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So-called Muslim Charities are literally controlled by Zionists and are small businesses that thrive on human sufferings.

 Every year, for over two decades, I have been regularly inundated by incredibly lavish leaflets coming from so-called Muslim Charities who do not give a damn about State Terrorism, Islam, Muslims and the real causes of Muslim decadence and sufferings, including State sponsored extermination campaigns of Arabs and Muslims led by the Forces of Satan and the control of the State or the Local government over all the Islamic institutions and organisations including the Masajid (places of worship).  And "Muslim Aid Charity" once started by Brother Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) is no exception.

Oxfam, Salvation Army, Red Cross, Cancer Research and other so-called Charities are just bogus Charities.  The Red Cross, for example, founded by the Rothschilds, is also a SPY Agency for the warmongering nations like America, Israel, Britain, France, etc.


Muslim Aid July 2013 Ramadan Aid Appeal Bundle 
monkeying the non Muslim ways to fool people


Sweet charity or just another big business?

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Enterprising? Ambitious? Looking for a well-paid career? The young might well consider working for a charity, perhaps even starting one if a determined 'social entrepreneur'.

What we once thought of as an area for devotion and sacrifice has become very much big business these days. The average highest salary in the top 500 charities is apparently £83,000 a year!

Fifty-six of these chief executives earn over £100,000 a year, according to the admirable think-tank Civitas in its new booklet Who Cares? It is not too difficult to display devotion to good causes with rewards like that available.

It's a long way from the sort of unpaid work done by dedicated volunteers who collect for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution or local hospices. Still, that is now the way of the world.

A worrying aspect of this sector is that while it is easy to register as a charity, many have been effectively nationalised. They still maintain the aura of voluntary philanthropy.

In the field of children's charities, Barnardo's gets nearly 80per cent of its funds from government, the Shaftesbury Society 93 per cent.

It might be argued that any source of funds is good for a good cause. Perhaps. But this dependence on the Treasury means the recipients of the funds must do what the man in Whitehall thinks best.

Those who run these charities become quasi-civil servants and their organisations become quangos. It is not in the spirit in which these charities were founded or, until quite recently, organised. The term 'the voluntary sector' looks less applicable these days.

To become a registered charity is not difficult. In some cases, the label looks very odd. The Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust is a charity. But it gets 99 per cent of its funding from official sources. Running the local swimming baths may be important, but it is not what one normally sees as a charity.

Nick Seddon, author of the booklet, concludes that this widespread hunt for charitable status really stems from a desire to qualify for grants from the National Lottery. He admits that substantial organisations need competent (reasonably salaried) administrators.
But it seems to me that those who might draw comparisons with business salaries are misled. Charities do not have to compete - except against each other, though they do compete, of course, for more public or government donations.

A problem which arises here is the growth of the very big charities. There is only a finite sum that the ordinary citizen will donate to good causes. The big ones have the resources to advertise and lobby.
The smaller groups are inevitably likely to suffer, which is unfortunate because it is one of the best features of a charity that its services are local and personal.

Of course, there are some bodies which by definition have to be countrywide ? most obviously the National Trust. But there is no denying that the small charities, which are usually the most effective, do suffer through their size.

Friendly fire cover-up fails us all
There has been a very proper outcry against those in the Defence department who blocked attempts to see the American videos of the 'friendly fire' which killed Lance Corporal of Horse Matty Hull.
This involved a deception, of which it is tempting to say that this is par for the course in anything involving Iraq.

The Ministry has done a disservice to itself as well as the public. Its credibility has been undermined.
As to the incident itself, it is worth pointing out that the grainy videos were not what the pilots saw.
They could see the properly spaced convoy of vehicles with the clarity of the naked eye. The orange panels hardly looked liked rocket launchers, and no effort was being made to launch any rockets. These were not junior pilots. One was a Major, the other a Lieutenant Colonel, no less. Astonishingly, the latter has been promoted to Colonel!

If there was an element of doubt, it would have been sensible to hold back until there had been the most careful checks. The use of orange panels was established procedure.

The episode can only add to the impression, long held, that the American military is trigger happy. Thousands of Iraqis already know that all too well.

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"We are a faith-based charity and one of the biggest Third Sector organisations in North East London. We work on the frontline of social cohesion in one of the most challenging parts of Britain.

Through patient, skilled hard work we enable homeless young people to integrate into society and start to live independently. We help them gain self-worth, education, employment and training, and move along the path from benefits to tax-paying.

We employ 160 staff, operate one of the UK's largest 'direct-access' homeless hostels, and have been transforming the lives of young people in and around Walthamstow for over 40 years.

We are proud to be part of the global YMCA movement, providing holistic support in body, mind and spirit."

© Forest YMCA 2012 • Links
Forest Young Men’s Christian Association of East London is a charitable company limited by guarantee.
Company Reg No: 2493571 | Charity Reg No: 803442 | Housing Assn No: H3927 | VAT No: 506 769914

"The Young Men's Christian Association was founded in London on June 06, 1844, as a response to street sleeping in the big cities at the end of the industrial revolution.

George Williams, a 23 year old shop assistant, organised the first YMCA to substitute prayer and community action for life on the streets. His YMCA idea was unusual because it crossed the rigid lines which separated the different churches and social classes in London at the time.

We began in 1969 through the merger of Harrow, Plaistow & Forest Gate YMCA's. The proceeds from the sale of their properties provided the 'seedcorn' finance for building our tower hostel. Since then, we have remained true to our roots by responding to youth homelessness and engaging in prayer and community action."

"We are governed by a board of ten trustees recruited for their experience. They are elected by our members and can serve for up to six years.

Steven Saxby, Chair
Revd Canon Ade Adebaye
Shirley Barrow
Christine Brown
Keith Everitt
Eileen Flinter
Matthew Fox
Kathy Morrissey
Harriet Panting
Beverley Toney
The board sets our strategy and provides general oversight. It delegates the management to an executive leadership team recruited for its specialist skills:
Timothy Pain  Chief Executive Officer
Jessica Veit  Director of Estates
Berhe Gebru  Director of Finance
Marjorie James  Director of Staff"

"Our main office is at:
642 Forest Road, Walthamstow,
London, E17 3EF, UK

T: 020 8509 4600
E: info@forestymca.org.uk"

  "For over 40 years, our iconic eight storey hostel has been a local landmark and a safe place to live for tens of thousands of homeless young people. For many it will have been their first experience of a supportive home. Unfortunately, after many years of good service the hostel was in urgent need of modernisation.

Which is why in August 2011 we introduced All Change, a three year project costing over £3m to upgrade and refurbish our 153 roomed hostel, transforming it into a modern, welcoming 'home' for our disadvantaged  residents. We know how important this is in increasing our residents' self esteem and making them feel valued, which is vital if they are to achieve independence.

We thought that raising over £500,000 towards phases 1 and 2 of our refurbishment project would be a big challenge, however we had not reckoned on the amazing generosity of our supporters. Not only did we reach our original target but raised over £625,000! Their support has enabled us to completely refurbish 60% of the rooms in our hostel, and dramatically changed the lives of 91 young people. We offer them our heartfelt thanks.

However, the story doesn't end there. We still have a long way to go before all our residents are enjoying a decent 'home' - 62 rooms and counting. With our third phase starting in June, we now have a new target of £150,000 and a few months to raise it! Which is why, more than ever, we need your help and support.
No donation is too small. It could be used to buy anything from a clock to a bed or to furnishing a whole room. We can even arrange a visit so you can see firsthand the difference your gift will make.

You might like to make a donation today, or alternatively if you would like further information on how you can be involved or to arrange a visit, please call 020 8509 4631 or email supportus@forestymca.org"

WHO owns the Forest YMCA Building and WHO funds it? 

When I landed in London with my 14 year-old son back in April 1997, I had to wait until January 1998  WITH NO HELP AT ALL only to be thrown into a Black run ghetto and forced to live in a bug-infested attic flat for the next 15 years of my life with no help and no prospect at all because of rampant discrimination and blatant racism.  I even had to write to the Prime Minister of the time, one John Major, as well as to the local Racial Equality Organisation and to the local Environmental people, but to no avail!

I spoke to an EMMA from supportus@forestymca.org on Tuesday 9 July 2013 and asked her to confirm if the YMCA was totally independent and not receiving any State or Local Government funding.  She asked me to write to her with my request


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