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Photo Manipulations In The USSR

Photo Manipulations In The USSR

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Contemporary news agencies are often blamed for photo manipulations. It started long ago in fact. Back in the times of WWII graphic artists learnt to distor reality and show what they wanted to show but not what really had happened. Thus, they often added excessive Nazi atrocities, terrible ruins and looting to fill papers with horrifying images.
However we do not have to exclude that such atrocities and other terrific events could really happen, it was just difficult to catch them with a camera due to their spontaneity. Photographers were rarely in a right time and in a right place. It’s today when everyone has a cameraphone we can shoot everything we see.
Photo manipulations as an instrument of propaganda is claimed to be natural. Below you will see some photos taken during WWII that underwent montage for the purpose of propaganda.


Falsification and the original below.
The soldier is shooting at the woman with the child because women were often told to lap their babies before the shooting so that only one shot would be necessary. However, the photo is a fake. Neither the soldier nor the woman throw shadows. The rifle is directed to the right side, away from the woman’s head.
The frozen German soldier holding a vase stolen from the USSR. No original photo is available.
Pope Benedict XVI.
The German soldier shows his photos where he stole and raped people. But in fact, the people on the photo were his children. And this is what the photo looked like after photoshop.
When Carlos Frank (in the middle of the photo) quarrels with Fidel Castro and goes to Italy, he mystically disappears from the photo.
Brezhnev and Brandt discuss the actual problems of development of relationships between the USSR and Federal Republic of Germany.
The officer is ready to cast the sabotage beaver in the rear of the enemy following Stalin’s order.
And the original of the photo.
Original. German soldiers in Poland in 1939.
The photo is called ‘transportation to the concentration camps’. The photo was shown as a proof that the Jews were transported to concentration camps.
Original. It states: freight trains with German refugees, 1946.
Victims of bombardment in Dresden.
Original. Victims of borbardment, Dresden.
At the concentration camp, Soviet version.
False passport of Adolf Hitler made in Britain. The big red letter J denoted that the owner of the passport was a Jew.
20 April, 1943. Walter Cruger is being awarded the Knight’s Cross.
Another falsification. A Soviet nurse surrounded by German soldiers who are laughing.
And the original.
Probably we should never trust any photos of wars.

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