Wednesday, 13 March 2013

VICTORY ! EDF have dropped their £5 million lawsuit !

VICTORY ! EDF have dropped their £5 million lawsuit !

Victory! Re: EDF are suing our daughter

  • B.A. Frémaux-Soormally
Dear Basheer,
We have some wonderful news from Claire! EDF have dropped their £5 million lawsuit against her and her friends. Here’s a message from the 21 No Dash For Gas protesters we wanted to pass right on to you:
 You did it! You forced EDF – a powerful energy company – to drop its £5 million lawsuit against 21 protesters. 
We received written confirmation today from EDF's lawyers that they will not be continuing with their civil claim. We wanted so much to share this amazing news with you and thank you for signing the petition (nearly 65,000 of you!) that Claire’s parents, Russ and Barbara, agreed this email better come from us, No Dash For Gas. 
Thanks to you we get to keep our homes and are safe from bankruptcy by EDF. But while this is a huge victory, climate-changing emissions are still rising every year, so there’s a lot more to fight for. As one supporter, author Naomi Klein puts it: “Our governments have been negotiating about the climate crisis for 23 years. In that time, global emissions have soared by 54%. Clearly the official, respectable, legal means of dealing with this crisis, aren’t working. That means that what used to be radical is now rational.” 
On March 20th we’ll be sentenced for our part in shutting down EDF’s gas power station. EDF’s is the first in a government-sanctioned wave of 40 new gas plants that the government’s own Committee on Climate Change says would bust our legally binding carbon emission reduction targets. This would lock us into decades of rising bills, fuel poverty, dirty energy and a climate changed forever, which is why we were willing to risk jail to stop it. 
This spring and summer we’ll be working hard to stop this reckless dash for gas and we would love you to get involved (don’t worry it’s not all about climbing chimneys!). But if some of us are sentenced to prison for our part in shutting down EDF’s power station, it would be great if you could show your support by spending the evening with us at EDF’s London headquarters (40 Grosvenor Square) from 5pm on 20th March – because this would be the first time that climate campaigners have been jailed in this country. Please come to the vigil and please invite your friends to join the facebook group. 
Thank you, again, for your actions. We hope you’ll keep in touch so we can do more together. You can keep up with us through our website  on twitter @nodashforgas and on Facebook.
We are honoured to call you friends. 
Thank you 
Tom, Danni, Paul, Dan, Ali G, Ali B, Danny, Ewa, Graham, Aneaka, Rachel, Tina, Ali C, Claudia, Dave, Richard, Hannah D, Riley, Hannah L, Lawrence and Claire 
P.S. We wanted to share this website with you,set up by some supporters in response to the hundreds of people who said they were dumping EDF. Maybe you could share it with your friends? 
As parents this is a wonderful day. Thank you so much for standing with our daughter, Claire, and all those who protested against EDF.

Russ and Barbara Fauset

PS - anyone, anywhere can start a petition on and bring about the change they want to see in the world. You can get started here:

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