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Usury was a mortal sin in Christendom. It is not anymore. By Michael Hoffman

 Michael Hoffman Talks About

Michael Hoffman

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Dear Blogger Team
That post has been removed (does not exist anymore!) without my permission and without giving me the opportunity to find out what was wrong in its contents.
Dear Blogger Team
I have located the draft and seem to have found out what could have caused the problem.  But, there was no mention of Copyright of that text that is still freely available on the net and readers are invited to even download that lecture in PDF format.
Une étude de Jean-Luc. | Version pdf.
I have removed it completely anyway.
N.B. Il est évident que l'auteur est bourré de préjudices!


N.B. On ne remplace pas Dieu pour faire plaisir aux anti-Dieu ou

à qui que ce soit! 


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