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LEYTON: Women 'forced to cover up' at summer fete

Nilgin Aslan, 51, who is herself a Muslim, said she was "disgusted" to be told her two daughters were not allowed in unless they covered up. Nilgin Aslan, 51, who is herself a Muslim, said she was "disgusted" to be told her two daughters were not allowed in unless they covered up.
FEMALE visitors to a community event were ordered to cover their shoulders by the Muslim organisers.
Staff at the Noor Ul Islam Summer Fete, which took place at Leyton Cricket Ground at the weekend, are said to have told some women showing their shoulders they could only enter the site if they wore specially provided t-shirts.

Nilgin Aslan, 51, who is herself a Muslim, said she was “disgusted” to be told her two daughters were not allowed on to the public land unless they covered up.

A spokesman for the trust said only women who were dressed "inappropriately" were ordered to wear the t-shirts because it was a family-orientated event.

Mrs Aslan, of nearby Westdown Road, said: "I took my five grandchildren, three children and one of their friends because we'd seen it advertised and thought it would be a nice family day out.

"I was shocked when on the gate they said my two daughters and a friend had to wear the t-shirts.

 Nilgin Aslan, 51, who is herself a Muslim, said she was "disgusted" to be told her two daughters were not allowed in unless they covered up.

"The children really wanted to go on the rides so we reluctantly agreed, but it got so hot they took them off.

"But straight away someone came over and said they had to put them back on again or be arrested."

Mrs Aslan says there was no mention of the dress code on posters advertising the event, but that organisers had clearly made plans in advance because bags of the t-shirts were available at the entrance.
"In total they took the t-shirts on and off again three times before we got fed up of being told off and left,” she said.

"They were just wearing typical vest tops, it wasn't inappropriate at all, it was completely over-the-top.
"It was supposed to be an event for the whole community, but the people walking around in the t-shirts looked like marked people.

"I think it put a bad name on all Muslims. How would we like it if we went to a community event and were told we couldn't wear sarees? You have to be tolerant of other people."

Hasib Hussain, a volunteer at Noor Ul Islam, told the Guardian: "T-shirts were only given to people who were dressed inappropriately, like those wearing mini-skirts or low cut tops.

"We did advise people to dress modestly. It's not appropriate at a family, Muslim event, although of course non-Muslims were welcome and many came.

"If a member of staff told them they would be arrested I can only apologise for that. We would welcome them to phone us so we can discuss it and find out more about what happened.”

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The Guardian News Thursday 4 July 2013

Photograph taken by Ken, a Guardian photographer (apparently) at the Summer Fête after I had been repeatedly assaulted, pulled, pushed and violently dragged away and separated from my family for over 20 minutes by a group of brutish beasts working as "Security", and in particular a known to me in the past strong muscled "Salafi" "Black" man ("Abdul Ghaffar"?) and I was twice called a "pervert". 

I was  accused by the angry and excited "Security" gang of having taken the photograph of a young Muslimah (Muslim girl or woman), but in real fact I was just taking pictures of my grand daughters and family.  The Black" man again provoked me while we were leaving the premises after an Asian Security man had apologized for the incident, and threatened my son and invited him for a fight when we were already outside and behind the iron gates.

 More provocations and threat  by the "Black" "Salafi" "Security" man ("Abdul Ghaffar") after we were already outside the premises.
I had planned to return to meet up with my niece and family later on, but decided not to as I was sure this time they would arrest me.  When my niece came in the afternoon, she witnessed a young "white" woman complaining to a Security" man saying she was not allowed in because her dress "was not appropriate".  Yet, my niece assured me that she was appropriately dressed.   

Because of those scoundrels I missed a great opportunity to document the event and try my newly purchased HD camera on such a spectacular setting.  

I reported the matter to two Police officers on site, but they walked away, and to Ken, the Guardian cameraman who took the above picture, and he said a reporter from the Guardian would call me, but nobody called. 


LEYTON: "Street has become red light district"

PROSTITUES, pimps and drug dealers have turned a street into a red light district, according to residents and business owners.

The Junction of Dunton Road and Lea Bridge Road in Leyton is a known hotspot for curb crawlers looking to pay for sex.

Residents, who were too afraid of the criminals who ply their trade near their homes, said working girls can be seen on the street 24 hours a day.

They say the situation is getting worse and criticised the authorities for not tackling the problem.

A Dunton Road mother said: “This area is so terrible, I want to move.

“I have got three teenagers and it is not something I want them to be seeing.

“When we have called the police they have just told them to keep the noise down.”

Junaid Syed, a manager at the nearby All seasons Hotel in Lea Bridge Road said girls regularly try to book rooms at the hotel.

He added: “The women know that we know their faces so they do not come in anymore to book rooms.

“They have tried using guys, but the moment we realised it was one of these girls we have kicked them out.
So, for some time, we have not had problems with them.

“It is really not nice for our guests, especially families, to see this kind of thing.”
A Lea Bridge Road resident and member of staff at raw gym, next to the hotel, said, he has seen the area decline over a number of years.

He added: “It's like a domino effect.

“Prostitution and drugs go hand in hand with violence and this area has got a lot worse, with more gangs hanging around the area.

“I am big man and I can look after myself but even I don't like being out in this area after 9pm.”

The Deputy Borough Commander, Superintendent Adrian Hutchinson, said: "Prostitution is a long term issue that police are working to address.

"Simply moving the problem from one residential area to another is however not the answer.

"Whilst not a resident ward panel priority, police are conducting high visibility patrols to deter both prostitutes and their clients."

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Waltham Forest Council of Mosque response to events on 22nd May

Fri, May 24, 2013

Noor Ul Islam is a founding member of the Waltham Forest Council of Mosques (WFCOM).

Following the events on Wed 22nd May in Woolwich where a British Solider was murdered, WFCOM has issued a statement (see below). At Noor Ul Islam we have shorted the times the prayer hall is open just to ensure the congregation is arriving and leaving together. This is a temporary measure.
WFCOM Statement:

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