Friday, 22 March 2013



This website is closed permanently

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  1. Mantiq, tho I knew you weren’t keeping up your blog, I still clicked the ‘read more’ line anyway…this is a sad day for your readers, I hope you always continue your unique writing and vital work. See you around, and all best wishes for the new phase of your journey, kate.
  2. Ditto. Let’s hear it from ALL of you readers!
  3. truly sorry to read this.
    …I just got the message and feel at a loss for words to express …though i/we noticed your absence more and more…always looked forward to yr posts, comments, here and elsewhere. of course I wish you well in whatever your endeavor…hopefully, over time you’ll ‘visit’ FB or other social media to comment? warmest/best wishes to you!, miriam
  4. nooralhaqiqa
    Your unique contributions and wonder dark sense of humour will be very missed. Thank you for all the work you contributed over the years. I only hope that you are closing this blog for positive reasons. In the last week we have lost Doug Christie, Splitting the Sky and Mantiq al-Tayr. All valuable voices for change. I wish you well in your life.
  5. Mantiq, I’m sorry to see you go. I always enjoyed your commentary and sharp wit. Hope you can start another blog soon. We need critical thought and real insight to the current state of affairs.
  6. I understand…I will miss your depth.
  7. Where are you now, loyal readers, who were so happy when Mantiq was laying it on the line? Can it be that only myself and a very few others understand and appreciate this loss? A great and brave one is gone: who will stand in his place?
  8. I understand the why. I understand MT’s frustration and desire to give it up. However, I don’t understand the timing. That’s just me. He’s bailed and I find it irritating. That’s just me.
    I’m not giving up. Not yet anyway. Any and all are welcome at The Graphic Visigoth. MT had the link up. I’m not as eloquent as MT. I’m way more graphic. I’m severely handicapped when it comes to the beauty of Arabic.
    But when it comes to confronting and mocking Zionistas, I’m not even close to throwing in the towel.
    MT has gone silent. Pity…
  9. M, I will miss your sterling, razor sharp wit that was always able to skewer the problem, no matter which Neocon or Zionist was behind the mess.

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