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 "Since 1947 there have been over 300 massacres of Muslims in India"
Adalberto Erazo

Friday 25th of October 2013 at 6:37 PM
            Circumstances have forced me to write this article due to very disturbing geopolitical events that are developing in other parts of the world. I am not the type of person who likes to rain in on anyone's parade but something is troubling me. This article is not going to be very popular amongst many people because everyone wants to celebrate the "détente" that has developed between Iran and the United States which is simply just a smokescreen. What we are merely seeing is just a 'good cop-bad cop' scenario being used in order to undermine Iran from within as we have recently seen with the assassination of the Iranian Cyber Commander Mojtaba Ahmadi As they say, "actions speak louder than words" and the zionist west along with israHell will accept nothing less than the complete submission of the Islamic Republic of Iran into slavery. Yet it is not the Middle East that will be the topic of the hour but a person who will rise to prominence very soon in another country that is going to create wider repercussions to this area as well as to the rest of the world at large should he end up becoming the next prime minister in 2014. The big problem is people don't want to listen as they want to continue to celebrate and ignore the looming danger on the horizon that I see. Perhaps they honestly don't know or they do know but they live in denial and prefer to have their heads in the sand. There is an old saying, "What you don't know can't hurt you." but I'm afraid this is not the case because the demon I see riding upon the clouds approaching ever closer has only one thing on his mind and that is war. After having faced devastation at the hands of such demons as George Bush(1 and 2),Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Barack Obama, and other assorted demons from the west; I'm afraid the Islamic World is going to face more devastation this time coming from the East. No, I don't mean Hulagu Khan coming back from the dead to sack Baghdad like he did in 1258 but he and the present day demon of the east are very similar to each other. Both of them have a very deep hatred of Islam and want to see it completely destroyed but while Hulagu Khan is burning in Hell(Jahanam) for killing millions of people, the other demon has still yet to rack up a body count in the millions but is working on it and he is none other than Narendra Modi(aka The Butcher Of Gujarat).
            Who is Narendra Modi? This is the question that needs to be asked because this monster is going to have his finger on the nuclear trigger when he becomes the next prime minister of India. Every time someone wants to call this man out as a mass murderer who planned the Gujarat Genocide they are going to end up running into his supporters especially those of the Hindutvadi variety who always shoot back with the Godhra train fire so they can justify the vile crimes committed against the victims of Gujarat which is simply a microcosm of the wide scale persecution Muslims(and other minorities such as Christians) face across India.The official story goes that Hindus returning from Ayodhya were attacked by a mob of Muslims who threw petrol on the coach resulting in the deaths of pilgrims for no good reason and this led to the Gujarat Genocide. Yet this cause and effect answer is utterly ridiculous due to the fact that numerous so called "Islamic terrorist" attacks throughout history are actually false flags such as the King David Hotel bombing all the way to the present. I don't need to go into all the details but in the case of India, 26/11 is the most infamous case with Jonathan Azaziah covering this in detail The Godhra train fire is no different. One damning piece of evidence during the investigation into this tragedy was that the fire started from the inside of S-6 coach and one the glaring things most people would prefer to sweep under the rug was that "The intensity of the fire was such that even the iron rods, the seats, the fans were all burnt to such an extent that we found them twisted and molten out of shape." Yet the question that needs to be asked is this: What type of flammable liquid can do this which melts iron and steel into a formless mass? Diesel and kerosene certainly can't even do this as this would violate the laws of physics and while Narendra Modi uses every opportunity to blame Muslims for Godhra on his campaign trail, poor Muslims living in the slums would certainly not have had access to something this advanced. The prime suspects of course would be the Karsevaks in which investigations show that, “According to the sequence of events as found by the police, all was not well in coach S-6 of the Ahmedabad-bound Sabarmati Express on that day. A group of unruly Ram sevaks had boarded the train at Lucknow without reser-vations and had put to discomfort the 66 genuine passengers of the coach. Some of the ticket-paying passengers had to sleep on the floor; so overcrowded had the compartment become that the ticket collector who came aboard the train at Ratlam (two stations before Godhra) was not allowed to enter the coach." Of course unruly Karsevaks would immediately raise suspicion if they ever brought in containers of petrol but they would certainly not raise any suspicions if they brought in an incendiary which was in a powdered form and in one of areas of Gujarat, Ahmedabad, many of the iron gates window grills, and railings were completely melted through Even more damning evidence shows that Narendra Modi was in israHell a few months before the Gujarat Genocide propelled him into the spotlight and the most damning of all is the fact that the chemical packets used to burn homes and families in this frenzy of mass murder had printed on them 'Made in Israel' Not only did the bloody hand of zion show itself on that fateful day on February 27, 2002 by supplying the weapon for a real holocaust but I'll even go far as to say that israHell was heavily involved in planning this genocide with Modi. In this living Hell over 2,500 Muslims were burned alive with another 250,000 forced to flee their homes and are still to this day living in refugee camps*. What is most frustrating to the victims of this tragedy is the fact that the murderers and rapist continue to walk the streets with impunity knowing fully well they got away with their crimes because the police, state, and national government fully took part in this pre-planned military operation of zionist backed terrorism. What makes it even more painful for the victims was the fact that it was their own neighbors who did this to them! Where is the justice damn it?! Gujarat was more than just a massacre, it was a test israHell gave to Modi and he passed with flying bloody colors. The next phase of the plan is getting their Golem into place so he can become the next prime minister.
           It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Butcher of Gujarat met with all the top officials of the zionist entity from the now dead and burning in Hell Ariel Sharon(aka The Butcher of Sabra Shatila) all the way to Benjamin Netanyahu himself. I have no doubt in my mind that Netanyahu is looking with keen interest on Modi's election campaign especially considering the fact that you have a company called APCO worldwide which is an israHelli PR firm that's helped in the past to promote the "image" of war criminals George W. Bush and Tony Blair and is now helping this Frankenstein on his "image"  This PR firm is up to it's neck with the numerous jewish lobbies in Washington D.C. and is heavily involved in promoting Islamophobia and selling the War on Islam in order to further bring about World War Three all for the quest of creating Greater israHell. And wait, there's more! Associated with this company of devils advocates is none other The Butcher of Southeast Asia and jewish supremacist Henry Kissinger who's obsessed with reducing the worlds population or to put it more bluntly,planetary genocide(Ibid). I have no idea how the hell you can improve the "image" of a mass murderer but then again the jews have been selling their "image" as the eternal "victims" to the whole world that now they hold 6 Billion people hostage with over 300 to 400 nuclear bombs in that implanted cancerous tumor in the heart of the Islamic World. Anything associated with israHell reeks of death and even though Narendra Modi was denied a visa to visit western countries such as the United States in 2005, it wasn't because these western countries were concerned about human rights. After all this was an act of hypocrisy considering the fact that they were in the process of butchering millions in Afghanistan and Iraq along with approving the torture of Muslims as policy. Perhaps the mass murderers in the west were concerned about their "image" or they were probably disappointed that he didn't kill millions of Muslims like they were doing but now he looks like he's acceptable to them now in 2013 considering the British made the first move to bring him out of the cold
           As the stench of death continues to fill the air with every passing year, in the first week of September another pre-planned massacre of Muslims took place in the town of Muzzaffarnagar in the State of Uttar Pradesh leaving a total of 60 people dead and 45,000 displaced with the vast majority of those being Muslims. The whole world completely ignored it like nothing ever happened and this recent manifestation of violence started when Narendra Modi's BJP conducted incendiary speeches riling up local Hindus, who then uploaded fake videos claiming Hindus were being hanged in India by Muslims when in reality the video showing the lynching took place in the Pakistani city of Sialkot  Uttar Pradesh should be familiar to anyone who has studied history or has lived long enough to understand that this was also where the Babri Masjid demolition happened in 1992 which was India's way of announcing to the world her open alliance with israHell that had previously been hidden.When Modi talks about implementing the 'Gujarat Model' across India this is what he means.This man is essentially a Hindu zionist par excellence and is totally fixated on creating his Akhand Bharat stretching from Afghanistan to Indonesia and he will stop at nothing to get it whether by hook or by crook. They feel it is now the right time due to the very critical situation going on in Pakistan right now with the Islamic World is fighting on multiple fronts. Some battlefronts are so critical that losing a single battle on that front can cause you to lose the whole war. While Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is winning against the zionist backed fourth generation proxy war being imposed upon him, things are turning sour on the South Asian Front. During the UN General Assembly on September 28 the vile and disgusting house Sikh and disgrace to his own people Mammohan Singh had the nerve to call Pakistan the "epicenter of terrorism" which is totally and absolutely false Pakistan has been the biggest victim of terrorism and this disgusting speech done by Mammohan Singh needs to be seen for what it really is-a declaration of war. Perhaps the prime minister ought to be reminded of the fact that one of their spies named Surjeet Singh was involved in terrorism and totally confessed to being a spy for India after being released from a Pakistani prison which is something you would never hear about in the jewish controlled media in the west The unholy trinity of the United States, IsraHell, and India are fully intent on breaking up Pakistan through the use of Fourth Generation Warfare which would then lead the way for a ground invasion in order to destroy the Islamic World's only nuclear weapons state so israHell can have a freehand in the Middle East. The eminent security analyst for 'Brasstacks', Zaid Hamid has even admitted that Pakistan is now losing the battle in fourth generation warfare and if he is saying this then things are really serious The so called western withdrawal from Afghanistan is merely just dust in the eyes which is the same for this "détente" which is merely being used to lull people to sleep in order to get all the chess pieces into place with Modi being the most important one. Once everything is in place we will then see a series of wars which will culminate in the big war or the Malhama.
            Since 1947 there have been over 300 massacres of Muslims in India All these Hindutva groups never accepted the existence of Pakistan or Islam in their midst but it is the present actions you see today which is the reason why Mohammed Ali Jinnah had to found a new country so they would be safe from these persecutions.The same goes with the Indian Congress Party under Rahul and Sonia Gandhi. What makes them different from the Hindutvadis is that they let the media and Bollywood do the anti-Islam bashing but they both have the same goal in mind. We need to understand the history because just before partition when Muslims were migrating to Pakistan, over 5 million Muslims were slaughtered by numerous Hindutva groups with the connivance of Jawaharlal Nehru and Lord Mountbatten and this too was pre-planned and not a spontaneous reaction as some would put it. Fact of the matter is the highest caste in India the Brahmins, along with the political leaders suffer from an inferiority complex. You see they carry a baggage in their mind and haven't forgotten the thousand years of Muslim rule on the subcontinent. How was it that a small number of Muslims coming from the west were able to rule a united Hindustan for such a large period of time? They are at a loss to explain this. You need to understand that both India and Pakistan are in a constant state of perpetual war with Kashmir being a flashpoint since 1947. In 1971 India was able to dismember the eastern wing of Pakistan which is today Bangladesh and israHell played a hidden role in this prototype of fourth generation warfare which we now see happening today in Syria and Pakistan In her victory speech on December 16, 1971 Indira Gandhi immediately revealed the true nature of why they fought the war saying " we have avenged the defeat of one thousand years of Muslim rule and slavery and drowned the two nation theory in the Bay of Bengal". Where Indira Gandhi left off, Narendra Modi plans to finish the job of destroying Pakistan because he sees Islam and all these countries around India as an aberration. We need to prepare for the worst because it's not a matter of if but when Narendra Modi comes to power and time is running out with each passing day. This man is essentially Abu Jahal incarnate. We have no idea what will happen but I do suspect that if this man gets into power a false flag will happen in India much like what happened happened last September with israHells false flag attack in Kenya in which the Indian media started screaming 26/11 all over again . This man survives on anti-Islamic sentiment and there isn't a massacre of Muslims this man hasn't liked. No doubt if that false flag happens he can either immediately launch a war on Pakistan or he will launch the 'Gujarat Model' across India with the brunt being faced by Kashmiri Muslims which in turn would force Pakistan's hand to stop the genocide which would quickly spiral into World War 3.
         Let me give you a quote by someone who interviewed Narendra Modi in the early 1990's when he was an absolute nobody in the BJP which is very revealing about this man:
“More than a decade ago, when Narendra Modi was a nobody, a small-time RSS pracharak trying to make it as a small-time BJP functionary, I had the privilege of interviewing him. . . . Modi, it gives me no pleasure to tell the readers, met virtually all the criteria that psychiatrists, psycho-analysts and psychologists had set up after years of empirical work on the authoritarian personality. He had the same mix of puritanical rigidity, narrowing of emotional life, massive use of the ego defence of projection, denial and fear of his own passions combined with fantasies of violence – all set within the matrix of clear paranoid and obsessive personality traits. I still remember the cool, measured tone in which he elaborated a theory of cosmic conspiracy against India that painted every Muslim as a suspected traitor and a potential terrorist. I came out of the interview shaken and told Yagnik that, for the first time, I had met a textbook case of a fascist and a prospective killer, perhaps even a future mass murderer.”
 The Butcher Of Gujarat
Narendra Modi
                                                                                                           2014 Lok Sabha Elections
                                                                                                 Netanyahu's Candidate for World War 3
 [The interview you are about to see was done by Karan Thapar in October of 2007 five years after the Gujarat Genocide.The interview with Narendra Modi only lasted 5 minutes. The question that needs to be asked is this: What is Modi going to do if he is cornered on the world stage knowing full well he has the nuclear trigger. When Modi becomes prime minister I expect Karan Thapar to face an unfortunate "accident" or face a "suicide"]
Mr Narendra Modi lets start by talking about you. In the six years that you have been the Chief Minister of Gujarat Rajeev Gandhi foundation has declared Gujarat to be the best administered state. India today on the two separate ocassions declared that you are the most efficient Chief Minister and despite that people still call you, to your face, a mass murderer. And they accuse you of being prejudiced against Muslims? Do you have an image problem?
Narendra Modi: I think it's not proper to say that people. There are two or three persons who talk in this terminology and I always say God bless them.
Karan Thapar:You are saying this is the conspiracy of two or three persons only.
Narendra Modi: I have not said so.
Karan Thapar: But you are saying its only two or three people.
Narendra Modi: This is the information I have. It's the people's voice.
Karan Thapar: Can I point out to you that in September 2003 the Supreme Court said that they had lost faith in the Gujarat government. In April 2004 the Chief Justice of Supreme Court said that you were like a modern day Nero who looks the other side when helpless children and innocent women are burned. The Supreme Court seems to have a problem with you.
Narendra Modi: Karan, I have a small request to make. Please go through the Supreme Court judgement. If there is anything in writing, I'll be happy to know everything.
Karan Thapar: There was nothing in writing you are right. It was an observation.
Narendra Modi: if it is in judgement then I'll be happy to give you the answer.
Karan Thapar: But do you mean a criticism by the Chief Justice in court doesn't matter?
Narendra Modi: It's a simple request. Please go through the court judgement. Hand out the sentence you are quoting and let the people know it.
Karan Thapar: Okay. It wasn't just an open comment made by the Chief Justice. In August 2004, the Supreme Court reopened 2100 cases out of a total of 4600 -- almost 40 per cent -- and they did so because they believed that justice hadn't happened in Gujarat.
Narendra Modi: I'll be happy. Ultimately the court of law will take the judgement.
Karan Thapar: But isn't this the reason that despite the fact India today called you the best Chief Minister, Rajeev Gandhi foundation said Gujarat is the best administered state, people say Modi is prejudiced against the Muslims. This is why I ask you do you have an image problem?
Narendra Modi: Actually I have not spent a single minute on my image and that can also be a reason. I am busy with my work. I am committed to Gujarat. I am dedicated to Gujarat. I never talk about my image. I never spent a single minute for my image and therefore confusions may be there.
Karan Thapar: I'll tell you what the problem is. Even five years after the Gujarat killings of 2002 the ghost of Gujarat still haunts you. why have you not done more to allay that ghost?
Narendra Modi: This I gave it to the media persons like Karan Thapar. Let them enjoy.
Karan Thapar: Can I suggest something to you?
Narendra Modi: I have no problem.
Karan Thapar: Why can't you say that you regret the killings that happened. Why can't you say may be the government should have done more to protect them?
Narendra Modi: What I had to say I have said at that time and you can find out my statements.
Karan Thapar: Just say it again.
Narendra Modi: Not necessary. I have to talk about in 2007 everything you want to talk about.
Karan Thapar: But by not saying it again, by not letting people hear the message repeatedly you are allowing an image contrary to Gujarat to continue. It's in your hands to change it.
Narendra Modi: I'll have to rest. I need some water.
Karan Thapar: Pani.
Narendra Modi: Dosti bani rahe, bass. I'll be happy. You came here. I am happy and thankful to you. I can't do this interview. It's okay, your things are. Apne ideas hain aap bolte rahiye aap karte rahiye. Three - four questions I've already enjoyed. Nahin please.
Karan Thapar: But Modi Sahab
Narendra Modi: Nahi please, Karan.
Karan Thapar:But Modi Sahab
Narendra Modi: Karan dekho main dostana sambhand rakhna chahta hoon, aap usko koshish kariye.
Karan Thapar: Mujhe ek cheez samjhayee sir. I am not talking about doing anything wrong. I am saying why can't you correct your image?
Narendra Modi: This is not the time. Uske liye aap mujhe 2002 mein mile hote, 2003 mein mile hote. Mein sab kar leta.
* The statistics from this number come from the documentary Gujarat: The Final Solution
   The death toll may not be accurate because the number of dead has reached 5000
** Social scientist Ashis Nandy is a gatekeeper especially since he goes along with the official story of so called "Islamic" terrorism in India and goes with the official story of 26/11 and Godhra train fire. He also suffers from a superiority complex and has made derogatory comments against low caste Hindus and scheduled castes.
 Adalberto Erazo Jr.


The Hindu MOSSAD-RAW trained terrorist or mind controlled wretched being shown in the media after the Zionist Mumbai false flag was wearing a similar HINDU WRIST BAND!

Bollywood Hinduised 'Muslim' Shit and boot-lickers (chamchas) will always vote for the Shayatiin!

Adalberto Erazo Jr.

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