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The Virgin Mary as the “Mother Of Terrorism“–Pictures That Speak A Thousand Words About That Wonderful Jewish Mindset

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We can just imagine if, during the apex of the recent anti-Gentile bloodshed waged by poor/defenseless/pure-as-the-wind-driven-snow little Israel against the Palestinian civilians of Gaza last January an art exhibit appeared in a Muslim or Christian country depicting Moses in an IDF uniform launching phosphorus gas against helpless innocent women and children. Or another, depicting Joshua (Moses’ successor) up to his elbows in blood as he rips organs out of innocent civilians killed for expressly the purpose of harvesting their spare parts as if they were vehicles in some junk yard.

Obviously, Jews worldwide would be apoplectic over it–including the professed atheists–at such blasphemy and “insensitivity“. Portraying their most revered Old Testament patriarchs (who, when all is said and done are actually closer to the aforementioned depictions than most people would like to admit) would waaaaaaaay cross the line between intelligent political commentary vs. prosecutable “hate speech”. If such took place anywhere in the “Christian” West where La Kosher Nostra rules the streets it’s a given that the “art gallery” where such “art” appeared would find itself in some pretty hot soup. It would be picketed, then boycotted, then burned to the ground. The directorwould be fired and the “artists” responsible for creating such depictions would likely find themselves the victims of a good beating by Jewish thugs (such as happened to French Prof. Robert Faurisson) or worse. The very best they could expect would be a jail term for “offending” God’s chosen people as is commonly the case these days while the rest of the world would be subjected to non-stop screaming for weeks on end and the aforementioned “crime against Jewmanity” would be added to an already-insurmountable mountain of “HOW DARE THEYs” no one is allowed to forget.

HOWEVER–take centuries-old, famous paintings of the Virgin Mary (the most HATED woman in the Jewish world) and her baby son Jesus (the most HATED terrorist in the Jewish world) and superimpose on them pictures of Palestinian women who took part in military operations (aka “Suicide bombings”) against the foreign power occupying their lands and all the sudden it becomes “political art” and something nobody better bitch about for a minute lest you-know-who come down and stink the place up for months with their complaining.

No, not some bizzaro scene out of the Twilight Zone or an old episode of Star Trek, but rather the real deal, taking place I–surprise, surprise–Israel.

Yes, famous works of art of the Madonna and baby Jesus with Momma’s face replaced with that of Palestinian women who blew themselves up in the interests of taking out those who had turned their lives and the lives of their loved ones into a living hell. Baby Jesus, holding a copy of the Koran and therefore a terrorist in training.

The obvious question that civilized people must ask in the wake of this is “Is NOTHING sacred to these people, besides themselves of course?

The answer, sadly, is no.

As it turns out the exhibit was removed, and not out of the fear that Christians and Muslims who revere the Virgin Mary and Jesus might be offended, but rather because relatives of those killed by the aforementioned “suicide bombers” might get upset. As always, Jewish feelings first and everyone else can go straight to hell where all Gentiles are consigned to dwell.

Surprisingly (!) not a peep of protest has been burped by the “guardians at the gate” meaning Christianity’s priests, pastors, preachers or even the Pope himself. Resigned to allow their “elder brethren” of the faith do whatever the hell they want in continuing their 2,000 year program of defamation against the hated Jesus of Nazareth to continue in the very land made holy by His life and death, the very ones wearing the pants in the family have remained exactly as their Jewish masters have ordered–silent as death. All can be rest assured however, that if the aforementioned hypothetical had taken place depicting Moses or Joshua or any of the other war criminals/mass murderers of the Old Testament and the Jews had messed their collective panties in one of their typical/world-famous pissing and moaning sessions these same “protectors of the faith” would be  fighting to be first in line denouncing these “terrible blasphemies“. Furthermore, were the blasphemous depictions the result of Muslim artists you can bet your last dollar the Jews would be hauling ass as fast as they could towards wherever center stage happened to be so that they could lend their solidarity towards their “beloved” Christian brothers and sisters.

No one should be particularly surprised at exhibits such as these, and especially not in the Jewish state. After all, it was only recently that a TV program aired depicting the Virgin Mary as a teenager who slept around and pleasured herself with–ahem–electrically–enhanced sexual accoutrements. Israel IS after all the Jewish state and as such is based upon the teachings of the Talmud, complete with its description of Jesus as a sex freak and a sorcerer and His mother as a prostitute.

Neither is the depiction of “Miriam the Hairdresser” (as she is dispargingly referred to in the Talmud) as the “mother of terrorism” that far off the mark either, since Jews consider Jesus to be the greatest terrorist to have ever come up against them, given the fact His teachings were responsible for creating over a billion followers as well as the once-vibrant civilization that followed. As much as right now the agenda is to destroy Islam, what people have to keep in mind that for the Jews the prize at the end of the game is the destruction of Christianity, something their forefathers were unable to accomplish and which has been as source of seething anger for Jewish interests ever since.

More disturbing though is the other hidden message associated with the depictions. What must be remembered is that the presentation of these “art works” is taking place in the aftermath of Operation Cast Lead and the now infamous organ-snatching stories so much in the news these days that have left a mark on the face of the Jewish state as unmistakable and impossible to wipe away as that of the biblical character Cain. In the case of Operation Cast Lead, the rest of the civilized world came face to face with raw testimony–both from victims and from the Israeli terrorists themselves–that the reason for incinerating and gunning down in broad daylight innocent women and children in Gaza was that they were Gentiles polluting Jewish land and that the “Good Rabbis” overseeing the religious instruction of the IDF had instructed IDF terrorists that this was a “religious war” aimed at “cleansing the land”. The message in the depictions of the Virgin Mary and Jesus with the faces of Palestinian suicide bombers superimposed over them was simple–
”We have NO CHOICE but to deal with these people–both women and children–in this fashion. It is a systemic, organic disease in their character that begins with the mothers and is passed down to the children who later make war against us…They are just as the bible says–”Amalek“ and we are ordered by God to show them no mercy and destroy them…

Thankfully, there are some who are outraged by the depictions of Mary as the mother of terrorism and of Jesus as a terrorist in training, and–once again, surprise, surprise–it is only within the Muslim world. While the Jews snicker and Christians cower in silence the Muslims have condemned the “art” as the blasphemy and insult it truly is.

At the very least, what all are left to conclude is that the Jews (sadly, with rare exception) are an insolent, inconsiderate, narcissistic, careless people who think nothing about the abused sensibilities of others. All their lecturing about “tolerance“ and all the “sensitivity training“ they force Gentiles to endure so that they do not break the 1st Commandment– meaning never do or say anything that may result in abused feelings on the part of God’s chosen people means NOTHING to them when it is someone else’s sensitivities being assaulted.

It is high time that Christians come to understand what Muslims have learned all too well and in the most painful manner–that there can be no peaceful co-existence with creatures such as these who believe–truly believe–that the past, present and future revolves around them and them alone.

(c) 2009 Mark Glenn
September 2009

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