arab, i am a nigger, i am Christian identity...

The only approach I can take is to say, the hell with all these people and religious labels you pin on me, you came here pushing the bible... so lets just say the hell with all those people and all those basis of religions, YOU CAME HERE PUSHING THE BIBLE, SO LET'S TALK ABOUT THE BIBLE.

Now this is a game they do not want to play.. They must jump from one topic to another. When you expose them in one line of bs, they quickly change the subject and jump to another, this is the nature of voice chat.

anti = against, the only religion on earth which spews so much hatred against Christ and Christians is "Judaism" and yet Christians are sucked into supporting these anti-Christ?

When I lived among the Arabs, they were the easiest going people I have ever known. Compared to us they have no crime.

They had a series on tv pbs about Muslims. This series was made several years ago and it revealed how when the Muslims were in power, they allowed Christians and Jews to worship freely.
No, don't run out and get a prayer rug... but if you are going to throw rocks, flush the turds before you kill the flies.

1_CORINTHIANS 5:1 It is reported commonly that there is fornication among you, and such fornication as is not so much as named among the Gentiles, that one should have his father's wife.
1_CORINTHIANS 5:2 And you are puffed up, and have not rather mourned, that he that hath done this deed might be taken away from among you.
1_CORINTHIANS 5:3 For I verily, as absent in body, but present in spirit, have judged already, as though I were present, concerning him that hath so done this deed,
1_CORINTHIANS 5:4 In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, when you are gathered together, and my spirit, with the power of our Lord Jesus Christ,
1_CORINTHIANS 5:5 To deliver such an one to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.
1_CORINTHIANS 5:6 Your glorying is not good. Know you not that a little leaven . leaveneth the whole lump?
1_CORINTHIANS 5:7 Purge out therefore the old leaven, that you may be a new lump, as you are unleavened. For even Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us:
1_CORINTHIANS 5:8 Therefore let us keep the feast, not with old leaven, neither with the leaven of malice and wickedness; but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth.
1_CORINTHIANS 5:9 I wrote to you in an epistle not to company with fornicators:
1_CORINTHIANS 5:10 Yet not altogether with the fornicators of this world, or with the covetous, or extortioners, or with idolaters; for then must you needs go out of the world.
1_CORINTHIANS 5:11 But now I have written to you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat.

1_CORINTHIANS 5:12 For what have I to do to judge them also that are without? do not you judge them that are within?
1_CORINTHIANS 5:13 But them that are without God judgeth. Therefore put away from among yourselves that wicked person.
1_CORINTHIANS 6:2 Do you not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you, are you unworthy to judge the smallest matters?
1_CORINTHIANS 6:3 Know you not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life?
1_CORINTHIANS 6:5 I speak to your shame. Is it so, that there is not a wise man among you? no, not one that shall be able to judge between his brethren?

Now these hypocrites with drunks, sodomites, adulterers, liars... in their congregations tell us that is not for them to judge? These are not the judgment of any living man, these are the judgments of the author of the scriptures.

Instead of dealing with their perverts and booting them out these screaming / cursing "Christians" must enter the rooms of those outside of the church and judge them?

1_CORINTHIANS 5:12 For what have I to do to judge them also that are without? do not you judge them that are within?
1_CORINTHIANS 5:13 But them that are without God judgeth. Therefore put away from among yourselves that wicked person.

Well if you keep the Judgments of God and get rid of the evil hypocrites inside of the church they will take their money with them, so shoot your moon at the authors of the scriptures and turn your judgments against those outside of the church.
If we are to use the bible as the basis of truth, then do what is written, judge your own hypocrites and use the scriptures to find the identity of the Israelites of the bible.

These "Christians"/Jews always like to use the words niggers, sand nigger, towel head, rag heads to identify the Arabs.

The other night I heard the "Jews" talking and they suggested that the Palestinians be pushed into the sea and they could bring cheap labor from India to work as common labor.
Yes, these racist Europeans always need some kind of nigger to pick their cotton for the.

I Cor 5:13 Put away from yourselves that wicked person ... What does light have to do with darkness, purge out the old leaven ...
What does God say about loving (association) with sinners, hypocrites ... those who commit evil ?
* Judge according to righteous judgment.
* Joseph a just man was minded to put her away.
* Moses killed the Egyptian.
* The Lord raised them up judges.
* The judge shall judge him.
* David killed Goliath.
* The Lord sent Nathan to judge David.
* I Commanded judges.
* Judge righteously.
* They shall judge according to my judgments.
* Judge yourselves.
* Deliver such a one to Satan.
* Purge out the old leaven.
* Keep not the feast with wickedness.
* Do not company with fornicators, covetous, idolaters, railers, drunkards, extortioners, with such an one do not eat.
* Judge them that are within the church.
* Put away from yourselves that wicked person.
* The saints shall judge the world.
* The saints shall judge angels.
* I speak to your shame, are you too stupid to judge?
* Hypocrites, ye have omitted the weighter mater, Judgment.
* Judge ye what I say.
* Let the other judge.
* I charge you before God and The Lord Jesus Christ, reprove, rebuke.
* Convert him.
* Rebuke.
* What does light have to do with darkness?
* Be ye not partakers with them.
* Have no fellowship with evil, but reprove them.
* I have come to turn a father against son and a daughter against mother.
* Have no company with him.
* Treat him as a heathen.
* We command you to withdraw yourselves from every brother that walketh disorderly.
* Judge yourselves.
* Be not yoked with unbelievers.
* Be not friends with the world.
* Avoid them.
* Paul delivered Hymenaeus and Alexander to Satan. Christ judged the scribes and Pharisees. Joseph judged Mary. Peter judged Simon. John judged Herod ...
THE 100
I give you this story :
* There are 100 members in your church.
* The 100 claimed to love and serve Jesus Christ.
* During a meeting Christ came and command your members to kick out anyone caught stealing.
* A few weeks later, it was discovered that one of the members had been caught stealing.
* None of the members wanted to kick the thief out.
* All of the members remained in this congregation which refused to keep the words of Christ.
* All of the members continued to call themselves "Christians". Now how many hypocrites are in this church?
I Corinthians
5:6 ... Know ye not that a little leaven leaventh the whole lump?
How about one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel?
5:7 Purge out therefore the old leaven, that ye may be a new lump, as ye are unleaven ...
100 Who claimed to love and serve Christ.
1 Who rejected his will and became a thief and hypocrite.
99 Who claimed to love and serve Christ
---- while they continued to mock his command.
= 1 thief and hypocrite + 99 hypocrites

Any who professes to be Christians while they neglect / refuse / mock the commandments to kick out hypocrites, are but hypocrites themselves.

There are two possible reasons why people would use the bible to teach one is not to judge, they are ignorant or they are liars. Now you no longer have ignorance for your excuse.

Next time, you hear some preacher spouting judge not, know that preacher is a bald face liar !

1_CORINTHIANS 5:12 what have I to do to judge them that are without? do not you judge them that are within?
1_CORINTHIANS 5:13 But them that are without God judgeth. Therefore put away from among yourselves that wicked person.

Why should Muslims or the people of any religion on earth follow hypocrites who by the scriptures will be cast into Hell for eternity?

The scriptures command the church to judge those inside of the church and leave those outside of the church for God's judgments, but these mockers flip God the finger, accept all hypocrites in the church and judge those outside of the church !

Muslims love Christ and profess he was sent by God while "Jews" call Christ a liar, a false prophet, a sodomite who did the apostles and a son of Satan .. and you righteous "Christians" protect and support the Christ haters / deniers while you judge those outside of the church who love Christ !

7:5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye
23:13 woe unto hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.
23:14 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye devour widows' houses, and for a pretense make long prayer: therefore ye shall receive the greater damnation.
23:15 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.
24:51 (The Lord) And shall cut him asunder, and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Anyone of any religion who would listen to the words of such filthy hypocrites will get what they deserve... the proselyte of the hypocrite will become two folds the child of Hell !
If I were an Arab or a Muslim I would only detest those who call theselves Christians. The other day I did hear a Christian in a Muslim chat room. Both the Muslim guy and Christian guy had an actual discussion. If you think they are going to hell, why would you spit in their face while they are still here on earth?

Your vile hatred of Muslims / Arabs, will only make them resent you. If you think yourself to be a Christian, then first read the bible with your own eyes and know by the scriptures of the bible, the Arabs are the Israelites. A multitude of middle east Muslims are descendants of the Israelites.
 Look at the assertions and scriptures I present on these web pages and look in your own bibles to see if this is my own concoctions or if these things were written thousands of years before I was ever born. God said he would judge those outside of the church. I don't know what his plan is, he hasn't came to me to discuss his plan and get my input.

Read your own bibles and know the vile hate you have been brainwashed into has made the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob your enemy. Every thing you think is your response.... all your brainwashing is debunked on these web pages.

John 13:34 And Jesus saith unto them, thou are justified in murdering them, robbing them and driving them out of their home land because these sand niggers are inferior to Anglo Saxons / Aryan (BS)s. 
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When a political power has their leaders in your land, controlling your own political leaders.
When a political power has their leaders in your land directly controlling you.
When you are under the laws of a foreign power, you are part of that empire, kingdom or country.

1. Empire (n.) An area of land over which rule is exercised:
• country
• kingdom
• province
• territory
How does a government expand their empire, by taking more land by threat or force and when that land is taken that place and the people who live there are then a part of that empire.
em·pire (µm"pºr") n. 1. Abbr. emp. a. A political unit having an extensive territory or comprising a number of territories or nations and ruled by a single supreme authority.
When you look at the Babylon, Alexandria's, Hittite, Assyrian, Persian or Roman empire maps.. every land and people inside that map was a part of that empire.
People tend to think these massive empires were composed of a giant number of Arabs who invaded Israel.
Each empire starts out with one local power strong enough to take the next. When it is taken the young men of the taken area are then forced to serve the aggressor.
Each of the other Arab nations that were a part of these empires got gobbled up just like Israel did.
When the Israelites got gobbled up, their young men were then taken to serve in the military of the political power who started it all.
What ever empire ruled over Israel was what empire Israel was part of at any particular time.
It is kind of silly reading about some empire that will come against Israel, when Israel was a part of all those ancient empires.
Israel (in different time periods) was an empire and all the Hittites, Perrizites, Moabites, Havites, Jebuisites, Canaanites.. All the people the Israelites ruled over were a part of the Israelite empire.
Yes, these people rebelled against the Israelite empire as Israel rebelled against the empires which it belonged to through out history, but as long as that political power held control over the people, that land was part of the empire, kingdom or nation.
i.e. The American propaganda powers would have the world believe that the people of Hawaii voted to become a state (part of the American empire/nation), but (except in documentaries of the actual chain of events) their children's "history books" will never let them know the truth.
Hawaii was annexed (taken by force) from a poor helpless people who had no means to fight back.
If you look on the empire/nation map of America you will find Hawaii is a part of the American empire.
By now many of the natives have given up or do not even think about it, but there are still great multitudes of the natives who are outraged.
Israel was as much of any of the empires (which took it by force) as Hawaii is part of the American empire.

empire: . A political unit having an extensive territory or comprising a number of territories or nations and ruled by a single supreme authority.
At one time the teachers in the British schools proudly taught their children that Britain owned 2/3 of the world... and then showed them a map of the world of the lands / nations that were part of the British empire.

2_KINGS 24:7 the king of Babylon took the turf that used to belong to the king of Egypt. (Because Egypt was now controlled by the Babylonians, Egypt was now part of the Babylon kingdom)
2_KINGS 24:11 And Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon came against Jerusalem and his servants did besiege it.
2_KINGS 24:14 And he carried away all Jerusalem,... and all the mighty men of valour...
2_KINGS 24:16 And all the men of might, even seven thousand, and craftsmen and smiths a thousand, all that were strong and apt for war, even them the king of Babylon brought captive to Babylon.
The Babylonians took the young strong Israelite men to serve in the Babylonian military. The Babylon, Hittite, Persian, Assyrian, Israelite.. armies were all composed of men of the territories they controlled.

No it was not Israel any of these empires were picking on, Israel was gobbled up like all the other nations who became part of that empire (by force). After Israel was taken it's young men were put in the military along with all the other men of other captured nations.

When the Persian empire expanded and gobbled up Israel, this empire had 127 provinces. Israel was one of the provinces.. look at the maps of the ancient empire of Persia.
ESTHER 1:1 In the days of Ahasuerus, (this is Ahasuerus which reigned, from India even to Ethiopia, over an hundred and seven and twenty provinces:).
Israel was as much of the Babylon, Assyrian, Persian empires as Hawaii is part of the United States.
The provinces of these empires are equivalent to the states of the American empire (nation). The provinces were lines drawn by the empire government to identify the land/people of it's control.
You will find Israel in the Babylon, Assyrian, Persian and Roman empires.
.... A political unit having an extensive territory or comprising a number of territories or nations and ruled by a single supreme authority.

Israel was one of the nations  that composed the Babylon Empire
Israel was one of the nations  that composed the Assyrian Empire
Israel was one of the nations  that composed the Persian empire
Israel was one of the nations  that composed the Alexandrian Empire
Israel was one of the nations  that composed the Roman Empire.

Jordan was Babylon, Jordan was Assyria, Jordan was Persia, Jordan was Rome
Israel was Babylon, Israel was Assyria, Israel was Persia, Israel was Rome
Syria was Babylon, Syria was Assyria, Syria was Persia, Syria was Rome
Egypt was Babylon, Egypt was Assyria, Egypt was Persia, Egypt was Rome
Iraq was Babylon, Israel was Assyria, Israel was Persia, Israel was Rome
Lebanon was Babylon, Syria was Assyria, Syria was Persia, Syria was Rome
Turkeyt was Babylon, Egypt was Assyria, Egypt was Persia, Egypt was Rome

A nation or empire is not located in the city where the head government is located but an empire is the composite of every inch of land and every person under the control of that head government.
All empires, past, present or future are the composition of every person and inch of land under the control of that government.
The sequence of the creation of an empire.
A political power began by invading one of it's neighbors or getting them to join their plot to take other's by force.
After one village or nation is invaded and conquered, the original force does not bring the conquered into their home turf.
* Men of fighting abilities are added to their own military to take the next village or nation.
* People with skills are taken to any area where they are useful.
* Women or young boys used for sex were seldom taken. They were used for the period the military was there and they would get new ones in the next place that was invaded.
* The population (as a whole) are left in the land to continue to farm, produce goods or wealth to become tributaries (slaves).
* The empire it's self was all the land area and people that was controlled by the original invaders who started the sequence.
* When Israelites were taken to Babylon, Persia or any empire, they were taken into Iraq, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Lebanon.. every place that was controlled by the political power was the Empire and any part of that empire skilled workers or fighting men were needed was where that portion of the Israelites were taken.
i.e. In Esther we read of Mordechi sending letters into 127 provinces of the Persian Empire. The provinces were composed of middle east nations ... Syria, Lebanon, Jordan ... (with different names in that period of history)
NO, the Persian empire was not Iran or any area in Iraq, but the Persian empire was the composite of every land / people controlled by the politicians who started the invasion.
When the invaders entered a new area, they would murder any resistors and then set up a puppet government. This government would be a composite of representatives from the political power that started it all and local turn coats ...
2_KINGS 25:22 ...Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon ... made Gedaliah (Israelite) the son of Ahikam, the son of Shaphan, ruler.
2_KINGS 25:24 And Gedaliah said... Fear not to be the... Chaldees: dwell in the land, and serve the king of Babylon; and it shall be well with you
2_KINGS 25:25 But it came to pass .. that Ishmael (another Israelite) ... of the seed royal, came with ten men and smote Gedaliah and the Jews and the Chaldees that were with him at Mizpah.
Here the king of Babylon made Gedaliah a puppet ruler. Gedaliah said, come on lets all serve Nebuchadnezzar and we can survive... The Israelite Ishmael and some of the boys then murdered the Gedaliah and other puppet Israelites and then fled to Egypt.
When the invading power takes control of the land / people, that people / land area becomes part of that empire.
When each of the Empires took control of Israel, not only the Israelites became Babylonians but so did the Hittites, Perrizites, Moabites, Havites, Jebuisites, Canaanites.
Every land area / people controlled by a political power is a part of that nation, kingdom or empire.
There is a place on earth called Texas.
When ruled by Spain, the land and people were Spaniards.
When ruled by Mexico, the land and people were Mexicans.
When ruled by the nation of Texas, the people were Texans by nationality and the land was part of the nation of Texas.
When ruled by the nation of America, the people are Americans and the land is part of the nation of America.
Israel was every empire that controlled it, NOT the total empire it's self, but as much of that empire as every land / people controlled by that empire.
The Israelites (as well as all other captive men) be came part of the military of every invading empire.
The Israelites with special skills were taken through all other middle east nations that were part of those empires. (where they were assimilated into the people who were also controlled by that empire.)
If the empire needed masons in Egypt, they did not take whole families and feed them, but they took the males. Once in the work area they were not returned to their homes, but they would have taken women from that land and produced their new families.
Soldiers would have taken women in any place they conquered. The Israelites would have fought side by side with Philistine, Syrian, Canaanite, Moabite, Hittite.. other captive soldiers.
Some of the Roman records give accounts how the process worked... They had their elite army composed of the Roman soldiers and then divisions of soldiers composed of men of all lands they had conquered.
[ It would be my guess that the military leaders of empires first sent in the captive soldiers as cannon fodder first, then charged in over their dead bodies to take the victory.]
There is no state or part of America that is any more America than any other part ... and there was no part of the Babylon empire that was any more Babylon than Israel was.
Israel was Canaan
Israel was Israel
Israel was the empire of Babylon
Israel was the Assyrian Empire.
Israel was the Persian Empire.
Israel was the Alexandrine Empire.
Israel was the Roman Empire...
An empire is like a cow, draw a picture of a cow (like drawing a map of an empire) and throw a dart. Tail, head, belly, butt or leg... any and every part the dart hits is cow. Throw a dart at any empire map and no matter where the dart lands inside that map is cow.. that is Assyria, Babylon, Persia or Rome. The empire is the cow and any part of that cow is the empire.
2_KINGS 24:7 the king of Babylon had taken the Egyptians turff from the river of Egypt to the river Euphrates. (Because Egypt was now controlled by the Babylonians and was part of the Babylon Empire.)
2_KINGS 24:11 Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon came against Jerusalem and took it.
2_KINGS 24:14 And he carried away ... all the mighty men of valour.
2_KINGS 24:16 And all the men of might ... all that were strong and apt for war, the king of Babylon brought captive to Babylon.
Of course the male Israelites were made soldiers in the army of every empire which took control of Israel
That is what empires do.. go to an area, defeat it, take the wealth, make the people their tributaries and force their healthy men to be soldiers in their armies... as the Israelites put Uriah the Hittite in it's army.
Israel was not only part of all these empires, the Israelites fought as soldiers in these empires.. side by side with all the other Arabs forced in the empire's military after their nation was subdued.
An empire is not any single area, but AN EMPIRE IS COMPOSED OF  EVERY LAND AND PEOPLE IT CONTROLS. Transpose these empire maps over a modern map of the middle east and know all the countries included were parts of all the ancient empires.
1900 BC Hittite Empire - The Hittites formed in what is now known as Turkey. They controlled the area as early as 1900 bc. The Hittites created and advanced system of government. Their military was also advanced; they were among the first to smelt iron, and their chariots were the lightest and fastest on the drag strip. Hittite Map

1813 BC Assyrian Empire - Assyria flourished Mesopotamia. An Assyrian king established the first known central organized empire in the Middle East, between 1813 and 1780 bc. Assyria map

612 BC Babylonian Empire - Extended from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea. It was founded by Nabopolassar. With the help of Median king Cyaraxes they over threw the Assyrian Empire in 612bc. In 586 bc, during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar II, the city of Jerusalem was robbed in the path of the Babylonians invading the middle east nations. The period of exile is known as the Babylonian Captivity. The Israelites were scattered through multiple middle east nations that were part of the Babylon Empire (and only a small fraction of the Israelites ever returned to Israel). Babylon map

539 BC Persian Empire - First well known king, Hakhamanish / Achaemenes, lived around 681 bc. The Persians were dominated by the Medes until 550 bc when Cyrus became king. He overthrew the Medians , conquered the kingdom of Lydia around 546 bc then Babylonia in 539 bc and established the Persian Empire as the super power of the world. Persia map

336 BC Empire of Alexander - After 336 bc, Alexander invaded Persia and opened most l of the Persian Empire to the Macedonians (a country just above Greece). Alexander continued to India, reaching the Hyphasis River before returning to Babylon to administer his vast empire. Alexandrian map.

27 BC Roman Empire - Most historians date the beginning of the Roman Empire from 27 bc when the Roman Senate gave Gaius Octavius the name Augustus and he became the undisputed emperor. At its peak the empire included lands throughout the middle east.
The Roman Empire was composed of many ethnic groups... Celts, Italians, Berbers, Jews, Egyptians, and Greeks could all become citizens of the Roman Empire. The term Roman was not an ethnic description but a political one. Rome map
A cluster of maps of bible/Egyptian empires. Copy and use freely.
These images were created just the right size to complete fit in a Google Blog. If you have a better version you want to share.. 

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Death Camps: One thing that makes one wonder is how they were sent to the prison camps "to be executed" but we keep hearing them tell how they were in the camps for two or three years and some of them even told how they were in two or three prison camps.
NBC Dateline June 9, 2002 - Hitler's Nazi Jews?
Those calling themselves Jews know they had thousands of their relatives in the Nazi Army. This program just put it in the faces of people that I have been talking about for years.
One good thing about Yahoo Archives is you can go back to see what someone has said. You will find my words about the "Jews" in Hitler's Nazi army long before this program was put together or before this guy wrote his book.

In this program they put on like they were only in the Nazi Army a couple years and then were yanked out. It is a nice crock but that is all it is. They were in the military of the Germans until there was no more Nazi Army.
If being a Jew is supposed to be a descendant of the Israelites, then anyone who says someone is part Jew, is an idiot or a liar. If one is a descendant of the Israelites he could not be part descendant, he either IS or IS NOT a descendant of the Israelites.

In the Torah the Israelites were NOTHING but a pot luck of people created out of the Israelites who came from the Arabs and Israelites who spread the seed of Israel into EVERY ARAB NATION / TRIBE AROUND THEM.
I just read one post of a guy making excuses... He said these nazi Jews had Jewish relatives but that was a long time ago? Well If they are a descendant, then no amount of time can change that status. 

A male goy / gentile marries a female goy. The male "converts to Judaism", they have a family. Three generations later a great grandson finds out grandpa was a "Jew" and now that grand child is a descendant of the Israelites, right Jethro? 
As far as being descendants of the Israelites... when someone " finds out their ancestors were Jewish", the only thing they have found out is they had ancestors in a cult claiming to be descendants of the Israelites when they had NO possible evidence.. They might be Lemmings by heritage, but they are not Jewish by heritage.
As I said you can't tell a "Jew" from any other German, Russian or European because that is all that cult is. Look at the picture below and determine for yourself which one of these guys are supposed to be Jews.

Here are some more proud little "Jews" goose stepping in the nazi army. You can't tell any "Jew" from any other European because that is all they were / are ... a racist cult of Europeans claiming to be "the real Israelites". (Mischlinge part Jew? ). If being a Jew is following the religion of the Israelites, there is not one Jew on earth. If being a Jew is being a physical descendant of the Israelites, there can be no part Jew and anyone who claims they can track their ancestors to the Israelites is one idiot or bald face liar.
The rest of the Germans / nazis shared the same ancestors of the cult of false Jews.  All "Jews" were common Europeans who had been sucked into a cult of brainwashed idiots.
How many nazi Jews... The author writing the book on Jews in the nazi army, found out his mother was a descendant of these calling themselves Jews... ONLY AFTER RESEARCHING SOME FAMILY HISTORY.

Puffing themselves up by association

When people become important, note how the Blight cult adds them to their famous Jews list. Madam not-so-bright, Evils, Einstein. ( of course Einstein was an atheist so if he was right there could be no such thing as a Jew )

It is like becoming a member in the Mormon church, once you are in, they find links to your ancestors you never had any idea of.

In this guy's book he found about 150,000 "Jews" in the nazi army.
When they were drafting them in the army
* No one was doing any family tree search
* Those Germans who had any knowledge of the false Jew cult members of their family trees kept their shame concealed.

Do you know all of your grandparents who have existed? You have had 4 grand parents, 8 great grandparents, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048 ... just 9 generations ago you had 2,048 grandparents on earth who actually lived in the same time period as all of that generation of your grandparents lived. Around the year 1700, every German alive in 1940 had about 2,048 grandparents alive in the year 1700.

There are of records of Europeans, their inventions and all kinds of info about Europeans before Christ. By the account of the tower of Babel, people would have been scattered into Europe about 3000 BC.
The Israelites were scattered about 300 BC. If we start from the time of Christ until 1940, that would be 1940 years.

In 1940, how many grandparents did EVERY German have around the year 1390 AD?
Year 1390 Generation 22 Grandparents 8388608
In 1000 AD every German ( like everyone else on earth) had millions of grandparents.

It is impossible to know or ever find out who their grandparents BUT YOU KNOW these are shared grandparents, they share those grandparents with millions of other people today.
In 1940 Germany no one knew who their ancestors were and like today, no one ever thought about such things.
When finding these "Jewish" nazis, no nazi could track their ancestors, those who knew they had relatives in a couple generations ( is the greatest time most people can track their relatives ) in the Blight cult kept it under the lid.
In the cult members calling themselves "Jews", we know they are keeping their mouths shut about their nazi relatives in the Nazi military.
We know all of those good little "Jewish" women who slept with the nazis during WW2 are not telling anyone about the fathers of their children.

Out of the population of Germany most women, children or the old people never served in the army (until the final 8 months). The male soldiers may have made up 1/4th of the population, so what ever amount of "Jewish" nazi soldiers that could be documented would have to be multiplied by 4 ( or the number found ) to guess at the amount of nazi Jews.
Each German had a multitude of grandparents, so to know who their ancestors were, they would have to be tracked through every set of grandparents through every generation.
Year 1390 AD, every one living in Germany ... Generation 22 Grandparents 8,388,608
What is the name of all of your grandparents that existed in 1390? It would virtually impossible that every German did not have Blight cult members in their ancestors.

Remember, having "Jewish" ancestors does not mean you are a descendant of the Israelites. It only means you had ancestors who belonged to a cult claiming to be descendants of the Israelites. ( All bible Jews were Arabs if the bible is true and if it is false there is no such thing as a Jew or an Israelite ).

In the fake Jew identity, all of your grandparents could be Jews and you would not be a descendant of the Israelites. Say some Eskimos started a cult and called themselves the Levites. With no reason or no evidence of any links to the Levites, they assert they are the descendants of the Levites.
If all 4 of Eddy Eskimo's grandparents call themselves Levites, that does not make Eddy a Levite, unless he chooses to make himself one of the cult members, in which case Eddy becomes a fool or a liar, not a Levite.

The German nazi "Jews" having "Jew" grandparents, were not Jews at all. Their grandparents were fools or liars, Jimmy German who did not join the cult, just decided not to be a fool or a liar.

The number of Germans who share the SAME ancestors as the Blight cult, can be multiplied by the number of British, Dutch, French, Hungarian, Swiss, Italian, Polish, Russians who also share the SAME ancestors with the Blight cult of false Jews.

Those calling themselves "Jews" have No different heritage than any other Europeans, they are just brainwashed, fools or blatant liars.

Year 1390 Generation 22 Grandparents 8,388,608

Tell me the names of all of your grandparents who lived from 1940 to 1390 then tell me the names of every other grandparent of every other German who lived from 1940 to 1390.

If it is possible, give me your proofs. If it is impossible and you assert that you are descendants of the Israelites or that you have any different heritage than any other European ...
If it is impossible and you assert it to be a fact ( you are different / you are a descendant of the Israelites ) to state what it is impossible for you to prove, you are one idiot.

Year 1915 Generation 1 Grandparents 4
Year 1890 Generation 2 Grandparents 8
Year 1865 Generation 3 Grandparents 16
Year 1840 Generation 4 Grandparents 32
Year 1815 Generation 5 Grandparents 64
Year 1790 Generation 6 Grandparents 128
Year 1765 Generation 7 Grandparents 256
Year 1740 Generation 8 Grandparents 512
Year 1715 Generation 9 Grandparents 1024
Year 1690 Generation 10 Grandparents 2048
Year 1665 Generation 11 Grandparents 4096
Year 1640 Generation 12 Grandparents 8192
Year 1615 Generation 13 Grandparents 16384
Year 1590 Generation 14 Grandparents 32768
Year 1565 Generation 15 Grandparents 65536
Year 1540 Generation 16 Grandparents 131072
Year 1515 Generation 17 Grandparents 262144
Year 1490 Generation 18 Grandparents 524288
Year 1465 Generation 19 Grandparents 1048576
Year 1440 Generation 20 Grandparents 2097152
Year 1415 Generation 21 Grandparents 4194304
Year 1390 Generation 22 Grandparents 8388608

So tell me the name of every grandparent of every European from 1940 to 1390 AD?

The overwhelming odds are that every nazi shared ancestors with the false Jew cult members and the fact is those who assert they are descendants of the Israelites or that they are of a different heritage than any other European, is ignorant, brainwashed, a fool or a Blatant liar

It is impossible for anyone on earth to know who their ancestors were for the last 2,500 years.
By the scriptures we do know that we can track the Israelites to their parents and grandparents... and we know we can trace their heritage to Hittites, Havites, Iraqis, Canaanites, Jebusites, Moabites, Ammoites, Amoirtes, Egyptians, Syrians... ARABS !

By anthropology and archeology we know there were no blond hair, fair skin or blue eye people in the middle east, all Israelites were a composite of those Arabs identified by the scriptures... and yet we have this cult of Europeans who call themselves "Jews".

Those who called themselves Jews through out Europe were just brainwashed, ignorant, idiots or liars. The rest of the Europeans who found they had "Jews" in their family trees, did not have descendants of the Israelites in their family trees, they just had brainwashed Lemmings, idiots or liars in their family trees.

(See the page on the anthropology study of the Bounty). Here is what we know and can prove:

(1) Living any distance from the equator does not change a people's physical appearance.  People who live at the extreme locations from the equator are dark brown to black. Fair skin and blond hair is a physical feature unique to Europeans (before they traveled to other lands and began to breed with the native people). When Europeans marry people of the Middle East, the native Americans, Africans... When Europeans produce children with people of  different physical features.

(2) Some of the children will be a mix of both races (3) Some of the offspring's will look like the Europeans (4) Some of the offspring's will look like the dark skin, black hair ancestors - Africans, Arabs, Native Americans .... (5) but if all the members of that family have the physical features of every other European, that family can not be the descendants of the native people with different physical features.

Now simply look at the pictures of those Europeans calling themselves Jews and know they are NOTHING but a pack of imposter Europeans !

"Race map" Compare the native people of Europe with those of India, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Africa... compare native Europeans with the native people of the middle east.

Above is a "race map". Look at the pages here that give the exact verses which give the families that ALL Israelites came out of Ammorites, Amorites, Syrians, Chaldeans/Iraqis, Philistines, Jebusites, Moabites, Midianites, Canaanites, Lebanese ( Sidon/Zidon) Egyptians... 

How is it that EVERY ISRAELITE OF THE BIBLE was a descendant of the Arabs of the middle east and yet this cult of Europeans are all blond hair, blue, eye, fair skin... Anglo Saxons / Aryans? Other than their BS, the cult calling themselves "Jews" are NOT descendants of the Israelites. They are brainwashed Lemmings who belong to a racist cult. Racist? Yes "If you are not one of them, you are inferior, you were just put on earth to serve them".

You can sure tell the native people of the middle east from the Germans, but you can NOT tell the "Jew" nazis from any other German because the cult calling themselves Jews were nothing but Euro Babelites in the first place.  Tell me, which of the nazi soldiers below is a "Jew" if you can tell them apart ?

Any Jew with forged papers could pass through any check point with out any problem because they were nothing but a cult of Europeans in the first place. The picture below is different. There are 5 of the "Jew" nazi soldiers and another old guy who is a descendant of the middle east native people instead of of the Europeans. How hard is it for you to pick out this native of the middle east from the Europeans in this line up?

Here the proud little "Jews" are having their pictures taken in their nazi uniforms.

Below is one proud little "Jewish" family having their picture taken of their little nazi son in his nazi uniform? Decorated veterans and high-ranking officers, even generals and admirals... good little nazi "Jews".
"The revelation that Germans of Jewish blood served Hitler must come as a profound shock." I don't know about a shock but it sure is a crock. There is NO such thing as German blood. Even Hitler was not a native born German. The Germans were just a composite of the people of Europe, Russians, Dutch... in some WW2 films I have seen where the British Royal family was married into the Germans.
Living in Germany did not give them any kind of blood and there is NO such thing as Jewish blood. These cult members are just ordinary Europeans from the same ancestors and who were marrying each other as far back as recorded history.

In older things I have read, the numbers of nazi "Jews" were not great, but as people keep on looking into this, the numbers keep on multiplying. Here they said there were tens of thousands of "Jews" in the nazi Army.. If you have looked at the study on family trees, you know how people are linked together with thousands of others through our grandparents. If they look, the problem will be trying to find out which of the nazi soldiers was not related.

Bryan Mark Rigg is the author of this book "Hitler's Jewish soldiers". I know he is a lot better writer than I. It would be worth reading if you read more than web pages. "he has served as a volunteer in the Israeli Army... Ooops

"Rigg ran across records indicating that his mother's family tree included"
Like Duh, anyone who as examined the family tree studies can project that almost every European can track their heritage to  "Jews", Italians, Germans, French ... a whole pot luck of people. We are all linked together through our ancestors... and each of us have had millions of grandparents who we can NEVER begin to know about.

IF the bible is false there is no such thing as a Jew or an Israelite. If the bible is true, by the bible we can prove every Israelite was a composite of Ammorites, Hittites, Iraqis, Philistines, Syrians, Cananites, Jebusites, Havites, Moabites, Midianites, Egyptians... Arabs.

This cult of false "Jews" are nothing but Europeans. They have no different blood than the rest of us. The only difference between us is they have been brainwashed into believe they (Aryan Europeans) are "the real Israelites".
Author Riggs on the bottom right
One of the "Jews" was the same as our 5 star generals in the nazi Army. When the problem of being "Jews" came up, they were not booted out as in one account here. They were in the nazi army until the end of the war. In one segment of this program, they told how those of "Jewish" heritage only needed to apply for an exempt status.. In this joke Hitler was in on it. They would simply sign up for an exempt status and after it was processed this status would exempt them from "being Jews". It really makes one giggle until their belly hurts.
They told how one nazi Jew got 3 medals.. probably deserved it for killing a bunch of American and British soldiers, I guess ? They also reported after the war, these nazi "Jews" chose to stay in Germany ... their homeland instead of going to Palestine to rob and murder those poor people. 
The only thing different in the cult calling themselves Jews and the rest of the Europeans is that they have been sucked into a cult and have been brainwashed beyond common sense.
 Hmmm I wonder how many of those "Jews" in the synagogues are the children / grandchildren of the nazi soldiers. On other the History channel, one of the topics I have made note of is about the German soldiers and the "Jewish" women that they took to the sack. I suppose any of the women that were not real ugly in the prison camps were quite handy to the nazis. If they were lucky maybe even a Jew nazi took them to bed in the prison camps?

When the trains arrived at the camps...
The Nazis separated women and children
with the sick and weak and

{ Identity of "Jews" from the quiz page, top, left to right, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 11, 13, 17 }

Friday, September 4, 2009



This week, (last week of August 2009) on PBS they had a program about Stalag 17. They stated in that year, over 30 million people were killed in ONE YEAR. The war went on for 5 1/2 years, so it looks like there would have been over 100 million people killed in WW2?
No matter what the exact numbers were, 'Jews' were a trivial fraction of those who suffered and were murdered.
Shot, bombed, stabbed, gassed or burnt alive, every non 'Jew" murdered by any means is just as dead as any 'Jew'.
Holocaust.. just for da Jews? Give me a break

The difference in being labeled tyrants or brave heroes, depends if you are the winners or losers in a conflict/war.
Europeans 'Jews' who fled to Palestine after WW2, murdered and took the home lands of natives are heroes doing the will of God (as long as they have the mass murder weapons and are winning.
When 'Jews' were the helpless population being murdered and driven out of their homes in Europe, they were poor little victims.
When the Europeans gave the native Americans blankets with small pox to wipe them out, they were doing God's will, driving out the savages.
In WW2, the politicians got the Germans in a mess they could not get out of. They were surrounded on every side.
The Germans did not have enough supplies for the population and the prisons had starving people. Any one who did get gassed, suffered less than those who starved, froze and/or died of the disease infested camps.
After looking at the track record of all the agreements the US government made with the native Americans, who would be goofy enough to think they would keep the agreement they signed at Geneva?

The USA signed the Geneva Convention agreeing not to torture prisoners. In spite of their agreement they placed prisoners in Guantanamo bay, where they were tortured, over and over, week after week, month after month. If the USA did not have the superior murder power, our politicians and prison guards would be found guilty of war crimes.
The reason why Nazis were 'war criminals' and Americans are not, is ONLY because the Nazis lost the war.
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009



US politicians in the pockets of the 'Jews'?

89-year-old John Demjanjuk, too frail to walk was carried out of his house to be deported?
Imagine that? I watched 'documentaries' where 'Jews' grinned with glee, telling how they forged papers to get into different countries.
Mexicans illegally cross our borders by the thousands every year and they end up getting a citizen ship?This year (2009) they rounded up another 'Nazi'. They already tried to nail him for being a guard at a Nazi prison camp and he was found not guilty. Because they could not find him guilty of any 'war crime', this time they deported him because he gave false information to get into the United States.
The old German had been in the country. He worked here, paid his taxes and retired.
To appease the 'Jews' the US politicians booted this guy out of the country for falsifying information on immigration papers 50 years ago?
Am I a white supremacist? I have the same opinion of 'white supremacist' as I have of 'Jews'. Every thing is all about them and the hell with every one else.
As for the Nazi party, they are no different than Republicans or Democrats. Political parties do what ever they can get away.
Propaganda not only consists of concocted BS, it also involves information intentionally left out or hidden. After 55 years of brainwashing, what do I believe now?
If I were to tell you no 'Jews' were ever put in showers with gas chambers, how many would be goofy enough to believe me? DUH !!!
Those of you as old or a little older then me, grew up as kids watching the news reels between movies and we got to see these same clips over and over and over.

The hydrogen cyanide was delivered by the Degesch Company under the label "Zyklon B", whiteish-blue crystals in sealed cans, originally used as an insecticide for delousing clothes. "Zyklon B" evaporated immediately upon exposure to the air when poured into a room. 

There were literally hundreds of Nazi camps in Germany and surrounding countries under their control.

It appears the propagandist neglect to state that gas was NOT used in 99% of the camps, and they neglect to state, there was no discrimination. 'Jews' were only a segment of the prisoners who got to try out the showers.

Surf the internet and find the image of the 'Jew' with no shirt with suspenders. The caption is something like 'Jews just before being sent into the gas chamber'

I have altered my picture to bring out detail. It may be my imagination but on the right, it looks like 3 shoulders. The guy on the extreme right cut off. If it is not a shoulder, the guy on the right has a big belly.
The point here is to look at all the muscle/meat on these 'Jews' being sent to gas chambers... then look at the actual footage of WW2, when the army went into the prison camps.

Explain why there were skeleton men so weak they had to be carried out on stretchers at the end of the war... too weak to do any work, but here we have muscular 'Jews' able to work, and the Nazis killed the healthy/strong and kept the weak/skeleton men alive?

It is not too hard to understand. In the 40s and 50s, most of us did not have TV. The programs on TV were good for that time, but they were not close to a movie picture.

During the war and after, Hollywood was pouring out propaganda films.
Of course Warner Brothers was owned by Jew brothers (3 of them were born in Poland).

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer ... Almost every movie we watched was the creation of 'Jews'. In that era, they had total control on the propaganda machine.

Is it any wonder when the present day sees images of people in Nazi prison camps, they think they are all 'Jews'?


When a non 'Jew' is murdered by a bullet, fire, gas or a bomb, is he not as dead as a 'Jew'?

When a non 'Jew' gets cancer, does that disease have a different title when a 'Jew' gets it? ... So how did 'Jews' go through a Holocaust during WW2 and the millions of others who were murdered, did not go through a Holocaust? Only because 'Jews' are special, better than all other people?
If being shot, gassed, stabbed, bombed, burned ... murdered by the millions identifies people as being in a Holocaust, then every one who suffered and/or murdered in WW2, were Holocaust victims.

Depending on who was telling the story, there were 80 to 110 million people killed in WW2, but to hear the story today, it was all about the death and suffering of the 'Jews'

All the stuff I was brainwashed most of my life, I accepted as fact. This is just a self examination of why I swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

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Saturday, June 20, 2009



We are told that the intent of those gas chambers was to kill the weak Jews when they arrived on the trains.


There are all kind of web photos of people who just arrived to the camps on the trains and the captions are 'Jews' waiting in line for the showers to be gassed.

Isn't that funny to see all of those healthy men who just got off the trains waiting to be gassed, when we see the films when the allies arrived at those camps and we see 'Jews' who could not even stand up?

These guys taking a nap and couldn't even get up when the allies arrived.

Go to Google and place these key words in their search engine executed immediately Nazi Jews

"The genocide of the Jews was the culmination of a decade of Nazi policy under the ... Those too weak to work were executed immediately"

It is the authors of such BS that future generations will actually believe. They will not consider the multitude of sick / crippled prisoners that were kept alive and carried out of the camps when the allies arrived.



Here are some more 'Jew' prisoners who were filmed when the allies arrived.

It wasn't summer when the allies got to this camp, but they had the prisoners strip, so they could film how pathetic they were.

Can you imagine 'Jews' convincing the world that sick / weak prisoners were executed by the Nazis?



If it were the intent of the Nazis to kill the 'Jews' and get rid of their bodies it would have been a much simpler task than all the effort with the furnaces

The Nazis would have needed only ship them from the cities to the work camps.

Sorted out which was going to be kept alive at the work camps, placed the rest back on the train. and traveled 15 miles down the track to a second camp. 

Unloaded the elimination batch from the train at the second location and marched them to a low area in a valley.

Placed them all together in the open and exploded some napalm bombs which would have fried them all in a minute.

Push their remains in a low area and push dirt down from the hill above them. In 4 hours the Nazis could have killed and covered up a thousand at a time. Their remains would have been 10.. 15 feet below the ground.

The idea that the Nazis would have been so inefficient, using furnaces to eliminate bodies is laughable.


When I was a kid in the 1950s, the news reels used to state the furnaces were used to get rid of those who died in the camps and 50 years later it was changed to, the prisoners were taken to the camps to be killed.

With in minutes I could conceive of a way to kill thousands and conceal their bodies with in a matter of hours. A mountain dirt could cover up bodies with 15 feet of dirt, daily .

By the simple method I imagined there would be no witnesses to hear, see or smell any thing. The suggestion that the Nazis could not conceive of this method, or far better ones, is laughable.



The Nazis knew a month ahead that they had lost the war. If it were their intent to kill the 'Jews' they had the mass murder weapons and the opportunity.

The Nazis could have killed every prisoner in those camps. It would have been like shooting fish in a barrel... BUT the Nazis received no orders to kill the prisoners. They were still alive when the allies got to the camps.

I might also note, there appears to be a  WHOLE BUNCH OF PRISONERS WHICH DID NOT HAVE TATTOOS.

The Nazis had no intent to kill prisoners when they arrived or they would have all been dead before the allies got with in a hundred miles of the camps.



Remember the 'Jew' story is the Nazis killed all the weak prisoners who were unable to work. You see this segment in almost all clips of prisoners in WW2. 

Not these guys can not even stand with out crutches and again I could see no tattoos.  (the placement of tattoos, discussed in the blog on tattoos.)

According to 'Jew' web sites, those who could not work were killed immediately... my, my it kind of looks like a lie.


In the Internet pages we see healthy men who just got to the camps about to be killed, but how is it at the end of the war when the allies entered the camps there are prisoners who had to be carried out of the barracks, on crutches or here, this guy had to be carried on the back of another prisoner?
... and yet people believe the 'Jew' story of the Nazis killing those who could not work.

Oh yeah, if it were the Nazis intent to take prisoners to the camps to be killed, how is it some prisoners claimed to have been taken from one camp to another?

Watch some actual WW2 footage from PBS or The Discovery Channel and watch as prisoners were so weak they had to be carried out on stretchers.

On TV documentaries we read when the trains came into the camps, the weak... women and children were separated and executed immediately.
Here is a frame taken from a WW2 film when the allies entered in the concentration camps.

A whole bunch of little kids that were NOT killed by the Nazis when they got off the trains, but they were still alive when the allies arrived at the camps.
"The Nazis immediately killed women and children when they got off the trains".. another 'Jew' lie exposed ?
The image below was too grainy for me to enhance. The only thing I could do is remove the back ground from one boy to give you an idea of their health. To me they look like starving Ethiopian kids.
When the allies arrived at the prison camps, they got prisoners to strip naked so the world could see the physical condition they were living in. Here we see little skeleton boys (maybe 3 to 6 years old) rescued by the allies.
But.. but.. but wait, in all of these 'Holocaust' web sites I am reading, they are telling us when the trains came in, the women and children that were unfit to work were sent to one side and immediately executed.

These boys were not killed when they got off the trains. They were still alive when the allies entered the camps.
" Women and children that were unfit to work, were executed immediately." Looks like a crock to me.

Master index page and Instructions how to contribute or challenge, assertions of these web pages are here.

For Michael A. Hoffman, the issue is one of DOUBT.

Many of us doubt the sacred Six Million in casualty figure given for the number of Jewish deaths in the war

We doubt the millions of people having been exterminated in Auschwitz gas chambers

We doubt much of the liturgy of the gas chamber tales, the wild miracle stories…

THEY (the Allied and Israeli Holocaust Believers) are the blind believers; we are the liberated sceptics.

Many of those wildly exaggerated tales of those Six Million – they are theology disguised as historiography.

ZIONIST MORSE HUBERT claims to have been sent to Buchenwald.  He says, and I quote:
“In the camp there was a cage with a bear and an eagle. Everyday they would throw a Jew in there. The bear would tear him apart and the eagle would pick his bones.

BERTHA YAUZOWITZ OF MIAMI. She says that she “was moved to Bergenbelsen Concentration Camp”. One day she stole some turnips.  She was caught by the Germans and forced to lick the kitchen floor clean with her tongue.

RABBI DR MOSHE WEISS informs us: “Nazis transported from the Auschwitz Camp to Germany 7 train loads of women’s hair from which the Germans produced soft mattresses for the German population.

TESTIMONY OF MAYA HERSH . Apparently the Nazis also ran a Travel Agency for Jews.  According to testimony of Maya Hersh, he was sent by the Nazis to 9 different death camps, and yet, by a miracle, none of these camps proved deadly to him.

Michael A. Hoffman
"Overcoming Holospeak" 1997 (Copyright)

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Alexandria's empire (map) began around 332 BC and included Israel.
The word Arab does not mean descendants from Saudi Arabia, it means the race of the native people of the middle east.
The Garden of Eden is in Iraq. Adam, Noah, Shem, Eber, Abraham all who's land of nativity is present day Iraq
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Egyptian Christians, How many years did Christ live in Egypt before returning to Israel
The Ephesian Christians were Turks
Why Muslims n Christians waste their time and how all can benefit. Contains some nasty language
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Egypt maps n people. Egyptians were one of the many Arab people who were the ancestors of the Israelites.
What did the Egyptians look like. Arabs and Negroes are a different race. Egyptians were a composite of both races.
Potipherah, Egyptian priest of On, is the grandfather of every member of the tribe of Joseph, they are all Potipher-ites.
Negro racist vs the K.K.K. Who is the real super race?
Israel was part of Assyria, Babylon, Persia and the Roman empires
Under the logic living in a region of the world determines your colors, Native Americans would not turn white but Europeans would turn brown/black (why 'Jews' are not Israelites)
You think I just say all of this because I am an Arab? I guess I have to fess up, here is a picture of me and my camel Clyde.
Genealogy of Joseph is given, not Christ
Jesus King of the Jews? What did Christ say about that?
Jesus descendant of David. That is not what Christ said.
One of the apostles of Christ was a Canaanite?
False Jew Intro
Real 'Jews' comparing faces of European 'Jews' with natives of the middle east
How could you hate a Jew, when they were not Jews in the first place?
The flight of refuges where the Israelites were scattered and where they will be gathered from (not from Europe but from the middle east.. if the scriptures are true).
No David not have red hair. He was ruddy. So how can a brown face native of the middle east become ruddy?
Racism against Jews, Oh yeah what race would that be?
From Africa to America. No race has changed it's appearance through evolution in the last 5,000 years but only through mixed breeding.
Scriptures proving some Israelites were white, in a pigs eye
Blonds in ancient Egypt... giggle.. tee hee DNA is now being used to identify the race of an original population of the earth
White Egyptians, really ?
Pictures that could prove some Egyptians were white, would prove almost all were browns/blacks and  Ethiopian nor European "Jews" could possibly be connected to the Israelites
Ancient Egyptians with blue eyes?
Ancient Egyptian artist selected colors to reflect the hues of Egyptian's skin, that is why they did not look like white European 'Jews'
A very minute % of abstract colors in paintings / sculptures do not reflect actual colors of the ancient Egyptians.
If 'Jews' are descendants of the Israelites, where are the WW2 films of black 'Jews' in the nazi prison camps?
Europeans different than all other race on earth. Why white European 'Jews' have no connection to the Israelites.
How you know the 'Jews' couldn't be Israelites. Are facts based on your ignorance or on what can be proven?
WW2 films - Where are the brown/black face 'Jews' in the prison camps, if they are descendants of the Israelites?
The natives of Windover, fact Europeans are different than all other people on earth and those who call themselves 'Jews' are nothing but Europeans
DNA proof of being an Israelite descendant, the Y Chromosome. The farce of proving one is a descendant of the Israelites by genetics.
There are diseases exclusive to Jews proving they are descendants of the Israelites, No they only prove they are a clan of Europeans.
The chain can not be broken ( Do ignorant people really think those who call themselves 'Jews' have any connection to the Israelites?
Europeans vs Chinese. Western Europeans are different than all people on earth and yet those who call themselves Jews are nothing but western Europeans.
Jews by mother, then Jews could not exist
Jews by father, how many of your grandpas aren't grandpas at all
Success of Jews prove they are descendants of Israelites.. giggle
Rabbi Neulander has his wife beat to death so he can pop his new girlfriend
Becoming a Jew through circumcision of the heart.. tee hee
Spiritual, Grafted, Adoption, Messianic .. silly stuff about becoming a Jew
Ruth the Moabite, never converted to Judaism nor was she allowed in the congregation
Jews are descendants of Judah farce
I am *PART Jewish. Who but an idiot says or believes such stupid things. They can't be part Jew and they are not the descendants of the Israelites
White Europeans calling themselves 'Jews' trying to make the world think they are descendants of the Israelites, so let's look at their faces. (anthropology)
The false Jew cult tells us the Israelite descendant descendants just started mixing in the last century. The cult exposed by the Torah / bible.
Those calling themselves Jews are only a racist cult of Europeans who are descendants of the Druids at best.
What is the difference between 'Jews' and / Christian Identity. Every one came from Iraq and unpolluted Iraqis still exist in the marsh lands.
Breeding is like spreading VD If any descendants of the Israelites ever made it Europe then the Nazis and all other Europeans were infested with descendants of the Israelites.
Goofy Tracks his family tree. Just how idiotic is it for European 'Jews' claiming to be descendants of the Israelites?
You can track all Israelites to their roots in the scriptures. All of them were descendants of the native Arabs of the middle east. A comparison of European 'Jews' and natives of the middle east.
Jews of Yemen are not the ancestors of these 'white Jews' who claim their ancestors came from Yemen. Their ancestors would only be white Europeans who went to Yemen.
No such things as Ethiopian Jews exist. The bible word is not Ethiopian but Cushite and their land was from southern Egypt to northern Sudan.
Everyone who pretends to follow Judaism is the anti christs
By the scriptures, anthropology, archeology what we can prove about pretend 'Jews'. If you have had an anthropology class in college, read this think about it then sit back and giggle.
SUCKING UP TO HITLER'S NEPHEW n the Inspector general. Why would be 'Christians' suck up to the Christ hating 'Jews'
Israelites were a pot luck of Arabs and a pinch of Africans
Egyptian vs pretend Jews ... Israelites were descendants of Egyptians, compare white European 'Jews' with Egyptians.
Jews n Arabs are cousins ... NO, bible Jews were nothing but a pot luck of Arabs. Those who now call themselves Jews are white Europeans. They may be cousins or descendants of the Druids.
KHAZARS N SPERADIC JEWS, not descendants of the Israelites, just European converts
Family trees - How many grandparents have you had? How idiotic it is for any one to claim they can track their ancestors to the Israelites.
Those who call themselves Jews are like the little mongrel who thought he was a Great Dane
Anthropology study of the Bounty that proves the cult of pretend Jews are brainwashed Lemmings or liars
Anthropology study to expose the farce that 'Jews' are descendants of the native people of the middle east.
Blondes were not native to China or any place except Europe. When the Europeans came the Chinese villagers had never seen such people in their lives.
Anthropology study of sculls to reconstruct the faces of people proves the cult of Europeans are not the descendants of the Israelites. If you have had an anthropology course, check this one out
Me an European vs Arab. All Israelites were a mix of the people of the middle east so what is wrong with this picture of those calling themselves Jews?
MOUSEKETEERS n JEWS. Jew is only the identification of a political or residential group. 9 of the tribes of Israelites were not Jews and non Israelites were Jews.
Why you can't tell a 'Jew' from other Europeans, but you can tell Europeans / 'Jews' from non Europeans?
Anne Franke n family, a pot luck of Europeans
How Arabs n Africans migrated to Europe and fell into a bucket of white. Idiot reason why 'Jews' look just like all other Europeans.
Poor little 'Jewish' victims of the Nazis were nothing but their European relatives. Date Line NBC program on 'Jews in Hitler's Nazi Army' ... Jew Nazi soldiers, Jew Nazi officers, the skeletons they hide in their closets.
The book and author on the Date Line NBC program on 'Jews in Hitler's Nazi Army' .
If you are Christ then you are Abraham's seed Galat 3-28. That excludes everyone who professes to follow Judaism.
How many Israelites and what was the population growth. Proof that every living Israelite would have to have Egyptian ancestors?
Nazis were not Aryans. Aryans were brown/black face natives of Iran and India.
Gypsies in Europe vs 'Jews" from Europe
How come brown/black face Gypsies exists in Europe but not 'Jews'?
How come breeding with Europeans ONLY makes 'Jews' all turn white?
Being a small % does not turn you white. Brow/black face Gypsies but only white 'Jews'?
Gypsies vs Jews in prison camps
Brown / Black 'Jews' are the lemmings of the European cult
If you think there is any difference between the European 'Jews' and any other Nazi or European, let's see you pick them out of a line up.
How Arabs and Africans migrated into Europe, fell into a flower barrel and all came out white
No such thing as an Arab race? They are neither Orientals, white Europeans nor Negroes, they were the first race on earth.
Races.. white oriental aryan arab negro anglo where did the Arab Israelite race exist?
When were the Israelites scattered and how many remained to be assimilated in the Arab nations?
The Israelites will NOT be gathered from all nations, they will not be gathered from the corners of the earth. The 'north' is identified as lands in the middle east empires, not Russia.
Hittite Empire (map) ranged from Turkey to Canaan/ Israel
Holo hoax 6 million 'Jews'. They never followed the laws of Moses, they are not the descendants of the Israelites but are the relatives of the rest of the Europeans and they were killed by their own relatives !
The Hyksos ruled Egypt. They were the Israelites. More European myths?
Anti Semite farce. No such thing as a Semite ever existed. This concoction was fabricated by the false 'Jews' of Europe.
Isaac was a Canaanite, Moses was an Egyptian. Nationality defined .
The flood was world wide. Every living person is a descendant from Noah's 3 sons
Abraham, Isaac and everyone on earth until Jacob had his first son, was a gentile. God too is a goyim/gentile !
The Israelites were a composite of Canaanites
Most Hebrews were non Israelite
Chaldeans ancestors of today's Iraqis and Abraham
Asher son of Israel
The multitude of the descendants of the Israelites are the Arabs. Today I suppose most descendants of the Israelites are Muslims who have lost track of their heritage of the Israelites
Hagar the real Cinderella story
Ishmael father of Arabs. Ishmael was only the father of the Ishmaelites. A multitude of Israelites were descendants of Ishmael
Ammon / Ammoites - Mothers of the kings of the Israelites, contributors to the descendants of the Israelties.
Jordanians or Moabites ancestors of the Israelites
Philistines ancestors of the Israelites
Concubines another reason Israelites are descendants of Arabs
Midianites (Saudi Arabians) were the breeding stock of the Israelites. Zipporah Saudi mother of the sons of Moses.
Levites, priest and Moses, just descendants of Arabs
Tribe of Judah a pot of Arabs
Samson n The tribe of Dan ... they loved and married the rest of the Arabs.
Joseph coat of many colors .. Every member of the tribe of Joseph is an Egyptian descendant
All Israelites descendants of Egyptians
Ephriam, Joshua, Caleb .. Egyptian / Syrian descendants
Benjamites a pot of Arabs
Amalekites and Edomites are the descendants of Isaac and Abraham
Adultery you can't tell who the father of any Israelite or other Arab is
The tribe of Simeon out of the womb of a Cananite mother
Tribal membership, liars and loop holes
Arabs are the Seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
What is an Israelite... musical bs. Israelite defined.
Lost tribes of Israel / The tribe structure ceased to exist
Where is Arabia and what is an Arab? Why do they need to use musical definitions?
Who were the Arabs of the 'Arab Israeli war'
Jephthah (mighty Israelite fighter) descendent of Chaldeans / Iraqis
Ibzan Judge of Israel who sent his 30 daughters packing and imports 30 Arab wives for his sons
Pirathonite, sect of the Amalekites who lived in the city of Pirathon.
Jabeshgileadites Arab families murdered so the Benjamites could take daughters for wives
Shiloh Dancing girls kidnapped for wives for the Benjamites
King David, from a pot luck of Arabs
AHIMELECH, Hittite priest of the Israelites
Zionist nor Zionism is in the scriptures. There is no such thing except a cult of Europeans who make fools out of ignorant Christians.
Solomon descendant of Moabites, Hittites n Ammonites. Started out as a great king and turned into an evil pagan worshipper who cause Israel to be divided.
Naamah an Ammonitess Mother n grandmother of Israelite kings. In the queens identified, the kings of Israel preferred non Israelite, Arab wives and of course their children were descendants of these other Arabs.
Gilead and the Gileadites descendants from a pot luck of Arabs
The pattern of the flight of refugees. Most descendants of the Israelites are probably Muslims who have lost their identity IF the bible is true.
Ashdodites married the Jews and the Jew kids could not speak the Jews language
Esther n Mordecai , identity of the Jews and the Persians
Mary and Elizabeth. A portrait of the mother of Jesus
Simon a Canaanite and the apostle of Christ
Hebrew Translation is a joke
Translation Joke 2
Translation from Hebrews/Hieroglyphics.. ancient text
Send the Master Links page to yourself or a friend from this page
Iran - Maps, people and scriptures of the bible
Israel - present day map with grids
None of the words translated to the English Jew means descendant of the Israelites or one who follows Judaism. Every verse with the word Jew and a hyper link to it's actual meaning.
Confederates, Jews, dinosaurs, Spartans n Scalawags. Evolution of the words Jew n Judah
Jews mighty warriors whip Arabs. How the American government murders Arabs while dressed up like 'Jews'
Bless are those who bless the Jews / Israel ... this concocted phrase is not in the scriptures. Those to be blessed is ALL the nations of the earth. See how you have been deceived
False prophets. False 'Christian' preachers support of the Christ hating cult of false Jews
Politicians, Preachers n false Jews. White racist 'Christians' support the white cult of Christ haters invasion into the middle east.
The Israel of Prophecy is not the state created in 1948. That Israel will become a nation only after specific events take place
Culture / Ethnic group .. Fake European 'Jews' are neither
Gentiles lost with out hope until Christ?
Poor little Jewish victims of Germany
Hebrew Roots or anti Christ, 'Christians'
Dead Sea Scrolls, Masada, Jesus boat, Mary rock ... hoaxes make fools of would be Christians
Send your money to the 'Jews' or go to Hell
Jews ceased to exist when the nation of Judah was destroyed 2300 years ago
The false 'Jews' and rest of the Europeans are descendants of those scattered from the tower of Babel before any Israelite ever existed. The descendants of the Israelites are in the middle east nations.
Hebrew word Jew
Illegal settlements in Jordan contrary to the commands of God. Moses gave in, now Israelites of 2 1/2 tribe descendants are Jordanians.
Khazars / Turk maps n migration into Russia. Why goofs calling themselves 'Jews' think they are descendants of the Israelites.
Kurds are just clans of the rest of the Iraqis, Turks and other Arabs
Judaism list of commands
Laws Intro / Loop holes ... all the concocted lies of the false Jews as to why they do not follow the laws of Moses that they claim to follow.
The lies concocted by the false Jews that the laws of Moses only applied to the Israelites in the period of the Tanakh / old testament.
We are told that "Jews" do not keep the laws of Moses. There is no reason why they can not have judges. If the scriptures command them to do so, their only reason is negligence to obey God. The following are verses that cover all information on Judges.
Contracts n Covenants.
If the New Testament is the revised will of God Christians follow the will of God. If it is not, no one on earth follows God. No one on earth keeps the laws of Moses.
Convert to Judaism, how could you convert to a religion that no on one earth follows. What to they really mean by "Torah Observant"?.
Cain and Abel sacrifice to God. Gentiles gave God burnt offerings centuries before any Israelite ever existed.
Burnt offerings n the lies 'Jews' concoct about no burnt offerings because there is no temple.
The farce that circumcision makes any one a Jew
Keeping the Passover. Do you keep a lamb, butcher it and paint your door post with the blood as commanded?
Different laws for Israelites and gentiles
Bar Mitzvah, a European concoction that no Israelite ever took part of
You shall redeem your first born son every year with a lamb
Stay home on the Sabbath ... that is a 24 hour period EVERY WEEK !
No tolerance in Judaism, coming close to the mound
Do not use the name of God in vain. The concocted spelling G-d has nothing to do with the laws of Moses
Thou shall not kill the Torah vs Kill all the filthy Christians... TALMUD
Thou shall not steal. WE KEEP THE LAWS OF JUDAISM? Well here is what your Jew Talmud says about stealing
Thou shalt not allow anyone to see your panties, thus saith the Lord. Laws of Judaism?
Death penalty for man slaughter in the laws of Moses, so how come 'Israel' has all those murderers in their prisons?
Death penalty for striking parents
No dairy and meat. Understand kosher laws and how the Israelites used to milk their chickens
No tolerance in Judaism, coming close to the mound
Thou shalt not eat lobster nor oysters. 'Jews' mocking the kosher laws of Moses?
The 10 commandments, Torah vs Talmud
Sodomites, if this cult follows the religion of Judaism why do they have sodomites in their military. Why do they perform marriages between?
Ashamed and hiding their Sodomite children? If they followed the laws of Moses they would not allow them in the land of Israel.
Thou shall not trim thy beard. If this cult follows the laws of Judaism how come they have blabbies who flip the finger at the commandments of God?
Yom Kippur
The commands of Sukkoth / Huts. If the Blights follow Judaism, how many of them do you know who keep the commandment to Abide in outside huts for 7 days EVERY YEAR?
Rosh Hashanah, First day of the 7th month ritual
You shall eat the flesh of your sons and daughters. The Israelites have a kiddy roast?
The Laws of Jealously. Gee if these Blights kept the commands of Judaism there could be no Jewish divorce lawyers.
Working on the Sabbath will get your brains beat out. The lie about the commands to kill
Death commands they leave out of the 613 ? The lie Israelites were not allowed to kill. They were commanded to kill transgressors and they did.
TEFLIN What is that thingy the 'Jews' wear between their eyes when they
The Mezuzah. How blabbies concoct their own BS, Tell their Lemmings it is a command of God and then rake in the cash. Blabism, not Judaism
No freedom of religion. If you catch them worshipping outside of the laws of Moses, trap them and kill them. If you neglect to kill them you shall be killed.
Obeying the commands of Rabbis. How these cult leaders have made themselves gods to the fools who worship them.
Keeping out men with wounded testicles. Which of your rabbis does the inspection for this law of Moses?
No bastard shall enter into the congregation
Laws of 2 men fighting, taking care of wild Israelite women.
Rasputin n Pat Robertson, subtle deceivers who's Lemmings supporters are kept like mushrooms
Matthew 7 Judge not
Hanukah, concocted holiday to keep up with Christian's Christmas
Koran vs Talmud . Many foolish Christians suck up to those they believe to be Jews, so I guess they should compare the Koran of Muslims with the Talmud
Mishna, the oral laws given to Moses, proven to be a concocted lie by the Torah it's self
Talmud? So good little Christians support those calling themselves Jews? Here is what the holy book of the Jews has to say about Christians and Christ. ( some of this is quite nasty if you are easily offended)
Search Engine of the Talmud
'JEWISH HISTORIAN' HOAX <> 'Jewish' history is mythology with the same credibility as the accounts of Robin Hood.
Rabbinical Judaism or the worship of blabbis. As they concoct their own BS they create studies to worship themselves.
Jewish traditions has nothing to do with Judaism. Jewish traditions is BS concocted by blabbis and taught to their idiots as being the commands of God.
The 7 Noahide laws, not in the scriptures but a concoction of the false 'Jews' of Europe
Lebanon, Sideon, Zideon Maps and places
laws of oppressing strangers, widows, orphans, the poor
*************** Map Index
The Garden of Eden is in Iraq. Adam, Noah, Shem, Eber, Abraham all who's land of nativity is what is called Iraq by our present day identification
Judah / Israel divided kingdom
Mesopotamia - map of middle east location n migration of Abraham
The Promise Land not given to 'the Jews' but given to the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob... and yes by the scriptures we can prove they were all Arabs. Here is the evolving events of the Promise Land.
No such thing as a Palestinian, what is their land
Palestinians use their children? Hmmm ok we need to look at the evil Palestinians and the righteous finger pointers who mock the Palestinians.
Palestinian Home Land 01
Middle East Politics and the Media crack lickers of the party mob bosses
Compensating Arab land owners. Unless they know they stole their land why would they do that and how stupid would the Palestinians be?
After the NY attack out party mob bosses say Israel is right?
Suicide bombers. What they are and how to stop a suicide bomber.
Bombs for Palestinians
No such thing as Palestine or a Palestinian
Mark Twain said there were no Palestinians in Israel when he was there?

About 20 million Israelites were scattered through out the middle east and this is where they will be gathered from when God returns to earth.
The territory of the Philistines was Philistinia, called Palestine today. The south western part of what is now called Israel was never inhabited by the Israelites.
Projecting the number of Arab Israelites in the middle east countries today
The number of Israelite descendants living today projected from the tribe of Judah
Ashkenazim "Jews" not Jews, but a German cult that spread through out Europe.
No the Israelites were not taken into Rome. By the time the Romans invaded the middle east over 20 million Israelites were already scattered through out the middle east nations.
Saudi Arabia.. Arabians, Yemen, Arabia. There were Israelites who lived in Arabia and Arabians lived in Israel.
'JEWS' N SPAIN / PORTUGAL MAPS - Khazars N Sephardic 'Jews' Not Israelites but European converts
Any actual Italian or Sephardic Jews would be descendants of the invading Muslims. Most of those Israelite descendants would now be Christians.
Solomon's Temple Farce - Another 'Jew' forgery to bilk billions and make fools of the wanna be Israelite descendants
Turkey, Hittites, Khazars map and places of the scriptures
Index page
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Arabs with a digital camera
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Handling Yahoo groups
Managing Yahoo Groups
Where n the world did the events of the bible take place, world location n middle east maps with grids
Explanation of the world race map in the time period before Europeans polluted their gene pools.

The beginning of the world race map. 
Contribute or challenge my assertions in public
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  1. Britain, France, the USA, Russia and their military and financial Allies guilty of all the Holocausts of the past and present century - having slaughtered some half a billion people around the world.

  2. It was not the 'Jews' who took control of the land, but you might research how the British used their military power to allow the europeans to swarm into Palestine ... how the 'jews' were supplied with the WW2 weapons and support of the European powers.
    After the war the dp camps didn't even want them, their European cousins thought they were getting rid of their 'jew' problem by sending them to Palestine

    If you actually want to see how this bastardized state was created, look into the British creation .

  3. "Sam Whatshisname"
    Thanks for your comment, but I do not accept anonymous comments here.

    Further, when you make contrary statements, you have to provide your evidence if you expect to be taken seriously.

    It is YOU who have to read better books on real history and listen to more reliable experts on the matter. One such source is Benjamin Freedman, a former Zionist Jew who was himself a first hand witness all this whole thing came about.

    When we talk of "Jews", we always mean the CRIMINAL MONEY "JEWS" or KHAZAR TALMUDISTS, the JEWISH BANK GANGSTERS, Rothschilds, Warburg, Judeo Freemasonry, Rothschildian Illuminati and company.


  4. All of your links to the website this was my web site, I let it expire.. someone took all the text down but I have all the files on my computers
    The 'jew' hold on the world is their ability to make people believe they are descendants of the Israelite.
    Using the scriptures I show no Israelite existed till jacob/israel had his first son and then go on to show the israelites were not a separate people but they were a composite of all those tribes they fought against
    Using anthropology.. gentics showing what part of the world people's ancestors came from, the euro 'jews' are but europeans...
    Don't have the verses now.. but according to the scriptures the first 12 israelites produced their children with non israelites.. when they entered into egypt.. the descendants of those 12 are listed.. 50 males and 1 female.. on the exodus there were about 600,000 males counted so if there wer 50 males to start the tribes of israel, did they all have sex with one female to produce 600,000 430 years or would egyptian women be the mothers of the israelites.. (the only female that entered with them, was the daughter of a non israelite)
    Of course the tribe of joseph came out of the egyptian girl aseneth .. the israelites of the bible were nothing but what is now called arabs.

    Multiple kings of the bible were the sons of non israelites.. your links here wont work.. but I will paste the site up again as a free blog

    1. Dear
      I am very interested in those text files - ALL OF THEM! This information can be found nowhere else. I will be 70 years old this December and I wish to bring this to the notice of more people even if I found nobody really interested up till now - not even Muslims!
      Kindest regards

    2. I am 73, I will search through my computers and see if I can zip them up
      Looks like about 400 mb so far
      After I let it expire, some company bought and intends to sell it for about $250.. but that domain is not needed.
      Blogs are free

      Years ago I wrote a program to scan the bible and find any search but it only works on xp or 98
      Those who support 'jews' do so because
      a) they are afraid God will get them if they cross them
      b) God will give them brownie points if they arm them and send money to them.

      If I live long enough I will start from the beginning and go through the scriptures again
      There is a large array of topics to be covered, I suggest finding individuals that will tackle one topic and compile it into a chapter
      Putting each topic into a book ...

      If you have contacts in different parts of the middle east, they would be handy in research
      You need not post any of this on your blog, just look at each topic and I will try to show why it will be useful

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thank you very much. I have been dowloading a few of your website pages. They are extremely valuable to me.
      I do not remember if I told you I am turning 70 this coming December 2015.
      Kindest regards

  6. Winter is coming and I will begin my tour of the scriptures. Other than Christians or Jews, the indigenous people of the middle east might have an interest in these topics.
    I have created a group anyone can create an e-mail address and post comments/arguments if they do not want to reveal their identity.

    With out any doubt there are large numbers of 'Arab' Christians through out the middle east these things may interest them.
    Muslims who believe the accounts of the scriptures, they should know they have a greater chance of being a descendant of the israelites than anyone outside the middle east

    The preface for the blog is here

  7. I was never into family trees but thought maybe some one from the middle east might be
    If any r experts this should be interesting to them... people of the middle east

  8. Who were the actual Israelites from scratch

  9. WHO WERE THE ISRAELITES OF THE BIBLE.. who is eliminated from being their descendants.

    I placed this summary in a blog if readers click on the f at the bottom of the page, they can share it on facebook

  10. Read the talmud and know what pretend Jews believe and teach about Christ.

    Why do Christians mock the commands to rid themselves of the hypocrites but obey a new command, send money to 'jews' to kill helpless people trapped in a barrel with no where to hide or escape to